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  1. yes, thank God it is! or else, I might not moved on from that movie yet like the wattpad-turned-into-book, it took me months to finally sinked in & totally moved on from what happened with the leads..*sigh* ahhh, yes..it's more than 100 eps..hahaha! but it's only 25-30mins though. Unfortunately, for the english subs, 1st option is that buying a DVD for a drama you want & the 2nd option is subscribing in TFC(The Filipino Channel) & pay to watch their dramas. I hope you're feeling better now chingu 308
  2. 320 @kokodus Hahahaha! that movie made me cry as hell too. It was adapted from a book with the same title but in the book, both leads died so they alter it in the movie & created new characters.. but still, I loved it 'cos they're my OTP's movie
  3. True The next person is craving sweets
  4. Park Hyung Sik Is A Genius On The Go In Upcoming Remake Of “Suits” KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Suits” has revealed new stills of star Park Hyung Sik! “Suits,” a remake of the hit American legal drama series, will tell the story of two attorneys at Korea’s top law firm and their unusual relationship. Park Hyung Sik will play the role of Go Yeon Woo, a genius with no college degree or license to practice law, while Jang Dong Gun will play Choi Kang Suk, the legendary attorney who hires him as a law associate anyway. The newly released photos from “Suits” show Park Hyung Sik in character as Go Yeon Woo. Although Go Yeon Woo has an astonishing memory and relies on his remarkable brainpower for his job, he is also an energetic, outgoing character who does not shy away from taking action and venturing out into the field himself. The stills hint at the character’s unorthodox manner and active, go-getter personality—although Go Yeon Woo is dressed in a dapper suit befitting an attorney, he sports a backpack instead of the typical briefcase, and he chooses to travel by bicycle and not by car. “Suits” will premiere on April 25 at 10 p.m. KST, taking over the time slot currently occupied by “Mystery Queen 2.” In the meantime, you can check out the previews for the drama here! Source (1) CR: SOOMPI ===================================================================== finally, we have PHS' still cuts can't wait for upcoming teasers/trailers to come out
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