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  1. I would love it if they this turned into a revenge drama, right now it looks like the women are going to cry their way to ep 50
  2. Now that the ER chief has confirmed that there is someone very powerful above Director Fu, I hope they dont add a new person who is actually responsible for the old case and is related to the powerful person
  3. Who else thinks that ZS's sister will end up as a patient? maybe even needing something that only biological family share forcing ZS to out the secret
  4. MoYu tries to kill him and he so casual later on
  5. What a series of unfortunate events for MY, finally gets a job but ends up meeting YJ, JH warms up to her but ends up as a sibling who knows her secrets, stands up to YJ and she ends up as future sister in law with a baby already on the way .... When the Byun secret finally becomes public I wonder how it will be legally handled
  6. Fu is too weak at hospital politics, I wonder how he got this position when getting a chief position itself is crazy hard ( Great White Tower ). He does not seem to have anyone above him to be a puppet ZS was quick to figure out the hospital politics after just 1 round of moves. This guy is good at everything while already being the best at surgery skills, the only weakness to exploit is via the old case
  7. I have seen till ep 16, this is a realistic sitcom probably the first
  8. The bomberman was asking to be shot in the face with a trigger like that Generally disappeared agent get turned and become the skill level matching antagonist, cliche demands it It was fun to watch the female lead stalker experience skills made to look like spy vs spy
  9. @chocolatefruitnutThe ex has to be placed close to ChengXi at work, Jin Dong is already at her home along with the being around at work. Unless he messes up due to revenge he has the upper hand for now I'm currently watching 2 other Chinese dramas along with this Across the Ocean to See You and Fox's Summer. All 3 have strong female leads , recently only pure melodramas and Korean daily dramas have the noble idiocy 24*7 crying female leads who constantly take abuse
  10. type the stuff inside quotes "@username" with the person you want to address
  11. @chocolatefruitnut2 episodes every weekday get subbed, HuGe is listed as patient (guest role)
  12. Its how the inner palace works, if one gains value others in the favor race automatically lose. The system itself promotes power struggle and plotting
  13. Very good start, this drama screams quality with fantastic acting, setting and cinematography
  14. I did not expect such mystery from what I thought was a family drama