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  1. @gutibearHe is now responsible for another person who he didnt want to pull into his already poor situation but now with this unexpected near worst case scenario he is fed up
  2. I hope there is a DNA test once she enters the "golden" home otherwise this will end up as yet another weak writing makjang drama #274 which will drag this trope to ep 35+
  3. I wonder how the Seo family will do economically after JiAhn moves away, the father looks like he will soon fall apart physically. The biggest stable source of income is gone
  4. Its generally how it is in TW rom-coms, either the parents or grandparents of one main char are super nice and always on the side of OTP and act as cupids
  5. @LmanglaIts the name of the drama with doctors from eastern and western medicine in modern day HurJun & Horse Doctor also feature acupuncture quite well Another drama Jejoongwon deals with introduction of Western medicine is Joseon but that is more surgery oriented
  6. Is he related to Heo Jun or did they meet to exchange their discoveries
  7. Reminds me of "3rd Ward" where Eastern and Western medical styles clash
  8. There will be a punishment but since there was no malice or any other abuse of fake identity was involved for profit or crime it will most likely carry lightest of punishment. In drama world it may be forgiven or there might be a different rule / special pardon in Korea
  9. I hope there wont be a third delivery guy getting hit by a car in the next episode
  10. Its gone from KOCOWA, I guess its the end of subs
  11. LiuBei(actor) from "Three Kingdoms" is CaoCao here in "Advisors Alliance"
  12. I'm glad ViKi has this licensed The early comedy situations are somewhat similar to naughty princess
  13. The setting is of a typical makjang, poor hardworking "orphan" female lead yearns for family and love, husband is a cheater and his family treats her like crap but mixed with comedy. So far the middle east stuff feels unnecessary