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  1. @dramaninjaThe only other family drama that I know of starts like that is Family Honor
  2. This is the 2nd drama in a row with terminal illness in the plot starring KamWooSang
  3. Netflix got the license, usual sites like Viki DF etc dont have it. Subbing happens there only after the show has finished airing as Netflix releases everything at once. It happened to the drama "Night Light" as well
  4. @mundane9 The first scene in the beginning of the drama was foreshadowing this
  5. There is a single subber in youtube (Yoyo tv Channel) who is doing the subbing, even replies in comments
  6. Yuanshi should be suffering from PTSD after so many people very close to him and the people he took advice from turned out like that Also all it took was death of queen for the murder of so many people via plague, 3 generations of families have been killed for such crimes. Or does this part have more in last 2 episodes The maid surviving was too careless of Yuanqi group, Anru's other maid learning of the presence of a top assassin in their house was another. Yuanqi does everything in that obvious room at his own house with only 1 guard at the door Yuanqi didnt need to keep anyone from the royal family alive, the decree stopping Changlin which would have ended up in the destruction of bordering villages or more and the Queen's plague involvement could have been used to justify his actions by spreading this information among people before he took military action
  7. I was not satisfied with rise of YuanQi, any person with such a family history and at present nothing to lose would ever be allowed into a position of power regardless of his achievements. There is no way to control him, idk why nobody cared especially the Xuns or even the smart Changlin elders about how he suddenly became proficient in certain fighting skills without any teacher considering he was always around them
  8. Xun lost his moral highground of balancing power the moment he compromised the security of the nation for the sake of weakening Changlin. If you can do it once, you can do it again easily the next time. He might even escalate sharing state secrets with enemy leading to destruction of a few border villages/towns just to ensure he weakens Changlin. He has no long term vision that once Changlin loses power what will take its place to ensure that the enemies are not going to overwhelm them especially considering there is no other military general or family good enough to balance power now, the emperor is too young and the decrease in morale of soldiers due to these incidents. It either makes him bad at his job or just bad Changlin elder was on a roll, the conversation with Feizhan on eventual choice and unexpected honest advice in court to the naive young emperor were a joy to watch
  9. The NIF1 flashback in ep 28 caught me by surprise
  10. Another problem with big powerful family males is if the person you love is not of the same status or higher, she cannot be the main wife and either has to be left or ends up in a concubine position fueling "harem" conflicts later on. I'm actually surprised PZ is not pressured to get a concubine or PJ is forced to get married to continue the Changlin line so far considering their age
  11. I don't get why HM is trying so hard in a hostile environment where she is shown no respect, forget love or affection, even without cheating being taken into account it is plain unhealthy to live like that. She will eventually snap and do something drastic On the other hand with a business marriage which has a lot at stake I didn't expect the CEOs to leave the other woman alone
  12. Balancing powers is ideal in monarchy, to prevent puppet emperors or coup in the worst case scenario. But this has also lead to killing of strong successful generals, ministers etc by their own rulers due to their growing power/popularity among citizens eventually leading to the downfall of the dynasty.