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  1. If the body is influencing decisions will he gradually turn into the awful guy all over again
  2. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    In most asian countries eldest son takes care of his(parents) family even after marriage, becomes head of the family once the father passes away. There are some exceptions with matriarchy, modern lifestyle etc
  3. Apart from the unnecessary flashbacks overload everything else is pretty good
  4. EunJoo char is same as 2nd lead in marriage not dating
  5. I'm surprised YooHa didnt sign away a kidney or some other stuff in case her inlaws need it in the future
  6. Chef seems to be helping fill up the extension
  7. Turtle story was depressing, some people require long term therapy for such things
  8. PYH has been a doormat for years she will obviously agree to be labelled a cheater in front of family, but mainly she cannot fight a custody battle against her husband with no job even if the family might not have an interest in the grandchild after finding out she is not biologically related. She can always expose the coward later on, its not like he is going to become "fertile" What I dont get is she was on the right career track but gave that up to marry into a family who disrespect her and her family, husband who does not seem to show any love, also got a child through adoption/AI "for her husbands inheritance plan?" and lived for 5 years in that hell willingly
  9. [Drama 2018] Return 리턴

    The writing went in two different directions and eventually went for a compromise, one was a violent revenge and other was manipulating those involved into fighting each other and bringing the truth out
  10. @dramaninjaThe only other family drama that I know of starts like that is Family Honor
  11. This is the 2nd drama in a row with terminal illness in the plot starring KamWooSang
  12. Netflix got the license, usual sites like Viki DF etc dont have it. Subbing happens there only after the show has finished airing as Netflix releases everything at once. It happened to the drama "Night Light" as well
  13. [Drama 2018] Return 리턴

    The way its going reminds me of Jdrama "Guilty Akuma"