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  1. This drama shows us Yeo Jin Goo impressive acting! I agree with everyone.. daebak! YH as king.. I want to see that intense acting! OT: But after this drama he'll be k-version of Zettai Kareshi ...complete opposite of this one
  2. Checking in... learning LH be back in the palace.... And if you check prev page(s) you'll know why I like him. @Jillia is he not a redeemable character? His mental state though..... YJG is such excellent young actor! awesome acting. Can we have him and the other impressive Yeo Sung Ho in drama... I dunno. Cain and Abel..perhaps? #wish #waiting
  3. jongski

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Because I couldn't resist.... here's a young Shida Mirai and Miura Haruma. Yeah we love those old school dramas.
  4. jongski

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Back to dorama. Wooh! Of course currently watching..... 4 doramas no kidding! I will binge watch the dorama version of The Good Wife once it's done. Hah. For now... wooooh. Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu - not sure yet. Stars Nomura Shuhei Maison de Police -- Of course I'm watching! It's Hidetomi Nijishima! love love my MOZU star! 3 Nen a Gumi Suda Masaki and Nagano Mei Enzai Bengoshi..of course with Sakaguchi Kentaro Fujiki Naohito.. my eyes flashing with hearts! Found out we have channle GEM TV by Sony. But I never watch tv anymore so...I'll stream on device. Edit: Adding Haken Uranaishi Ataru I'm checking that one now and boy it's Shida Mirai .. remember 14 Sai no Haha with Miura Haruma.
  5. Oh no noona romance.. with Hong Jong Hyun? I'm not a fan of that type of romance.. but I want to see her in another drama. I'm not that familiar with the young actor but saw him in another drama. Wonder how young he is.
  6. Even though there's only one banker for me *coughs* My Beautiful Bride's Kim Moo Yul.... I see that my ajusshi loves is here... Kim Tae Woo! Of course I'm gonna check this. I hope I don't get bored though.
  7. You know my position and who I root for. It will always be YH I want more YH in the story. An awakening. A realization. To right the wrong. Something to do. Someone to get back to. A love to receive from the one who truly cared for him. Writers please!
  8. Deserved!!! Now will wait for awards They need to celebrate this success. But I hope this gets recognized by awards. Amazing isn't it? Tha'ts okay. The drama got a lot of articles from news outlets especially how Korean society and education matters into their lives. The obsession to get into best schools. Tackled social issue and for each of the family and how sons and daughters must behave and act and according to societal norms that dictates them and especially when it comes to education. My favorite too. Cha Family. Hahaa. You and I have same thoughts. She'd make a good protagonist. Mr. Jo.. is the next KJY. Perhaps season 2, JTBC? considering the success... critical and ratings as well. Maybe college settings then graduation and finding that all important high paying job after being in Top University.
  9. LH deserves more. He is the rightful king. Paranoia and madness and his traumatic life. Who can he trust. I hope he finds comfort from the outside form Dallae. Begin to see what's going on become strong and learn to atone and fight back.. those who wished to harm him or making him paranoid even more. From the very start of the episode.. 30 mins in to episode 1 when it premiered, I already knew who I am rooting for. It hasn't changed one bit.
  10. I've yet to watch the new episodes with subs. Thank you weekend. I'm about to. You know.. I've been been here from the very start.. and still I'm loving this drama. Happy the latter episodes there's been many chingus discussing every episodes. I don't have the eloquence to put in to words what I want to say so good to see others take of each eps. The critical success of this drama proves you don't need big big name stars to carry a drama. Good story good acting good script good directing is the formula. Well done JTBC. I hope the drama gets to reap awards.
  11. Just finished watching the current episodes with sub, I gotta say this is my current favorite. Terrific acting by Yoo Joong Sang.. as always. Jeon Hye Bin, Lee Si Young and the rest. When an actor can bring out emotions from a viewer then you know you're getting good acting. Poongsan got me teary eyed with the last scenes with the wife. To endure everything, it was hard for him. His wife, despite feeling suffocated with all the siblings in the end she was still the one who's there for him. As for the daughter, I get why she's feeling like that. The priority was always the siblings and then she heard the conversation of her not being wanted. Maybe Poongsang said that in the heat of the conversation back in the days. For Jungsan.... now I know she was supposed to be married to Dr. kang but he left and Dr. Jiham was the one who held and comforted her. I like her with Dr. Kang anyway.. but we'll see. I can't gauge for now. But great scene with Poongsang. Nice too see good acting from older actors. And Hwa Sang.. her scenes were revelation. Her pas hides a painful vulnerable side to her. So we know she suffered an accident before and still hasn't done any surgery. That the guy she was with got injured trying to save her. She said in the conversation like 'why did you run after me'. He said his legs only hurt when it's cold. The guy she stayed with and slept, the one that has bad leg, was that boyfriend or ex husband? He look younger than her. Maybe Poongsang and him were not on good terms? I don't quite recall her being mentioned as divorced. I didn't even realize it's ex husband For Wisang.. smooth talker! hehe. Young Pil, character is 35? She actually looks younger than the actual age. So he's infatuated with her. The preview for next weeks episode..uh oh.. Hwasang overheard that Poongsang wanted to have small clinic for Junsang.. and wow we know why she's feeling left out not favored sister. But doesn't Poongsang know anything about her not getting the surgery? I bet ya, he doesn't know. The scene with the mom though.. I think the Poongsangs mother and his wife's father.. trying to leech money off them. Yep. The scenes still has a lot of shouting but gonna mellow down I hope. Congrats to this drama. It's a current favorite.
  12. @larus thanks for info. If this is only cameo then it's okay for me. But to be in the whole drama... I don't want JH relegated to like 3rd lead. His status his acting prowess if for lead star. I like YSJ but I love Jang Hyuk.. I'll watch him anytime and yeah time for him to do another Chuno. @Prettysup what do you think? Edit: article of Jang Hyuk possible casting is in prev page.
  13. Found it. Was looking for the thread. Had different title. If I like the drama on first episode. I can tell 30 minutes into episode if I will like it or not. Hey, I like it. Got this CYHMH feels with the children.
  14. !!!!!!! Well, bad due to the ones surrounding him plus there's got to be back story why he turned out that way.