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  1. I always watch live broadcast but I was out doing real world holiday stuff wasn't able to watch. But Thanks for sharing @bebebisous33 reading the post..oh my wow! GJK pregnant? by GS? ( of course, right?) I gotta check. that could alter things and situation. But will it make a difference with GS? It would be good for his candidacy. He wants his wife to play the dutiful one, pretend they're lovey happy couple ( which IRL, most politicians do.. for appearance's sake.. he he). SIR mother thinks JJS may be hindering efforts at investigation. But I think she's like that to JJS is because of GS. In ep 1 or 2 I think She and GS had confrontation and she's been suspicious of him or his family. Yup. same here. I said in my previous post, I have this... I felt sorry for him....feelings. And so I ask what he's doing at present, is that the result of how he was as a child under his father's watchful eye? Is that justifiable? The father left millions to JJS (yong ahjussi showed him and he rejected this) and made him the head/successor. that was harsh considering that JJS left and GS was the one who had to endure the father's bad ways. That's what he always tells JJS. When they had that confrontation. He said that even as young boys it's like JJS was the hyung and not him. will brother's love prevail? I think he's capable of hurting but not killing.
  2. I watched episode 2 for the second time again. I just finished. It was 12 yrs ago when the accident happened. GD MS GD were all on the same mall when it collapsed. The tragedy that struck MS lingers to the point that it drove parents to wallow on their own. They grieve for the loss differently. The mother mourning and still cannot forget the daughter who died, drinks to forget. The father, has become quiet and withdrawn. MS, though suffering emotionally because of the tragedy, tries and live each day hoping that everything will be alright trying to stay alive and sane. We do see her vulnerability. She covers the pain inside. with strong bravado. When co worker insulted her she retorted back... "before you criticized someone else's face, take a look at your own face." That co worker deserves that! Good that MS have sense to retort back. GD approach the trauma is a nonchalance. He is angry. It is hurting him. he masked that pain why being strong outside but inside, the events haunts him. He dreams about the incident and has to take pain killer/ drugs. The grandmother who supplies him with medicines describes his character so aptly during their scene. Grandma: "You might seem fine on outside, but you're not normal. Just because you're young, don't abuse your body. This crazy bstrd!" GD..."How can I live without going crazy? In this crazy world?" Grandma: "Hang on to your mind tightly. If your body hurts, you can take medicine, for that ( mind) medicine doesn't work" But at some point in the drama there will be a meltdown. A breakdown. A person suffering from trauma and hurting and having survival guilt, someone who has been in similar situation will understand the years hurt is endured. I'm liking Won Jin ah more and more. showing great potential. If you're following the the thread or reason articles, she got the lead part through audition. Thumbs up. to that. She's got big voice. Strong one and distinct which I like. Le Jun Ho. I prefer him in melodrama rather than rom-com. He's doing a good job with his acting here. Lee Ki Woo. happy he's not a bad guy here! is character as JW good man. JW is caring and thoughtful and considerate. He knew already it was GD who shattered the marker. He doesn't know why but he knew. He will not report him but on the condition that he works as like a spy to see how things are. JW wants to prevent the same thing that happened 12 yrs ago. His father was the project manager who was over seeing the construction where GD dad was part of. He brought along SJ . I think the father suffered from this disaster. GD MS JW doesn't know that each was on the that very same mall. That disaster affected how they see thing at present. How they suffered from that accident. JW who may look so fine outside also dealing with issues. I'm mostly interested in GD. he's the one I'm mostly afraid. Afraid he might do something to himself. if he can't control it anymore. GD: "When you're about to die, the only person you care for is yourself" My choice of dramas to watch hasn't failed me. This is a good one.
  3. Can't wait for the next episodes! Because this is still current fav drama! And Jang Hyuk is brilliant! Hands down! While we wait for Sat..please indulge. Sorry I couldn't help. Let me flashback and quote myself. I didn't put spoilers. I'm sorry. I was ecstatic when I saw casting update and the thread.... I actually wanted JH to be in a drama that's similar to Chuno..... But then I said..... And also..... Then before drama started I predicted...... Then a validation of how JH acting... after watching ep 1 and 2 raw and sub And the rest is history! I always say JH deserve an award. An award where acting is the basis. His character as KPJ is better than in his recent previous dramas. And if at the end of this drama KPJ dies.. I want NMH to get everything! Thanks y'all chingus here. And yeah, kdrama is life at least on weekends and free time.
  4. [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Just Lovers" Episode 2 2017/12/12 Director Kim Jin-won-I has this fantastic talent for creating dramatic tension in flashbacks where, logically, there should not be any dramatic tension. We know what happened in the accident and that appearances to the contrary, it did not kill either Kang-doo or Moon-soo. Of course, they know that too. They can probably tell when they're dreaming, too. That doesn't make the trauma of those memories any less real - especially not the feeling that they caused the tragedy, somehow. Moon-soo is profiled in fuller perspective here as far as that goes. We saw what happened immediately post-rescue, and the whole scene is brutal. Moon-soo's mom Yoon-ok (played by Yoon Yoo-sun) completely melts down. Her dad Dong-cheol (played by Ahn Nae-sang) tries his best to keep everything together, but there's only so much he can do. We can see the past versions of these character well-reflected in the present day, with Yoon-ok becoming ever so gradually more unhinged while Dong-cheol sinks into further detachment. Review by William Schwartz Read full review: https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-drama-review-just-lovers-episode-2-113276.html Source: Hancinema
  5. The disaster happened 2005. At present, the construction they're doing is for new building Bio Town complex where the mall used to be. GD got interested that's why he asked to get a construction job there. MS hearing from co workers about the ground breaking ceremony and commemoration on the site. Of course she knows about the place. she wanted to be sure so she took the case study of SJ for the location. GD and MS both have the same hurt and anger. GD out there in the open whilst MS deep inside. They both put on strong front but they're both suffering from the disaster that struck the affected how they are at present. "Commemorate what?" said MS in an anguished hurt voice. While we saw scene of GD smashing the memorial marker for victims. Both of them have the same thoughts and feelings. KD destroying the marker remembering the victims. tearing it down to pieces. at the same time, MS breaking down the model figure of the mall. I'm assuming that she built that to investigate, perhaps? When Gang Doo said, she looked familiar and have seen her somewhere before. I'm thinking he must have remembered her that year when they were in the mall. And yep, he indeed saw her. Passing by outside with her younger sister. I'm a bit confused with SJ and his mother arc. His mother reduced as maid for JW's father. I'll finished Ep 2 first.
  6. So just finished watching the subs. I like this drama! I like the acting. I like Won Jin Ah's big strong voice. I also like the touch of reality. If you noticed, since our leads not the rich kind, they use the old school for the masses cellphones. I also like the production and camera work and cinematography as it goes well with the scenes. As mentioned nth times ( if you back read) been anticipating the drama the raw 1 hr 23 mins. I already posted my thoughts (pg 7) after watching the raw but just adding stuff here as I watched this again but with sub. Ep 1 introduced viewers to the main characters. Lee Gang Doo, Moon Soo, Seo Joo Won. Our leads encountered the same tragedy on that very same day. But they don't know this yet. I'm not sure if someone posted theory, young MS might be meeting young LGD. But could be. This tragedy is the one that ties them and will have a connected to their fated comfort and healing. The tragedy that struck them left them scarred ( for LGD we see the scars from his legs) physically, mentally and emotionally. It's been traumatic for them. They mirror each others fears and emotions and feelings of helplessness yet they're strong from the outside but a wreck inside. MS cannot remember what exactly happened she's having dreams of the events that time. She has remained strong and steadfast but we see the toll it's taken out of her. While GD, phe's put on brave front. He's having dreams but clearly remember what happened., we also see the toll it's out of him. He has to take pain killers. Both of them don't like closed spaces. I guess they're claustrophobic. w/c relates to trauma they've experienced when the bldg collapsed. Like said previously, both of them used flight of stairs coming up and down 16 floors. KD has the streets smart ways of dealing with everyone. But he also has the protective instinct. MS is smart too in the way that he won't let SJW build something that has flaws. She's doing the model structures for the company's project. Because she saw some flaws, JW must've been impressed with her. Like I mentioned, he saved her, she saved him. They're going to be each other's comfort.
  7. Done. To be honest I got bored with episode 5 with JJS spacing out and all. Episode 6 not yet fully sub. There's quite a few scenes esp towards the end that wasn't sub. but episode 6 revealed a lot. GS GJK.. yep that's business marriage and for convenience. He knows his wife heart is with JJS. Uh oh. I have a slight I feel bad for GS feeling. he's one lonely unloved man! So he turns to his mistress? it's the woman in episode 1 GS branded. GS went to her after that cold shoulder treatment from GJK so he relieved his feelings of being unloved to the mistress? The scene when mistress met with SIR I didn't understand that. cos cos it wasn't fully sub. Did he went there because SIR was investigating? Is she reporting some thing? She said everything was fine.. but. Does she want to report GS? For..... And well, I still am annoyed at SIR. Why is she a prosecutor?! Seriously! young stupid and greedy only cares about her ambition and becoming big in Seoul. It's good to have ambition but not at the expense of case or victim! Can the writer please do something abut her character! Edit to add below: @bebebisous33 just saw your post. I know right. Got annoyed so many scenes not sub. I'm going to watch ep 6 again cos I'm actually confused. When the the uncle and father in law was talking, it didn't have any sub so I'm not sure what they were planning but they are the ones framing JJS? @sava2sava thanks for your thoughts. I really didn't understand the two episodes because the sub. it's just... they aren't fully sub. Sorry folks I'm griping about that.
  8. Finally after several days, Ep 5 and 6 sub already. About to watch. I watch this ep 5&6 raw so didn't understood the dialogues. Let me see if I still want to wring her neck with all her actions. Gotta help JJS and first thing she needs to do is be perceptive of what's going on! cr: teazen_0525
  9. @bebebisous33 I'll echo what @philosophie said. nice a analysis. Good one. KPJ is doing what JMR id doing. She needs him to stay with her .. "She wants to awake desire in KJP so that he would do anything for her" she wants to make him feel like without her, he's nothing. Little doed she know, KPJ playing along because once he has everything under control.. that Cheong Ah power dangling in front on her will be taken way by KPJ. " he is craving for attention and comfort. The more caresses she gets, the more she will ask for these." KPJ is playing her. Playing along and he's got the upper hand. At first maybe about ep 1 and 2 I felt bad for her esp the way chairman treated her even asking her to leave and a vacate the house (ep2) and in her panic state that time, it was KPJ, who did something and talked to the chairman about alliance ( NMH father, sealing that one with marriage between JBC and NMH) and building Cheong Ah Tower. and the succeeding episodes, I find her KPJ uneasy. She saw that photo of NMH an she's suspecting him already.. My fear in this drama one of the 4 main leads will likely die. In trying to save someone.. or trying ti kill that someone. Oh no. Hello writer! When all is said and done. I want everyone to pay for what they did to NMH. She was thrust in to this revenge thing when she doesn't even know anything but little by little she's find thing out things, discovering the bigger picture.
  10. Okay. I watched ep 1 and 2 not understanding raw. I will correct myself and my post ( see previous page) because of the building collapsing wasn't any explosion/implosion. Just wasn't structurally sound.. when they built it. In ep 1 she saved him. In ep 2 he save her. Two wounded souls emotional physically scarred. Credit as tagged on pic.
  11. [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Just Lovers" Episode 1 2017/12/11 At first glance, "Just Lovers" is a typical romance. You've got the woman, Moon-soo (played by Won Jin-ah), who suffered through a horrible tragedy in her teen years, and now struggles to keep her family together economically and emotionally. Then you've got the man, Kang-doo (played by Junho), with a similar tragic backstory who is...wait, he's not rich? Kang-doo is just a working class construction worker who lives in constant rage about how the world is fundamentally unjust? And he hangs out in the foreigner districts? "Just Lovers" has something I have not seen in a drama in quite some time - class consciousness. I mean sure, "Awl" was literally a drama about union organizing, but then that was the focus. On the job. Kang-doo doesn't think in terms like that. To Kang-doo, the job is functional. He makes money, and maybe can prevent future tragedies from happening. But the people who run the operation should never be trusted. Especially if he doesn't like their attitude. There's an obvious metaphor in the backstory about how the building was structurally unsound. Actually, the entire system, specifically the system that constructed the building in the first place, was structurally unsound. Kang-doo has no faith in his capitalist overseers to treat workers or consumers as anything except disposable commodities and his actions, however self-destructive, reflect an essential belief that it's better to destroy himself than let others destroy him. Now, Moon-soo, she's nowhere near as far gone. As an architect, Moon-soo believes that the system is sound- even as she struggles through poverty because architecture is not a high demand profession. Moon-soo understands fear as being inherently irrational- not that this ever stops her from always taking the stairs. Fear, once learned, is nearly impossible to unlearn. It always comes back in nightmares after all. That much, Moon-soo and Kang-doo have in common. I really liked how "Just Lovers" starts out by making Moon-soo seem miserable, and then Kang-doo shows up and we see almost immediately that he has it even worse. Yet for all its tragic undercurrents, "Just Lovers" is never anywhere near maudlin. It's characters are just too well-drawn and easy to relate to for that. We want them to succeed but neither we nor they have any idea what success means. We may know from the title alone that Moon-soo and Kang-doo will get together romantically, but it's unclear whether even that happy ending can solve any of their problems. Review by William Schwartz "Just Lovers" is directed by Kim Jin-won-I, written by Yoo Bo-ra, and features Junho, Won Jin-ah, Lee Ki-woo, and Kang Han-na Source: https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-drama-review-just-lovers-episode-1-113234.html Cr: hancinema.net
  12. We know right! Haha! I pleaded with writer not go out of bounds with that sort of implied scenes. Since ep 1, viewers noticed they do give off that vibe and I like their interactions. JH and LMS has the aura chemistry. Hats off to these good actors. But please no to anything beyond. Hah! KPJ is doing a revenge thing... I wonder what other clever tricks he's going to surprise JMR.
  13. As I've mentioned previous post. I watched the live stream broadcast premiere and it was long like 1 hr 20 minutes. Perhaps, they cut it. I don't know but lets wait for the full sub of ep 1. And ep 2 was couple of hours ago. As usual it's raw, I watched but didn't do any recap. I'll share thoughts later as I did for episode 1 premiere. @Mau_Cherry Good to see another chingu watching the drama. "What did we know about the tragedy - weather - wonderful - no storm - no earthquake - no reason for such a disaster. The only thing is that there where a construction side in the Mall - Gang Doos Dad worked there." My theory I mentioned after watching ep 1 raw, because everything inside that part mall rattled but just that part complex, it could be implosion- where they destroy a building so a new one can be constructed ( IRL this is done to vacant bldg) . Or there was an explosion. I could be wrong so I'll watch the the subs ep 1 and 2 once it's done. But having said that they're both suffering from the tragedy. Both don't know they were there the exact same place same time when it collapsed. Fated to heal and comfort even w/o knowing.
  14. Yup. it was supposed to be 50. But don't think JH (or Sidus) will do 50 ep drama. He just did Voice prior. I was happy w/ confirmation of 24. It's actually long for me so I'm happy with 2 hr format. So who do you think is JBC father?
  15. Untouchable. I'm waiting for sub. IGs ctto