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  1. Good tosee Cahni back.. after 2 years. Last watched him in Signal. Waiting to watch this. Power trip of of wealthy. How it's going to affect their children.
  2. @bubu678 Well it's google translate. But thanks anyway for that. I get the gist... somehow. It looks more serious than I feel. Bok Soo going to an angst driven character. Oh Se Ho and Son Soong Jun did something to him and he lost everything?
  3. This drama is from a rookie writer. A well written drama and good flow to the story plus good solid acting, it will be a good one. It's always nice to see dramas of rookie writers. See the freshness. Like the case of Angry Mom drama.. that was from a rookie writer correct? Turned out to be a good one. Hoping this will be a good one too.
  4. The drama I'm waiting for. This must be for 2019 premiere instead. Yup serious drama.
  5. @RPM didn't realize there's an upcoming drama. glad I look. I know and read the manhua. seen the anime (but not watch yet), and now there's upcoming drama.. I'm gonna wait for this.
  6. I'm waiting. Watched it raw and did not understand anything but I like the men And did I just saw Hawick Lau????
  7. If you're kdrama fan, watching YSH is always such a good thing. He's good actor. Among this age peers, he still is the best. But I prefer him to do more dramatic roles. I'll be waiting for this.
  8. They will be in control. How the women on the up echelon of society lives. Like Housewives of Seongbuk-dong, Hannam-dong..something like that. cr: jtbc
  9. @Wotad you've never seen Love Me If You Dare? If not watch it. It's gripping mystery psycho romance. But yeah, I always like historical c-dramas Premiere later. We watchin' this. Thanks VIKI gonna wait for the sub.
  10. Same.Waiting for premiere. Thanks to viki to will be sub. Who's excited?!
  11. @RPM Thank you. I want to check it. Like I said, I hope it gets awards. JDY be recognized for wonderful acting.
  12. This has similar title with the upcoming 2019 OCN drama. Priest character must be a trend for now. Wonder if these kdrama writers ever talk. Now I know. I'm familiar with the face but not the name. So that's Go Joon. I realize I watched his last 3 dramas. The Good Wife. Save Me. Misty. I'm looking forward to this as well. And Kim Nam Gil looks so damn fine. I just gotta share though not drama related. Thanks for indulging.
  13. OTP feelz so strong! The bed scene omg! @deishii I'm gonna hate JG. @Mau_Cherry What what? What happened to MY in the scene? No. They cannot be.
  14. Chingus here.. I welcome myself. Shin Sung Rok Choi Jin Hyuk Jang Nara. Murder makjang mystery/ Bring it on. Love the cast. Please be good story! Jang Nara doesn't seem to age. Too cute. Nobody ask but I'm saying it anyway. These upcoming dramas Empress Dignity. Sky Castle ( you gotta check check that). Bad Detective. Priest. I'm eagerly waiting these. Hope to see other chingus the other threads too.