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  1. @saranghaebakainu I know right. I watched the first 3 episodes raw but I'm doing binge watch again for the 5 episodes. Need a sub for this.. It takes a while but when it's sub it's all the episodes. so yeah.. gotta be patient. Sota Fukushi though <3 Nicely done cinematography lighting for this scene. Credit as tagged
  2. Yey Sunday broadcast date already! Thanks, Madam! Wow a lot of cameos. I actually like title. I can sense this will be a good one!
  3. @stroppyse Yeah, I have this feeling too that the SH mother and the the cult, or the leader has something to do with how she with her current state that's why I really want background story just so we can establish why and how and when. As for Apostle Jo, I think eventually there will be a fall out or..or struggle 'almighty' Father Baek. The right hand man is more ambitious creepy. Both of them are just pervs in the cult
  4. Maknae love! Ji Soo. Can't wait to see him in Bad Guys 2. Credit: Jisoo IG
  5. Done watching Ep 4. wow, what's that living 'freakin' water?! it's like the water of of salivation. Before the 3 years time jump, we saw how the mother has gone all loony, seeing the dead son saying he's not dead. The family when to spiritist? I'm not sure what do you call those people. But they performed a ritual and after that, the soul or spirit of the dead will enter their body. In this case, Sang Jin soul when to the one who performed the ritual. He talked to the mother as Sang Jin which made the mom even more crazy and crying all the mother thinking that it was really Sang Jin. When it was time to go, the mom became even more hysterical. Throughout the whole scene, I felt skepticism of the whole thing. And true enough, the leader requested the father to pay them the dues and send check because it\s not easy doing their so called ritual without money. The father gave all their condolence money as payment and, the leader had the gall to even bargain and asked for fee of 500. That scene showed us how the weak was exploited. I can only shook my head. In real life... if one's weak, they're bound to be conned. Then we have the scene where Sang Mi was walking and overheard to schoolgirls talking about how Dong Cheol got into a fight because of her (I saw a post asking why she went to see Sang Whan and asked about Dong Cheol).. Well, the answer is because of that. She also heard the school girls saying Sang Mi was expelled from the old school because of rumor she slept with older men. Apostle Kang brought lunch to the coward dad, sprayed the living water to the food. She told him it comes from the spring of salvation, that it can cure sickness, bring light and hope. Once alone the words of Apostle Kang, came back to him and then all of sudden, he saw the light and the path to salvation and before we know it, he is pleading to Sang Mi to give him a chance to make thing right and better meaning.. asking for her to trust him, and for them to stay with the cult. Of course Sang Mi has no choice, the mother is not her right mind. The father pleaded. She stayed with the cult because of her father, because she cared about her mother. If she was on her own, she wouldn't end up staying there. Then time jump to 3 years. Sang Whan a law student. He went back to the Muji and met with the other two boys. It's like old times but without Dong Cheol. Meanwhile, the cult, the almighty sect has become even more powerful, and cruel, and Apostle Jo, is dark perverted piece of... who sexually harassed a female member of the sect in one of those portable sheds. Sang Mi has become a more stronger heroine And when she said "I am not stupid". I wished for her to say that hundred times to that creepy Apostle Jo! I was actually surprised about the time jump. I thought it would stay that way until the end of the drama.But I'm glad of the time jump this early. I will find disturbing if I see scene of a high school Sang Mi being forced into something she doesn't want. Edit to add: I would like to see maybe just a brief background story why the almighty leader of the sect became like that. Did something happened in the past? What really happened to Sang Hwan's mother. How are they as a family before tragedy struck them. My hunch is strong about the past. Save Me is dark and disturbing. Could even become controversial - bullying. sexual abuse, tackling about faith and salvation, questioning choices you make in life and the path you choose through your religion. It is fresh and bold and for this we credit the OCN choosing to have a drama like this. Credit to the production as well, the bgm sound is so apt for each scenes.. I actually was covering my face.... Warning: video scene is of creepy Apostle Jo and that car scene when Sang Mi viewed the video on the phone.
  6. Well, I mentioned previous post. we might have to see a background story of what happened to Sang Hwan Mother. I suppose we will see that in the next several episodes. I hope the cult's leader isn't involve. Oh my! Because remember, we also don't know anything about the cult other than being creepy pervert but passionate in his dramatics of will and salvation and surrendering to the one. Why he became like that. Having watch a lot of kdrama, sometimes you sense these things. But this is thriller and focus is trying to save Sang Mi. We'll see her immersed in that cult but she knows what's happening, what's going on.. but can't get out. Our four young heroes will save her.
  7. @sava2sava I was think about that cause I remember a scene where he was on the phone and said we have to let the 'elders' know. They also get money from big companies in exchange for good write up or front page article even if it's not worthy. @bebebisous33 So those who work for the Daehan news papers, those journalist... they don't know that they're played upon by their publisher? They turn a blind eye or something or they're clueless. Not SM. He knew. I like that he knew early on. It's a good part of the drama to reveal because then it becomes a story of how do expose, what needs to be done to expose the corrupt entities. I half expected that the young journalist - that's Sung Shik will be tool by GTW.. And I quote my post below. We're talking about this young reporter right? What happened to MY brother HCH became a catalyst to find out and seek the truth. At first, MY wanted to air his side, to tell the truth about doping and use of drugs. He was set up. I like so much that SM is thinking ahead. Finding ways to one up over GT he knows what to do. What tactic to use. I want to see something that will make GTW caught off guard. By the way, wanted to say that they co away with some side characters. And every time I see Sora's boss I ask myself.. how did he came to be the chief. @AlexandraReid thanks for all the updates. Enjoying this drama for what it is. If the story is good. I'll watch, doesn't matter who the actors are.
  8. So watching Ep 3 with sub.... I felt bad and for Sang Hwan. He witnessed what happened. He knew how the fight started, he saw that it was accidental that if was self defense of Dong Cheol. He confronted the detective who won't take his statement.. Detective said that if he did, it will nullify his testimony even more will have lack of credibility and objectivity because Dong Cheol is his best friend. The father (running for re election as governor) did not agree as well saying he'll get out Dong Cheol. The bully (whos father is the head of the union) was paralyzed and will never walk again.The father reminded Sang Hwan of his mother who was sick (is like lifeless and invalid), that if he is re elected governor, it may help mother recover. That the family will able to go back to how it used to be. This is Sang Whan achilles heel. His weakness is his mother.. We haven't background story of his life. What happened to his mother. What should he do? Dong Cheol knows Sang Hwan deep inside has personal battles as well. So I don't get why some will say that Sang Hwan is weak, that he betrayed his best friend. Clearly, he wanted to testify to save his best friend but was told by detective to stay out of it. He confronted his father, told him he wanted to testify in behalf of Dong Cheol. Sang Hwan even questioned his father 'Do you really want this election badly?" as if to say do you really have to do this just for this election. But the father brought in the mother who is is the most important for Sang Hwan. So is it Mother or Dong Cheol? He brooded over it. After awhile, he rode his motorbike. I sense it. He was going to testify. He was was going to save Dong Cheol and be the witness. But on his way, he saw Sang Mi's father collapsed on the street. He most likely brought him to the hospital which delayed him, as we saw the next scene, Sang Mi in the hospital whilst in the court room they were waiting for the witness who is Sang Hwan, then cut to the the next scene, Dong Cheol being led to the bus about to transfer to be incarcerated. Sang Hwan was late. But he was going to testify. He was late the bus left he tapped on the window called out Dong Cheol's name who was thinking of that scene where Sang Whan told him to stand tall. The he never thought Dong Cheol any less despite the difference in their status. I fee bad because Dong Cheol will always think that he was betrayed by Sang Hwan, that his best friend didn't show up as a witness. When in fact that's now true. If only he knew what happened. And this is why I feel sad for Sang Hwan character. Despite being the son of the governor, he isn't the jerk that most are ( even if the father is powerful) his friends aren't the most popular boys in school nor the rich ones. He cared. He was concerned. He was going to testify but it was too late. That's what I think and how I view the scenes. I like Dong Cheol as everyone of us does. He's a favorite character But I also like Sang Hwan. Another scene that's creepy when the almighty sect leader, telling the apostle Jo that Sang Mi will be their 'Virgin Mary" that will save or show salvation. Again, I don't even know who's the worst! The leader? or the right hand man? They're both perverted creepy kind. edit: I wanted to add, Sang Mi's mother becoming crazy and and going out of will make the cult even more enticing to the family. The hope, the despair....who should they listen to? Who could they listen to? This how sects and other cult becomes more of of an outlet to these types. The words salvation, surrendering one's self to the will, these are powerful words will thrust the small time folks who's in despair of life or situation. My thought for ep 4. Once I'm done.
  9. Watching Eps 3-4 with sub right now. Will back read pages later and read other views other thoughts for the episodes. I'll share my thoughts once I'm done. Let me just say, a fav scenes for Ep 3 was Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol conversation. The latter explained the difference between their status. But I like that Sang Hwan despite being son of politician.. he values their friendship and he showed concern. Never thought of Dong Cheol any less. SH: "Hey Dong Cheol! You're no one other than yourself. You should know that you've never reminded me of your father. So don't be such an idiot. Stand tall. DC: "Stop blabbering, you idiot. Stand tall for yourself" SH: "Hey shut It. I'll see you after school, okay" And Dong Cheol walk away waving his hands to signal yeah yeah, okay. Now, that is country bumpkin friendship They know each other very well. How one is like. What one is going through. I like how it was simple line but written well without it being corny sappy. It's how conversation should be like between best friends. You can tell Sang Hwan (kind of in tears) appreciated that words of Dong Cheo telling him to also stand tall. Aw. IG credit as tagged
  10. Am I unfortunately late? There's ep 4 right? I'm waiting for the raw. I gotta watch ep 3 with sub first. The scene below. I half covered my face, because.. I think he saw Sang Jin. it was just all in the mind. Creepy! IG credit to owner
  11. @stroppyse I read the whole post. Good to see viewers engaging and invested in the drama as we all are. I cannot eloquently put my thoughts like most of chingus here so thank you for the inputs. The one I quote. so right. it's gone dark and uncomfortable and and we're only episode 3. If one's trapped in situation, who does one turn to. The sect that the 'almighty' jeong-gi is engaged to, the passionate way him and the members encourages the towns folk to be one with them and they will care for them, pray for them, these are small time folks, easily preyed upon. In a small community, acts like these gives the towns folk hope. But the cult is disguise as something else.. especially the three main leaders. I also felt bad for Sang Hwan because he's going through some personal difficulties with his father running for governor, and his mom is comatose and he needs to maintain a certain decorum to please his politician father. It's damn if you, damn if you don't situation for him. I like the part where the review above mentioned that the hurdles and conflict will strengthen friendship. And how the two boys, knows exactly how each others emotions are. The friendship should not pull them apart because they have to save Sang Mi. Sang Mi will become like one of those towns folk. who'll turn to the sect. .. because if one is on the edge, losing sanity and belief that everything will be okay.. then words twisted to make it powerful and passionate enough to for her to surrender to words of the leaders, even if she doesn't want to. Who can she turn to? This is where the four boys come in. They see someone of their peer, pulled into religious cult, they have to help her. They need to. I only watch the raw so I did not understood any dialogues. More thoughts once I'm done watching the sub.
  12. Just a warning: The spoiler scenes are disturbing .Creepy sick af. My hand on my mouth. . Oh I like when Sang Mi tears rolled down her cheeks. I haven't really paid attention to SYJ. I've only seen her in one drama and that is LAST. This drama shows she's got good acting.
  13. OMG! I had to pause. Whew.
  14. Dup post. I got excited didn't refresh page. Thanks @0ly40 for the updates. SAVE ME! Every time one search for hashtag Save Me. BTS is everywhere (they drop a teaser with the words "save me".. hence). But hat I want is to see updates for the creepy cult cinematic OCN drama! Anyway... about to watch the raw . I can't wait for the sub anymore... will watch again once the sub is out. My thoughts when I'm done. Edit: Watching the first scene of ep 3. It's heavy on the heart. I feel for Sang Mi, I wish I understand the dialogues. It's best to watch with sub.
  15. Tryna' see if I could watch ep 3 raw live... not haviing success. Hah. Have to several more hours for the raw "Save Me" RT credit to owner as tag