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  1. @bebebisous33 first off I'm staring at your avatar cos of the body. I likey! I've thinking' having one but with Kim Moo Yul woooh! I haven't watch the sub episodes yet.. If you mean he's moving in to DY house with the 3 girlies... He's not only gonna be house helper but protector man of all their needs. Imagine him making the pancakes for all of them.
  2. Same feelz. Thanks KBS for this cute interesting special drama. Thumbs up to Kim Sung Chul. Choi Yoo Ri and Jung Chae Yon
  3. @kohnlee Thanks. Going to box his way in to our hearts.. once again. Hyukie Hot Papa Bad Papa.. he gets better with age.
  4. jongski

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Wow that's some crazy abusive parents. The mother treating sachi like some kind of dog! - slashing of face with glass shard, throwing dish on the floor and she had to picked up with her hands. No wonder she's like to run away with obsessed young kidnapper. I found out it's manga actually but haven't read it.. For Good Doctor. I've never seen the kdrama original.
  5. Finally a medical drama to anticipate with good actors and can can feel good story and quality writing and top notch acting. I've been watching a lot of medical j-dramas - I guess I prefer them. But I hope this can be good Brain will always be my favorite though.
  6. When I Just got back from real life stuff I missed the stream. I'm gonna check for the raw. ctto
  7. Part 2 final episode later 23.00 KST. It's very late for youth drama but surprise, as netz watching this good one. Thanks KBSmyloves for update. Even if it's only special drama they always post .
  8. Ooooh I thought I was the only one who noticed glad you did too. Maybe he was just admiring the guy? because he said.. he always looks good..
  9. Same going to check for KYJ.. and SJR. Both the two male leads are in their early 30's and her not even 20. Oh well could've at least gotten another actor in his 20's (and there's a lot) but we ain't the boss in this drama so better accept. We don't have problem with acting though but, I've never been fond of webtoon adaptation unless it's really good one. I mean their fine as webtoon but how it's adapted to the small screen is different thing altogether. Hope it's good.
  10. jongski

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    @evie7 at the moment about to watch sachiiro-no-one-room. I thought..oh I remember seeing this title. So I went here. I knew it it's from your post . OT: Meanwhile These dramas they just go round and around from jdrama to kdrama to cdrama to twdrama they make versions of each of shows from one another esp kdrama version of jdrama and vice versa. And next thing you know we'll Ryusei Wagon kdrama version. knowing penchant of kdrama world for fantasy ones.
  11. This is only special drama but it's a good one. You can tell from all my post. 2 part drama. Ep 2 Tuesday, 17. Savage lil sis cr:JILWxx cr: b3nnies
  12. jongski

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    @evie7 hello my dorama friend and same as you of course I'm currently watching this. Gosh, the amount of Japanese medical dramas I watch.. after Code Blue, Unnatural, Black Pean, now it's this version of The Good Doctor. Kento Yamazaki is one talented actor. If you watch his movies more than his dramas, you'll see what I mean. I love the cast too! very sold old school actors. Btw, debating whether to watch Genkai- Danchi.
  13. @LyraYoo or anybody. Throughout the whole drama, it will be in Spain?