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  1. @JoonB I like that you're honest like that.. ha ha..." Depending on the male lead, I may watch this or not." Here's hoping Ji Soo! Ji Soo! Ji Soo! because my god, two great young actors who deserves a lead roles esp Ji Soo! Hello KBS dramagods!! is it too much to ask?! Hah. #fingerscrossed and drama should be well written! please! I did watch dramas of writer and PD so....waiting for the male lead.
  2. Whoa! I just finished 9 and 10 episodes This drama is such high quality! and fast pace The writing and flow is exceptional and, you know it's well written when the humor is put in all the right scenes. I enjoyed episode 9 mostly because I suddenly laugh out when officer Tae Hee said "were detectives. ot Morticians." And that scene inside the house of Shin Jae Hyi, the three of them is I love the awkwardness, it reminded me a little bit of one of my fav drama I Remember You (excellent one!) where the police, the psycho, the medical examiner are all together and it was so awkward. Anyway, I found myself giddy and smiling and grinning ( okay fine, I like SJY AND SJ!) About SJH using herself as bait, she got the idea form the killer medical examiner, She wanted to prove something, wanted to see her theory about the skirt / mother./ sister issue/ mental issues, hence the bait. The murders were different. I get the reason (now) why JHY would kill but the killer doc is still needs.. backdrop/ flashback, I am confused still. Was he the one who killed SJ mother and not JHY? In the park, he mumbled something like 'I'll show you game is played' did he meant this for JHY? I'm not familiar with the lead but I the second lead, Yoon Hyun Min, I've watched all his previous drama and he's always cast in good excellent dramas ( TGW BM, BITFT- even if it's just a cameo.. etc). Though I don't post that much, I've been watching this drama and all it's episodes. I don't have the eloquence to exactly share my thoughts but I know a good brilliant drama when I see one. And like I always say, my choice of dramas to watch hasn't failed me. And since I'm much too excited to wait for or the sub, I'll check the raw in a while.
  3. @LyraYoo He's so creepy hot. Thanks for the photo. I stare! <3 Excited to see him as a reporter uncovering shenanigans of the corrupt world. Likely unconvincing the politicians, businessmen and societal crimes against taxpayers. This drama needs a good well written script as it will tackle the ills of society through the main story line of revenge/ and avenging death of the reporter brother.
  4. I remember in 2015 she had like 4 dramas in KBS. And she still is KBS baby I'm not watching her current drama but nice to see her getting the lead. I like her in BlueBirds House. So is this gonna female version of..... Misaeng? kinda? I'll check this one out. Thanks for the thread.
  5. @UnniSarah @omiki Ha ha. IKR. We certainly can feel ya UnniSarah. Glad I'm not alone. CJ is the girl with the short hair? The one which... I'm actually annoyed. I skip most of her parts. Hah! I like the Dr Chen.. funny rascal, such regular kinda doctor, typical happy go lucky, who doesn't think of position and knows his capability and capacity.. Also felt l Doctors vibe in this drama. Though I didn't watch the kdrama, I find LCX funny silly cute in her own way, esp when she had the tantrum. But when she's mad she's mad and just won't hold back with her how she felt about chief yang. She knew of his shady dealings but of course, she can't do anything.. other than not using staplers...when doing sutures? I like LCX because she's not the coy type. Like she invited ZS to dinner and it's her treat. He he. @dekaron I agree with your, for man with high stature in the hospital, it seems he's unable to put force and stamp his authority when it concerns most. Perhaps it's because of what happened in the past,and with the malpractice which involve ZS mother. For ZS the only reason he came back is to get revenge and right the wrong. However, LCX is strong woman. Tough one, she will fight it out eps if she knows her mentor will be target. She's going to be caught in the middle. What I like in this drama, the humor is in it's right place, right scenes and also as mentioned, it's fast pace too. @chocolatefuritnut thank for the teaser for ep 4.
  6. The one I'm anticipating! One I'm waiting for is... this drama! The story, the acting, the leads, the supporting cast! all is left is wishing for high quality well written drama. @0ly40 @larus Thanks for the firs teaser and photos. First time I think I'm going to watch JSW. Thou I heard he was in God Gift. drama. I have to check that one. Same with Bae Doo na.
  7. I watched all the episodes. I like LCX! she spurs out her feelings. If she doesn't like it she doesn't like it. If she sees something amiss she says so, but she also can empathize in her own way. ZS is more amused at her. The scene when he was talking to chief Yang, few step away with his back turned and she took a photos of him with her iphone and ..stolen shots had me grinning in a way because that scene kinda reflects reality. However, I don't feel anything love chemistry between them. Maybe because lead actor just looks older than lead actress. I actually suddenly thought.. him and Ha Ji Won in drama would be good. Oh well dunno where that6 came from. Ha ha. So ZS is out for revenge and to avenge what happened when he was child who witness what happened to his mother blamed for death of patient who happens to be the father/mother of LCX. There was malpractice and with all that's going on the flashback showed zs mother hang herself? LCX will be caught in the middle as she is prodigy of Director Fu, her mentor. But she's getting close to ZS too. I'll wait for several more episodes to be sub then I'll binge again this drama. It's good at least it's not the depressing kid of medical drama. OT There's another drama I'm watching.. Heirs/Medal of Heirs.. something like that. it stars Hawick Lau but hasn't been sub yet so decided to check Surgeons first. I ended up liking this.drama ^^
  8. @Netka85 Hi girl! Nice to see ya here. last time I saw you active in a thread was in Master of Revenge: God of Noodles. Yeah, this drama something different to offer viewers. not used to sci-fi drama. But don't think I would want "aliens" in the drama. Ha ha. Strength of drama still good acting skills and good script plus editing should be really good as we have two part 2017, and 2037. I want this to be a hit.
  9. Liking this drama! first 2 episodes and already I'm getting bad vibes from Chief Yang! Grr! He's also doing some unethical business favoring medical staplers from company supplying staplers. He's not warm to LXC I wonder why. I like LXC she's tough, she tells how it is.. granted she's lacking the emotional comfort to patients but I root for her! Also who do you think is the sister of ZS? at first I thought it was the intern who was reprimanded but don't think so. The medical terms though. on point even though I'm completely clueless. First time watching c-medical drama. It's good! and it's fast actually! unlike kdrama.The last medical drama I watch was last month's ALife (good jdrama with Kimura Takuya- brilliant in his role). Only ep 2 and I feel this will be current fav cdrama. Back now to marathon Ep 3.-10. More thoughts later.
  10. Hi y'all. Currently doing a marathon of this drama. My thoughts once I'm done. The actor looked familiar was thinking if it's Decoded or Disguiser. I think it's the latter. I'm watching also Fox's Summer ( aka Fox Falls in Love) yes to strong female leads
  11. Intrigued by this so I'm gonna check the drama. I have no idea who these stars are pic ctto
  12. Another OCN thriller crime drama! I saw the teaser for this drama DUAL. at the end of ep 6 of Tunnel. Action thriller one after the other from Voice to Tunnel and now Dual.. and we're only in April. Yep myfav network. OCN!
  13. @larus thumbs up for this thread. Thank you. Taking a break from binge watching Tunnel (just done with exciting ep 6!) I'm so sooo happy to see Nam Goongmin in a drama that's isn't like rom-com! I didn't watch his last two dramas. Last one I watch was Remember: War of the Son. If viewers want to see scary psycho... they should check that drama! he was so scary excellent! And Cho Jae Hyun too?! another good one as corrupt scary psycho killer as well in Master of Revenge. I also watch his last drama is Solomon's Perjury. I wanna see both of them in this drama. And can the network/pd also add Kim Tae Woo?! Hah! I'm not familiar with the females lead however. I''ll be waiting for updates. Thanks.
  14. When I read the English translation of the book. The opponent kissed Xia Yao, but that wasn't the case in the episode I saw. Plus the one at the convenience store, Instead of buying cigarettes, it was chewing gun Xia Yao bought which we know what drop on to his back. He he So I guess they had to make adjustments.
  15. Ohmygosh a new drama to watch! With KAME too.. woohooo. I loves ALife, I'\m currently watching Crisis, and now I'll add this! thanks Mico Ricco and 0ly40