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  1. Oooh.... BTS ( yeah that kpop group..sorry not fan)the one doing main theme for the jdrama. But why? Well seeing as it's original Korean drama.. why not get someone from Kent pop world to sing the theme? I don't know really but. main thing is the drama itself. Please be good good one. It's annoying though cos whenever I search the drama It's always them that I see. Grrr. @liddi do you know who's older? Kim Hye Soo or her Japanese counter part? Actually looking at the counter parts below: The one for the original has more of the mature actors. ctto
  2. Yeah same here. I watch mostly the dramas of the writer and thanks for mentioning the name of the actress. I always see her in dramaland but I don't know her name. @triplem soo... as usual gonna watch this raw again. I'll just wait for you or anyone to recap. Thanks I'm probably in the minority too not liking when Netflix subs the drama. Just really takes a while. But it's viewers preferences I guess.
  3. Yep. Drama I've been waiting. Gonna be sub by DF. Yey. Jang Dong Yoon. ♡ ♡ ♡ Happy to see this young actor again. He's got that acting skills. Quiet yet effective way. Cr: IG
  4. Ji Soo 지수

    I want to see them again in new drama! Please dramagods make it happen! The nation's BFF! Nam Joo Hyuk is so hyung in this photo. Well throughout the whole Bromance episodes. I miss so watching again.
  5. Well original is always the best. Have to see how does this one fare. Kentaro does look young but he's like 30 I'm only familiar with the 3 male leads Kentaro, Kitamura, and Watabe. I like quirky, psycho mystery doramas. They always make good ones. Kentaro Sakaguchi. Kitamura Kazuki. KichiseMichiko. Watabe Atsuro Character description + very brief comment of actors.
  6. @evie7 OML! I haven't even finished his last drama! already Dean Fujioka in another drama! an adaptation of Count of Monte Cristo! ❤️️❤️️ What the!! I definitely agree. Going to nail this one ad the Edmun Dantes character. I can feel it. Going to be better than Goodbye Mr. Black (kdrama adaptation of the classic but I drop it #sorrynosorry). I'll be waiting.Yasss! thanks for the thread 0Ly40
  7. What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Still watching BG and Kiss that Kills. Just waiting for all episodes to be sub then going to binge. Also Blanket Cats. But Waiting for for April. And ere it is! what we're waiting for to watch. Signal Japanese version. Teaser on the Signal thread. Kentaro Sakaguchi! ♡ ♡ ♡ cr: as tag
  8. Here it is. What we're waiting for! Signal! @evie7 cr: as tag Teaser:
  9. [Drama 2017-2018] Money Flower 돈 꽃

    Definitely 2017/18 best drama along with Secret Forest and Tunnel. We watched this from start to finish from it's first airing all the way to it's last episode. And really if one's going to re watch something. This is worth the marathon. Lee Mi Sook.. from start to finish wonderful acting. Her charisma, screen presence. Her character as JMR. Park Seyoung.. she was not the original choice but she got this role and in good drama. Jang Seung Ho. terrific acting as well. I don't know the actor. First time I've seen him act in this drama. And Jang Hyuk, I've already said how I feel about him in this drama. Best actor!
  10. I'll be honest. I have no idea who is Lee Kwang Soo I've heard of the name and Running Man and he's friends of Jo In Sung and Song Joon Ki but that's about it. Maybe I've seen him past dramas? But I pretty much remember actors esp if I like the drama and finishes them.
  11. @triplem I enjoyed it. plus I love the OST already! It's like 60's sound. I think the he lyrics is like "think of everyone who has it worse than you" I don't know the song. How long till this is sub? I just finished watching raw. I don't understand a single word. The voice over narration of Sang Soo started ep 2. The tension and drama concerning Lt. Oh Yang Chon. and the loss of partner who drowned trying to save him. And then the ending scene.. the the noobs trying to race to the door. That bgm tho'. I likey. I'll post more later about ep 2. I think I need to watch it again So I was clueless about the dialogues as I only understand basic most frequently used Korean words noona, omma, mianhe, etc. But wait. I saw in ep 1 Kim tae Hoon is part of this drama. Is he only doing a cameo? Anyway, he plays the hyung of Sang Soo. Ep1: I don't know was Yeom Sang Soo ( LKW) , and Hang Jung Oh (JYM) previous work before joining the police force. I gather our leads were fed up or not happy with their previous work and so after seeing the poster encouraging to join the police force, the both enrolled and tried their luck. And the gods smiled at them they both passed. I like their reaction when they learned of the good news. I was actually smiling for most of the episodes. Oh yeah bless ya kdrama. It's so lovely to see men's shower room with 3 half naked male species who looks like the rest of the population. Haha Ep 1 and 2 showed being in the police force and doing all those training is no joke. After a while, your body suffers from all that extensive strenuous self defense training and how to block riots and other things that police deals in their day to day work. If you can't take the hard hit, get out of the force..cos it's ain't for the weakling. I like that our leads decided to make something out of their lives and join the force. They're ordinary workers. I like that this drama doesn't have glossy stars ( if you know what I mean) plus I like the humor in place. I saw the preview of ep 3 at the end..oh know. YC and SS gonna be partner? uh oh! @plappi thanks for the OST and preview @larus Thanks. So this is Netflix exclusive sub means I have to wait a little longer for subs. Fingers cross I hope I don't lose interest.
  12. I didn't realize this premiered already. I thought end of March. I wanted to check. I'm not familiar with the actors but I'm familiar with the writer and her works so I'm going to check this drama once there's a sub. Btw indulge me... that fit body of LKW though. jongski--> KMY he's not be but he looks fit as a cop. I just had to say that Haha. What the heck I'll watch the raw right now. Well, the acting, the actor, the writer the story.. and the body is bonus. Not complaining! Haha Thanks for the tease and updates everyone here.
  13. Want to watch this to too. Let us know when. Thanks.
  14. Same with everyone. Thanks as well for subbing. thumbs up. To everyone here.LYK QS they're already married to each other in ep 1? Yep. @Nudafu@lovelyserene@Hapiangle@jayyepeee reading the posts for this drama thanks.