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  1. Oh wow for real? He''s going to make drama comeback? Triple was like a decade ago! It's polital genre I lik andit's on JTBC so I'll be waiting.
  2. Is this anm expensive drama? They've been filming since.. forever. Yeah I wonder how many episodes. I hope this is worth it. With the tandem of writer and directo, I know it will be. I've been waiting. This is political genre. After Promethus was cancelled.. this is like the next best thing .. I think.
  3. Yey another newbie from Namoo Actors. I like their talents! Hope he shines here. And my fav rookie actress Lee Seol. Then our cute couple... (hahaha yes.. for cuteness sake I said that.) Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong. What's not to like... well this better be good! I'm no fan of fantasy genre as I stay away from them... unless it's well written and story and editing is good and acting is good and directing.
  4. Nana first drama is the Korean version of The Good Wife.. and she's good. She's got strong vibes personality. This will only be her second drama. She was supposed to be with Park Hae Jin for tha Four Men drama but she left.. we all know the sad plight that one. She's in Swindlers too. That's the only thing I know of her.
  5. I love the teaser! yup very high quality very good. I damnn excited. I'm already waiting.. drooling. Haven't done so since Kim Moo Yeol's My Beautiful Bride. I was in awe of him physically and acting wise plus story was excellent. This drama.. and the action scenes very Bourne Identity....
  6. Thanks for the thread. My fav network when it comes to youth dramas. Beautiful World drama hasn't premiered yet and another one coming from them. I don't know the stars for this but the story looks to be good and. Coming of age drama in the eyes of an 18 yr old boy experiencing loneliness. It's kinda like " Perks of Being a Wallflower". Looking forward this.
  7. Thanks for the teaser, larus. Bullying and violence in the famiily and the aftermath is the theme of this drama. It's not your cutesy high school drama. It's like Solomon's Perjury but more into physical aspects of bullying. Seo Young Joo's charactere here.. it's a very tough one. He grew withuout parents is in the thug environment not fit for young man. I'm not fond of youth dramas. I only watch if it's well written and well acted with good actors. This one I'm waiting for. I'll see excellent acting agaiin.
  8. Kill It! You don't wanna mess with a sniper. Premiers 23 March. cr: stills from OCN Vet by day..... Contract killer/ Hired assassin by night
  9. Too cute not to post bheind the scene videos. Lets enjoy as we'll see him be like contract killer in 2 weeks time.
  10. Now that you mentioned.. you're so right. pre produced and still they're filming as the months comes on till we go to May? I like the plot and action and political genre been waiting for this! I'm no fan of the lead stars. Instead I'm a fan of the writer and director. Director: Yu In-Sik (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, Giant, History of Salaryman, Incarnation of Money) Writer: Jang Young-Cheol (Giant, History of Salaryman, Incarnation of Money, Empress Ki, Monster) I've watch their dramas below they're well done drama. This better better better be good. I know it will be be. knowing the dramas they've done. Waiting!
  11. Now that's a good news. Thank you VIKI. I'm glad. This is the drama where you'll see the future Daesang winners. Best actors. 16 yr olds and 19 yr olds.
  12. @irilight I agree 100% about Seo Young Joo. He's brilliant. Happy to know you're going to watch this. Yep we were discussing that tvN drama. In Memory, NDR was bullied and influenced so he tried to to committ suicide but was stop by his father ( portrayed by Lee Sung Min) that was touching scene that made me cry. In Seo Young Joo's case....in JTBC Solomon's Perjury he did committ suicide and jump off school building. Very sad poignant all his scenes in that drama. which made me cry as well He was best friends with Jang Dong Yoon character ( who was the lead in that drama). I think for his character in this drama he'll probably have friendship ( or not) with Nam Da Reum. By the way, It's the same tandem of writer and director of Memory who who's at the helm for this drama. So my guess when writer and director was thinking of this, they had Nam Da Reum in mind for the role already. @africandramalover Good to know you're watching this too. We can discuss. Try to check 2016 tvN Memory as mentioned the writer and director are the same one who's doing this drama.
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