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  1. Yes. It's Monday- Tuesday, slot so regular drama. Not sure how many episodes though. 16 is ok with me. Beyond 16 Eps, I usually get bored. @Go Seung Ji 16 right?
  2. Gosh, the title alone sounds beautiful. A beautiful.... tearjerker. Remake of her earlier work? I watched her dramas DMF, TWTWB, Padam, Padam? I think I'm not sure. That's all I know. I'll check this and watch. Thanks for the thread.
  3. I know right. Same sentiments. I tag our dear chingu bebebisous33 and asked her to check this one if she's got one more room for this drama. It's clearly and simply explained scenes and drama as whole ( more than the drama reviewers). @stroppyse I'm glad you're here as well analyzing this with us @bedifferent Thank you. I read all your post I'm glad you're here too and sharing your thoughts. Since NSH is statistician, he probablly analyzes Arsenal scores and solid fan. What made him warm up to NJH is he was shock that she new about Football and how to game is played and even know Wenger. Ha ha. They share the same love for the sport. @b4l01So he's the first one to feel beating of the heart. I think so too. More than JH actually. But I asked the question 3 pages ago what kind of couple will they be. Will it be show-window couple, weekend couple, or sexless couple? @ddeokbokkiiYeah, of course he won't admit it. He'll probably try to ignore it pretending that the house, kitty is enough for him. He did mention he wants to remain single. But of course that change. Haha. Even the raw is not yet out so can't watched yet. Later maybe after two hours. He he. I'm damn happy can't wait. I watch this raw and then I watch this sub then I watch again. And I repeat again. High quality writing, the dialogues, the excellent acting. Last time I praised a PD writer ( in every post at that) was from the drama Five Children. Waiting for raw and sub.
  4. @joowonie I'm not familiar with her but read good things. Sh'e's impressive in this drama. And for the 3rd time, I'll repeat, my fav character from crop of current dramas. @filmstrip Like you post. and agree. @YourHighness . Yes ✓ And tomorrow is Episode three. I wonder what the title will be and how they act as couple. I'm laughing already with the tease esp NSH looking so forced and the face..ha ha. when they were taking taking selfies. Ep1 Title: Because It's My First 30th Birthday ✓ Ep2 Title: Because It's My First Kiss ✓ Ep3 Title Because It's my First ......... Cr: on post.
  5. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Oh I am unfortunately late. I just got back from monkey duties and wasn't able to watch the raw earlier. So apparently I feel I'm the only one who did not understood the episode 1 even though I watched LS and raw. I can only understand English so was hard for me to know what's going on. I will not try and attempt to even recap anymore. it was a recrap Sorry everyone I'm going to wait for the sub? Is it out already? I'll wait for the sub of Ep 2 as well. The ending for episode 1. I'm curious why. And then Since female lead can forsee death, did she try to warn them? Do something to stop whatever disaster is coming to the supposed victims? @nateko Thanks. I read your post.
  6. Yes I agree. I've watched that jdrama. Others do compare this that one but I'm not sure why as well. When I learned of story and the characters I actually said it's more Kazoku no Katachi ( State of Union) because NSH resembles more of that drama's lead and even YJH.... In the way that YJH was able to tell things to a stranger like NSH, in Kazoku, female lead was able share things and even long kept secret to total stranger she thinks will not care. It comforted her because he listened in his own way. 2 strangers living together, but not being together able to find comfort even if the he acts like he doesn't care. I encourage everyone to check page 6. Kazoku, IMO a more mature and smarter drama, aired before WMaJ. But this current K drama being compared more to WMaJ because there's an early marriage proposal, there's co-habitation of convenience to suit each other's purpose, will eventually fall in love. Hence. Sorry for a bit off topic. Want to share my two cents why the comparison and saying it's remake or copy Japanese drama. Yes. Agree. And NSH may look cold and emotionless at most times robotic. But he understood feelings and emotions in such a way how he comforted YJH. From his story and explanation of neocortex. In her own words.... his nonsense.. felt strangely comforting. That's coming from a writer who expresses her own emotions through the writings and scripts she does. I guess NSH can convey emotions but not spontaneity of it especially when it concerns relationship, he will not show it. That glance at the room, the empty feeling, the way he talked with his kitty, probably the only one who know his master feels. Thanks. Your'e right. When they showed series of her birthdays, it's always the brother blowing the candles. The brother always has the father's attention. It was only on her 20th that was able to do so with her friends make a wish. And on her 30th she was able to express freely her wish to write and become even better at it. I didn't like how her family thinks low of her. Even though she's the one who got the house, and paid for everything, still, it was her who moved out when the brother and the wife should've been the one. There was no consideration at all. The father is the master, the one that decides. I wanted her to at least have some say but.. you're correct with her being in that house, she will always be under her father's authority, will always be the outcast. I think NSH comes from well off family. His mother looks like some kind kdrama haughty MIL. Plus he acts more financially off and like the boss rather than his CEO employer. He comes to work does his job and when he didn't bother to go to work because his routine disturbed by housemate who can't follow his rules, the CEO buddy begged him to comeback to work. I am still confused what kind of work he does though. What exactly is his job?
  7. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Ending scenes Ep 1
  8. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    At the moment he's at rooftop of building having a confrontation with..... another girl dunno who she is At the moment she's walking. I know how she can see and predict death. There's a black smoke that will usually appear behind a persons back. Just like with the one that jump off the bridge. So she passed by two persons where black smoke appear. She can tell person will die. So she always has to do something in advance. SSH character, not sure if he's annoyed with her, doesn't believe, or he just goes along. I'm honestly finding it so-so at the moment. Kinda like Final Destination feelz to it.. for now. I'm waiting when He's going to be a grim reaper. Edit to add: Maybe I'm just not understanding the whole drama as it's raw. I hope I didn't offend everyone with my recaps/ thoughts. Thanks. I tried though
  9. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Just going to mention their scenes. Not sure of their names yet. Black is SSH. Scene at the moment inside the precinct. So I'm thinking Detective Black is SSH. scene atm, a mn is about to jump off the bridge. Black and her inside the car driving by. She saw something in the guy that's planning to jump. They just drove buy. He drop her off. He passed by the bridge again in time to see the man Jump. A mother was hysterical once the body was fished off the waters. I think she warned him. Scene at the moment. He's drunk and went to her place. they talked and then she pushed him away locked the door. He's shouting at the door. Neighbors call for cops because he's being scandalous. Scene now at the precinct Chief annoyed at home. next scene at the hospital getting statement from old man/ doctor. He's now at an abandoned building/ school/ warehouse I'm snot sure.. and we have a flashback of him witnessing a girl being hit bit a mother, girl crying. He as child was looking through the window.
  10. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Oh thank you I found one! wasn't able to start the drama though. Watching LS right now
  11. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Ditto! I'll join the chorus.. Yes, just less than hour. KST time 10:20 premiere. Please make this a good drama to watch. Don't hate me SSH fans. I'm not really that overwhelmed about him but I will watch a drama regardless who the actors are as long as it's well made, script and flow of the story is good.
  12. Yes. Same as well. Maybe we'll see a sister or an aunt, or a mom but nothing major character. Maybe there will be one that will trigger a revenge from one of them Bad Guys.
  13. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Tryna' see if I can LS this.. but jongski always fail. Hah. But I'm here and I'm gonna wait. RT cr: as tagged.
  14. @Gerry58 @Prettysup Thanks for the photos. Looking at Jang Hyuk inside the car filming for this, he is an actor in every sense of the word. You can put him in whatever genre, he'll still give excellent acting. I'm happy to see this is a modern drama. Though I did wish for his next drama project to be something like Slave Hunters/ Chuno. Like a grand action type in a sense. But with more depth and emotions to the character. I remember y tears flowed in Chuno. Maybe next year. I hope. And Park Se Young.. always pretty even without a make up. She's a good actress. Right character. Right drama. She'll shine.
  15. @bebebisous33 Thank you. You explained clearly and eloquently in simplest way. I understood better why and how they clicked together not just because they have the same interests but there is comfort even without meeting each other first time but only through text. They bonded. There is emotional comfort and sense of belonging and understanding. I also thought about YJH actions stems from how she was treated and overlooked by the family. The brother is the favored one and now that the young wife is having a baby boy which will continue the bloodline, she more felt cast aside. I wasn't even thinking about their respective families but I felt her moving way from the family, is her trying to find her worth. I hadn't thought about NSH family and how it was like for him. I did mention there must be a backstory but you're right. Especially when he said parents want to fulfill desires through their children. You're right. it seems that NSH and YJH father are there same. I didn't think of that. When the mom said that his father will get a divorce if he's not married, that his father even going to pay rentals for the house. So when he proposed to her, it's not because she will be an asset to her and means to continue with his plan.. well it will look that way at first, but it's also to have sense of balance. As he said he can live with just the house and the kitty and it wouldn't matter to him but deep inside, he felt the loneliness. So when she said yes to the proposal, it's not because she loves him ( yet..but she will eventually). She thought a house to stay, a place where she can come and go. A home to feel secure emotionally or maybe physically, and that she matters. So this will be like a marriage of convenience in the beginning but as they become closer through this union, they will realize their value to each other is worth more than the expense of calculating each others financial obligations ie; his house rentals, her need to have secure place. They are going to have feelings for each other ( impossible not to). It's cliche in a way or even predictable but this drama is well written and well acted. But I wonder if there's twist.