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  1. I'm now watching the sub episodes. 5 minutes into the drama... first thing I said was was OMG! So SA saw CH kissed by supposed to future hubby EH... when she walked out in dazed got inside bozzo's car... his reactions and expression.. such a moron. Haha. And I still want to strangle that halmoni! Hah. Okay, I'll resume watching now. My thoughts later. I want to see EH CR more more intense. Edit: I just had to. SA going to jump off the bridge commit suicide but normally scene would be sad. but OMG! I LOL. bozzo's reaction.. he was worried about himself of course he has name JS but just I just call bozzo. I wanna say I'm not even said at SA. I should be but I'm not.
  2. Wooooh the updates thanks chingus here! Excited! Bad Papa is a hot papa! The teaser!!! the drama I'm waiting! And the stills of Park Ji Bin, somehow he'll always be that " little bro" in Boys over Flowers. That's the only thing I know about him. But he's going to show us his acting skills here. I read he won an acting award in Canadian film fest.
  3. Joo Ji Hoon decided not to accept big budget Prometheus... and will be doing this instead. Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Kang Woo. Wow.
  4. @Prettysup thanks for the updates. the poster is gorgeous. We're going to see all the fame he had back when he was an undefeated champion. commercial endorsements, interview and the lik. But he was defeated in one single match .. I bet there's gonna be a subject of match fixing here hence. But he will bounce back he will become bad in order to become good father. Jang Hyuk who will be a disgraced boxer will triumph and be get redemption! "A former boxing champion and national hero, Yoo Ji Chul ends up losing his family, fame, and fortune in a single morning after suffering a disgraceful defeat.  As for the daughter. We'll likely see a cold one who doesn't smile. A sad and lonely one.  Meanwhile, after being forced to give up her dream of becoming a ballerina, his daughter Yoo Young Sun (played by Shin Eun Soo) ends up becoming wary and distrustful of the world around her. And the wife. who will cope up with! “The drama will tell the stories of not only the head of the household, but also of his wife and the dreams of his children. " @kohnlee @azureblue7 @fiesty8001 and others I can already envision tear stained cheeks and heavy drama and brilliant top notch acting. Probably more that what he did for Money Flower. Elevated that acting to an even higher standard. I'm excited!
  5. It's good to hear that she's okay and can do filming. She's impressive. First time time I saw whats in dram Tunne I watch from start to Finish. I want to see her in a drama with Kim Rae Won. I'll wait for the sub before sharing thoughts. But who's kiss matters most? KH is lucky one. And still I want SH redemption... even just a tiny bit though.
  6. Finished watching 2 episodes. DOkyungsoo is good. Most of the dramas I've seen of him he plays a psycho. and he does it impressively. And well, I watch because it's no a secret I'm a fan child actor Heo Jung Eun.. you can tell from page 1 of thread. I keep saying, she will be future Daesang grand winner. She played young Kim Taeri in Mr. Sunshine. She's playing now the young Nam Ji Hyun in this drama and we'll see her next as the young Kim Ji Won in Asadal Chronicles. Always good to see a future best actress.. not just best child actress. I also like the the other child actorJung Ji Hoon... terrific acting.. Both of then lovely scenes with cherry blossom.
  7. I finished all the episodes.. wooooh! boy that was a fast progression...CR EH kissed already and on the day of EH wedding.. to the shocked eyes of SA. I love it!!!!! at the end of the last scene, damn cliff hanger I wanted more ... more of them. I like Lee Yoo Ri. I always watch her drama. Every time I see male lead, I crush him! I like how EH stood there didn't try to stop CR in whatever she's doing.. esp at the sauna. He knows, she's feisty and will be able to take care of herself. Had the sauna bath locked by broom stick. I don't think he feels pity for CH. There is feeling. Obviously hence he wouldn't have kissed. He has seen how CH was treated badly by the halmoni ( who I really want to strangle! hah!) the bozzo husband JS (who's like comic relief.. I'm sorry it's just how I see) his facial reaction and incredulous look.. haha. When CH told EH the hardship and and what she's going through being adopted, being fake with not knowing the real parents, EH countered that with it was like him, though not directly telling her about his family, we get to see how he was feeling about having his father. I actually though we're gonna see flashback.... but I think it'll be in later episodes. We know from synopsis, EH was abused by his father. There's that emotional connection with CH and EH both were abused mentally emotional.. (physically, for EH but need to see first the flashback) @yamiyugi wow that was long post I read.. I appreciate your post and analysis and thought.
  8. @azureblue7 @kohnlee This drama is gonna mentally draining and emotional. The sadness, the struggle he faces after being the best. Winning matches. The daughter is a witness to that but he had the downfall and wants to get back in the ring. All for the the glory. I think his character Yoo Ji Cheol wants to prove something not only to himself but to his daughter. That he is a good father, that he can rise again and win, earn some money, be the best. From the previews still photos, we know that the daughter have seen him box since she was little I'm gonna bet, deep inside the daughter is the number one fan. Maybe she always defends him from classmates and other bullies who will speak ill of her family esp YJC. Feels like there will be deep hatred but deep inside... the daughter wants for him to succeed and rise again. I keep saying all along will likely see Bad Papa's drama moments from father and daughter confrontation. Btw , the opponent? The who? We gonna see sexy muscled men here.
  9. @larus Wow. The stills and bts. So Ji Sub is hot damn! my eyes poppin with hearts! Like this shot! ctto
  10. The last time I watched JJH was drama with Soo Ae.. forgot the title.. I think it's called Mask? I'm excited.
  11. Why'd you think he hid it from her? Had the mother know, would she approve or would she tell him not to associate with such people as they're poor. I think she would have approve of him having rich friends and there lies what and how it would've been for him. It became shambles, the more he becamse withdrawn and cold and alone. Yes he's friends with them - he's using them. They're using him. I'm sure being the smart person that SH is, he knows each and every case is he could have right the wrong and over turn but he didn't because he's afraid of losing, - The mother, the 'so called friends.. rich immoral ones, the girlfriend, the other judges and his mentor, the whole judicial system, the expectations. but... at the end of the day, he's alone. I now it's not enough to get redemption but it's good to still analyze why it had come that point in his life. So true. He knew for sure. He knew rapist guy was toying with the girl and not serious.. but chose to ignore. Aanother example of knowing but not doing anything. His behavior is inexcusable. But knowing his mind works.....we get to see why his character had become immoral as well. The truth is despite being the smartest, he is still insecure poor little boy who got picked on. He never grew out of that thinking. And he lies and lies to himself and to others. As with majority y of dramas, how character's are depicted with their adult life will stem from how they were shown as young ones growing one. As in the case of SH and KH, both had it tough. SH need to admit to wrong doings. He has never been happy growing up under pressure, and being judge. KH and SH they grew up unhappy and messed up. But while KH is trying to make up the right things. SH..... is it futile? Again to chingus here don't crucify me for wanting for SH to at least have that little bit of redemption. @bebebisous33 your post give great insights. always like it when I see you in a thread <3
  12. Wait... wait.. I'm getting excited I'm just about to check the raws. Did they get married already. I pity CH. You can say that again! that chaebol JS is moronic. Haha. Well SA just doesn't have the look of someone mean. I still think she'll be with DH- the child hood friend. It's that idiotic chaebol husband of CH that will will cause a problem and the halmoni. Hm I wonder of CR will also an heiress.I want her to be then she can exact her revenge...one by one. It's a long drama. She's adopted so we don't know her back story yet. She could be....
  13. Through this show from the beginning, the mother has always been for SH. When I saw that first episode, it's the first thing I remember.. disliking her. SH this SH that. The interrogation from ep 1. that was heartfelt and real from KH. So I agree that the mother has to make up for all the years she treated KHas non existent and below the level of SH. As for SH... maybe he's afraid deep inside. Maybe he knows what he's doing isn't moral anymore. he just doesn't want to do anything because he's afraid of losing everything ( if he hasn't already.). He did work hard when he was young to get to where he was- doing something immoral even if he knows. He doesn't have friends, and the one he associates with are all powerful immoral ones. I know i know I'm making up excuses, trying to salvage SH's character. I still want to see glimmer of hope for redemption but I'll probably hear the worse from chingus. It's okay ( been there before .. The Promise thread with Seo Jun young's character, Good Wife thread w/ Yoo Ji Tae's character). I don't even know why I want to see these bad characters to at least get redemption. And by the way, here's hoping Lee Yoo Young win some thing.. bes tnew comer?