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  1. I know right. I don't want ES to be a bad character. She's out for revenge but.. I was gonna request writers not to make her bad them I remember..oh it's pre produced. Thanks Nymeria289 for the Ig video. I like them! it's so nice to see sunbae nin making SHY feel comfortable.<3 Her being with good actors, acting with them, experience she gets enhances more of her acting skills. Thanks Meechuttso for the article.
  2. Impressive Yang Se Jong already playing 3 different characters. So SJ and SH cloned from the one with the human with Y cut? Just because... why not post this. If you've seen RDTK, you'll know that Seo Eun Soo and Yang Se Jong also part of the drama and otp. Here they are now, together again. No lovelines though it's not main focus of the drama but them together is cute. Plus fans wishing a ship to sail. Aww
  3. EP 5. Face off. Clone vs Clone Confrontation. Cold blooded emotionless SH gun pointing at SJ who's holding on tightly list. SH: "You're unbelievable. Don't try to hard. You're going to die soon... even if I don't kill you". SJ: "Then just tell me one thing. Soo Yeon. Where is Soo Yeon?" SH: "You're unbelievable. Is that what you want to know in this situation?" SJ: "Then tell me. Where is Soo Yeon?" SH: "She's at my house. Are you satisfied?" SJ: "Then that means she's alive, right? Please just return the kid. She didn't do anything wrong." (SH just kicks him on the chest multiple times, gets the list from Sung Joon's hand) So for all the 6 epsiodes. Yang Se Jong dual character as Sung Hoon has held the gun so many times, shot the one he doesn't care for and is useless. And as Sung Joon, has been kicked punch stepped on, beaten. Showing different facets of emotions of the two clones. Yes. Getting better and better and acting is good.
  4. I saw the twt below. Yes, viewers noted that too. SJ has been on the receiving end of so kicks, and beating, and punched and. Of course it's for dramatics and needed for the story scenes. But yeah it's excessive too. I've seen much worse beating in other dramas tho' but I guess it's not like every other scene. Actually, for those who haven't see (except for larus, and bebebisous) My Beautiful Bride. In almost every scene the lead there is always, always hit on the head. I noted that as well. In that sense I do understand the concern. Excited for episode 7-8. I wanna see more of SH and how and his story. Terrific YSG showing acting skills playing character with different emotions. SH the cold emotionless killer whilst SJ, the confused clueless clone who always gets a beating.
  5. @sgg30828 I see your first post. Thanks for gracing the thread and sharing updates. Posting gets addictive esp if you're into the drama. Lets wait for this one okay. I don't like HS dramas and but if it's with raw and talented actors like JDYor SJH and writing is good I watch the drama Jang Dong Yoon. My rookie of the year! Watch SP, you'll see why.<3<3 Filming started already for School 2017. See above post, he's filming a scene with KSJ.
  6. Okay. I'm done. Just finished 5 and 6 with subs. Very engaging episodes. ep 6 terrific acting from child actress Lee Na Yoon who plays the daughter, and awesome Yang Se Jong playing dual roles. Fav scene. Soo Yeon, Lee Sung Hoon. From the secret room to the shower scene to the confrontation. The ending though, I was expecting it. Typical LSH telling DC to just kill him- referring to the suited henchman following SJ, DC. turns out gps was implanted in SJ arms. I was right, something happened to LSH in the past. Thought about after ep 2. I was thinking hard, why would he took over an ambulance and and get SY to his fancy place. At first I thought something happened in the past, he needs the stem cell treatment.. But now it seems the focus is more on organ transplant. So where do the stem cell focus come in. SY was chosen (out of many candidates) to be the recipient of the treatment. 1. What's in the syringe that SH keeps injecting In order for him to be alive? It's the guy with LSH that's providing lifesaver in the syringe. Is that stem cell treatment? 2 Did SH took away the daughter to save her from the evil doctor that would have taken her organs? (ep 1 SY was to be transported to Sanyoung hospital for the stem cell treatment, if I'm not mistaken) Or LSH is keeping the daughter because he needs something from her body or he needs that stem cell treatment to be alive? 3. When LS told SJ he didn't have to shoot him as he'll soon die anyway.. so.. they took body organ from SJ and/or SJ is recipient of someone's body organ or Mirae's father might be... well, she doesn't know his name, and doesn't know him. So.... Can't put my thoughts and theories eloquently but you guys know what I mean, right? eps 7-8 next week will provide answers to questions and confusion.
  7. @bebebisous33 I know right. We like LSH. Something happened to him in the past hence he is how is the present time. He's going to make sure the evil ones, pay for what t they've done to him. Despite being sinister He'd have done something menacing to SY if he wanted to, well he's keeping her still. YSG impressive in this drama. Showing the charisma and impressive acting <3 ( but... I'll still give JDY of Solomon's Perjury for Rookie of the year, but that's just me) @larus@bedifferent@Dhakra@MiAmour@triplem and to all. thanks everyone for all the thoughts and analysis. I like reading them. <3<3 At the moment watching ep 6 sub. Finally! As I couldn't understand raw dialogue yesterday.. but so good! I'll share my thoughts when I'm done. Back now to Duel.
  8. Same with you. I want her to be anally to SM she wants revenge, wants to avenge what happened to her father she will do anything to achieve this but later on, will realize where she needs to align and be with and help and that will be SM. I want ES character to be a good one, but for Shin Hye Sun, really happy she as this kind of role ( and her next drama, she'll be the lead role so gonna wait for that too). One thing about this drama, it's pre produced so so no drastic changes will happen. I'm with you. I want to see more of them together, helping each other. I enjoyed their scenes together. I like the house scene where SM doing reenactment of how the killing may have happened. They complement each other. Not just with their characters but as professionals. Nothing too overpowering, or grand with the acting. It's steady and fluid and wonderful. I'll be watching eps 3-4 once 4 is sub and share thoughts again ^^
  9. @UnniSarah At first when they accidentally met, I thought he's gonna be a friend but yeah, he said he's just a director of a small firm. He's probably going to be tool to ruin SM. @dito I like ES. I hope she's not a bad character. She's out for revenge? and here I am thinking I want her to be under SH and not DJ. I'm gonna watch ep 3 later..
  10. @MiAmour Thanks for providing the video cuts. One thing about OCN, hard to LS the network, but they update quickly once drama starts. Checking the raw in a little while. @triplem welcome aboard. I also think SJ (the good one) probably used to work in the hospital as he knows how to stitch wounds. I don't think they're both clones. I think SH (the bad one) has a more complicated story than SJ. Was used as a tool or experimented on. They need the list, that Mirae has... whose father was part of. SH ultimate end game? after watching 4 episodes, for now I'll say... could be revenge. I'm feeling my gut something awful happened to him in the past. For me, SH is more intriguing than SJ just because his actions gives off that vibe of something wrong was done to him. The old guy who's with him, you mean the one at his fancy place? SH has this boss, authoritative stamp over him. He also knows abut the syringe injection SH is doing. " so am just wondering if this competes with organ harvesting- which is why the bad clone killed off that organ harvesting doc. " I didn't think of it that way. Now that you mentioned it, could be. But I always thought after watching 4 episodes, organs taken out of the bodies has something to do with research/ experiment for stem cell treatment - which SY ( the daughter) is a candidate from Sanyoung hospital who is also owns Sanyoung pharmaceuticals. Organ taking or harvesting/selling can be major story subject on it's own as is Stem Cell which is really the one that should get a focus. The kidnapping, getting some one else's body organ complicates the story line. Hello writer! Anyway, ep 5 and 6 will likely answer all nagging questions and confusion. I'm still intrigue. PS: In real life, some hospitals allow organ taking and stem cell especially if it will save lives. However there's that moral ethical issues.
  11. I'm done y'all. Just finished watching eps1- 2. I haven't moved from my seat. Wow. First let me say.. so good I want episode 3 with sub now! @UnniSarah I like it very much! I've been anticipating and happy there's thread and can read analysis of the each episodes. @Ahmad Kamil Me too. But I can wait for the sub. @larus I agree with you. And this now is my current fav (after declaring Duel was but I'm still watching Duel. though. I terribly enjoyed the drama. The over all production is good ie: acting, writing, directing, flow, the pace, editing, etc. This is what I want in a drama. Nothing over the top, overacted, Just good story. And it's fast story telling, we don't even have to think who are the culprits. It's now a question of how to stop, when to stop, what it takes to stop, the length and extreme measure, one will do to expose corruption. And In the words of Shn Mok in it's serious emotionless cold face to the chief hyung nim.... "drag me along." he has embed himself to the lions den. At least, that's how I see. That's how I interpret it. (In the drama Whisper, the lead there was also moral and upright until ambition and greed took over. Don't think it's the same case for the lead here) Since the central characters and story plot centers prosecutor who knows corruption, bribery but has no emotions, SM character being treated as young age, then having no feelings at all. He remembers, he gets flashback but still cold and not feeling any emotions. It's reminiscent of Jang Hyuk's character in Beautiful Mind only as far as about the emotionless condition he has since childhood. This condition will likely be expose as form of blackmail of some sort of the story behind. It also will be a liability as story goes ( I'm jumping ahead, sorry but I envision it having watch kdramas for sometime now) SM is good prosecutor. savvy smart and thinks before making a move. He knows already, even let YJ know that her police senior is involve in this bribery thing. He knows he's being shut up and being offered a position to sweeten him up. Why the hell not bargain for more. He wanted an even more higher position. He's going to battle it out by being used and becoming one of them. I hope I don't eat my words as the story progresses. CSW the lead actor. I crush him aka I like him. I'm impressed. I like an actor who can just act. Nothing too much. Nothing too lacking. It is just right. The character and the role was apt for him. First time watching him in drama. BDN the actress playing the female lead YJ. OMG!I'm a fan! how can she be so damn cute esp! her as police detective somewhat naive but nothing silly or clueless, she I like her interactions SM. You know we're watching good actors when the scenes are just so comfortably good! SHY Aww happy she got this role to add to her drama resume. As ES, this one character I feel sorry. She doesn't know what's going on and she's used as tool by DJ and that chief. Because she's a junior prosecutor, naturally she wants to move up and the chief making her 'full pledge prosecutor' because they want to use her and keep her on their side so they can keep eye on SM and just in case. She's the easiest to target and manipulate. Young lawyer, eager to learn and please. DJ was manipulating her already, and since she's unaware of what's truly going on with the corruption, she goes a long. And I think between DJ and SM, she'll side with SM despite the attitude. He's sorta like mentor/ boss and I like how he helped and explain (in his own matter of fact way) what she needs to do before she ventured into her first case as prosecutor. As for DJ, he's is ambitious puppet. Whatever works, however it works as long us his career and interested is catered with the help of corrupt higher ups like the chief. It doesn't matter to him. I wonder though what is the "special investigation" DJ is doing. He mentioned something latter part of ep 2. I wonder if it has something to do with the past of SM. I'm gonna wait for ep 3-4 to be sub. We'll see if SM will be forced to do something in order to protect a past , and to protect ES, and YJ.
  12. Watching episode 1 and then 2.. and now waiting for ep 3 later. First time watching the two leads in a drama and boy, I like them! Thanks for all the updates and thoughts. I'll share mine once I'm done. Okay, back to the drama now.
  13. And then after that in my next posts, I mentioned SH may have a dark [sad] past hence psycho like actions. Organ was taken out and we don't see that exact scene but brief glance of SH stitched abdomen. But then it's SJ who knows how to stitch (see ep 3 he was stitching his open wound and DC looked at him. SJ telling he really doesn't know anything) . What I think is, they switched. And it's always SH who needs injection from the syringe. I could be totally wrong here and just babbling... but how and why is the question. When I first saw the story is about cloning, I though, ethics of cloning might be tackled (and that could be serious/ boring). But the subject of getting body organs (and selling them), I've seen from jtbc drama LAST- they get body organs from homeless people and sell them In this drama there's correlation from kidnapping to taking body organs to cloning to stem cell, to cure? All for the glory, for power and money. Or perhaps fame and recognition (for the Sanyoung) for finding cure. Need to wait for more episodes. It seems to be but again I could totally be wrong. Getting body organs, cloning, and stem cell- these 3 are heavy subjects which question morals and ethics. Probably in latter episodes viewers will do as story progresses Anyway this a drama and just want to see good dark thriller story. I still want to see how the clone happened how and why and for and more SH SJ face off. EP 5 later. I'm waiting.
  14. @VIP_Cake thanks for always checking the thread. We're Still waiting for new drama for Ji Soo! Not just a drama but a good drama! and as with previous post. I want a role similar to that of Angry Mom or Page Turner. That breakout role of Bokdong still my fav character of his. Awww... supporting bff. Ji Soo looks tired though. RT cto.
  15. @meifang89 Yes! You're not alone. I want with Feng too!