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  1. @larus I wonder why. Perhaps her character in Dear Judge appealed more to her?
  2. I just finished the 4 episodes. That psychopath father is damn scary! Serial killer who killed women for the thrill of it. I'm mostly scared for So Jin.. the little sister of Nam Woo. I'm also scared for the the brother of Nak Won. These siblings of our main couple are most vulnerable. Though brother of Nak Won seems to be the tough one. Good acting for first 4 episodes from the cast and their characters. The episodes introduced us to how they're going to be once we flashback is over and we're at present time. Nam Da Reum as the young Nam Woo is the future Oppa and we'll likely see him in School Series drama of KBS. Hopefully we see that young actress as well again. She's pretty cute. Oh and Jang Ki Yong. as Nam Woo. The silent type. He who will protect those who harms the ones he loves. He joined the Police force to atone for what happened in the past. There's sorta "Just Between Lovers" vibe I'm getting just with the emotions pof the leads. I want to see more of mystery psycho theme of the drama. I hope it stays with the story. Glad sub's quick. Be checking back next weeks 5-8 episodes again.
  3. Because HJY was more involve with her sister? Maybe more than what we expect. The mother knew about this and did something..like cover up which lead to the mystery of Eun Young now trying to finding out exactly what happened to her sister and even the Yoon Jin's daughter.
  4. @larus Same here. You know, he was promoted and the youngest police dept head, he would know. I'm pretty sure he knows something but hiding something. And I'm sure the mother knows a lot. Wait. Maybe she knows her son had an affair? Not the blemish their reputation hers, and her son? But all of them not aware of Eun Young. But I wonder if HJW mother knows the other woman. Yoon Jin quit her job because she waa s problems dealing with the disappearance of her daughter. She wanted to just devote time to helping her son Min Joon. But that boy is smart he knows, why the mom is such. Basically Eun Young/ Lisa Kim took over being the tutor of Min Joon and that means, bringing him to and from school and to the academy and the swimming lessons and other school related activities that Yoon Jin and also going to the house and tutoring Min Joon. All of these duties doesn't doesn't go well with Yoon Jin because she wanted to be the one to do all of them. In effect Eun Young is becoming the one that's going to be close to the son. They've already shared that stuffed toy secret. Yoon Jin didn't want to have private tutor for Min Joon but her sister in law and the other moms prodding her saying it's the best so his grades can keep up with the other classmates. She took a leave from the hospital. But I think it's just a way for her to cope up with what happened to her daughter.
  5. Moon Chae Won and Yoon Hyun Min please. I want Seo Ji Hoon to have his own cute loveline. Plus bromance with the lead star. Honestly, I wanted to see Seo Ji Hoon in the other upcoming drama Life on Mars. He was supposed to be cast there but accepted this one. Moon Chae Woon and Yoon Hyun Min very good pair visual and acting wise. I'm not sure I like the story but I'll check this I want to watch all the actors.
  6. Done with all 4 episodes. Great acting by KSY and SYA. Thumbs up. @larus So if I get it right, Lisa Kim/ Eung Young came back to Seoul to find out what exactly happened to her her sister who was then being treated by psychiatrist Kim Yoo Jin, but she died (?) and the hospital is trying cover up what happened. There was no trace of anything. I'm confused. About Yoon Jin's daughter, was she hit by car did someone kidnapped her? She disappeared and was it Eun Young's sister who took her? But wait, I'm shock. Han Jae Yeol was engaged to Eung Young sister before? Is that the reason why she took Yoo Jin's daughter? Could be pregnant before? When Yoo Jin said towatd the end, I think I killed her, she was referring to Ji An? Just side observation. These wives and their times their leisure and being over protective tiger moms to their children while having problems with their spouses. The kids are in their primary.. and they're worrying about school grades hiring private tutors, spending all that money, and even if they're friends, they're trying to up one another.
  7. @nonski Thank you! Park Hae Jin these IG photos I want to see this drama. And which network again?
  8. Hey chingus here. This started already? I wanna see Lee Jun Ki in action. I'll check the raw. You all talking about that quirky character plus that smirk.
  9. @larus Thanks for brief recap. I'm not really familiar with Kim So Yeon. Actually all the actors here, except Kim Tae Woo and Song Jae Rim. (They were together in Goodbye Mr. Black). I know she's that actress with Jung Kyung Ho drama. From watching the raws, I like this better than Mistress. Actors and story and mystery wise. Is this sub by Viki? I'll be waiting.
  10. Starting... The fact that I don't understand but I'm watching it right now the live broadcast. ep 1.. who fell in the pool and got all bloody? Edit to add: what the heck KSY looks sexy in that white stiletto skinny jeans and white blouse. She appears mysterious but she's got that past.
  11. @larus. yeah, I guess I was thinking of a stronger female character as well due to the story plot. Just doesn't seem to suit her. But's it's okay. I like story and the genre so I'm waiting for this. Hopefully we see other cast updates. I get excited with action thrillers.
  12. And I was just asking prev post if there's a female lead and who are the other cast. Is this confirmed? Why her? I thought she's supposed to do that Incheon Airport drama with Bo Gum? This is a spy action political thriller..... so yeah I'm scratching my hair.
  13. I guess were all just used to seeing Jang Hyuk in dark serious cold role. But the last comedy he did was FTLY.. many years ago. The reason why Jang Hyuk accepted this drama. The last 4 dramas he's done were dark serious melodramas ( even his up coming movie where he plays blind swordsmen with a young daughter) . He wanted to do something light. Hence accepting this. It's only the first episode. tbvh, I'm only checking for Jang Hyuk. I rarely ever watch rom-com dramas. No matter how much I admire the actor. Plus comedy is good when it's done right, it's well written, pacing and editing is good, directing is good ( as in the case of 38 Task Force).
  14. Haven't posted anything since ep 1-2 when it premiered. I'll binge this once the dramas over. I've only seen up to 4 episodes I like main actors here. And like I said previously I'm not familiar with the female lead, but I like her acting. Jang Dong Yoon is the 2nd lead here. Gong Myung was the original choice but ( don't know what happened) was replaced by him. I'm happy because JDY has a lot of potential and has good acting. I'm happy he's got this after school 2017 ( w/c I didn't watch). Whether him as Min Ho ends up with LBY character, probably doesn't matter to me. Lee Joon Hyuk meanwhile. I like! I've seen most of his dramas. Equator Man is still my favorite of his. I cried you know. Thanks for the updates and photos.