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  1. Hahaha, idk now, blackpearls.sg said will not air but another account said will air, I give up and confuse , hahaha, really do not know now
  2. Hahaha, confused right? Yesterday SAT is not in today schedule,but today morning it is on the schedule, lol
  3. And I think they changed it again, today there will be SAT
  4. I just rechecked and no SAT on 20th,will be aired on friday 21st,lol
  5. But how come drama from kbs2 airing tonight? Not fair i think
  6. lol with the preview, lose interest with this drama
  7. What a frustrating , ,no preview and on friday they will not air this drama
  8. If HG decide to give up, i will give up to this drama as well
  9. Is this from episode 74 or episode 75 preview? Hihi
  10. Please help with another clip @stroppyse ,thx a lot
  11. Please let us know, everyone is curious Thank you.