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  1. I think YHM is funny in his role and he make me laughed a lot with his antique characters. I think they complement each other, while KG is such a sweetheart, hes more unpredictable and strange. But yeah the chemistry with fairy, i think KG is cuter. I got a bit SLS here. The pace and the storyline could be improve i think.. theyre a bit slow and over the place. Will still continue watch this for some good laugh.
  2. I think they supposed to be same age in the drama right? In the beggining theyre a bit cute (during university), and i was thought maybe i can watch this, but its steadily going worse from there. I also think the main problem aside than the story is the lack of chemistry and compatibility between the lead. She's only older than him by 3 yrs in real life, but yeah it feels like the gap is big. Son ye jin and the young fella have more chemistry than them btw...
  3. Lately i always shipping 2nd couple more. ODG & NYJ is just so my favourite now. I thought they supposed to be merely only colleague. But recently theyre just so cute. They always bickering and never come clean about their feelings. But they clearly care about each other a lot. Every episodes im expecting them to appear, theres never a boring moment with them. The main couple recently turn a bit too angsty for me..i hope its not turn into melodrama.
  4. @productiveprocrastinator its my favourite chinese drama and i was so sad its stopped at 13. Not sure why its discontinued. I also cant find the dvd in my country. Other chinese drama get subbed but not this one. The story was beautiful and the pace was amazing. I almost never skip any episodes (normally i skipped a lot with c-drama). If you'd continue with sub i will be so happy and let me know if anything i can help. And if nothing i can do, i will cheer up the team
  5. The title really right.. its really heart fluttering. First time watched the lead guy, and really like how care he is to YJ. The story seems to be pretty simple, but their interaction is really sweet and natural. It seems YJ friend actually also hold a candle for her, but he doing so while pretend of being best friend for 10 years? Whats secret he told her? Maybe i miss something here.
  6. This drama is like a train wreck... i really cant watch it anymore like in mid of the episodes. And i just reread the ending it even become more makjang? Wow.. Even for handsome SKJ i also still cant take it. Too stressful for me... i think even in real life you wont continue keep seeing same people and try for like 3 times for unsuccesful relationship. I just see the open ending and actually i think they shouldnt be together.. it just wont work. Just my opinion.
  7. Dont mind to share whats the difference? I really do hope she end up with Chief. I dont pick so many romance feel with the GM character, aside than his one sided feeling. And in the last episode Chief start to have heart fluttered because of her. Is this also in the same with the webtoon? Thanks a lot.
  8. Its unexpectedly good & fun. I think its best KJH role up to date. Hes really funny and entertaining as over the top manager. I wish they had romance. They had more chemistry than with the 2nd lead manager Kang. But isnt it normally korea like to follow webtoon closely?
  9. SG & EH friendship is so cherishable.. when EH was down she accompany him drinking. And mentioned shes waiting long time to be able to console and not only being consoled. And its so funny when SG said why Sara so pretty and the siblings is a pair of trouble hahaha. I was more consumed with 2nd pair now and agree that Sara really pretty and stealing the scenes. I also love seeing EH start to be in trouble because of her.
  10. Exactly my thought too.. its barely moving. Im so sad not enough screen time of them this last 2 episodes... i was keep waiting for them to appear.. I think priest is quite shaken by the love confession tho.. hes trying to calm himself by saying its not the first time he received love confession since hes young. But his self denial is so unconvincing haha... And she save him as Snail Bride his handphone number lol... what does it mean any idea? And i wonder what did he save her number as? And the part when she resort to pray to God was too funny.... her pray is so business like and try to negotiate with God...to get EH. Lol.
  11. I feel IU is just getting more prettier these days... and i really think she suits LJK the best i didnt watch SH but im shipper when i saw them attend the award (IU in black dress and LJK in tuxedo)
  12. Me too... i was waiting for 2nd couple to appear.. i think their story is so interesting. Too bad not so many air time in today episode. But i still love their interaction. The goodbye was so sad.. and im a bit confused with the priest to be. He can just freely hold ladies hand? Millenial priest i guess Haha..About the lamp, so its actually not pricey and its just for a reason so he can stay & work there longer? And he was pretty mad & protective to Sara too, when he got busted with SG&her friend. He seldom have outburst and always holding on to his feeling so far. And both of them really good looking as a bonus, and yes her dress is really pretty i agree.
  13. Its my favourite drama now so far. Never a boring moment ( the airport is so chaotic and always have problem ^_^). Everyone doing a good job not only the lead actor/actress. Even RW from SF9 was doing so well here. He was just so so in previous drama i think. The title wasnt so eyecatching and a bit confusing. I thought it was joseon fantasy legend type which im not gonna watch it. And turn out it was airport drama. I think its even better then last time Choi Ji woo and lee jung jae airport drama, which is also my favourite. @triplem nice to see you again here chingu hehe.. Extra note : i really love LJH english accent, his english extremely good compare to the rest of korean actor. I think if the english not so good it will be awkward since the story is for airport office worker which should be fluent. Hes really suitable for this role.
  14. Haha chingu i was surprised too with myself and end up landed here again. I was so worried with what did they do with the handsome SKJ... They tried to ruin him with perm/glasses/braces. And yet hes still the most handsomest among his college friend hahaha... Everytime i see OJY i always thought of minion cartoon. Lol.
  15. I thought i havent move on from AYHT.. but gosh im hooked up with this drama...I also thought the couple wont worked. But theyre quite cute with their bickering and awkwardness. No wonder he seems to harbour so much resentment.. the way it ended was quite bad. And i had to say YJ really break his heart. Eventhough she look brave outside but i guess shes so insecure actually. And it was interesting how he can survive in police school and he can man up and even climb as high rank detective. And also did YJ really still become hairdresser (she seems lack of talent on that). Also i have bad feeling for his brother.. i think something must happen to him. I should have waited for more episodes... gosh haha. Now im struggle with the waiting. Btw did they shoot in Lisbon? I wonder whats the storyline for that.