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  1. @gm4queen He seems to be so good at DJ'ing. Hes really have a bright & lively personality IRL. Oh that long finger tapping the desk... I like. Seal of approval from me LOL. And i laughed at the way he sing & dance to Macarena... what a cutie.
  2. Lawyerh

    Add and Subtract Game

  3. Lawyerh

    Add and Subtract Game

  4. Lawyerh

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    @Heidi Seow The handsomeness level here really no joke... im pretty serious, i worried about my tv screen a lot LOL. @angiedramadive@phoenix24@nohamahamoud2002@gm4queen
  5. Lawyerh

    Add and Subtract Game

  6. Lawyerh

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    Since @Heidi Seow busy with Monster, i try to drag @gm4queen to watch Coffee House with me. Haha dont know whats her thought on that drama. Im curious to know. Yeah i seldom use the phrase "burn my tv screen" you know . Even BJS actually not burning my screen, hes more cute & ideal husband hahaha....But Lee Jin Soo in Coffee House is the bad boy type you will love & hate at the same time.
  7. Lawyerh

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    So the loop is @phoenix24 sell drama to me. And i sell to you @Heidi Seow. What a good friend we are LOL. Youre so fast reached ep 25, no wonder so quiet these few days lol. Great chemistry indeed with Yuri, and even with other 2 gals Bo Ah & Claudia. As to expected from KJH. Btw hes really so handsome & hot in Coffee House. Hes literally burn my TV screen and my heart muahaha I like his style a lot here. Many said the 2nd half of the drama is better, and i agree with them. In the mid is really getting interesting. Yeah if he become pilot, surely will be better than Louis Koo in those HK series dear...
  8. Lawyerh

    Add and Subtract Game

  9. Lawyerh

    Add and Subtract Game

    542. I like reserved and cold Mo Yuan too. More mysterious.
  10. Lawyerh

    anti love game

    Today smooth sailing. I watched all this. Bonus not so sure though. Btw im having a lot of fun using my foggy brains to guess haha... thanks so much @Lmangla and congrats for @sushilicious hosting succesful & fun first event.
  11. Lawyerh

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    Coffee House. The writer seems intend to make the viewers confused on who is the end game pair. But i liked it after watch more episodes. @phoenix24 this scenes is so beautiful & well done for me.
  12. Just cut ties with your annoying extended family. They dont pay your salary. Why bother with their opinion?
  13. Lawyerh

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    @angiedramadive angie chingu im hooked up with coffee house. Its a strange and confusing drama but im still attracted to it. I watched up to ep.8 and i think he really looked like younger version of BJS. @nohamahamoud2002 im continouing this. Quite confusing but seems im on the way changing my ship lol. @phoenix24 is the best, she just steadily make me watch all KJH drama. @Heidi Seow you should watch this. Tagged @gm4queen too just in case youre interested, younger KJH haha... The OST is gorgeous as well.