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  1. Well said... i also almost dropped this off because the first episode was too much of cutesy with the lead girl. Luckily the episode 2 is turn out good. Perhaps i secretly enjoy her problematic life and can relate to her more. And i think the actress who played her character is more suitable with girl nextdoor role. Anyway now that were done with background story i hope things will get more interesting.
  2. Yes he is extremely handsome on that japan MAMA.... November still so long chinguya...yes when there is voting surely must vote for them on best couple.
  3. Something about us manhwa.... Eh well they already did this scene le in BTS? Haha
  4. Oh thank you for this info... so sweet. Btw is it also common for them (gsy/skj) to call other actors / actresses of their frens with this suffix? Btw just saw this and share the throwback... because its Tuesday and i still havent move on from AYHT or this couple
  5. This account mentioned something that catch my eyes. SY call kangjoonie... i think thats cute and in korean seems it means they got some closeness level. I google it here... the suffix -ie meaning haha... https://halcyon-morn.livejournal.com/31250.html
  6. Hello you are so talented dear... thanks for sharing the well written story. Are you a writer in real life? Yeah human Ns shipper must be low key LOL... so many controversy. But here let me share human NS video too.. the song title was so matching skj is just too handsome!
  7. Ya whats wrong with netizen? They look okay too for me. Hes an ahjussi with oppa flavour
  8. This video shipper also so nice...the song is my favourite. And waiting for next kbs award soon. Really hope to see them again, GSY dress in white and SKJ in tuxedo is just so pretty! Song-song couple feel.. isnt it? Haha Btw dont you all think they really look alike here? Ah and that height difference omg...
  9. Thanks for the shotout. I did already.. i seldom go create account but i did for this drama. This drama also delurk me from soompi haha. Btw normally if have a lot of comment on the pages will it affect kbs decision on award or anything? And if do multiple post will it considered? Hahaha sounds like a spammer or crazy fans. But anyway... just so sad because i feel the drama deserve more appreciation.
  10. I got really curious and someone in ig got some translation... it said she helped to check his nail? Hahaha seriously...
  11. Oh i definetly miss this part too... thanks for sharing. Didnt know he was so smart & bright. Well his mother is genius tho... Yeah monday feel so downright blue chingu....
  12. I absolutely like your imagination chingu hahaha... i also not sure but i think he did looked at her maybe... and i got million dollar question. What happen to his hand? Seems nothing happened. He's so baby and just loved to be spoiled i guess... LOL... btw thanks so much for this nice gif... Add note : since got video with song too i just added here for our ship hahaha
  13. @triplem yeah i think the low rating was because the beginning was a bit slow. And gosh i was waiting when LJH will appear for like almost 1 good episode haha... once he appear i thank god lol. Glad someone share same sentiment. I also cant finish W3SK, it was just too cheesy for me. And it barely got any storyline or development. Well the famous DOTS also not working for me either. So i guess i just love low key drama and different with majority of people. Yes the romance was very sweet.. he was always so considerate. I think his only mistake was only when hes trying to run away from her because of the trauma. And it was so funny when he cant hide his feelings and still saying hes so cool & controllable. Btw i think LJH real personality also seems to be so considerate and low key sweet & shy too. Haha just my feeling.