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  1. Its my favourite drama now so far. Never a boring moment ( the airport is so chaotic and always have problem ^_^). Everyone doing a good job not only the lead actor/actress. Even RW from SF9 was doing so well here. He was just so so in previous drama i think. The title wasnt so eyecatching and a bit confusing. I thought it was joseon fantasy legend type which im not gonna watch it. And turn out it was airport drama. I think its even better then last time Choi Ji woo and lee jung jae airport drama, which is also my favourite. @triplem nice to see you again here chingu hehe.. Extra note : i really love LJH english accent, his english extremely good compare to the rest of korean actor. I think if the english not so good it will be awkward since the story is for airport office worker which should be fluent. Hes really suitable for this role.
  2. Haha chingu i was surprised too with myself and end up landed here again. I was so worried with what did they do with the handsome SKJ... They tried to ruin him with perm/glasses/braces. And yet hes still the most handsomest among his college friend hahaha... Everytime i see OJY i always thought of minion cartoon. Lol.
  3. I thought i havent move on from AYHT.. but gosh im hooked up with this drama...I also thought the couple wont worked. But theyre quite cute with their bickering and awkwardness. No wonder he seems to harbour so much resentment.. the way it ended was quite bad. And i had to say YJ really break his heart. Eventhough she look brave outside but i guess shes so insecure actually. And it was interesting how he can survive in police school and he can man up and even climb as high rank detective. And also did YJ really still become hairdresser (she seems lack of talent on that). Also i have bad feeling for his brother.. i think something must happen to him. I should have waited for more episodes... gosh haha. Now im struggle with the waiting. Btw did they shoot in Lisbon? I wonder whats the storyline for that.
  4. Thx do you know if theyre going to continue the sub in future? Seems like 1 month they can sub 3-4 eps. The dvd also seems not released yet.. so how to watch ba?
  5. Lawyerh

    HSALF couple-Yang Zi and Deng Lun

    I reaally love this picture... the way he hold her hand is just too cute for word. Btw anyone have full video link for this event? Since from their arrival too? Hes also holding her hand in escalator. I think he never treat other actresses this special. They really look good together. I decided to watch hsalf because of this picture actually. Btw is this event just recently? When did they finish shooting of HSALF? Seems they just mutually broke up with their respective bf-gf. Hope they can upgrade from friendship soon haha. I agree with someone said before the look in their eyes is different with just normal friendship recently (after hsalf i think, in their first drama they really look like best fren only tho). Btw nice to meet you all here!
  6. Well said... i also almost dropped this off because the first episode was too much of cutesy with the lead girl. Luckily the episode 2 is turn out good. Perhaps i secretly enjoy her problematic life and can relate to her more. And i think the actress who played her character is more suitable with girl nextdoor role. Anyway now that were done with background story i hope things will get more interesting.
  7. Yes he is extremely handsome on that japan MAMA.... November still so long chinguya...yes when there is voting surely must vote for them on best couple.
  8. Something about us manhwa.... Eh well they already did this scene le in BTS? Haha
  9. Oh thank you for this info... so sweet. Btw is it also common for them (gsy/skj) to call other actors / actresses of their frens with this suffix? Btw just saw this and share the throwback... because its Tuesday and i still havent move on from AYHT or this couple
  10. This account mentioned something that catch my eyes. SY call kangjoonie... i think thats cute and in korean seems it means they got some closeness level. I google it here... the suffix -ie meaning haha... https://halcyon-morn.livejournal.com/31250.html
  11. Hello you are so talented dear... thanks for sharing the well written story. Are you a writer in real life? Yeah human Ns shipper must be low key LOL... so many controversy. But here let me share human NS video too.. the song title was so matching skj is just too handsome!
  12. Ya whats wrong with netizen? They look okay too for me. Hes an ahjussi with oppa flavour
  13. This video shipper also so nice...the song is my favourite. And waiting for next kbs award soon. Really hope to see them again, GSY dress in white and SKJ in tuxedo is just so pretty! Song-song couple feel.. isnt it? Haha Btw dont you all think they really look alike here? Ah and that height difference omg...