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  1. hushhh

    Soompi love feast

    @packmule3 Hello Friend, I've been locked out of my account for months, and busy, so I only just saw your message. Had I known of this post I would have responded in a heartbeat. I'm sure you hit more than two responses. But here is mine. Happy Merry Cheerful Love each and every month.
  2. Just saw Episode 10. I've got to say I'm relishing the firing of Choi Jin-Chul. I hope it is brutal. Enjoying the Secretary/Snail slow romance. As a black person, I'm looking at all the episodes of breaking entering by Jin-Hyeok and I'm like . . .
  3. Here is some random nonsense. A haphazard idea that should not be confused with analysis. Consider the possibility that Jeon Soo-Young is a part of the Red Cry collective, a group of like minded individuals who are anonymous to each other. Consider the possibility that Kang Ji-Hun first impression of JSY was correct, she did kill that man. Consider the fact that for sake of tension the camera focused our attention on KJH yet it was JSY who took the shot without hesitating. One reason to consider it is timing. There is too much time left (three episodes) on the clock for the big bad villain to be neutralized. Consider it, then reject it all. I haven't seen the last two. My internet won't allow me to stream.
  4. trivial observation here. The uniforms for the hotel front desk staff are so gorgeous I want to go work there. Well not work exactly, but wear the uniforms.
  5. Ahhhh. I missed the fact that Jae-Hak is not rich grandmother's biological son. That helps! Thank you. Song-Joo is so uninteresting. Not even her greed nor her coveting what isn't hers is interesting.
  6. I really wanted to get this off my chest. I'm not a fan of Jung Hyo-Sil/Rich Grandma. It gets my goat that she is going on about someone treating HER granddaughter poorly as if she isn't mean and vicious to other people's children. I suspect her treatment of Song-Joo might have contributed to Song-Joo's criminal behavior/ not that it comes anyway near justifying it. From the string of confessions it seem like me a lot of folk here have been less than diligent watchers. I have a few questions about the drama, but I'm not curious enough to watch to find the answers. Questions. 1- What's the story behind Chi-Woo's biological mother? Where is she? Where/how did she go? --Personally I assume she is dead. 2-Why did Chi-Woo and Wan-Seung marry, especially considering how vigorously his mother would have objected. Even if Wan-Seung was head over heels with puppy love, I'd assume that Chi-Woo would have been too level-headed to marry that child-man. 3- Does anyone think that Jin-Woo is Jae-Hak biological son? Or is he his step/adopted son? 4. When did Jae-Hak and Song-Joo relationship start? 5. I assume Jin-Woo is the only "child" not biologically related to Chi-Woo and Jae-Hak. 6. Chi-Woo and Wan-Seung relationship seem almost custodial. Unlike his brother Wan-Seung has kind instinct, but he is feckless, cowardly and IMMATURE!. I suspect his outside ego boost getting pregnant will be the best way to end his relationship with Chi-Woo. Wan-Seung is always useless and incompetent in his relationship with Chi-Woo, and she let's him get away with it, therefore he has nothing to offer. When Wan-Seung is with his ego boost she not only tell his he is great, she makes him feel useful and competent. 7. I dread that the show will resolve the Jeon-Seung by having him reconcile with his child and the child's mother. It is resolution like those which encourage women to stay with men who treat them as if they are disposable that encourages awful relationships. 8. The marriages in this drama are varying degree of awful. a) Boo-Han/Yi-Bok: He has no respect for her (makes total sense) and she is just awful to everyone. b)Jae-Hak/Song-Joo: She is dishonest with with her husband and spend all her time scheming and plotting against his heart's desire. c) Chi-Woo and Wan-Seung: He acts like a feckless teenager and she let him get away with it.
  7. I'm watching because, despite its flaws, this is the best, to my mind, drama running on the weekend. One of the weirdest thing to me is that I have never seen a more boring villain than Song-Joo. Usually in a story of this type the "villain" is the "second lead" when it comes to being interesting, but not here. I find the interconnections intriguing, but I wonder if some of the characters are too old for the storylines they are in. Really looking forward to the uncouplings and parter-reassignment down the line. I hope the writer has some deft moves waiting at the keyboard.
  8. This drama strikes me as a contemporary fairytale complete with wicked stepmothers (who are technically mother and mother-in-law). What I'm finding charming about the story is that except for the wicket stepmothers, everyone behaves as decent human being doing thing that in other dramas could be construed as being against their best interests. The fact that Hey-In is doing what's best for Jin-Hyeok instead of fanning her hopes that she could be his girl is surprising sane. She is not supporting Jin-Hyeok's relationship with Soo-Hyun, she is supporting him. The same can be said about Woo-Seok. He is not supporting Soo-Hyun and Jin-Hyeok, but he is supporting Soo-Hyun, even if that means he ends up without her.
  9. I'm so glad folks are enjoying the show. I'm enjoying the show, but in ways I hadn't anticipated. I came for BoGum but I find that Jang Seung-Jo as Jung Woo-Seok that has me fascinated. While I'm not shipping Woo-Seok with Soo-Hyun, I feel his pain for the lost opportunity for that relationship. If love is an action, he has been loving Soo-Hyun for a while but somehow never was able to let her understand his feelings. I think so far all his interventions, from the divorce on, has been to set Soo-Hyun free, which is what he thinks she wanted. BoGum is lovely as usual. I usually fine with the age differences between adults in drama, so long as the couple seem to have similar emotional ages. Jin-Hyeok's youth is apparent and his lack of world experience is obvious. I'm looking forward to his growth over the course of the drama. It's a familiar story in drama, rich-wounded-closed off enchanted by cute/less financially resourced/optimistic youth. The difference is which gender is the rich/suave city person and who is the "Candy." Usually when Candy is a girl, there is more trauma in the back story.
  10. Man I came here for the theories, cause I have none. Is green dress CWK? Is green dress her twin? Is green dress her younger? older? sister. Was CWK's biological mother abusive? How did CWK's biological mother die? Was CWK's father abusive? Was CWK's step-mother abusive? What's up with CWK's sister being in a vegetative state? Why is that important to the plot? It must be or she wouldn't be that state, or it is bad writing. Why did CWK's sister respond to the drawing of green dress girl? Does CWK have dissociative personality disorder and has incorporated green dress girl into her psyche and every now and then green dress girl uses CWK's body to avenge a wrong? All I got is questions [and papers to grade]. Where are the theories? You have your weaponized truck mixed up. No one survives the White Truck of Doom? and bad mother survived. So it can be White Truck of Doom. It must be his cousin. BTW blood looks cinematic smeared over the windshield and hood of White Trucks of Doom. In other words, "All the better to see them bleed, my dear." THis makes sense to me. Of course the drama suspense is maintained by having everyone seems like a viable suspect. Soon we'll start believing that despite her vegetative state Cha Se-Kyung is the one murdering people. The stepmother isn't warm and fuzzy but CWK isn't afraid of her nor does she find her repellant. Actually she seem to seeks physical contact more often than stepmother is willing to give it. Abuse kids only do that if the abuser runs hot and cold. Stepmom's temperature is consistent. The green dress and the terror are related. The woman offering the green dress is not the stepmother. It is possible that CWK killed her mother to protect herself or her sister. If she did, it would make sense that her father worked very hard to replace those memories with healthier one.
  11. Interesting that while the writer of the article did an insightful piece about the language used in the drama the thing that stood out most to me is the sense that the writer of the drama is subtly preparing the audience for an ending where the couple does not end up together. "I believe it is meaningful when a person lets someone else in his/her heart, even if it's only for a brief moment." I may well be wrong, since I do not speak Korean, but that's where the translation guided my thinking. The article made me think about a nice bit of analysis that was posted after the first week the drama aired comparing it to Roman Holiday. That's a rom-com where the encounter had to be enough because the couple could not end together. I'm hoping that I will be able to enjoy the drama as it unfolds and avoid predictive analysis. This week's episodes have been making me do something I haven't done in quite a while. When I had the time and focus to read novels I'd sometimes come across one where my affection for characters would have me cringe every time they seem to be putting themselves in a situation that would lead a hurt or humiliation. Just before that would happen I'd have to close the book and walk away because I wouldn't bear to be in the presence of their pain. This week I had to take a break from the last 10 minutes of both episodes. Once Jin Hyuk borrowed his hyung's truck and headed out I had to leave the story until the next day when episode 4 was available. On Thursday I had to take an hour break from the story as the Jin Hyuk watch the vultures descend as Soon Hyun was leaving workand I could sense the tension in him as he debated with himself if he should take action. In both instances the outcome was way better than I'd feared, but I suspect I might continue to abandon the last ten minutes of the show until my heart settles down and is prepared to deal with whatever comes. At Staff: I tried to remove the pictures, except for the one with the text I was referring to, but the system wouldn't allow me to.
  12. Episode 2, was fun [Skipped one because I can't always find the patience for the set up, though PGB's hair was great. Read a recap and I'll watch it later.] Seriously drunk KJH was a hoot. CSH is a good sport. Sorry but I am not eating unwrapped food from someone's pocket. I was expecting her to put the dried squid in a special place as a treasured memory. I've been thinking about Korean black cap of invisibility. In every drama K-drama [Shout out to Terrius or whoever is behind me and The Beauty Within] the folks use black caps like a wizarding coat of invisibility to great effect. I guess the cap doesn't work that well on women. Has anyone ever seen PBG dance. They edited in the dance sequences as if he cannot dance, or at least as if he cannot move his feet in time with the music. It seemed like a weird choice. Have the series clarified the age difference. He've aged PBG up to 29 for KJH, but I don't see as age for CSH.
  13. I had a similar thought, maybe he got in a bar fight and was badly bruised. But really how big must that pimple be that they couldn't even show a 1/2 of his face. [At first I thought the army had come and got him, then I checked his age are realized it couldn't be the army's fault.]
  14. Just dropped by to see if anyone knew why the male member of the OTP was missing at the end. No rumors here. I enjoyed the drama. Did not realized it was cut short. No true resolution with the brother. No true resolution with the brother's father. No on-screen consequence for the top guy dealing with gangster. The security couple had a nice arc (I'm overlooking the female security guard's dog in the manger attitude.) Sorry it was cut short. I'd be curious to know what the full drama was intended to be.
  15. I came in to check the response to the ending, and maaaaannnnn. . . Early in the series I thought this was a kdrama that asked for a second season. However I thought a second season would only work if the romance was not front and center. But the series decided to give everyone what they wanted and ended up giving no one what they wanted. Well it isn't an open ending. Yet this mix-bag seems . . . If the series were going to go with the romance, then all power to them. I think the ending would have been better on the romance front if they had made him live/recover and the couple live happily ever after. OR Da-Il had died and left this plane forever therefor cause deep sadness and pain but ultimately allowing everyone to love and move on. If they had wanted an ending that left us with a gang of Scooby Dooes busting ghost it would have worked better without the romance and with deep friendship Or the the romance being there but unspoken and un-acted upon. I suspect this ending is unsatisfying for the romantics and the ghost-detective fans because a) in my mythology of death the afterlife is where you go for your post live reward and rest. Spirits hanging around and unfulfilled unhappy beings. And as much as I love what I do for a living my idea of hell is finding out after I die I would have to keep working at my day job. b) being emotionally invested in an ultimately unavailable man seems an unfulfilling way fo Yeol Wool the plan to live for the rest of her life. c) if Yeol Wool finally decide she can live without Da-Il where does he go? d) I'm still curious to know what a second season might be like. e) I do think it is fair to ask if audience can support a romance between a human and a vampire(the dead/undead), why can't we support a romance between a living human and a dead human.
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