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  1. Possibly Marco and SJ as a bug was cleaned up by Zinu by completing the quest and whatever happens to him eventually? Anyways, fun ride will stick to my zombie panpan for another week even if I think that savior is another open-ended possibility (but definitely not SJ). Will still visit this thread and comment from time to time
  2. True... but maybe PD has some tho I mean putting up flashback of how the otp developed their story is like our bonus for this kind of finale. Good night, guys.
  3. they are indeed crazy as the CEO is still emailing with former CEO ... but yeah ita magic
  4. @wenchanteur do you still have that soju? Seriously thank you guys for recapping its been fun exchanging post with you. I will have to say that I am not a fan of this kind of ending (I am a sucker for that happily ever after time jump kind of finale). But hey this might be the magic that everybody's been trying to sell to us and I bought it and just like in magic we all know that we're in for a trick but still goes for it.
  5. true, im now erasing this "bug" on my mind...getting back to the Zinu as a sniper poster boy
  6. @Kasmic that was one hopeful scenario shared by the staff... but the again I will keep myself until I've seen the finale later. @PororoQueen need to do withdrawal of this beautiful man, and that back arrrgh is not helping
  7. The scene seems to be on repeat but I dont see it as a hassle or running back and forth. Each pace leads to a clarification of a scene which either left hanging or how it connects to another situation (which is kinda fresh for me). Totally agree with @imels PSH did not waste her talent on this drama. All of us might have our own views on this but the way she potrayed on these 2 characters is very good that we can see how different 1 from the other. So therefore she did not only cry (faucet?!) on the drama.. but she made me see the characters innocent, mysterious, sultry, comic, fragile, in love side etc on each and every epi.
  8. these sums up my mood after streaming ep 15.. It is good I have my what if and maybe ready ... but I don't want to spoil or disappoint myself so I have to wait for the final hour tomorrow to see. But all the actors gave a superb performance I must say.. Not sure about the poll now edit: @stroppyse that plot twist better happens... coz I dont want to think whatever makes JW afraid on his first try and watching the preview and his teary conversation with Emma is Btw, I am wondering if the dungeon where JW battles all the zombie is the same 1 that SJ went to hiding?
  9. lol... and I thought daughter? thanks for the recap and go attend to your baby my dear.
  10. this post crack me up, as if you are reading my mind Ultimately, audience has the free will shld they stay or not in a drama.