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  1. Love isn't always defined as black or white, wrong or right. Sometimes it's an invisible force that one cannot control no matter how hard you fight... There comes that moment in everyone's life when death is near and your heart trembles in worry and fear. While holding his hand brings to light all those things she kept hidden from him deep inside. Things that could of and should of been said but it was easier to keep them to herself instead. While anger, hate and often thoughts of her own revenge were there. Still while blowing her warm breath upon his hand there was a sense of love behind those tears and words of truth she now said. Towards this man laying still and in silence listening as she softly explains and opens up herself for once completely to him in revealing only the history she knew of the two of them. Not a celebrated moment or a romantic confession and yet there sitting beside his bed humbled in darkness instead. She gave us a view not of just a princess looking at her prince. Not of just a wife looking at her husband. But simply of a woman looking at this man whom she shouldn't love, shouldn't want him to live. shouldn't be holding his hand. Yet her heart can't let go of him or this feeling of wanting to reveal everything to him. That dying with him is better than being left alone. When in truth she hated herself more than him. Because in spite of everything he had done she couldn't face the idea of killing someone she knew she loved. Even if it was only for a brief moment. Even if it seems to make no sense. Still in just knowing love was there and between them it did exist...
  2. "Did you forget we broke up? How could I forget that." Imagine the courage it would take to face rejection without at first understanding why. Yet love him so much she is willing to set her pride aside. In encouraging him by not only saying it but in showing him her heart. You may have turned your back and walked away. But I am still here standing no matter what you do or say. She shows him I am still here. Even if I am the only one holding on. She is teaching him that you can't force someone to stop loving you just because you say it's over. Feelings and love don't work that way. Little by little she is showing him I'm not going anywhere. That even apart her love can and does reach him loud and clear. In her understanding why he did it she fight's back. In making him understand that your giving up your happiness for me. Only robs me of my happiness that lies within you. With a tear in her eye she draws him in with her honesty and courage and convinces his heart with her caring ways. He sees her and hears her standing there before him and knows there is truth in everything she says. And love in everything she does for him, for she convicts his heart and he cannot deny what it is he feels. As he surrenders himself to her and says the words I love you and with a perfect kiss shows her how he truly feels...
  3. Love isn't about letting go but instead it's about holding on. " Even when it don't feel like it, it's still love. Even when we don't act like it, it's still love. We made ourselves a promise and we're never giving up. Even when it don't feel love..." ( Paul Overstreet )
  4. @triplem wasn't sure if we had to pay club dues or not but here is my first installment LOL
  5. You know I always try to be fair that's why I didn't use my first choice which your heart is attached to even more. An amazing drama and story has a mixture of emotions and yet still has some of the sweetest and fluffy moments folded within it. No one says you have to be full of fluff only that you're able to feel it when you see it... I won't even mention your love for DOTS 962
  6. @kokodus No I haven't where can I watch it at!!! LOL you know I am willing!!! I need a little uplifting too944
  7. Tell me about it... Sir Grumpy, the one who adores Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. It's so fluffy it has marshmallow cream on top!! Just so you know that red mood frown you're so proud of. In reality is just an upside down hidden smile LOL 952
  8. 952 @Dhakra The truth is you have had some good ones and at least you change yours from time to time. That's a lot better as I hardly ever do LOL Like I have said in the past you hide your fluff but I know it's there...
  9. @Dhakra That's the best DP you have ever had LOL Well Done!!!! 954
  10. How do I let go of you... When it took me so long to trust someone enough to hold on... Standing there in the darkness listening to JR's words without understanding. As her head and eyes seem to tilt slightly in just trying to believe that surely she's heard wrong. It's that feeling of screaming silently inside when all of you is filled with panic & desperation. For your heart feels as if it's numb and suddenly your world has stopped. It's her own words rushing through your mind of I will do anything, say anything and fix what ever it is just please don't let go of us. I usually write about from JR's point of view but today in just those first few moments the amazing acting and view spoke to every man & woman's heart. Just seeing them standing there and watching him knowingly crushing her heart. Yet at the very same moment loving her so much in surrendering and laying his happiness at her feet believing it's whats needed and what's best for her. It's watching her fighting as if she now is the lawyer in questioning the whys as her eyes look to him for some sense of direction. It was seeing her struggle through his each and every word as she stood there empty slowly being overtaken by loss. As she takes in a shallow breath while watching him turn away. In those last views of his back and him quietly and slowly walking away. Her heart starts to step forward in wanting so badly to hold him back. But she doesn't know how this even happened and she is so in shock she doesn't know how to yet react. Still it's her sad and facial expressions that spoke loudest and allowed us to see. A glimpse of reality in how hard love can be...
  11. Thank you and no it's not mentioned in the drama for I just wrote it. To me it was never the lack of love in him for her, for that was always there. Rather it was the fate of unknowing how great that love was and just what she meant...
  12. Sometimes just peeking into this thread can be so interesting... 956
  13. Whether it's sad songs or sad stories or even sad endings. There is something that is different for each of us that pulls at our hearts and that takes hold of our emotions. As I continue this journey until it's end I am reminded of those classics like Romeo & Juliet where even when one knows the ending. Not what could have been or should have been, but simply what is. And yet is loved by so many without ever receiving that deserved happy ending. I guess it's stories such as this that allow us to hurt and even cry with them. In watching the poor choices and misunderstandings that are made over and over by LCY's unforgotten pain and revengeful master plan. That without him completely knowing or even understanding would rob him of something much more valuable than his revenge. Happiness. I once had love & happiness in the palm of my hand and without knowing it smothered it instead...
  14. Sometimes it's the gifts that you are given in just being born and having those brothers or sisters who came before you or after. That no matter what, they love you, protect you, fight with you, challenge you. Whom worry you and yet worry for you. We often forget that no matter the struggles there are memories that cannot be replaced and moments in knowing that facing life without them would have been unbearable.
  15. Almost to Austin Texas it’s been an amazing road trip and beautiful weather both days. Much sweeter than flying!!! Spring is finally here -2 to everyone!!!
  16. It’s a way of being modest in protecting what’s for their eyes only
  17. @triplem & @Lawyerh thanks so much for your kindness & concern. It's unexpected and heartbreaking but no matter how high this goes or far or wide. I hope they get those even bigger fish that are still swimming out there and trying to swim away. Because justice for those women no matter who it is must be served. It's not something ones words of I am sorry can cover up quickly like a band-aid. Nor can forgiveness no matter who it is be given until true repentance from the heart, understanding of ones mistakes really takes place. I willingly placed my heart on GongLee ship and thread years ago and to be honest have no regrets for I was given by those there more warmth than even my words could ever express. I followed my heart as I always do without knowing where it would lead or how it would end. But I never would have dreamed for an ending such as this. My greatest concern is for those women who I pray heal in time and receive the comfort and help they will need. For even justice cannot remove the pain or heal the heart that is now and forever a part of their lives. And that's the true sadness and what really breaks my heart...-2
  18. There is no greater love or sacrifice than loving someone beyond yourself or even your own happiness... What kind of man is this? KJR Ending where you once started isn't about the lack of love but rather the abundance of it... When he has been gifted with more happiness than he ever thought possible. When he has witnessed first hand all that OJS has had to go through and endure. When he has heard from those whom are closest to her and knows all she deserves. While refusing in saying he wouldn't be the first to let go. When he is struggling in driving home in his heart and in his mind. When he can't seem to sleep while tossing and turning in his bed. When he makes excuses instead of telling his coworkers the truth. When he stands there all alone with only memories thinking on the roof. When he misses her farewell party because he already has a farewell plan of his own. Who wants to suffer saying good-bye twice when once is hard enough... When he thanked her and it wasn't simply words. When his lips and heart trembled in dreading in even having to face her in saying lets break up out loud. For he knew he was deceiving himself body and soul but her happiness meant more... Love isn't about receiving but more about giving. And putting the other persons happiness first. Something her manager and others still need to learn. Breaking up may seem to be a mistake but to him it was done in love and for her sake...
  19. Facing reality isn't always easy but what hurts most is the why?:bawling:

    1. bairama


      Please hold on even it's not easy.. :heart:

    2. Sejabin


      Sending you double hugs from me and a little teddy bear inside me *huggssssssss :kiss_wink: :wub: we.. love.. you :heart::heart:

  20. It would be much easier to stay silent to not have to face this reality or write what I am feeling on this our second thread. For sometimes there are no words and I have left what feels like a lifetime of them on our past thread the beginning of our journey and Brownie home. In being a once proud part of a ship that now has been flooded with sadness. Overtaken by the reality of justice and is sinking even further as I write. But today I leave my once faith, hopes & dreams for this couple behind and yet am forever grateful for the amazing people here and those whom left us long ago. Whom often were more like family than friends. Who gave me a place of warmth and happiness and allowed me to soar with them among the stars and dream beside them... They were and you are The Best! May love always inspire you, guide you and never allow you to regret following your hearts. No matter where it leads or how it ends... How thankful I truly am to have been given so many amazing memories with no regrets because those memories were and are a part of my life and time well spent with all of you. Even more how could I ever regret how this couple once made me feel or in believing in my heart and mind that what I saw on WGM and felt was real. I am thankful to The BEST, @GongLee Global and other organizations, supporters and fans from all over the world for the many years, moments and precious time and hard work they freely gave to all of us. In giving so much and yet always expecting so little. Heartfelt shout out and thank you to my dearest chingu @Aileen4ever whose heart kept this ship afloat and carried this ship all to often on her own. No matter whats ahead I will forever be thankful for what I had and was given that will never be forgotten or left behind. My love & thankfulness to one who sleeps with the angels and truly was their greatest fan. Whom left this world still believing and hoping in the reality of them... @kenxynth
  21. " Only trust someone who can see these three things in you: The sorrow behind your smile, the love behind your anger, and the reason behind your silence. " A bit out of sync and behind yet I still wanted to share my thoughts on this meaningful and loving scene that said so much more about KJR and the character he is. I love how deep he truly is in understanding her silence as well as her words. Listens through her tears and yet soaks up all he sees and wipes away her fears. With his constant voice of I'm here and I understand you trust me. Even more it's his encouraging nature when he reminds her she isn't to blame and she isn't alone. That what ever comes they can face it together. It's his offering to stay the night and watching her as she for the first time falls a sleep with her heart at peace. It's her quietly looking over seeing him laying there beside her thankful in such relief. It's understanding her story and realizing how horrible it would be to live ones life in constant fear. In always wondering where that stalker is and if he is near. Yet I loved it best at the end when punched him not once but twice with "Don't lay a finger on my woman" not only with his words but with his eyes as well. No DOUBT LDW is bringing it and it's convincing...
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