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  1. Thanks to @angelangie for reminding us all that 2,000 pages of our couple and this Brownie ships beginning and history will be continuing in a part 2 thread. Although it somehow seems a bit sad at least we are still moving forward. I am so very thankful that we will still be able to visit and look back at our memories that represents so many Brownies, their words and creativity, so many emotions and so many of our hopes and dreams... When looking back everyone has their own Beeutiful memories of this thread and of this couple that can never be closed for it lies within each of us in our hearts and memories... I myself have never started a thread and after talking to @Aileen4ever she hasn't either and we can ask a MOD who I know would kindly help us. But my hope is that a Brownie who is willing and has a passion for this ship will use their talent and also use the beginning of this thread in adding it to the new thread. Like taking a part of our past in opening the door to our future. I would also like to humbly ask that who ever is willing might remember @kenxynth a fellow Brownie that once graced this ship and passed away while loving it and GongLee02. That we might somehow have a one line memorial in remembering her and honoring all those whom loved this place in taking her and the BEST with us into the future... If someone is willing please PM ASAP either myself or @Aileen4ever as to allow and free these last pages up to be ones for others to leave a thankful thoughtThank you...
  2. USAFarmgirl

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    @angelangie Forgive me You may have misunderstood my comment. That’s why I added that’s why I come here because I respect all views and those who share them -2
  3. USAFarmgirl

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    It would seem my thoughts on OGT are not the same as everyone else's and that's the beauty of this place and it would seem the beholder LOL and why I come. Every drama isn't for everyone nor is it seen, felt or understood by all. But that's what sets us apart and makes us different and unique. I did however receive some suggestions for a movie and drama I might want to watch in the future or at least try and that's always a good thing thanks. Placing (Hanson And The Beast & I'll Never Let You Go/ huo buo) on my waiting list. It's funny like @kokodus mentioned at first I also thought it reminded me of DOTS and I loved the whole soldier beginning the best. As for the male lead he has some growing up to do in seasoning his acting skills and yet I think he will be around for some time. @sushilicious @kokodus Hope you enjoy the book... Most of the time a book is much better than what is placed on screen for the simple reason words are not rushed and often there is a deeper understanding about everything. Yet in this case I wonder how a book will compare with the vision of seeing this OTP come to life on screen and being so amazing even I have gone back and rewatched it myself more than once, my favorite parts. Still I think it would have been much more amazing to have read the book first and then seen the magic of those characters jump off the page and be born in being everything you hoped they would be and so much more... -2
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    Add and Subtract Game

    @kokodus I think you should check out Our Glamorous Time if you haven't already it so reminds me of you there is sweetness and soft romance and although I haven't finished it yet I am hoping for a sweet ending as well. This OTP is playful and it's moving trust me, to watch. If you can handle another historical than I say go for The Story Of Ming Lan not finished either but it grabs your heart and shakes your emotions a bit. Both have the same lead actress Zhao Liying and dang she is amazing in both... And Jim Han/ Kim Jin makes the package complete in Our Glamorous Time he is a cutie patootie ... I may be a bit early in not knowing the ending to either but I always go with my heart and lets just say it's been amazing so far... Subtract 2
  5. @sarangbit What an amazing surprise welcome home as I myself have been away from Soompi for a while and it's good to be back. I hope you will be here more often. It's not always easy to do for Real Life often leaves little time for ones self when you have responsibilities that just won't let up. Still hoping... Still dreaming... And always believing in a Miracle to bloom because of a show and seed of love that was planted long ago... Still missing those dimples... I wonder who he is missing?
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    Catch you all later have an amazing day! 408
  7. USAFarmgirl

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Sometimes it's the melody that just speaks to your heart even before the words are understood...
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    Add and Subtract Game

    Top Star Yoo Baek Really am loving these two dramas... @Lmangla Thanks for all the work and time you spend in doing events and thanks to the other Mods etc.. that support your events. Speaking of contests and prizes I got my banner while being a part of a shipping contest I believe it was my first one it's banner look has been changed a few times. The actual one had a sparkling hearts which I miss but change is refreshing. I was also a part of the DOTS best drama team and it was to say the least a bit stressful from outside but oh how sweet it was on the inside working with @lynne22 Big Boss our team leader and the Marshmallow Twins @kokodus @Dhakra and the rest of our team. We didn't win the contest but I walked away with so much more and I mean that. I did learn a lot about people and received something much greater than any prize. An amazing memory that if I could do it again I would still choose these guys for sure. Whether winning a banner, points or gift bags those aren't the really big prize. For it's really the enjoyment and thrill of being with one another and working together that is the greatest prize of all... And Dhakra is right in that he only has one name that I consider him and any other just won't do!!! I feel the same way about the rest of you. It's like when an actor plays a character and then they do a part two and try to replace the actor with someone else sorry that just doesn't work for me. When a person takes on a name or a character to me they are that and I attach my memories to that name or that character. Not the best example but you get the idea... Looking forward to the ABS EVENT.... Don't leave out the other countries LOL share the wealth.... -2
  9. Everyone has their own ideas and it's exciting to see how different they can be. In these last episodes I found myself thinking a lot about QH and I honestly felt so sorry for him. I believe he suffers and will for a very long time. Although I agree life is a gift and precious and never should be taken lightly. When I was watching his heart soar during the polo match and their victory, When he sent word to comfort her. When he wanted to shout his love from the mountain top and she didn't want anyone to know how he felt. When his Mother broke his heart time and time again from pearls to beating to death the one person he cherished that to him was family... I guess my point is that he loves ML even now and I believe he always will. Seeing him in the garden looking thin and unlike his cheerful self to having a knife under his chin and every part of himself shaking when he knew and believed there was no other choice but to sign his life away... He may have had the easiest life from the outside but I think living with those kind of expectations and control from his Mother on the inside. His life must have felt so lonely and so trapped and the sad part is now there are just more people trying to control him. He may continue to live but without ML his life will always be lacking and his heart will always be half full. I wonder without the love and happiness you desire and yearn for her so close and yet so far. Is that really living? Or just existing?
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    Add and Subtract Game

    472 More like which color LOL... Animals no matter what kind they are, give so much and ask for so little...
  11. My first time posting on this thread about this drama that for me has been such a lovely journey so far. It's a mixture of so many emotions and feelings that these characters and story stir up within. It's a view and time span of where they were, where they are, and where they will be. That life has twists and turns brokenness as well as happiness. That you just never know what tomorrow will bring or that even greater happiness might await you. It's all about living through our struggles and overcoming what fate often throws our way. What makes this drama even more amazing is that this OTP having a real life relationship and becoming a family seems we get a happy ending no matter where this drama leads or for that matter how it ends... Not to mention I think someone is showing us what an amazing Dad he will be...
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    @sushilicious 476 What about a baby cow?
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    @Sejabin Take care-2 @Dhakra & @kokodus You two remind me of Marshmallow Twins. Both of you soft on the inside would protect anyone at any cost and yet dipped in chocolate a slightly hard shell not wanting anyone to know just how soft you all are. But you both don't fool me and watching your sparks fly makes this place seem even more like home... Like real family you aren't afraid to say whats in your heart or on your minds. And no matter what's said or how it's said I know you two.... And thankful that I do... Come more often... @TRaNz
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    Add and Subtract Game

    It would be hard to watch this couple and not hope for reality... -2