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  1. 730 @triplem Aloha.... I went last year and I go when I can but not as often as my Mom...
  2. 728 Dang every time I read this thread it just cracks me up and I start to look like the JOKER with this huge SMILE on my face
  3. 726 Sometimes life truly is BEAUTIFUL...
  4. Who the heck needs food we can just live off of fun!!! Not to mention we have some amazing cooks on this thread with photos to prove it!!!! When they get tired I will just use my debit card or heck I will bring a suitcase of cash to burn and we can hit McDonald's for a long time believe me!!!! Bring on the Big Mac or Happy Meal in my case!!! We always wash our rice first and then cook it that's the way it's always been done in my family. Believe it or not rice was more important to us than potatoes mainly because get your notebooks out!!! My Mother is from Hawaii! My Dad joined the army at a very young age a lot like me wanted to get away and he did!!! To a tropical paradise and instead of bringing back pineapple to his family he brought back a little brown girl in little grass skirt who changed his life forever!!! And created mine... @kokodus don't be sad because no matter where the rice comes from I would wash it first!!! Just saying I just don't know where it's been!! And if it makes you feel any better my sister hates rice too! She says what's the point it has no real taste unless you cover it up with gravy, sauce, or other foods! My mother uses a rice cooker and after washing rice and draining measures it by placing her finger in the middle and seeing how deep the rice is and marking with your other finger and placing that same amount of water into the pot before cooking. It's perfection every time! We all learned the same way LOL This is for sure a crazy place how did we go from talking about bugs to house warming to rice it blows my mind what little I have 724 Waving at you @triplem
  5. 728 @Lmangla I adopted you and @kokodus for life so don't even think about going anywhere!!!! Called work..... Catch you all later
  6. 728 @CatchMine_ID Somehow my words seem a bit useless when thinking about your still being in the hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with you. More than you know... Even sending you a virtual hug means very little when a real one is what you need. And what I wish I could give!!!! Hold onto these words instead... Like I often tell @Dhakra focus on the good and those blessings that are within you right now... Not what you can't do or can't have or even can't see... Keep your eyes on all those possibilities that are waiting for you to get stronger everyday... One step at a time, trusting and believing that there is happiness and the light of joy no matter how dark it may seem or feel, just waiting for you... So put a big SMILE on that SWEET face and STAND TALL and STRONG on all those dreams that are within you and Don't you DARE give up on YOU!!!!! Reaction Buttons I remember those they were not only fun they allowed you quickly to share what you were feeling when you were feeling it... @CamelKnight thanks for trying and for giving us their response... You're always willing to help which made me laugh. My first thought was fairy godmother, but since your an guy I think GODFATHER would be a perfect name for you Great idea @packmule3 I was actually thinking if we did all live closer what an amazing house warming party we would throw for @TRaNz. Here is my gift and although it's not real my thoughts and words are. Hoping this investment and your first house brings you so much joy and that who ever lives there treats it as if it's theirs with love and warmth... @TRaNz I don't believe you will be single for life I don't care what you believe or say..... No Way!!! You may hide and be quiet but I can still see your heart from time to time and the way you understand and breath music in... Are always thoughtful in looking after others even their numbers in your caring way. Who knows there just might be an amazing single girl out there looking for the perfect place to rent! Who says I will take the house and you too!!!! LOL That's the miracle of life everything and anything is possible!!! @EVERYONE You know why this place is so active, attractive and warm it's because we listen to each others words, share in each others lives, and did it without Reaction buttons... One thought, one word at a time placing a part of who we really are in each one but the best part is we care, miss being here, come here first and often last to say goodnight. We have the freedom to talk about everything including bugs LOL What may very well have started out virtual we together made real.... Love to all of you
  7. 680 You Oppa's aren't heavy for your my brothers.... Dang this song is old but it's words are classic..... Have to go and help my Mom you Oppas be good.... And Don't Change a thing LOL stay just the way you are
  8. @TRaNz & @Dhakra You both with your amazing changes have just made my day!!!!! Heck scratch that my whole dang week maybe month I feel like I am soaring with happiness!!!! I can hardly stand myself!!!! 684 @lynne22 Is in the house...
  9. 684 Don't look now @TRaNz I think you better check that number LOL ( your so fast you already corrected it ) and WOW loving your stepping out and allowing us to see all of you @b8l8 Don't go anywhere so glad you came and I hope you will join us here!! It's a blast when I have time to come and it's full of amazing people!!! We need more subtracts for sure so make yourself at home as we have some crazy topics but it's relaxed and free....
  10. 684 @b8l8Chingu it's been a long time how have you been!!! Immortal just means I have been on Soompi to long LOL @Dhakra I don't know about you but I love hearing you sound this way positive and happy!!!! I could get use to this and I hope you can too!!!
  11. 686 @Dhakra It would seem miracles really do come true and when I am dancing at your wedding you will know it too!!! I wasn't to worried about the pictures I have my own bookmarks on google credit to original owners...
  12. 686 @Dhakra Don't look now but I think I am rubbing off on you!!! Your enjoying my Honey Dripping Words and removing a strike all in the same day!!!! Simply Amazing!!!!
  13. 686 before reading @Dhakra post Thanks again @Berou I hate being in my time zone and also being so busy most of the time but it was sweet that you came and I will tag you for sure count on it!!!!
  14. 688 True it would seem and not as much fun with out the fight LOL!!!! It was still good to stand along side of you and push back just a little LOL!!!! Thanks for coming lets call it a day and return for the next battle LOL!!!
  15. @Berou YOU'RE MY HERO 692