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  1. -2 Just wanted to stop by for a second and say if you haven't watched School 2017, after watching only 4 episodes and will try and get a few more in before I hit the hay tonight.... It's not what I expected at all, for my thoughts before watching were some light story about young high school romances and immature actions about their coming of age... I guess that was my first mistake concerning this drama. Never judge a drama by it's poster or even it's young cast.... Without revealing the plot I wish to recommend this drama maybe a first for me in doing it this early... Why because the first 4 episodes blew me away and believe it or not it wasn't the romance. It's completely and utterly packed full of thought provoking moments and scenes that will awaken you from deep within. Writing that if your willing will remind you and inspire you in ways you can't even imagine... I admit my feelings and words are always chosen because of the emotions that I experience and flow from my mind to my fingers. Like a river that ripple and move swiftly among the characters and scenes that unfold and come into view... And It most likely isn't my common sense writing this even now for I do not have any idea how it will move forward or even end. Blame it on the fact that I have already received something from this drama that I needed tonight... As silly as it sounds dang I feel that excitement like a child when you have something wonderful happen to you and you want to not only share it. You want them to experience it too!!!!! There is always that shadow that hangs over those who make something sound so wonderful and it not being able to measure up to that for someone else...Still I can't help myself in wanting to take that chance....
  2. That's the problem I don't LOL I have the best of intentions but often resort to watching more than one episode at one sitting and rushing through or giving up... I have a list a mile long of ones I hope to see one day but from the looks of it maybe not @kokodus IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing you postedI was about to send the Alpha Team after you girl @abnoch Welcome Back and please let us know how @CatchMine_ID is doing @angelangie Glad to hear your feeling better hope it is just a bad memory soon and your back to normal @emiry32 & @onlysb1 been way to long you have been missed @Lmangla We seem to be sharing the same thoughts...I'm not sure what the problem is I just can't focus and it's not because they aren't good dramas. It's just because I am the type that needs silence in the room everything quiet and still. And nothing else on my mind which lately is hard to do!! @Dhakra Like I said that's what I love about you always ready and willing to understand and not judge my thoughts and heart... @TRaNz What number are we on??? LOL -2
  3. Have a great one everyone @triplem sorry for the late reply the dramas I am trying to watch now are a daily Lovers In Bloom, Strongest Deliveryman, Lost Love In Times a Chinese drama, and I am trying to catch up on School 2017. It's easy to start a drama not so easy at least for me to finish one these days... Still haven't caught up on BOTWG either... or started some I would like to watch A Kings Woman Chinese drama, U-Prince Series The Ambitious Boss Thailand, The King Loves... For some reason life makes it hard to stay focused these days... -2
  4. It would seem I have a need to explain myself on an earlier post partly teasing and partly being serious. I have never slapped anyone before nor would I because it would hurt me more than them. My words towards @Dhakra earlier may seem to have been a bit harsh.. Let me just say this in all the time that I have known him he has never seen himself as he is.. He has qualities girls dream about and my frustration is that he just can't see it... This will come as no surprise to him for I have said it many times...We may not always agree but I think he knows I only speak from my heart and like others here pray for his happiness.... Love can be found when we least expect it.... Felt through actions more than words... Seen not always with our eyes but rather with our HEART... Sweet Dreams everyone....-2
  5. @stroppyse Just started it thanks for the shout out and if it is as good as you say I will see you on this thread when I catch up
  6. @Dhakra Don't make me slap you with both hands after giving you not one but two hugs and don't post another negative thought about the future Mrs D.. You many not know the girl, place or time but dreams are lifted by hope and made to happen through faith... Strike out those words if ever there is one and be confident focus and believe in yourself and trust that there is....674
  7. @Dhakra In that case I will give you two LOL one for later.... 674 @TRaNz You don't know how sometimes I wish we could all really get together and share a cup of coffee or tea and some Krispy Kremes.... Just have to wait for you or @Dhakra or @abnochs wedding it would seem...
  8. @TRaNz For you @Dhakra Sending you some Tuesday Loving 674
  9. 662 @Dhakra How can I not when I have all of this and all of you to look forward too! Not to mention there is no place like home and no bed like my own!!!! @stroppyse Praying for your safe journey and missing you already... @TRaNz & @phikyl enjoyed your conversation it went perfect with my sweet & creamy coffee @packmule3 Have fun in Hong Kong and come home safely... @angelangie How are you feeling? Hoping you're better... @kokodus Where the heck are you?? @lynne22 Miss calling you BIG BOSS STILL... @abnoch Hope Forest Life is treating you well... @CatchMine_ID Everyday I am always hoping it's the day of your return @triplem Your a Queen in so many ways and thanks to you I finished episode 4 and posted my thoughts on the SD thread it's much more emotional than I thought and yet not stressful. Stirring your mind and heart all at the same time @staygold It's time to come home... Sending you some love light to help you find your way A warm WELCOME to @antoniaclamens @Lmangla @bedifferent @CamelKnight @jeijei @meahri_1 @2handsintertwined etc... Have an amazing day or night everyone!!!! -2 Add... Great Idea @triplem LMH speaking.... Don't get any ideas Wallace.... @kokodus is all mine....I was here first.... Not so fast Lee think again...
  10. 662
  11. Often what you see, isn't all there is... For what lies hidden underneath is a persons real story... A little late joining this thread and hoping you won't mind my late thoughts as well. Just got done watching episode 4 and I find myself enjoying these four characters and the others within this drama as well, so colorful are they and so interesting too. It's interesting watching each individual character and their previous lives unfold as we are slowly given knowledge and insight to them and the conditions in which they have lived and survived... One thing for sure the writer would express that wealth and all that goes with it is not a shoe in for happiness. That the life of the rich and poor have many things in common believe it or not. Including having family members who expect to many things from you. Being over looked and looked down upon. Family who are more concerned about their happiness and needs than yours. That no matter how much you try or struggle change and relief never seem to come. That life can be so full of despair and loneliness that even their lives so different yet so the same felt worthless and death seemed easier... KS's promise to be a good person was his fathers last request and is his life's path and yet there was a time when his words were not filled with kindness to a father who was dying of cancer and a broken heart... Yet he strikes out on his own to find his Mother and maybe himself... DA a daughter who had to grow up faster than most in not only defending herself but her family as well. Tired of the burdens and responsibilities toward her family she tries to escape a life where there is no money and it would seem no hope. A jump off a bridge would seem to be a new lease on life and a new chance to make her own dreams come true and survive one day and one dollar at a time.. JG Born wealthy when it came to money and things that are valued on the outside by the world. Yet deprived of the emotions, encouragement and love that mean the most and are needed and felt on the inside. Those money can't buy and things can't replace that mold and create self worth and self growth. For being a golf ball and beaten were not as bad as the words that often followed and were heartless and cruel that cut and bruised not only his body but deep within his very soul... JY a daughter to CEO Jang who considers her a chess piece like a piece of property to be molded and moved around at her will with no thought to her daughters happiness or even her needs in being loved for herself. Yet she has a father whom loves her but is not strong enough to protect her. She is not a child in age yet she is in so many ways sheltered and trying to find her own way and her own happiness.. I think in this last episode KS is seeing JG through a broken heart in remembering Hyun Soo laying there in a coma and that's all he sees and the reason he believes he is there is because of JG. It was his idea, his race and his fault... Forgetting that it was he himself that corrected HS in those last moments before the wreck and advised HS to visit his mother. Which he in fact did and placed him in the direction he was going. I wonder if those thoughts even now are placed within his mind.. Those last words he spoke to HS... And although it's true JG was racing and stopped traffic and it was illegal. Yet in those first moments you could see the expression on JG's face and his hands almost cringe in knowing and hearing about what had happened to Hyun Soo. He was sorry and most likely was in a bit of shock began to beg and got on his knees. He would have done anything except what KS wanted which was go to the police and turn himself in. It may seem as if JG had no guilt and was only trying to save himself and partly that could be true for we all know what his father is capable of and I would say at that moment on his knees he in fact was pleading for his life. For KS had no idea what he had been through and endured that his life to his family meant nothing and he had no value or self worth. It would have been perfect if JG would have done the right thing and admitted guilt for racing but not unlike JY he is immature and sheltered in knowledge of the things that one should do. When very little that is right has been done to him or really understanding the cost in the things he does. Still I know he never once thought it would lead to someone getting hurt like this and he himself was hurting because of it. A mistake that could indeed have been prevented but never intentional... It is easy to say what someone could have done or should have done when your on the outside looking in. But it's not that simple when the person you are looking at has suffered more than you could ever know and what you see in front of you isn't all there is.... Just my thoughts...
  12. @CamelKnight drag nothing you would be in a rush to beat @Dhakra to the rescue and you know it's true!!!! 594
  13. 590 @Lmangla Sending you I understood where you were coming from and believe me when I say I respect your thoughts and you did make me think and that's a good thing!! That's why this place is so special and important it's kind of freeing if you know what I mean. Not following any drama or any famous person or couple it's like a Free Space. Where you can and should always be willing to speak the truth your mind and heart. Fearless and an openness that allows each of us the ability to learn and grow from one another. It doesn't mean we always agree. But the real beauty is we are always willing to read, reply and understand... @kokodus Don't be angry come back you know you're loved!!!! I am a LMH fan and from his numbers I would say we are far from being alone LOL I think I have seen almost everything he has acted in and have enjoyed watching him and Personal Taste was one of my favorites as well. You know @Dhakra our oppa just loves teasing us and having fun and consider it an honor if you are being picked on... One thing you can count on if someone other than he were picking on you. His white horse would be out and he would be at your side within seconds.... In fact I am pretty confident that the same reaction would come from @TRaNz @CamelKnight @abnoch and @RayAmbler7 well real gentleman.. Not to mention all the amazing females who are just as sweet and just as caring Because that's what this thread is about... And that's what those around us and among us are like..
  14. 580 I can only speak for myself when thinking about walls of texts and maybe for me at least who is guilty of writing in length even on this thread... It's not meant to be harmful or even rude more it's about passion and even sometimes wanting to express ones thoughts. It's not always easy to put into words and that's where the length often comes from. Mind you I too have seen some that are very long... Yet I try to remember that for some the drama in which they are writing and sharing about means something to them as crazy as that may sound for some... Also I have not only written about this but believe it to be so true. There are those whom for them Soompi is their only fellowship and way of expressing themselves. Not everyone has the fortune to enjoy friends, family, jobs or even good health lets face it there are a lot of lonely and even unhealthy or special needs people who for what ever reason spend many hours watching and writing about what they see and feel. There are also those who are educated in certain areas such as History whom also are able to shed light on certain dramas and they do. I guess my point is that every text is a voice and every voice is a person and every person deserves to be heard.. It's not always easy and it does take time and I have even read where it takes away for some the experience and enjoyment of the drama not by those here but by others to read each episode being taken apart word by word... I guess I understand both sides and just tend to read their efforts as best I can. Maybe because I don't know who is sitting behind that screen or holding it in their hand or taking the time to write all those words in hopes that someone will respond and like and understand....
  15. @angelangie Hoping you start feeling better there is nothing worse than back or joint pain @triplem & @Dhakra thoughts about SD Please Don't read if you haven't seen Strongest Deliveryman 596