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  1. Quote from @bebebisous33 Always love your posts....Most likely you're right it makes more sense. My first crazy thought was that Jeom Bok who drew the picture in the past might be Park Gon now??? Jeom Bok seemed so concerned for HR and in turn she had so much faith in his talent enough to get beat up for it!!! Remembering that scene dang I can't handle Sharon!!!! Just her designs I'm not sure about why Sharon went to see Tomy. And since I always seem to focus on the romance you're most likely right about that too! Yet my first feelings were that she didn't know who HR was and in trying to find him maybe thought it was Tomy at first from the great photo shopped pictures. And the fact that he had been in a relationship and hanging around HR. I even felt that way when she placed her hand trying to get a feel of him off just the poster... Sharon even went so far as to say I'm going to take him from you and HR pretty much replying you can have him in so many words. Her words were better LOL I can't wait to see what's in store for us next week but I already know this... It's going to be worth my time...usafarmgirl
  2. I think there was so much in this weeks episodes that still continue to linger in my mind. A part of me wonders if SH not only in the present but also carries within himself a burden of guilt as well as love from the past. His love for her without meaning to caused her so much pain. He couldn't protect or show his love in the past because it was the only way to protect her and I wonder if somehow she felt abandoned not once but maybe twice. We know he was exiled to the land he even now is interested in beside a snowy mountain... Little does he know that place holds not only monetary value but it holds memories as well... We know while stomping his feet in a wheated field after hearing HR's fathers cruel words that felt as if his heart had been stomped on too! Thinking he wished she would lose everything not realizing the power that could and would be given him... That his words would become her future and that she would in fact lose everything ... Or could he have imagined that his future would indeed be successful told by a lady in green... Whom we realize isn't a stranger at all... Maybe that's why restoring her to where she once was means more to him than she could ever know and he himself most likely doesn't understand fully the force and need that lies within him that is stronger than even he can understand... Favorite lines this week " Then should I talk like this?" " What I owed you that day " and of course the one I have already posted " I will spend the rest of my life, for her " My last thought is a little off topic but dang so true... Is it me or are all those winter coats being worn whether male or female simply amazing and as evil as Sharon is. I wouldn't mind having her whip up one for me LOL The light blue one will dousafarmgirl
  3. " I will spend the rest of my life, For her." In the middle of the night... It was indeed love at FIRST SIGHT... With his body to the ground he could see her from a distance. Watching while she stood there in the darkness and cover of night. Her face all aglow her beauty standing out gave him all he needed to know. Something inside told him she would be everything he would ever want or need. Seeming as if she was standing there just soaking up the moon. No words were spoken but it was as if he could hear her heart beating until he realized it was his... I loved this scene because it revealed that SH not only loved HR from beginning to the end. but that from that first moment he looked upon her through even more than one lifetime his view and belief and his word stayed true to his heart. Somehow that idea alone touches much deeper than even ones heart. To the soul. In believing that love can survive much longer than ones lifetime... usafarmgirl
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    328 @kokodus Should I send the special forces unit cheering up squad over? To lift the spirits of my partner...
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    328 Smile @kokodus
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  8. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

  9. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

  10. So good to see @valentvcd & @aniliaz my Brownie 02 Buddies and also @gladys57 @alcides14ahjumma @evie7doing a shout out to some of my thread chingus as well @kokodus @lynne22 @triplem @stroppyse @staygold @CatchMine_ID @Lmangla hoping @nonski has time too!! Missed others will add later Be Back after I watch today's episode!!! I can only speak for one international viewer... Myself, but I for one am really enjoying watching SSK & KRW together... Actually I think she was perfect for this part. I have always thought she brings a clean and natural beauty to the screen which I really love. I can't put into words what it is but the way KRW is not only being his character his body and eyes are full of emotion not in one scene but in many. The way he looks at her is the way every woman dreams about being looked at by a man.... I'll be back... LOL
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    @kokodus Speaking about the Black Knight....Hope what I am about to say doesn't upset anyone but at least to me it has a romantic reality feel and a touch of Goblin in the fantasy side as well. I know I loved Goblin so I don't want to offend any of their fans. I just mean that it is other worldly as well and in the same sense beauty surrounds them and there is this softness that I felt while watching Goblin as well... Just watch episode one and you will know what I mean!!! The OTP to me is really bringing it and I think the writing is just as good as the view!!! This song itself may just be the icing on the cake.... Not to mention the way he even looks at her makes my heart melt... And I'm not a snow woman LOL.... 334
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    336@kokodus you need to come and watch Black Knight!!
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    342 Maybe Not presently watching this drama but dang love this song!!! Makes me want to go for a run!!! Or stand on a chair and start dancing!!! I remember once during my French class standing on my desk after being dared to and shouting surfs up!! I miss those days!!! The greatest thing about being young is being fearless!!!!
  14. @maria1983 between you @bebebisous33 @sava2sava @nevill @Kasmic and I am sure others too! I better rewatch the first two episodes again just so I can try and keep up with your all's insights while placing the facts of the puzzle together... Although it's pretty nice watching you all do all the work and someone like me just enjoying the view! While drinking a cup of coffee! It's like watching beautiful fireworks going off one at a time!!! Knowing this is going to be amazing!!!
  15. @bebebisous33 Always an honor to be on any thread with you that's a fact!!! Also to be among so many talented others that are on this thread I am proud to know as well!!! Looking forward to this drama and even more sharing the journey with all of you! Looks like I will be buying another song!!!