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  1. Add and Subtract Game

  2. Among all the noise, sirens and commotion there NM sat in that darkness. Sitting there as if his mind, body and soul were crippled cold and in the snow under that old tree. Lost within himself and sitting there all alone. Then I see NW slowly getting out of the car and at first the view gives you this feeling while looking at her face flushed with tears and her sweater stained with blood. What is it that she is feeling and wondering what are her feelings even towards NM... In not knowing what all happened just yet I found myself so relieved when she stepped towards him and seemed to take all of her view of him into all of herself. She paused as if to take a breath most likely still in so much shock. Her looking down and him looking up. It's as if they were speaking yet no words were being said... She moves in and kneels down and wraps her small arms quickly around his neck and hides her head on his shoulder as they cry and there is this sense of understanding and for some reason my attention turned to a thin blue ribbon within her hair still tied so perfectly in a bow. As if it was the only thing unchanged and untouched. For around it were the splattered stains of blood on them and on their clothes. She gently places her hand over his and his arm still looking so intensely at him. I wondered to myself of all the fear he would have had to face and not just then but a lifetime of fear... NW gave NM a whole new view of himself, she allowed him to believe and see himself through her eyes and even more she gave him someone to love enough to finally stand up protect and show that he truly is different...
  3. Well written and said my friend.... You're so good hearted!!! Yes it's good to be reminded she was very young and in our youth many mistakes and misjudgements are made. And through your words I am reminded that forgiveness should be given and received. I also know that it wouldn't be easy to suffer so much that I would in fact lose my memories... My feeling are everywhere and I guess I just want her to fight for her own happiness and that of the one she loves. I guess I just don't want her to go back to painting pictures of NX and holding him in her dreams instead of in her arms. I'm not saying it would be easy with everything she has been through or with having to face his Mother. But she is an adult now and she has been with him and without him and I hope she realizes that with him is better no matter what she must face. For without him would be a life filled with loneliness for no one can take his place. Yet like in the beginning her choice isn't just for herself it also affects NX and just like before there will continue to be that missing space and place within his heart that cannot be filled or replaced...
  4. This may seem out of place but at the moment I feel as if this drama is going to be the death of me... I truly can only handle so much suffering in two people who love each other so very much. There are things I don't understand and right now I doubt I ever will... I didn't write about his back then but one of the most moving yet quiet scene's for me was the Missing Puzzle Piece and in my thinking it was and has always been WN. Whether it was in NX waiting for her by watching over their turtles or in making their dream home a reality or even in placing piece by piece day after day a picture of them together. I feel as if NX has from the beginning and it hurts me to say this truly because I love WN as a character so. Still I think he has always loved her more... Just as in the beginning I wondered why when loving someone so much like she did NX could she give him up so easily because of her sister whom she knew he didn't love. Or ever could!!! I understand what happened and her reasoning after that and at other times too. But I am talking about the first mistake in my opinion she made in not taking into consideration or trusting in him or his heart.... Then and even now my heart breaks in thinking why oh why can't she just stop overthinking and worrying about the what if's instead of trusting what she has always had in the palm of her hand NX and his love for her. Yet she never seems to want to take hold or fight for him or grasp tightly onto NX like I want her too! I want to see her stand firm and love NX fully and completely. Love isn't only worth fighting anyone or anything for. It's worth giving up, sacrificing and even dying for. Even if one or the other got sick or was dying yes even then their love would be worth fighting for. Even if it were only for a day. For if she runs away she will never find another man not only on this planet but in this universe who could or would ever love her this much...
  5. Add and Subtract Game

    882 @Lmangla Haven't ever seen that! But I sure am willing to add it to my list. That is starting to look a lot like SANTA'S LIST it's a good thing December is so far away.... He and I have something in common so many on my list and so little time... LOL Have a great day everyone!!!!
  6. Add and Subtract Game

    Thanks for sharing... I have loved Jo Hyun-jae as an actor since he was in Only you and I didn't realize he was in this. I loved him even more... After finding out he recently got married took most pictures alone and protects her face and their love from the world.876
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    @LSGLMH_88 Bless your heart, hang in there! I realize it's easier said than done most often. Yet still know that you're being prayed for today and thought of too! 876 Sending you a hug from the farmlands of Kentucky and hoping things get better soon!!! Keep that chin up in hopes that tomorrow will bring with it a better day for you!!!
  8. I love that this drama continues to surprise me in the way it feels so unscripted as if nothing has to be perfect in order to be understood. That it's title not only fits but that it describes what you find. That perfect mixture of so many different characters like ingredients yet when placed within a WOK they enhance each other and allow change to take place and harmony to be found within and beside one another... Not just that but there is a sense of wonder in never knowing what's coming next. Will it be funny and make you laugh or will it be serious like when Poong finds about about the loss of his child. And I thought my heart would break along with his. Let me pause and say I don't think there is anything that can describe those feelings one would have. When realizing she didn't even love him enough to tell him about their baby. Whats even more sad is the fact that he had no knowledge, he had no choice, and yet a part of him is now gone forever... I also love that even those things said or done that are usually kept inside and not shared by characters are being boldly done and even said still there is a sense of that small part of them they each keep for themselves. That is except for Buster LOL and his sweet neighbor who hopes to get friendly tomorrow... Personally I hope the CEO and the EX stay together in my opinion they deserve each other and I hope Poog never goes back or for that matter starts a relationship where his feelings, thoughts and his life are meaningless to that person waiting... DCS How can you not love this character. Gangster or not he is lovable to the bone and I am enjoying every moment he enters my view. My heart is moved every time I see the way in which he loves those around him and I believe the bromance between he and Poong will thicken as time goes on... What ever happens next the one thing you can count on is that it's going to be worth your time. Unique, that it is!!! After all when is the last time you saw a drama with a romantic talking HORSE called BUSTER?
  9. There are a lot of twists and turns in life and in relationships... But what's in your heart will always allow you to find your way back... To where you belong... " How did you find me? No matter where you go, I'll be able to find you."
  10. Add and Subtract Game

  11. @bedifferent This is a prime example as to why you should never guess or comment without watching with SUBS LOL Insert foot in mouth or in this case when writing read subs before posting Thanks for rescuing me Chingu continue to watch over me!!! It would seem I need it!!! I too think it would be a curse it's bad enough to be told your dying knowing others around you are and there isn't a thing you can do to change it. That is to painful to even think about!!!!
  12. What Song Are You Listening To?

  13. Dang I am finally on the right thread there are some pure romantic souls on this thread and it's just going to make watching this drama so much more fun!!! Forgive me while I hide behind you in sharing the following... You may have already answered your own question. In that the time he gives where does it come from? Reminding me of that saying "Nothing really comes for free". Maybe she can't see it because he doesn't have a time but a job to fulfill. Or maybe she doesn't see it so that she won't know she is taking his time. Also whats with the petal floating down or is it part of an angels wing falling off every time? I wonder it gets his attention and it sure gets mine although it seems a bit beautiful. It has to have some special meaning... He seems to be the only one to see it... Not to mention his heart reacting to CM is it love moving his heart or is it something more. A couple more questions who was that girl or woman in the hospital bed in the ER that was bleeding that we saw? Is there a connection between that person and CM? Or since they didn't allow us to see her face and please forgive this last and crazy thought is it CM herself laying there? I shall now go and hide under a rock...