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    562 It's midnight!!! Sweet Dreams...
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    566 CNBLUE what's not to love... They play their own music, write their own songs, and create their own sound... And MAGIC
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    @CatchMine_ID & @abnoch Hoping you're having some perfect days...
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    @stroppyse No I haven't heard that song before thank you so much for sharing. Blue is one of my favorite colors along with PINK!! -2
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    564 @lynne22 me too!!! How are you doing Big Boss??? It's DOTS Wedding Month....
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    With all this talk about BLUE.... Here is one for you @stroppyse 568
  7. He doesn't seem to need her in the ways of the heart...Or does he? She seems to need him in the ways of survival...Or is it something more? Not just in living but in being NEEDED and wanted for the first time... Yet without even understanding or fully knowing it for it isn't in FOCUS. The very words I need you or because it was you, says so much more than what's on the surface. What may seem to have started over a common agreement about a marriage without the ingredient called LOVE. May through time not only show but prove that needing is only a starting place. That the greatest kind of NEED there can be is that which grows from I need you to I want you. To I love you and even I miss you. All of which makes life worth living... usafarmgirl all credit and thanks to original owners of photos...
  8. They know just how to push our buttons, raise our temperatures and bring on the heat.... Whether in color or in black & white, whether standing up or laying down, whether on a train or in a kitchen. It's those moments that subs aren't needed for your eyes are telling you everything you need to know... And your heart is feeling everything each touch, embrace and the softness of moving from a playful peck to pulsing passion. Carrying you to that place with every movement, every glance and filling you with the realness that love can bring... It's as if your can't help yourself nor can you take your eyes off of them. Beauty dang it's like one step beyond how you thought it could be and grabs your heart in views that not only turn color but turn your heart upside down and inside out. Leaves you thinking how tender and sweet a moment such as this can truly be... How they are able to turn a kiss into another and another an experience with the sounds of pots and pans & music in the distance and still able to engulf every bit of your attention... Just like surround sound is to your ears so it is with a camera that can capture every angle and every emotion and allows you to not only see it but feel it as well... Been gone for over a week but this drama and this kitchen kissing makes for an amazing homecoming!!! LOL Not sure if they or I need to hop into that freezer first to put out those flames in our hearts....usafarmgirl
  9. Been busy with work and still have some catching up to do on dramas I am already watching but for some reason this drama looked too interesting to put off and after watching the first two episodes of this drama I am delighted that it's not only different but that it captures your interest right away. Just like her kiss that was unexpected and yet refreshing that she took it upon herself to create her own destiny and go for it not allowing doubts or fears to cloud her mind. I already love JH she may seem in a bit of desperation at times but she is quick to recover and always able to stand back up... SH is a mixture of I am who I am and yet you could feel this perfectionist fact based and straight forward man. Whose deep thinking was caught off guard by a pair of simple but sweet lips that still are very real and continue to replay in his mind. His idea about love the giving and receiving of it are about to be challenged and I think his views will change as well... Some amazing thoughts already written mine will feel like a replay but still I wanted to acknowledge that this drama looks to be not only worth the watch. But thought provoking and it's those stories that you least expect it from that in the end teach you and yes even inspire you and remind you of things within yourself... Love to so many talented Chingus I know already here. I think we picked the right one to add to our watching list...usafarmgirl
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    @kokodus If they were going for young they missed a big one in leaving out Yang Yang... Not to mention they missed Hong Kong actor William Chan... 512 I think
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    506 @TRaNz NO WAY are you retiring that GIF until SUBTRACTS WIN ONE!!!! Just consider it motivation!!! Just got back last night will take me a while to catch up with this thread... Not to mention a few dramas as well!!! LOL So many dramas so little time @CatchMine_ID & @abnoch Sending you both some @2handsintertwined Still missing you Not sure as I haven't read all the posts here yet but so far I am broken over the news about Girls Generation no matter what changes are made they will never be the same. Because what's original and magical cannot be replaced or recreated. It's never been about the numbers in that group but about the voices and faces and personalities we have come to love. Taking out one was hard enough but this at least to me is an end to that perfect combination that made them so unique and amazing... And about what I read in the spoiler about the original and writer about TOL hoping that the story takes a different route.. @triplem Sorry to say I don't agree with Soompi's Hottest list there is only one on there I might consider placing on mine! If your asking about my taste that is... And @kokodus and I both know there is no way a HOT list could be credible without Wallace Chung... Not upset about the Add win it's become pretty normal and I myself am not much help these days. Sorry to my subtract team But am so thankful to have such amazing teammates who continue to make me proud. Just being surrounded by their warmth and support knowing the odds were always against them still they joined anyways.... It doesn't get much better than that... @Dhakra Just love your new DP!!!
  12. Sometimes instead of how Love Blooms it feels as if this drama has turned into how love dies. It's been so long since I have seen our OTP GH & TJ even exchange a kind word. Yet whats even worse is I remember being so excited thinking their relationship in the beginning was moving at a pace that we would see it bloom from meeting each other. Falling in love with one another and then an actual wedding and married life. Hoping they would show us how TJ learned to be that great husband and Dad. And maybe the struggles of being married and working in the same field sharing in the responsibilities of parenting together... That was a hope of mine anyways... Here we are and none of those hopes for the future have been viewed the writer instead chose to allow their love to wither and the sweetness fall like leaves and we are left thirsty like a bloom without water for just something anything between them to breath life back into what came so fast and left just as quickly... How does it make sense for a weed like DH to grow beside them be allowed to have so many cute moments with WR and smother TJ right out of the picture. Mind you what really makes me upset is that this writer decided to turn TJ into someone I didn't think he was or even is. It's one thing to push someone away in wanting to protect them as we are led to believe I have no doubts TJ loves GH. But to push her away so many times and in such a heartless manor takes away from the person I thought he was... GH loves TJ as well we all know that but she has made a number of mistakes as well. There is no denying that but I think she truly has suffered for it now and no matter what ending we are given my hopes and even dreams for this drama left long ago. When I realized this daily would become like so many dramas a last min. recovery of a relationship. After hours and hours of hoping and waiting for a relationship to not only bloom but to really grow giving us a story with more than a few episodes of wrapping up a love story. When they could have given us and it could have been so much MORE...
  13. Sometimes an embrace can be much more valuable than mere words... It can be seen, felt and understood by the very tightness and sincerity in which it is given... Even more when that embrace becomes four arms of warmth instead of two... I continue to wonder what is it that this writer meant by it's very title "Temperature Of Love" after watching these latest episodes my thoughts are on how love and relationships change and at different times are cold, warm, and hot and even how they can become and feel luke warm. Even more we have seen how it's often not about how two people as a couple feel but how it's an individual growth and process and the pain of rejection when it's one sided... JS proves that being younger in a relationship doesn't mean your the one who is in need of growing in fact in this story it is HS that is doing the most growing. For JS's words continue to move her and change her and most all allow her to reach for the things and that person whom she always loved but just didn't know how much or even what he truly meant to her until he was gone... They say fear in itself changes you and from the lost scene I would have to agree. Watching them looking, hunting and how quickly worry and wonder become desperation and fear. Not just that but this feeling was nothing new to HS she had felt it over and over in her mind and in her heart for years... The moment he left her alone in her world and that world became full of a darkness filling her days with regret and her nights with emptiness and longing... The lost & found scene reminds both of them of their past loss and anyone who has been lost or has looked for someone who is lost understands this scene all to well. In fact you can see it clearly in their expressions and movements which are more realistic and were so moving to the point you felt relieved when they found each other too... Yet this drama isn't just about two people but a story filled with individuals whom have many different temperatures of love and all striving in one way or another to change that temperature... USAFarmgirl credit to original owners of photos....
  14. Add and Subtract Game

    Hoping everyone is having a blessed week! Sending some love!! 870
  15. Add and Subtract Game

    @DhakraUSAFarmgirl You better be glad I am going out of town for a week!!!! You better pull yourself together and think again!!!! Before I get back!!! Let me tell you something you can give a woman the world but if she doesn't have your love or your heart everything else is meaningless... LOVE is never the least of ones gifts but the greatest. No matter if your a woman or a man... Everything important around you is replaceable believe me... Except those you LOVE... -2