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  1. USAFarmgirl

    Add and Subtract Game

    466 Anyone watching Flipped???
  2. USAFarmgirl

    Add and Subtract Game

    Just reading about that makes me miss the pineapple couple of Meteor Garden... 464
  3. USAFarmgirl

    Add and Subtract Game

    Wow I truly am so behind even in currant news or for that matter uncurrant.... @kokodus Pineapple is going for that long and silky hair you like -2 I finished part one of Ever Night tonight... My feeling in spoiler for those who have already watched it...
  4. USAFarmgirl

    Add and Subtract Game

    Loving I'll Never Let You Go........ -2
  5. USAFarmgirl

    guess the abs

    @triplem & @Lmangla Keep them coming.... I think the snow is starting to melt LOL Abs #2
  6. USAFarmgirl

    Add and Subtract Game

    I'm out of pocket right now but dang so HAPPY about the new reactions well done Soompi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done... . He would be so proud... Come see this... @CamelKnight Subtract 2 Love to everyone...
  7. USAFarmgirl

    guess the abs

    Crazy busy day for me so just my quick answer but dang looks as if I will enjoy reading these post late tonight I feel a heatwave coming on.... Which is nice because there is snow everywhere here Answer for Abs 1
  8. USAFarmgirl

    guess the abs

    @vangsweetie637 hang with us we are just getting warmed up! You too @Sarang21 Welcome @triplem will place an ab picture you are to guess who the actor is and what drama the picture is from. Please place answer under spoiler. At the moment we are just warming up LOL
  9. USAFarmgirl

    guess the abs

    @stroppyse Your wish is my command LOL.... Sorry @triplem hope he wasn't on your list BEWARE eye candy...
  10. USAFarmgirl

    guess the abs

    @kokodus Where are you pineapple head? Sending you a warm up too... Before we move right into HOT....
  11. USAFarmgirl

    guess the abs

    @angelangie It just takes the right subject and dang we know how to soar.... LOL > Have you thought about watching drama?
  12. USAFarmgirl

    guess the abs

    Thanks @triplem for the shout out and What an amazing way to start my day..... Add warm up 2
  13. @luvtokki You sure do know how to make me smile... Thankful for you more than you know!!! Sharing a picture I have shared before but I just can't help myself it was a turning point for me and my feelings about this couple and I don't think I will ever forget how I felt when I saw it for the first time... They still move my heart.... I think it's because of seeing him encourage her and her giving into his words which gave her the ability to open up and join him. She always had such a gentle and shy way about herself that came across so well here. He was proud of her and she trusted in him.... Sometimes even words can't explain how beautiful a moment can be...
  14. USAFarmgirl

    Add and Subtract Game

    @LSGLMH_88 May you feel the ripples of our thoughts and prayers. Welcome back we missed you... @abnoch No matter the storm Love to everyone.... -2
  15. USAFarmgirl

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    @CatchMine_ID Thinking of you still.... Always will...