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  1. Add and Subtract Game

    500 @stargazer187 Trust me, I wouldn't recommend an open ending or unhappy one to anyone and you won't find any of those on my favorites list either LOL
  2. Add and Subtract Game

    498 @triplem Lately the dramas that I have been watching newer ones that have ended but enjoyed have either had an open ending or one that was unexpected. But I always try to look at something within it that moved me. Yet sometimes it's hard when your heart truly was set on a happy ending. But the writer has all the right to follow their own thoughts and ideas. After all it is their work, creation and story and I respect that they are writing books and dramas and I on the other hand am writing on Soompi LOL
  3. Add and Subtract Game

    498 @triplem I went through such withdraw after finishing Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom that I honestly watched it again And it's on my favorites list or comfort list for emergency uplifting...
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    496 @stargazer187 Dramas from Thailand usually run in one episode having two parts at least the ones I have watched so it's 12 episodes 24 parts. I have watched it more than once and would watch it again!!! And yes it's all subbed!
  5. Add and Subtract Game

    494 Consider this a commercial break from the Friendly Drama Boxing LOL So thankful to see... @Dhakra & @CamelKnight back again!!! @kokodus found one you might like it's kind of got a gangster feel but there is plenty of romance that believe me makes it worth it!
  6. Friendship or Love? I think BOTH!!! Real love begins with the foundation of friendship first. Where it goes from there is a mystery. Only they can solve... I love how this writer doesn't bring you into an episode slowly but throws you right into a case without you even knowing. Even more I enjoyed so much watching our OTP grocery shopping together her placing things in and him taking them out. Even later seeing YSO's heart being filled with jealousy which came across as pure cuteness. There is more than one kind of jealousy and hers is the heart awakening kind that feels like thunder and moves through you like lightening. Although she may not understand her complete feelings yet I think her heart just trembled a little... Miscommunication by the both of them was not unlike other times when they truly feel like a comedy team of Cuff & Link you are so drawn in and captivated in watching the two of them its as if they feed off of each other and the writing makes it feel like their words are in constant motion. Seeing WS trade places with YSO showing his jealousy too while driving in the car would make my heart tremble as well... But I couldn't help laughing when with those glasses on YSO's and that cute look of hers made me feel like WS was dropping off a kid and sitting there looking through the car window watching her from behind, backpack in view. Even his words seemed to remind me of a parent's thoughts and worries while watching their child go off to school. His protective nature and love was surely showing... I can't help but mention my surprise in learning through them and the cheapest market (Ino Mart ) how many items there are for keeping oneself silent while studying. It's no wonder things are so cheap the owner lives off of the hopes that someone will steal! LOL Or on the other hand his threat is enough to stop stealing and saves him money. Yet also there was sadness that opened my heart to how very hard it is to not only get an education but even harder the view of how for some a job or a dream can often feel and seem out of reach... The best part is how this drama turns all of us into Sherlock Holmes or Watson and it continues to give our thoughts and minds a challenge...
  7. Sometimes you just want to reach out and hold onto your memories... Because they are just to beautiful to forget...
  8. I just happen to come across this drama last night knowing nothing about it really. Somehow it's characters are a little haunting with a sense of sadness, covered up passions and feelings and insightful cleverness. Where weakness may seem to be, strength is there instead. Where love may not have meant to be felt it hides in the deepness of their hearts. After only 3 episodes I find myself attracted to a story that doesn't feel like it's for the faint at heart. But here I am writing about it. I hope it gets completely subbed and not dropped. Which places me on my soap box. I just really, really wish Chinese dramas that I love and find are so rich with characters and so beautiful with it's use of scenery. Stories that are often filmed in more of an artistic way like a piece of original artwork. Yet are so hard to find subbed for the rest of the world to enjoy and embrace. I do think it's gotten better but there is still such slowness in being able to find one you hear about. It's even harder to find it subbed and often they are not finished. I really wish that there was a way that our voices could be heard and our struggle could be felt. Maybe Someday....
  9. While thinking about these latest episodes you can't help but also think back to how it began even though there are still pieces missing to our story. When I think about MH and all the times in which he has observed SJ's life. How piece by piece it's been given to us and in a way that now seems like an idea from a writer who it would seem is an emotional genius. Revealing SJ and her struggles and brokenness through the eyes of MH. Like poetry instead of words, beauty instead of heartbreak mixing sadness with laughter and love with need... My heart wonders how is it that MH's heart was first tied to SJ how, when and why? Yet for what ever reasons she became a real and thriving part of his life. The scenes of their first night really physically being together the sound of MH reading once again to her. I won't lie, it made me think dang that mans voice and the tenderness in which he reads would comfort any woman's heart. Her words the following day were so humbling and honest towards him instead of tears falling it felt as if SJ were shedding droplets of blood in opening her heart allowing MH to see more than her nakedness outside of her but what lies within as well. Those words were brilliant!!! I think when facing death MH has mixed feelings about how do I love and protect her and yet how can I leave her with more pain to endure after I'm gone. When he already knows and has witnessed her mountain of pain so many times first hand. Right now I think it's more about protecting her in what ever means possible. Although she wasn't his first in many of life's steps I believe he couldn't help himself in wanting her to be his last everything. He feels selfish and often confused. Yet he can't help himself or hold back his heart when all he has ever wanted and wants was to honestly love and be loved back by not just any woman but this woman SJ whom he respects, trusts and admires... When others saw her weakness he saw her courage...
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    Happy White Day Everyone -2
  11. This drama is quickly becoming one of my favorites the true richness of its raw and deep story and the realness in this OTP is like life being poured out in ways you never expected. It's about the most beautiful, genuine and touching look at our very simple human wants and needs. That of touching and being touched not just physically but that which moves and shakes your inner being. Moments of just being loved for who they are and being excepted and understood where they are. Where there are no limits or expectations except in the willingness to be that warm and safe place for each other... It would seem my feelings about him being sick would to my sadness be true. When I think about how much MH loves SJ and it would seem has for a very long time. In just seeing this man pour out his heart in ways he has never been able to do with anyone else. You could tell it shocked his ex-wife as she watched them in not only that amazing embrace that would move anyone who saw it. But even later when he clasped her hand within his as if to say don't worry I'm here... I was amazed that even after overhearing SJ talking on the phone and knowing he was hurting inside with every word being spoken. Still this amazing human being didn't let those words close the door to his heart. That moment my favorite, when he shouted over the phone. " DON'T YOU HEAR ME? TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE " dang my heart moved to my throat because I knew he was going to get her and bring her home. He didn't care about anything else just his need to like always reach out, take care of and cover her with himself... I think I could write all night about this drama it just gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. You feel as if you're going to bust in wanting to say so much about the warmth you're receiving the love you're feeling. Even in knowing what our MuJin couple will be facing now in the future. Yet I find myself hopeful and maybe thinking like MH don't give up when you just don't know what can happen... LOVE NO MATTER WHAT AGE OR THE SITUATION, WHAT AN AMAZING AND GLORIOUS FEELING!!! This is one drama that without a doubt has already given me more than enough...
  12. @Kasmic Hold my hand it's official this drama is going to be the death of me.... Without watching with Subs yet I still wanted to post my first impression on seeing some of the views given us of WJW & JHS together. Something clicked inside of me when I saw WJW come into JHS's hospital room and close his drama read and wrap his arm around JHS. Even later without the knowledge or understanding of what was being said. Still there was such warmth in watching the two of them, just two young men laughing, sharing, watching and being playful together. Building a relationship in such an unusual place under the most unusual circumstances still there it was... Friendship... It gave us a better understanding of what happened between the two of them and also the feelings they shared. In fact as I watched them watching GR time and time again. Hiding or looking out a window, watching her with children or her Mother. I realized when WJW started to cover up GR sleeping soundly and JHS gave her his scarf too both wanting to give her warmth. How easy it would be to fall in love with the same girl when you're sharing the same view. For GR is as beautiful inside as out and caring and loving to all those around. What young man wouldn't want someone whose heart can be seen so clearly from every direction?
  13. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Sometimes your heart can feel so tired. Days can feel empty and long. Then all of a sudden you see or feel something around you unique ever so small. You realize its there to give you hope and courage to lift you up when you fall...