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  1. Marie Claire [March 2017] HQ
  2. Hi there! I just found this thread and definitely looking forward to it. I really like both lead males, but on the other hand I know the lead females, bit never seen them acting, but the story sounds pretty good. This role of Sungjoon remindes me that in High Society and I share your opinions that Sungjoon always gets older females (except Uee). I cannot wait! cr. instagram
  3. 16 episodes already watched and I have totally fallen for it ... by the way it's my first chinese drama, the actors were unknown for me but now I'm familiar with all of them... Firstly, Tiffany Tang, her voice was little bit annoying for me, but now I don't even notice, also first episodes she didn't impress me, but episode by episode I like her, also Luo Jin is great, this couple is so cute ... but my totally favorite one is Vanness Wu, he's so good, somewhere I read it's hard to fall for a villain and now I completely understand why ... I really like his look in drama and also character, even he's antagonist here, but he's charming in my opinion ... then there is Rachel Mao, I'm looking forward to watch her in next episodes, I'm a big fan of her and Vaness, I just like them so much ... I don't know why, but I always like second leads love much more (if there is some) than love between the lead actors (not in every drama, including this one) but also othe villains Chang Le and her mother, they are such a good villains ... cannot wait to see next episodes...
  4. Not sure If you know, but Hyungsik participated in musical The Three Musketeers in 2014 as D'Artagnan alongside Sandeul and CNU *so good-looking* from the show
  5. Oh, there's no need to ask this definitely no problem, you can discuss as much as you want I'm happy you're here aww, you're very very welcome it's a pleasure for me
  6. Wau, wau, wau ... so noisy here super excited that you're here the warmest welcoming to all newbies for a few days haven't been here, so I didn't know Hwarang thread was temporarily closed, can anyone explain what happenned there? any anti-fan, harsh, attacking comments or? @hitomebore08 very welcome Hyungsik for Céci [December 2016]
  7. @snowpanda yeah, definitely I'd like to watch Misbehavior, it's already available, but subs not yet, so I need to wait
  8. Wau, thank you @snowpanda for the photos