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  1. Does anyone know what time the Baeksang ceremony will start? I'm so excited to see Park Boyoung again!
  2. She's so lovely, gentle and humble! That's why I love her as an actress! I hope she'll feel more confident about herself because I'm pretty sure everyone around adores her too!
  3. http://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/dating-rumors-continue-park-bo-young-park-hyungsik-caught-camera/ Amount of shippers growing! But Koreaboo is kind of late though, this video was released last week
  4. I don't recall Hyungsik ever calling her noona, but in the bts, he usually calls her Bongsoon or Boyoung.
  5. Sammeeee....Even if she doesn't have any drama coming up, I hope she appears in other variety shows.
  6. I really hope she has another drama soon. I don't wanna wait for another 2 years!
  7. There's a Hyde Park in New York and Chicago as well.
  8. Honestly they're both so cute in this bts especially when PHS smiling at PBY There's so much chemistry between them!!