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  1. Whatever the ending might be its not truly happy for both Shin’s cause their Omma died. Huhuhu.
  2. Live caps complete in drama milk for everyone’s liking.. https://www.dramamilk.com/are-you-human-too-kdrama-live-recap-episode-33-and-34/ my mind is about it go insane cause this show is just so unpredictable. Tomorrow’s the last episode but i have zero clue how they’ll wrap everything up. I’m guessing So Bong already feels that something ain’t right
  3. old bts i found on Ig. I don’t remember seeing SY in a doted green jacket in the show. SKJ hair is curly too.
  4. has anybody seen this, its a bts of that kid who ran into ShinBot and cried, if you zoomed in, after the take SKJ handed GSY a hot pack. Such a thoughtful friend. edit: he gave the hotpack i think to either the kid or SY.. but might be the kid.. http://i63.-/abgi6o.jpg http://-/r/abgi6o/9 http://i63.-/abgi6o.jpg
  5. I do remember now that during Roommate, i remember SKJ stated he did not have a phone back then because it kept him from memorizing his lines... i wonder if they’re doing that now that’s why his sns is empty.... can’t wait for friday to see more bts scenes. I don’t think we’ll be having a drama special considering the ratings...
  6. The twist is scaring me a little. Huhu. My heart hurts already thinking about losing him.
  7. This show is phenomenal! You have no idea what’s coming next. So many things going on I don’t know if 2 episodes is enough to wrap it all up. I still really hope everyone gets their own happy ending. Roboshin seems to know what killswitch is and i don’t know if So Bong knows that its in the hands of the evilShin. I don’t even know if 2 episodes is enough to knock some sense so EvilShin, he is too consumed with vengence. From skj make up team post they were in a beach. I’m really hopeful that ShinBot and So Bong will meet in the beach and give us a peace of mind that they will be together regardless the circumstances are.. away from all the drama in ShinHuman’s life.
  8. They’ve followed each other beginning of July. SKJ even commented first in GSY post when she joined the actiom school. I think now his company is handling his sns, he deleted everyone and deleted all posts too. I’m thinking cause he’ll be more active this year in acting..? I have a theory why Go Ara declined the offer, she prolly knew she was going to get overshadowed by SKJ acting.. cause thats how whats happening with GSY, she’s acting her best but it really doesn’t get acknowledged in this show.. i kinda feel bad for her cause she’s not even being recogniZe
  9. I love shipping them together, it just sucks that we only get bts clips of them. Wish there was more. They’re both simple private celebrities who don’t really show much about themselves.. haaiii... love how they hug, they look so fit together. They have so much hug scenes haha.. can we get a smooch?? Funny how they’ve kissed twice when they were not close but later in the episodes when they started dating we have zero kissing scene.
  10. Tomorrow’s episode https://www.vlive.tv/video/82489 I think its so sad that Human Shin lost all his humanity because of a Robot. Why can’t they all just get along?!
  11. Nam shin has been overshadowed by envy and anger he doesn’t see who he’s real enemies are. 3 more episodes and i’m at the edge of my seat. I honestly don’t know how the show is ending in 3 episodes, so much seems to be going on.
  12. They were actually sitting beside each other during the wrap up party but you can never see them in a shot together. I wonder why??
  13. Where’s the bts of skj giving gsy a massage?? I really hope we see them in a photoshoot together. Such a waste of visual when we can’t even see them in a magazine spread. They seem friendly with each other.. i hope they stay in touch even as friends.
  14. So glad to find this thread for our NamBong couple. I hope somebody can translate sa korean words from the bts.
  15. I hope next week we go back to normal schedule so we could get 2 episodes per week. Seriously, the show is suffering cause of the world cup, its kinda anti climactic.. i really hope the ratings start to pick up.. why is korea sleeping on this show?! I really really hope both leads could do a photoshoot for a magazine shoot.
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