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  1. i just started with episode one .. it's kind of messy here... the male lead dump the female lead on their engagement day?? then sudden show how they met.. are they telling us that they will fall in love and the male lead break their engagement after that???
  2. Finally watch finish 37 - 40 raw... After watching it, 1. i think after seeing the unhappiness LCY and XF's wedding, general Pei doesn't wish to married the princess as he knows what will happen? 2. The grandmother is soo cute that she lock LCY and XF up hopping to have great grand child? hahahahhahahahaha 3. The part where he wake up from his fever... and saw XF peeing is funny.. Ah Do dash in once XF calling for help.. and Ah Do chase out all the maids leaving XF and LCY .. even block the maids not to allow them to enter .. but once something strange happen, the maids turn blocking Ah Do from entering.. it was so funny.. XF's maids and Ah Do really cute in that part. 4. I am disappointed with the kissing scene.. why they cut it! man.. i was hopping to see more... 5. As for Gu Jian, i really pity him.. he has been suffering alot and he has internal injury and yet he still use his energy to safe Ah Do and LCY??? He deserve a better person to be at his side... sob sob sob 6. for the Assassination scene, LCY knew the assassin will come? I think he know who is the assassin as he keep on chasing XF away.. right? 7. Can i blame put a blame to the King? After watching ep 39, i can feel the pitiness of the Queen b'cos the King ignore her and keep on involving with the other consort.. she needs to maintain her status as the Queen.... Gosh, need to wait for another 3 days !!!!!!
  3. I agree with you @enigmatic_zephy .. he really loves her so much .. even though he is the bad person .. he still loves her... he even tells her not to be crazy.. try his very best to pull her up.. gosh.. you makes me wanna watch ep 1 one back.. hahahahahhaha Even though they have forget those painful memories but his care to her never fail.. the crab part in the recent episode proofs it all.. the way he sees her eating the crab meat happily was priceless ... <3 awwwww.... got to wait again... today is just friday!! how i wish tomorrow is Tuesday.. hahahahhahahahaha
  4. oh man! today is just wednesday.. i got to wait for another day !!!!!! can't wait to watch ep 29 - 32 !! woohoo... i agree with most of you about the Queen.. whenever she appear, i will just minimize the screen and just listen to the conversation, i dare not look at her b'cos i worry i will have nightmare .... they shouldn't shave off her eye brow! OMG!
  5. They are fated to meet up, they are fated to in love, they are fated to be husband and wife but they are not fated to be forever... just finish ep 28 RAW!! lol .. i can tell that he really cares for Xiao Feng even though he treat her badly... why he is marrying Se Se? i tot he only marry Xiao Feng? OMG!
  6. Do we get to see ep 21 - 24 this week??? Like what @marinated_lemon says "The wait is killing" .. yeah.. it's killing me too...
  7. just finish watching ep 20, i can see that he has start to have feeling on her... i think they fall deeply in love till she regain her memory.. gosh.. that time will be very hurt to watch it.. as she will love and hate him as well... OMG! i just downloaded the whole ost... it is very nice OST~~~
  8. Just watch it... you will get hook up like most of us here ... trust me... just watch it ..
  9. I just finished watching till ep 16... but i need someone to translate what did the monk says to the Princess and after the princess walk out the monk says something to the prince ? Can someone please help to translate?
  10. ep 10 really makes me burst into tears... seeing her loves one died... the part she tries to jump off the cliff makes me cries as well ... even though i ady know the ending (hahahaha thanks to the spoiler) .. i still want to continue watch it... let's cry together!
  11. it ends perfectly... i love the ending ... even though there are scene which is dark (as they use the actual candle to lit up) .. but i am fine with it.. even though the storyline seems to be quite slow.. nearly fall a sleep on a few episode but i manage to finish all ... good job! i do agree with @lclarakl .. gonna rewatch it again
  12. i tot it is 24 episode .. but it ends at ep 20.. they rush everything and ends it at ep 20. I am kind of disappointing as i want to see more !! awwwww.... i am going to miss all of them.....
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