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  1. @angelangie yes, Shuang Shuang "broke up" with him at ep 13 as mention on the trailer...since i have watched till ep 16 .. all i can says he didn't admit that they broke up .. he says they only have quarreling .. lol he is dorky adorable
  2. i just finish up to ep 16 and i am surprised with it..... can i say that the Shuang Shuang was Qi Xun's first love??? As i found out that he doesn't know how to express how much he loves her!!!! but he is cute when he unable to express it out
  3. i give a try and watch the first episode yesterday and immediately got hooked up after that! i keep on watching the whole day till ep 11 .. will continue the rest today...over all story is nice ... loves the kissing scene.. woohoo hahhahhahahahahahhahahhaa Just finish ep 12 .. i think i able to get the story..
  4. i have done watching the whole Season 1 and 2 .. this series is recommended ... continue watch it.. you will love it
  5. This week don't have any episode? I have watched till ep 24 .... am i up to the date? lol.. i am dying for the next episode....
  6. Has anyone noticed her earring??? I am so in love with it Wonder where she get it from??? Hahahahhaahha
  7. Episode 6 kills me again!!! especially the last part !! Ottoke!! i need to wait for another week ... how am I going to survive??!!!!!
  8. Due to I am watching raw ... there is some parts i don't understand... 1. Why Wei Qing mom dislike Wei Qing? 2. is Wei Qing and Xiao Fei related?
  9. Episode 5 is daebak!!! the last part really touches me alot!! Park Bogum Jjang!!!!
  10. This drama is awesome.. i got hooked up after watching ep 1 ... now dying for ep 13 !!!!!!!
  11. wait a minute.. this means our Crown Prince still can't remember that he is a crown prince???? or He knew he is the crown prince???? I am getting confused... did i missed an episode? O.O
  12. Is Seo In Woo (Lee Dong Gun) and Lee Soo Yeon (Lee Jae Hoon) used to know each other??? They seems to be closed to each other before the accident... i think i miss out one episode????
  13. OMG OMG!!! Deng Lun !!! weeeee... when will it be aired???? this month?
  14. i just watched finish but still confused with something. I hope someone here able to help me.. since when the 8th Prince start to develop feelings on her?? The first time they met???? i got confused.. how can he simply kiss the girl if he doesn't have the feeling??? hahahahahhahahahahha
  15. how is this drama so far?? worth to watch it???