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  1. I have kind of given up hope. there's been no updates about any release dates. It was supposed to start in Oct/Nov 2016.
  2. sorry for the late reply. Christmas and everything >.< now the gif....the only way I could make it within the guildelines was by reducing the dimensions. It's 250xsomething and 504kb hope this works.
  3. so I just noticed all episode links are useless now. I have all episodes saved. I wonder if I should upload them and link it to the thread.
  4. Merry Christmas y'all! This was a heck of a Christmas gift
  5. I didn't know that. Thanks! Well I am a forum baby so I am going to stay. Plus Soompi is so informational about so many different series so it's hard to leave. It's sad what happened. I hope everyone finds their place.
  6. you don't have to apologise. you are just doing your job. If people leave...they leave. The drama will be over in three weeks anyway, the thread was going to die either way. It will happen a little early. Here's Krist and Singto sending a heart to the mods.
  7. you both have the same dp...that's why I asked >.< honestly I have been making them for so long...it doesn't take that much time for me anymore but Sotus has zero consistency in the lighting department so it take me a while to get it right. aww thank you. tell me your tumblr. I will follow back. Though causatious is my side blog; I will probably show up as bovinade on your follow list.
  8. I made them. Glad you liked them...I have neglected Sotus because of my exams but now I am done so there will be lot many gifs and I am probably going to be more active on tumblr and here :3
  9. why can't gifs be posted?
  10. wait is everyone moving to fb or something? I swear I miss half the things happening in the forums.
  11. why the does the thread tag say "I will close this thread"?