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  1. OMG now I want to see it. Someone please link us to the video.
  2. I finished watching the drama and I absolutely love it. The epilogue with Jiang Chen's point of view at the end of episode 23 was so perfect. I mean you could tell the guy liked her for a long time but to have it all be confirmed, that was so fulfilling. I adore the ending as well. I do have to say I was irritated by the separation. It felt a little forced to me. The issue was so small. All they needed was to talk to each other, which brings me to Xiao Xi. I kind of disliked her a little in the last few episodes. I do agree that Jiang Chen should have showed his feelings more but either way, Xiao Xi's tantrum was a little immature in my eyes. I sympathize with what happened with her but Jiang Chen wasn't at fault for that. And yes, he doesn't have as much time for her but then he is studying to be a cardiologist. She should have been understanding. Also, Jiang Chen wanted to earnestly talk to her but she kept ignoring him. That really irriitated me. In a way, I do think the separation was good because Xiao Xi matured and become more of a dependable person while Jiang Chen realized that he could never live without Xiao Xi and I think mellowed out as a result. All said and done, I am really happy to see them end up together.
  3. Can I just say though? I liked Wu Bo Sang before but now he is getting on my nerves. He knows that she likes Jiang Chen. Why is he pushing himself between them? Xi even told him clearly that she doesn't like him.
  4. I remember that epilogue. It was cute. I just wanted to snuggle both of them. Thank you for answering my questions up until now. I will try not to ask more but I know I will fail. I am a very curious person. I am at episode 12 now. Just a few more episodes to go. I can't wait
  5. I like the Japanese version as well but I am not a fan of Japanese dramas in general and I kind of love Jerry Yan, so I am a bit biased when it comes to it.
  6. They are doing another remake? Interesting. I still think the one with Jerry Yan was the best version.
  7. I finally started watching the drama. The height difference is completely adorable. And I love the main couple. I think they have a really cute chemistry. I also like their friends. I can tell Jing Xiao and Li Shu are going to be a couple or I hope they are. Also, does Wu Bo Song get someone at the end too? Or is he going to be the broken hearted second lead? I feel bad for him already but he should know that he can't win against Jiang Chen. *goes back to watching*
  8. [Thailand Drama 2016] SOTUS The Series

    I think Arthit's and Kong's relationship does make sense, sort of. Third and fourth years of university are really busy and it looks like Arthit was interning in the fourth year so even if they were together, they might not have developed as close a relationship as we expect. Still, there is definitely increased familiarity and they seem very domesticated, something that is common after a couple years together. I don't know. Just some thoughts I have had after watching the episodes.
  9. I am thinking about starting this series. Is it any good?
  10. [Thailand Drama 2016] SOTUS The Series

    Search for GearFanSubs on dailymotion and you will find it.
  11. [Ongoing Thai Drama 2017] My Dear Loser Series

    Lee Thanat is seriously sexy. He got me hooked with U-Prince and I am now watching Monster Romance just because of him. His smile is literally the most adorable thing I have ever seen. So darn cute.
  12. [Thailand Drama 2016] SOTUS The Series

    I can't wait for the drama to start. I am ready for this couple to come back.
  13. I am going to try and buy the USB. Hopefully it works out for me.
  14. [Thai Drama 2017] Two Moons

    You are welcome to start a PM with me if you want. My treats for the thread: