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  1. You are welcome to start a PM with me if you want. My treats for the thread:
  2. I just discovered this series and I am in love. So much love. I already missed the translations for this drama so if anyone can throw this fangirl some tidbits, I will be very thankful.
  3. The first episode was weird and confusing to me. Maybe it will be better with the subtitles. From the trailer... This is pretty much a summary of episode one.
  4. I was the same. I didn't think I will be as excited as I am right now. I think they do go through a break up period because of Jean but I know they are together at the end of the novel. I am not sure how far will they go in season two but we will definitely see the break up. Sid is Book's ex. He never appreciated him when they were together. I am not sure what role will he actually play in the season but I see Frame's jealous face off with Sid and I am delighted. Thank you, Thunder <3 I love the trailer. Don't even get me started on Frame and Book I think those scenes are specifically cut that way to make us think they are cheating on their other half but it might be actually very innocent. Also, I think both couples have break ups in this so the actions make more sense? I don't know. I am just taking a wild guess.
  5. The I need time to absorb it and find words to describe my feels. I think it's every Sunday just like last year. I am not sure about time though.
  6. What little I remember from my talks with @bookfaenframe There will be love rivals for both FuseTee and BookFrame. We might get to see a break up between Fuse and Tee because of Jean. And the guy moves in on Tee during that break up, so a lot of jealousy on Fuse's part. Book's ex-boyfriend will return but I don't have a lot of details about what happens with them.
  7. I plan to be just as active with the gifs as I was last season. I am excited for it. I want to see how they are going to handle the two couple this season and which other couples will be joining us~~
  8. @kimchiflavored_plot I will be looking forward to your detailed episode reviews. They were my favourite thing about this thread.
  9. Is this series better or worse than the movie? I am on the edge about watching this drama.
  10. I am hoping for the same. @bookfaenframe was kind enough to tell me some parts of the story that will be in season two and I will be so upset if the producers mess it up like they did with the confession scene. I am still not over that one.
  11. Honestly, if the producers follow their story from the novel to a T, Fuse and Tee are a very epic couple. Sadly, it looks like producers are dead set on making them PhunNoh 2.0 Thank you for sharing this. I was looking for an HD link to the bts video.
  12. The teaser for season two. Does anyone know when is it starting?