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  1. We'll miss you! Come back asap!
  2. If he was my professor I'd be his worst student. I mean I wouldn't be able to learn anything. Therefore I'd insist on having A LOT of private lessons.
  3. I so agree! Oh wow! Oh yes! The drinking moment and the whole scene in the club. He does! He looks so sexy I feel guilty I chose LG this time! (But I used Samsung for years. Does it count now?) Ouch! You said that aloud. That means dramatrolls will do something nasty to him. ...or at least a v. good fanfiction since I can't find anything satisfying...
  4. It doesn't matter it's still cool. Besides you're talented and could do something like that easily. Never! I wish we could. But at least we saw him wearing apron and doing stuff a waiter does. Btw it's a pity his "family" disappeared after 2nd episode - I thought he'll take care of his "little sister" for the whole show. Thanks!!! Last night I did something unwise that stressed me like hell so to feel better I rewatched the best scenes of Arang and the magistrate. You don't want to know how many times I watched the moment Eun Oh walk out the door wearing the magistrate clothing.
  5. Nicely done! I esp. love the eclipse effect on Wang So's face - covering him in darkness. I started to think (again!) about Wang So coming to modern world (he would end up in jail imho - nowadays you can't kill anyone) looking for his Hae Soo. I'm thinking... coming nowadays... killing someone... the police trying to catch him... and then he finds his love and somehow goes back to his times with her. *sigh*
  6. I've counted 3 bears + LJG Btw at first I thought he's smoking... Yum! Boxing! I saved that one. Come, come and visit! Esp. Wroclaw, where I live. Oh so I was mistaken. But you may be right - he didn't have this haircut recently. Stupid me.
  7. Yup. We're among them. Yes! Are you saying he looks ugly or something? Young lady, do you want me to come and get you? I don't know but I've seen that before. I think it was some photoshot after MLSHR? Correct me if I'm wrong but it's one of more recent photos. He was protecting Nana, I see. And he did that in a v. manly way. @antoniaclamens admit it. Btw he changed into masculine and sexy but he didn't stop being beautiful. Oh poor you. Hope your hormones will be fine soon. I'm fighting with such problem for some time so I know how ugly it can be. Fighting! Props for your prof! And I missed those days too, so you're not alone. I watch k-dramas since 2012 and I discovered LJG like... 3 years ago? Something like that.
  8. If you're going to work like that... and put many pictures like above... you'll be fanatic v. soon. And I'll be more than happy. Oh well it doesn't matter - it's only fan level. We all know we're all fanatics anyway.
  9. Hmm... I see Fan Level: Hooked. You must work harder. Oh well if you put it this way... Yeah I know what you mean. How is that possible LJG rocks EVERYTHING he wears?!
  10. Ha! Subs are already there. Tonight I'll see ep.8. With LJG wearing white shirt and dark grey trousers and looking gorgeous. <<< Ya! I'm "fanatic"!
  11. Shame of me, I forgot. Sorry for that! Waiting for him eating ramyun. I wonder... if he ever did that on screen...
  12. I was also thinking - do we have "eating ramyun" on the list? I don't remember... I also haven't seen the 8th episode. First - waiting for subs, second - translating ep.5 and that takes time.
  13. Wow! Hyun Jun is not bored at work at all.
  14. This is a bit strange but who knows? But I think it was his mother. We know that his father died for sure. But that scene? All NCI team members were with their family in that moment. I'd say he visited his mom. But maybe we will know that in future. I never promised fair share. Now... I'm watching CM 7... I'm sorry for being so shallow. Sorry for not writing anything deep and from the bottom of my heart... Sorry for not analizing the whole episode... I feel so sorry that you have to suffer another post as deep as puddle... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... LJG IN LETHER JACKET OHMYGHHHOOOOD!!! More sillyness coming soon...
  15. Really? Then who was the woman he visited at the end of episode 4? I thought she was his mother. I promise to work harder on my English so I will be more understandable - I totally love Hyun Joon. And what I meant was that he is that character that has that something. Ok maybe I chose wrong words - he's a good guy but hot tempered which is not always bad but sometimes it's not good. And he has a history. He's not like regular guy you meet everyday. That's that "something" I like. And kind of a tough guy vibe is also a good thing. My heart will drawn in honey if he ever make another undercover agent drama. I LOVE undercover agents! I would. And I had this moment when I saw a drama and totally disliked main character (who was an idiot imho) and totally fell for a bad guy It was Athena, the villain was Cha Seung Won and he was so good ans so sexy I wanted to give him nuclear bomb as a christmas gift, packed in beautiful shiny paper and tied with a red bow! I was really dissapointed that... well... he had to lose. If LJG (in few years!) do something like that I'll be in heaven. True. But you know - LJG is great actor and he just... he is a character. Awww gif parade! First he shows his wonderful legs (strong, slender and beautiful) and then - bang! Dressed in black. Honestly this man wants to kill us all. Thank you but I'll be far away in Goryeo looking for Wang So. I'm glad we made you smile. Oh well just because we're friends... but night shifts are mine! I still can't stop thinking about Wang So. Strong character so well played. *sigh* Hyun Jun is not Wang So at all. I mean LJG plays him differently (which is good) and there's no trace of the character that made our hearts melting last year. I love Hyun Jun and I still love Wang So. If that makes any sense...