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  1. ...and bazillions of pictures!!!
  2. OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah breath freely while thinking about Joon Gi you'll going to see. @missmaudy is so joking j/k!
  3. I saw the new episode! Oh wow Joon Gi is super cute and funny - I couldn't stop laughting. Park Min Young seems to have fun as well. I'm not surprised at all - with such a partner. CimE with them is like watching really romantic drama all the time. They would be really cool couple on screen. Pls pls pls drama lords think about it!!! Ok, watched CimE, I can go to work now. Will have great mood all day I'm sure!
  4. Aaaah, that's the thing! I thought he was in kin of ep.1 (the "interview" with the PD and the phone checking if he really is LJG), and then the part I saw it was ep. 2. Now really I should go to a doctor and check if Alzheimer didn't attack me. He's cute and super funny. *runs to watch ep.5* Sweet Joon Gi is something I want to see!!! Hahahhahahaa ok I may be weird but I don't feel any jealousy. I'm just enjoying the time I can watch him. And listen to his deep sexy voice.
  5. Gosh... 3 minutes... 3 MINUTES?!!! It took only 3 minutes to fans bought every single ticket?! I'm amazed! But at the same time - his fans love him so much they do anything to see him. @glassnokamen I'm sorry you didn't get the ticket. Fans are so fast... Ep. 5??? And where are 3 and 4??? I missed some parts I'm sure... Booo...
  6. Shame on me! She really did it, I forgot! Stupid cedarwood... I totally imagine you climbing that wall. Go girl! Hmm... this way you could deliver it personally to him... if he was behind the right window.... JK I hope he'll get the list.
  7. I love it! Can't find any mistakes but English is not my first language and I'm not good at it so can't help with that but I think it's ok. Btw - what is zutter? Oh and now the question of the month - HOW will we send it to him?
  8. Oh yes! Pls pls pls pls pls!!! *prays* Probably not. And I didn't live with any of my grandmothers while they were alive. And yes - cooking is not my talent. I hate to do it. I'm glad I have rice cooker so at least I don't overburn rice.
  9. On the other hand if you cook it this way (as in the video) - part of the pasta is cooked more than the other part. You made my day! Good question. I'd say "personality" or maybe another category. Charity isn't fanservice, he doesn't do it for fans, he does it for people who are less lucky in life. They aren't necessary his fans, bet they never heard of him actually.
  10. I love the gif with him laughting... Done voting! You'll never guess which actor I chose as the best.
  11. Hahhahahahahahha!!! Never noticed that! But heyyyy woudn't you be happy if it was you? We've done it!!!!!! Exactly. I'm not veteran, I'm quite new to this thread so I may not speak for veterans but I bet they won't mind. Bless you! I can't trust my English so it's so nice of you to check the whole thing.
  12. Oh yes please - a good therapist! This one looks like a pro I'm sure he'll cure me... I remember he used advanced Joseon medicine in a bathtub to cure one girl. See? Real professional takes care of me. I've learnt something new today, go me! Now I'll have to check for the best spaghetti recipe and you'll know what I'll have for a dinner tomorrow.
  13. Why? People shouldn't do that? Then how cook it?
  14. I don't want my life back - I want red ginseng!
  15. Oh, YOUR health? What about my health now? I lost my breathe just by thinking about his veins and strong hands and... Air! Air! Air!!!