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  1. Why not? It's new drama with our man - let's celebrate!!! I know, it's weird - one picture and cedarwood is so exited. I'm not in Kobe but I'd add Min to the list as well. Hmm... I haven't seen VS for a while. Maybe I'll watch it tonight since I don't have to work tomorrow.
  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that official?!!!!
  3. Those new pix are a killer. I don't know what to do - to die or only swoon. Or swoon and die. Or...
  4. I was wondering the same thing but decided... not to. Korean version will look different anyway so I don't think I'll get anything from the American show. Geeeeeezzzz!!! You know what I just thought about?! Korean version of Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine that!!! All those ghosts and monsters from korean myths (and maybe also chinese etc.) with whom Joon Gi would fight to protect people... you know "Saving people. Hunting things. Family business." Yay! I just imagine him as Korean Dean since lately he's sexier than ever. Moving from place to place in his black impala hyundai. Aaaarghhhh so bad this show would never happen. I better stop dreaming... *sigh*
  5. + THANK YOU! Big props for you for writing this. I'm sick of this commenting on JHB being almost an incarnation of Lord Voldemort or the rest of this rubbish (I wanted to use different word but I bet Richard Simmons's family will show up again).
  6. Will never understand that but I don't have slanted eyes so I can't tell what's the big deal with double eyelids. Sometimes he really looks tired but since he works so much it's not surprising. But it's not only his eyes look tired then - the whole Joon Gi looks tired. But usually he looks normal. And I hope he'll never do any plastic surgery. He shouldn't touch his natural beauty. In his case Mother Nature knew too well what she was doing. I don't mind if someone does PS ( @missmaudy thanks for explanation!) - if it makes them happy or changes positively their looks - why not? Many people have at least one complex about their appearance that they wish to change but they can't do it with excersices, diet or anything like that. But with Joon Gi - he doesn' have to. He's perfect. I don't want him to change other way than by natural aging. I wish I knew what witty answers she gave for every question. Jeon Hye Bin seems to be smart person. And a classy woman.
  7. Yessss!!! They won best historical drama! Congratulations to all the cast and crew! I wish they made 2 categories - long historical drama and... errr... normal lenght historical drama (?). This way Six flying dragons would be probably also a winner - it's really amazing drama. Dumb polish will ask - PS?
  8. True, true and one more time true. But since LJG is korean he will look v. korean... right? I'm doing it all the time! Naaaah I don't think so. Also what could be offensive by letting us know about the good project? Don't ban yourself and welcome on the board.
  9. Of course and I didn't mean you should post it. I was only wondering. I would take a pic - it's great moment to meet anyone from this thread in RL. *stops packing for a sec* Really... but he said... Oh well I must check it myself! *continues with her packing* If it was you you know you wouldn't escape posting your pictures here It's a pity you couldn't go on stage but heyy - think that you were closer to him than most of us anyway. Ah I see. I like to eat most things so I don't have that problem. Glad I amuse you. I watched this drama when it was ongoing for LMH. 4 first episodes were ok then... something happened to the script... oh, right - the screenwriter happened to the script. He's so cute I know I said that before but he's so cute... Joon Gi in this suit... and hairstyle... my heart... my poor heart... that's too much... *dies* No cpr needed, I'm dying happy!
  10. So all korean men look like him? *packs her stuff this instant* Moving to Korea. RIGHT NOW!!! Now being serious - I know he doesn't have double eye lids but for god's sake - he's the best proof that asians don't need them. He has probably the most beautiful eyes in entire korean entertainment. I can stare at his eyes forever...
  11. I wonder if I would ever have the chance to try macs in Venezuela. Probably not. 'Cause if I was in your country I'd more likely taste venezuelian food. Nah, I don't eat fast food at all. Told you it will cheer you up. Yaaaaa!!! Did you take a picture together??? No no no no no no no no - continue listing the parts you love! Of course it did. And too long post?! Honestly, I felt sad when it ended. Gosh, now I want to go to Korea even more. Just visiting the country I'm fascinated about... and seeing Joon Gi on stage. I wanna go. Now! What? Really?? Someone has to buy him a mirror, honestly...
  12. I'd give you my share of McDonalds stuff then - I dislike food there. Korean food is awesome. Spicy, yes, but healthy and tasty. Bibimbap is probably my favourite dish. And the food is so colorful! Just thinking about it makes me hungry. Aaaaaw! Joon Gi pillow!!! Now you can hug him every night! *cough* Also I love the mug - I'm imagining drinking coffe in this mug. I'm glad you had great time in Korea. I'm doing my best not to feel too jelaous but it's so hard!!! It is catchy that's why I call it "bloody" - just few tones of this and it's stuck in my head aaaarrrrghhhh nooo not again!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dang! Relax, take a deep breathe and try to write at least short version of your post. Pretty please with a cherry on top. Here's something to cheer you up: http://allthe2048.com/community-games/lee-kun-ki.html Well said. It's korean remake / korean version, which means not everything will look the same not to mention characters may be totally different and there can be no one that is korean Derek (whoever he is). Right? People and their problems...
  13. Do it. Not his best drama but Joon Gi is super cute. Plus there's a scene when he's drunk and sings "Sorry sorry" (I call it "that bloody song"). Also there are parts where Joon Gi plays with kids and you know there's nothing more cute that Joon Gi with children. Awwww he even cuts nails in one kid's toes, it's so lovely! Yaaaa!!! Anybody wants to join the group hug?
  14. True! I was thinking what those jackets remind me of - you're right! Jacko in his best moment of career. I think even such short information about the cast doing the first reading gives fans a hint the shooting starts v. soon. And you know fans - nothing stops them. They'll find the site sooner or later. For the sake of drama and comfort of the crew - better later. True. Also it's better (ANYTHING is better) than mushroom hairstyle dyed in brown. Oh... wait a minute - you're closing your eyes and see Wang So? Think about the most perfect character in drama and you think immediatelly about Wang So? You're comparing Joon Gi's acting as Wang So with other actors and they all lose to Joon Gi? Sister, you're not alone. Let me hug you! @antoniaclamens I envy you so much! I'd love to visit Korea one day. And good question - what did you eat?!!! I love korean food and I bet the one in the right country is even better from what I tasted. Yumm... CM is cable tv drama? I didn't know that...
  15. Hello @pixelsticks! Haha! Love the video. Btw I really like those uniform-like "old fashioned" jackets he wears at concerts.