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  1. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Shame on you! The storyline was good imho and LJG as loving dad is a must-see thing. I loved the series, loved the ending (to me it was perfect) and that little princess who played LJG's daughter - she was so lovely! So adorable! And she so well played her part. I watched those two and I believed they really are dad and daughter. I forgot about this one. I heard it was good although the storyline is completely different from MLSHR. And Jang Hyuk isn't my favourite actor so I don't feel like watching. As for all parades we have - here's something from me. Foooor aaaa whiiiillleeee! Fooooor aaaa whiiiiileeeee! He caaaaan be yoooours! I didn't forget his ears - I just left something to others to mention. Yay!!! I'm glad you joined that parade - the picture is awesome! Yes but it's Goryeo at the very end and it doesn't show the Goryeo we love. Also General Choi Young is an old man there (remember - LJG ALMOST played him in 2012 but Lee Min Ho got the part) - and we see his end which is painful. But the drama is sooooo good. Fans of good saeguks should watch it - it's interesting part of korean story.
  2. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    You... You haven't... seen... every episode of Two weeks??? One of the best LJG's dramas? Explain yourself, young lady! It's so freezing here... when I saw him in shorts I thought "Oh my... isn't he cold???" and then: "Right... not everywhere is winter at this time of year, silly!" Especially that he finished drama and he may find some time to do photoshoot! Maybe that's the idea? Our man looks spectacular no matter on what he sits (or lie down).
  3. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    There was something about this scene I couldn't put a finger on so I rewatched it and... can I add my 5 cents? Don't hate me and fogive me for boring you. Ok, I know, I can't make myself understandable. Baek Ah was a bit annoying tbh. He takes Soo for a talk and then he almost scolds her... for Wook sending her a poem (that's another issue I'd like to talk about). Shouldn't he talk to Wook about it? I mean she's young and naive (in his opinion, they don't know there's grown up woman in the body of teenager) but Wook knows what he's doing. And he started all this. And that poem thing was funny but not because Soo sent him an emoji. It's funny (and I'm a bit vicious here) because he gave her a poem and few scenes later he tells her that etiguette says she should give him another poem as a response. Dear Wook, officially (and that's what you know) she's Hae Soo who lost her memory - how she's supposed to remember any poem to send you, you moron?! We all do of course. It wasn't that bad but after some time it became annoying, especially the football thing. But I lived with a v. nice person so I didn't complain. I just realized I can't hear neighbours here which is nice. So a home is finally a place where I rest. I think reality could still be far worse (like if it all happened in reality Hae Soo would die in first episode). But what could happen in palace - you're right. The story of relationships and dealings in palace could be true. Same here. I hate selfie stick. It never works for me. You saw those gardens?! I so envy you!!! Could you share some pictures? If you have some you can show publicly. It's November and he wears shorts! *evies JG* And maybe because Joseon was later = it's closer with philosophy etc. And some of those characters we mourned. Like lady Hae - selfless, good, caring woman. I so cried when she died. I'm glad you liked it. First half of the movie is like: "But where is LJG?! Do I watch the right movie? Maybe there were two movies with the same title?!" but then he appears and... and... PS I can't listen to "For a while" 'cause I'm crying like baby whenever I hear it. ...and I bet you did exactly the same thing as me >>>> This time I'll be selfless. Take the barman. You really need him now. With soju if you want (continuing drinking parade). That's probably the reason I don't - I'm not allowed. Good thing they allowed him (whoever they are). Hope it was his free time not a part of his work as usual. I almost lost my previous post but the worst thing didn't happen. Faith, but you probably saw it already. Hwarang is almost new but I'm not a fan - still it's Goryeo. No way! Yes on his command. I am NOT having dirty thoughts. Sorry, wrong emoji. I meant this: Sorry, this: Oh crap... No, you're right on time, I only started... I wonder if I get extra points for Wang So photoshoot. Agree! Thank you for them! *swoons* Is there anything about this guy that is not PERFECT?! I mean eyes, nose, lips, forehead, cheekbones, jawline, bodyline, hands (ooohhhhh watching those hands in ep.4 when he wanted to take from Hae Soo things she was caring... *dies* ), arms, belly, legs... even his feet are beautiful! ...and the way he moves! I lllllllove it! In ep. 6 there is a scene where he just walks and talks with Ji Mong... You think that too? I'm not alone!!!
  4. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Or any scene that will give our man the opportunity to show how sexy he can be. I think so. New home is more expensive but it's a nice place and seems that neighbours are quiet. No more listening to neighbours's row in the middle of the night... No more listening to band of men watching football and screaming things I won't quote 'cause I'm a lady. No more listening to someone having sex while I eat my breakfast... No more hearing someone pouring water to the glass 2 floors above. There were of course many good things about living in the previous place but it was time to move out. Thank you. Yes, everything went surprisingly smooth. I had my doubts when I started packing (I never knew I had so many books!!!) but my friends helped me so in 3 or 4 hours I was in my new place with all my stuff. Then it took me A LOT of time to put everything in its new place etc. To see Soo being treaten like servant? I doubt that. Wooohooo! I love love LOVE Tenkaippin Ramen pix! It can be true. Till now he behaved like the smart, nice guy everyone see but it's visible that he's not saint. Oh, poor you! *whistles at the bar* Hey! You there! Give my friend something special! Barman: Here it comes! And since it's Independence Day here I'll drink something too. (Am I doing drinking parade?) I think to them Joseon = Confucius and they still partly live according to his teachings. And maybe they don't know Goryeo that much. I think they can also prefer Joseon because it lasted so long (500 years!). Awwwww back at you! *blushes* ...and can you also read naughty thoughts? Maybe. But he could get rid of her many times (like the Kang consort I think) and he didn't do it. Hmm... on a second thought - maybe he didn't send her away because she gave birth to 3 sons. No, 4! One died but 3 were still alive and healthy. Even he wasn't happy. He wanted Soo but was thinking too long and So "stolen" her under his nose. Soo became So's woman and he was even more furious. No one was happy there. The palace was one scary place. Not shallow, no, previoussss... Those eyes belong to a person who's entirely yours. Wants your happiness. Loves you so much he wants to run away with you - you just have to say a word. Protects you. Takes care of you. Makes you higher than any other woman in palace. Changes for you. Not to fall in love with a man like that is such a waste! Tell us how you liked the movie!!! (Yes, you'll cry a lot. Believe me.) Not to mentioned it's a good story to watch. Yes, it's sad, but I do appreciate that they make a bit risky movie* to show how a man makes sure his girl will not suffer after his real death. * And that's the risky part - it could be badly done or considered as noble idiocy. I'm glad it wasn't.
  5. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    With happy ending! Person? ...or woman? Knowing how he behaved in Running man - he'd probably be embarassed. Poor him, he seems to be super shy. I just realized why I hate queen Yoo so much (she's great character and very well played but as a person - I hate her!) - that night was her fault. She lost control, she injuried her son - that's her doing. But she seems to believe it's... his fault. She's like a rapist who tries to blame the victim for what's happened. Like: "It's her fault because she had short skirt." So it's So's fault because... errr... he was in the same room. You know I'm thinking about what will happen to queen Yoo and her last moments of life and I can't stop smiling (and that's evil smile). And here's my question - how old is Eun? He looks like teenager but behaves like 5 year old (sometimes). My point (in my previous post - I don't know if anyone understand my gibberish) was that he wants to be a good brother to So as long as So is not on his way - as long as he's exactly where others told him to be. It's like friendship in kindergarten - I like you but don't touch my toys! Maybe he wanted to be good brother because that was the right thing to do or it will look good but he wants to control where So can show up and what he can do or say. The problem is that So is human being, he feels and thinks by himself. This is how they invented Alzheimer... He wants to as I believe. But I think Wook doesn't understand how the world works. People don't stop treat Hae Soo badly because he said so. She doesn't stop having problems because he said no one will be bad to her - he said that only to her. I don't remember him telling the same thing to other people, like: "Stop treating Soo badly, she's under my protection!" - no, he only said to her that he'll protect her. Ok, he knows how to fight but most of the time he's busy... hmm... thinking, reading and talking. Don't be ashamed, I did the same. And I bet most of us did. After all this scene has great tension, good dialogue and LJG being so close to the lady I'm burning of jealousy. He was waiting for the best moment. You know - to make an entrance to remember. And look - he made it. Other explanation is that his horse is slower than Hae Soo. Good question. Maybe multimarriage was allowed for the king only? I mean he did this because he wanted to protect his new country Wook's marriage was not so important (for them yes but not for Goryeo). And he probably made Jung think a bit about being grown up man hiding behind mommy's skirt. And maybe that queen Yoo wasn't worth so much love from her sons. If I may add something - which shows that king Taejo wasn't blind or stupid. He KNEW who's behind the attack and queen Yoo can play innocent as much as she likes. That's his fault. Who told him to be so talented and beautiful? He saw that for sure - i.e. servants. But he could be surprised that a girl like Hae Soo did that. He's so slim those pants hang on him. But he still looks lovely. I must prepare my heart for this view... ...and that's exactly my point. *faints* Another proof our man is a nice person. So many people praise him for his behaviour. It's w sweet thing to read. Yeah, I had some doubts and wasn't so sure about it but now I know - YOU WANT TO KILL ME! I appreciate that you have mercy and chose the best death for me... I'm here! Sorry, I moved to another place and had to arrange everything in my new home. I barely had time to do anything except working and making my home comfy. But now is ok. Maybe he'd be happier if he was a woman. Plus he has the non-for-battle mask. Is it the first time we see his other mask? I'm sorry but when you say Wookie... A destroyer, emotional vampire and mood killer. Honestly, king Taejo must really have loved her, otherwise I don't know how he managed to live with her. Yessss... LJG wearing such beautiful clothes again. Really hanboks are beautiful imho but on LJG they even more beautiful. And LJG knows how to wear them with natural grace. As if he was born to wear hanbok (he probably was). And all those rich fabrics only make him look like heaven even more... Probably because of the blood. She's sick and that was probably the idea to not let the sickness spread around. Btw what's going on with the weather? It was warm before now it's snowing... On the other hand April can be like that so maybe in Goryeo it was normal. But clothing could be a hell for people. I mean - what to wear?! It's warm - cold - warm - cold - warm - cold every 5 minutes different weather. I'm sure he feels guilty. Of course! And no one should be ashamed of being ambicious. Especially as a scientist. It's all for science! Here! Swooning over LJG! Like I said... No tux but ohmygoooood those are from CimE! And he looked like million of dollars!!! Heeeeeereeeee! Were you worried about me? Maybe we shouldn't but he's a part of love triangle so it's hard not to mention him from time to time. And he's an interesting character to discuss. Different from Wang So in every way. And in that moment she finally looked like young woman. MH wasn't old and the actress isn't old either. Yet in Goryeo clothes she looks more like Wook's aunt than his wife. And I agree - she was sweet and caring. I just thought of something. Women in this drama chose their men and not one is happy in the end. Have you noticed? He's smart... to be precise he's on the same wavelength as Soo. He gets her idea quickly. Wook? He wants her but doesn't understand her. And trust me - I know So will not understand everything in the future but I explain that to myself that's because no one loved him before so he has no experience with relationship and what's happening between woman and a man. Besides he'll be in love and will not understand why it doesn't work like he thinks it should. But now? He's like made for her. And he really is - they just have complicated story that's all. Besides just by looking at his body language we can say he's totally into her - he bends to her all the time, comes closer and closer, looks into her eyes from like 1 cm distance... That would be ALL KINDS OF WRONG...unless it is built into comedic relief! And made up for with romance later. Noo! I hate comedic relief like that! I don't like when adults behave like silly teenagers or 10 year olds. Prefer other comedic reliefs. Good choice - Uncle Google is learning. Oh true. But I don't know if there's any outfit that he doesn't look good in it. As queen Yoo mentioned earlier - he wasn't rised to be a tiger. Oh no, my lady, he was raised to be a wolf and the day will come when you'll feel sorry for that. Maybe he was affraid they made Soo do it. Special privilege for wolf-dog. I wonder if he cared if someone told him he can't carry a sword. After all he's a prince not a commoner. I believe commoners couldn't have swords. But on the other hand there were guards - they weren't unarmed. Tell him that! In his face! Don't forget the ritual! The illumination of princes behind paper (?) walls - impressive. I think she has but the will of revenge is stronger than anything. Wow! I've finished quoting!
  6. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Aaaaah Satto! 100% of a man! Every omen on heaven and earth shows that I'll have 2018 calendar with Eun Oh for every month. I think she died after being beaten, saw too many deaths etc. This is something people usually complain about - female character who fights for her rights at first during the show stops being like that. But usually those characters had to went through a lot of nasty stuff. I don't know who'd be still optimistic, happy and get on with her life as if nothing happened. I wouldn't. This scene shows (and thank you, LJG, for doing it so perfectly!!!) that So... is still a boy. How old was he then? 16? 17? No matter what happened he still needs a mother. And poor thing he doesn't have normal parents. His father is a king and has more important things on his shoulders than his son's issues (but I still believe that somehow he was observing So as if he was curious what kind of man he'll be). His mother loved him when he was little then something happened and she started to hate him. And she sent him away. To a woman who's insane and to a house where he's hostage. I think everyone there wanted to get rid of him and their ideas of painfull death were... can't find word. But this was an awful situation for So. Also! His brothers and half-brothers threat him like an animal. Some of them despise him, most of them are affraid of him. So is only defending himself but it seems everyone feels angry about that. I wonder what they would do in his place. It's adorable and shows our So like a gentleman. You see this situation was strange - Soo isn't servant, right? Then why she had to take a meal to So? I mean who cares what servants thing? This is their job. Also why did she has to take heavy container alone? She also has to take it back - once again she's doing it alone. So wanted to help as we can see but I believe he had no courage yet. This is a new thing for him. A girl who's not affraid of him (most of the time ), who has balls to scold him and stand next to him without threating him badly or calling him names or wanting to run away. I think So doesn't know what to do with this. I'd say "words" instead of lies. I think he really believes in what he's saying when he's talking. But those are only words. And I'm not saying that a woman should stand for her own safety, she should not depend on men etc. Sure she does but it's impossible to defend yourself against so many people. Sometimes you need help. So helps. Wook only talks. But the funny part is that she bumped into him walking onto her as if he was planning all this. And then... his idea was to call her his woman... Phew! So hot here... do we have summer in the middle of November? He's cool and maybe he doesn't wear shining armour (at least not yet) but he saves the day. But I must admit - the fighting scene with Kang Ha Neul was great to watch. Yeah and he was wishy-washy which was annoying. Once he says So saved him, then he insults him. And queen Yoo was so stupid in that scene. Ooooh Jung stay away from him he'll bring you bad luck blah blah blah - yeah and saving you a** is a bad luck then I want the same bad luck! Btw when So punched Jung I was cheering. With Soo saying to So to take care of himself. That was sweet. Another moment when So could just fall for her - she cares. Now... my episode 4 "review". First of all it's an episode when I saw that something is wrong with Wook for the first time. It shows that all he does is just talking but he doesn't do any action. Like - he wants to behave civilised towards So but in the end he doesn't. He wants to protect Soo, but he doesn't. Later we will see that he'll want to marry Soo but he "can't find perfect moment to ask his father for permission". Also he behaved as if he wanted to be nice to So... but as long as he knows his place and this place is where Wook tells him. Another scene where Wook wants to do something but he doesn't - the moment when Yeon Hwa beats Soo. What Wook did? Well... uhmm... errr... hmm... He looked shocked, yes, hmm... ahm... and he was standing there like an idiot just watching! While young woman is defenceless and beaten! It was So who reacts and stops this situation. And tells YH that Soo is his person. This is a protection for Soo - only few words and she became untouchable. What Wook did? He behaves as if he was jelaous that Soo could do something - ANYTHING - and made sure no one would touch Soo. Wook didn't move a finger. I don't know maybe Wook was waiting until Soo is beaten till she loses consciousnes and then he could be the nice guy who takes care of her wounds. Blah! To me this is the last sign for viewers to which team they should join and it's totally team So. I feel pity for Myung Hee - she really loves her husband dearly but knows and stops kidding herself that he really loves her. In my opinion he does love her in a way but still - it's not romantic love. It's like love for someone you take care of but not love you feel when you meet the person of your life. As for So - this is how he really is. Tough on the outside, soft in the inside for people he cares about. He know how to love - it's not love what he feels yet but the episode shows that he really is a human being. And I believe that every person in the world (well, maybe not psychopaths) need a moment from time to time when someone caresses him/her. So is like that. Like a wounded cat. Doesn't trust, preferst to attack before someone hurt him but when he trusts you he can be like fluffy kitten. I'm sure you can even scratch his belly. Another theory by cedarwood who drank too much wine - maybe this story was too complicated? Korea loved the simple story of young king falling in love with young girl and the perfectly know part of girl pretending to be a boy - maybe they felt safe with that storyline and Wang So was too complicated? You know with all that story you have to think. And it's not Joseon. Afraid??? Nahhhhhh Afraid that in his next project he'll avoid kissing and run away when the lady will be ready for a kiss. Lol. lol. lol. but we all came here to be silly, don´t we? at least i do. and your comments are always so right... Maybe my posts are too silly for soompi's liking. Oh yes Wook - YH and HS are your persons. And pigs can fly! Deep observation: long slender fingers but his hand don't look like hands of a pianist - I see those hands and one thing that comes to my mind is: SWORD! You think so? I take my academic work v. serious so I must take some more pictures. Will do so... maybe tomorrow. Sorry for being such a bad scholar. But I bet you at least thought that maybe I'm right and his eyes can kill, admit it. *Hires a food taster * Of course… One day I'll die of laughter and it will be your fault. So now you'll wait and watch the rest with us? Since I'm afraid soompi won't keep this post (you scare me, guys!) and since it's 1.00 a.m. in here I'm going to bed. Talk to you soon. And of course t.b.c.
  7. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Same here. Or beanies. He wears this one like a dwarf. The most handsome dwarf in the world but still. Arghhh it's so frustrating! But maybe my observations weren't that relevant and soompi was like "I won't let @antoniaclamens answer this sillyness!" I can. What browser do you use? I chose google chrome and it works. Sniff... I must stop writing now or I'll be late to work. T.B.C.
  8. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    I think he was tired and (maybe it's just me) a bit scared. Have you noticed he didn't smile at all? And why did he cover his eyes? There was no sun already. Hmm... maybe he was hiding dark rings or something. Yes but half sister is still a sister and you wouldn't even think about marrying your half brother nowadays. To us it's strange and disgusting but back then it could be considered normal. Besides looking at relationship between Yo and queen Yoo it's... a bit disturbing, don't you think? In few episodes she will confess to him and say that she's also a woman. I don't have any reason to doubt that - why not? He was different. He was strong. He was everything but the men around her. And she could chose him not be "sold" to a man. To her he could really be attractive man. And he was all the time away so she could treat him like a man, not a brother and create some romantic image in her head. I don't know, maybe it's the actors thing but I had no doubts she really loves and wants him. And the chemistry between them was really good. I'd love to see a drama one day when she would be his bride - I mean woman WANTED by him. I believe they'd repeat that wonderful something they had on screen in ML. True, they are. The most beautiful eyes in whole Korea. And probably in the world. Oh you want me to put images of LJG hmmm? Well... if you insist... Enjoy those leathal lasers. I know, he spoiled us with his previous drama with so many kisses and... well... his last drama - no kiss at all. I'm affraid what's next. Ooooh could you share your research results? You know... for academic purposes. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/mofo Somehow I knew this will be the explanation. *prepares sleeping pills* Sure... I'm so waiting... soooo much... Dang... Must go to sleep. T.B.C. (please, be patient with me)
  9. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Well... looking at what was happening there seeing your mother naked wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Remember that Yo WANTED Yeon Hwa as his bride. And So married her. And the girl was in love with So. Tiny detail - she was their sister. I think at this point his heart didn't waver - she was just kind to him and v. delicate. And he wasn't into Soo then. So... he was more like "interesting, nice, beautiful woman" (they all apparently had no problem she was their sister). He discovered Soo's merits later. But I think if there was no Soo there would be v. nice love story between Yeon Hwa and Wang So. No idea but that makes her creepy. And if you could believe it - they can be even more piercing. Like lasers. Remember that LOOK when he realized the girl in front of him is his daughter? Just... WOW! Think differently about it - it was worth waiting. What makes me frustrated is that is only woman's scar - So's scar never was an issue when it comes to marriage. And it seems that the king can have as many scars as he wants but nooo, not his woman, no way. Btw WHY? Why a woman couldn't have a scar? Is it because those times were so dangerous that scar-less (?!) body was considered beautiful? But if we're talking about king's marriage - weren't there thing more important??? I'm just curious. I only noticed then that MH looked in Wook's hands like porcelain delicate doll. She looked so fragile and small! Btw - what is mofo? I'm so shallow - I can only think how incredibly sexy he looked with blood on his face. *hides under carpet* They won't find me here... Btw is there the instrumental from the background of the fight with monks? I mean in the OST? I've noticed that too - it is strange. In modern dramas knives aren't censored as long as you cut tomato with it. But against other person - it's blurry. But no censoring swords. I don't mind that - I'd hate to see blurry sword. It's just funny and strange when you watch dramas and don't understand the idea behind that censoring. Bless you for thinking this way. And those seen and unseen scars. Wang So has many scars visible on his body. But I wonder how many scars he has in his soul. Countless! Oops... that's hard for me - where will I find a child? That will like me? That I will like??? Your inno-what? I really appreciate your black trouser parade. Let's just face it - our man is slender however we look. Btw I read somewhere he doesn't like his legs, that they are fat or something. Silly baby - they're not fat - those are muscles made from over 30 years of doing taekwondo. I love his legs and what he can do with them. Yes. Def. his hands and back. Of course. I'll just wait till you're so tired you'll fall asleep and then... prrrreciousssss...
  10. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Ok ok ok ok ok I saw episode n.3! It was so awesome! Okay before I start swooning over LJG - I can't stop appreciate how Kang Ha Neul did his job. He's perfect don't you think? I love those scene where the drama shows how slowly he falls for Soo. He thinks she's funny (even when she cries because she saw people being murderded), she uses words he doesn't understand (stress hahahhaha) and step by step he forgets himself. He's a bit torn between being faithfull to his wife and new crush. He of course could have consorts but he's different and he wants to be different. I don't know how to explain that but in this episode we really see that he's totally into Soo to the point when he should shatut his mouth. I mean he says that she's funny, she makes him joyfull, she says inapropriate thing... the trouble is he says that to his wife and he's as if he never noticed that. Poor Myung Hee. She's not bad woman. She chose to marry for love and doesn't want her husband to suffer too much but she can't hide it's painful to her that he talks about other woman before her and that she sees the crush that gets stronger. I can't wait to see the moment when Soo realizes that the "nightmare" she described to Myung Hee is happening now - and she's the bad girl in this nightmare. Even if Myung Hee is too noble and realizes her husband loves her more like sister not like a wife - it's still painfull to watch. Also I love that he and Wang So immediatelly thought about Yo when Soo mentioned a person in a fur. And then Wook tried to provoke Yo and make him admit his crime - did you see that? As if he tried to tell him: "I know it was you". Now to LJG - ok, can we stop repeating about his perfection? No, you're right - he's perfection. I totally love every little move of his facial muscles, every sad smile, every tear in his eye, every emotion Wang So tries to hide but LJG does his best to show what's happening inside. See the scene with Ji Mong and king Taejo? His father asks him about his injury - the reaction is only like half of the second. Of course he says that he's fine, it's nothing serious etc. etc. But I'm talking about this less than a second moment that happens in his eyes - or one eye to be precise. That surprise that his father asks, that in some harsh way he cares if he lived or dies. It wasn't a question like "oh dear, are you ok? show me your injury - are you sure it doesn't hurt anymore?" No - it's simply asked question but to Wang So is probably like heaven opening its doors. SOMEONE finally cares, finally is interested. Maybe he stopped feeling like an unwanted dog anymore. He still is like a wounded animal. And I just noticed - he's always dressed in black and the cloud of black hair makes him even darker. He's like a grim crow among colourfull parrots. And a bit like a puppy who was treated badly and doesn't trust anyone - he's like: "don't touch me or I'll bite!" but at the same time he longs for petting. And after that he'd be the most faithfull puppy in the world. In time Soo will pett him in the right way and he'll love with all his heart, body and soul. LJG is one of those actors who are able to show all those emotions perfectly. Research you say? That gif is sexy as hell. Strange what a warrior with blood on his face can do to woman's heart. See? See? I always said we should put him in prison for that! Illegal beauty is a crime. We should... oh you know nightshifts are all mine! So... there are 3 versions???? Where to get them??? Ok he made me cry. (Not to mention I can't listen to this song without crying.) I'm a fan of some Tarantino's films but not Kill Bill. And I agree - the scene in ep. 3 isn't like KB's scenes in any way. I don't mind it either. Actually... I didn't care how he looked as long as he was Severus (except the scene at the end of book n.3 where he wanted a medal and behaved like sulking princess ). A question - when LJG doesn't look gorgeous? Think carefully. You have 2 years for an answer. WHAT! I saw that scene... I'm sure of it... but not this time. Not in my ep.3! When this scene happens? In ep. 3? When exactly? Of course we can - it's his hair. Right? RIGTH? No, you're right! He keps her by her shoulders if she wanted to break free she had her change - moving her feet (kicking) or hands (at least pinching!) and she did none of those things - and a moment age she bites an enemy to free herself. So... she didn't want to stop him to keep her close tehehehehe. Remind me what's that? Yes but that's exactly the point - she may not considered but she gave him life and in the end it was her son who became an emperor. You know... the only thing that you can say to queen Yoo after So's coronation is... "IN YOUR FACE, B****!" t.b.c.
  11. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    The choice of emoji to this sentence just killed me.
  12. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Ooooohhhhh emoji-review by @pixelsticks! And guess what! I CAN SEE EMOJIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Plus LJG will never look like Severus. Maybe that "fullness" was tiredness + jetlag + ramen last night? Exactly. That's true but he could be like Yo - Yo had a wife (he mentioned it once... or maybe twice). Bet she wasn't happier than Myung Hee. MH at least could say that her husband is good to her. Yes but my point is - he became evil. In my opinion he wasn't bad from the beginning. The most scandalous kiss in k-drama history. I still wonder WHAT a kiss it must have been! And will never know... No idea. Sometimes I see some dramas with korean subs on youtube but I'm not sure if it's always like this. Poor you! Hope youll get well soon. Need some vitamins? Like vitamins L, J and G? True. And that is stupid of them 'cause they showed Hyun Jun as action man from the beginning and then... he rarely was actually doing any action. Such a waste... I'd die to see what was cut off! HD?
  14. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    @glassnokamen - check them all. http://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/11-korean-celebrities-sharpest-jawlines-like-knives/ The whole thing is just a list, I don't think the order is important.
  15. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Oh thank you for translation!!! I love that he keeps in touch with his co-stars after the drama is ended. I wonder if he does that for a long time. I mean we usually see some signs of contact on instagram etc. but then... it stops. Like they don't talk too much anymore. But maybe they don't do that in a public. Oh yes this one issss... Not talking about bromance. More like cooperation. Believe me when I woken up the first thing I thought was: "Damn it!" I didn't get it too. Not getting any notifications at all. I wonder why... I wish they didn't cut the scene of him running on rooftops and the scene from your gif would look like this. In actual drama it looked different - filmed from different angle and there was no arresting moment. Sniff... Hmm... I don't dream often about celebrities. I had like 2 or 3 dreams with LJG, I believe I had one with LMH and for some reason one that looked like a drama with Kim Hyun Joon, no idea why, I'm not his fan. Will come back from work and will watch ML 3. Yaaaay!!! And then will discuss the whole thing with you. @antoniaclamens I see your post.