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  1. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Oh this. Trust me - several times I was sure I lost my post - errors, page frozen... and it was when I had sooooo loooong post already!!! But it turned out to be ok. You guys wrote so many interesting thoughts about ML I just HAD TO answer them all. Hmm you're right - she was the only person who could fell down so he just caught her. I wonder if people were affraid of him because he did something bad to them or they just based their opinion on gossips and legends? Probably the second thing - simple people don't need too much to be scared.
  2. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Yes but why did he care? He didn't care about anybody else on his way. And he wasn't a gentleman. Let me put it this way... Yo was nasty brat till the end. I don't know why queen Yoo loved him so much. On the other hand she made him so. Did... did I do something special? *looks around* I barely recognized him on the right.
  3. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Oh yeah!!! But I must admit - he had so small amout of action scenes - I was hoping for more. Bet it would be like that. In my case it has nothing to do with courage - I had no other choice. I was waiting so much for this drama so it was impossible to wait few weeks longer to watch the whole thing. Then it was impossible to stop. And it was almost impossible to live - I couldn't think about anything else except this drama. I was so hooked and so totally loved Wang So... Something I thought I'm like on high. What's wrong with fangirling? Heyyyy we watch it for pleasure, fangirling is one of those pleasure reacions. Really? Well now you know that suits and shirts for women are the same as lingerie for men. Because we thought it's obvious. Oh btw you must prepare because LJG in this drama is extra sexy. Count kisses!!! And also count how many times you'll watch the bath scene tehehehehhee HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! I tried to count them but must try again becasue I totally failed. I think about 12 but I may be wrong. That's why there's a task for you - count them. And do it carefully. Oh...! How am I supposed to sleep? And DON'T have special dreams? *cough* Edit: Ouch! 2 long post from me... you're gonna kill me...
  4. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Yup, that's one of them. I know how you feel. But on the other hand it's great opportunity to see our man in his best performance (I think it's the best one but I have to see all his dramas again to make sure... what a great idea I have!!!). Observing his acting is the best prize. Yes please do it! There's no such thing like too many gifs of LJG therefore share all of them with us. The best word would be - EXCITED. He shows up in perfect moment and in perfect way. Who would not fall for a man on a horse with red sun in the background? I mean if you're not Scarlett O'Hara and you're not after ball-less man for years before you realize you prefer real men then... Never knew I had this talent of description. Esp. in English. But I'm glad you like it. And what your heart answered? I asked mine for stillness but hell no - when I see LJG my heart wants to see it too and do it personally. That's why every time it tries to get out of my chest... A task - will have to count his screentime to check if it's really only 5 minutes... I wasn't great fan of this scene (until Hae Soo comes out of the water teheheh) but now I saw something else - every prince has it's own itroduction here. You totally see from the first moment what kind of person every prince is. Have you noticed? But now those differences don't matter that much - later they'll go deeper. As for Eun - now I know the tragedy that will happen in some time and my heart just can't stand the pain. Exactly! Wang Eun - happy and silly like a child, Wang Wook taking care of others, Baek Ah likes to flirt... and that evil prince too (don't remember the name now) with Prince no 9 who only talks to him - that's also a sign of alliance. I'm so glad you're fine. Awww... that must be painful to realize... it is not... Btw before the k-drama I watched the c-drama just to know what to expect and so I could also see how chinese dramas are made. So I was a bit prepared. But... can you be prepared when you have LJG on screen? I knew what's gonna happen in general and how it's gonna end but LJG made it even more painful and unforgetable. K-dramas look different than c-dramas and you always have to expect different quality, different reallities, different acting... the whole thing was... how to say it in English? Hmm... the whole thing was errr... made more emotional, you feel more when you watch it. And then there's Lee Joon Gi with his amazing performance, like the sweetest cherry on top of chocolate cake (whipped cream included). I couldn't say it better myself! Me too. It wasn't explained, was it? I have a theory that before the scar So was queen Yoo's favourite son. Then he got the scar and to her the scar was like reminding her of the moment of her weakness and shame (she lost). So she started to hate him (it's idiotic, I know but I really tried to understand that hatred toward her son of whom she should be really proud) and give her motherly love to another son. My other theory was that Yo wasn't born then. Or... wait... he was the 3rd so he had to be born. Hmm... No idea. Maybe Wang So being at that moment was only an accidence? On the other hand he couldn't say to a prince "You'll be dead before you have any child, don't bother". I realized that he always "predict" good things to princes. Like he said to Wang Mu that his star is the king's star. That's true - he was crown prince. But he never told him that he'll die young killed by his brother. The scene with the plane shows that he didn't want to say too much and def. not something unpleasant. MAYBE he told the king that Wang So will be the king who'll rule for long time. I was always curious about that looks he gave him when So wasn't looking at the king. It was like curiosity and... I don't know - observing his son. And all those things he had to go through - just to make him stronger. But that's only guessing. Now stop for few seconds... we know what will happen in next episode - WHY Wang So bothered to pick up Hae Soo? Just to th.row her from the horse? For fun? An instinct? What's the reason? He didn't know her and at first he didn't even like her. Then.. why? I have no problem with that. Esp. that we're going to focuns on Wang So, fangirling included, tons of pictures permited and all praises for our man is a priority. Objectivism? What's that? No, I think we better stay here. Awwww he was so cute then I can't stop smiling. Comment even if all you can say would be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! And then: RIOKB BFUNKMUWE<OIH KSxj gnumKKHNKDNEJYXGHNnhkjlsmeudnkwyeuxnzzuny I wonder if he used to read stuff like this before. WHAT! Ok... maybe it's just me... but I'd watch the drama for LJG... even if he was paired with a broom (and not even Nimbus 2000 or Firebolt!). THANK YOU! Love you for them. His profile is perfect. Once again I was amazed how beautiful this man is. What song? Wanna hear it. That's Drama City! I saw that! (Yeah, I know, it's not surprising since I saw everything.) No woman between 1 and 101 y.o. can be safe from LJG's charm... OH MY GOOOOOD that gif... I think we learn from the drama a lot about his past with the Kangs. He was a prisoner there no matter what officially his evil mother said - the Kangs weren't his loving family. He was more like a hostage to them. They left him with wolves so he could be killed (imagein what painful death they wish he died!). The Kang mother was crazy so I can imagine how she threat him esp. that Wang So wasn't blind or stupid yet he tried to find love in the heart of his evil mother - that makes me think that even queen Yoo with her cold heart was better that lady Kang we never get to know. He did what he could to stay in the palace - the palace, as we know, was cruel place. And he prefered this than the Kangs. Not to mention he came with the Kang's cronies who try to tell him what to do, how to behave in front of the king as if he wasn't the king's son - more like their property. To me that's enough to know that his past with the Kangs was awful. Didn't? I thought that "Miluju TE~♡" was Czech... but maybe it's Slovak... You'd recognize your language. Stupid cedarwood. Don't pay attention on me. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! There's polish expression!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *IS PROUD* But... we already started here... Oh well I'll go there if you insist. Aaaahhh so it wasn't there from the beginning. The mystery is solved. Ha! I'm glad he read your post and reacted. He's so sweet... Sometimes I think LJG thinks like "They'll love me even more - I have special weapon for that case. My voice!" and then he lowers it. And I'm like... *thud* You sure about this? Hae Soo we know is different Hae Soo before the drama. Even her cousin said to her that she's different, more mature. I doubt there was something between Hae Soo and Wang Wook before - a grown up man running after some silly girl? He was too caring for his wife so I could believe that he tried to pick up Hae Soo before "the accident". Don't forget to mention Wang So! Which means... they're hiding something from us. LJG wouldn't lie to us... would he??? But... you know... there are reasons to believe that... they'll find each other. I think I said that before - I think about it like about Gone with the wig - I never doubted that new Scarlett who finally understands her heart will get Rhett back. There's one thing about this mask - strangely it makes him even more beautiful. I don't know how to explain that but... that's how I see it. I remember that in the first week we got 3 episodes. Don't you remember that? I was so happy. As always - till next drama. I was like "Yay!" - too short for my liking but I regocnized LJG by his eyes immediatelly and almost jumped for joy. Something like this: Oh c'mon your review is v. cool (except... maybe it's just me but I can't see emoticons - I see oly links to them - no idea why). It's so good to read your POV and what you remember from your first watching. I think I watch the international one. No idea what's the difference. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! *chokes on her tea*
  5. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Just saw the first episode of SHR... oh dear... where to start?! I'm still in the team that appreciates IU's work - I really like that girl and no one will ever convince me she was bad. Princes - all different, all differently played. Baek Ah is charming, Wang Moo... well, sorry, he's like mummy to me - expressionless. Wang Wook - perfect (I always liked Kang Ha Neul). I appreciate actress who plays queen Yoo. She's doing her job wonderfully even if her character is #$%^&*!!! Still love the music, the atmosphere, the drama is so beautiful it's almost painful. The moment when Hae Soo goes through the water to Goryeo is still one of my favourite moments of the first episode (and the whole drama too), esp. that the scene changes into a moment when Wang So shows up for the first time. And what an entrance it was! Sun behind his back, the sky is red like blood, he gallops on black land... those few seconds are enough for me to totally fall in love with Wang So. His perfect side isn't necessary to make me fall for him even more ok, it does. Lee Joon Gi... his eyes... so full of pain, anger and torment... First episode shows Wang So as wounded animal - ready to attack first before someone else attacks him. People treat him like an animal and I believe he feels that way a bit too. They call him wolf dog and knowing his past (from our first watching the drama) he was a bit like wild animal. Wang Wook tries to treat him like human being or at least talk about him with sympathy but he's not a person who'd do something more with that. He doesn't like the way other brothers treat So but he's not fighting too much with them. The rest of the family? Let's see - father observes him but doesn't come closer, mother hates him and we can see that in few seconds, brothers? Apart from Wook they all either dislike him, are affraid of him or threat him like something nasty - don't come too close it may stink. To tell you the truth those things I wrote about him can be written in one line: Wang So is extremely lonely. He's not loved by anyone (well, except his sister but... ehm... well...). He feels so lonely he even tries to not be too friendly with Ji Mong, a person who could be actually on his side. For now he feels like he's lost case. He has to make deal to stay at home and stop being a hostage (a son! who are they trying to fool?!). And he'll have to fight for his rights for some time now. And to me he has to fight for his right to be considered as human being.
  6. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    It has - there's Bruno Mars's song (not sang by Bruno though) in the background. At first I didn't hear it too but had to switch the sound on. Oooooh yes! A drama AND a movie! It was like that last year. He made us sooo happy about that and then... we cried so much while watching the movie and drama. He must carefully chose this time. I mean dehydration can be v. dangerous. Ok jokes aside - I hope that no matter what he does he'll find some time for himself. Sometimes I think he's at work 24/7. His job is v. tiresome. I feel lucky to be honest - I go to work and after doing my stuff I go back home and do whatever I want. Him? After doing tiresome drama he does interviews, photoshots, fms, concerts... Some of those stuff he does even while still making a drama. As much as I love to see him daily news about his holiday would be the best news to me.
  7. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    What do you think are the qualifications? On the other hand calling the song "forget about it" would be pointless. I know... Wang So makes us all give him love he deserves... and it will be painfull to watch some parts... but don't we love him in his happy moments as well as in bad moments? When he's angry, heartbroken or let down once again? We will love him in every minute. And let's just say it - LJG is worth our pain. Me too... For selfish reasons I prefer drama - it's available the same day and mooooore LJG to watch. But of course if LJG wants to do a movie I won't say no.
  8. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    I probably won't be able to watch 2 episodes. Watching other dramas too not to mention hard times at my work are coming next week, I'll be working all days, maybe nights for a while - can't promise I'll be alive. I don't see a problem in watching Wang So for a loooooong time. This is called false start! That's not possible - times zones and different RL obligations will not permit it. But same week. That would work if I had the ambition to be the best leader. Sure but what I meant is that you're on set all the time. And no matter if you make action scene or romance scene - after some times you're v. tired and basically sleep while standing on your legs. That's what worries me. Those are the moments when you have to say to yourself that it is quality that counts, not quantity. The moment Wang So shows up on screen is one of the best scenes ever. And one of my favorites too. He really is.
  9. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    You mean SoaW with Al Pacino or kdrama? And as we talk about good tango - let's not forget about this one: (wait till half of the video) My idea - we watch it on mondays or thuesdays and if someone have no time then - joins asap and comments with us. All praises for LJG are welcomed. Congratulations then! Pity the prize wasn't doing something naughty with JG. (I hope he doesn't read me.) But I hope... if he does 50 episode drama one day I hope this won't be live action one. 20 episodes of live action is tiresome - 50 episodes must be murderous. I'm UTC +01:00 Tired and lonely? With LJG? LONELY??? You've got to be kidding me! But you're right - I shouldn't do it alone. I promised to be good. Well... I should carefully select those who'll be very happy those who are qualified enough. *cough* I'll answer that when I stop laughing.
  10. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Time for stupid question - BWAAA? When it comes to MLSHR music... I won't comment songs but instrumental music is beautiful. I don't know how many times I've been listening to instrumental MLSHR music. Esp. Agonal howl. Oh yes. And pink shirt + gold pendant. 1 ep. per week is a good idea. Loooonger watching and I believe everyone will find one hour for the drama in a week. At least I hope so!
  11. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Bang bang... my baby shot me down... Lucky girl. Btw her smile is lovely I wonder which reason is more tempting. It is not legal! It shouldn't be! Remember my idea of special prison for LJG? I'm still ready to take care of... ehm... duties. Please don't kill me but... no, not really. I'm not a fan of crocs to me they look hideous. But hey - whenever he wears something... erm... not pretty I immediatelly imagine taking that thing off him. Hello honey!!! Why are you red? Did you do something naughty? I still have 4 episodes left and tomorrow will finally be the day when I see them. Btw the drama is over and it's sad but also this totally awesome song is finally out!!! It's not the same as watching LJG's drama every week (and of course LJG doesn't sing here) but as a small thing to cheer fans ups... I'm serious - the drama had 2 absolutely awesome main songs. Welcome @htk9207! As for the thing you mentioned - LJG is probably the only actor who would make me watch medical drama. I'm not a fan of those. Also as much as I'd love to watch LJG in 50 episodes drama... no, no weekend dramas. No. Oh no. They're usually not interesting at all. I tried few of them - dull as hell. But if our man did 50 ep. long drama like i.e. Six flying dragons - YES! PLEEEEASEEEE!!! Really? I'm not a total fan of Hero but there were some good things in this drama: - Joon Gi was wearing cool clothes, - he was cute, lovely, didn't know how to use his fist (imagine that! ) and yet he wast fighting for good case - Ji Chang Wook in the background - drunk LJG singins Sorry sorry - THE tango - LJG taking care of kids (hands up those who weren't cooing over him cutting the boy's nails - no hands?) etc. etc. etc. Wish he had some other lady lead - this one did't match and she was too skinny. But you know - the idea is to watch together THE WHOLE drama. Awesome! The more the merrier.
  12. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    We should! We had this idea some time ago... Awwww! So sweet of him he did that. I know it's only a picture but people took so many pictures of him already and he's always ready to please his fans. We are that's why I'm trying to be good. Just for you, girls! Awww bless you! Will check them in a minute. Ladies! There's a reason we really MUST rewatch SHR together! See what bluelilac1214 wrote above? I want to read those dissertations! Ok you're forgiven. I'm so used to have you here in our JG-family I forgot when you discovered JG. I know... the story of Wang So breaks heart. You know... I think we should threat his last words to camera as a promise he makes happen. It's like with Gone with the wind - the book ends in a moment when Scarlett swears she'll have Rhett back and as we know her there's nothing she can't do so we're sure she'll have him back. Wang So also made many things that were said impossible to him come true - even becoming a king. And he promises at the end he'll find his Soo. Anyone has any doubts he will? Of course I'd LOVE to see their reunion on screen but since I must trust Wang So... I will. He was a jerk. Poor JG's character (don't remember his name now) - he made even a little cute snowman for that ungrateful woman! But there are things really worth watching in this drama: 1. One of the most beautiful fight scenes with our man (the disco scene with dim lights and stuff) 2. His "welcome on a screen" scene - in a bed waking up and starting to kiss pretty woman. Phew! Why is so hot in here??? Autumn started! And if you never had second lead syndrome - this time you will. LJG is just cute in the drama. And so funny! Aaaaand sexy as hell - you'll forget those strange clothes the moment you see him in bathrobe...
  13. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Me too! And Arang ant the Magistrate! And TBDAW! And TW! And SWWTN! Aaaaaand Iljimae! Aaaaaand Joseon gunman! Aaaaaaaaaand even Hero and My girl! Simply EVERYTHING! And I really would love to have Virgin snow on DVD. PS the last pic - he really looks as if he was up to something...
  14. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    That means the dvd works everywhere. WHY DON'T HIS DRAMAS HAVE REGION ALL??? Would it kill somebody if we could buy legal copy and enjoy it??? This one is my favourite too. No idea. But I want to be that spoon...
  15. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Yup. So you have to start behaving again. Now I also thought I'll be there a bit longer but I misunterstood something. Anyway I had an intense 3 days in England. I wonder if His Perfection Lee Joon Gi needs photoshop anyway.