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  1. I am so frustrated there's still no trailer arghhh!!! I'm probably overreacting since it's LJG's drama. I'm with you! I said that so many times that LJG showed me that saeguks are really good dramas and I love them ever since. So he's my saeguk master.
  2. I am totally into b/w esp. like those. The Vogue session is the bomb.
  3. Those cringy cheesy pickup lines that audience love so much and guarantee a success of the drama. And based on the words behind those underlined - who knows? He said that FORTUNATELY he didn't rejected Goblin or DOTS. It is but still DOTS are still on people's mind and I really don't think it's a bad drama. But ok I may be the only one person here who liked it. As for popularity - I think it's different in Korea than in USA or anywhere else. I believe actors in Korea don't have that much choice and it's possible that low ratings can kill someone's career. It was so strange case with Moon lovers that Koreans didn't like the drama that much (they prefered typical love story but well... I can't change that) while everywhere else it was such a huge success. That said I really think it's another world in Korea. I too prefer Joon Gi in quality drama but sometimes... sometimes I think he should make even not so good quality drama but the one that will remind Koreans why they loved him so much in the beginning. And while he's still there. Press " sign above writing place. Close to emoticon button. And then paste the article there. That's what I was thining but couldn't express myself. I really should learn English. Sniff...
  4. Maybe his character will be a newbie as a profiler but I doubt he'll be total beginner at police work. I'm so excited!!! As for KES dramas and LJG - I'm not a fan of her entire works but she has talent to create great moments. And DOTS were great to watch actually because she finally gavet up creating jerks as heroes. It was so refreshing to watch really nice man as main character and a lady who doesn't lose her character during the drama. I heard Goblin was promising at the beginning but then it became boring. I hope she'll write good story this time.
  5. I'm speechless too when it comes to those Vogue pictures. As for LJG talking about "dynamic character" - to me it means a character that changes during the drama. LJG has an experience in playing characters like this. So Hyun was like that, Wang So, Tae San, even our favorite vampire was like that. I can't wait to see the drama! Btw it's frustrating that there's still no trailer. I mean - look at other dramas! A trailer was available at least month before the premiere and when it comes to LJG's drama? Second year we have similar situation. Drama starts v. soon and still no proper promotion. With Moon lovers was the same story. Remember that? Do dramatrolls want to kill LJG's career or what???
  6. But the Vogue session... what a class! And b/w pictures, mhmmm... love them.
  8. Oh deffinitely! As always. Aaaah thank you @glassnokamen for posting pix. Wow, those pix are stunning... I love them!
  9. I don't know which version is better. The first pic he looks lovely, the second - more... I don't know... can't put my finger on it. Hear! Hear! Hope everything is ok and you won't forget about us if rl swallow you. Let's just say it out loud - his eyes are Korea's national treasure. Hahhahhaa! I love your gifs! Since I'm in Wang So mood (am I ever in different mood?!)... I wish all our prayers ended up like this (I could be v. religious if they did!) Enjoy last hours of weekend!
  10. And while sleeping he was avoiding paper balls or whatever she was throwing at him. We do but I can't stop thinking that he's constantly hungry. Just thinking - he's grown up man who keeps this weight... he must skip meals. I hope he won't feel sick. My hands and legs are up if you ask me! Esp when he does THOSE moves. One drama but WHAT A DRAMA! We still can't let go of his last drama. He prefers quality more than quantity. I like that. The waiting is of course killing me but on the other hand - Lee Joon Gi is worth my waiting. Btw gif parade of Wang So. I still, still, still totally love Wang So!
  11. Please tell me he's going to have a scene like this in the drama! LJG playing football with children awwwww!!! If you ask me I imagine Wang So in 2 different time travels. One is the real time travel to 21st century. No idea how but SOMEHOW??? Two - traveling through incarnations and trying to find Hae Soo in every life finally finding her nowadays. Honestly someone should at least write a fanfiction about it! Not me - my language will not allow me to express myself but someone talented. Ahhh what a good read it would be! Not really. It is adaptation of the novel. Really. They didn't make just drama remake, they made their own book adaptation. Same here although I'm cold hearted but when something touches my stony heart... oh dear... I change into Niagara sometimes. Exactly. I can believe that one or two people say that about him and that's because they're said to say so (does that make any sense?!) but when I read it from soooo many different people? No way, it can't be a coincidence. About spoiler - thank you. Will watch it, I like c-dramas too although not all (just like k-dramas - not all are interesting!) but historical ones are the bomb. Come to my funeral, dears, I'm dead! I thought he gained some weitght already but it doesn't seem so. He's so skinny...
  12. Hahaha! I believe we will mention him for loooooong time in the future. Dang! Will have to look for it. I love your hobby, you know?
  13. Online: True! I said it so many times that I'm always (so silly of me) believe that he can't be more gorgeous and everytime he proves me wrong. Yes, he can. And he'll be more gorgous in future. And to work with! He's sometimes compared to other korean stars and everyone says that he's really hard working person, v. professional, v. focused, never complaints and never behaves like a star or drama queen. Never seen that! Do you know where I can find his scenes in NonStop? I totally love your idea for those pix and wish you did all his characters like that. Can't chose my favourite thou. It's only because I know the whole movie by heart. Not that this stops me from watching it again and again and again. Me neither. But still there where so many great scene with him in this drama. Not only "Bye, Maria!" moment ( ) but also his first appearance in the drama - remember that? Looking like a young god Joon Gi wakes up in red bedding and the first thing he does is a passionate kiss with a woman. Now don't tell me you wouldn't love to see him doing something like that nowadays! Also no matter how I dislike the drama there is one of the best and best filmed fight scenes in LJG's career. Watch it - dim lights, smoke, dancing club and furious, desperate Lee Joon Gi starting a fight. Just for this scene it's worth to watch it. Not to mention LJG in bathrobe or snowman scene. Or LJG sleeping during important board meeting. I loved him the most when So Hyun regained memory. It was So Hyun with Kay under his skin and gooooosh... I loved how Joon Gi played that part. When he's wearing a mask his eyes look even more beautiful. Hear! Hear!!! I love your gifs parade. Thank you! Will ask - how's the drama? I have it and will watch it some day. Hello @jaysmurf! Welcome on a board! And trust me - it's never too late to appeciate LJG's talent.
  14. You don't want to know how many times I've seen that moment in FDF. With the fight of course. Hahahhaahahhaa! You so funny. Exactly my thoughts! Don't forget the funny side of his character here - if you saw the movie and remember the bicycle scene. Action element was for few seconds at the beginning when he kicked few guys's a****. VS is my favourite movie when I'm sad, stressed, had bad day and feel like the whole world hates me - the movie always cheers me up. Love your gifs parade! It was. And after leaving the army he has no problem with "flower boy image" ever again. I was wondering if his filmography will ever surprise me again. I mean I think now I saw everything except for his military stage show. At least I could see some pictures. But if you hear about anything from his past projects tell me I'll run the whole Internet to find it.
  15. I feel so not guilty. Whenever I come to this thread I'm prepared for death. And I mean ANOTHER one. Looking at how many other actors interact with him, praise him, directors and the rest of the crew of so many projects... he must be a really nice person. Be a good girl and take care of yourself. Joon Gi dissapproves! Oh my god you just made my day! Pfff! Not day - you just made my month!!! Never seen those photos!!! A teaser of a photoshot I say... So you're also pro-cloning? In special cases?