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  1. Korean drama of the week "Emergency Couple" 2017/07/20 | 370 views | | Permalink | Source Korean drama of the week "Emergency Couple" (2014) Directed by Kim Cheol-gyoo Written by Choi Yoon-jung Network : tvN With Song Ji-hyo, Choi Jin-hyuk, Lee Pil-mo, Choi Yeo-jin, Clara, Lee Mi-young,... 21 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:40 Formerly known as "Emergency Boy and Girl" on HanCinema Synopsis Choi Jin-hyeok and Song Ji-hyo star in this playful and sexy drama about a medical school student, Chang-min, and a dietitian, Jin-hee, who fall in love and marry despite his family's strong opposition. When Chang-min marries Jin-hee, he gives up his medical internship to become a pharmaceutical salesman despite the fact that the rest of his family are successful doctors. Their married life is miserable as Chang-min's family looks down on Jin-hee and Chang-min begins to treat her poorly. They finally divorce and go their separate ways until they are suddenly reunited as interns working at the same hospital. Will this couple's tumultuous feelings for each other be rekindled? source:
  2. This makes me soo happy to read, Emergency couple is my favourite K-drama, this just proves this drama's story theme and depth is timeless, I will repost this in the Song Ji Hyo thread
  3. Some people are just born with blinding beauty gorgeous, sexy, and seductive looking!!!
  4. This picture truly proves she is a true 100 % natural beauty from birth, born with light skin, born with a delicate face, big eyes, natural double eyelid which is veery rare among asian!
  5. Can't wait until Song Ji Hyo's movie Wind Wind Wind will be out
  6. I am really curious about where SJH sat with, considering LDW with whom she is also really close too, was also there
  7. Song Ji Hyo at the premiere, absolutly stunning
  8. Song Ji Hyo looks absolutly stunning, but i wish she wouldn't wear loose dresses so often, she has such a nice sexy figure and a short tight dress once in a while would really do her killer looks more justice!
  9. Damn Song Ji Hyo is just soo fricken beautiful I loove seeing her in high heels
  10. Could we take a moment to admire this stunning beauty, Song Ji Hyo just makes me speechless everytime
  11. Welcome to the Song Ji Hyo thread silvershine.bells, it's always nice to meet new fans, and i agree with your post, song ji hyo is entertaining by just being her natural easygoing charming self, who just by her interaction with the other members and guests could create soo many interesting moments, it's no coincidence that SJH is one of the most popular RM members, but this new PD and director seem unably to grasp what and who made runningman popular in the first place, and like you said if they can't do their job probably and be fair, then i also wish SJH would just go on another show, or start filming more dramas/movies instead of wasting her time, effort and talent on this show!
  12. Last response, im not against JSM interacting with SJH i'm against forcing a relationship for the screen. I want to see SJH for who she is, the chactacters she already has, the combinations that already exist. If it was all about getting screentime no matter if it's interesting or not, then i would much rather see RM end, I don't watch RM to see her act as a big sister to SM, that's really not an interesting nor an exciting combo, and not why i became a fan of this show. I loved Song Ji Hyo for her charming and cute personality, for being fearless, for being a natural beauty, that made so many male idols/actors guest fall for her, for her amazing chemistry with the members and guest, for being her easygoing touchy bold self on the show, that's not afraid of biting another man on the chest, arm wrestling with kwangso, i could continue... But all her characteristics as RM Song Ji hyo are dissapearing not because she has changed, not because these moments aren't there anymore, but because the production team are too focused on highlighting a few members and therefor neglecting not only it's other stars but also longtime big loyal fandoms of RM!