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  1. Come on guys if we all voted Song Ji Hyo now, she will be atleast two rankings higher, the poll will close in less then one day, so let's power vote! https://namesns.com/main/main.html?cate=2&cate2=1&gender=2
  2. Song Ji Hyo at vidi vici event today Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency recognizes Song Ji Hyo's influence in Hallyu's commercial sucess On May 10, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) published a report titled, the '2018 Asian Regional Marketing Indicator Research'. SEE ALSO: Song Ji Hyo and brother Chun Sung Moon shock 'Beautiful Life' viewers with their resemblance The research documented the KOTRA's investigation in order to determine awareness of Korea's major business industries, products and goods, and more by natives in Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and more. According to the results, actress Song Ji Hyo was spotted at the top of these following lists: 'Famous Korean Person I Want to Meet in Person', 'Korean Figure Who Represents Technological Korea', 'Korean Figure Who Most Close Resembles My Type', 'Korean Figure Who Represents Quality Korean Products', 'Korean Figure Who Reminds Me of Korean Products I Want To Buy', etc. The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) noted that actress Song Ji Hyo not only demonstrated her influence and her popularity throughout Asia, but also her significant role in the spread of Hallyu's commercial forms. Previously, Song Ji Hyo was named an official promotor of the 'Jakarta Hallyu Exhibition' and the 'Ho Chi Minh City Hallyu Exhibition'. Did you know Song Ji Hyo's stardom was this impressive? https://onehallyu.com/topic/679348-korea-trade-investment-promotion-agency-recognizes-song-ji-hyos-influence-in-hallyus-commercial-success/ https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/05/korea-trade-investment-promotion-agency-recognizes-song-ji-hyos-influence-in-hallyus-commercial-sucess
  3. Song Ji-Hyo Voted the Celebrity People Want to Meet the Most in Southeast Asia Actress Song Ji-hyo’s popularity in Southeast Asia has grown. On May 9, the Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), released the result of popularity survey conducted in Southeast Asia. In particular, the questionnaire asked people which Korean celebrity they wanted to meet most. In total, 1,734 residents in nine countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philipines participated. Moreover, not only were resident included but also 281 Korean business officials who conducted business in those countries contributed as well. Through an analysis of the survey result, Song Ji-hyo emerged as the most popular star in the region. Part of the actress’s popularity is due to a few key components. http://kpoplove.koreadaily.com/song-ji-hyo-voted-celebrity-people-want-meet-most-southeast-asia/
  4. I know, but I really like this storyline and i honestly think it would be soo interesting to see her take on this story, it's very uniq i like the genre and i really miss seeing her in a romantic drama
  5. Does anyone know how Song Ji Hyo's movie "What A Man Wants" is doing in the boxoffice in it's first day in taiwan, i think today is the first day it was released there and any news about which projects she is likely to take on next? I really miss her and hope she will soon accept the drama and movie offered, I wish to see her in a new drama soon
  6. I hope she accept the this drama offer this time, the plot sounds interesting, the actor is handsome, and it's one of the big three public broadcasting stations. so i'm all for her to accept it because overall there are more positive things about this offer then negative sides, and i really miss seeing Song Ji Hyo in a new drama Additionally i have for a long time wanted to see Song Ji Hyo in a new romantic melodrama and fantasy genre drama, as I personally love these genres more then the romcom ones!