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  1. I totally agree, she looks absolutely stunning the way Vidivi Vici styled her, speaking about SJH she is everywhere heh
  3. Song Ji Hyo for Grazia Korea 2017 Jun issue
  4. As long as she stays as Song Ji Hyo i don't care, for us fans and the public she is and will always be Song Ji Hyo
  5. OMG so she changed her name to soo-yeon back in 2014, but it makes sense that the public didn't know about it, because we know her as Song Ji Hyo and as long as her stage name remains Song Ji Hyo i'm happy
  6. hey guys i have a question, when i search most beautiful korean actresses song ji hyo's name and picture used to be one of the few ones that showed up first in the search line in 2015 but when i search for 2017 it doesn't show up, does anyone know how to put her name and picture back? It just feels sooo wrong not to see her name and picture as the first thing when i search for most beautiful korean actresses 2017
  7. Damn i didn't know about it either, and therefor missed it arhbfjfhjgsjhbgsgs, like you said they should have done it on her real account
  8. we will soon get to see song ji hyo in a new photoshoot, can't wait
  9. apropo speak about being everywhere like this
  10. Song Ji Hyo's universal beauty source: