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  1. This is a true classic beauty, from todays fanmeeting
  2. isn't the age gap between these two quite big, i'm surprised they are such good friends
  3. Sooo gorgeous and soo super sexy looking
  4. She looks gorgeous, but the outfit is horrible, it's suppost to be a sexy dance so some level of skin should be exposed to fit the theme, the stylist should be fired for choosing this outfit, not only because it doesn't fit the theme but because he got a female with a super sexy figure and doesn't take advantage of it by not highlighting it through her close!
  5. More pictures from the fanmeeting today: I hope we will get HQ pictures of Song Ji Hyo during her dance performances, or atleast better quality pictures then these, she looks stunning
  6. I wish someone would take similar caps of Song Ji Hyo from each episode of Song Ji Hyo's beauty where she is dolled up, i forgot how to do it
  7. I hope we will to see the full Allure photoshoot soon, in the meantime i was watching some pcitures of Song Ji Hyo from her recent drama "My Wife's having an affair this week" looking soooo beautiful, hope she will gain a bit of weight back soon, she lately seems to have lost weight!
  8. throwback to Song Ji Hyo attending the awards in 2015, sooo breathtaking beautiful
  9. i'm surprised the full allure photoshoot has still not been released, and we still have not seen any clips of her filming her new movie, and no other english news of her lately sigh
  10. Song Ji Hyo in her new CF looks drop dead gorgeous, i wonder when her next modeling photoshoot will be released?
  11. Here som gorgeous pictures of Song Ji Hyo from her recent drama "My Wife's having an Affair this Week", I can't wait to see her in a new drama soon with a really handsome actor
  12. Well i'm just waiting for any news or releases of her Allure photoshoot, it should be fully released this month
  13. Oh you found some old pictures of SJH, i'm still looking for her newest photoshoot for Allure to be released she looks soo breathtaking beautiful in it!