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  1. SJH will appear on this show soon, i could easily recognise it's our queen, guys remember to go to the site and comment i don't know this show, but i will be looking forward to all her new appearenced on different programs
  2. No-one said that her existense in this was to be shipped, she has maaany roles in RM and an equation with each and every RM member that all have huge fandoms (kwangmong, hahyo, spartace etc.), i'm just saying that when you have a really beautiful, outgoing and charming woman among many other male celebities she meets on the show, it's ineviable to have many people enjoy her interactions with them, this ofcourse doesn't apply for everyone, but it does for alot of people evident in the huge number of shippers! Well what you like may not be what i personally liked about RM vice versa. see my issue with the recent RM changes is, that this show has a loooong history, and image build over many years, and suddenly making drastic changes making it unrecognizeable is kind of disrespectful to the members and production who made this show what it is today, and I feel the same way about all other iconic shows and classics, don't completly change them, they are classics for a reason, I would have much preffered, if they started a new show with a different name, that way they could have continued with their all their changes in concept, members, and whatever else they want to change, without turning RM into a totally different show!
  3. https://onehallyu.com/topic/660530-knowing-bros-episode-120-teaser-song-ji-hyo-lee-el/ Song Ji Hyo will appear on knowing bros guys! I'm soo fricken excited about this, man I just loove it when Song Ji Hyo is invited to all guys cast shows, the guys always go crazy for her haha!
  4. True, that's what i keep reminding myself he is only one out of two male lead, can't wait to see who the second (real) male lead will be sidenote:by the way i removed the drama from the title because it's not been confirmed yet!
  5. Well I just visually don't find him handsome, maskuline yes, but not handsome, and most importantly he is not popular, i never heard about him, I was just really really hoping for an equally famous and popular actor to act beside her this time, but it seems like her luck in finding a perfect match wasn't there since most popular actors have already confirmed their parcipiation in another drama when the news of this drama came out, now i'm hoping he isn't the male lead and only the second lead!
  6. I have never heard about this actor, he doesn't look like the the lead i had imagined at all considerign the storyline, seeing the dissapointing casting makes me now want SJH to decline the this offer in the last two dramas of Song Ji Hyo she was the only really famous actress, I was hoping for someone handsome and popular after a while!