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  1. Jihyo is really not the best at taking selfies, her selfies never do her beauty justice, she has the face and figure of a goddess, thankffully we have professional photographers who bless us with breathtaking beautiful pictures of her on daily basis
  2. Soo beautiful and sexy, love the outfit, he stocking, her loose black hair, just everything SOng Ji Hyo is just really SLAYIIING with her amazing visuals
  3. Some funny moments that havee already been posted on instagram
  4. Have you guys seen this gorgeous picture of Song Ji Hyo with short hair omg songjihyofan you have already used it as profile picture, it's fricken gorgeous
  5. By the way since Song Ji Hyo is now VIDI VICI's new model and endorser, don't forget to like their instagram page
  6. Hehe I totally agree, that's what also makes her an outstanding actress, she can quite easily change her image just by changing close and makeup, and that's why i always say she can always tranform herself to any role and persona she wants. I don't know anyone who can go from a bit of tomboyish, carefree, innocent and easygoing image on RM to a totally feminine, sophisticated, classic, sexy, femme fatale look she has in photoshoots and dramas all during the same day like she can! If anyone only saw her on RM and then saw in her photoshoots and dramas, their jaws would fall down to the floor in astonishment, her image on RM is truly very different from her image as an actress and model!
  7. Song Ji Hyo is so damn beautiful!!!
  8. guys right now there is a tweet going around asking which actress is the most attaktive one, don't forget to vote for our gorgeous Song Ji Hyo
  9. Even outside Asia Song Ji Hyo, like here in europe she is considered a beauty icon for those who follow the korean hallyu wave, her beauty is truly remarkable, and of the very rare kind you ususally only expect to see in places like hollywood!
  10. I can't wait to see their performances tomorrow and JH's outfit for her dance performance
  11. oh i read she is going for the RM fanmeeting, I really look forward to see her new outfit and dance with kwangso heh and I look really forward to see her upcoming photoshoot for VIDI VICI
  12. Song Ji Hyo filming and modeling for new cosmetic brand VIDI VICI, look how stunningly beautful she looks
  13. How can a person sooo unbelievably beautiful and perfect looking be real, more pictures from her photoshoot with Vidi Vici surface As if having brathtaking beautiful face isn't enough she has a super sexy figure highligted n this short black dress just WOW
  14. I noticed that Song Ji Hyo always endorses/models for the biggest cosmetic brands like Bobby Brown, Banila Co. and now VIDI VICI
  15. Waaah Jihyo i wonder what she is filming