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  1. I just watched this episode and it just ended at the most interesting and heartbreaking place, now the whole play has been exposed, and i hope she realises the second lead is much much better not only in terms of visuals, but personality and affection, i hope part 8 of 29 gram will be released with subs soon!
  2. I'm sooo looking forward to see Song JI Hyo once again as the presenter at MAMA's in Hongkong, she is usually all dolled up heh
  3. I will just have to eagerly wait, but the drama 29 gram is really quite interesting story i hope she ends up with the second lead, he is sooo much hotter and nicer, the guy she is dating in the drama is a jerk, and from the first episode i knew that she didn't love her current boyfriend so i'm rooting for the second lead. a bit of topic, but here is Song ji hyo's house
  4. I just watched the episodes, i really like the drama it's quite interesting, it tells alot about friendships and betrayal, do you guys know when episode 7 will be out?
  5. Song Ji Hyo in Vietnam for KBEE 2017 Opening ceremony So incredibly gorgeous
  6. The Real Reason Why Song Ji Hyo Did Not Go To The Song Song Couple’s Wedding http://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/real-reason-song-ji-hyo-not-go-song-song-couples-wedding/ I totally respect and admire her attending her close friends funeral and morn him probably, what kind of close friend would go to a wedding and party when the friend has just deceased. she took the morally right decision, and paid true respect to her friend by attending his funeral, and just when i thought i could not love Song Ji Hyo more then this, she still finds ways for me to loove her more.
  7. Song Ji Hyo in the upcoming RM episode will be dancng swingdance, the dancing queen will take the stage and show us how to rock it and have fun!
  8. Song Ji Hyo while filming her new drama, in a sexy red dress
  9. I'm soo crazy excited for Song Ji Hyo's upcoming dramas's
  10. loove the trailer, it kind of reminds me of series sex in the city, i'm soo looking forward to it
  11. Our super gorgeous beauty queen
  12. Some good news, Song Ji Hyo's latest drama My Wife is having an affair this week also called (listen to love) will be broadcasted in Hong Kong, this is such an amaziiing drama that deserves all the exposure in the world, so this made me really happy especially nknowing it was live broadcastet in Taiwan and it's on netflix too!
  13. I looove ths picture from Vidi Vici of Song Ji Hyo, it's sexy, hot and dangerously seductive
  14. no news just a cardboard of Song Ji Hyo in front of a litle shop that made me smile, not only did the owner use Song Ji Hyo's cardboard but he called his restaurant Mong Ji Toppokki that's a true fans spirit hahahaha, looove it!