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  1. @hazeee no problem
  2. 656
  3. 640 Once in a blue moon
  4. 934 It doesn't happen often, but I agree with @Dhakra. City Hunter was a bad attempt at copying Healer. Though I didn't think it was as bad as you did
  5. 628 @Lmangla @triplem you laugh, but for me, it's pretty difficult. Loving perms but not being able to get any because of the no hair is real life issues! So... done with DoTS. What now? I think I'll watch Fight My Way
  6. @hazeee Why leave the ball in her court? Take initiative! DO SOMETHING! If the relationship is a one-way street, you'll find out sooner or later anyway. She'll stop talking or make her answers shorter and shorter. But if you don't initiate contact at all, it's surely going to go bad. How is she going to think of you if you don't show up occassionaly on her smartphone?
  7. 628 I can't carry permed hair for instance.
  8. 574 @CatchMine_ID oh that's good to hear! Tell her we've missed her and hope she'll be able to join us soon once more! Can I just say that I think Krystal is overrated? There are some idols that I really think are not as good looking as some people might think. Krystal is one of those. Not hating on her, it's just my opinion of her looks.
  9. 532 High Kick! has a second season (aptly called High Kick! 2) also Vampire Prosecutor has 2 seasons. There are a few, but they're indeed rare. @CatchMine_ID is she awake though? Loss of sight is horrible, I hope it's only temporarily
  10. @hazeee Why not bring it up? As long as it's not hostile, you're simply asking a question. Just make sure you're just inquiring, wanting to know the reason. Don't push. It pushes her away. Should've, could've.... Nothing to be done about that now. You can pick it up again now though. The only one holding you back is you
  11. @Booger Face Congrats on your birthday! It's a shame that your "friends" didn't feel the need to pick up your tab. If they had split it, it wouldn't have been that much and it would've been a nice gesture. That sucks! Sorry you're not happy with the emoji's though. They come with the forum. As soon as they implement new emoji's, we'll be sure to pass them through to you guys too
  12. 518 I'm actually happy that there's no season 2 with K-Dramas (or at least hardly ever). The number of US shows where a second season is equally good or even better than season 1 are far and few. The American "need" to go bigger with a second season (or third, or 500th) doesn't make for interesting or entertaining television if you ask me.
  13. 972
  14. 972
  15. @hazeee you might be overthinking this. Why not just text her something along the lines of "where did you run off to for 3 days?" Keep it casual. She'll either have a plausible explanation (family, vacation, work, etc) or she doesn't. If she's honest, you'll know soon enough. If she lies, you will also know. For now I wouldn't overthink things. Perhaps something bad happened and she's trying to deal with it. If she is, offer help. She'll turn around soon enough. If she got bored with you, you'll find out soon enough too. She'll most likely remain the way she is now, or dial it back further.