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  1. Generally, if you ask someone out, it's custom to have some place in mind to go to. Remember, you were the one who wanted to take her out. If you have any idea of what she likes, try to cater to that. Otherwise the movies or a funpark is always a good idea.
  2. It's a shared walk-in closet (well.. kinda. Difficult to explain so let's just say it is). Whenever she's got too many clothes to hang and it starts piling up, I pull the break and make her get rid of stuff. If she's not going to wear it, there's no need for it. Thankfully she feels the same way, though she does need a push at times. But I know what you mean. Her stuff needs to be arranged in a certain way too
  3. I major in stupidity. The classed I take, take up a lot of time though, about 24h a day.
  4. @singlebilingual I find that vid as much cute and funny as I find it to be disturbing Little girls should play with dolls, not with katana's!
  5. @phikyl sorry, I indeed got suckered into cleaning out the closet. Since I demanded it to be done (she's got tooooooo many clothes) I really couldn't stand by and watch her do it (while watching R88)
  6. No problem Get comfortable with her again before asking to hang out. It's been a while since you two talked so instead of bringing in the awkward, game a bit online with her before you initiate hanging out. She might initiate it first, but if she doesn't, you're going to have to The fact that she has many friends on FB doesn't mean much. I've got 600 ppl on FB, most I know from games or work. I talk to about a handful. Her social skills or your lack thereof shouldn't hold you back if you like this girl.
  7. @phikyl works fine for me. I've got no place to go and I'll tell the wife to sod off with any chores untill it has finished!
  8. Some have been fixed, others haven't. They'll be back (ninja instead of a terminator... sorry). Ofcourse I do! Who wouldn't like an old granny!
  9. @cutebublebear Sure! Ask her to play a game or two with you! Just be sure to play with other friends too, or solo (dunno what game you're playing ). You don't want her to think that she can't play with others anymore as soon as you're online. She'll need her space too! You could also ask her out for coffee again. Talk about the game, you guys have that in common so it's a good starting point. See if there's anything else you both like from there on. Though you probably didn't speak to her because you're introverted, it was indeed a smart move not to :). It made her initiate new contact so she doesn't feel forced to talk to you. There's an opening there. You just have to find out how big that opening is. Good luck!
  10. Do you know how far down I needed to scroll in that massive post to spot my name? Lol! Unfortunately not all are back yet, as you can see (or at least, I can't ) We'll keep working on it
  11. I feel so sorry for the Brits and the Muricans. Brits because of Brexit which seems to be come a bigger problem than expected (I read that after prime minister May had said, again, that Britain would leave the EU no matter what it takes, their currency hit a new all time low...). The Muricans because of Trump. Sure, he's a change, but in this case he doesn't seem to be a change for the better. The fact that a former CIA director opens up about this kind of stuff, means Trump really has no idea what he's doing and this is going to be a serious problem. Terrorists, always on the lookout to bring the USA down, will be having a field day with this kind of info. "No need to hide that C4, Trump wont know anything about it anyway". Also quite funny to read he already assumes he's going to sit for 8 years. I doubt he'll be reelected. I even think he might be impeached due to severe lack of leadership. This article seems to be the first stepping stone to his impeachment.
  12. It's pretty sad watching the world coming to this The fact that bodyguards are necessary is a problem in itsself, but bodyguards having to watch bodyguards.....
  13. Unfortunately, if I recall correctly, there is currently a problem with trying to change your username. We're working on a solution but I have no ETA on when it should be solved though.
  14. @packmule3 what have you pulled me into? I can count at least three episodes so far that have gotten me close to crying (no actual tears yet but pretty darn close)! Goblin is written so incredibly well and the actors picked are doing such a good job I might even try to get my wife hung up on this. The only problem is that the episodes are really long. Still, the story told is really great. I'm completely hooked and I hate not being able to follow the series when it's aired. I really need to learn Korean, if only for this drama. By the way, did you guys notice that one of the OST's (Stay With Me) has already been viewed over 20 millions times? There are K-Pop idol groups which aren't doing that well! In the meantime I'm wondering where the story is going. I really love how the Grim Reaper and Sunny have an actual storyline now. They were sort of on the sidelines for the first few episodes but it seems their story is going to take a lot of spotlight going forward. On the other hand, it's making the main story about the Goblin and Eun Tak taking a backseat. So many questions I need answered and so long for the next episode! ARGH!
  15. Getting a good mover is the first step. You want to pack all your things in boxes as much as possible. Label the boxes and where they should go so you can keep a good overview. You could even go into detail and make a list of the contents of each box. Be sure to have everything ready in the new house. Nothing is more infuriating than having to move stuff from one room to another because it still needs work BTW, I've taken the liberty of editing your post as it contained a commercial link. As explained here: in rule number 4, you're not allowed to advertise. Please adhere to the rules and we'll get along just fine