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  1. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

    702 @dotonly I'm not gone! I'm just less active here. I have been for a while but now I don't have to feel guilty about it. Which may in fact make me come here more often. Lol @lmangla: I'll still be there! Not to worry. These youngsters need some proper advice from someone with experience and who's not afraid to tell the truth
  2. CamelKnight

    Ask The Fellas

    Tbh this could indeed mean anything. I randomly put emojis in my messages too, just to annoy people. It doesn't have to mean anything. There's an option it could mean something though. But if you're interested in this guy, you should simply pursue him Go for it! I actually don't read a lot in that (though I'm guessing this is based on memory, not on the actual texts). Seems to me he's scared she is cheating on him but the rest of it seems innocent to me. That doesn't mean he isn't cheating, but it does'n't mean he is either.
  3. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

    I'll post this here since this is the place where most of you guys frequently visit. I've decided to lay down my moderator wand. As you can see, I'm now a "Friend of Soompi", just like other former mods. I decided to stop because I felt I wasn't doing my job properly anymore. I simply don't visit the forums as much as I used to and I feel a mod should log in at least once, preferably twice a day. Considering all you guys know me, I figured I'd post it here so there's no bad rumors or something This doesn't mean there's an immediate open moderator position, for those of you eyeballing my former, yet coveted, position But it might mean there's an opening when the new mods are chosen at the end of this year. I'll just take this opportunity to thank you all for behaving well and if you haven't behaved in the past, I'm sure you've felt my wrath on a sidenote: +2
  4. CamelKnight

    Ask The Fellas

    So many possible reasons... He might be interested, he might be bored, he might be looking for a hook up, he might be looking for a friend. We'd need more info before we can tell you what he might be thinking
  5. His kind of humour must be beyond me... Anyway, good for you for cutting him off. You should be number one on his mind. Not number 23. Focusing on yourself is always a good idea. It strenghtens your selfworth and builds character. Besides that, men who see women who are able to take care of themselves, automatically think those women can take care of them too, making them interested
  6. CamelKnight

    Fall 2018 Goals

    Surviving. That's a pretty clear goal for me this fall. I hate fall. All the rain and stuff. Mostly the rain. it's so depressing. So I'll survive, hopefully.
  7. CamelKnight

    Ask The Fellas

    NEVER. EVER. TRUST A GUY THAT TAKES NAKED PICTURES OF YOU. PERIOD. Those pictures will haunt you forever. A guy who wants to take pictures of you while you're naked is up to no good. He may (seem to) mean no harm now, but you never know what will happen to those pictures when he walks out the door, or even puts on his pants, let alone when the relationship ends. Before you know it, those pictures are online and can NEVER be removed. Be a smart girl. Never let them take your picture. There are thousands of websites out there which thrive on naked pics and clips of girls having sex. If he really wants to see that, point him towards those sites. If he REALLY wants to see you naked, there's always a next time to get naked before his eyes, but never before his camera! I can't stress this enough. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER DO THAT! Oh, and to asnwer your question: it's not his hobby. He's just trying to take advantage of you. it gives him a kick, it's exciting because he shouldn't be doing that. I wouldn't call it a disease or a mental problem, it's most likely "just" hormones but it's not something you should give into. Most of the time, they'll grow out of it though.
  8. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

    Oh hun, don't worry! I enjoy myself plenty at work so eating alone doesn't bother me at all. I actually kinda like the solitude for a bit +2
  9. CamelKnight

    How Are You At This Very Moment?

    How's that?
  10. CamelKnight

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    @Dhakra I seriously hope EXID can come back with something good now that Solji's back. But on the other hand, I couldn't care less if they didn't. Weird... Anyway: I'm dissappointed with Loona's debut. They've had many awesome pre-debut songs but I think that their actual debut is rather messy. It doesn't know which way to go and so it doesn't go anywhere. It also lacks the power we've heard in other songs, nor the cuteness. It's just... not really anything and at the same time everything. I don't dislike it, but I am dissappointed with it. I expected something better. About Nature... yeah... the girls are on point, the choreo is awesome, the clothes are sexy as hell but the singing is pretty bad. Most of the time I felt they were singing Korean instead of English. Only a few members actually know English well enough to be able to sing it. I'd rather have seen them sing the song and the rest just look incredibly sexy...
  11. mail to help @ soompi.com and ask them to delete your account. They're able to do it, though I wouldn't know why you would want to leave this awesome place
  12. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

    222 @triplem in the end I snuck out and walked alone I enjoy taking a walk, catching pokemon while I go. It keeps me away from my deskjob for half an hour so I get at least some exercise
  13. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

  14. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

  15. CamelKnight

    Ask The Ladies - Read First Post

    The language barrier is making this difficult and what @Sejabin hadn't noticed yet is that you don't live near so kissing her is kinda difficult. In these cases it's easiest to just ask what she means. You'll never know, or misinterpret her words and their meaning, if you don't get some clarity. So ask, what does she mean? You both are aware of the language barrier so it's easy to understand that's where things are lost.