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  1. It's not a mature way to approach a relationship. This is his way, and I must admit the only GOOD way, to show her that he cares about her. He wants HER to be happy, whether that be with him or with GD. He helps her constantly, is always there for her and although he does try to keep her close, he also let's her go her own way if she wants to leave. He doesn't do anything against her will. MH is a complete gentleman and someone all men, including me, can learn from. He sincerely wants DBS to be happy. He would love it if that would be with him, but as long as she's happy, it doesn't matter. I'd almost have a mancrush on MH if it were not for the fact that DBS already stole my heart
  2. Just a random fact: did anyone notice MH has a horsesized fake horse in his hallway? I mean... why?! And also: where can I get one!
  3. 792 Seems we've got some new players! Welcome @kokodus and @emiry32! And noticing @emiry32 has had numerous replies already. Good for staying awake CamelKnight!
  4. Is it a specific picture you want to post? If so, can you try posting it here? If that doesn't work either, it might be that the picture cannot be shared (restricted by the IG user).
  5. Which game? Don't leave me hanging now!
  6. Hahaha! I'm assuming LoL?
  7. Always nice to have such a proper connection. Even when it's used to distribute mayhem and destruction
  8. 784 For me? Yes I'm a sucker for romance and I will deduct at least half a point in my rating if I expected that but didn't get it, or if it was implied. I will add a point if it was done good. To me, it's the ultimate means to show everything is okay. So yeah, laugh, call me crazy, but for me, that's important
  9. 768 I watched it completely, but I was appalled by the utter lack of chemistry between the leads. Besides that, there were a lot of annoying people in the drama. For instance the guy who owned the restaurant. He was a childish idiot, how on earth would he be able to run a restaurant? Or get a girlfriend for that matter? @Lmangla The only thing that boosted the rating was because of what I've written in the spoiler below. It's a definite spoiler so don't go reading if you haven't seen it and still want to
  10. Which is actually a pretty good debut!
  11. Trillian, Ventrilo, Mumble... I still use the latter two, and indeed for gaming lol. Trillian has been a while though. A couple of years at least. Just because my old guild was using it.
  12. 766 This! Also, I just checked how I rated Married Not Dating. Ouch. 6.5/10. And only because of... well let's not give hints away about the story. But if it weren't for that, it would've been even lower. Reading back what I wrote about it, it all came back to me. Nope. Wouldn't watch it a second time.