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  1. Add and Subtract Game

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  3. Add and Subtract Game

  4. Yup, the PM's are deleted, as are their public posts. Those do not show up as "Guest" posts. The "Guest" posts are an error in the database. In one upgrade of the forum, it was possible to post as "Guest", whithout logging in. As we don't want that option, it has been disabled, though it sometimes seems to reappear for unknown reason. When we do notice "Guest" posts, we remove them. People can either create an account and login to post, or simply not participate. It's a choice to make and since we don't do anything with your useraccount (some sites sell accountdata to other companies, we don't), it's a rather simple choice I guess
  5. True or False.

    True, I speak Dutch (native), English, German, a tiny bit of French and Korean (though those are slim to non-existant). @Sejabini Game of Thrones is, though complicated to follow, one of the best series from the last decade. It's certainly a must-watch. It is really complicated though. It helps if you read the books first to understand the intricate relationships certain houses have with each other. Also, fair warning: lots of nudity and gore (blood, mutilation, etc.). The next person hasn't read the thread about the K-Pop Fair Fest yet but is going to do that right now!
  6. Add and Subtract Game

  7. What Song Are You Listening To?

    @Sejabini I loved those two movies! Impressed with the songs, true gems and real funny too! Ofcourse! I love it! Also the other one (Starlight) they just released And for the thread:
  8. Add and Subtract Game

    906 Please describe me what colors a unicorn has. I've never seen one in real life... I've heard lots of myths about hair and hairgrowth. I can say that that one doesn't count for me though. I've been shaving my head for over a decade now and still have hair growth. I used to go completely bald and used a razor and foam for that. Or just a razor under the shower. These days I've got that scruffy half-shaven look going on so I just trim my hair to about half a centimeter (oh yeah... in underdeveloped countries which use inches that's about 0.19 inches). It takes an equal amount of time to shave so it's all the same to me. I save on shampoo AND on hairdresser costs!!!
  9. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Eventhough she was in Mixnine, Eyedi is still unknown to many. How though? She's pretty and she's got an amazing voice! Ugh...
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    894 So funny! Sure, let's! I've had hair once though I shave it off twice a week these days. Do you know I once had pretty long hair (well, halfway my neck, which I would think is long). It looked *REALLY* bad, and looking back I'm ashamed of it hahaha I've shaved my head before though. I did it for a while when I was 18 as I was into hardcore music and a bald head was the norm for that music scene. I had brown hair before I shaved it, but after that it came back black! A few years later my hairline started to retreat (sometimes I feel it just sacked off the back of my head onto my back...) and now it's turning pretty grey. Goodbye to those golden (well... black..) years...!
  11. kpop fair fest

  12. Add and Subtract Game

  13. Add and Subtract Game

  14. kpop fair fest

    @Dhakra the staff-thing is called Twirling usually done with batons, but a longer stick, such as used by Dreamcatchers, works well too. Can be replicated at home very easily, just stand clear of anything breakable @Lmangla the group @Sejabini is referring to is SNSD (as posted in the first sentence). It's the "other" (or rather the Korean) name for Girls Generation. I can't believe you didn't even know them since they're the ones who've made a massive breakthrough for girlgroups in general
  15. Add and Subtract Game

    840 And you want me to fanboy over what? Your beautification routine? Cus I'm fanboying already!