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  1. CamelKnight

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    @Dhakra yeah I get what you mean. Egotistic was a bit too much for me too. Glad to see that they have convinced you of their awesomeness though About Twice... shame they don't convince you, but I can't really blame you. The new one is kinda bland. Hot girls, mediocre song. Not your style, but kinda fun
  2. CamelKnight

    How Are You At This Very Moment?

    Regret mistakes you made, things you've said or didn't say. But never regret your existence. This gift your parents gave you, be proud of it and make something of it to honor them. Live life.
  3. CamelKnight

    Message To Anyone

    Awww thanks!
  4. @Lmangla I was wondering the same thing Attraction can dissipate or strengthen after time. As you get to know the other person better, you notice how he really is and that can be a huge turn on or a massive turn off. Not much you can do about it. If you don't like him that much anymore, keep him as a friend.
  5. CamelKnight

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    @Dhakra I know right? Mamamoo is hitting it home hard, but I must say that they seem to be going the road many have traveled before: that of the poppy music. I really enjoyed their vocals and in this one, it just doesn't seem to be all about that anymore. Too much about hotness, less about having fun and singing well. But I agree with you on Twice. It's nice to listen to, I like the instrumental version, but for the rest it doesn't do much for me. Hot girls on a beach. I can see that everyday on Youtube. Stilllll... it's Twice. So I love it
  6. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

  7. CamelKnight

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    @Dhakra I actually haven't seen Chorong's drama. Is it worth my time? Gyeong Ree - Blue Moon. I just can't get over how incredibly georgous she is...
  8. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

    746 You're right. I should be reported. But nobody did, which means I must be on to something...
  9. CamelKnight

    amazing hunt

    With 15 pages of replies and many people visiting my profile, I'd say this was quite a success! Awesome stuff peeps
  10. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

    818 @dotonly I've not seen a single person report your posts. I think it's all fine
  11. CamelKnight

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    @Dhakra I can imagine you're not a big fan of APink considering their constant cute concept. But they've FINALLY managed to go sexy and results are, at least to me, awesome! Check out I'm So Sick!
  12. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

  13. CamelKnight

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    @lynne22 if you like BAAM, you're gonna love Bboom Bboom! Momoland's latest two songs are bops. The power in both of them is awesome (also, I love how they're bringing back the Running Man, makes me feel nostalgic )!
  14. CamelKnight

    Add and Subtract Game

  15. CamelKnight

    Love and Relationships

    Hi Ojusvee, we're happy to help, but we'll need a bit more explanation to give you advice! What's your relationship like? What's the problem? Why do you think he doesn't trust you? How long have you been together? Give us some background and we'll hit you up with some advice