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  1. I have NO knowledge in Korean but a quick search on Google led me... exactly to this thread, page 477 It's a longer version of what you're asking, but I guess/hope this will do If not, there's someone else willing to help out here, no doubt!
  2. 760 I feel you. Thankfully, I'm fairly close to the German border myself (about 5-10 kilometers) if I do want to get my speed on
  3. @Hanyeoun do you have any plausible idea why this is not working properly?
  4. 682 Germans... But yeah, we dispise those trailers just as much as you do! And the speed limit too, but with the traffic congestion on our highways, there's just no way you could drive over 130km/h constantly. Besides, if you try to reach 200km/h or more, you'd be at the other end of the Netherlands before you reach your goal lol No pun intended! But feel free to make jokes about bold people. As I always say "To boldly go where no man has gone before"
  5. 558 You realise I'm 37? You'd better call me oppa! I'm not even near Amsterdam (about 120km to the East) but happy to know you're there in two weeks! Another reason to avoid going to Amsterdam j/k If I'm there, I'll let you know so we can hook up and do some fun sightseeing It is indeed me. Don't have a lot to hide here
  6. I'm not that into Ladies Code that I can tell the difference lol I just remembered seeing that article fly by on my FB account lol Ladies Code has some nice songs but they aren't my number 1 That spot is an ongoing battle between many groups lol
  7. 522 @fikachuuu Tomorrow With You, a K-Drama featuring Shin Min A (among some other actors) She's indeed very pretty But then again, there are SO MANY pretty actresses in K-Drama land: Park Shin Hye, Bae Suzy, Yoo In Na, Park Bo Young, etc, etc.
  8. Solo's don't mean the end of the world. Look at SNSD for instance: many of their members have had solo's now but the group still exists
  9. If I'm not mistaken, one of the girls from Ladies Code is going to do a solo. Dunno if that means the end of LC but I doubt that.
  10. 512
  11. 506 you for this! So considerate! Indeed, I'm watching TWY right now, binging through it. I watched 4 episodes yesterday (or was it 6? ) and so far I'm totally enjoying it. Shin Min A is georgous as ever and the story is funny too
  12. @jaysmurf after having this tested by other mods and admins, we can only conclude that the problem is a locally existing problem. Although several people have tested our mobile site on various devices, including iPhone's 5-7, we've not encountered a single crash. Perhaps you've installed a piece of software that is not compatible with your browser or some scripts/code we're using. I'd advise you to try disabling apps on your phone which might cause this problem, however, I'm not able to tell you which app could be the problem since we haven't experienced it ourselves.
  13. 620 I'm really looking forward to Suspicious Partners but not following it atm. I'm about to go for Tomorrow With You. It's been eyeing me for some time now
  14. 580 Are we still doing +/-10? Thought we were going back to +/-2?