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  1. I couldnt help but be amused at this on TVN's Youtube channel the Bride of the Water God's top viewership videos go in this order, safe to say that the viewers are on board with HaeBaek and So-ah Kiss Scenes cause their newest kiss is already gained tons of views in just over a day. So I say bring on those Kiss Scenes, lol and let BR and Mura have one as well 1. 381,572 views (3 weeks ago) 2. 325,490 views (4 weeks ago) 3. 287,258 views (3 weeks ago) 4. 241,440 views (4 weeks ago) 5. 230,233 views (1 Day ago)
  2. This might not be a popular way of thinking but I understand why Bi Ryeom is doing what he's doing, how can they deal with HY who is supposedly stronger then HB if they cant figure out his powers. Remember Mura stopped the car from hitting or revealing HY's powers. So to me putting myself in Bi Ryeom's shoes, he cant stand someone especially a demigod being stronger then them. Why and how is that possible, so Id be a tad annoyed but knowing his personality he tends to react quite instantaneously and deal with the consequences after so again Im not mad but maybe tone it down a little bit. HY is going to snap either way, and Br is just quickening that transition period, which I welcome since I cant wait for the showdown between all of them and HB needs to get his powers lol.
  3. He was trying to recover his powers since the other time it came back trying to save So-ah and he realized that he may need to be put in a situation like saving So-ah again to get his powers back. Ha-Baek and Nam soo ri had this discussion on the rooftop right before So-ah overhead when she was just about to give them pillows and a blanket. * See the above posts as well for explanation
  4. Just to add to your Ratings list @glee77 Ratings: Nielsen Korea (national): 3.637% (Seoul) 4.047% TNMS: 3.5% *Im glad to see an increase, I really think that viewer increase is dependent on just how action packed the drama will become. I really did enjoy the last bit to episode 5.
  5. @dj.soul I definitely agree with your way of explaining in your new post, I'm just overwhelmed by the constant criticisms that the Drama is getting if not the acting, then its the script, then its the pace and etc etc. That's why I was overcome with a need to respond because I felt that the way you conveyed your opinion and your choice words was painting your stance as a negative one and not positive one bit. I do encourage you to watch her other dramas ~ her role in six flying dragons was well done. Anyways I do appreciate your response since it was very informative so then I can understand your opinion. I have noticed some positive and some negative in the thread, not to say I don't want see criticisms its just to hear it over and over again without understanding the entire picture. Thats why the fight or flight response is very subjective as you can tell. I hope you do give the drama a chance, its not out to be an oscar-winning picture or anything just for drama for entertainment sake. Also I feel for the cast and the writing since in the press con he made it evident that for viewers to take it on its own. So comparing it to the manhwa is going to be confusing and rather cumbersome so for me I try not to uphold it to that pedestal. (Although I understand the difficulties in doing that since the title name and cast name) All in all, opinions are welcome of course but I hope everyone knows there is that line to draw. No one wants to feel attacked so Im glad you responded in such a way. .
  6. As much as fans/viewers love to critique an actors and actresses acting ability it will never be unanimous so I really don't understand the desire for people who want to do such a thing. No one is perfect and you know what the lead actress and lead male are doing just fine, its US that feel that we know just about everything there is to know about how it should be delivered. Which I can guarantee none of us have the level of experience in the film industry to make an opinion that would be considered fair. With all due respect: I have watched many many dramas where the acting was sub par and you know what even my favourite actors/actresses delivered just that well do I voice that to the point were its so unnecessary? No! I understand that they are in this profession for a reason and its not their intention to half richard simmons it or anything so therefor I will simply enjoy it. Tip: Trust me if you get over being a constant critic, watching dramas will be a whole lot more entertaining.
  7. Episode 6 Rating Nielsen AGB national~ 3.1% Seoul 3.9%
  8. Hey Shippers! Im sure we have addressed the fact that their maybe some doubts and that is perfectly normal. With all due respect this is a shipping thread and nothing is ever 100% so again this is a place for shippers to support Han Hyo Joo and LeeJong Suk together and separately so we are able to be level headed with anything that comes our way. So the discussion about why this? and how come this? will only cause yourself more unnecessary headaches. Why because at the end of the day everyone here wants them to be happy and if that means that they found other people than so be it but nothing has been confirmed that they are with anyone but more so that they are very very fond of each other and this is 1 year later. We've had countless instances that have come up that have supported this threads general way of thinking. So if anyone fears that our couple maybe not then please leave your fears where it should be. internally. A majority of us have stuck by these two individuals and I have not wavered on my stance. We as fans have one job and that is to support them no matter what so lets do that and not worry about gestures given to him by his friends or his way of addressing Han Hyo Joo. That never has and will never change my gut instinct that they do have special feelings for one another. Lets move on and do what we all do best. Shall We.
  9. Hey Hey! Soooo I guess I should give my 2cents on my favourite scenes....... 1) Slap and Kiss (This was a never before seen in kdrama land, it really made me excited about how the relationship was going to progress. It had me shook in so many ways. Where to this day is a scene I replay over and over again. 2) Confrontation with the real creator: This was executed perfectly. I empathized with the actual act because the acting was at it its peak in terms of acting talent and capabilities. 3) Handcuff Kiss: Beautiful and well deserevd and very very sensual. It showed me just how a kiss should be executed by its leads 4) Who are you (Hotel Moment): heart wrenching moment that gave you this lingering feeling at the end where you so badly want KAngchul to remember. It was a sad moment but necessary. 5) Shooting Oh Yeon: shock value at its best. Who thought he would actually pull the trigger? definitely not me. This is when we realize that a sure thing is not a sure thing
  10. Ratings for Episode 4 Nielsen Korea: National: 3.47% Seoul 3.62 % TNMS: National: 3.3%
  11. Even though Jongjoo found themselves in the spotlight, I believe it is a blessing for them. Just because this shows to Jongsuk and Hyojoo that there is a lot of fans cheering for them to be just like Songsong. SongSong is a great example of a couple who didn't let the media control what there status was because you know what they shouldn't have to answer to the media. Just like Jongsuk and Hyojoo shouldn't have to answer to anyone except their close family and friends and their beloved fans. Fans simply want their bias's happy and loved. This is a no brainer it not easy to be in a relationship in the public eye and have to be worried that their fanbase will not support their significant other. I am completely for couples who come out on their own accord because it means they both are ready and its become more of a long term relationship versus ones that the media announces which sometimes fails because of it. Media and fan pressure can cause rifts in celebrity relationships which is quite unfortunate. This is why I believe that if Jongjoo was to ever come out, they should come out just like SongSong did. With Jongsuk's fanbase and HyoJoo's fanbase I believe that they will be for them to be happy. Jongsuk fans may not be as vocal about who they ship but that doesn't mean they won't support his endeavours and relationships. They know how honest and sincere he is to his fanbase so there shouldn't be any discord about any revelations he may give about a public relationship if that was to occur. I for one will support whatever his future holds and that means who he ever shares his future with. Of course I would love it to be HyoJoo because of the pages and pages of content that everyone has put forth to why we believe they really seem to fit one another. I don't expect anything anytime soon but that doesn't mean my support for them will waver. I stand by their decisions even though they haven't come out, thats just my opinion. I love this couple together and individually so to me I will support the next chapter in their lives. *Crossing my fingers its what we are hoping and praying!!! Jongjoo are goals and I didn't need the "W" DVD cut to tell me that but hey Im not complaining either.
  12. When the news came out, my initial response was a gasp, a cry, clapping, arms wavering frantically with joy. As a fan like the rest of you, these two beautiful souls managed to make this news their own. They aren't perfect, mind you I truly believe she is a human goddess but thats a whole other thing but you know what they are absolutely 110% perfect for each other. It took 2 years but what a great 2 years of supporting and hoping that was. I couldn't be more thrilled they both revealed the wedding news on their own accord and like they said they wanted their fans to know the state of their relationship on their terms. Well instead of a dating announcement we get a marriage announcement. This couldnt be more perfect, I am over joyed that they both found happiness in each other and they have their happily ever after. Nothing means more to them then honesty and trust and I am glad that through all the relationships they have had in the past they found that missing piece in each other. This is the beginning for us fans to watch and usher them into this new stage of their lives and so with that said. Big Congratulations to the Happy Couple for leading us to THEIR OWN FAIRYTALE! *Thank you to all the SS members here, all 600+ members.
  13. As a lover of K-dramas like many many out there Ive come to appreciate scripts like this where this plays into the fantasy and pure entertainment aspect of what I am looking for. I personally am not looking to learn too much from this drama but at the same time Ive learned how to just relax and not ask anything of myself to comprehend much. There are plenty of other dramas that can tickle that side of me and I will watch that when the time comes. For me I am enjoying this drama not because of how visually superb the cast looks but how it doesn't fail to make me smile and laugh. Its the simple things that it does whether it be Habaek's personality or So-ah's ability to just compose herself when she feels she's gone crazy being around a "GOD" The romance part of this drama is something I enjoy and I encourage more in the writing. Why? because we have to understand that this is romance and without romance I might as well watch paint dry. I love the progression of everything so no complaints on that however some may argue that the pilot was rather slow and not enough development. I personally got enough where I can understand the struggles of the characters and possibly predicting some future events. Not gonna lie I have been anticipating this drama for quite some time and I knew that I needed something that would make me enjoy writing reviews again. I am allowing this drama to take me wherever it wants to and so far I am thrilled and anticipating just that. About the comparisons between Manhwa and "Goblin", is it warranted? Sure, but thats life. When you have such a well known title and character names its difficult to not compare. However that won't stop me from taking this piece and segregating it to one of its own. Thats the fun of it, to allow one to immerse yourself into this genre. I try not to nitpick at everything because nothing is perfect and well even the greatest and successful dramas weren't perfect so Ive learned to let it go. Theres much better things to focus on like Namjoo's perfect body and the "divine blessings" and much more. I must admit to I am quite bothered by the lack of respect that some shippers of Namjoo's real life relationship has given to SSK and the drama itself. Its not warranted what so ever. It doesn't make anyone feel better but them selves. So I take it as their lack of maturity when it comes to the level of shipping that they try to push on to others. I hope as the drama progresses their is some sort of mitigation that can occur to reduce the level of negativity that these individuals have towards this drama and everyone associated. It's terrible that so few would attempt to ruin others enjoyment watching this drama that the staff and cast has worked hard on. Its never easy to be in a relationship in the public eye and understanding that Namjoo's personal life should NEVER be mixed in with his professional life regardless of how his most recent relationship started. He and the rest of the cast should be able to continue filming without fear that a particular fanbase is not going to appreciate their hard work because of that their is plenty and plenty of support out there that hopes for nothing but the success for everyone. I wish nothing but success for this drama and I look forward to the many Mondays and Tuesdays with all of you and with that said lets continue to enjoy and spread the many things this drama has allowed us to feel. Thank you
  14. Typically the duration to get ratings does take a bit cause their is an application and typically their is a time frame that they would like the screening to occur and within that they should here from the CARA within 24-48 hours. It will take a minimum of 2 weeks so don't expect anything sooner than that. A lot of the times their will be some type of contention when the ratings come back with this type of film but if their is none that we should here the official rating by the end of the month or early next month. *PS sorry for being away for so long. I managed to log on to Soompi from my laptop finally. So yeah but if anyone follows me I have been updating on my IG. I hope everyone here is doing okay and still supporting. I will patiently wait till JS is done filming so we can get more social media updates. Im rally glad Jongjoo fans were able to have confirmation that their support for each other is still strong after his FM message to HJ's fans and to her. Despite his busy filming schedule he made it a priority to send that message and let her know "As for us, Ill see you next time" Thank you to you all and be back later!
  15. The official ratings are: Neilsen AGB Korea : Nationwide ~ 3.7% Seoul ~ 4.1% The ratings are considered a moderate success since TVN is on a cable/pay network. So they won't be getting that 7% rating. The most successful drama on TVN was Goblin and Reply 1988 and they received 6.4% and 6.1% So in retrospect 3.7% for Namjoo and that particular cast and writer, it did well in its own right. Please continue to support, The 7.2% are the real time ratings, which are typically always higher than the official ones that are released the very next day