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  1. More pictures for 20171019 on duty : cr Logo And today is also HJJ's look.
  2. Thanks for the information. Now there is [Photobook] Lee Min-ho My Everything Concert : https://www.dramabeans.com/product/my-everything-ancore-concert-official-goods-lee-min-ho-photo-book/ And [Photobook] Lee Min-ho, The Wild (Limited Edition) : https://www.dramabeans.com/product/photobook-lee-min-ho-the-wild-limited-edition/
  3. 20171017 on duty : Cr. 我是薯条呐 via Woodalchis Minoz Cr. minoz-缺口- via Woodalchis Minoz
  4. 20171015 @lotbs_br_dvd (Weibo account) updated : BLURAY and DVD is going to start delivering from November 20th~November 24th(is delayed), due to the Korean Traditional holiday, Chusok.
  5. Throw back a group of pictures in LG event. The words added on pictures were soooooooo funny. 1. Wow !!! Roast duck !!! 2. It looks very delicious.....wanna have a taste. 3. But there's cilantro above.......... (our bb dose not eat cilantro.) To be continued in the spoiler : cr as tagged / Logo
  6. Kyochon's contract should be terminated in last year. So it's a surprise that they still use LMH's picture. You are welcome. HJJ is Heo Joon Jai in Legend of the Blue Sea.
  7. KyoChon1991 open a twitter account on Oct. and still use LMH's pictures ?????? It seemed that they didn't find another ambassador after Minho's endorsement. https://twitter.com/Kyochon1991RE advance merry christmas to all our KyoChon chicken lovers
  8. 20171013 on duty : cr Minoz_Moonshine Finally he wears HJJ's clothes instead of fan's gift.