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  1. Soooooo adorable !! cr Logo ACTOR LEEMINHO (이민호) D-64 cr goodboySR
  2. Sandara Park On Kiss Scene With Lee Min Ho In Solo MV: “We Did It 50 Times” Sandara Park talked about her kiss scene with Lee Min Ho in her 2010 solo music video for “Kiss.” On the February 18 broadcast of tvN’s “Seoulmate 2,” Sandara Park, Kim Sook, and Kim Young Chul were en route to Manila in the Philippines. In the car, Kim Sook asked about “Kiss,” which she came across while browsing on her phone, and Sandara Park said, “It’s my one and only solo track. I had a kiss scene with Lee Min Ho.” Watching the music video in the car, Sandara Park commented that Lee Min Ho is incredibly popular in the Philippines. “He’s one of the top male celebrities here.” Kim Sook asked their Filipina hosts, and they also agreed. Sandara Park said, “At the end [of the music video], I kiss [Lee Min Ho] for revenge. It was when I was a rookie and didn’t know anything.” “We did it 50 times. Because I didn’t know.” She joked, “I was a rookie, and there were so many people… I wasn’t able to really feel the kiss.” Watch the “Kiss” MV: https://www.soompi.com/article/1304694wpp/sandara-park-on-kiss-scene-with-lee-min-ho-in-solo-mv-we-did-it-50-times
  3. 20180214 tvN variety show Life Bar Ep. 110. Actress Park Jun Keum was talking about those actors played her son in different dramas. And other guest praised that all of them are TOP stars.
  4. Happy Valentine's Day !! 20190214 on duty. cr Logo And this is our cutest boy. cr Logo
  5. 8 Letters EP 5. Cutest but sooooo handsome. Perfect profile !! cr. minoz-最后的爱
  6. Hahahaha !!! He's sooooooooo cute ! cr. Minoz官ㄦ And more, can't help laughing.
  7. ] This was posted on weibo by wettedO today. But it was an old Taiwan program aired on 20180912, and sorry that I don't know who she is. She was talking about her school - Kookmin University in Seoul. Her major was performance and lots of celebrities were her seniors or juniors in same school, when MC asked her giving an example for the most famous, she said Lee Hyori and Lee Min Ho. MC : Lee Min Ho !!! Really ? My boyfriend. Guest : When did he become your boy friend ? MC : He always is. And then she said one of her friend had met Lee Min Ho in the elevator (in the school), she asked him "Why are you here ?" And LMH answered : "I come here to class." They were chatting a while and after went out the elevator, she cried out. Why ? Because she realized she just chatted with a big star and breathe the same air as him in the elevator. (all pictures credit to wettedO) Now we know our boy indeed went to the graduate school for his classes.