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  1. 20180217 Philippine news : https://starcinema.abs-cbn.com/2018/2/17/news/janice-nakita-si-lee-min-ho-sa-korea-36448?platform=hootsuite In the interview, Gelli De Belen said her sister Janice met Lee Min Ho in person when she went to Korea, and she planned to meet Lee Min Ho also after 2 weeks. ps. Both of them are famous actress in the Philippines. Is Suseo Welfare Center a famous place all over the world now ???
  2. Via PS Minho https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1596877713693606&id=127352620646130
  3. 20180214 Ajunews (china) : http://china.ajunews.com/view/20180214075803942 Did not expect ! South Korea's most popular tourist destination for foreign tourists is actually here According to the survey, the most popular Korean tourist product for foreign tourists is the DMZ tour. On the 14th, the Korean Tourism Organization released the research report on the trend of luxury travel and policy direction. The report shows that last year on the tourism activity platform Viator, the most popular Korean tourist goods for foreign tourists was "DMZ half-day tour". The schedule includes visits to the unarmed strip, Imjingak Park, Freedom Bridge, DMZ exhibition hall and more. --- skipped unrelated ---
  4. Indonesia IDN Times : https://hype.idntimes.com/entertainment/krisma-4/5-film-korea-bertema-gangster-ini-wajib-banget-kamu-tonton-c1c2/full Google translation : The 5 Korean Gangster-themed Movies You Must Watch (skipped unrelated) 2. Gangnam Blues (2015) Telling about the greed of politicians to expand power, making Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho) and his best friend Yong Ki (Kim Rae Won) become victims. Their life as a happy scavenger suddenly vanished when one day the situation requires them to become gangsters. Until one day they parted while performing the task and eventually became rivals because they entered different gangster camps. This one movie fits really well in the list of korean movies that you must watch.
  5. cr May Asia Minoz FB updated : *PHOTO right top corner staff is watching and recording.* Dear Fans and supporters of Lee Minho. We are very lucky to be able to watch him goes to work every day and off work. Please keep the magical moments for all. As advice from staffs working in that building, nobody is allowed to stand and wait nearby lift landing, fence and staircase area. Fans and supporters will need to wait opposite the building and do not dash across the road for your safety. Please take note of your safety and also the welfare of the residents and working staffs there. Thank you.
  6. According to a Weibo account @Minoz_江南区草李敏镐, she was so shamed when she saw the elders coming out the elevator but many bags or other things on the ground that fans put there to keep a good place. The staff of Welfare Center or Minho's driver often went to move out those bags. And due to more and more fans waiting, it's more dangerous that anyone may be hit by cars. So she went to Suseo at the early morning to move out the bags and asked all fans not put things to keep place and not stand around the elevator again and some fans argued with her but after all they understood and co-operated. And she said she was touched that there was a fan coming from America, and it's 3rd time she came to Suseo, she didn't meet Minho at her 1st and 2nd time at Suseo, this time, other fans told her the place to stand for holding his hand, but she said it would be fine for only taking pictures.
  7. These gifts were sent to MYM to celebrate 9th anniversary of DC LMH Gallery : cr DC민호갤 via MinoJennyLin83
  8. https://m.blog.naver.com/dudtjqchl/221203382478 LMH's OPPO billboard in The Lao People's Democratic Republic : cr as tagged