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  1. 20170623 on duty , and again he's wearing the gift from Minoz : cr as tagged
  2. This is so cute : And this cake was sent to MYM : cr as tagged
  3. @pixie0622 @gaeingoh Happy birthday !!! The gifts for Minho from all over the world : cr as tagged
  4. The topic #622李敏镐生日快乐# (622 LMH Happy Birthday) is trending on Weibo now and the readings are 340 million times.
  5. Wow ! Today he's wearing the gift from Minoz again, sooooo warm. cr Fanny_318
  6. 20170620 off duty, so many gifts. On 0622, maybe his driver should open the trunk and let fans put their gifts, Minho can't take too many. cr as tagged
  7. Will Bounty Hunters be released in Korea ?
  8. The auction of Minho's dresses was closed at 10:00 am today. Total charity sales RMB 185,302 will be donated for buying 18530 saplings and will be named as "Lee Min Ho public welfare forest" 【李敏镐公益林】. cr as tagged
  9. 20170620 on duty : And once again, he's wearing the gift from fans. This is the 3rd time he wore the gifts from fans since he went into social service. cr as tagged
  10. Translation by Google : 'The Wild' Lee Min Ho, a natural monument as pure as the DMZ Like the nature in DMZ that he introduces himself, the image that Lee Minho gave was clear and beautiful. It is especially impressive that the joy of life, the amazement of the mystical nature, and the harmonious coexistence were particularly impressive. In MBC documentary "DMZ The Wild" which was broadcast on the 19th, last week, the ecosystem of the DMZ, the Republic of Korea, was delivered vividly to the audience with the voice of the presenter Lee Min Ho. Lee Minho, who showed his audience to the DMZ in earnest and tranquil attitude in Part 1 "Endless War" broadcast on the 12th, vividly conveyed the battle of wild animals' nesting in the "Keeper of the Earth" broadcast on this day. On the day of the broadcast, Lee Minho also showed his intimacy with nature in an unfamiliar environment, and added a friendly explanation of the foot of the boar and the eggs of the birds. He asked an intimate, sexual ecology expert an irrational and resilient question, and showed a concern for a lonely animal. He took a picture of a young lion from a distance in the camera and talked to the audience. Lee Min Ho 's struggle to always be treated to the best spot was the point that makes' DMZ the Wild' more interesting. The process was not easy. I invested 700 days in this project. From October 2015 to March 2017, one year and five months. Throughout the filming period, I took a break from film, drama, as well as advertisements, photos, and overseas schedules. It was not a decision that could easily be taken from the position of the top star. I did not shoot every day, but I had to interact with the production crew for 700 days, and when I was shooting, I had to do 10 hours of hard work in the cold weather. I have to consider that the location is a danger zone. I went to the DMZ for two nights and three days, seven nights and eight days in a short time, sometimes as a presenter, sometimes as a staff. So why did Lee decide to join such a project? Without it, too. First, his love for the documentary was the reason. I hope the documentary of good content will be widely known through his appearance. I also wondered about the DMZ, which is a land in which people do not reach for 60 years. This kind of curiosity changed into a sense of responsibility as the filming proceeded. It would not have been lightweight to go to the DMZ as a position ahead of enlistment.