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  1. On the MBN " Flying Girl, " which aired on April 16, singer Kim Wan-sun was asked " Who would you pick the ideal type among celebrities? " and Kim answered, " Actor Lee Min-ho. "
  2. 20180416 Korean news : Lee Min-ho promotes aronia berry tonic pouches by KGC Since April 2016, Lee Min-ho has been an ambassador for state-run Korea Ginseng Corp.’s tonic product Good Base: Red Ginseng & Aronia. Now serving his compulsory military term, Lee has maintained his stint for a third year representing the company’s tonic with extracts of aronia berry, known as “king‘s berry” or “Europe’s equivalent to ginseng.” A KGC official explained that it is allowed by law to use promotional pictures taken prior to enlistment until the termination of a contract. According to the KGC, Lee‘s image as a full-of-life figure embodies that of aronia juice, because aronia extract contains a high level of antioxidants with anti-aging effects. Lee has played lead roles in many hit TV series such as “Boys Over Flowers,” “The Heirs” and “Legend of the Blue Sea.” - skipped - http://m.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20180416000692 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, he will still be the ambassador for Good Base till Apr. 2019 ?! It's great !!
  3. 20180416 on duty, the mask is back , but he looks so good and so handsome : cr as tagged / Logo
  4. Here's the link of ep4 of the "amazing" blog : http://blog.roodo.com/weichun_926/archives/15777949.html LMH had lots of great expressions to show his inside feelings. This blogger said LMH had too many handsome expressions and poses, this was just the fourth episode, she had screamed to almost sore throat. And the worst thing when she watched this drama was all the time she was worrying that Minho would be injured. ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ She had true love to our bb.
  5. Knetz comments for the news of LMH completing his basic training on 20180412. My English translation is according to Chinese translation by 李敏镐后援会.
  6. According to Minoz_无须完美 , a post on DC yesterday (not in DC LMH Gallery) got highly 15372 views and 94 comments. The favorable impression from non-fans toward LMH is really well. The title is "Why LMH looks like this today ?" Almost all comments were positive : Like a still of a drama. Is this today's picture ? I really thought it was a still photo. Wow !! Is this from a movie or is it real ? So handsome, looks like in a movie. Wow !! His natural face, is this real ? Indeed, artists are different. what is this? Filming a movie? Actors are actors.
  7. More pictures of our manly and handsome bb at Nonsan Training Center. cr Logo
  8. Our bb went to beauty salon, so young and lovely. cr SA_MinHo
  9. Translation by Naver : Lee Min-ho entered the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong Province on March 15 while serving as a social service worker, and completed four weeks of training after undergoing basic military training. He finished the training at the ceremony on the morning of May 12. Under the service system, Lee was assigned to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on May 12, 2017, started the service, and completed the mandatory training after 10 months. On the morning of that day, the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong Province was crowded with countless domestic and overseas fans who gathered to see Lee Min-ho after completing its training. Lee Min-ho left the scene, nodding and smiling at fans welcoming him. After completing basic military drills, Lee will return to his original workplace and continue his service as a social service worker from Friday. On the other hand, Lee Min-ho received a grade 6 rating after he was injured in a car accident in 2006 and during the filming of the 2011 drama, " City Hunter. "
  10. Our lovely bb and the boy next to him is so funny : cr to owner via MinoJennyLin83
  11. More pictures from @Minoz_pimxin. As usual, she took very good pictures by her camera instead of cellphone.