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  1. It seems that @heartLMH has been a little busy, I will continue to translate the remaining parts. And @CallieP, yes, it's the time he was filming Gangnam Blues. 5) After returned back from the hotel, “big fat” (the nickname of C-Minoz call his assistant) took your dinner to makeup room, then you came out from the makeup room, we only knew to go with you (because we didn’t know what happened at that time). Actually because you would like to meet the K-Minoz supporting the food truck that day, you didn’t agree to stay in the makeup room to eat dinner. So took the risk of being carried out by mosquitoes and went to the food truck for dinner. After dinner, you greeted us again. And then we were invited to the food truck by K-Minoz, they said “you all come here to eat dinner.” Hot night, delicious dinner, warm families, wanton mosquitoes, and someone not far away. You know what’s my feeling at that time ? Satisfied, particularly satisfied, and deeply touched ! 6) You continued to work after dinner, we looked at you far away. The supporting of coffee truck also started, coffee, drinks, cake, and shaved ice were sent to your side. Hard working staff also enjoyed the delicious desserts. And we got treating of shaved ice by K-Minoz. Such a beautiful night, kept on touched ! And then, K-Minoz went home continually, but we didn’t want to leave, we insisted to be with you till the end of today’s filming. 7) Every time you changed you clothes, it’s the opportunity we might see you nearer. We firmly kept the record by our eyes, and followed with you like your small tail. This time, we followed you to your makeup room. Wondering it’s because of happiness or being relaxed, you turn on the music and turned the volume very loud, all your songs. And then we read the news of your concert from Weibo, haha, it might be the time you started to practice. “big fat” came out and till he walked across us, we had courage to call him and asked him if we could have autographs. Lovely “big fat” said “OK”, the happiness came suddenly ! Then we gave the pictures we prepared to “big fat”. After a while, we heard your laugh and talks from the room. Wasn’t it just an autograph ? Why did you laugh so exaggerated ? The reason…..we imagined it. Then we all had your autograph. 8) The filming was continued, we followed you and looked at you far away. Sometimes we found you jumped up and down, we thought you were full of energy, but it was the midnight already. Haha, so you were afraid of mosquitoes, actually you would be bite by mosquitoes, suddenly I felt I envy mosquitoes a little…….may I say it was the first time I envy mosquitoes ? (And I felt sorry for you, because before Director said “OK”, you had to endure.) 9) The filming was over, you came back with other 3 persons, before we understood what’s going on, you came to our side and hold the right hand of each of us by your left hand. Your hand was warm and soft, that grip was like the encouragement and communication between friends, everything beyond words. Was that real ? I couldn’t believe it ! Let the time freeze, I made the record, that time ~ 1:00am in Korea, 12:00 in Beijing. 10) Back to hotel. Finally you could take a rest after hard works of one day. And to us, a real and beautiful day was over ! This day, too many thanks, too much moved, too much warmth, too many memories, too much of everything……because of you, because of you all. This day, too much happiness, too many lucks, too much appreciation, too many memories, too much of everything………because of me, because of us. Thankful, moved, grateful !
  2. Fan art : cr Logo
  3. Today is a holiday in Korea. Have you felt boring that we have not seen our bb for 4 days ? Let our cutest bb make you laugh !! Hahahaha......... cr owner ps. the Japanese words means "gon !" (the sound Minho hit his head on the door)
  4. Hahahaha !!!! cr owner ps. the Japanese words means "gon !" (the sound Minho hit his head on the door)
  5. 5th anniversary of Faith. cr Minoz_Lucifer
  6. innisfree : cr as tagged PyeongChang 2018 Official Store : cr. Lotte Duty Free
  7. I found one interest thing that so many people had watched BOF Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden, but I (am from Taiwan) have never watched it before. After I have watched all other LMH dramas except BOF (I've read so many comments about disliking his curly hair), it was this scene made me surprised - he was still so handsome with curly hair.
  8. 20170813 5th anniversary of Faith aired. I don't know if anyone has posted this sand art of "Faith" before. It's so talented.
  9. I don't know if anyone has posted this sand art of "Faith" before. It's so talented.
  10. -- Editing out my post. --- @1ouise give us the correct answer below. Thank you.
  11. The gift for member of official Minozclub. Will it be the same for member of China Minozclub ? cr ocoharuoco
  12. 20170810 on duty : cr LuLu的小天地 via Woodalchis Minoz Cr. Sa_Minoz via Woodalchis Minoz