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  1. 20171113 on duty : cr as tagged cr pipi_liu via Woodalchis Minoz
  2. The nomination list of 2017 Macau International TV Festival. cr as tagged LOTBS was nominated for "Best Drama", "Best Director", and "Best Scriptwriter". The only one K-Drama in the nomination list.
  3. 20171212 on duty : cr Logo Cr. Minoz_Anita via Woodalchis Minoz
  4. 20171212 on duty. -12 ℃ in Seoul today, sooooo cold. cr pipi_liu
  5. The new picture of the post card (total 3 post cards) in LOTBS Japanese Blue-ray. The other 2 are from PD Notes. cr Minami80
  6. The new picture of the post card (total 3 post cards) in LOTBS Japanese Blue-ray. The other 2 were from PD Notes. cr Minami80
  7. @MINOZPHILIPPINES •There's a lot of things we would like to express but let us first thank our Lord God for the guidance. Second, we would like to thank each and everyone who help us especially the sponsors and staffs of LeeMinHoUnitedPH and Concordia. And lastly, to every person who made this event possible and successful in every way, kamsahamnida for your support. There's no greater feeling than seeing the smiles of these children. The path to this event is not easy, but our love for Oppa Lee Min Ho and our cooperation with each other made this event not only possible but also a successful one. We must take every moment of our lives to help and share our blessings especially to the needy ones. This yuletide season, the greatest expression of love and care is to share. So with that, altogether let us share our love and care to everyone. Till next time, UnitedMinoz! Kamsahamnida, To GOD be all the glory! ️ #LEEMINHOUNITEDPH'S FIRST CHARITY EVENT#
  8. Please vote for LMH and LOTBS : 2017 The Most Handsome Kdrama Stars - Final Round 2017/12/01~2017/12/31 : http://namesns.com/m/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=171 The Best Kdrama 2017 - Round 3 2017/12/01~2017/12/15 : http://namesns.com/m/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=178
  9. 20171208 on duty : The door was locked, so he walked to the side door. cr Logo
  10. A girl with a heart of gold admires our bb : https://www.dramafever.com/zh-cn/news/miss-universe-ghana-wants-to-date-lee-min-ho/ Miss Universe Ghana admits she wants to date Lee Min Ho Lee Min Ho has a gorgeous secret admirer! Last month, the Miss Universe 2017 pageant was held in Las Vegas. Lovely ladies from around the globe competed for the chance to take home the prestigious title. During the event, Miss Universe Korea Cho Se Hui had the opportunity to chat with Miss Universe Ghana Ruth Quarshie. According to Cho, the 23-year-old beauty was anxious to obtain the 30-year-old actor's contact information so she could start dating him. Cho recently shared the sweet photo she took with Quarshie via Instagram and asked the public to help them connect. "Miss Universe Ghana asked me for Goo Jun Pyo's phone number and home address about 80 times. She said since he recently broke up with his girlfriend (Bae Suzy), it's now her turn (to date him). I didn't even know who his girlfriend was. If any of you know his contact info, let me know," she wrote. Fellow Ghanaian and rising star in South Korea, Sam Okyere, admitted on an episode of JTBC's Abnormal Summit that Lee Min Ho is very popular in Ghana. Boys Over Flowers is still a big hit there and many ask him if he is friends with Lee. Ruth Quarshie, who is a University of Ghana grad, is fluent in English, Fante and Twi. She's an advocate of education for young girls, as well as encouraging them to have high self-esteem and good values. Quarshie seems to be the perfect lady with beauty, brains and a heart of gold. Check out her inspiring Miss Universe video below: Do you think Miss Universe Ghana is a good match for Lee Min Ho?