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  1. why i got the feeling sang seob would sacrifice his body to be used because he know da il want to sacrifice his life for yeo weol
  2. after see the date scene, why i getting vibe the sad ending???? i hope i wrong....that scene seem sad and with the ost.its blend the scene ver well.
  3. hope to see that scene tonight....both of them really know how to act with eyes
  4. that true.good actor when their eyes also act....choi daniel really good in this drama.
  5. i had watch the japanese version after i know korea would be remake this drama.....the japanese drama quite good and its shown the realistic things would be happen in marriage. i like how japanese ways of thinking....so i'm looking forward for this drama as cha tae hyun here.
  6. look like the development of the story starting revealed one by one....i curious about how the writer would conclude this drama. any scene between da il and yeo weol tonight??
  7. i new here i really like choi daniel acting....i had follow his drama since school 2013.his acting never dissapointed n this drama although had low rating but i still like the story development. i never see park eun bin acting and i think her acting quite good and her pronouncation good.i like her tone of voice hope writer would develop dail and yeo woo love story
  8. I glad i watch this drama....i crying soo much for this drama. PDH character truly the right definition for a good person.... he very decent person and this person that we need in our society
  9. Kim So Hyun Reveals Which “Radio Romance” Moment Had Her Heart Racing For Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon0 Kim So Hyun confessed in a recent interview that there was a moment when her heart really fluttered because of Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon. The pair stole the hearts of viewers as Song Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) and Ji Su Ho (Yoon Doojoon) in KBS’s “Radio Romance.” Though there were concerns initially as the two have a ten-year age gap, viewers were enthralled by their sweet romance once the drama started airing. When asked if there was ever a moment when her heart started racing while working with Yoon Doojoon, Kim So Hyun talked about the scene where her character celebrates Ji Su Ho’s birthday. She stated, “That happened in the second half of the drama. There was a scene where Ji Su Ho wakes up and my character says ‘Happy birthday’ to him at his house. It wasn’t a grand gesture or anything, but it made my heart race because it felt so realistic. I felt so comfortable in that moment.” She smiled as she added, “Neither Yoon Doojoon nor I am very good at acting cheesy, so we were laughing throughout those scenes.” The actress also picked her most memorable scene, which was where Song Geu Rim hugs Ji Su Ho in the park. Kim So Hyun said, “I like that scene. Ji Su Ho is a cool person, but I also felt bad for him because he had a lot of pain inside of him. I really just wanted to hug him, so I loved that I was able to do that and comfort him through that scene.” “Radio Romance” told the story of Ji Su Ho, a top star who can’t live without a script, as he finds himself working as a radio DJ with Song Geu Rim, a radio scriptwriter who is good at everything except writing scripts. Find out whether Ji Su Ho and Song Geu Rim have a happy ending in the finale of “Radio Romance” below!
  10. Like in drama.....many things suho do for first time with geurim... in real life, many things sohyun did first time with dujun.it's coincidence???
  11. Read her interviews, i'm glad her that her close with raro casts especially dujun and hope this long lasting.....dujun really give good vibe to sohyun and i think this is quite good. Now i waiting for dujun interview....hope he would has some interview regarding raro drama
  12. When we can get interview from dujun and sohyun???usually after finished the drama, lead woukd had interview... I want to hear about their drama and what they feel regarding their chemistry despite age gap
  13. I agree with u.....chief kim one of drama i like.they act so realistic based on what happen in real life.... For raro, they play the realistic elements that i really want to see in drama without second lead keep disturb main couple relationships. When i see the scene where seugrim say says thanks to pd kang for liking her instead of say sorry, "i thought this drama really different"....they shows the best resolution to triangle love.
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