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  1. I am very very very angry with the writers. They did very well until ep 37, everything completely collapsed with me.
  2. I just remember there are 2 still cuts that had LCY & GP with Mi Luo when they'r in Western State. Based on the costumes they wear, this is the scene where LCY told BP that he was going to kill the King wolf white eyes. I think the drama has not mentioned this yet and maybe it'll not too in the future. I wonder if they cut this relationship?
  3. Yes, I went to weibo and saw a lot of fans complaining about the editing and the relationship between LCY and SS. As a result, the douban point is now only 7.4, which is really unfortunate for the drama that could have been better.
  4. Oh my god, i read on weibo & notice they really cut this sweet scene ??? I don't see this in the next preview. Awwww so angry !!!!! Cut kiss scene, bed scene and now this scene too ??? Are u serious Dong Gong produce team ????
  5. After watching 4 ep yesterday, I have some thoughts to share Sorry for long post & my bad English
  6. I still don't watch full ep but saw some cut on weibo, i think a lot of sweet scene were cut & shortened In addition, the keyword "不是你想的那样" (Not as you think) has trend top search weibo this morning. That is XF's line in this scene. This shows the popular of GBMP during this time in China
  7. Awwww I'm so disappointed with the cut kiss scene. Why is the unpublished still cut photo better than video ?
  8. Yeah, so happy to see u again hehee ^^ It's really been a while since we were at AOL theard hehee I know that although we understand why LCY did it, there are still many people like you who don't like him. For me, perhaps the CXX's acting makes me feel this character is more interesting and not too obnoxious.
  9. If you put yourself in his position, you can understand his action. All is LCY's acting & he did that to protect XF. Although I understand his actions, I'm still really annoyed by his slap with XF even after reading the novel.
  10. This FMV is so cute I also like PXR's acting. She acted cute but didn't cringe. XF has a lovely running style lol.
  11. Yeah, At first when I watched the trailer, I really didn't like CXX because I didn't see the character of LCY in him. But CXX's acting is getting more and more progressive, and he actually did too well with this role with all aspects. Acting serious, he's really serious. Acting emotion, he's really affection. Actually CXX is 96 lines, he does really well and can convey complex characters like LCY.
  12. What I find most regretful is that XF until death still does not know the purpose of LCY's actions is to protect her, still not knowing LCY's true love is for her, haizzzz
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