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  1. Jung somin IG update, PS: yesterday is hey boyfie's birthday
  2. I don't think he will call since he's in ninja mode right now. Sending message to the radio is safer way I don't know if it's a common name but saw newer generation idols also used that name 'changsun' as their stage name. The 2pm Chanseong is different name all around. Changseon is our LJ and Chanseong is the 2pm name, although it's almost similar but they're different. Tomorrow is February! The month of Joon's birthday
  3. Or maybe somin already read the question beforehand since she needs to prepare the answer first, maybe she the one that purposely changed sun to seung? So people won't know? xDD
  4. Yes even for his fancafe he used changsun3× as his ID name. So yeah the person is a listener of the radio, during the segment you can ask Somin anything and she will decide for you. It's mean the person might be a loyal listener of Somin's radio I don't know who he is, but he asked about seaweed soup, isn't it symbolize the food we eat during birthday? And Lee Joon's birthday is coming soon this February. The mystery listener username really reminded us of someone right PS: maybe it's really changsun The similarities is changs but he only changed sun to seung or maybe purposely doing that, so people won't be suspicious lol. And who else repeat their names three times as username other than him
  5. During Jung Somin radio segment 'Somlomon', in the video at 9:39 you can hear she mentioned "changseungchangseungchangseung nim" The person asked Somin what should I eat? Rice cake or seaweed soup? Somin answered seaweed soup becoz I like seaweed soup. Coincidentally, Lee Joon's name in his fancafe is ChangsunChangsunChangsun For reference here:- So I kind of wondering who is the mystery man changseung3×
  6. Pretty Valentine's day is coming soon @irisariadne I thought it was recent Oh sorry, double post
  7. Pretty Valentine's day is coming soon @irisariadne I thought it was recent
  8. lee joon follows jsm first he's such a romantic guy
  9. I stumbled upon a post in other social media platforms, was baffled because the person seems to really know a lot about our JoonMin. Turns out she also an avid reader of this forum she said she loves reading this forum during freetime. I think there's many more silent readers like her out there, no matter when or how you read this, we from JM forum really welcome all of you let's support this couple and wish them happiness together I know it's a hassle to create account for Soompi thread, some also lost their password in the middle So far the views JoonMin thread got is 305,566 views!!!! Even though there's barely news about both of them anymore since their dating news was revealed because both of them are so low profile and love to keep their relationship low key though they're top star Oh almost forgot to say this. During radio broadcast, Somin said she likes Ariana Grande song. Sweetener is her favorite song. As every one knows, Joonie has went to AG concert last two years, he also dance to her song in his vlive before. And now his gf is also a fan of AG. Hmm wonder who brainwash Somin lol PS I think they're just fine. Let's wish them happiness and joy
  10. During Joon birthday Somin will have public broadcast DJ so maybe she will said, "today is someone's special birthday" lol we can imagine right
  11. Vote for JoonMin! The Best Real Couple. So far they're on 6th place. PS: I really miss them :)))) @irisariadne where are you?
  12. https://www.soompi.com/article/1287201wpp/stars-will-discharged-military-2019