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  1. We are getting a proposal scene people! YEAH! and YJ on the piano! ME LIKE!! @lolly84 @attriste @YourHighness . @vangsweetie637 @triplem @Kasmic @Yongzura @bebebisous33 @dramaninja @evie7 @nonski @jeonghyang Looks like someone updated it But @stroppyse do you have any idea what they are saying? I can't hear the drunk parts
  2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: Episode 14 by LollyPip The interoffice rumor mill can be a vicious thing, turning something sweet and beautiful into ugly, hurtful gossip. Thankfully, Mi-so has some viciously loyal supporters and only a few days left before she’s leaving for good. She starts to put some serious thought into what she wants to do with her life from now on, and the answer will be surprising to everyone – especially herself. More....
  3. 6 Things We Loved And 1 Thing We Hated About Episodes 13 And 14 Of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” is slowly coming to an end. Already. It seems like just yesterday we were seeing Park Seo Joon appreciate his own “aura” and considering it a blessing for Park Min Young to be in his presence. But before we say goodbye, there’s obviously a couple more episodes to watch and a couple of this week’s episodes if you haven’t watched them already. Here are six things I loved and one thing I hated about the most recent episodes of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.” LOVED: How Young Joon wears his heart on his sleeve It’s adorable how Young Joon misses Mi So so much and that he wants to tell the world that they are together. I love a male lead who wears his heart on his sleeve and is willing to put down everything he’s got for the woman he loves. Especially since that male lead is Park Seo Joon. HATED: How the story seems to be dragging on a bit We know all the drama that happened between the leads at this point and we’ve gotten closure. I was wondering how the last four episodes would pan out and what more they would have to add to the story. I was still expecting some crazy twist… or was hoping for it, anyway. But, I have to say I was a little disappointed in how slow this past week’s episodes were going. I thought the side relationship parts were dragging, and there were a lot of moments that felt unimportant or lingered for a bit too long. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed seeing the OTP being all lovey dovey and cute. LOVED: “Bulldozer” Despite the emotional and romantic advances by Young Joon, I love how Mi So put him in his place. When she referred to him as being a “bulldozer,” she was putting her foot down and making sure that he knows she can’t be pushed around or pressured. I couldn’t help but smile when she called him this name. LOVED: This scene Really, the hot and heavy factor had us totally squealing, right? If you were me, you were not expecting this scene to go that far. This has to go down as being one of the hottest K-drama kiss scenes of the year! LOVED: Mi So’s co-workers sticking up for her I love how loyal these two were in sticking up for Mi So. They didn’t stand back and listen while Mi So got trash talked. A good sis-mance and sticking up for a fellow woman is so badass, and I loved it. LOVED: How Young Joon tried to cheer Mi So up after she had a bad day This is love. AND LOVED: Mi So deciding to stay as Young Joon’s secretary I appreciated the part of Young Joon’s character that knew the best thing for Mi So was to let her figure out what she wanted to do with her life. As much as he wanted to keep her as his secretary, he knew it wasn’t in Mi So’s best interest. So when Mi So discovers that she wants to stay working as his secretary, Young Joon’s face spoke volumes. It was so touching and adorable to see him so moved! Credit: https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/21/x-things-loved-x-things-hated-episodes-13-14-whats-wrong-secretary-kim/
  4. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: Episode 13 by LollyPip This episode is all about Young-joon and his naughty little devil, and I love the frank discussions of sex and consent as Young-joon tries to figure out how to take his and Mi-so’s relationship to the next level. It’s a sticky topic for two people who are still figuring out how to go from colleagues to lovers, and doubly so when you consider that they’re both relatively inexperienced. Luckily, they’re already good at the one thing that makes a relationship successful — communication. More....
  5. "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" Park Min-young Only in a Shirt Park Seo-joon fell for Park Min-young who was only wearing a shirt. On the latest episode of the tvN drama "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim", Lee Yeong-joon (Park Seo-joon) and Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young) got all affectionate in the morning. They had spent a night together and Kim Mi-so walked out in only a shirt the next morning. Lee Yeong-joon said, "I didn't know that shirt was so dangerous". Kim Mi-so didn't understand what he meant. Lee Yeong-joon continued, "The directors will have a problem with my negligence" and he laid her on the bed. "You're so pretty that it shakes up my composure and self control". Kim Mi-so said, "I wonder if you're the person I've known until now". Lee Yeong-joon asked what that meant and she said, "It means I like this you much better". Source : www.newsen.com/news_v... PSJ's insta update He is doing the 'aura' pose.
  6. Thank you once again to the recappers for this week! @nonski @Kasmic @jeonghyang We are now going to be entering the final week. Let's hope we have a wonderful wedding and proposal scene!
  7. Okay it is a bit confusing but, the last line of the preview WHICH WE THOUGHT WAS A BREAK UP LINE. Is from the scene where YJ lets MS go as his secretary. HOWEVER! the scene in which they made the line overlap with - the one where YJ's is teary eye is the last scene where MS tells YJ she wants to stay on. Basically they combined it to look like as though the couple was going to break up.
  8. Ah that one, I have translated that scene already. On top! It was not a sad conversation.
  9. YJ - do you still have the heart to quit MS - yes I do. YJ - then what are your plans for after you quit? MS - let's see, right now I have not made any fixed plans. MS - I took a job right after high school so I never had plans for the future and was too busy making money so O actually did not know what she wanted to do. YJ - Then, think about it slowly what you would like to do. YJ - I was selfish to keep you next to me. i stopped you from quitting, but now I dont’ think I need to do it any more. YJ - I will do whatever you do, together….for the last nine years, you worked hard all the time and were perfect and great. So I will send my secretary away. Thank you so much. @attriste this is the weird line that was in the preview chingu. haha, i guess it was an indrect one. YJ said: You will realise your dream MS. They can go home together everyday and eat ramen everyday. I want to be your husband. I want to marry Kim Miso. MS: Ah there is one packet left. MS: If we put frozen mandu into the ramen we can have ramen mandu as well. YJ: Mandu (dumpling) ramen? MS: Here you can put dduk and make dduk ramen or you can put cheese and make cheese ramen. YJ: That is rather amazing, as expected the power of instant food MS: Do you know why I am happy? MS: Actually this is my romantic dream, to cook and eat dinner with my husband who just finished work. MS: Oh why is it so hot in the house? YJ hold MS's hand YJ: That dream, I can make it come true. Every day we can go home after work, every day we can eat ramen. My body will start liking MSG. YJ: I... want to become MS's husband. I want to marry KMS. YJ: Why? You oppose it? YJ leans in for a kiss MS's Father: I OPPOSE IT/ MS: Appa! YJ: Father in law! MS's Father: I OPPOSE YOUR MARRIAGE!
  10. no wories chingu, luckily this time round the sentences were not too difficult to follow, manage to understand most of it and yes absolutely nothing. HA NOPE, i Mean maybe just the slightly objection from the father? but no.