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  1. Hello all, I apologise for not being active, school has started and it has been tiring and difficult so I have not come onto Soompi much. I have missed the shyshy couple so - I am glad they are both coming back with individual projects and am looking forward to both. But I do miss seeing them on the same screen just wanted to do some updates FYI - KSH's variety show is subbed at least the first ep KSH's insta update
  2. Hello everyone, I too just saw the news about YSH's role. I am not sure if it is the same slot as KSH but right now KSH has not agreed with the other drama. But it is nice to see YSH on another drama and not on MBC
  3. You are right i think KSH has lost some weight recently. @YourHighness .
  4. thanks for sharing the new fanfic. KSH's insta update I am always a fan of KSH's natural look but I have to say this look is really amazing on her as well! Also KSH is going to be on a solo variety travelling show
  5. KSH's insta update she is really getting prettier and prettier
  6. KSH has celebrated her 10th anniversary since she debuted. Kim So Hyun Looks Back On Her Career And Warmly Thanks Fans On 10th Debut Anniversary Kim So Hyun has marked 10 impressive years as an actress! On August 7, Kim So Hyun posted a handwritten letter addressed to her fans to express her gratitude and love over the past decade. She promised to continue to grow and learn without losing sight of herself. The actress also shared English and Chinese versions of her message. Born in 1999, Kim So Hyun first appeared on the small screen in 2006, before officially debuting as an actress in 2008 through one of the episodes of “Hometown Legends” (also known as “Korean Ghost Stories”). Throughout the years, she made a name for herself as a child actress, starring in popular dramas such as “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo,” “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” and “I Hear Your Voice.” In 2015, Kim So Hyun took on her first lead role in “Who Are You: School 2015,” and continued to show growth through dramas of various genres like “Page Turner,” “Bring It On, Ghost,” and “Ruler: Master of the Mask.” The talented actress also made her big screen debut in 2010, and starred in films like “Pure Love” and “The Last Princess.” Now in her 20s (by Korean reckoning), Kim So Hyun kicked off 2018 with KBS2’s “Radio Romance,” and is in talks to star in webtoon-based drama “Love Alarm.” Happy 10th debut anniversary to Kim So Hyun! Credit: https://www.soompi.com/article/1211707wpp/kim-hyun-looks-back-career-warmly-thanks-fans-10th-debut-anniversary