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  1. Wish you all the best my baby girl( I know she is a woman, but for me always my baby girl). God bless you with many more happy healthy years. From ahjumma’s with you always through thick and thin! Fighting, Warrior!
  2. Pray that you will always be healthy , genuine, happy, and a warrior! May God bless you, give you the strength, and continue to support you in all your endeavors, in your professional and personal life! Love and Peace always from this ahjummma’s
  3. cr: the owner Would love to see Shin Hye working with him next!
  4. She looks sooo hot ! “ La poderosa” “ The powerful one!”
  5. Nostalgia https://www.instagram.com/p/BthzGlhAsBo/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    Soompi love feast

    Love to all
  7. Nostalgia cr: the owner Cr: the rightful owner
  8. Happy Lunar Newyear’s to all that celebrate.!
  9. I am sorry, just picturing it, I can not stop laughing . Maybe an E.T. movie, where Shin Hye will play a beautiful warrior Amazon from another World? Even though ShinnHye is already an establish actress, she still working very hard between doing a drama and film back to back. She is in a reel world for almost a year or more , she needs time to go back into the real world to keep the balance . So, she can still doing other things she loves , like her charity works, fun meets, the commitments with the companies she represents, and the most important be a young woman and enjoy ordinary and simple things with her love one, family and friends. It is mentally exhausting to be an actor/ actress, and have that Yin/Yan perspective and practice it is gold, to succeed professionally and in personal life. As longer she is happy and healthy in however her endeavors , I am happy for her and with what she puts out there. But , I understand you all. Peace and Love to you all chingus!
  10. I hope after filming she will take another two years “hiatus”and enjoy herself and her love ones , and surprise us with another good project. Praying hard for it! My preference: A movie will do! Shin Hye ah, I am getting old, I want to see my grandkids, pretty please! Lol! Love and Peace !’
  11. Love Shin Hye new hairstyle , she looks so chic. I am dying to see her movie “Call”. Congratulations on her IG followers, phenomenal . Keep spreading the word all the ways you can! Also, new cf. Congratulations ! Fighting warrior. Refreshing image. Hi to all chingus here, God bless we all! @rori0711 @Iduc already voting, it allows more than 10 votes in less than 24 hours. Vote vote vote ,’spread the word. Keep supporting and spoiling our girl. Thank you .
  12. @Kasmic still trying to figure out how to change my avatar to a zombie, since I
  13. Hope Shin Hye will continue doing new fresh projects in the movie world, and if she chooses to do any drama, that will be a new fresh stories. My wish, that she will NOT do any 2nd session of her past projects or to be continued, with any of her past costars. There are many actors out there, veterans and new , that she has never worked with, that are dying to work with her and vvs. Let’s keep moving forward and continue challenge herself with fresh new projects. But, I will always support and respect , however is her decision and choices. Fighting ! Her agency SALT entertainment is growing a lot, with aquision of new faces. Hope them all much success . Love and Peace to all PS= PUT YOURSELF FIRST. There is nothing wrong with it. You can only make others happy when you are happy and feel fulfilled. An empty bag can not stand still! Many prayers! God bless
  14. Nostalgia Soompi’s Ultimate Lookbook: Park Shin Hye https://www.soompi.com/article/536389wpp/soompis-ultimate-lookbook-park-shin-hye