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  1. I am in episode 10 of Doctors, after I finish I will start YAB. I am doing it on my days off , that is not much, but my plan it's to finish Doctors soon. I only watch dramas with Shin Hye, try to watch others drama, but couldn't pass 2 episodes have to drop them. Watch movies more.
  2. Enjoy your trip and cheerful Shin Hye , if you can.
  3. Thank you @rori0711 . I am sure she is supporting him. He needs all the support, it is a long , hard, and difficult journey. He is fighting it, that is the most important, to keep the faith and high spirit. I am currently watching " Doctors " again in Drama Fever, trying to bring it to the top 10, then I will rewatch "You are beautiful " trying to bring all Shin Hye's dramas to the top 10 or 20. I always find something new during my rewatch time. I am inviting you all to join me.
  4. cr. As tagged Sad about the news of Shin Hye's friend Woo Bin. Praying for fast recovery, and courage to endure all that comes his way. God bless him and all those around him.
  5. Believe me when I say she is known worldwide. Shin Hye differently needs to do more movies, I am not saying to abandon drama, but the level of fans she has and she will get doing movies , will be a phenomenon, she has the talent, aura, star power for that. She needs to overcome her fair, be a believer , and go heads on into movies. In Madagascar they are already calling her like " beauty fatale" of the movies, and I am almost sure they only saw " Royal Taylor" and maybe " Miracle in cell # 7", but they know a lot about her , Shin Hye is well known, if not in all , in most Countries in the world, and she has a very dedicated fans, in special one, that are/is working very hard to make sure she will Always be loved and recognized wherever she goes. Shin Hye is love, I would love for her to hold on in doing drama for one or two years, and since she is very smart and talent, I believe she can work with a scrip writer , to have a drama history female center, worth to come back for. Praying for her, to make the right decision, and for us fans to continue to support her with almighty.
  6. In Wow with all the pictures, interviews circulating on those magazines, our Shin Hye is really rocking. I love her way, ninja for a while then the bomb, kaboom, and undercover again .Great work ethic. The left hand doesn't have to know what the right hand is doing. Just in my mind: All Shin Hye's fans, from baby to 100 or above are smart, intelligent, thoughtful, mature, wise, elegant, classy people. We do not fall on trap of ignorance, losers, unscrupulous people and their trash articles, which only intention , is to make us loose our cool. Let's stick together stay strong and positive, and keep supporting our girl in all her glory. We pray and keep moving forward Peace and Love always . Enjoy all those beautiful and positive news about our baby girl
  7. Hello friend Nice to see you here, in your house. Indeed , beautiful pictures, the vibe is, unique Shin Hye in all of them, celebrating the fabulous, sexy , endearing woman that she is. The answers on the interview, very thoughtful and meaningful, that help us to understand Shin Hye the human being more and more. Praying hard for God to continue protect her and bless her with many more good and satisfying moments, and courage to face adversities in a healthy and positive way. To let God fill the emptiness and loneliness moments of her life with much love . Remember fans by your side, and much love you have from your families , friends, always. You are a warrior Shin hye. Enjoy life, love and let be loved, it's all right and fine, doesn't matter what comes with it. It is all worthy. No regrets Peace and Love always from this ahjumma's heart.
  8. cr. As tagged Cr. PSH_Translate @PSH_Translate #ParkShinHye #InStyle Korea Interview Part.9 Question(8) "Living on your own, is it okay?" (My thoughts) Guess what? I agree with mom, "Mystery" woman.(wink, winks, crumbs)