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  1. Or this will be our Jung Hee Joo in “Memories of the Alhambra!”? I love all of them! Bring it on. December , where are you? !?
  2. Yes! Such beautiful, happy, and positive aura! Keep it up, Warrior ! Cr: the owner
  3. No words! Lol. Shin Hye is really leaving me Wow. She is slaying with her different style, every time . Beautiful, classy, sexy, fabulous , and what I like the most is her attitude , full of confidence . You go warrior. This ahjumma is sooo proud of you, warrior! Fighting , we by your side always!
  4. Asia Artist Awards Voting is available throughVOTE HOME VOTE Primary VOTE Pre VOTE Primary 투표2018 Asia Artist Awards Voting is available through K-STAR official voting application she has Voting Period : 2018.10.17 10:00 ~ 10.31 23:59 https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/primaryVote.html?type=factor(KST) Depending on the updated time, there may b ma
  5. O.M.G. Femme Fatale! . Shin Hye is looking sooo elegant, classy, and hot. (Uff) Girl, you rock, slash, smash, .....! Looking forward to her drama Memories of the Alhambra. I got the feeling we are going to see Shin Hye’s Hotness a lot! Bring it on, pretty woman. You got it all. Show time!
  6. VOTE VOTE. Please VOTE Wednesday 10/17 You can use Facebook, KakaoTalk , Line, Twitter https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html?type=factor
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  8. Cr: as tagged Cr: as tagged Real life keeping us busy, but always finding time to really support honest and true causes!