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  1. Park Shin Hye Shares Her Approach To Dating As A Celebrity A. Kim November 22, 2017 https://www.soompi.com/2017/11/22/park-shin-hye-shares-approach-dating-celebrity/
  2. Go watch the movie “ Blackened Heart”. Shin Hye rocks, not because she is our girl, but she did an excellent job, so love to see her acting, very convincing , and totally different world from the drama-world. Be open mind, please.. Hope the movie will screen in many movie festivals around the world. It is a remake, but I found more interesting than the original one. I will not spoil. Worth. Indeed, I would love to see her continue to challenge herself and do more movies. Fighting warrior. Many blessings!
  3. This is what critics are saying about Park Shin Hye performance in the movie “ Blackened Heart”. “. That said, it is easily her most impressive performance to date, and should tee her up for more exciting projects in the future.” http://screenanarchy.com/2017/10/review-heart-blackened-well-acted-silent-witness-remake-emits-cool-pulse.html My opinion: Differently she should continue to challenge herself in the movie world and take a break from the dramaland. The true fans will always support her and be by her side in all her endeavors , regardless . Fighting! You are a warrior. Praying hard for you, Shin Hye , because I know you have no ill will. Love always from this ahjummas heart