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  1. cr. bcbench Please go on the bench IG and website and like it.
  2. @nefartum_29 Don't take it wrong. It is all for love for Shin Hye. We all appreciate the true love and support you shower Shin Hye with. We all respect Shin Hye's private moments , and we know you do too. We just want to continue supporting Shin Hye in a healthy and mindful way, and not encouraged false rumors and invasion of her private moments . Usually she communicates very well with her fans through her IG. Let's continue keeping this place warm and cozy for all. You know we are one family in heart. In the future maybe we should do some private message, for these cases. God bless all. Love and Peace always from this ahjumma's
  3. cr. The owner Beautiful picture of Shin Hye
  4. Hi


    i think you post this in the wrong page. Remember what Shin Hye said" ships are a burden to her...". Lets support her with love and care. Not on her personal thread, please. We need to keep the house warm and cozy for all. 

    Thanks cingu:thumbsup: 

  5. Chingus O.M.G. Are we really stalking Shin Hye?!? (Lol) I am reading posts in Twitter, IG , and here and I am in Wow. Come on, give her a break, she needs some normalcy in her life. I know it is all for love, but please. Lets play a good fans respect her privacy, and continuing to protect her. Remember what she said , " the fans to be by her side", no stalking in her private moments . Remember, all to keep this house nice and cozy always for all Park Shin Hye's fans, we only post about Shin Hye and any news related to her, to avoid misunderstandings from immature fans from another artists, they go straight to Shin Hye's IG and start to harassing her. We do not want that. Many blessings to all, and please God really protect our Shin Hye with almighty. Peace and Love to all always from the ahjumma's
  6. PSH_PINKLE.JP‏ @PSH_JP Park Shin Hye for TATA 2017 #パクシネ #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 (link:… 0:33 8:25 AM · Apr 18, 2017