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  1. http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/46535/20190115/memories-of-the-alhambra-finale-spoilers-se-joo-is-back-can-jin-woo-professor-cha-survive-the-game.htm
  2. Shin Hye updated her IG. Congratulations for the 9.1 M followers. Powerful ! BTW, I love the shoes with beautiful green letters. Green is my favorite color!
  3. I am going nowhere until the end ! No matter what . BTW enjoy reading all of your views , very interesting. I have a different view of many here, if not all. I post it on Park Shin Hye’s. personal thread. Do not want the mod to band me from here, or created wars!
  4. I had to take my time, before comment anything , regarding all the malicious and harmful comments, because I do not even consider those to be constructive criticism, that are circulating regarding the MOA drama and Shin Hye choices and performance. It is very hurtful, even more when you realized who are the active commenters. Indeed, many showing they true self, hyenas coming out of the cove in a hunting mode, to destroy and tear apart ! To whoever the hat fit! To them You have no force either power to decide or influence Park Shin Hye on her professional choices or decisions. She does not have to do what you like or want, but what she and her trust advisers believe it is good for her career as an actress and her life. The world and God is supporting her, in challenge her acting and given herself an opportunity as an actress to be part of a ground break history, in the Dramaland, with the introduction of the AR, in Korea. Shin Hye is doing a fabulous job, portraying two characters, HJ and Emma, as written, sticking to the script and bring those two characters to life with her excellent acting skills, immersing herself and taking the viewers with her. The character of HJ is causing an emotional “turn-oil “, many viewers(women) are heavyle criticizing and angry at this character, because it is causing a wake up call on them. It is a realization of their own behavior with their lovers/ or when they are in love, it is like look at themselves in the mirror, but they do not want to accept/and choose to deny the reality! A WOW, OMG s* moment “ that is me?!?! ... pulling hair, noooooo, can’t be! I am a strong woman! I take care of my family, I work hard, I am the provider of my family, I raise my kids, siblings , etc! You all HJ. Nothing less nothing more! But, don’t be on defensive, stop hiding, don’t take that out on the actress, she is just acting, and she is doing a hell of a good job! Now, that she has empower you, use all that energy, and challenge yourself! Make it work on your favor! Like Michael Jackson said” ...If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change...”! I remember, Park Shin Hye saying, this drama MOA would address a lot social issues. Indeed, it is, and a big one, about women's and self esteem! I dedicate this music, one more time, and the power of it to Park Shin Hye , the Warrior! Always, feel free! Own your life! “When they go low you go high( Michelle Obama)! “. Big love from this ahjumma. With you through thick -and- thin. God bless you always! Love you to death! What to do? Fighting! Good luck on your new projects! ( but you all can enjoy the music. Open your mind! After all , it is a drama. Entertainment, that is the goal!) PS= sorry any grammar and spelling error.
  5. Agree. HJ gave JW key information to resolve the quest! But , when comes to the virus I need a clear explanation ! @Kasmic Lol! Love your avatar, a lot zombies around! Lol
  6. Park Shin Hye, Jeon Jong Seo, And More In Character Teasers For Upcoming Thriller Film Jan 13, 2019 by D. S.kim Upcoming thriller film “Call” has signaled the start of something new with character teasers! The film will tell the story about two women living at different times who connect through a mysterious phone call. Park Shin Hye will take the role of Seo Yeon, a woman who lives in the present, and Jeon Jong Seo will play the role of Young Sook, a woman who lives in the past. The movie previously gave viewers a sneak peek at its intense atmosphere and tension with concept teasers. On January 14, it added on to the suspense by revealing character teasers for its four female leads. In the teasers, both Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo are looking straight ahead with worried looks. However, Jeon Jong Seo clutches her chest with her hand as if she is holding on to a secret. https://www.soompi.com/article/1292307wpp/park-shin-hye-jeon-jong-seo-character-teasers-upcoming-thriller-film
  7. I would say HB has a boy-crush on Shin Hye, the way he looks at her, teases her, look very comfortable at the same time shy around her, and wants to have her close by even when they are not filming, it is heartfelt . Sooo lovely! I become a SINNER!
  8. All depends the goal of the relationship. And, as I said, Dramas many times are teaching Institutes! I am an ahjumma for real, happily married for over 22 years with same man, my partner in crimes and best friend, and with wonderful kid( even though he is an adult I still see him as a kid). I enjoy watch Park Shin Hye’s dramas and diehard fan of her with all the respects. And, her acting makes me fall for her costars, that I want to adopt them. MOA and HB and SH acting, have taken me into a new unique, enjoyable, happy world of dramas! Not trying to undermine HB hotness, uniqueness, or burst your bubble, but It can be reproduce! Good nutrition , exercise, good self care( including enhancements) what is very common and normal since our ancestors , and good makeup artist, and voila! Lol! But, indeed the personality, it will be a jackpot!
  9. In other hand! Lol! I am a SIIIINNER ! HJ and JW , your natural chemistry is kiiiiilling me! Those sweet and caring moments , the interactions as couples, soooo natural and lovely!!!! OMG!!!! What to do? Please hold me , because I am going to SIN and SIN and SIN again and again! Please do not ask me to restrain myself, because I am already under the water! I can swim good, and I know many of my chingus here can also, otherwise ask the “partners in crime “ from 2013 up to 2015, how hard and fast we swam ! Lol! The OST also is on point! Why?Why ?Why only 16 episodes? I want a happy end,please!
  10. But he is HJ first boyfriend to my understand! A real, wise and caring man, that really cares and loves the person he is with, regardless of his pass experience, will not jump and force himself on the woman. He knows how and when to step up the relationship in a assertive and secure way, and get what they both want! As well as, a woman that knows what she wants and secure of herself worth, will be smart, wise, and assertive to guide her relationship , and not let herself be manipulated out of the scare of loose the man, into situations that she might note be ready for ! They both should be mature and emotionally ready to take steps that will define their relationship and care on the consequences. Dramas many times are a teaching institutes!
  11. I still have a strong feeling that HJ is the one with the key ( maybe without knowing it) to resolve the problem! Let’s see ! Lol!
  12. K-Drama Couch: Brilliant Writing Keeps Us Hook With “A Promise To The Gods” & “Memories Of The Alhambra” Nearing the last strides of the stories, the first batch of 2019 Korean Dramas has set an engaging tone to start the year right. Continuously dominating numbers and online presences, the current roster of 2019 Korean Dramas has been parading a variety of stories with progressive plot and thrilling twists. Hence, it has provided a balanced following that can cover preferences of the fan bases. The thrilling pursuits in Memories of the Alhambra, God’s Quiz Reboot and Children of Nobody have given us mini cardiac arrests on their impressive cliff-hangers. Here’s our K-Drama weekly roundup from airing dramas covering December 31, 2018 to January 6, 2019. Memories Of The Alhambra (Sat-Sun/tvN) (Screencapture from tvN) Each episode of Memories of the Alhambra since premiere week is a thrilling ride. After receiving sporadic blows owing to the crazy world he lives in, Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) finally decides to stop his selfless sacrifice, ultimately giving the villain a dose of his dangerous fictional reality. Together with Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye), the two embark to accomplish an impossible goal in the riveting last two weeks of finding Se Joo. Memories of the Alhambra Recaps: Ep11 & Ep12 (skipped unrelated.....) source : HelloKpop