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  1. Skipped.... “ Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is currently taking a break from her acting career. In April, she was in tvN's variety show 'Happy Forest House' and mesmerized the public with the exposure of her daily lives in a forest.” Skipped... SBS get your facts togheter! Park Shin Hye is actively working, filming in Spain for her next drama MOA with TVn. The break she is taking is from YOU!
  2. Cr:the owner Translating IG posts 1st post: Shin Hye leaving the set after filming with HyunBin. Cr: the owner 2nd post: Here she is leaving to go eat. Info: My friend told me , she found out that they will be filming until 3 am, early morning , because at 10:30 am they will be leaving to Girona to continue filming. Sorry for not having pictures or videos of Chanyeol and HyunBin. (Please do not remove the translation from this thread without given the right credit) . Cr: to ParkShinHye_ahjummasfans. Thank you
  3. Translation on last IG These pictures are for her arrival .
  4. Menú diarideterrassa.es » Terrassa 0 Una serie coreana rueda escenas en Terrassa 12.06.2018 | 16:52 Park Shin-Hye y Hyun Bin, protagonizan "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" Terrassa acoge una nueva producción internacional en localizaciones de la ciudad: "Recuerdos de la Alhambra." La Terrassa Film Office ha gestionado todos los permisos y gestiones pertinentes para que una nueva serie de Netflix, de sello coreano, ruede en la ciudad algunas escenas durante estos días y hasta el próximo fin de semana. La producción deja atrás el rodaje en Granada (localización destacada de la producción) para aterrizar en Terrassa antes de partir en la ciudad de Girona. Se trata de una superproducción internacional que busca en la precisión de los espacios de rodaje la ambientación deseada. http://www.diarideterrassa.es/terrassa/2018/06/12/serie-coreana-rueda-escenas-terrassa/86123.html News about MOA filming in Granada , in a Spanish Magazine. ( I will post the whole article later in English . )