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  1. Finally I learned how to change the avatar picture. For a technology naive ahjumma like me this is a big accomplishment. Pads pads on my back(lol)
  2. @packmule3As a member of the Caregivers team , I want to thank you for your motivational, kind, and insightful words, it was very touching. I believe for any human being the worse that can happen to you in a relationship, it is to loose trust and faith, that was exactly what we felt that happen between us and the moderators in charge of judging the work of the contestants and reinforcing the rules of the contest that was set in the beginning. We did try to find an explanation for all the confusion and misunderstandings, but we got accused of cheating, disrespected, and felt undermined, by the moderator., that asked us to " shut up and move on". And, we did exactly that as she asked we move on and out of the contest. The intention, when we join the contest, it was for all to have fun in a peaceful and health way, not to have someone to belittle us. All these nonsense behaviors, that made us to withdraw from the contest, will not affect our love and enjoyment for the drama Doctors, either our love and continuing support of our bias. But, I really appreciate your advice. We will be here in Doctors ' thread doing what we like to do the most, chitchat with each other about Doctors and more, and having fun. ( sorry about my English, tried my best)
  3. Can we change the name of the movie? The new title is " Heart Blackened " ( previous Silent Witness) in theaters in November, please.
  4. @Celi67 Isn't she good on that?!?lol. We can only hope. I think she will please us this time, fingers cross! .
  5. @rori0711it is good to be nervous and excited, enjoy as much as you can. Remember, she said her fans always by her side, means she sees you equal, a bright and beautiful person. Enjoy the moment. I am sure she will shower all at the event with love. Let her know how much she is loved by many around the world, that support her in her pursuit of happiness, don't matter what. comeback and share with us here. Thanks.