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  1. Officially joining Buam Dong Revenge club...........first episode was good start. You get what the 3 ladies have been through and where things went wrong. Will write more later. I have a question what is Jung Hye's relation to the newly found step-son?? Will he join the club??
  2. I believe the most important part of the story will unfold next week...........Ji An came out clean to Do Kyung........I am not sure how he will react to all of it but I hope he shows some maturity while handing this, At any rate Ji An will possibly not leave the company or the house now even if the truth comes out in the open. She'll probably stay to help groom Ji Soo and won't leave company as it will raise eye brows unnecessarily post the board meeting.
  3. So, the truth is out and Ji An doesn't know how to clean a mess that her mother created. We all knew from the beginning what Ji An fears now, the rich family will not be kind if they figured out the treachery, actually the mother of all treachery cooked up by Ji An's mother. She'll have to come clean, how that is the question?? She is hurt, she is scared and not in a good place. Interestingly, there was a comment I read. The synopsis for the drama read, A woman has chance for changing her life for the better but instead she falls in a bottomless pit, she tries to find happiness in her circumstances. I believe Ji An getting a fake position in a rich family was her "Chance to change her circumstances part" and sadly that may mean "Bottomless pit without hope is coming." Anyway I would prefer the Choi family figuring out the truth as fast as they can so that the real struggles of Ji Annie can begin. I hate seeing her struggle but I really think she can overcome all of it and end up winning in the end.
  4. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I just saw the twitter handle that is team Young Eun Su after recently watching Secret Forest https://twitter.com/netizentown This one agrees that Eun Su was the more layered relationship in terms of Hwang Gomsa.............I so wish to see her work with Jo Seung Woo again. And @titania1000 what did park Shi Hoo remove from his instagram handle?? What happened??
  5. I think Ji Soo and Ji An's mother is an extremely bad example of a mother. She saddled Ji An with responsibilities while projected her guilt of loosing the real Ji An on Eun Seok and kept spoiling her. Result is, Ji Soo has no proper education, no goals, no ambitions and very weak at heart. If she was raised in her own family, they would never allow her to be spoiled to the point of being a total good for nothing. So, she not only broke Ji An but destroyed Eun Seok's future prospect. Ahhhh, the woman is impossible.
  6. What I think is going to happen is, Ji An may tell Do Kyung and Eun Seok's mother obviously after going through some much needed soul searching of her own. The mother will tell grandpa. Grandpa is too snooty to accept Ji Soo as she is and they force this charade for a few more months. Things won't obviously go as planned and blow up.
  7. By episode 20, truth will be out hopefully, that's my take here. And what is wrong with the chaebol ladies, they are so awful.
  8. Ji An is figuring the switcheroo out but will she be greedy and lie or will she tell the truth?? I hope she chooses the right thing, I hope she is conflicted at the beginning which is only natural. After all, given the right opportunity, she is truly shining because uri Ji Anie is talented girl. But I hope she can muster up the courage to do what is the right thing to do. But this show is fast, I mean fast. They've managed to do a lot in 5 weeks. God knows what's next.
  9. What the heck is the mother doing, what of their grand almost drama like plan to unveil Ji An to the world. Is she that stupid, Myung Hee??
  10. @lexicon I have a question. Is it just me but does the father resent Do Kyung?? He is the eldest son and eldest son's have a better position in the family. It appears that there is this subtle competitive atmosphere and resentment between Do Kyung and his father. It is pretty clear that Myung Hee's father is the real source of wealth. So, does he feel like since Do Kyung has both their blood, he has more legitimate claim to the company position?? His face changes from happy to grim quickly when he see Do Kyung. I found that weird. And Myung Hee is an idiot. She is overcompensating for a sin that she didn't commit. Loosing Eun Seok wasn't her fault, it was just a sad affair. It clearly deepened the conflict and stress on her marriage. And she is desperately trying to rectify it. I don't think she'll be able to accept Ji Soo. I mean Ji Soo is not sharp like Ji An, she is more whimsical and delicate. The whole family is weird. Chaebol patriarch shows up with the mistress, the two daughters greet him happily while mistress looks on. Then he brushes aside one daughter and asks them to take care of the mistress while leaves to meet the long lost daughter of the family. And none of them seem least bit bother by the presence of the mistress instead of the mother. I mean they sure are something.
  11. @lexicon I sort of agree with you on what is about to come. Do Kyung has already developed an easy rapport with Ji An as his sister. I see that being misinterpreted by the other company employees as one or two sided love affair. This might not confuse Ji An but it will utterly confuse Do Kyung, I think. As for what happens when the truth is out, it will undoubtedly shatter both Ji An and Ji Soo. But I have a feeling, Do Kyung will shape up to be her biggest strength along with maybe the father. Ji An isn't as stiff as the rest of their children. She has already charmed the grandfather, the father will go close to her. The worst response will come from Myung Hee. Anyway, we have to watch to figure the rest of it out. But I am so glad that Ji Soo is sort of over her anger and can finally accept Ji An in her life as a sister but one that is not living with her anymore. I am not a big fan of the other chaebol girl. But her love affair with her driver/assistant will be fun to watch.
  12. Well, Do Kyung seems like finally might be letting his guard down and accept Ji An as she is. I am still not exactly happy about him but I'll take it for now. Much more improvement over what he has been doing for the past few days. There is some sort of issue in the Chaebol parents marriage. I still think, the dad is ridiculously distant when it comes to the other two children, are they not his?? Need subs. The grandfather seems warm and Ji An is back in the marketing team and I could see the brightness and confidence burning in her eyes when she goes back to the team. Now, this is the Ji An, I want look forward to. The two sisters are going back to the way they were. I can see Ji An getting close to both the sisters and acting as both their unnis in the future.
  13. Just started the show and it is so good. Starting from the fake out dreams to the merging of the dreams, this is one good show. Solid writing, beautiful cinematography and great acting. I had my reservations about Suzy but she has improved and I hope she can keep it up all throughout the show and carry it to her next project as well. I am loving the show, the format and the way they are building the strange fantasy theme with so much depth yet keeping the light stuff there as well. Well balanced batch of first episodes. Looking forward to next ones.
  14. I am sorry but episode 9 was not an improvement. Eun Seok's mother didn't simply want her daughter back, she wants a perfect daughter back. She doesn't want an actual living, breathing daughter back, she wants a custom made doll which will speak multiple language, listen to classical music, act like a doormat in the name of refined manners, will do as she is told like a machine with no power to think on her own and will have no soul. Do Kyung was horrendous again. If the point of the writer was to pain an extremely annoying to downright infuriating image of a male lead, mission accomplished. Ji An got sick by the end of their dinner lessons. Also, they just threw her into the marketing team without asking her what she wants. He didn't let her eat a spoonful of her food or even drink water without calling her uncouth, stupid, ill-mannered, dull, dim-witted, watch that scene and I guarantee you'll learn synonyms of either stupid or crass. Ji An's dream of becoming a sculptor, it won't be coming true for a while. At least in the marketing team, as Seo Ji An, she will be able to get back her spunk, sass and her fighting spirit. I hope to God she does. Also, it means less and lesser amount of screen time for the horrible Chaebol family. Eun Seok's mother, I think she is competing with the other mother for "The Most Horrendous Mother of the Century" contest. Neither of them deserve to have Ji Soo or Ji An. I know Ji An is dearly paying the price for the choice she has made, Eun Seok's mother made that much clear. If you want financial security from us, it ain't for free. As much as I hate them, Ji An really needs to learn that nothing in this world is free. I still hope to see a new fresh lead guy. Ji Soo, I say it again, she would die in a heartbeat in this new family. She has some growing up to do on her own. I liked when Ji An ran for Ji Soo. The two sisters together is heartwarming to watch. I don't much care for either set of parents. But I think both the fathers are relatively better than their better halves. Maybe, down the line when Ji An realizes her mistakes and the truth is out, she runs away and meets another guy far away from here. There she learns that she needs to start over and chase her dreams herself. When she comes back, they keep interacting, fall in love and she gets her happiness away from both the mothers. Do Kyung can have his own arc with a different girl. I don't frankly care.