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  1. Man, Do Ha will be badly hurt if he gets caught. She has people that she cares about in her life who have let her down.
  2. @supergal99 Thank you so very much, storm = bad connection = horrible lag, I wouldn't survive without those screen caps, thank you again. Aigoo, our Cha Manager is quite pitiful, isn't she??
  3. If this the rate at which my stream loads, it'll be next year before the episode finishes......I give up
  4. I don't know, lets hope we rank better and our one rises, who knows. Can anybody pm me the link to live watch, thanks in advance.
  5. I don't know what ratings will be, I want this to be successful as it is well made and the actors are giving it all. As an international audience, I just want this show to keep being entertaining and well made. Happy watching and fingers crossed.
  6. Dear God, who cares?? Is he not supposed to kiss his leading lady in a action-romance drama?? I look forward to it, but what inspired that kiss. @charray if this is plan B, there need not be a romantic connection, he is doing or trying to do his job, right?? My gut says its a dream or thought sequence.
  7. Its election next week, so lets see, I believe that might be the issues here. Are we getting an episode today?? Most things were preempted on Friday slot, I guess because its a relatively new show JTBC didn't go for it perhaps. It was presidential debate and given what's going on the country, its only natural the numbers are down and most tuned in to watch that.
  8. I think there is a reason Do-Ha is pretty good at spotting anomalies, her father was a conman or fraud it seems, I could be wrong, my korean is limited to single words. She may have picked it up from her dad.
  9. I feel like there was genuine sincerity in Do-Ha's voice when she thanked Seol Woo and apologized to him. I like Kim Min Jung, she has really good screen presence and a lovely voice. Seol Woo fought there for a second to keep himself distant. All the actors are killing it.