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  1. So with all these theories, I am confused. I still think ER doc has some organ from KIK's sister. About Ji In not so sure. From what we've heard so far, Ji In got sick after leaving gor US. So, if she did indeed have a transplant surgery, the network handling her would be US organ transplant network not KONOS assuming she never came back. So, KIK's siaters organ could not have gone to her. But, there is a possibility that KIK being minor, SYS created situation where organ harvesting would have taken place no matter what GJH would say. GJH did it out of sense of responsibility. Also, they took all of In Joo's organs, didn't they? Just because she was a donor, they wouldn't harvest all of it, not without consent so this part doesn't make sense to me.
  2. I am tired of Haraboji drama and seeing Tae Su kneel..........this mess is not his fault and somebody slap the richard simmons out of Myung Hee for me.
  3. Just saw the trailer........this is without any doubt an extremely talented bunch of actors with proven track record of excellent skills......I must this trailer looks amazing.....it looks like a feature film............I just hope KES wrote it well and it can maintain story telling without dragging
  4. This show has this way of twisting your heart, it was heart warming to see the story line of the old prisoner and his daughter.........and the plot is getting more complicated. This organ trafficking network is not as simple as KIK thought it'd be.......How can it not be! It is supported by people far beyond his reach and this is the case in reality as well. I liked the little drinking scene between KIK and GJH...he wants to tell both his children about his illness together, he cares about both but has somehow can't exactly reach them. His actions have well intentions driving them but somehow he can't seem to communicate well about them to either one of his children. KIK knew about GJI and it seems he does have a soft corner in his heart for her although he never knew her. I don't mean romantic but as an extension of his feeling of warmth and affection that he once had for GJH which is still buried deep down. They both are hurt deeply and are searching for connection. All three acted well in episode 6. I felt their pain, frustration, desperation..........I just want this three to be happy at the end. That ending though, I expected it, stakes are high now, I expect a massive show down as Hyeong Beom is a monster and a giant richard simmons.
  5. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    @titania1000 Nice to see you back too I personally hated what happened with her tiny little scene with Kang Dong Won, that kissing scene was not necessary, there are a thousand different way to write a transition that shows two people might have had a one night stand into your script.....Shin Hye Sun has been a real trooper and handled the awkward scene pretty well and never complained but if it was that uncomfortable for the male actor, its quite possible that Shin Hye Sun herself didn't feel that good about it. This is my personal view....... I like Kang Dong Won and he clearly doesn't feel good about the scene but its good to see him being respectful, shows he isn't oblivious and cares enough to acknowledge it. She deserves it and she has worked hard in a show with weirdly makjang plot tirelessly and done her job extremely well. I hope MGL ends soon. I have little to no interest in that show right now and would be thankful when she is done filming it so that we can all move on.
  6. @triplem he has good intentions but he is terrible at going about them. He is complex, flawed character. I don't think we'll get GJH's mother's side but I guess she did resent him in a way but @UnniSarah I don't think GHJ is all around bitter about her father. Its more disappointed feelings overs years of lack of communication. She'll hate KIK for now but I see her being supremely guilty, ashamed of her father's conduct later. Her father was wrong on ethical point. If her character description is right, she might even apologize to KIK. Lets see. But I like how all these characters are not one note. They are all trying their best to keep things right but struggling with it.
  7. I think her sentiment is understandable. He did neglect his only family and happily adopted a second one. KIK's situation was pitiful but why not tell your family about them. To her, it looks like he gave up on them to find another one. Its rational reaction unless they stretch it too far. Frankly speaking, I'd be angry at my father if he indeed was callous about my mother and me. So far, it seems she is alone making an effort to communicate and build a bridge to connect to her father. I think she is lonely after her mother passed away. Parenting isn't only about providing financially. He seems to shut her out and it seems like he has no interest to think of her or her dead mother. That'll sting anybody. Not just her. He did abandon her in a way, emotionally. He might be gifted, righteous surgeon but the way he treats his only biological daughter and disregarded KIK's plea while donating his sister's organs. To me he seems like a shitty father all around.
  8. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    That's great news..... hopefully one them is the drama with Secret Forest writer.... and hopefully she gives her a well written, fleshed out complex character and doesn't waste her incredible chemistry with the lead like last time.
  9. Hi everyone, I love this show....medical drama don't excite me that much to be honest but Jeon So Min and Go Kyung Pyo......I adore them so decided to stick with this show.
  10. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Our lady love looks sensational.... doesn't she
  11. Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    @meechuttso she looks like she has lost weight.....live shooting is getting to her.....but still she manages to look excellent here