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  1. A control freak grandmother, a chaebol obsessed with a Singer, A singer obsessed with another small time singer and all the men in her life, a meek son, a psychopath daughter-in-law, a rebellious son with a warm heart and one conflicted do-gooder son of the obsessed singer....and the small time singer with strong sense of self.....Dear God, what a fine mix.
  2. Oh, Shin Hye Sun was obviously stressed working with so many veterans. But Jo Seung Woo is a good Sunbae-nim. He was trying to make her smile so much in the BTS. I love him more for this. Credit: to owner
  3. Han Groo did bed scene with Yeon Woo Jin back in 2014, she was 22 I think and had a big age gap with her costar. People really loved her in it and it broke 4% for TVN back then. So, I don't think there will be backlash. They're adults.
  4. Knocked up doesn't sound bad.... Imagine little Bong Hee singing in her tone deaf voice to her Halmoni and Haraboji while they clap like she is mini-Beyonce
  5. Having watched Hello Monster and since its the same writer, I have hope that the show won't go predictable way with needless angst and forced misunderstandings. There was a similar plot-line there too with Jang Nara's father being wrongly accused of aiding the escape of the serial killer. It never created a misunderstanding between the OTP rather brought them together. I wish for something like that here as well. I understand some angst is granted given the situation but I hope when it gets to the point, its realistic and necessary for the characters to go forward. When the truth hopefully is out in the open, Ji Wook, Bong Hee and both their parents will need the space, time to process and accept it and even mourn if needed. So, I expect them to be apart in the future but I don't want it to set our characters backwards in terms of growth or break their mutual trust/respect. I also hope it isn't dragged unnecessarily.
  6. Bless them....I think if Ji Wook ignores or shuts Bong Hee out after sleeping with her, then as a viewer I won't be able to forgive the character. That's a line that I hope he doesn't cross. So here's hoping, Ji Wook acts rational and gets to the bottom of this. I think his first line of action as usual will be hiding the truth. I honestly think Bong Hee will retract if she figures it out. She is much more sensitive and emotional when it concerns Ji Wook, her relationship with him or her dad. I think Yoo Jung already senses that DA is bad news so I hope they can redeem her character and make her actively help in exposing the whole truth.
  7. Oh My God....I am dead......but I have faith in Ji Wook and Bong Hee, last week is final week.....OMO, I just realized that so noble idiocy shouldn't take center stage
  8. I know, the slightly evil one that says "I know what you said while I slept"
  9. It seems like Ji Hoon's world has been turned upside down by Hyun Jae. He doesn't like it but I say good for him. He maybe Hyun Jae's son but has been living like Gwang Jae, never boldly claiming what is rightfully his or taking control with confidence. Hye Ri was right, if he doesn't debut soon, his chances are slim as an idol. So, I say Hyun Jae and the chaos ge brings is exactly what he needs to step up.
  10. Yep but here's the thing about dealing with people with brain related social/behavioral issues, its hard to predict if the near and dear ones can handle it. Especially, if the management requires a lot of money. I know you're family and mother is expected to be there no matter what. But circumstances can take anybody to their breaking point. I've seen it in reality. I don't blame the mother so far because 1. She seems to be the one who had to deal with the worst of it alone. 2. Violent outbursts are not easy to handle. So, I feel sorry instead for everyone involved. Its a cruel fate.
  11. The Dramafever synopsis says there's a serial killer on the loose but that stranger is far less dangerous to Shi Mok than the people he deals with on regular basis. I think the serial killer has an MO around Shi Mok. Why else kill people he deals with to bring corruption down.
  12. From the stills and how he is looking up, my money is on, Nok Soo and the minister didn't inform him about using Chae Kyung as a bait. He'll get her down.