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  1. @titania1000 Lighten up......You were concerned about the acting part about PHS, about that I can vouch for having seen his projects. He did outshine everyone else in his past projects and I hope he can do well here since he is the lead. His personality or his sins or virtues, that is up for debate. A debate that I have no interest in getting into. Also, I do care about how this show does because its Shin Hye Sun's first lead project and I hope it does well in terms of numbers for her sake. How much future projects is offered to her as a lead depends a whole lot on this. I hope they have good chemistry and I can enjoy this show like I did Five Kids and Father is Strange. Its a weekend drama, KBS weekend dramas have good reputation for being family oriented light and heart warming affair and the writer is solid.
  2. You do realize, these are not comments from domestic viewers. Ratings are decided by domestic viewers not International viewers. There are plenty of show that are massively well loved by international audience that had zero impact on domestic audience. I don't know how strongly they feel about Park Shi Hoo and his scandal. Because there's been a hell of a lot of scandals of similar nature post Park Shi Hoo and even worse. As for Park Shi Hoo's acting skills, he was so good in one of his early dramas that the writer and director upgraded him from 2nd lead to 1st lead. I think it was one with Bae Doona back in 2007 before his scandal. His acting is solid, there's no doubt about that. As for the scandal, the details, the more your read the more complex it all gets. Decide for yourself what you'd like to feel about all of that. I won't comment on it.
  3. Having watched episode 3 and 4, all I am going to say is Sang Mi's father is pathetic. I was willing to cut him some slack as his only son died and so did, Sang Mi. But clearly, 3 years have passed and not much has changed. He is delusional, weak and pathetic. He had many chances to do the right thing for his family and instead he has chosen to become a deluded zealot and I am having hard time sympathizing with that. On the other hand, I feel extremely sorry to Sang Mi and her mother. Her mother needed long term treatment which the father felt was unnecessary. Instead he first went to that shaman and then to the spiritual father. If Sang Mi is an adult now, she should take actions before the cult grows more powerful. Clearly, they have connections in high places. It'll be very hard to prove her case to the world. Now, Sang Hwan, I don't necessarily blame his character for not having the courage to actively go against his father for his friend nor do I hold him responsible for what had happened to Dong Cheol. He was a child and so was Dong Cheol. Going after the bully and trying to beat the crap out of him could've gone out of control, Dong Cheol went their own his own naively thinking he could set things right by making him confess that way. However, I am having hard time with Taecyon's somewhat limited acting prowess. Sang Hwang is supposed to be the naive, scared school kid caught between his loyalty to friend and father and learning that world is not a fair place the hard way. The character requires nuanced and strong performance but Taecyon really cannot deliver any of that. He is good in lighter scenes and action scenes but the emotional heavy lifting is beyond his ability. I didn't feel his heartbreak, remorse or conflict as much as I wanted to. I hope he works harder to improve because by far he right now seems to be the weakest actor among an otherwise stellar cast who are all bringing their A game.
  4. @titania1000 Shin Hye Sun rarely uses her Instagram compared to say other SF cast like Bae Doona. Its probably because as an up and coming actress she doesn't want to draw unnecessary criticism to her daily actions but keeps it to keep some sort of visual channel of communication open with her growing fan-base. She also seems to be more close Lee Kyu Hyung and Yoo Jae Myung among all her costars. It may have more to do with her lack of screen time around them.
  5. Saw Shin Hye Sun's ig udate. The fans of Secret Forest sent an appreciation plaque to all the cast. Uri Young Gomsa received one as well.
  6. @meechuttso Awwww, nice interview..........I can't believe she thought she was inadequate, she was more than adequate, she was close to perfect.....I mean I get why she felt intimidated. Working with veterans and being the only young blood with less experience and an important role to play is quite stressful. I wish I could write to her personally that she performed excellently and she made Young Eun Soo stand out in the midst of the star veterans. There are extremely popular actors in the industry with massive followers and delivering mega hits but very few could've played her part so exceptionally well. Heck they don't even try to step out of their comfort zone fearing they might not be good enough. She should be proud of her hard work. Also, thanks for the pictures. I look forward to September so that I can watch her on screen again.
  7. Doona is in Paris and Hye Sun is busy filming, did they go on a reward vacation without the ladies?? Oh, I miss seeing the girls.
  8. @meechuttso Bae Doona acted with PSH ......I want uri Shin Hye Sun to take on 50 episode drama because it'll increase her visibility if done right. I too want her in more well written, darker roles with veteran actors. She has that aura that stands out, I hope she gets an opportunity soon.
  9. One more thing, the camera focuses a lot on that special tea or spiritual water. Why is that? Random choice or is there some sort of drugs mixed in. Also, Sang Mi's mother hallucinating out of the blue, it felt odd. She was completely out of it in the rooftop. Unless, there's prior history of psychological disorder, this don't happen even if you're under extreme emotional stress. Same goes for the drunk guy, one sip and he confesses. Also, I feel the Spritual father might have pushed the brother towards death by implying that it was his salvation.
  10. Hi all, watched both episodes. As heartbreaking as episode 2 was, I see why it was necessary. A family that used to be well off in a city like Seoul but had a 180 degrees reversal in fortune would not willingly become part of a cult. The adults have been broken psychologically which makes them vulnerable and exposed to being manipulated. So, it ensures them stepping willingly into the cult within ashort time span and sets the story in motion fully. The cult is scary. Anybody knows about Jonestown massacre...it reminds me of that. Also, the second lead has my heart.
  11. Oh My God, I think we are in for a solid twist by the end.......I didn't expect that
  12. She is already filming and it'll take up at least next six months which is till the first week of February next year if everything goes well. I know weekends are hard to watch thanks to the long nature but KBS has reputation for wonderful family oriented weekend dramas that have superb reatings. It'll increase her visibility. The only wild card is Park Shi Hoo, with his scandal still a point of eye sore for many, I am scared. I hope it doesn't affect Shin Hye Sun. The casting director chose her, it isn't her burden to bear........I hope to see her working more with industry heavy weights. I hope my dream comes true.
  13. @titania1000 I don't think there was intended romantic undertones but once the edited episodes aired, the music, ambiance and their palpable chemistry set the scenes on fire. Sometimes, two people have chemistry. When Shin Hye Sun was herself in the BTS, you could see she was a careful, respectful junior to the much more relaxed Jo Seung Woo. But as Eun Soo, I could sense an energy between her and Shi Mok's character. The point that I have hard time accepting is we will never know where her story could lead. The finale was all about Chang Joon as episode 14 was all about Eun Soo. But still her story feels so unfair to me. I have hard time accepting that a fictional character will have no future in a fiction. Does that make sense, maybe because she was firebrand and had lots of potential and to not even allow her character to go forward towards that is extremely tragic. I hope she works with experienced actors like Jo Seung Woo again. Because, she can match their steps and I believe she is ready. There's chatter for a new Yoo Ji Tae show in KBS, I am praying that the project goes to her if possible and filming schedule can be adjusted.
  14. @titania1000 This is the lyrics for the korean version: Peter Han – Goodbye (굿바이 잘가요) Secret Forest OST Like the birds that flew high above So high that I can’t reach, did you leave too? The sunset turns red with a sad sound Was that your goodbye?Time keeps ticking Getting so far that I can’t hold onto it anymore Am I waiting for your voice To tell me it’s alright?Where are you going? Don’t leave me here Stay, just for a moment Beautiful you, goodbye What is making you go so far away? Why are you going to that lonely place If you can take your time?Where are you going? Don’t leave me here I’m sorry, I’m sorry I miss you, goodbye
  15. @meechuttso thanks....you're right about Golden Life being the hurdle she must overcome. I want her to achieve bigger and make her position stronger in the industry. Completely, off topic but there's a book I am reading by Aleatha Romig named Into the Light....Its a complicated crime thriller with a cult angle and I kept picturing her as Sara and Jo In Sung as Jacob.....I so wish to see her tackle complicated and diverse roles.