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  1. The grandpa has possible successors to choose from in both his daughters family so why torment the Choi kids, this is beyond me. Choose your other daughter's family and move on.
  2. I think one very significant scene was that between Do Kyung and Ji Soo. The one where a visibly distraught and tearful Ji Soo is being led to her room by Do Kyung. Do Kyung there says something that Ji Soo barely hears or considers as important at the time. He says, our choices cone with a set responsibility and it'll be hard for a while. Ji Soo thought she'd accept her identity as a Choi, continue her life as carefree as before with no consequences. That's not how the world works. I also think Do Kyung said it out loud not just to his sister but to himself. I think in the entire episode Do Kyung carefully considered choice vs. expectations vs. his reality. And Ji An might been a driving force initially, I don't think she is the sole reason. Having watched the whole damn episode, as opposed I am to violence, somebody needs to Choi dad or knock some sense into him. My daughter needs to be presented to the society, how should I do it? I don't know No Myung Hee, ask your dad? My son doesn't want to marry, what should we do? Ask your father? For all his grand speeches to Myung Hee, when time comes to stand up, he bails. 30 episodes in, his pattern remains the same.
  3. @meechuttso I like her in negative character but surprisingly So-Ra doesn't feel like a negative character. She feels like a curious scientist cooking up some experiment in a lab and watching the outcome from a distance. Like I said could be wrong about this, next week will tell.
  4. I for one am against life threatening illness track. It feels like classic cop out to me. Ji Tae and Tae Soo, their current track needs to end. Ji Tae should move the hell out and Tae Soo needs to start making amends. What he did to both Ji An and Ji Soo, was wrong. Apologize and listen to both. If he becomes sick, he won't have to do any of it which is wrong. Looking forward to Do Kyung and Ji An. I think So-Ra has a plan, and its not eviiiiiiil one. I will wait till next week to see if its true.
  5. So much to back read........anyway I watched raw so gonna check the subbed episode and comment again. Its getting very cold where I live and am suffering minor grievances that is common in this season, don't know about others so stay safe and healthy you all.
  6. @Ruique Ji Soo's problem can be solved by Do Kyung. Move out, get a place and let your sister sort it out there..... it'd be interesting to see brother sister work their path and towards their goal under the sane roof and bond.
  7. @ganko thanks for the recap. Ji Tae is turning into a major waste of screen space. Go Do Kyung, regardless of Ji An, go claim your life boy, on your own terms.
  8. I think I am starting to warm up to Hyuk's sister's storyline more. I think there's a solid potential there to make it heartwarming and it gives us better insight into what it is that Hyuk is dealing with all these times. Also, I enjoying Do Kyung's arc as well. He is adamant about getting his freedom both financially and emotionally. He loves Ji An but it wasn't only for her sake that he seeks to go his own way. He wants to be a trustworthy, dependable person on his own merit, I loved that he has clarity in terms of that. So-Ra is a mystery to me. I'll withhold my judgement on her. Ji Soo is past her anger phase and is clearly seeing what's ahead. Reality hit her hard. Is Seo dad dying?? And is Myung Hee and her useless pathetic husband insane?? They are grown ups, richard simmons act like one. Your father, not every demand he makes is justified or need to be fulfilled. The Choi kids really are screwed. Atleast Seo children are allowed freedom to grow.
  9. @kdyes the surprising thing here is, for all his tantrums Choi father is a real wuss and hypocrite on top. At least the son is trying to break free. For all his temper tantrums, he really does value status and money more than everything else so why pretend to something better than Myung Hee. He singed up for it knowing full well and he liked it, so just admit it. What they did to Ji Soo was cruel.
  10. I don't know, I think this phase will test both Hyuk and Do Kyung. This may be Hyuk's very last chance at speaking up and taking a chance. I understand he is trying to give Ji An space to let her recover but Do Kyung is actually putting in some work in this space. And like some people pointed it out, is Ji An just a sweet memory of first love for Hyuk. Because having a crush and first love and actually loving the person is two different things. So far, he has been an excellent friend and good Samaritan to Ji An but to be fair, I personally don't see that fire in his eyes or passion. I am not feeling his yearning or his pain or his angst or his jealousy or whatever it is that he is feelings. Time to confess, dear boy. As for Do Kyung, I like the fact that he is taking baby steps towards liberation from an unhealthy dynamic that he was accepting in the name of filial piety. Do Kyung doesn't have a back up plan, true but it has more to do being honest about himself. Sure, Ji An might not agree to a relationship with him but still, it'd be wrong to marry So-Ra if he cannot love her or while he is still in love with her. Given, he has seen his parents bicker their way through an unhappy marriage and putting up a facade of power couple and despise one another, its natural that he might not want that for himself. Regardless of what Ji An chooses, I think it is a step in the right direction for him to not getting involved in a marriage alliance right now. Now back to the issue of first love, a good recent drama very close to my heart that tackles this issue of your idea of first love vs. the reality of your actual love is Go Back Spouses. You're idea of first love might not be the actual love that stays with you through thick and thin or the one for you. The imperfect person who gets in your nerve might be the one for you if the smiles he gives you means more to you than anything else. It boils down to Ji An, I guess. Who exactly is breaching the wall surrounding her heart, that is the important question to be asked here?
  11. @stroppyse considering this is a few episode long cameo for Jang So Ra, I guess Do Kyung might leave the company and she will probably realize nothing she does is going to get him the guy. Or she may be testing Ji An to see what the situation is like for them. I can't picture So-Ra as a villain because A. Ji An hasn't fully fallen in love with Do Kyung yet B. this is at best an extended cameo for So-Ra so, I don't see her sticking around longer.
  12. Right now, I am worried more for Ji Soo. Reality is hitting her hard. @justamom frankly, Do Kyung shouldn't be surprised. He probably anticipated a demotion. I hope he leaves Hae Sung apparel. Start on his own, that is if he loves Ji An that much.
  13. What is So-Ra up to? Is she helping them by trying to make Ji An aware of her feelings or trying to scare Ji An out of any possibility of relationship?? And that wig stunt was ridiculous and unfair. For all the big things Choi dad speaks, he is a total wuss in time of action.