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  1. Sarang21

    guess the abs

    For Park Hyungsik fans . That scene is so hilarious
  2. Sarang21

    guess the abs

    One of my all time favorite @Ameera Ali yes those abs are setting my pants on fire
  3. Sarang21

    guess the abs

    A drooling emoji would be so perfect.....as that´s how I look when I´m looking at those abs
  4. Sarang21

    guess the abs

    Alright thank you....those abs better get ready because I´m coming for them
  5. Sarang21

    guess the abs

    Hi everyone..heard about this abstastic event from another thread. Can I join...and what´s the rule?
  6. Finished watching the ep with sub. the major question for me is why was JW a bug? Alll of the other bugs had those things in common: 1. They were real people 2. They were killed in the game 3. Became an NPC (Bug) JW doesn´t fit all of those criteria. - If he was trully in the dungeon this whole time then it must have been on his own accord...maybe because he want everything to settle down before reappearing. It doesn´t make sense for him to be held captive by the game. As SJ said the dungeon was only created to confuse the enemy and to function as a hideout. SJ was not being held captive by the game. - When SJ was the master and was hiding in the dungeon his user ID was still visible so why should it be different for JW? - SJ and Marko were playing the game before the whole accident happened so how were they able to play without having the lense? - About the murder case just like they said in case of Senior Cha they couldn´t find anything that indicated that he was murdered, and it also came out that the ex-Wife gave a false statement....so he should technically be free from any investigation. All in all the ending was Okay. I would have wished for a little bit more in the romance department and for more involvment of HJ in the journey of solving the quest. All the actors did a fantastic job. I wish to see HB and PSH in another project together.
  7. After what happened with W I didn´t bother to come up with theories or trying to make sense of MOA after a few episode because I felt like history was going to repeat itself. I´m just disappointed that the writer hasn´t learn from the criticism she had received from her previous work.
  8. After watching 2 dramas of this writer I think she should... Her ideas are really interesting but the execution leaves a lot to desire.
  9. What about opening a GoFundMe campaing...so that we can buy a plane ticket to go visit the writer and have a potentially not nice talk with her.
  10. I can´t really be sad about the ending because all of your comments are cracking me up...I got tears running down my face. Thank you everyone for all the laugh
  11. From what I understood SJ purposely locked himself in that dungeon to hide from NPC.
  12. oh yes that ending was ridiculous too...and it was similar to this one. I hope it´s not going to be a trend
  13. I guess JW is still a human and not an NPC because he shoot the other NPC. But what is he doing playing games instead of going home to the woman who had cried a flood of tearsforhim. Is he a game addict now? As for the writer....she better watch her back because angry fan NPCs are going to visit her tonight.