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  1. @Ameera Ali This new power of your´s is really impressive . I need to meet the guy since he would probably take off his shirt for me too.
  2. By now you must have finished your coffee....unless you are still waiting with a cold coffee
  3. Yes you are right? So can you recommend a school for me?
  4. That´s a such a good idea @Ameera Ali That girl is so lucky...if it was me I would have fainted long ago Everyone is looking forward to JCW post military body. I´m looking forward to his post military lips .
  5. I discovered Ji Chang Wook through the drama Healer. The first thing I noticed about him was his lips...I don´t why but I found them really fascinating. @triplem looks like I´m not the only one who is obssesed with his lips cr. to owner
  6. The drama looks very Abs-promising. I just don´t have enough time right now because of my studies...my list of things to watch keeps getting longer and I can´t find the time to watch them. But no studies kann keep me away from my love for abs...so I will somehow manage to find time and check it out.
  7. Yes That´s even better..I wonder if there is a school where you can learn to be a short...
  8. @triplem I have watched the first 2 episodes and it´s hilarious, extra and unbelievable. So give it a try.... @Matilda_Anne I guess he is one of those people that got a black hole in their stomach that make every food they eat dissapear.
  9. I have been a fan of him since "Oh my venus"...are you watching his new drama? I would also like to suggest Bi Rain
  10. @Ameera Ali I´m coming Forget the towel...they can use me I´m such a sucker for popping veins
  11. Yes it is....even tho the romance was trasch imo. the abs and the naked fight scene was all worth it . This drama was also memorable because apart from the things that I mentioned...in one scene they sneaked in a subway ppl while the lead guy was fighting for his life in surgery. @Ameera Ali what a delicious snack @mouse007 What do you want to be when you grow up other people: lawyer, doctor, teacher... me: The transformer robot toy in Gong Yoo hand
  12. I guess we can admire his mustach too
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