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  1. HI CHINGUU According to you, I prefer a new heroine "noona" I notice that YSY is more comfortable with older actresses like eugene and Lee Ji Ah, although many apparently did not like them very much as a couple, I love mee too flower, especially the romantic scenes. In TBH was a bit uncomfortable, especially in the scenes of kisses, it seemed that Lee Se Young had to go necessarily to the same level as YSY, but it cost a lot and that was so uncomfortable to see lol So I prefer to see a drama more according to its age, a drama of the melodramatic or criminal genre, LOL I love it when it cries or puts the stare, LOL So crossing your fingers for a first-rate actress or very talented, Han Hyo Joo and Han Ji Min I love, but if I could do with Jang Na Ra I would feel more than happy !!!!
  2. HI CHINGUS!!! To be frank I found this episode even slower than the previous one, the nude scene of HJ, I did not seem adequate, I have never found anything good this type of scenes especially when they have no sense, I only find something desperate to raise the rating Or simply show some romance, the drama-variety type is lost according to my perception. At first it was so dynamic but it was losing little by little, but above all this episode was only to HJ-WS, I think the director have to mix more the roles of the actors and develop more their characters, I think they are waiting for the Latest episodes to make them more interesting. Are already like 11 complete episodes and nothing of the trip to the future, I think they started with everything at the beginning but in the middle they stayed flat and are leaving everything to the end. We are giving drama to teaspoons, LOL I just hope that the next episodes put more emphasis on: developing the problem of travel to the future of HJ, the most clear romance between HJ-WS and more about the talent of JH I will continue watching the drama and giving support, but the emotion is losing in me, LOL
  3. I do not worry about the kiss of JH, since my extensive experience in dramas tells me that the one who gives the first kiss is with whom the girl stays, lol and HJ gave him three kisses, muaj muaj muaj !!!! Besides I waiting for the incredible kisses of YSY, I consider him the king of kisses of the kdramas, LOL min 2:00 min 5:59 I think he's good with his noonas, lol I do not know if this is going to happen with WS, but crossing your fingers Dda bong!!!!
  4. HI CHINGUS!!!! I see that many it is difficult to see the episodes with subtitles, generally I see it from 5 to 6 hrs, maybe many see it before, lol, but hey I want to share some links The raw: usually are 4hrs (the download with IDM) Https:// Https:// The subtitles: they are in English only download and decompress in the PC Https:// Note: I translate it into Spanish with the google translator (Google Translator Toolkit) Https:// I hope it's useful hehehe Dda bong !!!!
  5. Reading comments, I think I have also formed my hypothesis, I just hope it is not so crazy, LOL At first I feel that JH is not a son of HJ, but that may be true too, I think there are more facts to completely discard, I support the idea that BH is lying, maybe not in order to cause harm, rather it is an idea That she is herself, BH is obsessed with HJ, we know that he is a womanizer already had scandals, but she wants to think that he has been special with her, but he simply sees her as a friend, I think JH is the son of Park Young Jae , Somehow PYJ cheating, or she wants to deceive herself, we see that PYJ gives more support to other guys and always dismisses JH, the reason can be many reasons, but the end may be depressing his own child. As far as the disappearance of HJ, may have a lot to do with the money that took that day, I think the money took Cathy and Park Young Jae became his complice.con that money founded his company, and cathy does not marry With PYJ because he fears that he betrays him by killing her and thus keeping the money and the company. As far as the journey to the future of HJ, perhaps is a desire consedido by someone, because at the moment of dying realized the true success of his life that were his friends, who in fact were like his family, and the betraying them felt So bad that he wanted to understand where he had been wrong and how to repay the damage to those he loved and love him truthfully. You may want to do it now and know that your true success is love for people who love you no matter if they are family or not. So they show us a family so dysfunctional. Well it's all I think LOL As for romance nothing is said yet, but what I'm sure is that HJ is madly in love with his smart phone LOL Sorry for my english I'm a mess
  6. anniong Chingus!!!! It's my first post here yeah !!! Although I have been a silent fan in this forum I would like to say many things but language is my problem LOL, my English is too bad, I hope your comprehension, my mother tongue is Spanish. The drama for me is a success !!!, is being very well accepted here for the pages where the drama is posted, the comments are 100% positive, although I must say that the drama is not known by many, but for that we are the Hahaha fans As for the drama, the story has been developed very well, I feel that they are very meticulous as to the time of before and the present, each chapter is a surprise more and nothing predesible. I completely understand HJ that he is in love with the cell phone, LOL To be frank my "adolescence" awakened in the 90s, and my maximum dream was to have a small TV set that could hide it between the blankets and enjoy my favorite novels and programs alone, but we could only settle for a walkman kekeke maybe So the young people of now are not so excited about the drama, but as things blend, the drama will be the best hit !!! In the last episode we see that Lee Gwang Jae, forces HJ to slide down the stands as if trying to return to the past, and when he shouts that he did it, it would be that HJ returned to 1993 ??? Hahahaha whatever happens waiting anxiously to enjoy the drama, I think I made a very long post, LOL. THANK YOU CHINGUS FOR ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE FORUM !!!!
  7. ANNIONG CHINGUS!!!! Happy to finally see the drama the best hit, I'll just say our DONGGU SHINES SHINES !!!! I also saw around to Defconn and June, I felt at home when I saw LOL Although I must say that Junho does of doctor in the drama I am a little afraid of its prescriptions, jejeje Now only counting the minutes to enjoy another episode more than 2D1N, because I'm so fan of the show I see it 3 or 4 times in a different way hahaha 1. stream 2. raw 3 .sub in English 4 .sub in Spanish which is my mother tongue 5. I repeat it every day of the week until Sunday comes LOL I need help auxilioo !!! Pd: the stream I see it here in case someone wants to see it. Https://
  8. ANNIONG CHINGUS!!!! The D-day has arrived, yeeesss Do not forget to support JAY-2 in Music Bank, and later to the drama "the best hit" I hope that CTH and DG do very well, do not forget that CTH has a drama of 62% rating and DG 50% rating, has to repeat again that time in their lives kekeke Cha Tae Hyun and Yoon Siyoon FIGHTIN !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ANIONNG CHINGUS!!!! These last episodes are very funny and good, especially since the episode you start the 51 routes. How many routes are missing ??? I'm lost LOL Also the drama of CTH And DG I am impatient to see this new format of drama, apparently it will bring us the kpop of yesterday and today, from its beginnings until now PD what I am most curious is if Donggu is a good dancer hehehehe, I have seen dancing and it is bad especially the gangam style kekekeke Do not forget to support next week to J2 in his debut in Music Bank, the teaser is good and Very funny LOL
  10. Hahahahaha donggu yaaaa !!!! Our boy 0 SPORTS LOL Sorry donggu, fame chases you LOL kekeke
  11. ANNIONG CHINGUS!!!!! Here comes out of the oven, the new trailer for THE BEST HIT
  12. Hello chingus!!!!! In Korea celebrating "The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards" where our handsome DUNGGU attended I found this video and I honestly do not understand why DG is wrong or that he could not say his name yoon siyoon and wanted to say DUNGGU, lol Help please, I'm bad with languages kekekeke
  13. With the letter gets Mucho Mejor, This feeling is the trademark of 2D1N, LOL, I think the letter is funny More I know, hahahaha Sticky pace !!!!! Day off 4: 1 team Obviously, it's hot in summer Obviously, it is cold in winter It's for That, Until theree (??) There is not any fear If we do not eat, there is nothing We want to do If you provide us with food, we want to do EVERYTHING That's what, until theree There is not any brain 1 day is Too Short, 2 Days 1 Night 3 Days and We're Going to Fight, 2 Days 1 Night 2 Days 1 Night If we see the water we have to go Humbly Humble Our BODY SHAKES Now we DO NOT HAVE ANY UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR Without any WE HAVE RESPECT a Same yes As if they were an apology, they give a coffee shop But WHEN we drink LO, it's eel coffee extract We are grateful that they gave us a smile with us (??) We are going to go on a trip together 1 day is Too Short, 2 Days 1 Night 3 Days and We're Going to Fight, 2 Days 1 Night 2 Days 1 Night No matter how big the weather, we get into the water , No What matters so hot THIS, We enter the Water , No matter HOW TO HEAT The Fogata is, We Enter the Water , EVEN WHEN WE ARE GETTING SWEET STARS (Stars 사탕), We Enter Water When We Are Called From Suddenly WHEN steamed clams are arrived That we enter the water of Enter the water 1 day is Too Short, 2 Days 1 Night 3 Days and We're Going to Fight, 2 Days 1 Night 2 Days 1 Night Our night will continue 2 Days 1 NIGHT
  14. Wahhhh !!!! Such a fun and moving episode I love this program makes me feel happy in every possible way The three songs were great and are so different from each other, and all three can be applied at different times. My favorite song is 4: 1 (it's just a matter of taste hahaha) I love retro style wuu To be honest this bromance is killing me hahahahaha
  15. annion chingus!!!! With respect to this news is fabulous !!!! Also because we can have kim jong kook in 2D1N in the future