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  1. ANIONNG CHINGUS!!!! These last episodes are very funny and good, especially since the episode you start the 51 routes. How many routes are missing ??? I'm lost LOL Also the drama of CTH And DG I am impatient to see this new format of drama, apparently it will bring us the kpop of yesterday and today, from its beginnings until now PD what I am most curious is if Donggu is a good dancer hehehehe, I have seen dancing and it is bad especially the gangam style kekekeke Do not forget to support next week to J2 in his debut in Music Bank, the teaser is good and Very funny LOL
  2. Hahahahaha donggu yaaaa !!!! Our boy 0 SPORTS LOL Sorry donggu, fame chases you LOL kekeke
  3. ANNIONG CHINGUS!!!!! Here comes out of the oven, the new trailer for THE BEST HIT
  4. Hello chingus!!!!! In Korea celebrating "The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards" where our handsome DUNGGU attended I found this video and I honestly do not understand why DG is wrong or that he could not say his name yoon siyoon and wanted to say DUNGGU, lol Help please, I'm bad with languages kekekeke
  5. With the letter gets Mucho Mejor, This feeling is the trademark of 2D1N, LOL, I think the letter is funny More I know, hahahaha Sticky pace !!!!! Day off 4: 1 team Obviously, it's hot in summer Obviously, it is cold in winter It's for That, Until theree (??) There is not any fear If we do not eat, there is nothing We want to do If you provide us with food, we want to do EVERYTHING That's what, until theree There is not any brain 1 day is Too Short, 2 Days 1 Night 3 Days and We're Going to Fight, 2 Days 1 Night 2 Days 1 Night If we see the water we have to go Humbly Humble Our BODY SHAKES Now we DO NOT HAVE ANY UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR Without any WE HAVE RESPECT a Same yes As if they were an apology, they give a coffee shop But WHEN we drink LO, it's eel coffee extract We are grateful that they gave us a smile with us (??) We are going to go on a trip together 1 day is Too Short, 2 Days 1 Night 3 Days and We're Going to Fight, 2 Days 1 Night 2 Days 1 Night No matter how big the weather, we get into the water , No What matters so hot THIS, We enter the Water , No matter HOW TO HEAT The Fogata is, We Enter the Water , EVEN WHEN WE ARE GETTING SWEET STARS (Stars 사탕), We Enter Water When We Are Called From Suddenly WHEN steamed clams are arrived That we enter the water of Enter the water 1 day is Too Short, 2 Days 1 Night 3 Days and We're Going to Fight, 2 Days 1 Night 2 Days 1 Night Our night will continue 2 Days 1 NIGHT
  6. Wahhhh !!!! Such a fun and moving episode I love this program makes me feel happy in every possible way The three songs were great and are so different from each other, and all three can be applied at different times. My favorite song is 4: 1 (it's just a matter of taste hahaha) I love retro style wuu To be honest this bromance is killing me hahahahaha
  7. annion chingus!!!! With respect to this news is fabulous !!!! Also because we can have kim jong kook in 2D1N in the future
  8. annyeong !!!!! Enjoying the last episode, the lunch game was epico jejejeje never imagined that they did such thing in televison, especially in kbs, lol Somehow sad, since there are many days to the next episode, but assuming how much fun it will be to see them sing, the only one I'm sure their song is good is jjy , or maybe it's the one who makes it worse kekekeke Even so DG does it of the two forms apparently in his last drama But you can never beat the original !!!
  9. Akdong Musician AKMU, could be friends of Defconn, not long ago they were on the weekly idol One of my dreams is to go the BIGBANG lol it would be phenomenal jejeje I did not know that the YG family was on good terms with KBS.
  10. Annyeong haseyo!!!!! Greets a silent fan, always watching and reading each post and I am very grateful for it. Simply say that I am in love with the 6 members of 2D1N kekekeke are a beautiful family, I generally do not like the variety programs except the "family outing" and wgm (only some) and I found after several years with a variety program that I really enjoy it. To be honest I'm a recent fan, it's all thanks to kim young jun, since I'm a fan of her, I loved that episode and I really enjoyed donggu (I always thought it was overrated) jejejeje, and little by little I loved them all, I could not say which is my favorite (I support donggu when others turn their back on me, as I would support any of them if I needed it) I am also an admirer of Il yong PD-nim kekekeke As for the photos and the news of guests, I feel that yoo se yoon could be the invited friend of DG, both were in Barefoot Friends (?) I have no idea kekeke waiting for new and exciting episodes, always the 6 members !!! PDT: sorry for my English since it is not my native language
  11. HI CHINGUS!!!!! oh finally a couple that I like in WGM, after so long this couple makes yup WGM again just lovely, I like the fact that they accept that they are a married couple, and with this act that way. Thank you all for sharing everything about this couple and hope accept me in this forum. me is a bit difficult to communicate well with English as my language is Spanish hahaha, sorry if I sometimes do not understand.