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  1. Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

    ANIONG CHINGUS!!!!! After a long time I was encouraged to write in the forum. but i've been following the comments It is true that our sexy yoon has not been showing much in dramas or movies, from my heart I simply want him to be happy with what he is doing, at the beginning when he joined 2d1n he was very worried about getting into the program, it really showed As of hard work, now I think that it is more comfortable and happy. Many of us think that he is not doing much, but let's not forget that he is in the best program, number 1 in Korea. and we see it every weekend. As for the connections, it is true that he does not know many important people like renowned actors such as tae hyun, maybe it is due to his introverted character, but what impresses me about him is that any project he has puts all his effort and heart and it's what makes us all love his fans, LOL If I could talk to him I would tell him to be happy and not worry about what others would say, I feel he cares about that, but his friends from 2d1n have helped him a lot to open up. As for his next drama I hope to see him, but try by all means not to see any drama of the evil twins, LOL but thanks to yooni I'll make an exception "just for him" and I hope they stay away from yooni grrrrrrr !!! PS: I read in the comments that Yang Se Jong looked like our beautiful sexy yooni, I also noticed it, that's why I saw the drama temeperatura of love, hahahaha, 2d1n was in hiatus, so it was the only way to keep my hope of not seeing Donguu but URI YOONI IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL
  2. Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

    ANNIONG CHINGUS!!! although I want that sexy yoon returns to dramaland, and without cause to bother anyone, I OPPOSE !!!! for two simple reasons, 1 the NO is the protagonist, our yooni deserves a protagonist 2 and no less important is there that disintegrate to T-ARA, and yooni is very close to them.
  3. ANNIONG CHINGUS!!!!!! they just sat almost all the time remembering, attacking, but laughing happily and did not do anything else, LOL but it was so much fun !!!!! I only saw the raw, but I'm sure with subs it will be more great !!! 2D1N is the best and best korea program I could have found and known in my life. enter this world for Donggu, but at this moment it would be unfair to say that it is my favorite, I do not conceive that any of them are missing and I would not choose one as my favorite, I LOVE THEM ALL !!!!! including those of production and how to forget IL Yong PD. I've been watching some programs like runningman and remembering many that I saw some time ago, and I realize that the secret of 2D1NS3 is the great CHEMICAL that exists between them, I think they are truly FRIENDS, and always demonstrate their great UNION !!!! I CAN ONLY SAY 2D1NS3, THANK YOU FOR EXISTING !!!!!! +
  4. good lei last week with the headline "running man returns to be number 1" in soompi spanish, I think it was misleading, LOL but it had an 11% rating that is climbing a lot, but we all know it's because of the strike. https://www.soompi.com/2017/10/02/running-man-continues-increase-viewership-ratings-latest-episode/ law that's why the strike on KBS ended (?) that's true
  5. anniong chingus!!!!!! I will only say that I need the voice of command of Il yong PD-ñim !!!! the truth the raw is a little boring, I would have loved that instead of being a couple vs, between the two programs, I think it would have been cooler the edition itself was boring, lacked that spark and creativity mmm well I would not say bored, I always complain when they say that, LOL but it would have been BETTER !!!! KBS is having problems with its new plagiarism programs, LOL hopefully this will prompt KBS senior officials and officials to listen to the strikers, stop the strike and return to key programs so they do not sink. runningman returned to position itself as number 1, I think KBS loses more with this strike I do not want to say this but the longer the strike lasts we will have less episodes with Donggu, do not forget that he is for 2 years, we do not know if he will renew his contract again, it is what most worries me and saddens I miss a lot of PD dhaaaaan !!!
  6. Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

    anniong chingus !!! reading comment I see that some do not know the cute yura, she is a very bubbly girl, not the shocking type but she is very bubbly, I knew her better in WGM, she is very committed to what she does, in WGM I felt I suffered a lot for her partner, was a total introverted and did not open much to her, but she knew how to carry the relationship very well, I would have loved a couple like YSY for her, they would complement each other very well since they are sweet, considerate, kind and easy , LOL I really liked being your partner in 2D1N, I hope and do not change pairs. as well as the sight is she, simple, a little shy but fun !!!! if all goes well i think i could shipper!!!
  7. Anionng Chingus!!!!! I totally agree this did not look like 2D1N, without the PDs, the members seemed more invited of that old program, was based more on that program than in the habitual 2D1N. the truth did not have many expectations when I knew that there were so many guests but never I cross that they were members of "Invincible Youth." I hope next week is more than 2D1N, that "Invincible Youth". I miss you voice of PD IL YONG, PD yoo and the whole family of 2D1N and our baby alpha go !!! I know this will happen soon, but not too late !!!
  8. Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

    ANNIONG CHINGUSS!!!!! Our sexy yoon is nominated for "Fan's Popularity Award!" LETS VOTE!!! frankly I was 100% determined to vote for siyoon, but when I saw all those actors I felt dizzy and indecisive, LOL so do not hesitate and vote for YSY the king of kisses. http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1703
  9. ANIONN CHINGUUSS !!!! Apparently it was not so bad at night for our scared cats, LOL When I see these extra videos of 2D1N, I would like the KBS to extend its schedule, since not many can see it and international fans who do not speak Hangul, we do not understand. I would like to enjoy the episode in 100% But there are always heart fans who share how much they know, thanks to who deserves the interpretation Https://varietyrecaps.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/1-night-2-days-s3-ep-186-extra-2/#more-14220
  10. Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

    Jajajaa is that apparently you have not gotten to the good thing that are the kisses and the romantic scenes, then you will be grateful for the actress. LOL she is so inhibited, excellent actress, I still remember the kisses that were given and it gives me goosebumps, kekekeke I'm ashamed to show this photo, lol I do not think his dramas are mediocre, but I would love to see him in a big drama again, I know it will be soon YSY fighting !!!!
  11. Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

    YSY was not the main protagonist, he was the replacement of Kim Jae Won who was the original protagonist, he suffered an accident when filming the drama and he had to abandon the project, luckily YSY replaced him, the story is very nice, and YSY I give good juice to your character I really love this drama, it's more my favorite, since I can appreciate more its mature and manly side, dramas like Flower Boy Next Door is where I no longer want to see it anymore. LOL Is more prefer to see it with actresses of the same age or a little older, since for him it is more comfortable acting
  12. Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

    CHINGUU!!!! HELLO <3 Did you hear about this news ??? I crossing my fingers so that our YSY is the protagonist, I would love to see him in a drama like this (if he was not the protagonist doojoon) kekeke https://www.soompi.com/2017/07/31/tvn-drama-lets-eat-confirmed-return-3rd-season/ I hope that my dream comes true, LOL
  13. Annyong Chingus !!!! Again here counting the hours to enjoy another adventure more along with our 6 favorite members and the entire production team of 2D1N Last week there were many complaints, but as members teach us, you have to see the positive side to everything, to be frank I usually enjoy more of an episode when I see it many times, since maybe I can skip some fun or important moment unconsciously , LOL so I'm satisfied with the previous episode, of course it could be more exciting, jejejeje But being able to share with them, the games and the moments of jokes, is very relaxing for me, I think I really LOVE 2D1N !!!!! When I remember at that moment "Donggu", is when I get to scratch my head, LOL Just imagine what Donggu was thinking gives me a laugh hahahaha I'm sure our Donggu had it all coldly calculated in that intelligent brain that has, but wanted to defy the laws of gravity, LOL That's impossible Dunggu yaaaahhh !!!!
  14. Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤

    HI CHINGUU According to you, I prefer a new heroine "noona" I notice that YSY is more comfortable with older actresses like eugene and Lee Ji Ah, although many apparently did not like them very much as a couple, I love mee too flower, especially the romantic scenes. In TBH was a bit uncomfortable, especially in the scenes of kisses, it seemed that Lee Se Young had to go necessarily to the same level as YSY, but it cost a lot and that was so uncomfortable to see lol So I prefer to see a drama more according to its age, a drama of the melodramatic or criminal genre, LOL I love it when it cries or puts the stare, LOL So crossing your fingers for a first-rate actress or very talented, Han Hyo Joo and Han Ji Min I love, but if I could do with Jang Na Ra I would feel more than happy !!!!
  15. HI CHINGUS!!! To be frank I found this episode even slower than the previous one, the nude scene of HJ, I did not seem adequate, I have never found anything good this type of scenes especially when they have no sense, I only find something desperate to raise the rating Or simply show some romance, the drama-variety type is lost according to my perception. At first it was so dynamic but it was losing little by little, but above all this episode was only to HJ-WS, I think the director have to mix more the roles of the actors and develop more their characters, I think they are waiting for the Latest episodes to make them more interesting. Are already like 11 complete episodes and nothing of the trip to the future, I think they started with everything at the beginning but in the middle they stayed flat and are leaving everything to the end. We are giving drama to teaspoons, LOL I just hope that the next episodes put more emphasis on: developing the problem of travel to the future of HJ, the most clear romance between HJ-WS and more about the talent of JH I will continue watching the drama and giving support, but the emotion is losing in me, LOL