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  1. Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    annyeong chingus!!! I love yang se jong, he is super talented and his dramas are the best. Although he is starting already has strong dramas and great content and acts with renowned actors, I love it. I just realized that there was a place where I can know and know better, thank you for creating this site. When I saw him with my favorite actress Kim Sun ah, I just wanted to fly and I felt in the clouds, LOL and I am so happy that his talent as best newcomer is recognized. He will get very far. waiting for your new projects, I hope you have a lot of dramas more.
  2. I hope that this time they choose a more mature actress, I am tired of seeing it with girls or beginners. I hope all the success for this drama, since it will be on an open chain like SBS.
  3. annyeong chingus !!!! more and more excited, counting the days.
  4. Still without seeing the end, but thanks to your positive comments I will arrive with great expectations. I love that everything returns to normal and calm in the thread, I think it was just a matter of hormones and jealousy unbridled by our sexy yoon, kekeke just joke . Dear friend, I also entered the world of gifs recently, so I do it online, all you need is an online video with a duration of less than 15 minutes and just follow the steps, sometimes it can take a few minutes, but It's pretty good and fast I hope to get to serve something. here the link https://giphy.com/create/gifmaker
  5. annyeong chingus !!!! counting the days and hours to enjoy a new drama of our oppa nam goong min. I'm new to this thread so I'll be visiting this place, thanks !!! with this drama my dream has come true, I always wanted oppa NGM to stay with this protagonist, LOL after so many years I will have them together wiiiii I do not know if a miniong is here, and if there is a cordial greeting, I will return after a long time to a forum to talk about oppa nam goong min, (after wgm). but I'm definitely still with her beautiful dramas, I still do not beat the couple NGM and Minah, LOL but following each step, as our oppa came out of his shyness to shine in each job he performs. for me it is an example that everything can be done. just like not loving it
  6. when there are many pictures or shorts from behind the scenes they kill the drama, but anyway I'm in episode 4, tonight I'm doing a drama marathon, I think it's a beautiful drama, but I would have liked the protagonist to be the maid of the protagonist, LOL, I saw a short drama of her where she was the protagonist and she did it very well, she was so sweet and funny, but obviously she is not so beautiful, rays! because the world turns like that ??? kekekeke
  7. the only requirement that they asked me here was to speak in English, LOL oknahh, It is true that when there is a big chemistry between two artists, another thread is usually made, but I agree that talking about it here does not hurt. I was visiting the thread of the drama but I found myself with much behind the scenes and little about the plot of the drama, so I started to see the drama without many expectations. I am struggling to see the drama because the protagonist is not my total liking but I usually get wrong in my judgment, lol. also I do not usually be very cheesy and the first love scene of the lovebirds, I practically had to look the other way and put pause kekeke is so cheesy and strawberry hahaha is not normal in historical dramas where the romance is colder or practical. but already entering the drama to give the approval or bad this weekend that is the end. P.S. I think the thread of the drama is struggling so that this pair is related in some way LOL and forgot the drama kekeke
  8. really??? then I think it was wrong title, it's not grand prince, but grand princess, lol
  9. sorry, i'm not good in english either, i usually use the google translator, LOL I want to say that I do not respond to those comments made by the troll, I simply ignore it. as others do.
  10. frankly I do not think that I'm a fan of anyone, I just want to see a fan fight, before I used jung min and could not achieve his goal, now he wants to use the JJY fans, because JJY and DG have a good chemistry, if it does not work will use another. LOL PD: I think you have a obsecion for YSY. I'm not a psychologist but YSY is his love platonic kekekeke I've seen your messages in some YouTube videos, not only in KBS World, but I try not to answer, I think everyone already knows who he is and has no answers to his comments, but I find it strange that he always comments on Donggu videos and does not from jjy LOL, the best thing is to ignore it. all of us who are 2d1n fans, we know all the love and fraternity that the members have and all the production, although we have our favorite, we love all of them equally, WE ARE ALL A GREAT FAMILY, that is what "teaches us" " this program. for me they are my precious children !!!+
  11. that's a troll (shinta) from YSY, it's not the JJY fans, it's in all the YSY videos, but not from JJY, lol so I would not like to generalize to JJY fans, because of a troll, with enough time, kekekeke
  12. good in the end is not so important your religion, we love it for what it is and always will be our baby dum gu LOL I'm not seeing many YSY dramas, he's a very good actor but he never caught my attention, I confess I hated him for a while, I thought he was overrated, lol but I started to know him and love him in 2d1n, and since then I'm his fan so I see our sleeping beauty in this way, LOL Baby Donggu !!!
  13. I think it is Catholic, most Christian people in Korea are Catholic or Protestant but Protestants do not believe in the cross as a religious symbol, Catholics do, and I saw in the first episode that he had a big crucifix on the wall of his housel.
  14. annyeong chingus I just want to say that I agree that DG did not want the fortune teller to read his future or his luck, since he is a Christian catholic, apparently he is very devoted as he shows it without fear of others, (I mean when "he thanks food ") I am Catholic NOT very devout, I definitely DO NOT believe in fortune tellers, it is more scary, because no one else knows what will happen only GOD. (That is just my opinion) knowing that he is Catholic, I would like to know what his Christian name is, as he reads Jun ki is "pitter", I wonder what will be our Donggu (?), he already has a lot of names LOL P.S. Can someone tell me if the drama is good? frankly try to see it but the protagonist does not convince me, LOL I do not know if it's because of jealousy (since YSY pays too much attention to her), LOL, or definitely the girl is very flat in acting, I saw her in a drama "The Flower in Prison" was great with jung da bin, but suddenly I changed the protagonist and I stopped seeing her, I did not like that change. Jung Da Bin did great. Now I'm in doubt to see her (?)