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  1. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    LONG kiss <3 hehe cant wait to see with sub
  2. I am so excited for this movie.. just fall for Ikuta toma after hana kim <3 and that kiss ..so soft yet passionate kiss and the look before the kiss which shows that even if how they having barriers of society but love is love and it can happen to anyone at any age..Ikuta toma is looking great and really looks like a teacher rather then Yamapi in A short distance relationship
  3. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    Yes .. that "kondae" catchphrase. . Its from gag con angry boss catchphrase of chiefnim in the skit.. and lol he is doing it again
  4. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari Here in the vid where he had little private fan meeting in Jan where fans came dressing as Pokemon https://www.facebook.com/HoneyDays2016/videos/506152526440423/ Jung Joon Young's fans dress up as Pokemon to cheer him up after his hardships last year Singer Jung Joon Young and his fans are a match made in heaven! Back in January, it seems fans prepared a special 'Pokemon Event' for him to cheer him up before his comeback after the rough patch he went through in 2016. Last September, Jung Joon Young became wrapped up in a controversy where an ex-girlfriend accused him of filming sexual relations without her consent. However, immediately after the news broke out, the ex-girlfriend canceled the report and admitted it was her mistake. During the fan event, Jung Joon Young sat with his Pokemon fans as they surprised him by belting out the Pokemon theme song. He joked around with the fans during his talk time on stage, singing a brief snippet of his new song, then took photos with all the Pokemon, commenting, "How can you go home dressed like this? Won't it be embarrassing?" What's a little embarrassment when you can have a good time and cheer up your favorite singer, right? Credit: Allkpop
  5. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    the MV is good ,The song is great, the Album is a Masterpiece .. and yes he doesn't disappoint .. I hope he perfome the song soon and i liked how he follow Gag concert closely as he was mick ring the skit Angry bosses
  6. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    OMG!!!! Its so good.. i like it already .. but i am excited more for the sympathy new orchestra ver .. and its coming on 7th feb..
  7. Thank you so much .. i am very suprised that donggu became so close with him and even in a much less time .. and i am happy all of them contact him and take care of him ..
  8. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    I am so happy that Our JJY is back and omg he went to JJ concert .. I hope he be good chingu with him like he likes to drink so is JJY .. and i hear all 7 member wll be in next next week ep.. omg
  9. can someone translate this? https://www.instagram.com/p/BPkLN3sAXTB/?taken-by=with_jjy https://www.instagram.com/p/BPkLYZSA_3V/?taken-by=with_jjy
  10. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    Thats sympathy's Chinese ver!!!! But i got say this i love his korean version more. I think it had so much emotion (or maybe i understand korean a little ) But any news of date of mv and song ??? And 4 more days to see jjy with his hyungs
  11. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    Noo.. i hate that ramen hairstyle.. i like his recent hair.. where he is good and classy
  12. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    LOL i just watched the raw ep over Dramacool (go there if its too hassel to see in parts) and this i guess 2nd time i saw 1n2d Raw.. LOL and suprisingly i did understand few things and my korean knowing lovely Unni helped me understand the rest. So Looks like we have to wait another week for their reunion and Gosh this and Goblin willl be death of me I need your and All of you guys condolence
  13. [Thailand Drama 2016] SOTUS The Series

    I saw the anime .. and Victor is Hotttttttttt <3 PS- I am not satisfy with The kiss i want Their kiss like EVAK kiss :"( is it to much to ask?
  14. https://www.instagram.com/with_jjy/ JJY CUT so happy and seeing the full pic :'(
  15. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    I miss that laugh so much :"( welcome back OPPA Guys lets cry togther