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  1. Thats sympathy's Chinese ver!!!! But i got say this i love his korean version more. I think it had so much emotion (or maybe i understand korean a little ) But any news of date of mv and song ??? And 4 more days to see jjy with his hyungs
  2. Noo.. i hate that ramen hairstyle.. i like his recent hair.. where he is good and classy
  3. LOL i just watched the raw ep over Dramacool (go there if its too hassel to see in parts) and this i guess 2nd time i saw 1n2d Raw.. LOL and suprisingly i did understand few things and my korean knowing lovely Unni helped me understand the rest. So Looks like we have to wait another week for their reunion and Gosh this and Goblin willl be death of me I need your and All of you guys condolence
  4. I saw the anime .. and Victor is Hotttttttttt <3 PS- I am not satisfy with The kiss i want Their kiss like EVAK kiss :"( is it to much to ask?
  5. JJY CUT so happy and seeing the full pic :'(
  6. I miss that laugh so much :"( welcome back OPPA Guys lets cry togther
  7. OMG Our KIM Grand Prize looking Handsome .. and cant wait for JJY come back
  8. 3 more days to go still 1n2d subbed .. Though i am going to watch raw.. hehe.. cant believe he is back and all those shot of him being in Jeju and also fliming i am so excited for his music. sympathy is one of my fav of JJY song and the new one will be even better then sympathy omg .. I want Feb to come faster Thanks chinguyaaa's for sharing update about JJY
  9. LOL ... He is dissing himself LOL... he is saying he looks like a pineapple LOL.. But i think even if he come back wearing a Pikachu costume we will love him like this <3
  10. Yes .. finally JJY is back (?) .. though we only saw his leg but i guess we can say he is back and by the reaction of everyone it has too be JJY.. i am so glad all are so happy speciallt Junho (i never see a big smile in his face before), CTH and Defcon (having Mental breakdown) donggu all jumpping as he is closest with JJY by age and lastly Jongmin as if he is seeing his Lover coming down from the path .. So i cant wait 15th to come.. and looks like we will have JJY at the end of the ep because he come back at night not in the intro ..
  11. DOne watching ep 15... Is this the end of sotus? .. I need my daily week dose of BL.. I will miss Artith and Kongpop. But I like how they end it while both look at each other and the diary says Sotus The love between US .. Btw is it me or anyone wanted Kongpop to hold Artith Hand when they were coming to kongpop dorm? and OMO swoonnnnnnnnnnnnn Duty as your boyfriend Krist expression is to the point.. and he really made Artith look so much in love with Kongpop. PS- cant wait to see The UNCUT KISS ..yes give me the kiss so i can be satisfy and say goodbye to SOTUS THE SERIES with a complete lovable BL series
  12. Guys, I really hope we get to see some preview regarding JJY come back in next sunday on today's ep
  13. I really hope we get to see some preview regarding JJY come back in next sunday on today's ep
  14. OMO OMO OMO .. Guys i am crying right now. JJy is coming back in 1n2d .. finally every member is here :") .. I will watch that ep raw if i could .. lets hug each other guys