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  1. My GongGo-ers. Today is Easter. So I just want to greet all the reminder chingus a peaceful Easter. Peace at Easter to all. 1 John 4:17-19 (KJV) Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. We love him, because he first loved us. Will be busy for a long while. My family want me to take a hiatus. I will be taking a long break after Easter. Take care everyone.
  2. final of the final.: of great importance. vote for Wookie. pls see ji chang wook kitchen tutorial of how to vote. Ji Chang Wook Scores New Actor Nomination in 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards us usual, i don't think they like that i copy and paste their stuff here. pls go read their article. the HK FM keep circulating in my mind restlessly, i am now even more sure, the same deep feels 2 yrs ago engulfed the couple, Changwook and Minyoung should still be there. for a drama past 2 yrs, and now after a very highly talked about K2, with a new ships forming for him with another actress..... when he infact has already another ship with HJW before healer... yet sandwiches between HJW and Y, yet he chose to heavily use Healer video shots, to promote his song.... at least to please younger fans, he will throw in some scenes with the latest drama right. i think not, if given a normal guy who wants to please ALL fans, esp NEW fans he gain by last drama, likely he will put in romantic scenes of Empress Ki, Healer and K2, and even some from Chinese drama.... now to be just focusing on Healer is way too telling, this is a real man that will not weaver to please fans. i keep thinking is the Message of where his heart belongs for who. tis really telling MY he's okay, and he's protecting her in his way during the latest saga. Youngatheart is right, he chose the scene where Chae Youngshin asked him did he killed the man, he said he didnt . she broke into this big smile and said "I Knew it." and no further question. a simple answer from her man, and she is contented. this is how the stage of their present real life relationship. one word from each of them, the other will trust and and stand behind protecting each other. the whole drama Healer, has lots of beautiful touching quotations, one of which i liked best, and it is very short, happened to be this scene, when Youngshin said, "I Knew It" one word: Trust. trust when the whole world don't trust. against all odds. against your mind, your heart trust. shippers or rumours, fans' pressures, or agent demands. Trust!!! i Will protect you. need not be with full of action, full of words. just trust and silence is enough. as long as she knew. (this is Passion Week for us christians, i will be very easy, actually stealing time during lunch to write this. in midst rushing thru of 3 projects by 3 leaders... haha.) Blessed Easter to all (the christians here.)
  3. @gerrytan8063 i know i remembered you said you wont be in town and will be away from easy access to wiki. but just wanting to hear your takes on the Idenitty of Yi Seon. couldnt help disappointed, that at least they should give him( YSH) a Yi San, King Jeongjo. then it all about the skillful pen of the writernim, which is a fresh-not known writernim. i guess this Yi Seon is a fictionalised character based on Yi Seon's character. the only good part that comes out of this, should be we will see real happy ending. and more of OTP sweetness. everywhere i read whether is it at Dramabeans, or Koala's Playground, dramafever., soompi news.... etc. writers of articles are always saying while they may not be sure about the other productions btu they are waiting and trusting in Ruler. Hopefully, the acting skill of the whole awesome casts, and the Chemistry that oozes between the Two Leads can met up to the high expectation that people has been praising.,
  4. @CatchMine_ID just prayed for you to heal faster, for whatever treatment be effective, and God speed up the healing and send good physician to you. lately i also don't have time to lurk at Goblin Couple thread, am so sorry towards the GongGo shippers chingus there. am resting for the madness of Mid-May when both Wookie and Youngie drama will hit small scene. God Bless peace as you wait to be heal completely.
  5. @youngatheart call me delulu, but i think it is his way of saying he watched all the eps of MEC, and he approved whatever happened there, and find it perfectly Okay, nothing provoked or annoyed him until he deem it fine to wear the same clothes that LJG wore and that he felt none jealousy or insults towards LJG. its his subtle way to ensure fans, ship is still sailing and ensure PMY, he is fine with all rumours, and his way to indirectly support and lift MY out of the mire of rumours. as what MY thread has mentioned, it is NOT good for her fans or other fans to keep saying MY is 'so poor thing' as if she really did fallen in love or stirred by LJG. i guess it is Good that when international fans or shippers out of anger to rant on LJG, hope they don't pull MY along into the rumours and keep saying LJG lead her into 'what or what'... as if she is so easily stirred out of this ship. i was stirred myself watching her tears... but after the dust settled, i think just like any one of us, will be moved to tears when a male friend suddenly do something nice for us, between girl and guy, i still believed there are pure friendship. at least i found that in the church, i guess, she is moved by LJG, and nothing more. and hope people start forgiving him. at least regarding PMY, LJG's case should be fine. while we stay out of the angst and hurts the whole issue generated out, as i do have both friends who ship as JoonU shippers and fans who single mindedly follow LJG for years...... But we know between JCW and PMY both will be fine with LJG. Let's hope all hearts be healed, all friendship reconciled, mistakes and lessons learnt, peace returns. that's the last statement regarding MEC i should made. case closed.
  6. @youngatheart the words at the IG posted, is in Cantonese, not chinese. so means harder to understand. Literally translate of that IG mentioned he wore pink jacket as what LJG wore at MEC: "how well are you? are all of you how well?" (means< how are you? how well are all of you?) nothing special meaning.
  7. arrrgghhhhhh you gals!!! LOL. wanted to 'sleep-mode", actually for the first time in 2 yrs after Healer ended, i decided not to be lazy and really read all the 577 pages of Changmin-couple-thread stuffs, really very hard to read i since i have increased work-load brought home. i told myself, i really felt sorry towards my other ships (Jongjoo-JongsukHyojoo, GongGo-GongYooGoEun, Ruler-YooSeungho) thread, that at least for few weeks, i need to stop posting or reading materials from Jongjoo shippers, GongGo shippers, YooSeungho's fans posting. at least i need that amount of time to backread 577 pages, i am a super slow reader. and you all lurk me out, by Wook's HK FM's healer's video. i think he really really really loved Healer and it changed him, and of coz loved the ONE person in Healer-drama above all... (ahahha. he didnt brought out K2 shots, woahahah) yes, Youngatheart, our guy might be hinting the ship sailing at least in his heart, maybe his way of ensuring MY that he is fine with the recent anti-news that drag MY into the rumour-news. see, he didnt bring out Empress Ki video or K2 romantic video clips. but he used those with MinYoung. so nevermind, i just read this and go back into bat-cave again. in case you gals has anything in Chinese or Cantonese that you need me to translate, pls PM me. i will unlurk to translate. very happy with the news, thanks, YoungAtHeart. anything, everything, for Wookie and Youngie. (EDIT: am not studying for exam, but am helping out during examination periods, helping out to see others 'suffering for exams"... woahhaha.)
  8. Changminers. After dropping by. My other fav threads drop words. Guess this is my last stop. Luv ya. Today was kept thinking about Baeksang. Hope after Army Wooks will be given roles that proved his acting skills. By far after Healer he was pure overseas and back Kor still not given string acting challenging roles that May bag him BAEKSANG. while I have higher hope in 7 Days Queen as she will be excellence in Historical-Melodrama as she is pretty much sitting comfortable with Healer PD and KBS. . I don't have much much hope in Wooks' if the production is willing to throw in a kpop idol who has no experiences n acting and immediately take a Second lead female, I can imagine the direction of this production. This year Goblin wins Big, next year 7 day Queen wins. Anyway with the coming Easter and Exams and I need to finish about 570+ pages of back reading of this thread. I officially now take a hiatus and promised to come back. God bless Chang min couple be re. God bless Changwook with MinYoung forever be in love with each other, never to let love turn cold.
  9. Saw the Baeksang Awards list. Remembered that Yoo was not remembered at Baeksang last year. Hope next year For Ruler, he may get a Baeksang. Just bid temporarily hiatus to my other shippers threads. Coz I need to do reading for some 500 pages of stuffs. , exams and Easter coming... yoopies and Yoo, Fightings!!! Hope to see all when I finish rest and project. May I will need chasing after 3 dramas. God bless YSH for good acting to win his Baeksang next year.
  10. Am saddened. That W hardly get recognition at Baeksang. Even if not winning at least should LJS and HHJ be nominated. while I am very happy GOBLIN got recognised as I am Goblin's mega fan. but I guess I am sadden W is left out in the cold in the acting section. Well. They JongJoo don't need an award to prove they can act. We know JS can act. And HHJ WON LOTS of awards in past. Winning is nothing new to her. Then look at this YEAR. JongJoo. I hope n look forward dating news or at least more leaking from HHJ or LJS mouth about their love, will be even more hopeful . right. Btw. I will be chasing 3 dramas at May. So will take a break to do some back reading of 500 pages of stuffs plus Easter and mid term. So will take a rest for a while, will be back After finish some thing I promised myself to do by these few months.. But will continue praying for JONGJOO. Everyone. Keep up your good job cheering JJ COUPLE.
  11. Dear GOD. please help GongGo couple to win a Baeksang Best Actor and a Best Actress side by side. That will be the best gift second to the best gift of announcement of their dating.AMEN. Actually Happy even to know they are nominated . hope they walk the carpet together to hint they are together. btw Mid May coming I will need chasing after at least 3 shows so I need to rest a little and do some back reading into some Changmin couple thread. So May not be active mode. Top of it, Easter coming n mid term exam comings .... Lots of overtime. But still will be praying mode for GY & GE. For Baeksang, FIGHTING!!!
  12. Ji Chang-wook to attend launch of tvN Movies in Malaysia More good news! To celebrate the launch of tvN Movies, Fabricated City star Ji Chang-wook will fly in to Malaysia to give fans the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact and take photos with the Korean heartthrob. Tomorrow, the actor will be attending the launch event of tvN Movies as well as the gala premiere of Fabricated City, which is slated to open in cinemas on April 20 in Kuala Lumpur. (now JCW is very near to my country, across the Strait, am at Singapore. happy.) at another report, the preview of his movie wasn't good, so i put at spoiler, not to discourage you all, i don't care i will be watching when it reach my shore coming 20 Apr Baeksang Art Awards 2017 nominees is out: Find out if your favourite stars are on the list! Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Han Suk Kyu, and Namgoong Min Nominated For Best Actor + Baeksang Art Awards Nominees (again, our Changwook and Minyoung were not nominated for their work, either as in K2 or RememberWaroftheSon. as i expected actually. i am happy for my Goblin, but sad for Wookie and Youngie. i guess, we can't expect much from suspicious partner is it is just a rom-com, but maybe some hope in 7DaysQueen this year. but i should say i was disappointed of the character he acted in K2, nothing to do with his acting skiill, more of the way he portrayed to be just a hero-saving-damsel-buttkicking-role. so let's hope Hello Monster writernim wrote Wookie's character with some wisdom in crafty in solving cases, i want to see some brain-juices and tears from Wookie's screen-characers, than his sweat and blood.) (with this, i bid adieu to all.) God Bless ChangWook and Minyoung together forever.
  13. changminer-ya.......... now, a little something for you, before i go back to backread the 577 pages, i have been lazy and only randomly read, and my memories is real bad, after few weeks i can forget where to find what article and who say what to who, Reem is so good in remembering details about Changmin, i can't . so i decided i need a break to backread until MinYoung and ChangWook's individual drama comes in a month time. my booster to keep me going.... as usual i wanted to lurk and go deep into the bat-cave, but as usual i can't, my loves for these few darlings is tugging at my heart-strings. (btw i am not escaping because of the My Ear Candies stuff,or gotten hurt over LJG stuff... never has i doubt LJG will become the 3rd party, its just that our dearest chingus fans of PMY who are not changminers found it very endearing to see LJG and PMY chemistry, n were hoping they can be real... so i guess its not harm hoping they can act together in a drama then. regarding couple, even real life couple who dating for 3 to 4 yrs can break off, who are we to think reel couple or real couple, or from reel became real couple won't break after 3 to 4 yrs? so can't take for granted.) on an interview during Healer: she mentioned; "I want to be madly in love without getting caught." When asked if she has any plans to marry one day, she shared, "I always wanted to [get married] since I started thinking that I want that one and only person in the world who is truly on your side... I want to go on family vacations. There are a lot of childcare shows [these days]. They're so cute." at anther report: she said at dramabeans: Asked about her ideal style, she said, “I think the best kind of man is one who values me, understands me, and is accepting. Someone who’s easy-going, who embraces and understands me rather than leading me.” so which means as much as she asked from her man to be understanding and accepting her way of living and her career and the demanding style of her career that need her to fake romance on reel, and even in 'real' as in 'real-reality-show", which made people think she is real, when she suppose to appear reel in real... so tiring right. but she asks her man to be understand not to lead and decide and rule her. the understand, easy-going, enbraces part, we know who suit it well right? ********************************** In an interview with this magazine before his visit to Taiwan, Ji Chang Wook speaks light-heartedly about his ideal girlfriend, saying, “I dream to find a girlfriend who will walk with me on this path of an actor!” Will he be willing to accept an older woman in reality? He said frankly, “When dating, I think age does not really matter. The interaction is more important, and what matters to me is someone who spends happy moments with me. ” With regards to his ideal partner, he has no particular conditions either. He does not care about appearances or age difference, all he asks for is a girl who can communicate well with him, “I don’t have an ideal type. Ha~ it’s true! If I really have to set a criteria, then it would probably be someone who can walk with me along the path that I choose (the path of an actor)! I hope to find someone who can have mutual understanding with me and walk with me on the life journey of my dream." *********************************************** in one of the bts, and i am really bad with remembering bts, out of a sudden she asked JCW what is his ideal girl type, he gave the same answer, he don't have an ideal type, and he did mentioned before somewhere, age and beauty is never considered as a condition. But both insisted that UNDERSTANDING all he asks for is a girl who can communicate well with him, understanding cannot be reach without the first line of communication, so i guess. between the two, none of us has doubts that they communicate so well during the filming of Healer. the path of an actor does require faking romances with another actresses or actor (on the female side). these comes in when both are real actors in life. no one should be jealous when the other act romance, or faking romance even in a fake-real reality show. (btw, i has no hate toward JCG, and never want LJG for her, i was just stating that on behalf of changminers, we changminers will be generous and wish MinYoung well even if there's really some changing of heart, which we hope and trust not, But i did stated in PMY's thread that we will wish them well, if they are real after MEC, because i was touched by PMY tears, not so much about the chemistry, but alarmed by PMY's tears after she was moved in identity discovered by JG.) i think she really need someone who knows her, accept her, trust her, encourage her. this is the part in understanding, and not leading her and changing her and stopping her. jsut like JCW, she need soemone on the life journey together, not someone who totally oblivion to his work. some people prefer a complete outsdier as wife and chose not to let the wife see the movies or dramas they act in, means the wives will be complete strangers to their acting career, and they return home they will be nothing to do with the actors they was outside the house. i think Wooks want someone who knows what he is acting and experiencing in his "path of an actor" and understanding that the kisses and skinship done is not thru the heart of JiChangWook, but just as Kim Je-ha in K2, or No Ji-Wook in Suspicious Partner. so vice versa, when Park mInyoung kisses YSH in remember, or 'romancing LJG in MEC, or Yeon Woojin in SevenDaysQueen. Wooks will understand. anyway, by today, give me some time to do my back read, and i will be back, i come out to clarify i am not running away, and also not because i was wounded as i mentioned before; because reading that some Ex-changminers who used to be changminers, are now skeptical and mentioned that shipping them together is delulu.... which is true, that when you read that the sunbaes at this Changmin-ship, many are not longer Changminers, either they said they are Healerites but NOT Changminers. which mean they Healerites loved Healer Seo Jung-hoo and Chae Young-shin , but not loving JiChangWook and ParkMinYoung as Changmin-couple any more. when i read this more and more, i was hurt and sad and discourage, but never weaver in believing ChangMin is true. okay, before i go. i will still drop something if there are really somehting to drop here. some pre-hiding gift for u. (next post) Korea’s new military enlistment rule for celebrities will shock you! The new amendment states that the MMA will now be directly managing the enlistment of celebrities. Those professions effected by this new amendment includes singers, actors, comedians, dancers, DJ’s, models, other broadcast personalities, and contracted trainees within entertainment agencies and athletics. Now all male celebrities who fall into one of these categories -- born between January 1, 1980 and December 31, 1999 -- are required to submit their personal information to the MMA. Entertainment agencies were notified of the new amendment so that they can prepare for the changes to come. Once the MMA calls for a celebrity’s enlistment, they must report by the assigned date and will no longer be allowed to delay their conscription (pls read actual report). which means when on-call, receive enlistment call, he will need to report, likely Suspicious Partner will be his last drama.
  14. cr. inclespirit00 cr. kangaegi i am not L's fan. but since there are so few of his pics, i as well help to post, when i found some. to all L's fans. cr. ∞ Infinite Updates ∞
  15. hard to find L's pics. cr. aylaetem_ cr. weareinspirit_love_infi cr. standbykimsohyun