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  1. somethings never really gone or dies away, once its bonded. a site that still make me cry .... however how worthy am i to be called a part of them ... i left soompi, sent exit mail, dont know why never materialized, maybe it was God's will for this. just for you, a testimony of Healerites/changmin at her peak> moru moru island blog yet that blog with all her glories, cannot compare to what some lone or few changminers did to keep that spark going til today. so you should read from page 1 of this blog, i did, when i become changminer. #changminforever God bless changmin couple. God bless changminers. God bless youngatheart. bye
  2. (comments deleted) thank the Lord for the journey . after all, life is all about, yearning to , to know and be known. to trust and be trusted. to love and be loved. God Bless everyone and thks for the journey crying and laughing along, including those who lurk and cry and laugh alone. silently reading.
  3. (reading some comments here.... sghhh...... sorry for the comments that are deleted now. )
  4. had watched thru the scene at least 3 times. just wanted to defend DH a little. lets understand the turmoil hidden behind DH's serene facade. hangin on a thread. thru out the scenes of ep9 to 10, DH was trying to savage his marriage, he did what most husband couldnt. he forgave what most unpardonable even to a religious couple. infidelity was always that final line that any one in a martial bond shouldnt ever crossed that thresdhold... esp a husband, that's always that unpardonable sin to most hot bloodied man. be mindful that DH was all forgiving, while he was showing tremondous changes towards his protection over JA, so was his ever tiredless forbearing towards wife, porriage, patting of her legs while she slept broken heart (not for him but that jerk), asking her what she wants, asking her is she home, asking her.... and answering.. gone was his mule reaction and cold indifference demeanour when she once asked and he remain mule and stoic... but here, he quietly do the house chores, slump by the laundry, then continue on to strive on... he was not living, he was just soul wandering thru day in day out... now its worst, when he was forced into this political fighting which he very much want not to be involved, but head on because it will made his family proud, (uh.. his mother's funeral so depend on it...... wang2 was dead Wrong! His so called hatred for JY wasnt that solid enough to make him buried himself into the polictical fights. to cut short, his situation was much worst than when he was merely breathing air at ep1... now its tortuous; but thank God there is this girl that oft time he can breathe a little while stand beside her at the train,... short sweet moment of relief, he didnt ask for more than that... i guess he bluff himself that he wont be asking for more. then, there are also moment that he will treasure ... yes, those walking night strolling... wasnt he once someone that was so self righteous that he will not allowed himself to be found in states of courting rumours... and there he goes , nights after nights, walking back together.. did he not also drink with her... oh, how dare he brought her to his buddy's eatery... will his buddy-chef think other wise? SHALT not mentioned the very 'extra-non-platonic" thing that he did for her, carry harmoni down the stair to watch moon, fetched harmoni to Nursing Home, with every ep, even while i do not often engaging with chatting with everyone, i am very solid believed that he has stirred affectionately for her. but now he started to fight against his raw feels, he started to resist wanting to eat with her, obediently played his role as he sensed she tried to redeem by going to his brother's company and his mom's place for dinner... he tried to relax strike a simple convo in the car... he tried and tried and tried.. then... knew of his colleague's new found likeing for JA, ok, he played his card by asking her to join them, acting 'normal' and 'indifference'...... then, he broke down again... he went to his buddy's eatery... it was then, he faced back his Dark inner struggles which he suppressed, surfaced again his hidden hurts that he never forgive, the imaginery images of what transpired between the adultress n her lover... brought to mind, what his friend said about what a man truly felt about facing their adultress-wife.. that its just a matter of time that you snap and throw in the towel to your marriage. his friend said finally he signed his paper... he was at his most vulnerable state, when he was crumbling down his defensive wall that he actually thought he was strong in upholding the fail marriage.. its seems he started to waver... then, DH glanced towards the doorway, which means after all, he desires her to pop up again, just like that day, at his weakest moment that he barely hanging on... just lets drink, and just let him tell her :let's be happy. but she was no show. then out of no where, she appeared beside him after the no show... what did she just mindlessly said? he was not prepared to face his inner desires for her, to ready to address his building up feelings for her... oh he was stunned that she was much in conflicted over him, whereforth come all this sudden outburst of this girl that he has grew to be so fond of, the sole quiet suports that he so accustomed to defend on.... she liked him was the last time he ever expected, to know he gave her such pains and dilemmas was dumbfounding to him. that look on DH's face with his ajar opened mouth, that stupefied face, that unblinking gaze... then he tried to escape by pushing her away again... ok, yes, go home... you should not be wandering around late night... rather than scolding her crazy, to him the whole thing is CRAZY! his self defense barrier immediatley walled up. hit her? and then what? how dare she stirred up something he wanted to suppress.... what? did she just confess? no way.. .. he definitely do not know whether should he chose to feel grateful or feel absurb that the revelation of her confession of love come at such an untimely moment, when he was so vulnerable over unable to hid his distaste, and hurt over his wife infidelity any longer... and she JUST couldnt let go.!!!!.. she wants to stop everything. she want a 'Stop"? he secretly actually thought she enjoyed all these, but was she stressed and agonised by feeling for him.. .. then she also hit that impossible note. boy was he hurt that she want a stop. she dare him to help her to stop, else she will tell on her to neighorhood... his last wall of pride, was himself being the pillar of justice, the pillar of respect, the pillar of strength, the pillar of pride, among his brethrens in the village, that was when he broke his wall and lost it, when she used that to threaten him. i think i can understand why that blow, and just like whatever many so said well. it was a calculated move on JA's part. it was her most brave sacrifice for DH. its definitely not the kind of love confession that she desire to offer and expecting a much desired returns. in fact what she calculated was a most painful backfire. and so did she received what she expected and not deserved. my poor JA and her DH. i dont know whether the writer will succumb to pressure and truly write these 2 be subtly seperately. but i truly believed, when both went such selfless extra miles to do something so great for each other, again and again, even without the other's knowledge. DH gotten beaten up and exposed his feelings to GI, and JA fake her own demand for a breaking up when they have NOT even truly started anything concrete yet. its break her to her core, what broken Thur's act made her, we shall see how wasted she shalt become on next Wed,... again, she will not allow DH to witness how much she agonised over him, by letting him go. telling him she want him out of her life, she has 'enough'. forcing herself to tell him that ws utterly cruelty towards herself. selfless love. is when, the great selfless things you did for him, you never expect him to ever know, what's worst, he will never get to know how devastating you forced yourself to say cruel things to him, and allowed him to go thru self guilt on his own, to heal on his own. you just cannot be there to comfort him for his own good. because you felt that, he has chosen his wife. you submissively, surrender to that, whatever he wish. lets be no harsh to DH. DH next ep will show you how hellish he descend in self guilt, that he allowed himself to do that to her, that he did the most despicable thing of hitting a woman. whatever he deems himself proud of, that he is better than others. he was proud that he will not be like unto the scum of YJ, but in spirit, he did desires JA. (lets be honest). he was proud that he wasnt like GI, and boldy say dont let anyone strike JA, he will bring a village of a hundred abled men to her defense. Now he descend to such. he hated politic, and now he was used as the front line warrior, he the poster boy of righteousness, was now the main Banner bearer of the war at the workplace. everything he hated, he slowly become. so try to understand the crumbling world around him..... and see, as he hit JA, he hit himself harder ............... (personal note: i used to cry buckets for all kind of dramas, but this, this drama is weird. every ep, scene after scene, i felt suffocated, felt my tears just welled up but never found itself able to break thru and out. and flow backward, struck inside me, cant breathe, cant cry, cant feel. this show just tied up all my tension every week. felt so handicap week after week. so i seldom write anything, since everyone wrote so profoundly, and expressed to minute details what ever i felt. dad asked me a question, will these 2 be together, he strongly disagreed that a couple should divorce. i dont know what to feel, what's the end be like. but one thing i know, the way JA loves, moved me to my core, shakened me . i said they deserved each other. whatever endings so be it.)
  5. to those new to this site. @SeGafanlady welcome back, i remembered you from other dramas b4.. in case you need recap. my Streaming completely dead this week. has to depend on @V drama milk. try this Drama Milk
  6. i am always giving troubles to soompi or mods by my blunt comments. so i kept clear of comments this round, since again, writings are staying on ambiguity, and only those with 'blind faith' like this silly me, still hoping against hopes that they can be together. then, i told myself, stop hoping.... just follow the flow of the moments. as long as DH expressed his feeling as ardent as JA's , i am pretty much contented. i dont count the cost. i just pay. this will be how i take thsi drama. else i will die of suffocating between DH's heavy breathing and JA's running.... suffocated of wants and not been fulfilled. i am a christian, by right i shouldnt want DH to divorce, yes... but by 'wrong', i did hope they found each other at the end of tunnel, give me a silver linning, let me enjoy the hopes, after all sweet moments of hopes are what we lives for while watching melo dramas isnt it? oh let me suffer punishment for all i care, i just want him to find solace in each other.. and let her be really a part of that family, earn her 2 brothers too. btw, we are all correct. the Monk was JH's lover. for once, i want him to gotten some bruises and make JA heart ached and tears in his sight over those bruises, those stained of blood at his collar...
  7. this is from V and O from Drama Milk. in case of those who do not know that site. allow me to quote the crucial moments in the show. JA's running after DH's scene "They talk about how DH is too shy, but they like his saddness. Jung-hee talks about Bridget Jones’s Diary and Darcy. She says that is a cool guy and DH looks like that guy in the movie. They laugh about that and JA is listening to all of this. KH says that he will pay for all of the drinks. DH says that he is leaving so they all tell him goodbye. JA hops up and starts running to catch him. She lives really close, she passes Jung-hee’s place and keeps running. DH is breathing hard again. JA catches him and walks behind him. She pulls up her hoody. DH checks his phone and calls someone, his wife. She picks up and he asks her where she is. He called her. She wants to know why he called her. He says just because. He asks if she needs anything but he says it is fine, just come home. She hangs up. DH keeps walking and we keep hearing him breathing. He walks all the way to his apartment building and JA followed him all the way there. She watches him go inside and she still hears him breathing." (JA to me, at this moment, i dont think she count the measures, the outcome, whether she gets any returns, for someone like herself, who's once a truly 'calculative perosn who only work for money", yet knowing the DH she knew may never ever betrayed his wife, yet she doesnt once stop running after him, yet keeping that safe distance away, not to allow him to know she ran behind him... not to give him that burdens.) ******************* "DH goes to GI’s office. He goes inside the building and looks around for it. While looking, he thinks about all JA’s bruises and when she passed out. Then he thinks about when she slapped his team member because he talked bad about him. And when she told him, fighting. He fins the loan shark place and asks for Gyang-il. They ask who he is. He says he is Park Dong-hoon, who is Gyang-il. You? They walk outside to the stairway. DH – how much does she owe? GI – you want to pay it DH – yes GI – your life is smooth, just leave, you know that what kid of person she is DH – how much does she owe? When I hear her story, it makes me want to cry, and you? GI – yeah, I want to cry DH – I have three brothers GI – call them DH – we fight all the time until we hit 20’s, but we stopped fighting because my punch is no joke (DH is starting to curse and use banmal) GI punches DH. They fight, DH yells at him, why do you punch a little girl! GI hits him to the ground and tells him it is because she killed my father! She killed my father! JA was running to catch them, but when she heard this, she stops cold. DH also stops. GI leaves. DH – I will kill whoever hits my family. I would kill everyone! He runs back inside and pushes Gi, they start fighting precariously over the ledge again. They exchange punches and kicks. JA listens to this and is slowly starting to walk, but she is also crying and can’t really more. She crumbles to the ground and starts crying as she listens to them fighting. This is a big sob from her, the biggest in the show so far. It’s like she is letting it all out. Teh camera stays on her as she cries on the side of the road." cr. Drama Milk, from "V" and "O". JA to him is like unto a family .
  8. even thought DH heard JA killed the thug';s dad. yet DH rose up and fight thug again.. . again. the show spoke the loudest in scenes, witout dialogues.... thru the ear phone, she heard his voices scolding Thug, and the shouts of pains when thug hit him... the gasping for air.. the fightings sounds JA broke down finally after 9 ep of suppressing herself and stay solid.. she couldnt hold herself in, that someone as undeserving as herself, why i said taht, when Thug mentioned that she killed his dad, she stopped running on the spot and back tracked... as if that was finally something that she was ashamed of... something that she will not desire him to know... that even if he knew anythiing so vile of her.. that part of her, she dread him knowing.. yet he raise above his own judgemental self, and fought for her. (now i worried, what will he felt if he knew of her initial alliance with JY? this might be the very next thing she will live in fear that he found out). i loved how, JA was touched of the depth DH goes for her, someone that maintain his distance for fear of rumours, someone as self conscious as himself. someone who measured himself by his righteous yardstick more strict than anyone besides... yet this one person, just like herself dumping everything to run after him... he dump his good judgements, did that impulsive act, and confront that thug, for her. to me, again , this ep, has enough scenes, or moments to convince me, they are real about each other.
  9. JA eavedropped that DH found someone that know a little about her background... as the old man told DH her tale.. JA was listening .... loved this, at least JA knew DH does cared. and we all know AGAIN. DH does cares. DH went to clear JA debts.
  10. something is interesting here. JA mentioned before her strength was running... that's exactly what stand out before DH. what others may let that pass, but DH saw that as patient. he told JA, he actually think that is 'patient"... JA owned up that she felt being herself, her true Self when she runs... tonight we found JA always in her most impulsive moments, when she just throw in all, to run after him without reservation... i loved that. whether they may or may not have a happy ending... whether is it moralty right to engaged in a relationship when his marriage is as good as dead. whether who is more right or who is more wrong, or who deserve who and who does not deserve who... whether will Script writer succumb to pressure to writer romances off the script, or PD will melo and down play romance... whetehr one can see chemistry between them, as some cannot see chemistry at all.. whether one wish the marriage be savaged in the end... whether... all the "whether"s are never ending with this.. but one thing i am sure, and am glad, that JA truly loved DH a great deal... never has i see chemistry written so subtly, yet demostrated , portrayed so raw, without the needs of dialogues, when a OTP can show the depth of how much they care for each other, weeks after weeks, one suppressed himself, the other without reservation expressed herself... one thru heavy breathing, the other drop everything and run after him... then always, its always she will halt herself, just mins before reaching him, satisfied to see him safe, witout even the desires to let him know, how many times she ran after him, worried for his safety, or worries for how hurt he felt... tonight hoping maybe, maybe he might be trying to reach her again... just by watching how JA fall desperately, hopelessly, helplessly, unreservingly, in... i think i dont care the end of that tunnel. i just want to enjoy the bitter sweet moments, as she enjoy falling for him... or running after him, watchng his blind sides. loving her ways, cant help loving JA more and more. i dont know how to write so profoundly as everyone does, weeks after weeks i awed at all posts here, deciphering every single details... i only know one thing... i am sure they loved each other. and that is enough for me to walk till the end, ... no knowing the ends. TO JA , AND DH. JUST ENJOY THAT MOMENT. add on... j ust continuing running, one day you will reach him. just one day will do... isnt this what every woman, or at least some woman want.. even if one moment. you run, and reach him, he stop and let you reach him.. oh, my JA finally cried tonight. that tear only for one person.
  11. dramabeans' LollyPip's recaps Comment. COMMENTS Ugh, Joon-young is such a weasel. He’s so determined to destroy Dong-hoon, not just because he’s a professional threat, but over a woman. I appreciate that for once, the antagonist doesn’t have convoluted reasons for disliking the hero, just hating him because he hates him, but he’s just so disgustingly unrepentant about it. And now, not only is he offering to pay her enough money to get her out of debt, but he’s asking her to do the one thing she really wants to do — spend time with Dong-hoon. It would be hard for a young woman to resist a kind, attractive man under most circumstances, but Dong-hoon’s friendship means so much to Ji-an that she probably doesn’t know what she feels. It will be interesting to see if she’s willing to let go of him in order to keep his life from being destroyed, or if she’ll give in to her own feelings. This show is brilliant at making small moments between Ji-an and Dong-hoon so monumentally important, when to anyone else, it wouldn’t even register as unusual. I could think of a thousand examples, but the one that really got to me was when Ji-an called out “fighting” to Dong-hoon. For one thing, she probably hasn’t been able to lift her head up from her own problems to think about encouraging someone else in years, so to offer him her support that way was a huge step towards making a connection with someone else. She’s purposely kept her world very tiny, just her grandmother and her friend (and unwillingly, Kwang-il), not only because maintaining relationships takes energy she just doesn’t have, but because caring about someone else opens her up to being hurt. And as for Dong-hoon, he probably hasn’t had anyone genuinely encourage him for even longer, at least not without their own agenda. Yoon-hee encourages him to quit and start his own business, but she’s doing it because she wants him out of the company so she can divorce him to be with her lover. His mother encourages him to be successful in his career, but it comes from a place of her own personal pride, wanting at least one of her sons to succeed so she doesn’t feel like a failure as a mother. Even his brothers mainly encourage Dong-hoon because when Mom dies, someone will have to pay for her funeral and help support them the way Mom does. Ji-an’s “fighting!” is probably the first time anyone has given him support just because he needs it, and not because they want something from him. He didn’t say anything in that moment, but you could tell how incredibly moved he was, especially knowing what that one small word likely cost Ji-an. I really loved Jung-hee’s theory about why Ji-an keeps being reincarnated instead of going to her soul’s home. It makes sense that the hate in Ji-an’s heart is cosmically holding her back, because it’s certainly holding her stuck in one place here on Earth. You have to let go of negativity to move forward in anything, so until Ji-an learns to do that, she’ll just keep being reincarnated to live crappy lives. But Dong-hoon has also said that he feels like he shouldn’t have been norm, and maybe that’s his own soul telling him that he should be moving on, but isn’t because he’s holding onto hate. He’s a good person, but I believe that he’s bottling up a lot of negative emotions instead of dealing with them. This is getting pretty existential, but I have my own theory about Dong-hoon and Ji-an and what it means to be a good person. I believe that you can be a person who does bad things but still has a good soul, and that you can also be a person who does good things but has a dark soul. I think that Ji-an is the former, and Dong-hoon the latter. Ji-an lies and steals, and has even killed to ensure her survival and the survival of those she loves. But she does them for the right reasons, which is what makes her a good person. And Dong-hoon is the type of man who does the right things, but often for the wrong reasons. I’m not saying he’s really a bad person deep down, because clearly he’s not, only that his feeling of being misplaced may stem from the conflict between the things he does (like give in to keep the peace), and the things he really wants to do (like threaten a jerk with a hammer). Being around Ji-an and learning that being “good” isn’t just about how you act, could free Dong-hoon from whatever is tying him down." cr. LollyPip from Dramabeans.
  12. @nearsea you added a crucial good point. coz most of the time we always judged either on the side of the victim, or the adulterer (whether has reasonable back stories), judged according to statement of the wife or husband... and we seldom see a broken dead marraige hanging on a thread, by the eyes of the child. oft time we always think the Child will want only one thing, for mom/dad to savage the marriage 'At All Costs'. its truly unique that you mentioned, maybe after all, the child (if the child is old and mature enough) , and preferred not to be the sole reason that tied the father to the mom who's heart already left him. then, i remember back at Granny's birthday, 'son' Ji-seok, thru the skype was comforting SH, telling him not to give up finding a good woman, not knowing that his 'ex-auntie' was listening nearby... and when discovered that he leaked that he may have hurt Aunt Aeryun's feelings, he was fast to apologised. which means one thing, although the boy seems young, he has understanding of relationship between adults and was ready to even comfort seniors over in mature manner, and speedy enough to know what to do when throw into a tight spot. i guess he belongs to the kind of Child that you mentioned, who will not want to be the reason that his parents hid behold him as the reason to hold on to a dead marriage. i was actually hoping that YH should have sacrifice her own covetuous needs for the sake for her own son. Now come to rethink the situation, maybe you are right. Esp kids that are older and mature, will preferred that his own parents seek their own true happinesss, if they do not love each other any more , or have never ever loved each other in the first place. just my hunch, maybe DH has never truly loved YH, but married her out of some other reason. maybe it is not true love that bind the marriage in the first place, as it might be just YH's unreciprocated love towards DH. maybe? esp when YH confronted DH about still hanging on to his mom/brothers, while his actual 'Real' family are the Three of Them only. Ji Seok might be the only crucial One that finally persuaded dad to move on from the present bondage that suffocated him and choked the life from mom. if Ji Seok himself also 'release' mom, and without grudges give his blessing. i guess this untied the final invisible thread that untangled the 2 hearts that were never meant for each other.
  13. Sorry sorry. I have been to Thailand for her Sun and beaches and shopping. So its rather easy for me to think sexy Noona JungHee was there for spiritual cleansing. Haha. U may be right too. She may want to understand what's behind his spiritual changes or may want some realisation herself.
  14. justamom, haha, i saw u at drama milk. back to topic, me too, in the beginning i thought Jung hee has liking for DH. now its seems possible that the one person JH waiting to come back to find him in the room, is that Monk, DH mentioned that Monk left after graduted with a degree, sorta shakened up the neighborhood. was he the reason why she left for Thailand to escape the pain? whosoever he was, this person seems to be 'living' together with JHee for a while.. thats why she can be 'dreaming' of on the light and hope to finally found 'him' there. i vote for JH's mystery man as Monk.
  15. other's words are always miles betters mine. esp when its dramabeans. here's another believer (at least she sounds a believer): Dramabeans' LollyPip: "I’m so glad that Dong-hoon is finally speaking up and confronting Joon-young about his affair with Yoon-hee. Dong-hoon really is a nice man, truly a good person, but being a good person doesn’t mean that things don’t bother you. Bottling up his negative emotions just leads to the depression and feelings of futility that Dong-hoon has been experiencing lately, and probably for a very long time. But now he’s learning from Ji-an that you can be someone who stands up for themselves, who speaks out against those who are taking advantage of him, and still be a good person. I really thought that Dong-hoon would keep his knowledge of Joon-young’s affair with his wife to himself for a while, but I like that he went to Joon-young about it right away. It changes everything, because now Joon-young can’t continue with his plans to get rid of Dong-hoon without potentially bringing a world of hurt down on himself. It also affects Ji-an’s plans to get paid to help Joon-young get rid of Dong-hoon, which is why I think she was initially upset listening to their conversation at the campsite. She needs that payout to get Kwang-il off her back, and now it’s anyone’s guess whether she’ll keep feeding information to Joon-young to earn the money to pay off her debt. Dong-hoon’s confronting Joon-young may have been good for him, but it carries unexpected consequences for the young woman he’s getting to know, and I really have no idea what will happen when Dong-hoon learns that Ji-an has been recording him for Joon-young’s benefit. On a lighter note, I was initially annoyed by Yu-ra and her unrelentingly cheerful harping on Ki-hoon’s failure. But after her explanation that his failure made her like him because it made her feel better about herself, I think she’s a lot more insightful than she initially appeared. Many people say that you fall in love with the person who makes you feel like the best version of yourself, and if that’s true, then it makes total sense that Yu-ra would fall for the man who made her realize that she can still be happy even if she isn’t traditionally successful. Hopefully she’ll teach him the same thing, so he can stop being miserable that his life didn’t turn out like he wanted and start to enjoy the live he has now. I thought that Ji-an’s change towards Dong-hoon after their heart-to-heart talk was interesting. She’s the one who said she wishes her secret could be broadcast so that everyone would know and she could stop being scared they’d find out, yet now that she and Dong-hoon know a bit more about each other, she’s prickly with him for being nicer to her. Yet at the same time, she’s volunteering information about herself and opening up to him, even though it’s backfired on her whenever she’s tried it with other people. I’m so impressed with her resilience and her willingness to keep trying to make a connection with someone, even though on the outside she still seems resistant. And it’s so beautiful to see Ji-an opening up to Dong-hoon, even though it’s all internal at this point. You can see it in her body language, and the way she looks at him and speaks to him. She no longer has that defiant glint in her eye, and when she asks that he buy her dinner, instead of sounding like an order, it’s a request, and she even seems a bit ashamed to be asking. I think that he’s earning her respect as she secretly listens in on his life, something I bet that Ji-an hasn’t given to anyone in quite a long time. I’m curious to see which side she’ll choose, once she’s forced to make a choice between Joon-young’s money or Dong-hoon’s friendship." cr. Dramabeans those unblinking bold honest 'platonic' gazes. looking back to DH drinking, or say drowning himself mostly with his boys at jung hee there... images blurred at times while he was wasted away in some of the drinking sessions, he was totally lost into his world. But that above pics, you find JA and himself, no breaking the gaze even, they seriously damned holding that gaze for overly long isnt it, for a guy too careful to make mistakes like DH? i learnt something from these 2. some tensions can really be comfortable, and addictive to behold, and you almost felt as if intruding into their space, peeping at them, eavedropping, side glancing,... i thought i thorought understood why LSK was cast, one crucial reason, is his deep melo unique voice, then i guess, even without talking, he spoke. and she heard it, addicted to the 'silence' when, he spoke the clearest, when he spoke not. yes, i meant; how well the PD uses voices and the lack of it to speak to us. Dialogues, and not a single words-dialogues. PD and Writernim can only lead that much, but kudos to IU and LSK for the performances that brought 'some' dialogue-less interractions to another level. ah yes, breathing. heavy breathing for one while the other almost breath-holding... and me, felt so breathless, watching the breathtaking bonding. like jeijei said, LOL> " While the attraction is palpable, no one's acting on it". that's fine story telling.