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  1. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    @angelangie yes, their fist bump are so iconic in whole drama, just like her "i will rearranged (re-construct) your head" gestures... is so iconic too. why i liked this couple, is also because they started off not as a "i fall in love with you at first sight" kind of "First-Sight-love", or Kid-couple, that fall in love since childhood/teen and try to find each other until they grow up into adults and then discovered each other as their 'first love'. the character of Ideum is unorthodox, the Couple's fallin in love itself also unorthodox, the female 'chase after' the male is unorthodox, the OTP scenes and moments also unorthodox, even the kisses also unorthodox... the "i love you" confession also unorthodox-ly missing even from a ending scene, OTP ending skinship scene is unorthodox-ly not romantic... you dont even show a traditional hot kiss scenes between them... so unorthodox for a KBS drama, which are very good in OTP skinship moments. while we cannot say this is legal-thriller, legal thriller are those like Signal, Tunnel, TEN, Voice, Falsify... etc. this Witch's plot is not thick enough to let legal case carry the weighs, its always characters crafting, the joy of watching the Unique one of a kind Charactersitics and mannerism of Yideum and the mild-tender JW that make us stick thru thick and thin. so the WC cannot throw away romance and hid behind legal-thriller. but the unique of how Yideum and JW grow in their understanding of each other, and not just fondness is the strength too. we have both almost meet at childhood (young teen). and both did not fall in love at first sight like other Kdramas which you have OTP fall in love at first sight as child or teenagers (which is just Old-Kdrama-norms). they never met, and they finally met as "enemies" at the lift.. and Yideum is like immeidatley the antagonist character from the start... oh, haha, the anakin (Darth Vader). haha, but no, the enemies become neighborhoods, become rival at work, become colleague, become friends, become lovers... the process is thru many stages.... but what is the bond between them i guess is that friendship, that workable friendship, that while Yideum hid many legal-related evidences from JW as JW is 'orthodoxly-just" and against her unorthodox manner. she never bothered to hide her character, her feelings for him.... he sees her as what we sees her behind our laptop. which is so endearing to us, that we feel her, as she become real, amid all her flaws, we teared as she break down crying.. we swoon when JW hug her or almost hold her hands...etc. we LOL over all the "bully-ing' she did on JW... we really enjoy seeing how they become friends, bff forever kind of bff, before and thru-out the simmering fondness that slow-cooked itself all the way to finale. even the last kiss, we felt and wanted to throw a cushion at the screen at JW, "hey, you should finish what you started"...haha. then i saw that finale last scene, how they fist-bump at the last scene interrogation, i just delulu-ly imagine that they did "finish what he started" or what "she started more than 3 months ago while drunk"... at any scenes of beer drinking.. haha. i loved a relationship that found it foundation thru friendship, or even started thru antagonism then friendship. the nerdy JW, i guess if he never met Yideum, he will never be accustom to cheeky smile and fist-bump. haahah. i want to see My "Fist-Bump-Couple" back at season 2 please, KBS2. i felt so miserable last night watching 10Pm fly pass without WC.
  2. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    this series of OST are all from June Kravic: [Witch At Court OST Part 1] Solji (솔지) EXID - Leaning On The Wind (바람에 기대) 마녀의 법정 OST Part 1: [Witch At Court OST Part 2] Kim Bo Kyung (김보경) - Tell Me (마녀의 법정 OST Part 2): [Witch at Court OST Part 3] Bada (바다) - That You Loved Me (사랑했다고) 마녀의 법정 OST Part 3: [Witch at Court OST Part 4] Park Yong-in (Urban Zakapa) - 마음이 될까 (마녀의 법정 OST Part 4): MV] So Chan Whee (소찬휘) - Born To Be Free (마녀의 법정 OST Part 5) Witch at Court OST Part 5: [MV] Yoon Hyun Min (윤현민) - That You Loved Me (사랑했다고) Witch at Court OST Part 6 (마녀의 법정 OST Part 6): all from: June Kravic
  3. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    i have edited the list of all the OST of witch's court by JRUOST. added Hyun min's "That You Loved Me "(사랑했다고). i wandered whether are the lyrics diff from Bada's version? here's a list of all the OST. cr. JRUOST
  4. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    MaGeomsanim, tonight am feeling empty. i watched the clock turned to local timing 9pm (which is the Kor timing of 10pm... i missed guessing what will you do tonight... .) i watched again, now its kor timing 11pm, oh, last week this timing, ep15 just ended...... i missed, missing you. you just got to watch that last scene of ep16's kiss with Hyun-min's voice serenade you... you totally felt JW's hidden hearts as transparent as could be. the rest of the ranting i will 'spoilt' it in the spoiler.
  5. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    htt https://twitter.com/yhm_jpgif/status/936099593552408578 ps://twitter.com/yhm_jpgif/status/93609959355240857
  6. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    @monalisa this is one of the opened unexplained question that normally drama will chose to let it hanging when they are left with too many to explain but too little timing left... so KJS likely will be sentenced to a few years only. since Kwak didnt died, the sentence will be ligher even. ep15: MD: "you understand what it means… if you take on this case, right? if I were YeoGeom, I couldn’t take the case. How could i? (looked away). I’d be sending my mom to jail." i guess she will be jailed on a lighter sentence. mom's own words> KJS: "yes. I am sorry. I know how you felt when you called me. I’m sorry for making it so hard for you. And I am prepared to be punished. But, jin wook-ah, if I testify in court, everyone will find out that you are the son of the psychiatrist Ko Jae sook, then you will become a prosecutor with a criminal mom. is that okay?" on top of that, according to how past Kdrama will write such cases, when Mom released from Prison, her occupational Licenses should be removed upon verdict. even Nurse Choi actually should be trialed for a milder case of 'abduction' with the minmum charged.
  7. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    @triplem (reply you later. haha,. finally , Dramabeans has the EP16 out, i have been stalking and haunting their site for days.) http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/12/witchs-court-episode-16-final/ Witch’s Court: Episode 16 (Final) by Sunny We’ve reached the end of the road, and what a long road it’s been. Witch’s Court certainly had its flaws, but Ma Yi-deum will forever hold a special place in my heart. We have one more bad guy for her to put away so without further ado, let’s watch the witch work her magic one last time. COMMENTS Oh, what this drama could’ve been… I’ll admit that the ending was fitting, but that’s not exactly praise when you consider that the drama really tumbled downhill to the point where my expectations were pretty low, here at the end. The show did manage to tie up what it deemed to be it’s important loose ends with the return of Mom (and her memory), Jo Gap-soo crazy and on death row, and the last five minutes of cuteness that promise a future for the romance of Yi-deum and Jin-wook. I actually found myself giggling more in those dwindling moments than I have the entire drama… but that may be partially attributed to hysteria. Who’s to say? I feel like I’ve complained nearly all drama about the mess that is Jo Gap-soo, but kindly indulge me one last time. I hate that his character was so weakly written that I could never understand his motives apart from being eeeeeeevil. His lack of cunning was never more obvious than when he kidnapped Mom (again) in a final power play for… what? I won’t ask why he needed that journal when there were two, but I do question what possessed him to even grasp at it as his final straw. He was already royally screwed and I was surprised that he wasn’t immediately ousted from his position after Sang-ho’s dirty deeds book was exposed, since I feel like the scandal would be enough to jeopardize his political favor. So why did he think he could blackmail his way out of it? He had to know the evidence was stacked against him. Not to mention that all the people Sang-ho had gathered dirt on were already coated in mud. The smart option in that scenario would be to get out of the country. Instead, he goes up on a mountain to talk to his dead friend before attempting suicide. I’d say it was out of character, but he didn’t really have a discernable character to speak of. As for the other characters, most of them were wasted. Lawyer Min was underutilized, my hopes for Lawyer Heo died out halfway through when we had no development with her. They completely skimmed over Dr. Ko’s conflict with Yi-deum at the end so I suppose she was forgiven. At the very least, her testimony will allow her to reconcile with her son. Mom was more compelling and while I feel like her sudden recovery was a tad fantastical, I’ll give it a pass because it was good to see her and Yi-deum happy for once—they certainly earned it. Jin-wook pulled out his cute side in this final stretch but I wish we could’ve seen more of it. All in all, aside from Yi-deum (who I adore wholeheartedly), the most interesting character was Sang-ho… and they killed him off halfway through! There is no question that this show was carried on Yi-deum’s shoulders because without her, there would be no point in watching. I won’t linger on her praises—we’d be here all day and Helcat already expressed it better than I could in the last recap. Lastly, I’d like to give an honorable mention to Yi-deum’s old sunbae Hoon-soo because I did find him amusing every time he was on the screen. I don’t mind the way they wrapped up the romance because with the way it’s been handled over the course of the drama, I don’t think there was any other way. Sweeping confessions and passionate kisses just feel out of place after shoving the romance aside for so long. I do like Jin-wook and Yi-deum together but I also admit the chemistry that sizzled in the beginning has settled into something closer to badass partners than lovers. Regardless, I wish them all the best as they venture forward. while many has praised Jung RW's acting... (which i am 101% agreed). but not many praises YoonHyunMin's acting.. to me, his skill was getting better and better since the knowledge of his mom's been involved... and he Aces at Ep 15, with redened eyes, he stared silently, as he waited for Ideum to slowly explained and sort out her feelings, to bring herself out to ask him, in her own timing... he let her slowly 'decided' to 'pressurized' him, because the Ideum he knew so well, will just do that, and the JW that she trusted so honestly (she knew) will take up the case... yet she must asked, she must apologized, and he will let he apologized and let it out of her head, that level of stress that is killing her inside... feeling guilt over doing this to him... in spoiler, the moments, of silent as he gazed at her asking him the Most cruel demand in her life,.. if this happened before 3 months ago, before she realised that she has humanity, that inside her there is goodness. if this demand happened 3 months ago, when she think herself is a perfect witch... She will has no problem thinking she will has no qualm to lure, to tempt, to demand, to poke him into accepting this, yet without guilt... but now, feeling sorry for him., ... he felt her. i felt him. i felt his "i Know."... that simple 2 words.... is just as good as "i Love You'. his confession of how much he loved her, in his "JinWook's style". the best scene of ep 16 of YHM in spoiler, i guess everyone should have no problem guessing which is my fav.
  8. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/12/team-dramabeans-what-were-watching-80/ Team Dramabeans: What we’re watching javabeans: Witch’s Court: Okay, so this ending was totally anticlimactic, right? I can understand why it was a gradual takedown of the Big Bad, and how our good prosecutors started by taking away all of his allies, but by the time we got the rapist-killer in the hot seat in court, I was wondering why we were still hashing out the same old plot. Then he got his guilty verdict and death sentence and got shipped off to prison in the span of about five TV minutes, and all of a sudden our serious courtroom melodrama turned into a cheeky workplace drama with fifteen minutes in which to push as much product as possible. Why are so many K-drama finales so clunky? tineybeanie: Witch’s Court: The ending was cute. Loved those last playful interactions between Yi-deum and Jin-wook in the happily-ever-after end. That dynamic between her and Jin-wook was too hot for fire and cuter than puppies! (Now, I’m imagining fire-breathing dragon-puppies…) Overall, the drama wasn’t super innovative nor was it edge-of-my-seat captivating, but thoroughly enjoyable throughout the entire journey because of its unapologetic main character, Ma Yi-deum. There really needs to be more of her, both in dramaland and IRL. Regarding the other characters, Jo Gap-soo was a typical villain, and I would have liked a little bit more nuance in his arc, but I loved the powerful female-centric storytelling of the plot which almost made up for the banality of the cases themselves. Prosecutor Min was such an awesome mentor, who still showed degrees of remorse when her own decisions led to tragedy (e.g. separation of Yi-deum and her mother). wakimary: Witch's Court - thanks to Jung Ryeo won and Yoon Hyun min this drama didn't end up in my "Dropped" dramas list. outofthisworld: Witch Court I stopped watching this a few eps ago because too many things bothered and bored me. So I thought I'd just jumped to the last two eps because I don't think I'd miss very much in between. I didn't go very far because when the patrons of Kingdom took the HIV test, I rolled my eyes further than Ma Yi Deum and hit stop.
  9. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    http://mn.kbs.co.kr/news/view.do?ncd=3576922 Book of Witches KBS <The Court of Witches>, which dealt with South Korea's depraved modern-day criminal 'sex offense' in front, Before the broadcast's inspiration comes to a close, we begin book sales of the bookstore which can thoroughly recycle <Witch's court>. There were many investigative dramas that covered serial killers, terrorists, and psychopath crimes, but there was no drama about 'sexual crimes' in Korea. In fact, sexual crimes have been tortured in our society, despite the extreme crime that occurs very frequently near our lives. In this environment, we met a very meaningful drama in the fall of 2017. The drama, which is about the prosecution's not-yet-existing department of virtual women's crime department, deals with sex trafficking in minors, sexual violence in the workplace, and sexual torture by public authorities. The drama is about sex crimes that have been taboo for the past, but it has given many suggestions to the Republic of Korea today, which can not be said to be 'safe' by filling the stimulating and dark stories with authenticity and warm humanity. In particular, <The Witch's Court> is not only a hot show of the audience after the drama broadcast, but also an unprecedented drama that is followed by a petition that wants to own the book, Myung Dae-sa,<Witch's Court> The writer's edition of the playbook has begun to be sold on the 28th, the end of the drama. If you buy one or two books during the book sales period, you will receive a postcard with a high-quality hardcover printed drama poster. <Witch's Court> Written edition can be purchased at online booksellers such as Kyobo Bookstore, YES24, and Aladdin. (google translate)
  10. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2017113019215530070 "Witch's Court" Yoon Hyun-min "Thank you all for watching me" On the 29th, actress Yoon Hyun Min reported her testimony of "Witch's Court" through her instagram. / Photo = Yoon Hyunmin Instagram Gram Capture 'Witch's Court' actor Yoon Hyun Min said his testimony. On the 29th, Yoon Hyun-min explains through his instagram that "Thank you all who watched the court of witches. The best script was made by 70 staffs and actors to the best of their ability. " "I will not forget that you have given me a lot of attention and love," he said. A few days later, the ost music source is also coming, so please listen ^ ^ So I'm going to go, "he added. The KBS 2TV monthly drama 'The Witch's Court' attracted viewers' sympathy and sympathy with the uncomfortable subject of the sex offense of women and children, and was well received as a Korean-style courtroom investigation. (CR. google translate) its hard to let go, so i am still here.
  11. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    @heartoppaya this is totally off-topic,not related to WC. but i am glad a Legend (yourself) is watching WC silently... so i will keep in spoiler, you said. " In real life, Yi Deum would be an assy bff to have; savage, utterly hopeless when a victim, emotion-less and literally the bad girl in any story. But as a character, she has captured my heart like no other drama heroine may ever have. Yes, some of the cases in the drama was bull, I won't say otherwise. But I stayed for Yi Deum, the most adorable OTP and Mom. And that worked. Because I fell in love with the OTP, with their individual characters and personality and with the OSTs, cuz what kdrama doesn't have a wonderful OST? " so right. at any given time, any other drama, if you see such a character, its so easy to write off this character as villain, so easy to 'love to hate' these character. but writernim aces the character plotting by giving her a very complex back-story. which then make me rethink, how easy do we oft time just conveniently group characters into black and white two sections. so much so that even mid-show, you stil can find fans unable to accept Yideum's 'flaws not a few' character. yet, when you watch how Jung RyeoWon portrayed her and how writernim wrote her, you felt real. you felt , maybe if you slip into her shoes, you just may exactly do what she did. she immediately do not become a norm drama character. she become just like anyone around you and me. she felt 'Real', she's a person who's true and honest to how she felt and shown it all on her face, esp when she is before someone she likes, she will not even bothered to pretend or be coy. i guess this was what make her stand out diff and appear 'cute' in JW's eyes. she don't just amused JW, but some times amazed JW, so much so that he actually do not mind her been a superior above him, and do not felt the usual male chauvinism's inferiority towards her. Which means JW's character himself stands out so well, that between them, there's not need to draw the line, who must be the stronger and who's the weaker, n the gender issues does not stumbled them regarding this issues. this is how much the humble JW admired her. so much potential and so little screen focus on the OTP, like yourself, i also think, what's a waste! thru Yideum, i told myself, from now on, allow me be slower to judge any greyish tone characters, be it in drama or real life. just like JW, not many of us are like JW, from the beginning, he does not judge and he tried to understand even from their first official encounter. that maybe afterall, behind every so called 'richard simmons-witchy' characters, there are some sad stories, and some heart that needs healing, and someone that revealed that inside them, they were just a normal, hardworking and happy and innocent "YiDeum-Ma"? you said: But as a character, she has captured my heart like no other drama heroine may ever have. yes, she may not be the only female character that won my heart, but she is truly one of the Most Unique & touching female character i have ever watched. If ever KBS2 produced a season 2, she must really bring back JRW to act Yiduem, and YHM to be YeoGeom.
  12. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    https://www.soompi.com/2017/11/30/cast-witchs-court-share-thoughts-drama-wraps/ Cast Of “Witch’s Court” Share Their Thoughts After Drama Wraps Up C. Hong The cast of “Witch’s Court” have bid farewell to their beloved drama! The Monday-Tuesday drama wrapped up earlier this week on a ratings high, taking the No. 1 position in its time slot despite competition from new dramas. Through his agency JS Pictures, Yoon Hyun Min said, “I had many happy times living as Yeo Jin Wook [his character name]. It was a difficult production where every episode was like climbing a mountain, but I think that I have matured as both a person living in this age and as an actor. Thanks to everyone who showed ‘Witch’s Court’ love, I was able to overcome these difficult missions. It was really a magical production for me, and it’s hard to let go of a character like Jin Wook after so long.” Through her agency KeyEast, Jung Ryeo Won said, “‘Witch’s Court’ is finally over. I hope that I can see you again with good news. Thank you to everyone for cheering on the character Ma Yi Deum in her growth.” Through her agency Fly Up Entertainment, Kim Min Seo said, “I think that meeting a character like Heo Yoon Kyung was an opportunity for me to grow as an actor. It was a very thankful and precious time. Because of everyone’s love, we were able to complete filming happily. From the viewers to the cast and crew who worked tirelessly day and night, I want to say thank you.” Through her agency UL Entertainment, Choi Ri said, “I was very happy this autumn to have met the production ‘Witch’s Court’ and acted as the character Seo Yu Ri. I was lacking in many things but with the help of the director, the writer, and the cast and crew, I was able to enjoy myself. Thank you for loving the occasionally tactless but cheerful prosecutor Seo Yu Ri and ‘Witch’s Court.'” cr. soompi **** edit: actually i was wishing that since the ratings is very closed to the15% viewership ratings promise for "Witch's Court", i really hope the YeoGeom and his team will gift a Food truck to the real CAGU (women/child sexual crimes) prosecutor team in korean. they are actually thinking that this promise really shown they understand the hardship of real prosecutors in courts. KBS2 pls show some gestures and let our casts go to deliver the food truck to prosecutor office.
  13. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/11/witchs-court-episode-15/ Witch’s Court: Episode 15 by Helcat COMMENTS No, Mom, no! Jo Gap-soo is a cornered rat at this point, and I’m not looking forward to what he might do out of desperation. Or insanity. Because he’d have to be insane to think that kidnapping or killing Mom right now is going to help him in any way, other than to satisfy preemptive revenge. Overall, I have found this show to be… exasperating. Not because it’s bad, but because I wanted it to be so much better than it was. In particular, I wanted it to be better for Jung Ryeo-won. Ma Yi-deum has cemented her place as my favorite K-drama heroine of this year, and I’m just sad that she was stuck in the middling drama that Witch’s Court turned out to be. Yi-deum is brash, smart (and a smart-richard simmons), determined and charismatic. But she’s also manipulative, morally grey, selfish and reckless. I adore her. I am impressed that the drama managed to create a tour de force personality like Yi-deum, and frustrated that it stumbled so hard on the rest of the drama. After a brilliant premiere and a few interesting insights into sexual assault cases, the show has settled in the doldrums for many weeks now. The focus on the bad guys drained the show of tension, and our heroes and villains are running around each other carrying out the most eye-rolling or simplistic plans. Threads have been dropped (what happened to Yi-deum’s childhood friend?) or never fully explored (why do we care about Lawyer Heo again?) and it has resulted in a very lopsided drama. On the other hand, an episode of Witch will always have something good in it too. Like the team getting back together—I didn’t think I would, but I have missed the familial and funny vignettes our team brought to the show. So it was lovely to see them get a good outing in this episode as we come to the close. Mom’s amnesia means that she didn’t just abandon Yi-deum for noble idiocy reasons—and raises the intriguing possibility that Yi-deum genuinely did see Mom in the fog that night as a teenager. I also felt moments of genuine triumph this week—like when Jin-wook, Min, and Yi-deum stood outside watching their prey Jo Gap-soo inside the interrogation room. I have also loved seeing Min and Yi-deum come to a better understanding, and place of empathy, for each other—every shared look and private strategy they came up with together shouted that these two are finally working in sync. Yi-deum and Min are the only ones who have really gone through hell and back trying to catch Jo Gap-soo—not even Jin-wook can match them for length and intensity of hatred. Which was the other great thing about this episode—Yi-deum and Jin-wook. Here are two people that shouldn’t work as well together as they do. They were so cute last week, and today their deeper connection is on display. It speaks volumes that Yi-deum was willing to let go of the reins of her mother’s investigation so quickly, simply because it was Jin-wook that they were being handed to. She trusts him fully, even knowing that Jin-wook will need to sacrifice his own mother for Mom’s justice. In that heartfelt conversation between the two, finally there was the raw emotion that I was looking for. Yi-deum understands the magnitude of Jin-wook’s task, and rather than issuing demands, or ignoring his feelings, Yi-deum honestly acknowledges how difficult this will be for him. This is not the same Yi-deum from the start of the drama, but a more thoughtful woman. I’m not sure what this means for their relationship, though, because Jin-wook didn’t go to Yi-deum for comfort after he confronts his own mother. Perhaps because he feels alone in his grief or because a small part of him blames Yi-deum for exposing his mother’s misdeeds, perhaps because he feels that it would be a betrayal of Yi-deum and her Mom to mourn his own mother after what she did. Probably for all of those reasons. But just as Jin-wook is losing his mother, Yi-deum is getting hers back. Jin-wook worshipped his mother, and she was the prominent influence on the good person he became—and he has had the tragic misfortune of seeing his idol brought low. At the same time, everything that Yi-deum has learned about her mother has proven that Mom was a great and strong person who stood up for what she believed in. It is ironic that the person Jin-wook thought his mom was (and desperately wanted her to be) is the person that Yi-deum’s mom actually was—and Yi-deum doesn’t care. Yi-deum didn’t want Mom to be good—she wanted Mom to be there, beside her, during those missing years. And Dr. Ko was a large part of the reason Mom was gone. While it’s true that Dr. Ko made a grievous mistake years ago, and is paying dearly for it now, I am hoping that her redemption arc brings Jin-wook closure (or that he finds comfort in Yi-deum’s arms!). Because I don’t think I can watch him cry like that again. (me; sorry, for randomly chose just the pics that i did best define this ep in its raw sentiments). other pics in the spoiler of OTP moments. my thoughts in another spoiler
  14. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    @andy78 thanks for always weekly walk thru the recap with me, with us. You know. Because you know Korean better. So your recaps for convo dialogues will always be more details. It does help after each session I can read what you recaps to do correction when I read thru what I read to edit many typo errors n mistake I make. @triplem your screen cap really helps recall back important scenes all in those few posts you posted. One glance at your posts can summed up the most fun part or most sad part and the more lacking swoon part of drama. Pictures speak a thousand word and convey passions to common people more, esp in kdrama. . thanks to the few mods who watch this site and bad been patient with me keep posting too many in a row. Edit: oh I think since she has been contacting with that child good friend who shown interest eyeing JW. Its her granny who was the one that Jr Yidem ran to on the morning she found mom missing. While show do not know how she paid for educational fees in Korea and I guess initial state she already said she will study hard while depending on Friend's granny. But I just take it that her result was good enough to earn her scholarship. The sllent years can be explain away by the normal working part time to self support. @stroppyse must always remembered how much we rely on your expertise which excel Google translate. Without your help we are really lost in translation. @Shosi_for_9 Haha Dint know how to pass thru each week's silent days without you chatting here. You motivate me a lot to continue on. Happy to meet someone so crazy over MaYideum and OTP moments like myself. Haha Haha to to all 'Witches" and "Wizzards" here ( @0ly40 @blademan and all with I couldn't wrote your names here .including silent lurking ones who cheers by Jsut reading ..) . .. Sorry for calling you gals and myself (for the first and last time) witches. Ahhsh wanted to find a drama fan name and thought as 'witches" for a long time. But the site is quiet and find there's no need then. Haha. Its been @,! Warmth feeling reading positive reception towards YiDeum by all of you. Was so worried that many will not accept this "not-your-norm-female character". When Ideum was well loved by you 'witches ' I am so glad.