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  1. https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/02/watch-jung-hae-shyly-tries-express-feelings-son-ye-jin-1st-teaser-new-drama/ Watch: Jung Hae In Shyly Tries To Express His Feelings For Son Ye Jin In 1st Teaser For New Drama cr. J. Lim text in spoiler i repeat the airing date: March 30 at 11 p.m. KST. (thanks, @aisling for your reply re: date of airing). this is the confirmation. @stroppyse are you on board this? no obligation if not, i know almost everyone think of you, ah, borrowing your talent in subbing. cr. soompi . ************** alternate reports at Allkpop Jung Hae In tries hard to make 'a move' on 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food' Son Ye Jin in first drama teaser By beansss JTBC's new Fri-Sat drama 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food' has released its first brief teaser. In the teaser, male lead Jung Hae In is adorable as can be, trying really hard to make "a move" on his very own 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food', Son Ye Jin. The drama will be a heart-fluttering romance about two people who used to just know each other, before their relationship develops over time. If you like food, younger men, older women, or all of the above, make sure to tune in to the drama's premiere on March 30 at 11PM KST.
  2. @Berou i want to kill you for that "romance" list. seeing that list, i felt so 'Itchy' that i just couldnt NOT reply. so out of bat-cave i unlurk to chip in my takes. i used to be thinking how nice if we can reach out to YSH in some way beyond borders or languages barrier, how to 'send message' encourage him who do not own a social site,.... how to hint to him we are always behind him no matter how fans or 'antis' dictate what direction he should takes, or what press said negatively or wrongly about some projects he took, or how antis fans go into attack any female leads of his, or however ratings of any projects fall flat... it times like these we hope we can directly comfort him thru a channel, and not just spout senseless fangirl adorations and love confessions to him. how we wish he can read soompi, and at least read our Actor Thread. We a thread who take no biased opinions or sides, except YooSeungHo's side solely..... that our opinions and supports will NOT be depending upon how he react to another actor or actress, or ditch him defending on what future directions he takes that will not fall alongside expectations of certain 'fans'. Real loyal fans will not fix him into a box and say, if you goes not into this direction and betray our loyalty towards you or towards someone we loved to see you walk with, then our loyalty towards you will expire. At least this is a fan support that is transparent and unconditional and lasting. How we hope he does read our soompi Actor thread, or maybe, say maybe his close friends or relatives who read English will update him of our unfailing trust and supports and patience? Yoo do know some considerable amount of English right, what if he secretly read some, or just admire some fan pics posted here secretly, ha, i am dreamingly hoping so! Hope he ever read Soompi, since Soompi is the renowned Site for Kdrama internationally, and the Best site to garner mass reactions and infor. if he ever read this, or if his friends ever read this, Jaebal let him know this our Message below: Mr Yoo, its time to shred your Golden Boy image, and aim for the sky with all your hidden Passion that can't wait to be released, that are just started to show glimpses by IMNAR drama, and shouldnt be suppressed. Yoo, we are going to touch on a taboo topic: Sensual appeals! Wait, its not what you think! We Trust and are excited and look forward to see more projects that you can ooze sensual vibe, your recent ELLE pics started vapourizing sensual feels and your brave opening up yourself at Robot's skinship scenes are all an awesome starts... the ELLE clip he touches his lip, the other one slumping against the chair with half closed eyes... i am not saying he should just go into dramas with shameless void-of-plots 50 shades... but that it is TIME he should consider taking projects that show his Mature and Manly touches. do not shy against going more indepth into Romance genre. It is not that we Yoopies are silly fangal that swoon over his handsome-ness or just want to indulged in his skinship scenes, but that is the path that he should go if he want to unleash his talent and soar high. we read 'not between his lines' at all his sharings during interviews, neither do we take liberty to guess and add meanings to what he said in interviews. we just quote him and believe what he said black & white... (see Berou's list of Yoo's Honest Replies). Why biting on Romance Genre? it inevitable that soon he should ditch the 'Clean Good Safe image", he MUST do a SEXY CHARMING TEMPTING ROLE with enough mild skinships to charm, yet Slow-Burn, without excess shedding of clothes (made famous by kdrama's mindless scenes of male lead's shower scenes)... But just tempt with alluring wandering Eyes, or half closed teary eyes, low husky voices, lingering fingers, heavy breathing.... TEASING but NOT EXPOSURE, that is THE SECRET WEAPON. i want to see him flirt boldly, yet with good taste.... make noona and agashi weeks after weeks ranting for more skinship scenes between the OTP, ...... If he can do that, at least one of his film MUST do that... to break out the clean shaven golden-boy feels. only when you can see HIM as A MAN, then you want to think of him carries certain roles... I tell you, movies offers will NOT be heaping mountains at his feet if he crossed not into over this threshold.. he NEED desperately to break thru while all the hunks are in army... only 2 years to 'steal' n seal all the sensuous roles from the hunks in army. like what @Berou you differentiate the 8 kinds of Rom (wow, Berou, you are killing me by that amazing list). Berou, you timely quoted that long list of what he once said so honestly, to show how a transparent person he was, he walked his talk, or else he simply don't talk........... he don't play interviewers or reporters around his fingers with cunning sly words and lies. how sad i recalled thru your words, what he said about the gains and loss of being a Child actor, hinting (and not hinting) that he was trapped in that Child Actor mould.... Just like what he shared recently thru interview about the disadvantage of someone like him, grew up as a child-actor, he is confined to what people think of him, and it is a square box that people want to caged him within with all kind of expectations. The more some liked him, the more they confined him to a certain image.... and no matter how he try to break thru, people want to see him as what they originally admired in their mind. People will always see him as the innocent Sangwoo of TheWayHome, the crown prince of The King and I or Queen Seondok, or the Proud youth of Master of Study, and of coz now the Sweet charming MinKyu... every past well-acted roles cuffed him furthered, and love of certain fans put on expectations and barriers around him, wanting him to do or not to do what ever they thought it is best for him, and want him to act according to that certain mould they build for him only. Denying him the chance to take romance role is another example of fans' dictation against him. Out of passion and behind the so called 'love' for him, 'we' want him to just stay 'loyal' to his OTP, n do NOT take any skinship roles in future, else it threaten the relationship and will deem 'cheating on the fans who once laid hopes that he stayed loyal and not be tempted. Trust him i say, if he is into a ship, being the 'man' that he is, he will not be tempted by any skinship scene, however much a Fine responsible actor may try to add his personal feels into a skinship scenes, allow himself at that moment to believe he YSH is in love just to get into the mood (all actors did that even in Tinseltown projects)... That Fine Actor will snap out of the feels once project over, i believed even the female lead know that and expect that, and will not be lead into thinking , aha, he cheated me with real feels during those scenes.... becuase this is exactly what PD and projects expected of him: Flow out your Real Feels, and made yourself Believe you are that Star crossed lover. Be honest with ourselves, we want him to cross into ALL genres, all roles, but all these roles that turned into Classic Famed work, all has a meaningful believable heart-wrenching Love-line, and some touching skinship scenes. by saying he should crossed into Action, Thriller, Hsitorical Epic, Legal, Horror, Supernatural but not into Romance, in denying him the chances and been not practical. basically within all this Genre has a considerable amount of ROmance mixed in to be the Soul of the Plot. 16 years of acting, (if you count only Way Home, and not Daddy Fish), Best advantage is he gain priceless acting experiences and recognisations, & praises from Peer-actors and directors.... But disadvantage is: he lost HIM_SELF in front of people, he cannot be him-SELF before others, he has to be lonely, and cannot trust anyone to see him as himself, and not as the gifted prodigy child actor, he cannot have a normal relationship with anyone without doubting anyone just see him as the Actor Yoo seungho. and everyone want him to stay as the NICE image that won him praises forever. That's why he sees thru the glam and glory of celeb lives and wanted his family members n dear ones not to go thru whatever he went thru. Thus stating that if ever he fall for someone, wishing that person to be non celeb, hoping that he can protect her by keeping her without harrassments by fans or shippers or Despatch. We thought time is on his side, but truly, if he do NOT take on a OUT-breaking role, a manly role, he will be trap forever in the Yoon image or Harry image, (and now MinKyu image) his signatured roles which was like so long ago will become a snare.... but as he aged furthered, more juicy roles will goes to all the Idol-boys of Kpop group. He just have to break out and break thru to show A MANLY-SIDE OF HIMSELF..... VILLAIN ROLE has always been our favourite role for him, both you and me want him to go BAD, real Boy with a wounded past, a wounded villain that steal the show from the lame Male lead. He did that with Warrior BDS, n he did again with Harry Borrison. but problem is... he is still lacking a chance to show he has already that Alpha Male Charms post Army enlistment. Now he can perfect what once he was lacking even as he did charm as Harry, which was just vapourisingly boyish charm. Why i say he has an urgent needs to showcase His Manly vibe, and not this boyish charm that used to be his best signature weapon. but now this boyish charm become the stumbling block that cuff him at ankles as ages flies, this itself cannot be an aset to him. if he wants to stay in this showbusiness, he has to show REAL MAN VIBE that he already had, with some signature romantic scenes. (by romantic i do NOT means 50 or 40 shades Grey). Robot show is just a beginning, an open window, And he should NOT stop there. else, its just a matter of time, PD or producer will think that he can ONLY stay in vengeance sad roles (Remember), or Sweet charming lover-boy roles (Robot), or Crown prince role (Ruler)... then its just matter of time, people will think he cannot do OTHER ROLEs beside "NICE CLEAN SAFE ROLE".... i read some of his recent interview, can tell he is desperate of break thru. he wants more for himself, if he has given a second chance go back 10 yers ago I DARE SAY he will chose a diff route, i dont think he will want to go this way that he did.... By lost his youth into show business, void of meaningful friend among celebs, guarded life being afraid of rumours, boring self-secluded life style when no projects at hands, when his friends' life are dealing with real youthful problems as he only hear from his friends what mess or what fun youths can experienced.... he is sandwiches between all the adults instead of doing silly stupid things with peers, rushing thru locations of filming... in the end he has no real youthful experiences like all his friends, no wild youthful hobbies, no chances to make mistakes like his other youthful friends..... that should be the greatest reason why he mentioned few times he wants a non celeb wife in future. of coz we believe if God's willing when he fall in love, even if that girl is a celeb, its out of his control. but by his open statement of non celeb wife, it show one thing, he desire his family life out of spotlight, not scutinized by press or fans... all this sacrifices he made, for what? what did he earn? in the end, he is trap in the nice unique image that people liked him for.... the Deeper some fans loves him, the fiercer their chiding will be if he break away from their expectations. if he do NOT break thru that CLEAN SHAVEN IMAGE.... give himself another 6years, once he reach 30, he will be remembered as A CHILD PRODIGY IN ACTING SCENE, and only just that. YET CANNOT GO BEYOND HIS YOUTH-SUCCESS. The only way, is to do some drastic role, that challenge his Youthful-Baby-face-looks.... you do NOT want him to be like another Forever-Pretty-Melodrama Prince but cannot go beyond that. Now he started to love and had dream of what he was doing all these while, and had goal, and not running away from the suffocating situations... so, think Tinseltown, the wide genres that i envisioned he can try out.... i was thinking when can Korean or Chinese industries ever do something as awesome as the Hollywood production? remember how YSH envied Lee Byung Hyun going West. give him another 6 yrs think he will be seasoned to do what kind of characters, that can mixed in a tint shade of Rom..... Brain washed Killer-Rom: maybe a Winter Soldier a cold blooded killer who lost memories and has a sexy past history with black widow. Fun is there are divided fan that ship him with Steve, and also with Black widow. (His YeoWoon is something like this). Dark Supernatural Rom: Imagine a Twilight kind of Edward Cullen who can selflessly sacrfice ALL for his One true Love in that supernatural forbidden Love saga... Wounded Villain turn Chemistry King Rom: why not a Star War's Kylo Ren's scarred Fallen Son that stirred one of the hottest SHIP now trending in Archive of our own! even without a single kiss scene shared with female lead yet this character chemistry with the female lead spur hundreds of smut-fill fanfic shipping him with female lead... 'Fun Superhero Villain: he can do a Marvel Thor's mesmerizingly charming but unpredictable villain like Loki in Marvel Thor, which steal the show from Thor, hero with supernatural gift. Melocholic Lover-Rom: down to earth 'Nobody' Noah (Ryan Gosling) from The Notebook's , who loved his True Love beyond her memories lost and still loving her when she aged forgetting him in Home (JinWoo was something like that with that InAh in Remember).... Spy-Rom: he need to do a Jason Bourne kind of Spy movie that show he can use Wit and not fist to fight & to escape as a figitive against both corrupted cops and baddies. Bourne is all out Action thriller, but scenes of him with female leads on the run, is oozing with charms too.... Last but not least, Classic Cold Chaebol Rom: oh, he is apt to do a cool cold Proud chaebol like Pride and Prejudice that Mr Darcy, whose cold gazes hid a fery warm heart in wants of a woman's true love, which spout classical witty quotes and ardent love confessions. all these roles i cited above from the West, though NOT skinship or 50 shades as some genres, yet all of these Roles, Edward, or Kylo ren, or Winter soldier, whether Go Villain, go Spy, go Supernatural, go Classic Literature, go Killer who repent, go Cool Chaebol, Romance is fixed right in the core of many Epic movies!.... Rom is not the Main Line, yet All do have a unique set of romance line as side line, but its captivating and alluring enough for fans to start seeing the Male lead as a sensual guy! YSH needs to be seen as a volatile Dream-Man for all age of fans.... if he continued in present choice of roles. he cannot. you may say how can i compare Hollywood production to korean's ? well, Kdramas of late are starting to show that given a good writter, even Korean dramas can beat into western market, and sell to Europe, US, UK, all over the world, even to Middle East we find hard core kdrama fans.... dont believe me? think Healer's spy who romance in the nights, think Descendant of the Sun's macho Captain, think Goblin's sad deity, think Iljimae masked hero, think W's kangchul comic ocmes to life.... as long as YSH landed with any of this> So, who should dictate YSH should NOT be taking romance roles. Do YOU not realised, in ALL of these selling plots, (all these Unique Think out of the Box dramas), it is also because a well written Romance ingredient was mixed into these cooking pot of Healer, Goblin, Descendant, W... oh isnt last year Black Horse 'This Life is My First' totally a 'Real-Practical-Life-Rom'?... All selling plots, cannot do without ONE single Element: a meaningfully written romance plot with a real good chemistry and top notch acting skill, between the 2 leads. actually he do not need to try all those i mentioned above, he just need ONE single or 2 roles to strike Gold, like what Goblin did to Gong Yoo, or what Descendent did to SJK... that will propel him, n define him as A-List. Then he can be like Gongyoo, take his time to choose next project, rather then project those him, it is he chose projects .... and has Writer tailor made drama-plot to his unique essence. YSH just need to choose some role from that above, do it right. he can easily beat shallow pretty hunks or idol-actors. i just need to have some words about Melodrama genre which is what he is famed in... i had heard enough of people also ranting that he should stop Melo. This Melo ability is God-given to him alone. in times to come, he needs to do a Lonely wounded non-human Being (some thing like Goblin) kind of super natural Melodrama story, taht show his Mature state of Melo-ness. No more just what he did in Harry Borrison or Yeo Woon, which are just merely but scratch the surface of what he hid within, future melo roles need to portray a Mature Deep slow-burnt LAYERED angst... some thing like what he did in Remember, Deep angst. while i disagree with many that dislike Melodrama and ask him to drop melodrama, for i believed, God give him the gift of ability to dig out the real genuine feels of melocholic within us, that he is among the very few actors that truly can weep without technically bawling like a babe, boy can he cry effortlessly for real. so in future when he reached beyond 30 yrs old, he will still need to win some acting awards, by using back his God-given gift in melo-drama, thru his priceless tears, i believed one day when he win an acting award, it is still thru his melo-skill. But still, like you said, he cannot just stay as melo-prince or golden boy, at least Not-now. 2 years of window is all he has now. 2 years when all hunks went army, then they will return with a vengeance. (speaking from a view of a Yoopies, and a noona, not just as a fangirl who wants to see skinship n kisses n handsome face. oosp, being a noona, you think i can fantasize any while feels about him? i just want that raw gift to be un-earth, refine, perfected.)
  3. Finally some unofficial fan take pic Check out @_AuroraRain_’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/_AuroraRain_/status/968271973112598528?s=09 Check out @_AuroraRain_’s Tweet:
  4. [Drama 2014/2015] Healer 힐러

    http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/02/one-true-pairings-do-i-really-have-an-otp/ One True Pairings] Do I really have an OTP? by Guest Beanie QUOTED FROM TEXT> By @Jellybn One True Pairing: This phrase was one that I did not actively use until I started watching K-dramas. I had heard of it, I had seen it floating around on the internet, but I had never used it to describe a couple I was reading about or seeing on TV. I was never invested enough in a couple to use it. Even now it’s sometimes hard to use. I use it as a placeholder to mean the main couple of a drama, but to use OTP as the true couple in your book is hard. Sometimes it gets a difficult to understand why a couple in a drama like each other. If the guy is a jerk, why is the girl attracted to him? Yeah, we get to see his softer side later, but why does she stick long enough to see it? If the girl is purely Candy, why does a guy who seemingly has everything pursue her? We know she is more than meets the eye, but what about her makes him stick with her? Sometimes I just don’t get it, but I still root for them because that’s what romantics do. You wish the best for the main couple and get extremely happy alongside them during their fluttering moments together. I don’t really think there is just one couple I feel strongly about. The true OTPs in my book are the ones I always think about as a pair when I think about their drama and not as individual characters. Couples that fit well in each other’s lives and make each other better. Those that made me root for them from beginning to end and whose actions I mostly agreed with. Couples that made my heart flutter by being together and not separate. A pair that made a drama that much better because of them. The Healer couple first comes to mind. The thing that I loved about Seo Jung-hoo and Chae Young-shin was how they trusted each other. Trust was an underlying theme in Healer, and Young-shin openly talked about trusting at least one person. When I look back on Healer I think about a great show with great writing and direction, but I also think about a great couple that made me flail around. cr. dramabean
  5. @triplem Anyone know when is airing date? Agreed with u. I also hope it wont goes the normal noona romance way of pumping awkward scenes about age gap diff n silly exaggerating jokes over noona-desperated feels.. i hope this show will be more than that. One of my best noona romance was I Can Hear Your Voice. Actually their age gap are not glaringly diff, SYJ herself has such youthful looks that the instant she gave u that sunbeam smile n innocent grin, you forget u r looking at a noona. I guess the awkward part comes in when they may have to hide from her Bestie n his Sister the bidding romance. Its should be rom-com genre. Yes my bad, i make the mistake stating in the beginning thinking its Secret Love Affair writer. but i later realised its the PD of Secret LA. So we can expect some emotional/ romantic but classy takes of how PD wilk shot scenes. Its wont goes the way SLA goes into melo direction as it will be rom-com. Hope they do handle some practical issues that single ladies face in social life, emotional struggles, or career building. Instead of superficial silly rom com way of making jokes out of older noona fall in love n doing 'silly things '! i really hope this show add in practical but light touches in real life issues. Nowadays i have more faith in TvN or JTBC in handling better script n directing. Given SYJ being a multi awards winner, trust she can portrays the delicate but complicated world of a noona. Son YeJin and Han Hyojoo, Park Min Young, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Bo Young... etc. are some of the noonas that i trusted can do well noona romance in great elegance n class. Just have the feeling that it may be more than majority of us fall into this category. Its good to have heart warming takes about noona. And seriously Noona love is happening everywhere, nothing to be shy off.
  6. @triplem oops my Good Friday n Easter (30 Apr- 1Apr) will be so busy, must still find time to watch the premiere in Eng Sub. (Got no stream site any way)! there we meet again. Hah. Last year was tortuous for me with all the shipping n getting overly emo over OTP... , thus this year i desire a rest... so hope to choose a nice Simple OTP to drool over. hmm. I think this 'couple' should be solid in portray noona love in good taste... oh SonYejin can ready make u cry rivers... but i guess this a rom-com right? Yes. Actually there are a few classic noona romance in kdrama history that even outshine those from tinseltown. One of them are I Can Hear your voice of Lee Bo young. But sone times the more angst n melo one that captivate your soul are the forbidden love kind... like you say, extreme age gap, moral issues challenged, between teacher n student , but this writer wrote Secret Love Affair in styles beyond the normal cheap thrill of adulterous affair... not to justify it but to try to be gracious to those involved. Very beautifully crafted without cheapen it to just senses pleasing. Hope he can be as good when it come to Rom-com to make it practical n deep n touching too, to show resistance of noona (haha. So many of us belong to this status isn't it?) in accepting a younger dongseung who happen to be brother of best friend. One thing i like this pairing is the boy is not still schooling but already a young earner. I hope it is something like I can Hear your voice, some times funny, some times sweet , some times melancholic, some times throw you a social issues situation that is grey or without any obvious right or wrong... Noona love is so common even in our real lives isnt it?
  7. @alekaonu hi there, nice seeing old friends.. Metoo, regarding this pairing, am weak over noona love... just found writer is the one who penned Secret Love Affair. Ahem... those who knows that story know how good is writer in working up chemistry n atmosphere... am done with dramas that promised good drama + good casts + good PD, but end with lousy writers. This writer was good with angst noona love... so lightly i am in. But i cant do live recap with this channel JTBC. coz i only have live stream with major channel KBS, MBC... And Son YeJin is expert in chemistry with almost any male lead she play against... not to say this male lead jung Haein is perfect as the fresh young dounseung . He was already shown promising since Goblin, when he turned Kim Shin into a green eyed jealously-cute 'kiwi' . Guess there shall be sparks.
  8. Yoopies dear. I unlurk to give glory to how well resourceful is Berou in maintenance of this site, quoting all interviews on time, ever supportive without biased opinions. Thanks to all who tirelessly support Yoo all these years . Time for me to really exit soon, in near future... Before i really go. Kindly encourage all to watch over Yoo against over rumours or unbecoming untrue description of his characters, that will taint his image in long run. Pls take care of Yoo, he deserved that much from us. At all times he is always mindful of being polite n teachable towards Seniors, respect n take no advantages towards peers n female leads, generous n friendly towards juniors. He is still young in age but almost like a veteran in craft, the sky the limits for him to soar... his potential is like a diamond raw to be harvest... Hope he is able to advances into the big screen n work with Legends, n fine veteran artistes in the likes of Jang Dong Gun, Gong Yoo, Jung Woo Sung, Gang Dong Won, So Ji Sub, Ji Sung,. Lee Bo Young, Han Hyo Joo, Choi Ji Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, Ha Ji Won, Park Min Young ... etc. Pray that he will not be restricted to a certain genre but a wide range of genres: as a noona i have watched many movies as well as dramas all these past 15 years since childhood. Pray that he can now take on roles in movies like the following: 'Silenced' , 'Taegukgi', 'Love So Divine', 'Cold Eyes', 'The Throne', 'Battleship Island', 'A Violent Prosecutor', 'Il Mare', 'Voice of a Murderer', 'A Moment to Remember', 'Hwang Jin yi', 'The Age of Shadows", "The Prison', 'Fabricated City'... etc. Even when scripts are meaningful n reasonable, we foresee that he will be willing to take on deeper scenes of skinship (or intense kisses) since he has proven he is ready to go immersed into the role to feel passions of the role character's grief/anger/love... he will allowed himself to believe he lived in the skin of the main character, feeling his anger, bearing his grief, consumed by his hates, or loving the female lead passionately in the role in believable way. He always has a habit of too much slipping into the character emotionally until it consumed his emotions, if his role demand grief from him he wrapped himself off screen in mourning state, if as a villain he trap himself in that dangerous grudges stares, if drama calls for loving female leads role he allows himself to try to love as the leads love that ardently... this is his professionalism at work. So i say he is as good as those tinseltown academic winners who slip into the movie character on/off screen and stay in the mood till the passions of role bonded with him even weeks after drama over. That was the reason why he took so long to recuperate after Drama Remember was over. He is even ready to do meaningful scenes of skinship (rejecting bedscene of coz for the time being, so said himself). We are excited to witness a young eagle ready to soar into the horizon beyond... Wish to see him take up these roles: Young Priest in melo/ forbidden love, Cold Fallen Angel fall for human girl, handicap blind man, Rebellious New Teacher, Social worker protect handicap children, Prisoner framed on death row in appeal, psychopath genius killer (yes, a villain), repenting play-boy, forsaken crown prince (like The Throne Prince Sedo), Double Spy, Autistic but genius high IQ man, famous umderground computer hacker (with secret identity)... etc. So i say he is ready to take on those actors i mentioned, those movie titles i mentioned, those character roles i mentioned. He is that worthy n apt. God bless real Yoopies who support him sincerely, respectfully, faithfully, trusting, unconditionally without ties . Yes, love him, then unconditionally, dont tie him down wirh any restrictions that will stumble his career! LOVE is a mystery predestinated by God, most of time it surpassed all expectations n ideals. Whosoever he will love, that blessed girl will be trusting n supporting to his career n he might not reveal any progress until ripen time of marriage. Before then we yoopies from all walks of life, from age 19 to 29 to even 39, Asians, Americans, Africans, Middle East... his fandom has a wide spectrum. Some of us literally grow up with him, or watch him like a brother in the family since Master of Study... All dream diff dreams for him, ultimately if we are real Yoopies we are united by one Dream; he loves who he wants n soar where he want to fly to in career. we truly respect his choice whoever he loves one day sincerely, just like welcome a new 'sister in law' to our family, accepting any girl our brother choose . Before that, let's wish he has chances to act with all kind of actors/actresses, take all kind of movies dramas , try all kind of roles, all kind of scenes (even more extreme ones to challenge himself , throw all kind of emotions n drown himself into feels but snap out of it unscathed when protect over. But above all: love anyone in God's will, love n be loved back reciprocated, with all blessings from fans. God bless Yoo Seung ho, a virtuous artiste . Shalom!
  9. ( content deleted) Give Ysh a TvN drama or movie land, he can surpass all our expectations n reach far beyond them. its just take a good script, good PD, good leads again to uncover that hidden raw force of charms in him. Yoo. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU EVER.
  10. @paperboat04 @Berou @sakura2016 yoopies dearest. we have waited for a long time to prove our faith in our Prince of Tears, that he can be the Prince of kisses one day. oh vey! that he can deliver a "pervy thoughts worthy-kiss". tonight we are rewarded. not shy of from the way Tinseltown dramas can deliver... oh, how he slow mo move his angles.. the muscles moves... you can expect the movement in the ... oh, scene is worthy of archive of our own.fanfic quality. trust me, with his ability to emote with his eyes without dialogues, just not long in the future he will outshine many hunks to be the King of sensual skinship... by this, i dont mean real RA or PG16 kind of lowly cheat skinship.. but skinship and sensual thoughts that inspire your desires and thoughts with just a deep gaze, a twist in his smile... no shredding of any c**, just a look, a kiss, i always believed his ability to tell a thousands feels by his eyes,.. this God-Gift-Eyes will be able to emote true sensual feels one day. all sensual feels starts from the eyes isnt it. and YSH has one of the BEST feelings transpiring eyes in the Asia.
  11. MBC, yes, speaking to you, you hear me, we need some bts.... hahha. if it is SBS, they will throw out lots of such bts. i bet tonight rating will soar highest ever.
  12. IG is burning with posts of their HOT kisses. daebak!!!!!
  13. told you, he is able of such. its just must be the right script, right chemistry, right PD direction... and his own input, that he is relax enough... dung are the rantings in the past that dig at his abilities to make noona and ahgashi go pervy with his hot kisses and skinship.
  14. supergal , pali pali, post the gif of MK laid cheesily on JA lap. another kiss, MK pulled JA in for a warm kiss .. oh, its a french kiss this time... oh no... YSH french kiss. open lip one. slow mo. HOT mind blowing sizzling.