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  1. huh, haha, sorry, what is Matchy matchy scandal? u PM me if cant talk here.
  2. @liltash85 intended to just lurk only, escaping any heated discussions. but just to tell you, at real time of airing, i always on OneTVAsia, that's why i got EngSub real fast. and i am starting to rewatch the whole drama in those subbed sites. even the Sub sites do have varies translation, according to past dramas, eg dramafever will be diff from dramacool..etc. from my One Cable, its obvious whatever above you mentioned is exactly as what i perceived from ONE. Her feelings towards Rin has always be that of a woman towards a man, not friend to friend, its pretty clear. We are always like that, genuinely see diff things, each from the other, only the eyes see what the heart is willing to accept. and i dont buy that it is infatuation so said so, if you said that their interaction are lesser, to me most of time San interact with won in all bickering, Rin was a shadow at the side observing. in fact whenever she fall into danger, or difficulties, Rin was there stepping out of the shadows, to help. she acknowledged that herself, something as in "whenever i am in danger or i fall or trip, he appeared..." he saved her by being who he is, not using his 3rd Son of the Wangs status, not bringing an entourage of guards, sometimes the way he saved her directly endangered himself, he just saved her as Su-lin.. Then he will disappear before she can thanks him.... always in the name of his friend, but her eyes can see what her heart willing to accept. i cannot but beg to differ that between them lies only infatuation, or shadow understanding of each other. in fact whenever she is with him alone, she let down her hair and shared stuffs... even before she found herself fallen for him... why? she felt being "known" by him, that he will understand what she meant, means before she romantically see him, she already see him as a friend who will understand where she comes from. re: people can't tell whereforth the root of her feeling towards Rin, as if some cannot see the sense of where it spring forth... as in they dont bicker or talk as much as she with Won? i believed somewhere around the Noon-tea drinking where Rin told her about the Memory to be kept for times like these... that was when their mind syc, their gaze locked, their heart moved, they connected. fans cannot see the interaction between these 2, because they are subtle , subtle doesnt mean nothing. the 'vague' something speak louder when you are listening. by remembering words that he said well, and she repeated them to him later, she knew he will know that wahtever he said, she does remembered. between them there are very little words exchanged, coz the man by nature is a man of little words, so said the servants at his household. riding to the masquerade ball, i actually found and noticed Rin is not completely hiding his feels. he comments that she smiled thru the veil. She asked how does he know since she was veiled. he replied without hesitating, "without seeing i can also know".. that was a subtle way of confessing already, the man is contented to have little crumbs drops from the table, he just enjoys little moments of vague confessions like these, she smiled back being please by the bread crumbs she received... Little moments, little words, SongJiNa is so good again. now, everyone is firmly and sincerely believed our side of the coin... just calmly wait for Song Ji-na to reveal. Like someone said, the subtle is for a purpose, IMPACT! that's that! SJN is famous not by chance, she has proven her worth by Sandglass, she proved again she understand passions and OTP moments, characters crafting, dialogues writting by Healer. she is good in Goryeo related saeguks, The Legends, Faith, and this. PD Kim Sang-hyeop is from DongYi, DongYi is classic just like YiSan. MBC is the channel for traditional classic saeguks, only latter years it fail in flair when SBS took over with ML. and KBS steal some limelight. Saeguks is still a signature of MBC.... SongJinah + Kim Sang-Hyeop + MBC = passionate + grandeur + traditional = you wont be disappointed with crapy plot, like half cooked meals served. it will be a banquet at the end. i felt this will be MBC's drama of the yr, side by side the Rebel. there are vague signs laid here there, i refrain from discussion until i finished rewatch... i guess once crossed the half length, it will revealed, pretty sure it will be next week's eps. not just hearts revealed, but character started to change, take stand, break down, or stand firm... all 3 will be changing. SongJiNa never let down even the supporting casts, she wrote them sincerely and small roles are touching and add to the plot. she wont let down any of the Main-3. @Hasna Omar well said, one of the best and unbiased, of today's post.
  3. @gerrytan8063 thanks brother. for the info, i dont remembered whether did i tag you to apologized for the vocab wrongly used, and to thanks you for info about his work regards buddhist temple, buddhism stuffs.. yah, i read that ... apart from that,ur right Eng sites pretty nothing much... mostly are parroting each other's profiles on him. i am chinese origin, (oh you know already) but no good in searching Baidu (no account), no used to search mandarin stuffs. so, thanks for swift reply.
  4. what the Baidu fans did was very touching. hope someone amongs them translate and put in Eng Sub/ better even if Korean Sub and send him. it nice we all can write the wordings. but it even more meaning he reads it. I loved the part of flipping pages of a sepia shaded book pages by pages, stages of his life or drama characters shown and swiftly freeze and captured into the pages as part of the book... like turning pages and pages of history book of his life... a walk thru his public life......... very meaningful.. a visual memorabilia book of Yoo. and he is just 24. Wow, really like a younger brother, to me. he indeed has history, proud history of a humble man. after Rulers's fame, he still didnt succumb and make social account. clap clap clap. salute him again.
  5. Berou, so true. hope a good script find him.. i was marathon the Rebel, Ruler, 7 dayQueen, and now the King Loves... i really hope he will be given a good script writer, a good director, a good casting crews, to find him a good set of co-leads. win a Baeksang. boost his morale. the boy worked so hard. and we see so many dramas with some role here some role there, so suitable for him, but acted by others.... eg. right now, the King Loves, there is another role actually suit him so well...... ok, nuff said. now is almost 1am midnight. Pa stared dagger again. good nite yoopies, good nite Yoo, go find some friend and chat all night, okay.
  6. he started oozing manly charms here.............. swoony kisses scene. and of coz Jeonha won lots of 'crown princess' (yoopies) thru to be honest, Jeonha on horseback with KSH, was one of my best oozing sexiness scene, i must say "Ruler" not my best YSH drama, but his image of long mane, and swoony Sun-Moon images was beautiful.. yes, his pony tail Jeonha, is my most beautiful YSH drama character.> everyone want to take this hand... that night. (finally me................) people who knows me well, know what happened to me, know what is "Jin-woo" to me.. 13 times crying over the same 2 eps, a record in my life. i dont ship him with In-ah, because PMY is JCW's, but the tale of Jinwoo and In-ah, agonised me, leaved me a deep impact about ... the subject of memories. i know he has many other project after this... but i shall stop here. . (i may ship JCW with PMY... but individually, this is the one...........i counted as in acting skill, he is the one, won my respect.) am amongs the youngest of yoopies, alhought i am already a noona.. but this noona is not ashamed to call, i am a yoopies. Yoopies, and Proud. Happy Birthday, May God bless you, with a better script, better project. may God bless you with harmony and family and friends that always suport you, understand all your difficulies to spend times with him. may God find you a One True Love, and she is faithful to you, love you as much as you to her.. com'on, your well of emotion, unleash on her, bring out your best kiss scene and swoon us soon.. ... woahahah. so speak the pervy noona. sorry, i am still praying... back to holy mood... "may God grant you a Baeksang, Best Award for Actor." may God grant you salvation, this is personal from my heart. God bless eternal life to you. Bro Yoo Seung ho. oops, i still missed by 15mins. was trying to post at 12:00.. nevermind. God Bless you, God Bless YOO. .....(part 3/3)
  7. then, this is where many found him........... he changed the definition of villain............... i think i started here.. but i wasnt sure... i drop him there (unfaithful huh)............... and the icon face of bromance. Yoon-ah..................... (surprised i didnt see Ji chang wook there, at all.) and......i know Berou liked this> huh, not shipping, but she found this comfortable. (am i right?) ....................(part 2/3)
  8. for every yoopies, there was a starting>>> some from here.... as early as this> kim chunchu some already ship him since>>> this was where one of you started... (aha, i know, because i still lurk) sorry, i almost really left for good..... ........... (part 1/3)
  9. @rittoo recent dramas depict quite a few not so glam kings, and give another POV, another take on 'maybe' what was not recorded, sometimes history was vague in telling the back story, because of the little info, we always judges that these are useless, ruthless tyrants. Yes Bro @gerrytan8063 did mentioned at the beginning of this drama that Won in history was an exiled monarch, pretty much enjoy/escape away from Goryeo, didnt shown any attachment, no contributions neither disastrous impacts. Gerry, where should we read more about "Chungseon of Goryeo"? Here, at least MBC thru Im SiWan did suggested a not proven peep into what may possible happened between the very few lines recorded in history... at least we wont find him ... we saw Yeongsangun in 7DQueen in his vulnerabilities craving for love even from the QD Jasan who took care of him, craving real love from a woman instead of lust. so was Prince Sado given a new voice thru the Secret Door's Lee JeHoon / Yoo Ah-in's The Throne. i guess its good that SiWan managed to show that maybe, say maybe there are more heart breaking stories behind a mere name of a indifference monarch in exiles... failed marriage, practical repeating the mistakes of his father. Else we latter days 'peasants' will just treat this monarch as another king to skip and pass him by. SiWon did a great job giving a voice, a heart. MBC always very good in saeguks. Found at least this is better than Ruler masterofthe Mask.. which is completely fiction.
  10. Minyoung ah. in fact i told a closed friend of mine, not from changmin couple, another friend.. i was actually preparing to close everything at soompi already... i hate shipping, i hate shipper, i hate myself the way i shipped you and the other few ships. yes, i am not faithful to u 2, i do ship another couple.. but i got discouraged because of shipper wars and bts and antifans and lacks of real confirmations.... i will slowly stop shipping.. i give myself a few months after he is gone.. nothing obvious hint, i will slowly hiatus or disappear .. i even cut off my facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest ,,,, i cancelled/deleted all because of some shipping experiences,.. half because of some recent shipping experiences haunted me, half because of him and you.. i cannot take every time some dramas come out i go crazy.. unlike youngatheart, i dont rely on all these IG.. i dont keep tract of all these hint, which youngatheart religiously posted , so did Reemkanabta posted, if not because of Reem and YoungAH, i dont know how to stay on.......... we are selfish ,... at least i am, i desired some hints to go on, yet i know you have scars, you and him just cant reveal anyting else you will be burnt with all kinds of antifans. i think i got it now, i dont demands hint any more, you will be brave alone on your own... you keep your own promises quietly, we are keeping ours, we shall stay until both of you show up announcing. unless you have changed or he has changed... .then we will just cried and agonizing, but we will wish you both all the best.. not pressurizing you 2. but wishing and praying to God the LORD Almighty to keep your hearts faifthful to each other. at least i will keep myself busy praying for you 2. and stop the damned thoughts of leaving soompi , after i closed facebook, tumblr, twitter, pinterest. you 2 keep making me cry again and again and again.. shipping supposed to be fun, not like this, i was selfish, see, i only think about myself. and keep demanding you 2 to reveal anything, everything. announce when you are ready.Dont worry about us fans who trusted you 2. My Pa who is not a kdrama fans, who hates kdrama addicts, saw me struggled for almost 3 yrs(few months time it 3 yrs).. at least remind me... "you care so much, you got pray for them or not? pray for their salvation, pray for their health..." he meant it about salvation only, but i was reminded, i should just be busy praying both for your salvation, and for both of you to be safe and healthy, and stay faithful loving each other. a yr and half, i promised you 2, i will keep busy praying to God the LORD for you 2 , dont sulk and threaten to escape from soompi already,
  11. @Ainee Etp its no secret that even Songin fall for San's uniqueness and her boldness, not just her beauty, but her fearless resilence. she is like a wild weed, you cannot uproot her, she sprung up by herself and find ways to live. she bite you while she stay caged, you gals must listened to the convo between her and songin, SongIn invited her to wine... placed a jar of fine wine before her, saying her teacher a renowned scholar who's also famous for being one who appreciated fine wine.. then she must know how to drink, and songIn mentioned (her teacher liked her something like that..) i can't remembered what else he said, but she rebuted and sneered back saying her father said before, if you drink fine wine with excellent good people, then you wil become excellent too, but if you drink fine wine with lousy people, then you vice versa become as lousy in quality too... (i goes by memories, i can't recalled the exact vocab...) i loved the way she calmly smirked in good humor.... SongIn met a good match in verbal sparing. she may lost in dagger combat.. but she won this round of verbal combat... he nonetheless amused without slight shown of anger.. "so i belong to the second kind?" ... smiled his usual sly smile... returned smile back our San. i liked how the little falcon, fought back, you cut her wings, her still can bite and clawed back at you, Songin asked about does she know she will be a comfort woman,,.. she dont show any sight of fear regarding this issue, instead she asked SongIn to help saved Dad.., this girl is still thinking of saving dad.. just like Rin, one trait that she is similar to Rin, is being naturally thougthful of others even while both of them are in dire situration, she and he will always think how to save their loved ones first, Rin for his sister, and she for her dad... another scene i liked is ... when Butler ran helplessly around trying to hide from the soldiers rampaging and racksacked San's dad's property in search of the documents of deeds... butler met the two clown minions and they realised that the So-hwa was the Eun Young baek's daughter and Butler surprised that the two minions said they know the 3rd son of the Wang Young, then Butler revealed that his agasshi said if in troubles, go and look for the 3rd son of Wang Young.. i actually found this very comforting, that in dire situations, San was abled to trust that even if she sent someone to Rin on her behalf to seek help, Rin is dependable to help her...
  12. actually the father's fear is justified. the coward kIng is useless. if Kulai Khan heard all the nonsense that his daughter suffered and his best grand son suffered, kneeled in front of a cheap woman, and being poured hot wined over his head.. If that kublai Khan's raged and sent his armies here..... his king father will be fried real dead... but according to history i think Won in the end did escape to Yuan, no matter how, his best source of strength was still from his mom.. the reason his dad dare not replace this half breed son, is stil because of Kublai Khan. another nice scene, is where snake-arm (aka Moo'Suk) really liked BiYeon, BiYeon was pushed roughly and fall ... MooSuk obviously couldnt pay attention to SongIn impatient murmur in suspicious that the butler was missing, he asked Moo Suk where, and said to find butler. he has to turn and face... oh,, ommooo.. Moo Suk was looking at BiYeon in deep contrited spirit , the desire to go and lift her up.. yet couldnt disobey his master... but i think the fear of allowin SongIn to show his heart towards Bi yeon should be the real fear... But i am afraid SongIn saw enough to sense his right hand man fall for BiYeon.. wow.. i certainly liked the unexpectant loveline here. i heard in the novel, there should be a real loveline between BiYeon and Moo Suk. so sweet. a good writernim will not just write awesome dialgoue or sizzling romance between OTP. but a good writernim also will make second lead romance warm your heart, but a truly gifted writernim will also not take lightly even a supporting casts, a loveline of the lesser suporting casts be sweet and also something you can look forward to... i started to enjoy scenes of snake-arm (Moo Suk) and BiYeon. i also want a happy ending for Moo Suk and BiYeon.
  13. @Ainee Etp thanks for your genuine generousity, and @alekaonu ok i jump in next week if you all dont mind my uncontrolled fangirling at times over otp. Queen asked about won, how is her son outside the palace... san was very honest and i liked the way she fearlessly but politely answered her, she doesnt show any awe at being interrogated by Queen, this girl has a kind of simplicity that she will not allow herself to be threatened and timidated by some royal's presence. she went on to described that Won has all along dont like palace life.. talk and chattered half way then realised she is still talking to 'queen as she revealed something casual about Won, maybe it about his attire... .stop short and covered her lips .. Queen alarmed by what she said or at what informal speech she used... but queen said nothing. . just like Queen grew to admire and respect Rin for being the person he is, the kind person that he is, She seems to slowly warm up to San... Queen took out the hair pin and said that the craftman was a very skillful master that made the hairpin for Won, why is it been found on San, and why is she carrying it around her on her body... i guess she wanted to hear from this girl that her son loves, that she has romantic feelings and that then adn there , she will decide what kind of moves she should take next. San, replied admit that Won give... and said, she carried everwhere with her, so that she can give it back to him, since he is going to have a crown princess soon. like i said earlier on.. Queen went into this sudden pain, and San was trying to pat her or massage her, couldnt tell, was reading Ainee's stuffs. can't remember exactly, but that after she recovery a little, she turned around and passed back the pin to san. then turned to face the door, and said. "come in, Rin". San stunned and wide eyed, and stared thru the veiled that veiled the entrance of the door. the familiar form of Rin entered , still with the same familiar image of down cast eyes that look down... the form lifted the entrance veil, and, she came face to face with Rin in person.... tell me that wasnt a face of a woman in love, wretched and worn out, but unexpectedly blessed with the appearance of One whom she yearned to see, but never dare dreamt to be found with, not while in confinement by the Queen... i believed there was gladness in her tone... that was then the voice over of "it is so amazing that, everytime i ran into danger, or i trip and fall, you are there.. " there was a tone of gladness. gratitude,.. gratified.. she stared at Rin who lifted his down cast eyes to look at her.. .' (Me: Rin, have you also heard what she said to queen about the hair pin?) a short locked gaze.
  14. preview: "because of me, "... San voiceover or said that to someone that because of her, Won and Rin end up like that... her dilemma, the strength behind her bravery of facing the fate of becoming a comfort woman, is to stop Rin and Won be miserable. she was brought inside a royal palace room, wear white, and another scene, Won put on a coat on her.. Rin looked on quietly at the side.. another scene, Dan said something in near tears to someone,.. seems like to brother. San was kipnapped by Songin? she was surrounded by armed men in sword... in the night, in a fight, she was hit, and fallen to the floor, with blood at her side forehead.. fainted. on another place Rin and Won was reported by someone San was caught. not much hints of any OTP moments next week.
  15. becausee Ainee Etp is doing very fine. i dont feel like interrupted her. Rin and San went out and hid behind some wall.. Rin passed her the sword .. she was annoyed at first, hurt likely thinking her sword meant nothing to him that he wanted to return to her, just like she told Queen that she wanted to return the hair pin to Won because Won is getting his crown princess soon, which send queen into this look of disappiointment... this was the same look of disappointment that San looked at Rin. she thought he returned the sword to her, but he looked back at her... Rin was slowly showing some kind of changes thru the eps, some kind of firm and assured of himself what he wants... self confidence to be himself? he said he only lent it to her for a while, while he said he did looked at her... .she smiled so happy, means this is a gift that he will treasured and want it back... i loved her smile then. she happily took the sword and ran ahead.. Eunuch spy lead San and Rin thru back door and escape. i hate that fat spy eunuch. oh damned, both trapped. its a trap. ..San and Rin met King at dead end. damned.. King know this is San... stared dagger at San.. Rin cant stopped .. so painful he felt. Won arrived and shout ... King angry said i thought he is confined? he said many told him to suspect his son, and he didtn. now he reject never listen to them. asked about San dad assets.. hahaha. so its all about money ... wealth. Won asked soldier not to take San away,,, "hands off" openly rebuted and rebel against dad, Dad slaped San,,, San was so shocked that Won dare to fight King in public... another debts that San cannot repay.... Won was braved and stared unblingingly at dad... he has the power behind him, his mom... the end.