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  1. @gerrytan8063 since you mentioned, the king in Hwang Jini was actually King Jungjong.(Yi Yeok). According to what i know, Hwang Ji ni is a real historical figure. so this Queen Dangyeong must have happened after Jungjong crowned. Was Dangyeog mentioned in Hwang Jini, which i do not know.
  2. "if i die, he will not need to come." Shaken when realised so it was her ‘foolishness’ in trusting someone she shouldn’t and her inquisitive that almost killed the one she loved years ago…. But very swiftly she made up her mind, after she learned her lesson the most cruel way, but was she calm, counted the cost, but undaunted, in her final confession. “I am relieved though because the one I came to like again is you the Prince, I was worried… that I felt for someone weird.” To her, falling for someone ‘else’ is unpardonable, what made it worst when she kept stalking that someone and making herself ‘confirmed’ it was the prince when ‘he wasn’t’ and gotten unsulted at his grave… it wasnt her that felt the insutls, its she feeling she has insulted her prince, it wasn’t that ‘random' someone’s fault’. This girl do not easily blame someone, she is swift to learn her lesson, blamed herself. “let’s us stay together until the sunrise, since this will be the end, when the morning comes, I will not call your name ever again, I will not miss you, nor will I wait for you, my promise to wait is invalid now.” The luxury to claim to wait for someone, the ‘romantic feels’ to be allowed to ‘wait for your loved one’ till ends of day just wasn’t hers any more… the moment she realised what rock bottom he was almost sunk, drown and buried when he was assassinated, shot, fall down cliff… all becauuse of her naviety. when she made her decision, it stays. And she will calmly, not doing what normal Kdrama’s damsels in distress always did, she did not break in wailing. I guess her mind must be spinning all directions to work out a plan how to help him escape as well as heal his poison wound. Yet among all this turmoil in her mind, she did not forget to find the herbs “motherwort’ to treat his wound, but she 'forgets' her own wound, as set her mind not to treat her own wound, even knowing she might die. when she was catch at the stream while washing his bloodied bandages, she led the ImSH’s lackeys to the cliff, as far away from him as possible. I am almost certain when she unexpectedly reached the verge of the cliff, she may even jump when needed, as she paused a considerably few second before it… that was when lackeys realised their mistakes and slapped her. Even when her parents came trying to talk senses to her, she didn’t wavered. Telling them, it was her faults, she counted the cost, she will not repeated the same mistakes, she needs be punished instead. Even to the new in-mate that just joint her cell (MH) , she said “I said I would not wait, I will not let him die for me again.” I believed this moment she earned a little respect from MH. Those hours when her fever strikes in the cell, she must have realised her poison already started working in her… its was even more confirmed that she wil not turned away, died of poison or died of execution on his behalf. She stayed unflinching even on the pole, solid on her refusal to drink the water, knowing it may just speed towards that 'ends'… her thirst will furthered make her throat burnt, her voice lost, her body ached… whole body burnt in fever, did not SeoNo felt her burning body as he carried her up?… still she refused to drink and chose to die… it doesn’t help to be tied high on the pole, cold and chilling wind swirl around her, cold on the outside, but feverish hot within… That moment SeoNo realised her determination to die, by refusal of water… was very very very touching… I felt that moment onwards, SeoNo has been ‘won’ over and become her ‘person’, someone that will goes miles for her and her prince… I loved the part, she in panic, desperation to try to get ‘his’ attention, to wriggle and shake left and right to signal him not to come… even after she was safe from the gate of death, back into the arms of her parents, she does not shuddered and recant her own 'foolish' act and not a sense of regrets. She still was only thinking of Yeok. “I cannot still be alive, then he might come here... but why am I still alive… “ its often that one can in a moment of spirited feels, we declared and make an impulsive heroic act of wanting to die for some cause or someone… but most of the time, we fall back and regretted and will think twice 'bout how foolish we are. When we tasted the verge of death, that feels of ‘going to die’ will draw us back to regrets, and treasured the life we just saved from dying. But never CK. She continued her cause, not the romantic feels of wanting to die mindlessly for her loved one, and feel good about it, which teenager-girls loved to envision one day dying for 'that One-True-Love'. But the belief that his life is worth it, it is not wasting her life and feeling romantic about it that kept her belief, but saving his life that kept her undaunted and unwavering and unflinching focus. So we will have a foretaste now, of how will she keep her focused, after that 7 days, until she past on her life at the hill, overlooking her Prince’s palace. Oh, my Queen’s love, I believed live on, after 7 days, not seven years or seventy years… it live on in our mind. 7 is just a number. Its definitely more than 7 days. saluting PMY for such heart wrenching delivery.
  3. allow me to walk till the end of Ruler (and Queen), and exit with him and her. i plea. Jeonha Sun: The 2 masks. The Physical Mask on lesser-sun’s face, and the Invisible Mask of “Being Chunsoo” on Greater-Sun. “I asked you to wait because I wanted to tell her myself, after destroying Pyunsoo Group.” (Part 13) clap clap to @vangsweetie637 changed contact pic.
  4. @vangsweetie637 problem is this is a MBC production... if MBC goes traditional way, the villain will dies, second lead may dies... so the scenario that i said, as in MoonDrawnByCloud, having him met another girl (cute cameo by some sweet girl, just like in MDBC) may not be there... if it is KBS, there may goes Petals, Rainbow and Butterflies in their ending. SBS are more towards Sacred heart that kind of dramatic ends, or some Heroic Fan-pleasures, By dramatic, you saw sad ending, you saw leads dying one by one. ... i also think by MBC ways, LC may dies in Jeonha's sun's arms, or just in GE's arms... HG? either she went away forever or dies too. but the synopsis said, she will sacrifice her family for Sun, and be a tragic figure... i can't remember the 'tragic character' part, but i read many times the "sacrifice her family' portion about HG. above all the characters in Ruler, as much as we all do not liked to see and refused to acknowledge, it is true, that HG did the most sacrifices (some even in silent) for JeonHa.... i jsut wish her to go away with Gon... btw, i wasnt worry for Sun's taking the poison.. isnt it that WB already found the cure? but i am more worried for the bloodied half dead GON. she can go back to be her merchant-head with Gon, PS should be demolished, since it exist for some evil means and origins. but the memories and guilt of betrayal to her family, will see her wanting to leave the whole place for good, if she survive. pls show HG taking care and nursing GON next week. i want a second lead loveline between Gon and HG.. hahahaha. Gon is oozing sexiness, (huh... only half of the Sexy-Everything.. remember. hahha. i am "Yoopies and Proud". ) btw, i am still half dead, and moody over personal things, so i can't write anything meaningful for Ruler. lousy being am i. may skip this week.
  5. was reading dramabeans again jsut now. FOUND this stand out and i just can't dont share. The JavaBean so said this: " In the meantime, I really enjoyed Chae-kyung’s suffering quietly to protect Yeok, which is another thing I’d never thought I’d say—quietly suffering sacrifices usually drive me nuts, because I’m often screaming at people to just talk and resolve problems with information. But this setup worked quite well in establishing the stakes and showed us in an understated way how deeply committed she was to protecting Yeok. The quiet sacrifice is hardly an unusual plot development in dramas so I have to chalk it up to this drama having just that extra something in execution that makes the conflicts spark and the emotions land. Sometimes I like it when that pain cuts deep, okay? " to be acknowledged by Javabeans like this, is really meant somehting to MY. MY continued to deliver a new image by all her diff roles, of coz my fav should be Healer, then Remember surprised me she can even emote with a much younger lead, oh, ChaeKyung confirmed that she is borne to take Melodrama roles again... which has a diff sense of strength, quiet undaunting strength in all her 3 characters. and she is surely not a damsel in distress, she fought, she argues, she believed, she trust, she even willing to die, just by a decision made by few mins, by that few mins tied to the pole, she already decided she rather die on the pole, refusing the drink of SeoNo, was a very powerful scene... i think that scene when she refused the water,... i can never forget the look on SeoNo's face, that kind of touched and respects... like "this girl really loved my seja-friend.... ".. that look of can't bear to 'waste' her like this... seein her struggling, when she really lost her voice, on the pole,,, shaking right and left.. to show some signs of "stop coming here... NOOOOOOO." was so strong feels in seeing ChaeKyung almost desperation till hysterical stage... i almost believed she will want to shake loost and fall down the depth to her death, just to stop Yeok riding near to his own death. this is PMY becoming better and better by each eps.
  6. @sakura2016 HAHA. for a long time i was used to seeing your contact pic as the sakura flowers.. wow. so happy that you are really Won over by our JeonHa-Sun. yes, that is a very heart wrenching still of YSH. i am yet to see him at his deepest angst (as during the times of Remember, his depth of melo-delivery was at his peak during Remember drama when he mourn his dad or angst over his own memories lost... here, in Ruler, i felt during to the Writing and PD's inabilities, he has no room to goes that depth of angst yet..). hope by that scene of initiation, he can finally bring out The Unique One and Only YSH's Melo-Tears (that can stir all your elements, organs, souls). was very happy to see you changed your pics.
  7. @rhaps yeah, metoo. i kept hoping there is no major tragedy here. but in saeguks, second leads always dies, so wont demands much, as long as Jeon-ha ends with Ga-Eun-ah. i am 101% sure our OTP will be together. PD in Presscon did mentioned his aim (or something) is to have a love story between the two leads in the plot... how will the production team ever make sad ending. as for second leads hard to say, because for dramatic endings, melo saeguks always must made second leads dies. see MoonDBC, MoonEmbracingSun, MoonLoverSHR, all have second leads dying... now the thing is, will rookie writernim break the norms. jaebel, HG be wounded bad, crippled or blind nevermind, just don't die, and go disappear far far away in peace with Gon, Gon is so faithful until he kept disregards DM for HG... beside CP (which is the Greater-Sexy) Gon is my Lesser-Sexy here. LS has gone too dark, almost from anakin to DarthVader. But i am still hoping for some happy ending for him to repent before some blood shed by him, likely he might kill his own Guard (the greatest betrayal in his life). maybe, say maybe, he will work with WB, in the medical department, or human resource dept in future, and meet some court-lady that looks like KSH (but not GE, just like MDBC happy ending with some surprised cameo.... hahaha. my perfect happy ending is something like this. (today super bad mood, so i unlurk to yak here.)
  8. @nurlayla had a feeling that she will dies for him, her synopsis said something like, she will sacrifice her family, for her love towards CP. the Main contributor to DM downhall, plus paid with her life... melo-saeguks are always like that, in the end some major characters may just dies. as for the Quiz, was so damned bad mood today, so i went along and played. you all who got CP are so blessed. i did 3 times, and tried to played around some minor difference choices, and i still comes up with this. hahah.
  9. just felt like dropping by here... its felt home today. waves hi to healerites. just one news about Song Ji nah joining the team of writernims at The King Loves. :
  10. this was what i was thinking.. maybe in the end, it is Seo No that will watch over Chae Kyung as she aged, loving the King from afar off, and Seo No will be the witness or the middle man that will pass on news of CK to King Jungjong.... the silent witness of the endless, ageless, neverending pinning and missing each other.. until each passed on in life.... while history may say they never meet... hopefully, drama will show in some "add-on, 'un-known to world deep secret" that actually (or maybe), JungJong did finally met CK in the twilight years of his life.
  11. @OksanaS haha, i am sometimes into Second Lead Syndrome, but in a diff way, i don't and NEVER ship any of the OTP with a second lead, but i once a while, liked the two second lead to fall for each other, after being unable to win the love of the two first leads. to me, if this story is after faithfully after a historical event, but borne by the pen of a writernim, then i would wish to see MH not written to be evil but end up with SeoNo. SeoNo (chansung) is quite manly here, than when he was in Suspicious Partner... (yes i do watch occasionally Suspicious Partner. but SP is definitely not my type. even thougth i am attracted to JCW). i loved how much SeoNo has faith in Ck, and will never give up on her, and he alone understand Yeok so much how he miraclously survive these years, loved to see how SeoNo talked down to MH few times... so thrilled. but i don't like how history has it that in the end MH really married Yeok and be his Queen Consort... arrghhh. but like what you all said,.. say,maybe, maybe in the end, Yeok will Send SeoNo to watch over CK during her exile into the hill?. someone must be watching over her safety right? since the political fections still sparing like nobody business, even after Dangyeong been deposed. i think the Casting Team really has a skillful eyes in picking all the right Key roles for this drama, from Park Min Young (as Shin Chae Kyung, the new melo-queen in kdramaland) , YWJ (as Lee Yeok, the black horse hunk, a rising star), LDG (Lee Yung, the villain everyone loved to hate, pity more than hate), chanSung (Seo-No, he is the reason why girls falling for all the bodyguard roles, with him, and Gon and CW in Ruler, the Trio-Guards that makes all the noonas drool after body-guards. even Go BoGyeol ( as Myung Hye, thus far, has successfully made us mad with her as she was really into her role, i believed she will be more than just a scheming jealous second lead.)
  12. @OksanaS i loved how SeoNo is the Conscience Voice in Yeok's 'head' most of the time. reminding and encouraging. i don't hope MH become the signature kind of second lead.,. jealous, scheming, evil, vain... nooo...pls give her redeemable qualities. and com'on, just let MH in the end, smack and shaken and startled by SeoNo so much, then waken up to... "wow.. he's also so manly" and then left Yeok to CK, and be with SeoNo... oosp, not possible right, since someone already said her role was written to be. did someone post this. This 'Goblin' actress impresses viewers of 'Queen for Seven Days' with her first scene which means she will be landed as the lawful Queen Consort of Jungjong (Yeok). if this is not historical faithful.. if i can write the script as a fiction, i will put OTP in Happily-ever-after. and let MH be with SeoNo.. hahah.a wistful thinking. (shake head at myself) @raziela my server lag... thanks so much. this was the part i missed.
  13. highlighted the part i always forgotten to say, but wanted to say.. you just spoke my mind. @SeGafanlady i also believed that for Yeonsanggun, he truly loved her as a friend first, then as a woman. actually at the beginning when the synopsis shown, i actually thought LDG's character is purely lure by PMY's character's Dangyeong's beauty and lust after her beauty, and desire her as consort. but was ep 1 and ep2 shown, between them was friendship brewing slowly, in unexpected ways.. .in span of 5 years, before and after they met ... yet the mysterious growth continues... there is no way CK should have in any sense be mistaken that she lure him, or tempt him... its simply her honest way of speaking her mind, when he was always treated with awes and fake respect, when she is completely herself, without pretense when facing him.. something rare in court.. not even his consort will treat him with such simplicity and honesty. but this girl joke and mock and laugh in his face... and even understand his unspoken pain... the best part is the way she arranged for Deposed Queen Yoon's memorial ceremony.. i think all these little kind gestures, make him feel ":home". i felt he slowly unreluctantly fall for her, should be blizzard even to his own understanding, that he should be drawn to this little uncouth naughty girl, when he has a whole harem of beauties both within and without palace. i guess, in the last stage during his exile, and even at his death... maybe only CK, Dangyeong, is the only one who forgave him, and maybe wept a last remorseful tear for his depart... as a sister to a brother. this role is surely LDG's signature act. what a gift he will give his newborn and his new wife, another spring in his acting career.
  14. @hrh77 i gonna rant and rant this one thing... Ki MiKyung-ssi, (Healer's Min-ja, ahjummah). PLS come and do a cameo!!!!! also Song JiNa... pls join the team, since the King Loves is like wrapping up.. i want Song JiNa to help in the script writing .. her OTP moments is second to none, to me she is even better than KES. king must have lots of woman... but some times he just can't have the only One that owned his heart.. sad isnt it. both kings are like this here... both Yung and Yeok. Yeok has her for 7 days. swift but unforgettable.
  15. the younger one is CK's aunt, sister to Shin Soo Geun, should be Queen Shin Bi, oh, you should know her, she is Junghoo's mom in Healer. Deposed Queen Shin (15 December 1476 – 16 May 1537) (폐비 신씨) was the wife and Queen Consort of King Yeonsangun of Joseon, the 10th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty which means she is the real lawful Queen of Yeonsangun, aka Yung. isnt she actually more graceful and elegance than Jang Noksan, (no offense to Son EunSeo, she is pretty and sweet in Reply88. just talking about the role's of JNS's beauty and Queen-shin's elegance and pureness. see spoiler