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  1. While. I type the above post. Ii found one similar things that exist among these popular saeguk MoonLover Sacred Heart. Moon light drawn by clouds Moon embracing Sun Why don't Ruler be: Moon lid Master hid by Mask: Moon hid Masked Ruler (super lame jokes. ) Btw I watched all the Moon titled dramas that bring out the best in Kim suhyun , Park bo gum, Lee joon Gi. .
  2. Beside Soompi, there are Dramabeans, and also a Koala Playground, Hancinema... this kinda site that has good sound and not fake news and update about Kdrama and the artistes (i preferred calling them artistes than just stars. ). here's koala's MBC Drops First Action Teaser for Yoo Seung Ho's in Ruler- Master of the Mask. by ockoala. (as usual i am not allowed to copy and paste here.... for Koala's stuff) so pls go and read yourself. so far i trusted 3 channels for their updates.... Soompi, Dramabeans, A Koala's Playground. (i liked Hancinema also) ------------------------------------- some 2 cents: last word on male centric: i know most of us felt wasted for the actresses we sworn to love, yes, metoo. my Park Min Young was lost in sea of vengeance and hatred and then lost in someone's memories,(... even worst) in a male centric world in Remember War of the Son. but i cannot rant. because it was started with PD and writer write with YSH in the core-genesis begins. the Prodcution team craft their story of Remember with YSH at the core centre... then work around it, and the other casts are built like tree branches spread out from him as the core... call that injustice? if some other story yes, but Remember : NO> because it is about (as like the Title already said. ) it is a SON'S war. the Remember part focus on the SON> the luring part is the SON.. the villain who store part of limelight happen to be charismatic Nam goong min. no choice. here, in Ruler, again it is a RULER, which means the SON, who bare almost all his upbringing till young adulthood the MASK, he was the master of that MASK... he hids his identity.. is it his face need to be hid, or his strength need to be suppress, nor his shine need to be covered, for the insecurities of his doubtful freaking dad.... now, by now, i cannot even be sure it is the Sado that i keep talking about.... hope it is not some random Prince they fake out for a drama, just like some saeguks they did last min, total fictional... if so, i am crying sulking at my dog corner... i want a heavy melo stuff (wait... wait...wait... of cause, dear all, heavy mixed with some alluring factors like good chemsitry with some co-leads, mild bromance with hot-bodyguard... and above all more sweet love with female leads pretty KSH. ) the story itself, and history itself is male centric. not just male centric, but monarchy rules. nobles bullies. if you fall away from all these, it is not more real saeguk, but just manhwa. but, wait dont worry, you just need to pray that it goes the way of Moon Embracing the Sun, that is ONE awards winning drama, young cast, new approach, yet not compromising in plot and acting. YSH is along Moon Embracing Sun's Line. btw, KSH was in METS. only the Melo stuff can bring out the talent in not just YSH but also KSH.... i believed both YSH and KSH are like LEMONS... you need to press and squeeze them, you can smell the fragrance and see the juice that spill out,,, this juice immediately cover and drown all other tastes beside... you add lemon, lemon affect all other tastes in the dishes... lemon and lime are powerful things, not heavy, but very refreshing and strong. KSH and YSH are lemons, not strawberries or cherries. you want strawberries, there are full of these at idols world... KSH, and YSH need to be squeezed to oozed their charms.. their tears will floored you, like lemon. lemon, broken to be known at their best. that is my last words on male centric. just honest sharing. sorry, if i am blunt, or insensitive, or wrong thinking or off topic.... as usual my Saturday and Sunday is occupy with Church works, i am serving in christian related church ministries. so see u tonight only. sabbath shalom.
  3. forget to update this, regarding the second lead (still in consideration)> this is from Ji Chang Wook kitchen> forget to update this> " 22 March update: Ji Chang Wook’s real-life best friend, actor Choi Tae Joon (Missing Nine), is reportedly considering the role of Ji Eun Hyuk, a lawyer with a complicated family background and tough childhood. He meets our protagonist Noh Ji Wook at the age of 12 and becomes his only friend, brother and family. Viewers can look forward to bromance between the two characters if Choi Tae Joon accepts the role. Meanwhile, actress Han Ji Min has declined the offer to star in this drama, so the production team is looking for another female lead. " (i watch Choi Tae Joon in Missing9. very promising star. cunning, handsome. wow... real life bestie!!!! oh goosh, they will do the goblin-reaper thing... bromancing and take away limelight from female leads... woahahahha. ) kpop idols-fans super loved this kind of bromancing stuffs...
  4. find this which i think is from a japanese blog. cr. Shuta Akabane Who is Ji Chang wook’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Ji Chang wook Updated: 2017-03-14 allowed me to quote only the part that concerned us. pls read the rest at actual article. Park Min-young Another rumored past girlfriend of Chang-wook is Park Min-young. They co-starred in the drama “Healer.” A scene in which Ji Chang-wook is embracing the Park Min-young from behind ,and from the fact that there was a rich love scene, this spread rumors of love among fans. His Ideal type of woman In the past, Ji Chang-wook has talked about his ideal type. He said, “My ideal is well suited code to mine, fun when I have to talk, to listen well to my story, is the person that I also made to better hear it. Age difference also does not seem to be in his criteria. And there he disclosed his ideal types and said “I like a woman who aren’t very tall and have a chemistry.” His thoughts on marriage It is likely a question that many of his fans want the answer to. He said that getting married is all about when the time is right His long term goal is to be a good father. His Ideal situation of dating He likes to keep his dating life private. Responding to a question about his recent romance, he revealed, “I have been dating secretly since right after the shooting for the movie, Five finger began.” And he continued “When I’m in a relationship with someone next time, I’ll date in secret too.” What a gentleman, he doesn’t want to put his girlfriend in the spotlight for possibilities of danger. What do his fans think about this? There have been a few scandals reported about him since he became an actor because he is extra careful that his romance isn’t leaked in public. It’s easy to say but actually really hard. A top star can usually get noticed easily and soon a crowd of people gather around him however hard he tries not to be found out. Precisely because he understands that the impact of the private on the work is secretive . He is very gentle ,humble and sincere , and the fans are thinking that he should find a nice woman. Some fans show concern for him who probably has a restricted life because of his popularity as a top star and hope that he finds a good partner in the future. this was one of the pic the writer used.
  5. @hrh77 haha. noooo... its still a romance, but that it just changed title. the guy is just a supporting role. btw, i saw Choi Tae Joon at Missing8, super creepy guy... sure to make a good villain.. a pretty handsome one even.;.. oh, hrh77, if you have seen Remember, you will know what i mean having a super handsome charismatic villain that will steal the show from the main.... but JCW in Kdrama industry whether in Kor or international level, is still a force to be reckoned with ! Kdrama no matter how will seek to find a female lead for rating sake even.
  6. forgive me if this was posted before: but i really loved this. cr.miner8 Updated: 2017-02-27 Who is Gong Yoo’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Gong Yoo (pls read the whole article.... i only highlight the part i loved so so so much. we have read many times of his ideal type, no harm read again, as mentioned by another , seems like a japanese blogger, Shuta Akahane?) His Ideal Type of Woman Gong Yoo has finally opened up and told the media what kind of a person would be considered his ideal type. Gong Yoo said in the TV show that his ideal types seemed different from what he had when he was younger, responding to a question about what type of woman he likes. He disclosed “I used to like a woman who has her own unique style but now I prefer an ordinary woman”. And he added “I probably can’t control anymore the kind of woman I used to like”, which brought smiles to the audience’s faces. The actor also mentioned that he would like some one who is a bit of a tomboy. He mentioned that innocent women are to his opinion somewhat boring and that he is more attracted to a tomboys. Gong Yoo even said that actress Yoon Eun Hye, who co-starred with him in Coffee Prince, is someone who fits the category of his ideal type. Gong Yoo confessed in the interview that he wants to get married before at the age 40 and also have a child. He said “I think it is important to have a life with a woman whom I love as an actor and also as a man. But I have no fantasies about marriage.” In addition he continued “Married life is going to be hard at times but I want to feel everything no matter how hard it is. I also wonder how it is like to see my baby who resembles me stare at me”. What do his Fans Think About his Lover His fans, not only from Korea but from Japan, are very anxious about the romance and marriage of Gong Yoo, since he fascinates a lot of women with his masculinity, kindness and sweetness. However he said in a interview “Dating somebody has become hard for me because I got used to being single.” Regarding marriage, he mentioned “I won’t try randomly choose a partner and just leave things to chance “. (the above pic is the one the Miner8 chose to post as part of the article. NICE !!!!) (let's all continue to go basking in the sunbeam of GongGo-joy. its another Step nearer to ship-docking and settling at the land. Happy Day3 of GE's freedom reclaimed / truth revealed / happiness realised..)
  7. yes yes, yes,. this person seems to know alot. i read that, and her Ideal description (pretty much all are mentioned many times in the past at this thread by many jongjoo shippers in past) is the one we should remind ourselves again and again... isnt JongSuk suit every ounce and inch of that description. Han Hyo Joo’s Ideal Type of Man has apparently changed over time. In a recent interview, she stated that when she was younger she was drawn to bad boys, but now that she is older her views have changed. Her ideal partner now is somebody who has a lot of understanding, somebody with whom she can be open and speak a lot. In another interview, the actress confessed that her ideal type of man is somebody who is cheerful and healthy. Han Hyo Joo would love to be in a relationship with somebody on whom she could depend on and that cared about her like a mother. She then added that she understands her ideals are very high: she doesn’t think there are many men who fit this description. (isnt' it both JS and HJ been talking and chatting like old friends during BTS.... they felt completely comfortable with each other.... so much so they are always physically close, isnt' it JS image totally friendly, and smiling, healthy and clean, nothing but a bad boy image, which she now abandon,.... isn't it that JS really like pampering her, protective over her like a 'guardian".... he looked totally like a man beside her,..)
  8. @frozentundra wow.. is it true. i am a changminer shipper before Jongjoo shiper. so i have zero problem with JCW pair up with HHJ in a drama.... because i believe both JCW has his Inspiration (muse) in life and HHJ has her One True Love already. this Beware of Woman, is a character that has to know a little of Taewando fighting... wow.. i would like to see HHJ try something diff from her other roles... try a little butt-kicking, should be fine. i was fighting for PMY, but if is is HHJ, i have completely no disagreement, its a complete hand-down YES for many of us.
  9. @ibru that's such a priceless report. is there any link to the original report? what i found was only twitter (should be in either cambodian or Thai language.) this 'recently' means how long ago? any knowledge of that? thanks for your report, ibru.
  10. @minwookie in case you do NOT know of this site; maybe you can post whatever haters' IG account there or bring it to that IG's attention. at the same time report to IG. please see the IG at Spoiler for fansagainstcyberbullying (which i guess was created in the beginning to defend Youngie. btw, i can't find the IG account that you posted, she deleted? and about "Queen 7 days". if they can't get anyone, maybe can consider Lee Joon Gi? (of cause my top prior is JCW.)
  11. one more for all my darlings here, and also to the Couple darling somewhere... "i am... not really good in expressing myself." "People judged me and criticized me for what they have seen." "People said i am too arrogant and mean." "And they approached me this way also." Youngie, we felt you, truly. its not because of you girl, its not because whether you are arrogant or not, mean or not.. its simply you are 'rumoured' to date their OPPA, or simply you are sailing on the Original Ship, which they want to sink so as to start sailing their princess-paper-boat.
  12. @angela0612 told u not bad right! i loved Remember. She's one awesome lady that, with great character , although Remember is a male centric drama and romance take back-seat... while its a whole lot of vengeance and saving dad, then saving self-memories loss... but the very little time PMY given, she made it shone with such selfless, at least her character was written to be so bold and witty and selfless and patience and trusting. ya, "they belong together!"
  13. i stumble upon this IG owner, healing_couple, she's real fun.... haha. cannot don't share here, hi anyone of you lurking is her, pls surface and want to thanks you> so sweet. cr.healing_couple same brand again, buy jacket get free hat. LOL. its Healing_couple again. post #2 cr. healing_couple. Healing Couple in synchronise puppy lover cr. healing_couple. one of the comments was fun: " These photos makes me giddy looks like the namja send his kisses straight towards the womans cheek who strike a pose for ig my delutional mind."
  14. CR. princesssohyun Hi all. just curious: the masked prince at top left should be L right? His eyes don't look like YSH. YSH's gaze is more of a solemn stern looks. this set of eyes has none of the heaviness. but i might be wrong, but it seems to be followed by the same scene he was facing the King-dad in the rain... can it be L, when he was mislead by the Pyunsoo Hwe, which is secretly backed by some fraction in the palace who wants to usurp the throne. that Top-Left prince in official royal gown seems to be holding some weapon to strike... maybe i am reading too much into that striking-sword pose but not too angst looks. @MiAmour hi, i remember you a yr ago @Remember-drama... long time no see.
  15. @aineofcebu talking about romancing. we (YSH fans) also dying to see him in a OTP role, love till the world's end kinda role. but i think you can envision his way of romancing is tilted towards the subtle, the shy, the silent gaze... the stealing glance... the hidden love-message... the embrace, the hand-hold accidentally. .... they won't be giving up a kiss by ep6 or ep8, haha. like many of the nowadays dramas, by ep4 or ep8, OTP are kissing like nobody business.... i guess, YSH and KSH will make you scratch your face to demand, to theaten, to plea, to pray ..... for a kiss scene.. until when they bestow, it will be like a blessing... sometimes silent and pending and yearning, is a torture, but a pleasing torture. haha. aineofcebu can work towards becoming a script-writer in future. yahaha