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  1. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11969961/chapters/28200822 Finale chapter of Shelter my Hearts. (Its a morning after. )
  2. @liltash85 @dolphin90 same here, i was thinking i wish to see a real life HJH and real Yoona one. like it is yoona the actress-singer that you are writing and not some one else and HJH the actor not a CEO. ... i preferred that actually. i read shipper fanfic that really used the actual ship couple real person as the character and it sound very organic. @saanjh sena many thanks, good, i will try to start today.
  3. oh, hi, @saanjh sena or @Juni Asat or @kim_nuong or @KdramaSwimmer or anyone ... @sakura22 @sejabin @ktcjdrama HELP. i need help .. i actually read there that One of you, do a research and discovered the diff sites which show the diff between International versions and Korean versions and OneAsia version..etc. can someone show me the diff sites so that i can start doing my re-watch for a recap. IF IT IS ILLEGAL to post sites at MT, pls DM/PM me the diff in sites, i need the 2 diff sites to do comparison., i was doing to do this for the last project on my "must-do-list'. pls help me, thanks . i want to rewatch the whole thing a 3rd time thoroughly.... and i keep pushing it off for a month.
  4. (same hat that he wore at the final scene)> cr. 이노우에 ‏ @inouesshi hm.... hard to find some sketches for Yoona #왕은사랑한다 #왕린 #홍종현 http://cfile25.uf.tistory.com/image/9964C03359E204113B4AA0 … http://cfile26.uf.tistory.com/image/99E0A53359E20411055F78 … http://cfile30.uf.tistory.com/image/99F0143359E204120403B7 …
  5. https://bodashiri.tumblr.com/post/163616145191/the-king-in-love-ep-1-4 Historical background to help understand The King in Love (2017 MBC) Yi Seung-Hyu : You said your name was Han-Cheon? Wang Won : Yes. Yi Seung-Hyu : On the left side of that name, the Chinese character Eon for “speech” is supposed to be added, isn’t it? Wang Won : (surprised) Yi Seung-Hyu : Han for “shore” and Cheon for “fountain”… combined together, Won for “endless”. Wang Won : You must be thinking further than you should be. Yi Seung-Hyu : I want to boast to you that I found out your identity through Paja (meaning “wordplay”), but I’ve seen you before, a long time ago. You are still the way you used to be. How have you been, Crown prince. ■ Alias breakdown through Paja (“wordplay”) Paja (파자 破字) is an old-fashioned wordplay using the fact that some Chinese characters are combination of existing characters. According to the Paja rule, our two boys’ aliases break down as follow. 謜 원 Won (meaning “endless”) = 言 언 Eon (“speech”) + 厂 한 Han (“shore, hillside”) + 泉 천 Cheon (“fountain, spring”) 潾 린 Rin (meaning “clear, crystalline purity”) = 水 수 Soo (“water”) + 粦 인 In (“goblin’s fire, ignis fatuus, will o’ the wisp”) That’s why Won is Han-Cheon and Rin is Soo-In. By the way, San (珊 산) means “coral” in Chinese character. So, there is a scene where Crown Prince Won presents her with a coral dagger in the original novel. Her alias in the drama is So-Hwa (소화 小花), but the English subtitle made a mistake. It is not So-Ah (little kid) but So-Hwa (little flower). another interesting analogy which has its roots in real korean culture: The Wolf-dog analogy Wang Won : My family raises a flock of sheep with the help of some sheep dogs. But one day, a wolf came and had a cub with one of the sheep dogs. Yi Seung-Hyu : A wolf-dog then huh? Wang Won : Will the wolf-dog follow the shepherd dog’s footsteps and be a good shepherd dog? Yi Seung-Hyu : How would I know? It’s up to the wolf-dog to choose. Wang Won : There is a problem. Yi Seung-Hyu : A problem? Wang Won : The flock of sheep are scared of the wolf-dog. Yi Seung-Hyu : Of course they are. Wang Won : What should be done to the wolf-dog? Kick it out? Or… due to the fear of the future… Kill it? In the mythology of the Mongols, blue wolves were believed to be the ancestors of Mongol people. Therefore, Won is now comparing himself to a wolf-dog which is neither a wolf (Mongol) nor a sheep dog (Goryeo royal). It also implies that he always think about committing suicide not to become the fear of his father & Goryeo people. (Sigh) cr. bodashiri.tumblr.com (me; i actually saw on the tribute-scroll list where San's name was written, it was actually written in chinese word (珊 산) means “coral”. on the Official Tribute name list which was held by the anchovy. San's name was 山 mountain; hill .) in red font: mine.
  6. about the e-version of the original Novel. "Wang-eun saranghanda" (aka The King Loves) you may check this out. @KdramaSwimmer in case you need this also for your first page for info regarding Novel. http://oohhkkay.tumblr.com/page/2 i will quote what she wrote in below in black, whatever in black font is her words: "First of all, I am a native Korean living in Seoul. It means I can easily buy the original novel (total 3 volumes) at a neighborhood bookstore, and that’s actually how I got the books. Second, I guess most of those who ask me about where they can buy or read the original novel are not a Korean. If you want an English translated version, Sorry. It doesn’t exist. So, I can’t help you. Third, if you are a non-Korean who can read Korean like a native, check out Naver bookstore. It is selling the e-book version. (Korean language only) http://book.naver.com/bookdb/book_detail.nhn?bid=11967398 http://book.naver.com/bookdb/book_detail.nhn?bid=11967399 http://book.naver.com/bookdb/book_detail.nhn?bid=11967402 Finally, I don’t recommend this novel to foreigners because it contains tremendous amount of difficult vocabularies which are unfamiliar even to native Koreans. If you are a history nerd who has enough knowledge about Korean history (especially Goryeo period), you can enjoy it without problem. But if not, you’d better forget about the novel and keep watching the drama. Actually, the drama is quite different from the novel. Remember that drama writer Song Ji-Na said she never read the original novel. In my opinion, this novel is not only a triangle romance but also an epic saga of Wang Won / King Chungseon of Goryeo. It’s more about how Wang Won became such a king we know in the history. The novelist interpreted his character through the fictional relationship with his two best friends, Rin and San. Plus, Wang Won’s sworn brother Khayishan plays an important role. (Khayishan is the childhood name of Kulug Khan. Wang Won helped him to ascend the imperial throne in 1307). Volume 3 of this novel is set in the Eurasian Continent including Taklamakan Desert, Khayishan’s battlefield in central Asia, and Tibet. However, I’ve never heard this drama filmed overseas, so it wouldn’t cover the volume 3 part of the novel. And to conclude, forget about the novel and enjoy the drama. I think this is a really good adaptation of the novel even though the details are almost 95% different from the original. (LOL) I have bought the eBook last week and it is really difficult to read lol, even though the Hanja helps… Still… But I love tonight’s ep!! Even though it’s so sad! The novel sounds really interesting, I hope I can finish it one day!" cr. bodashiri oohhkkay
  7. always find a man after washed hair out from the shower... (oh btw i never liked those abs flashing shower scenes). but i can buy at any times a fresh face, wet hair clothes loose hanging, hair dripping wet guy strolling out of hot bath.... esp Rin with his clueless blurr looks innocent as a lamb.... and there he goes, blink his clear crystal eyes again, asking "wae?".... " why you look"...... (and you think to yourself, this pic alone worth US$50 of my big money, oh....... ) esp you saw his clothes (Rin's ) was like not totally tight-fastening... and you thinking back mins ago... he was casually putting on....... oh... what am i saying,,.. and why am i typing this openly.... delete............
  8. hahaa, Breathless is breathlessly holding her breath posting and writting on Yoona HJH. https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2017/10/17/more-hong-jong-hyun/ more hong jong hyun… and the couple post which was just slightly before this. in case those who missed the earlier one https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2017/10/16/their-eyes-their-hands-their-chemistry/ their eyes… their hands… their chemistry these 2 articles just have to read together to have the feels. BREATHLESS, dear breathless, what can i do without you, breathing real air and life into our Reel to Real couple. the pic that tempt me to my deepest core in spoiler
  9. @Calligrapher btw, your hubby preferred Won or Rin? my bro also referred Rin and he thought San really liked Rin, and he also think that cage just means a cage, cage is nothing 'sweet' and 'comforting" and definitely not a metaphor, and it signify dominating. According to man's view, its their rights to protect and responsibilities to ensure safety, and even if you were to sacrifice freedom and comfort and peace of mind... to them, to some men securities means everything, and the measure they dump in to protect you as if you should thanks him for going that extra miles to make sure you are safe and be supplied for.... was mind blogging.... so how did your hubby think regarding Rin? what does he think about the infamous "Bro-code" and about Lying? i always hope to see thru how a man think about Rin's line of thoughts. huh about the scenes you are going to write.... see spoiler
  10. now i really admired Yoona even more, you see the original design, both front and back, Yoona take extra measured to cover up more portion to make it less revealing...
  11. OK, this is my ideal of 'tempting'. dripping wet Rin. oh, i am so going to find ways to order that. RinSan-ers, if your country has kinokuniya, they do pre-order for you, if you so request. (some times.) i remembered they brought in PhotoEssay books from dramas eg. MoonDrawn byCloud, DotS, even Saimdang Light's Diary, Goblin, WTwoWorld, try your local Mega bookstore, esp those Japanese ones. easily to order if you are willing to pay and wait. @Juni Asat put me under "Gaze Couple" for Sub-couple name. Yoona and HJH has killer gaze that even when their gaze didnt meet each other but stared into the distance as each of them shun the other, the gaze when one turned away, was too mesmerizing, such gazes is even more gratifying to behold than those kisses that has no chemistry between some otp. when you have Gaze such as these, who need dialogues? and i almost want to put "Hair Couple" because Yoona always played and played with his hair nonstop. that was the beginning of bts when people noticed their chemistry, she already played nonstop with his hair.
  12. @Calligrapher dear, dun say i corrupt you, in Archive of our owns that world of fanfic, its really common to write X with good tease... you just put to put a disclaimer that certain content will be included, read at your own discretion... i used to read Marvel heroes fanfic long ago, they are full of that, until my family shut me down on it and forbid. dear, you can always made it classy with good taste but arousing and alluring, "senses' is the ways. our Rin is very good with Gazes and hands, that even without kisses for so far into the drama, yet both are oozing with chemistry, far better than those OTP that kept churning out kisses but you cant identify with them. so, bring it on. we demand that. @Juni Asat you too. haha, i saw you changed your profile photo already. i EXPECTED THAT!!!!! WOAHAHAHA
  13. get from Yesasia, i wanted to, but has some problem with my account password, i lost the password . will try to get later thru another account. here http://www.yesasia.com/global/the-king-in-love-photo-essay-mbc-tv-drama/1062160064-0-0-0-en/info.html The King in Love Photo Essay (MBC TV Drama) Im Yoon A (Girl Generation) | Im Si Wan (ZE:A) Our Price: US$47.99 [~S$64.82] List: S$93.18 Save: S$28.36 (30%) Save for later Expected release date: October 20, 2017. Preorder Now!\ talking about the Essay book, i got another murmur. if this drama did not got entangled with ship-wars, and was actually popular. in fact this drama should be worthy of having those Director-cut DVD, which will throw in BTS clips, signatured photos, even photo book, a simple script, business Cards, bookmarks, huge posters.... etc. there are few very popular dramas which i chase after in past, which throw out Director cut. eg. Healer, WTwoWorlds, Goblin... i dont mind throwing in good money and was fully satisfied with the big packet of merchandises. TheKingLoves definitely worth having a DirectorCut DVD.. problem is, the Ship wars which instigated by MBC themselves, single handedly kill the prospect of having DVD Director-cut. i remembered some dramas even have Taiwan or HongKong publishers make Mandarin translation of the photo0-essay, or even script. i actually bought the Goblin korean script, if only The King Loves is willing to sell either the original Novel again, or jsut sell SongJiNa's script, i dont mind buying one, even if i do not understand it. but all hope down the drain because of the shipwars that MBC unwittingly produced.
  14. @Juni Asat because of the WGM couple, i dont really want anything to do with 'Jong', haha, i dont want anything that is close to that WGM shipname. so i will stick to anything with 'Hyun'. i always like the name Hyun, so actually my first choice was 'HyunA', which really sound like Yoona. (edit-add-on: but likely i am the only one choosing this, so just let me follow whatever majority like. no problem even if it is a Jong-something. ) so i choose HyunYoon.