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  1. is he still NS3 or now NS4?? are they reboot him or make him from scratch ?
  2. i really dont understand the real NS.he has bigger problems like seo , his father's case, his mum, his grandpa..but why is he try to prove KSB to she cant tell the difference. i can understand if he can hate NS3 but why is he making time for mere bodyguard to prove she is wrong.he should working on his problems... he knows that the most precious for NS3 is KSB. that means he can have the others. NS3 only wants KSB.
  3. i guess its NS3. cuz,in the trailer, he was talking with david wearing the same outfit while the real NS is listening their conversation about grandpa.
  4. while watching the tonights episode,i had a feeling that real NS "especially" trying to prove NS3 isnt a human being to KSB. the Real NS has anger issues thats for sure..but he didnt react that way when his mum and his hyung. and with tonight episode thats the second time,when the end of episodes the real NM looking the KSB's reactions.
  5. may i ask where do you watch that trailer. can you send me the link..pretty please
  6. is there a link to watch it live?? most of link are wont work. can someone send me streaming link in a message..please..
  7. is there any where to read the manhwa in english?? i only found kakao's page and that is korean...
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