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  1. Hey everyone! I received a respose in regards to my question about the stick in Ep.21: QUESTION: In Ep. 21, what names or words are written on the stick Wei Qing uses to teach Zhou Shi? He says it's the stick his father used when teaching him and it has his name on it but then Zhou Shi looks at the stick and says "there is another name-what is it?" or something like that and WQ snatches the stick back and says "never mind". Did anyone see what was writtenon the stick? @BTSF123 at My Drama List responded with this information: I'm not chinese so correct me if im wrong, but to answer Q1, the other name on the other side of the stick is xiaofeis name. Hahaha! Looks like Dad used the stick to teach both Wei Qing and Xiao Fei. No wonder WQ didn't want ZS to know anything. I just checked and Ep. 22-23 are now subbed so I'm off to watch them!
  2. Table122000

    anti love game

    Thanks to @Lmangla and @sushilicious for all your hard work organizing this "anti love" game event. Huge "thank you" to my partner @packmule3 for asking me to join her for this game and for playing with me. And thanks to everyone else who participated. I had a very fun time and enjoyed myself!
  3. Table122000

    anti love game

    The pm3tab team ( that's @packmule3 and me) answers for Day 5: Drama #1: Drama #2: Drama #3: Drama #4: BONUS: Our Thought Process: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/14/richard simmons-talk-anti-love-contest-day-5/ It was fun analyzing the dramas in our pillowfort. We definitely got this covered! Thanks, partner! Good Luck, everyone!
  4. Table122000

    anti love game

    I like our t-shirt design, @packmule3! I'm ready to head into the pillowfort later to analyze our drama picks!
  5. Table122000

    anti love game

    Our answers look good, @packmule3! Yeah, we got this anti-love contest! For shoes-no, I don't usually wear high heels. I'm in loafers or sneakers most days. Couple jewelry sounds good too, LOL! but the T shirt is more my (casual) speed! Goodnight partner!
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    anti love game

    Thanks so much for the mug, @packmule3! You are so good at drawing, what do you mean "not good"? I'll take the thunderbolt one. Yes, our partnership will "rain" supreme over this contest! LOL!
  7. Table122000

    anti love game

    Hahaha! What, no couple shoes/sneakers? LOL! Just kidding!
  8. Table122000

    anti love game

    Our logo looks good, @packmule3! Yeah, we got this anti-love game down. LOL! Although I have to say I appreciated those extra clues for Day 3.
  9. Thanks for clarifying about the jealous scenes-when I watched the first time, I thought WQ was more just upset that XF had been able to foil his plan to punish XF and make him leave the comfort of the studio, but now on rewatch I see he is a little jealous too. Yes, WQ engineered the whole thing with Professor Yan. After he saw the Art Senior classmate tell ZS he didn't think he could help her anymore and ZS begs him to stay, then WQ said to Secretary An " I need to see Professor Yan. Let's go." And then we have the scene where Art Senior tells ZS he can't tutor her anymore because Prof. Yan needs him on an urgent project. You have a good point about Xiao Fei. QUESTION: In Ep. 21, what names or words are written on the stick Wei Qing uses to teach Zhou Shi? He says it's the stick his father used when teaching him and it has his name on it but then Zhou Shi looks at the stick and says "there is another name-what is it?" or something like that and WQ snatches the stick back and says "never mind". Did anyone see what was written on the stick? At the end of Ep. 21, Zhou Shi finds the secret room in the basement of WQ house, but I am confused about what is the secret room? Is it supposed to be another studio/workspace of WQ father? Are the paintings there painted by WQ father, or is it a place where Wei Qing paints and the paintings are Wei Qing's? I thought when ZS first entered she looked at some of the paintings and said Wei Qing's name, but then she looked at a different painting and said that it was Wei Qing's father? Does anyone know what that scene was about? Also, were those blood stains on the chair or just red paint?
  10. I have finished Ep. 20-21. There was a lot of cute in these 2 episodes. I loved watching Wei Qing helping Zhou Shi with studying for her exams, although he was a strict taskmaster as @raziela pointed out. Although it was kind of mean for WQ to get rid of the Senior classmate tutor so he would be ZS only option. However, he was clearly a better teacher, so I'll have to forgive him. It was so funny when Secretary An appeared to Zhou Shi, saying that he knew just the person to help ZS. Someone who had lived and studied in the US, where they had received a fine arts degree, so they could help with both the art exam and the english exam. ZS was all "Really?!..This is great!" Until she realized they were heading back to the Chairman's office. Hahaha! Yes! That scene with WQ was sweet...aww....he was missing ZS so much. I'm surprised he lasted 5 days! And Secretary An trying not to laugh when WQ came into his office asking about ZS He totally knew what WQ was after. So food was what was in the backpack...hahaha! FF and BQJ are such good friends to ZS. It's nice to see girl friendships portrayed so sweetly here. They really do look out for each other. The fight scene at the beginning of Ep. 20 was really strange for me as I couldn't understand why the ex-boyfriend got so upset over what was really just a shove. Anyway, I'll agree that it was nice to see ZS kick some butt and be the one to save XF. Also liked the sexual tension with ZS treating WQ allergy, plus she was affected when he came out of the bathroom in only a towel. What were the scenes of jealous WQ? I can't believe I missed them! Please let me know. Poor Fei Fei is now under the misunderstanding that ZS and XF are a couple. She was so sad, but what a great friend to let it go and support them. The bad part is this situation is sending her back into Uncle's orbit because she thinks she doesn't have any chance with XF and she is trying to get over him. As for Wei Qing's mother,...really? She's just too much. Poor WQ! I was glad ZS and FF set her straight about how WQ came to the rescue of XF. I just wish XF could talk to WQ mother more since he seems to be the only person she takes seriously.
  11. Thanks for explaining things. I appreciate it. Can't wait to see all of the cute moments ahead for our OTP.
  12. I've watched ep. 18-19 and FINALLY Zhou Shi knows about Wei Qing's allergy/illness! Yes! Xia I'm looking forward to the two of them working together to find a cure and falling in love with each other. Other things I liked in these episodes: 1) ZS figuring out on her own about the reasons for Wei Qing avoiding touching people, as well as figuring out by herself the identity of Xiao Fei is Xun Ran. It was nice to see her character has a normal intelligence level since so many times these female leads are portrayed as clueless and can't figure anything out, even things that an average person would be able to understand. I also like that her character stands up for herself. 2) Xiao Fei coming to the rescue of Fei Fei, and Fei Fei finally being able to see Xiao Fei as a potential partner. 3) XF & FF kisses! Loved how XF kissed FF first, and then FF kissed XF again. Kudos to the actors for making the kisses relaxed and reciprocal, and not awkward and stiff. 4) Bi Qiu Jing singing the Periodic Table song at the karaoke! LOL! It was too funny. Also, loved how when FF told her to come with her to the toilet, BQJ said "but I haven't sung the english version yet!" Agree with @raziela it's the perfect song for her! Question for the forum: Why is Wei Qing moving into the art studio space above ZS apartment? Did he give a reason and I just missed it?
  13. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes/Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky has swept the Best of Korea 2018 Fan Poll at My Drama List! https://mydramalist.com/article/fan-polls-best-of-korea-2018-results-011013105 It's nice to see this drama receiving some more love at the "end of year" awards and polls. I have to admit I was surprised to see this drama win almost every category in the poll here since MDL had a lot of mixed comments when the drama was airing. Anyway, congratulations to cast and crew!
  14. Ep. 17 is fixed now and you can watch it with english subtitles. I just finished watching Ep. 16-17. CEO Ms. Xue likes Wei Qing. She doesn't know about his condition. Yeah, WQ mother does not treat him well. I laughed at the scenes of ZS being WQ "bodyguard" as well. In the episode, WQ asked her (well told her, really) to be his bodyguard for Ms. Xue's party and not to let anyone touch him. ZS took her job seriously! Haha! I loved the scene between Bai Qiu Jing and Li Meng Cheng these episodes. First, BQJ was so funny treating the mini home astronomy machine/planetarium like a baby, holding it in .her arms, and then she was afraid LMC was there to take it back. Haha. How cool was it that LMC sought BQJ out to help him solve the Yun Ma Art financial problems because she is better at math than he is? LOVED IT that again we saw a SMART WOMAN! And he was so cute feeding her and then covering her up with the blanket. Once again, Zhou Shi witnessed his care of Qiu Jing, but is still in denial. Fei Fei tried to let her down easy but it didn't work. I think she knows deep in her heart what's going on but doesn't want to face the reality. I was glad ZS remembered that passionate poolside kiss. Wei Qing continues to tease her, like when he told her he couldn't help her take off the necklace because it had a combination lock, and he forgot the passcode. I think he's falling for her and trying to distance himself. I was disappointed that once again WQ didn't tell ZS about his illness. How many episodes will pass before he tells her the truth? I'm getting a little impatient now with the drama dragging this out. Xiao Fei is falling for Fei Fei now. He was really upset that FF didn't ask him to be her escort for her class reunion. fei Fei is so protective of XF, even ordering him takeout for dinner on the night of the class reunion. As always, the episodes just flew by, and now the wait is killing me for the next episode!
  15. For Fei Fei -Exactly right! It was so ridiculous! When she started shivering I thought she was going to just put on the jacket and Xiao Fei would help her do it to make a romantic scene. Instead FF is just looking around- I was like " You're holding a jacket in your hands, woman. Use it!" As for me doing my own translations with Google Translate, et al- Obiously, this drama has made me crazy, but thanks. I'm not that computer savvy, so I'm sure there is probably a much faster and easier way to do translations out there. I just had to know what was being said by our two leads for a few scenes. Good news is I found out that Wei Qing does have a nice scene in Ep. 27 where he meets another woman who he is not allergic to and they have a nice chat, so I was glad to know about that since I had been worried about that aspect of the storyline. I can't wait to watch this scene again once it's subbed in english.