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  1. Good news! This drama is available with subtitles on Netflix.
  2. Agree! I thought her on screen chemistry and acting partnership with Lee Min Ki in Because This is My First Life couldn't be topped, but JSM and SIG proved me wrong. And you are so right that it's not the dialog that makes the difference but the body language and the expressions that are putting their performance to another level. Those 2 are just so in synch with each other. I do hope that they work together again. I agree with you that the bedscene in Ep. 10 was very well done. It has to be one of the best bed scenes I have seen in any drama, not just K Dramas. It was tender and it was REAL. It's very rare to see any type of uncertainty in a sex scene on screen, but here we got the awkwardness-giggles, shyness, slight pauses-that one has when with a partner for the first time. You really do feel the intimacy and connection between the 2 characters. And yes-so refreshing to see a woman take the lead and set the tone! Before MY was in charge, thinking more than feeling. Here JK leads and MY is emotionally engaged for the first time, so they are both "virgins" in a sense. That is a good point! The directing of the scene with the camera shots really did make it feel so natural and that the audience was witness to a true moment. Have to wonder how much improv there was by SIG and JSM, as I think this director encourages improv? Certainly all 3 must have discussed the scene in detail. Yes, everything was wonderfully done to show the innocence of first love. Agree with your points. Definitely shows contrast as compared to other scenes with Seung Ah. Another interesting observation that was raised in another forum by a person was that the bed scene emphasised the innocent, child-like love ( and their childhood connection) of MY and JK by having the 2 of them kneeling on the bed and raising their arms to take off each others shirts, like children raise their arms when being helped to dress or undress by parents. And yes, I wonder how much of the scene was written in the script, how much was decided through discussion with acting partner and director, and if anything was improvised, because the end result was very natural and quite different from most bed scenes with it's playful feel.
  3. Wow! Your final chapter was great! I liked how you had Jin Kang share Moo Young's dream of their talk in the forest under the stars as a way to incorporate that scene from the drama into your story since your fan fic was from Jin Kang's POV. Thanks for sharing your fan fic. Now that the drama is over, I want to read your story again from beginning to end. Nice work, and I'll look forward to your new stories in the future.
  4. I just have one thing to say right now after watching those chemistry YT videos. Seo In Guk and Jung So Min better win Best Couple Award for 2018! Whatever your opinion of this drama itself, there is no denying that those 2 actors totally embodied their roles and were on fire together on screen, to the point where they looked and acted so much like a real couple it was hard to remember they were just acting. I think I'm going to go post this comment everywhere i can think of now too.
  5. I'm waiting for this drama to be subbed since I don't speak Chinese. I hope that it gets subbed soon!
  6. JSM has best chemistry with SIG, hands down! That's why it is quite disappointing for me that I can't ship them in real life Second place goes to Lee Minki in Because this is my First Life! JSM was super, super adorable in the series, and LMK's deadpan, weirdo acting had me in stitches I still think DB is one of the best sites out there, too, that's why I still keep visiting it for the (usual) thought-provoking comments. It's just that lately, some members could come off as rude Anyway, what is this forum wherein most of the comments about TSHLYE are negative? @Table122000 Hey @teachermok Bride of the Century is pure fluff, and I hope you enjoy it! I'll be interested to hear your opinion on that drama. I was at website The Problematic of the Unproblematic. They have a weekly recap feature they call Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) where they talk about the dramas they are watching. I like to read the recap each week because the posts are often funny. The comments from the readers about TSHLYE were very negative, even though the moderators were enjoying the drama. Yeah, it seems to be a trend now in many of the sites/forums where people are just not thinking or editing their own posts, so they come off as rude or mean. Not sure why this seems to be happening more frequently now. Some people think that the fans posting now are a lot younger than in the past, and that age has something to do with it. I don't know if I agree. But it has been a part of the KDrama fan life probably since the beginning. @teachermok quote "I know that everybody is entitled to his/ her opinion, I'm just sad that some of the negative reactions/ comments I've read about TSHLYE are really harsh The show is polarizing, sure, still... I wish people wouldn't be that nasty. I probably should just stick to this thread when it comes to all things MooKang from now on." Agree with you. It is very sad that the comments are so harsh.
  7. For other SIG dramas, I've watched Reply 1997, I Remember You, Shopping King Louis. He usually has a nice chemistry with all his co-stars from what I have observed, but I think with JSM in this drama it went to another level. 2nd choice for me would be Jung Eun Ji in Reply 1997. Rumor was SIG had a crush on her during filming, so that may have contributed (if it's true). Question: What about JSM best chemistry with her acting partners? I think SIG is the best for me, although she seems to have nice chemistry with all her co-stars as well. What do others think? As for Dramabeans- It was one of the first fansites I found when I started watching KDramas, and I still think it's one of the best sites for KDramas. I'm mainly at DB for the recaps and the news sections, not the comments. Usually, I find most of the comments interesting and insightful, but, yeah, lately I've noticed there are some that can be a little dismissive in tone. I think that there are some new people posting at DB and they are very vocal, with a lot of posts, and these handful because they have lots of posts can sometimes change tone of discussion. But this can happen in any forum. I think I told everyone before that I was at a different forum (not DB) where the discussion for this drama was very negative, and a lot of the posts implied that if you like the drama then you were stupid. To be honest, I think it can be difficult to avoid the negativity for the Asian drama forums in general. Many of the fans are very passionate and so the discussion often gets heated, can come off as mean and rude. I've been to many other forums where discussion can get heated and suddenly turn into personal attacks, so called "fan wars". I think a lot of the tone for a forum depends on the people posting there and also the moderator. Some moderators are more proactive than others in keeping things civil on a board or forum. This drama has been particularly polarizing for viewers, so I think we see a lot more negative than usual. I'm just glad that this forum has been a positive place for drama discussion. And on that note, let me say Thanks! to everyone here for all your great posts, gifs, clips, info, etc. I've really enjoyed everyone's thoughts, analysis, and discussion throughout the drama. I'll look forward to seeing everyone again for the next drama!
  8. Thanks for your thoughts on the Jin Kang critics. And I don't see Moo Young as a hopeless romantic either. He's definitely a realist. Thanks for your thoughts about the Jin Kang critics. You bring up another good point in that Jin Kang did resist Moo Young even after Seung Ah's death, before finally giving in to her feelings. It wasn't an instant thing where she just forgot about SA once she died. And you have a good point about the nature of the JK and SA friendship. Were they really even that close? Seung Ah seemed to always be the "taker", with Jin Kang the "giver". 1) Yes, MY was definitely intrigued by JK from the very beginning. You could see his reaction when they were talking by the car when Jin Kang asked about which beers they would be serving. When JK asked detailed questions about the different types showing her detailed knowledge of the brand, he perked up a bit. And then asked if she was the owner of the car- and was disappointed when she said she was not. Then he went out of his way to give her the special type of beer she had asked about, which she then gave to her brother, and MY was intrigued again since her reaction was not what he expected. 4) I think Jin Gook does like Tak in a romantic way, but he's buried his feelings to the point where he doesn't realize that he likes her. I think he felt like he didn't deserve to be in a romantic relationship with anyone and totally focused on Jin Kang for all those years. So Tak is in the friendzone. I think Tak would have to be very blunt and open with jin Gook about her feelings for him in order to for JG to change. I'm thinking about giving Memories of the Alhambra a try. I like Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye and the writer is the same person who wrote Nine Times travels and Queen In Hyun's Man, so I think the plot will be interesting. Right now I'm rewatching rom com Bride of the Century because I need something light and cute after TSHLYE. Bride of the Century is just pure fluff and silly and the 2 leads are too cute! My all time favorite rom com is Marriage, Not Dating and I might watch that again after I finish Bride of the Century. I enjoyed this chapter as well, and I''l look forward to your take on the final episode.
  9. Okay, I have watched Ep. 15-16 with subs. While I was hoping for a happy ending until the very last minute, I can accept the sad ending of this drama because it made sense within the context of the drama. Also, Moo Young and Jin Kang died without any misunderstandings between them and acknowledging both their shared history and their love for each other. Bonus: they did not kill each other or commit suicide. Rather, a third party (the secretary) was responsible for their deaths. So many drama endings don't make sense and thus are difficult to accept. But the writer(s) of this drama had laid the groundwork all throughout the episodes so that when the finale came, it was understandable to me and was a reasonable ending. And I was very glad that this version changed the ending to where they were not blood siblings and we did not see misunderstandings lead to a murder-suicide of the 2 leads. For me, while the Japan version ending was shocking and extreme, I wasn't really that emotionally invested in the characters, so I was more of a detached viewer. This Korean version ending was more impactful to me because I was emotionally invested in the characters. Overall, this drama has to be one of the best melodramas I've seen. Writing, acting, directing, cinematography, production values were all stellar. And while everyone in the cast did a good job in their roles and everyone worked well together, I have to give a special kudos to the 3 leads- Park Jung Woong, Jung So Min, and Seo In Guk. Amazing work done by them all. The chemistry between SIG and JSM was on fire all during the drama. When those 2 were together, I was riveted to my screen, because they felt like a real couple. Please let them work together again in another drama soon, preferably a fun rom com. We can't let that acting chemistry go to waste! A question for the forum: I've seen a lot of criticism in other places for the Jin Kang character beginning a relationship with Moo Young character because MY was her best friend Seung Ah's boyfriend. It usually goes like this" MY slept with your best friend, how can you date him?" Some people hate on JK as they believe MY "killed" SA, so how can JK date her friend's killer? I have a difficult time understnding these posts because to me: 1) Jin Kang was very conflicted about her feelings for Moo Young and struggled mightily with them, and we viewers saw her struggle with her feelings. When SA was alive, JK did feel guilty about her feelings and tried to stop herself. Plus, she did not actively pursue MY ever when he was SA's boyfriend, even when SA told her MY broke off the relationship. She only started the relationship after Seung Ah died. Seung Ah is gone, so why must JK not allow herself to love? I guess I don't see the reasoning behind why this would be a tarnish on SA memory? 2) JK did not know the reasons behind MY and SA being in the car together, so to her he was never a "killer". Why do viewers criticise when JK had no knowledge of Moo Young's manipulations?
  10. No. Jang Se Ra lied and created a fake document that said MY and JK were blood related siblings, and lied to Moo Young that Jin Kang was his blood sister. So it's time honored "fauxcest" trope where the characters believe they are blood related and are committing incest, but in reality they are not. Unfortunately, Moo Young believes Jang Se Ra. Hopefully, the truth will be revealed to the characters before tragedy happens. Edit: Oops, I see @aisling already answered the question.
  11. It's been a long time since I saw the original Japan version of this drama, so in order to prepare myself for these final episodes I watched the final episode of the Japan drama. This version has been consistent in following the Japan script and hitting the major plot points and story arcs, although the execution has often been different, even if the drama covers the same plot points. There was a lot I didn't remember, so I'm glad I had the refresher. I just read the recap at Dramamilk for Ep. 15, and... YES! As I (and others) suspected, Jang Se Ran played Moo Young! MY and JK are not siblings! JSR made it up! She confessed to the secretary that once she figured out that JK was the key to controlling MY, she had a fake family registry done saying JK was MY sister. So they are going the fauxcest route. Unfortunately, Moo Young believes that JK is his blood sister and now that he has killed Se Ra I don't know how the truth will come out before tragedy. Can this drama still be saved from death and destruction? I don't know. Real life intervened, so I haven't been able to catch up here in this thread, but I'm hoping I can catch up now and comment more later on. Subs are going to be out slower for me because of Thanksgiving holiday, since Viki relies on the volunteers. Why did the last episode have to be out Thanksgiving day-aargh! Not sure if Dramamilk recap will be out either since I think that blog is also from US, so they will be having holiday as well.
  12. OK Just watched the preview clips at TVN channel on You Tube so they get the views count there. My reaction: NOOOOOO! What a heartbreaking scene with Jin Kang crying and begging at Moo Young's door. I still don't believe they are blood siblings, but that preview sure looks like they will use a fauxcest misunderstanding to drive the plot in a similar direction as the Japan original. For sure, I think there will be death at the end. I'm steeling myself for these final 2 episodes. @scarletlover1 "MY, I will say this once. GET A DNA TEST NOW." YOU ARE SO RIGHT! This would be the logical route to take, but somehow I don't think it will happen.
  13. I'll miss the MooKang couple as well, and also hope that SIG and JSM will work together again on a light rom com. It's a shame to let that acting chemistry go to waste. I'll miss this forum too. It's been so nice to have a positive place to go for sharing and discussion for this drama since a lot of blogs/forums are either not covering this drama or have a negative vibe. It's been fun! Yes. I'm also worried about the last 2 episodes having a fauxcest misunderstanding which leads to all the tragedy. I hope things are clear and the drama producers don't rely on that old trope, because this has been such a good production so far and the drama and the viewers deserve a better ending than using that. Well, Jin Kang's name is not her real birth name. We don't know what Jin Kang's real name is. I don't think that the "Kang" part of her name refers to her real name at all, and so I think that there is a strong possibility that she is the daughter of the 2 victims. However, I see your point. We will have to wait for the last episodes to know for sure.
  14. YES! Everything points to there being just ONE child. Both the newspaper article and Team leader's interview by the secretary both only mentioned one child of the murderer. I also really hope that Moo Young remembers these facts and we don't get a "fauxcest" misunderstanding at the end of the drama. He should definitely just ask Jin Gook outright. I am wondering the same thing. I watched the subs and there is no exact mention of 2 children on the registry, but things are vague. I read at another forum a poster said they thought Jang Se Ra said something that there was only one child on the family register, but none of the translations that I have seen have her saying anything like that. I agree. Jang Se Ra will definitely be the catalyst for all the bad stuff to happen in the final episodes. The drama has been pretty much following the original Japanese script, with a few changes here and there, but I think that Jang Se Ra's character will probably share the fate of her Japan counterpart, and also be messing with Moo Young, same as she messed with Ryo. I hope so as well. If the drama is going for a tragic ending, I hope that Moo Young and Jin Kang will be together in the end, united, with no misunderstandings or lies between them. As I said before, I'd rather see a sort of "Bonnie & Clyde" ending where MY and JK are on the run and have a final showdown. Please not the Japan ending of Yes. The conversation between Jang Se Ra and her secretary was vague and confusing. Plus her comments to Moo Young about how he was "clueless". Everything prior to this scene is strongly pointing to Jin Kang being the child of the other 2 people who were killed by MY Dad. Jin Gook, Tak, Team leader, all do not mention that MY had a sibling. The newspaper article clearly states MY mother ran away to the religious cult/commune with one child. The other thing that I am wondering about is the ages of the children shown in the flashback scenes. We know from past episodes that Moo Young was 5 years old when his Dad was shot. Since the newspaper article specifically states that there was only one child with MY Mother when she left the father, this means if Jin Kang was really MY sister then she could only be 2 years old, because MY mother would have to be pregnant and not give birth yet, but the girl in the flashback looks older than 2 years to me. Plus Jin Kang says that she is turning 30, and Moo Young says he is 30 yrs old-, which would mean that there is only one year (or less) between them, not 3 years which would be the case if MY mom gave birth immediately after leaving MY Dad. Also, I have this question- if Moo Young's mother ran away from Moo Young's father and he could not locate them for 2 years, doesn't this mean that MY Mother did not want to see MY Dad ever? Why would she report the birth of her child and put it on his family register? Why give MY Dad any information at all that he could use to track her and MY down? All this makes me wonder if the drama is trolling us with the Jang Se Ra scene? Like, they are not showimg things that they will show later on to prove that MY is an only child. And for whatever reason, Se Ra is messing with Moo Young?