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  1. @shanzay01 You have to have started the thread or be a moderator to edit the title. It's fairly simple to do. Just go to your first post and press the 'Edit' button. As well as the post itself, the thread title appears along with some other options to work with. Like so:
  2. @Geumbi16 I can't help with the OST, maybe @0ly40 can. You can check out this tutorial on how to post images here at Soompi. And if you want to upload images you can look here on where to do it.
  3. Hello @sarayori Welcome to Soompi! Yes you have to post five times in order to create a new thread. If you haven't checked it out, this thread or forum tutorial will be a huge help in navigating the site and will answer a lot of your questions. Have fun
  4. It depends on the privacy settings but you should be able to download with this tool. Have fun
  5. Hello all Gobin Lovers Just a friendly reminder to keep the discussion on track about the drama, and leave actors and actresses to their discussion threads in this forum. We all have our partialities, but please be considerate of others opinion even if it contradicts our own. There's nothing like a good debate but just remember it has it's appropriate place. I haven't watched this drama yet, but it looks good especially from the enthusiasm of this thread. Keep on enjoying the drama
  6. Hi @gracekk You can post anywhere you like, wherever your fancy takes you. If your talking about when can you start creating new threads, then you have to have a minimum of 5 posts under your belt. This Forum Tutorial should answer any further questions you may have. Welcome to Soompi
  7. I like this widget. My Korean name is ..... Moon Rin Rin
  8. I find myself drawn back to this drama again and again. To say it wasn't without it's flaws would be an understatement, yet despite all the shoddy editing and somewhat questionable pacing, I liked it. And yes, I even liked the ending once I had time to absorb it. So what have they left us with? Well it's an open ending that's for sure. We didn't get Wang So in the present day. **Sob** Nor did we get the pair meeting which would have been the perfect ending. But we did get a promise - a statement of fact that no matter the place or time, he would find her again. It's bittersweet and not what I had envisioned yet it's this promise that fills me full of hope for our OTP. No matter how many seasons or years may pass, no matter where they may find themselves, no matter who they are, they will find the other piece of their soul again. Because that's what they are - Soulmates. Their love transcends time and space. They've left it open ended for a sequel which will never see the light of day. So it's left to our imaginations Eclipses. Thank God we have that left to us otherwise this drama would be truly depressing. Thanks for the journey my fellow Eclipses. It's been a pleasure being part of this thread and this wonderful drama. I'll still be hanging around but I'm sure at some stage I'll have to let this drama go and move on. Hope to see you all around the forum at some stage in the future. Virtual Hugs to you all.
  9. WHAT Did I just watch?? They have so set it up for a sequel. .... but will we even get that with the poor ratings the show has had?... we may need to start an online petition Eclipses
  10. Finale Episode Eclipses 'Hwaiting' \^o^/ @sooji28 @MoOnLoVeRz @deabakdrama @wackeemarie @innrukia @junee22@Sarang21@hitomebore08 @dears @tanaqvi @Tata Lata @thenagain @ktcjdrama @feignedreality @FarHanah MiSeu @kilovekyo @Mona Ys @Yongzura @moonlover399993 @nchoerunnisa @mamamya88 @kiotzo @YeongYi @ilovekorearocks @sutcliff @Joongier @pigsflyy @13701693478 @jerboa83 @hobeverly1212 @yuhotarubi @angelangie @SizzlerZ @chickenchopflipflop @momono7 @fairyalice @rtl @AuroraSky @MyMindIsASnowflake @sarasona @staygold@kriswu @lilac_alex @zi4r @iridescentmoth @AyaA @Ainee Etp @dramu51ch0c10ve @Lady_Lara @deabakdrama @berny @dfun @MiharuD @kyar7jizhenll @nearsea @lxands @redfrommars @kriswu @12blbl@MrKobegiant @jetsu @hiluna @churasan @arabela @novemberschopin @Isache @luvkstyle @princess16 @clarissasan @Hapiangle @faeriealice @andy78@Putri Dewi @Chaeul @cosmogirl77 @onemella @Adnana @irilight @Gabi Bros @xiaozhu @ossy91 @chi13lou @pwnkl @itzibitzispider @millie10468 @lostmymusic @TeBe @atsu-chan @valsava @Glamour90 @dash9 @heartforkdrama @Rosemary83 @LoveSG @carmens @tessieroo @minmar @Tang Soon @jetsu @skxz @whyo @MadraRua @sriskaddict @chrissylee @Niki Azia @peny @kawaiibooty @ilia @Carmarie @juenmyrue @kdramakrazy @ain83 @dhia205 @lisethvr @evok @MAROSA_JIN @mynameiswat@valentvcd @xoxobleach @redlion@Niki Azia @Le_Amarant @mabelialong @aprilslily @cedarwood @patoi @meahri_1 @fathiayunia @outofspace @Yippeuni @sunl0ver @KdramaSwimmer @solelylurking @Lady_Lara @uuugogirl @Akiddo @40somethingahjumma @shiraru @littleloony @rei_smasher11 @louisawatson @soph_t @arabela @xiao_baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @MrKobegiant @Table122000 @pwnkl @redfrommars @lisethvr @chdom @lolalarue @flower4junsu @winterbubbletea @IAmSoulReader @USAFarmgirl @solelylurking @ruizaio @luci13 @Diana Blanche @hazzle @icesnowman @Mau_Cherry @Yeekrfan2 @luna07shiro @atsu-chan @rumasa79 @ilia @sharreb @sunshinefate @thunderman1 @Gitakawaii @ruzikie @violet90 @UnniSarah @simplyme_crazyme @Bambiina @shairli @akinahana89 @jlover1001 @luci13 @briseis @kuanphing @zagigirl @trizha @LyraYoo @bebebisous33 @snowglobe147 @Tinkiebell @lovedrama11 @ahriev @liddi @blue003 @cmluv @rumasa79 @edensor @here4da0ppas @hanatanada @lily_white @shiqin3381 @Lyna @vangsweetie637 @glacial @fengari @honeyapricot @inner @ElleSor @winwin12 @lavendre @sebnem @esma-div @Chickpea @DJG @aniliaz @brielover @ChyuuNyuu @carmens @dwookie @junejungki@special_bee @smitten1710 @cmoirae2 @penelop3 @riuenu @onemella @mewtwo @car148 @RoxanaR @Lmangla @Rosemary83 @potatohead @frostfire @Umi_ni_Sora @chelseab @wordsmyth0253 @bingewatcherinsomniac @mitheone @bim2 @Sue Lee @snowy21 @qwenli @Angiiee @kaoriharang @ailee2 @kuchie09 @Evangeline Yang @Aramyas @lclarakl @destinywitch @butterflysaga @bitofmadness @lovedrama11 Thanks in advance to all the re-cappers, commentators and image posters. I'm so not ready for this series to be over.... yet the Finale - Bring It On Live Streaming Links:
  11. If I had not met him, I would not yearn for him. If I didn’t meet him, I wouldn’t keep thinking about him. If we were not together, I would not have to disappear. If I did not treasure him, I would not have all these memories. If I didn’t love him, we wouldn’t have to throw each other away. If we had not been face to face, we would not have to throw each other away Perhaps… if I had not met you at all. Cr: lavenderbyun **Sob** Please Drama Gods... let's have a happy resolution for our OTP tomorrow.. Happy Halloween Eclipses
  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but IF Hae Soo is to marry Wook, what are the chances she's already pregnant with Gwangjong's child?? That would explain perhaps how his progeny end up on the throne right?? Or am I reading too much into this?? Are we all ready Eclipses? Checklist: Tissues Chocolate Live Stream Alcohol? (we may need it) though it's early in the day here Let's all have a group hug We may need it
  13. Episode 19 Eclipses 'Hwaiting' \^o^/ (Let me know if I've missed your name and I'll add you to the final roll call) @sooji28 @PrincessMe2515@MoOnLoVeRz @deabakdrama @wackeemarie @innrukia @junee22@Sarang21@hitomebore08 @dears @tanaqvi @Tata Lata @thenagain @ktcjdrama @feignedreality @FarHanah MiSeu @kilovekyo @Mona Ys @Yongzura @moonlover399993 @nchoerunnisa @mamamya88 @kiotzo @YeongYi @ilovekorearocks @sutcliff @Joongier @pigsflyy @13701693478 @jerboa83 @hobeverly1212 @yuhotarubi @angelangie @SizzlerZ @chickenchopflipflop @momono7 @fairyalice @rtl @AuroraSky @MyMindIsASnowflake @sarasona @staygold@kriswu @lilac_alex @zi4r @iridescentmoth @AyaA @Ainee Etp @dramu51ch0c10ve @Lady_Lara @deabakdrama @berny @dfun @MiharuD @kyar7jizhenll @nearsea @lxands @redfrommars @kriswu @12blbl@MrKobegiant @jetsu @hiluna @churasan @arabela @novemberschopin @Isache @luvkstyle @princess16 @clarissasan @Hapiangle @faeriealice @andy78@Putri Dewi @Chaeul @cosmogirl77 @onemella @Adnana @irilight @Gabi Bros @xiaozhu @ossy91 @chi13lou @pwnkl @itzibitzispider @millie10468 @lostmymusic @TeBe @atsu-chan @valsava @Glamour90 @dash9 @heartforkdrama @Rosemary83 @LoveSG @carmens @tessieroo @minmar @Tang Soon @jetsu @skxz @whyo @MadraRua @sriskaddict @chrissylee @Niki Azia @peny @kawaiibooty @ilia @Carmarie @juenmyrue @kdramakrazy @ain83 @dhia205 @lisethvr @evok @MAROSA_JIN @mynameiswat@valentvcd @xoxobleach @redlion@Niki Azia @Le_Amarant @mabelialong @aprilslily @cedarwood @patoi @meahri_1 @fathiayunia @outofspace @Yippeuni @sunl0ver @KdramaSwimmer @solelylurking @Lady_Lara @uuugogirl @Akiddo @40somethingahjumma @shiraru @littleloony @rei_smasher11 @louisawatson @soph_t @arabela @xiao_baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @MrKobegiant @Table122000 @pwnkl @redfrommars @lisethvr @chdom @lolalarue @flower4junsu @winterbubbletea @IAmSoulReader @USAFarmgirl @solelylurking @ruizaio @luci13 @Diana Blanche @hazzle @icesnowman @Mau_Cherry @Yeekrfan2 @luna07shiro @atsu-chan @rumasa79 @ilia @sharreb @sunshinefate @thunderman1 @Gitakawaii @ruzikie @violet90 @UnniSarah @simplyme_crazyme @Bambiina @shairli @akinahana89 @jlover1001 @luci13 @briseis @kuanphing @zagigirl @trizha @LyraYoo @bebebisous33 @snowglobe147 @Tinkiebell @lovedrama11 @ahriev @liddi @blue003 @cmluv @rumasa79 @edensor @here4da0ppas @hanatanada @lily_white @shiqin3381 @Lyna @vangsweetie637 @glacial @fengari @honeyapricot @inner @ElleSor @winwin12 @lavendre @sebnem @esma-div @Chickpea @DJG @aniliaz @brielover @ChyuuNyuu @carmens @dwookie @junejungki@special_bee @smitten1710 @cmoirae2 @penelop3 @riuenu @onemella @mewtwo @car148 @RoxanaR @Lmangla @Rosemary83 @potatohead @frostfire @Umi_ni_Sora @chelseab @wordsmyth0253 @bingewatcherinsomniac @mitheone @bim2 @Sue Lee @snowy21 @qwenli @Angiiee @kaoriharang @ailee2 @kuchie09 @Evangeline Yang @Aramyas @lclarakl @destinywitch @butterflysaga @bitofmadness @lovedrama11 Thanks in advance to all the re-cappers, commentators and image posters. This episode is going to be a heartbreaker, tissues at the ready Eclipses Live Streaming Links: