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  1. This was a cute moment He's really into her They are so trolling us with the ending scene...someone will interrupt...
  2. More tender moments. I can't believe they didn't kiss. I'm guessing Episode 12 @bebebisous33.... it won't happen until he's ready... which might take awhile seeing as he shied away on this occasion.... Pucker up Boyo
  3. Anyone else getting a Team America Kim Jung Il vibe off this guy?
  4. @penelop3 No idea although I think the production team is going for "she worked them over pretty bad" lol Tender Moments
  5. I hope you find this tutorial useful and if anyone has another alternative to making gifs, then please do post it here to share with the community.
  6. EXID’s Junghwa & Kim Jin Woo Cast for Web Drama ‘Mask’ EXID member Junghwa and actor Kim Jin Woo will be appearing in the upcoming web drama ‘Mask’, where they’ll most likely play love interests. On March 10th, the stars’ casting was confirmed, and reports state that the two are already preparing to film the production. It’s said that ‘Mask’ will begin filming at the end of March, as the production team is still currently in deliberation of the broadcast date, the format in which the drama will be filmed, etc. ‘Mask’ will revolve around the storyline of a magical mask that has the ability to change a person’s appearance into an attractive one when worn. Junghwa will play the role of Anita, who is a member of the fictional girl group Masera. Anita is someone who had received the aid of the mask, transforming into a beautiful starlet from her previously unattractive appearance as Lee Chae Ri. Actor Kim Jin Woo play the role of Yoon Yoo Noh, a man who finds himself attracted to Anita as she resembles the appearance of his deceased, former love. It seems fans can look forward to a fantastical drama with ‘Mask’! Are you excited to see Junghwa as the lead role in this new web drama?
  7. No cast confirmed. Will lock this thread until said confirmation of at least one actor.
  8. 'Star Star Daughter-in-law' Update: T-ara's Eunjung Confirmed To Star In Upcoming MBC Drama A representative of MBK Entertainment recently revealed that T-ara's Eunjung will be appearing on a new MBC daily drama titled "Star Star Daughter-in-law." Star Star Daughter-in-law. (Photo : OfficialKmusic/Twitter) Latest updates have confirmed that T-ara's Eunjung will be returning to acting and she will be appearing in a new MBC daily drama. T-ara's Eunjung is scheduled to return to her acting roots in the upcoming MBC weekday drama "Star Star Daughter-in-law." MBK Entertainment recently revealed that T-ara's Eunjung will be appearing on a new MBC daily drama titled "Star Star Daughter-in-law." A representative of MBK Entertainment is reported to have said that T-ara's Eunjung has been confirmed to appear in "Star Star Daughter-in-law" as Hwang Eun Byul. The representative stated that this was as a result of her tireless efforts in the movie industry. However, "Star Star Daughter-in-law" will be T-ara's Eunjung return to the small screen after 3 years, Allkpop reported. T-ara's Eunjung was last seen in the SBS drama "Endless Love" in which portrayed the role of Tae Cho Ae. Latest updates reveals that T-ara's Eunjung will be taking on the role of the character of Hwang Eun Byul in "Star Star Daughter-in-Law." According to the storyline, Hwang Eun Byul is a twin and a writer who also works with a book publisher. T-ara's Eunjung will play the role of Hwang Eun Byul, who is a talented ghostwriter and employee of a publishing company. The storyline of "Star Star Daughter-in-law" also reveals that Hwang Eun Byul grew up in a situation where she have to constantly concede and accommodate the needs of her twin sister. Soompi reported that her twin sister happens to be their mother's favorite daughter. In addition, the twin in the upcoming drama will end up marrying into rivaling families, and "Star Star Daughter-in-law" will feature the characters as they try to work through the conflicts that are created by the situation by communicating with each other and also a positive attitude. "Star Star Daughter-in-law" is scheduled to premiere this coming April after the currently airing drama, "Person Who Gives Happiness." Credit to @Hanyeoun for the link
  9.맛_좀_보실래요 This is not confirmation. The actress is in talks, it only says her appearance is likely. Please refrain from starting new threads until one of the main leads has been confirmed preferably on an English site. Thread will be locked until said confirmation.
  10. Moderator Note: I have merged the two threads for this upcoming drama. For future reference, please check to see if a topic has been created before making a new one. Also if you see a duplicate thread, then please do report it. Thank you
  11. Thanks @jughead2000 Because of the conflicting reports, I'll close the thread again until we have concrete confirmation of casting. I'll keep an eye out on the usual drama sites but if anyone has a good source before then please let me know via PM. Sorry for any confusion and thanks for your patience. Edit: Thanks to @ilwoo_aein we have confirmed that Ji Chang Wook is cast.