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  1. @CatchMine_ID That just means you've hidden your online status. You can switch that option on or off in your profile settings. Go to account settings and Profile and you'll see the option down below. For more information visit this tutorial on your status.
  2. Aww @CamelKnight I'm sorry.. i'll make you one just for yourself
  3. There's the main site - News and then there's the Forums. There's a faulty script when the two merge that cause you to land on the Word Press page upon logging in. But you don't have admin access to the site, only the editorial team and admin do. So there's no security risk, don't worry. It's as secure as it can possibly be.
  4. You've two options: 1. Tag them individually when you begin to compose your message Or 2. Send the message to one and add members to the conversation like so:
  5. @floweryyy We've your problem solved. To get the 'About Me' and 'Activity' tabs you have to enter information into your about me. Go to your profile - edit and enter something into the about me box. Hit save and you should be showing the tabs. To get your activity feed working, go to Edit Profile and toggle the switch for activity feed to on or green. Hit save once you do.
  6. @Lmangla We are aware of some issues that have arisen after the maintenance on the site. Limited font colours is one of them. We have raised a support ticket and hopefully these issues will be fixed soon. Thanks for your patience and do let us know if you find anything else amiss
  7. I've looked at your profile and indeed you seem to be missing those tabs I've raised a support ticket so we'll see what they say. Hopefully we'll get this sorted for you
  8. @LoveBangWon Mine is gone as well But don't worry. We've just done maintenance so it shouldn't take long for it to catch up again.
  9. @floweryyy Go to your profile page and you'll see it just under the Activity tab. Enter your message, update and it'll show on your feed.
  10. Train to Busan review – a nonstop zombie thrill ride Read the full review on The Guardian. I can't wait to watch this ,
  11. Yes your right. For whatever reason, that option is not showing in Chrome. I just tried it out in Mozilla and got the same result as you. But I've no idea why it's working in one and not the other. Maybe the forum is more compatible with the Mozilla platform. Let's see if @CamelKnight has any ideas?
  12. Here you go @LMHolic It's not as pretty as the gif @Moonrain posted but I just straight copied it from that episode
  13. For you @Marian16 and all the pervy ahjumma's here in the LOTBS thread (I'm one of you) The kiss in full
  14. By resolution, do you mean size? Just copy and paste your image to your post. Click on the image itself until it's highlighted in blue. A small option should pop up showing you the size of the image and giving you the chance to change it. You can also hotlink the image to a link of your choosing. Follow what I do in the second gif.... Cr: golgelerimparatorlugu If you want to change the file size itself, Soompi doesn't give you that option. You have to do it manually but there are sites out there that you can do it at such as LunaPic.