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  1. @CamelKnight It's a legal thriller but there are hints of romance in there too. Plus the tension just ratchets up every episode. ---- Whisper
  2. I totally agree with all your wrote. The only sticking point for me would be Jung II. He is as machiavellian as he is portrayed to be. As Young Joo pointed out, it wasn't for Soo Yeon's sake alone that he killed the reporter. She was only supposed to stop the reporter handing over the dossier on Bogook Industries. Jung II had more to lose from the leaking - his fathers reputation and it follows his own plus his large inheritance - therefore he silenced the reporter the only way he knew how. He is totally without scruples. You could see from the last episode that he seriously gave thought to pushing Dong Joon to his death on the rooftop. What stopped him? Maybe it wasn't convenient or he would be shown on CCTV. Either way he gave it serious consideration. He's already tried to ruin Dong Joon's reputation and then put his life in jeopardy with the gangster meet. I think he's learned nothing from his murdering ways but to be more cautious and delegate the task to someone else. And he doesn't love her. I don't think he's capable of that emotion. When it came down to it, he readily put her head on the block instead of his own, albeit a few squinty eyes here and there. But he didn't seem to be half as affected as her. Their love had a price after all. So it follows that it was not much of a love after all. That fish was totally gross. When it first came out I did a double take. I know it served to underline the ruthlessness of both parties at the table but was it really necessary?? Edit: I had to put it in spoilers because it's so disturbing.
  3. I'm sorry but she's no victim. Her life choices have brought her down this dark twisted path. She had a chance at a new start with Dong Joon on their wedding day, but chose to continue having an illicit affair with Jung II even after she promised her father she would stop it if he saved Jung II. At every step of the way, she has chosen to bury the truth and work with Jung Il in his deceptions. A victim would at least have a guilty conscience from a skewered moral compass. She doesn't have that guilty conscience. She only went to Dong Joon and Young Joo out of a sense of self preservation. She's a spoilt child and an even more entitled woman. Let's not confuse your admiration for the actress with the manipulative wench she plays as a character.
  4. Ok, so I missed much of that live due to a lagging stream. I don't really know what happened just the end when she was going to the authorities. So I'll watch the subbed episodes tonight and get back to you folks. Whisperers Hwaiting
  5. Young Joo switches the USB from Dong Joon,.... looks like she is going to hand it over to the authorities... so she double crossed him.
  6. I give up... Neither of my two streaming sites are working.. grrr... extremely frustrating. I'll have to rely on you guys for the recaps. Thanks
  7. HELLO Whisperers Livestream coming up @andy78 @Tango27 @Gerry58 @sakura2016 @triplem @bedifferent @jangseo_wanjina @MiAmour @sin hoonsim @uknowahah @glee77 @yujinlimb @DIEHARD_delulu @Soleram @justamom @picadrama @yonaomi123 @imgreatgal @diane90 @peachpink @giegie @lovehbhjw2013 @sava2sava @zagigirl @dhakra @USAFarmgirl @stroppyse @Chellsee @ferily @Lawyerh @Go Seung Ji @hushhh @jacquelinetan @Chowderina @Berou @Asianspirit @SeGafanlady @enigmatic_zephy @jjoy84 @jfritz09 @pinkroses @rhiesta @masthu @nona88 and all the lurkers. Thanks in advance to all the recappers and commentators
  8. I caught the final moments.. UGH... Seo Jeon at her worst.. meddlesome biddy
  9. My stream is lagging something terrible so I'll have to rely on you guys for the updates Edit: I've given up
  10. HELLO Whisperers Not too long to go now for the livestream folks. @andy78 @Tango27 @Gerry58 @sakura2016 @triplem @bedifferent @jangseo_wanjina @MiAmour @sin hoonsim @uknowahah @glee77 @yujinlimb @justamom @picadrama @yonaomi123 @imgreatgal @diane90 @peachpink @giegie @lovehbhjw2013 @sava2sava @zagigirl @dhakra @USAFarmgirl @stroppyse @Chellsee @ferily @Lawyerh @Go Seung Ji @hushhh @jacquelinetan @Chowderina @Berou @Asianspirit @SeGafanlady @enigmatic_zephy @jjoy84 @masthu @nona88 and any and all who want to join in with us... Thanks in advance to all the recappers and commentators
  11. Do you have screenshots of the error message you receive when you log in? Edit: @CamelKnight This is the thread in question It hasn't been archived, I tested out a post there this morning.
  12. And we have a translation (of sorts) thanks to @bedifferent A date you say? Woah, thing are moving quick Seriously though I can't wait to see what they actually said that prompted those smiles.
  13. I just posted there no problem. We are talking about Instagram Pictures right? Have you checked they have the usual permissions? I notice with instagram it takes a few seconds for it to load properly. @Gerry58 did your problem resolve itself?