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  1. “Because you’re a friend… Cr: Heartou @RanM Just copy and paste your link, it should automatically embed.
  2. @Gwinna I think aja-villa blog was taking a cheeky swipe at the director and his saying that he was taking inspiration for Ruler from Game of Thrones............... anyone who has seen the two would know this to be a vast stretch of the imagination.... “[…] It will be hard… but will you remember? That I am always at your side? That you are not alone.” Cr: Kdramagif
  3. I lol'ed at this If Ruler is inspired by Game of Thrones, there are a few things I expect to happen: Magic and assassin training. Cr: aja-villa
  4. 560 @Dhakra @CamelKnight For both of you
  5. 510 Sorry @Dhakra To make up for it I'll share with you a cute girl gif
  6. Hello @bogin79 I'll have to consult with an admin for that. Leave it with me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Just to clarify, I disabled my messenger to test it and now when I try to get it back I keep getting this error message. Are you getting the same error message? Update: I found a temporary work around. If you have received email notifications in the past then you should be able to put your messenger back on. Go to your email and click 'Read Full Message' You'll be redirected to Soompi where an error message will appear. Click on the enable messenger link. You should receive a short notification that messenger has been activated. As I said, it's only a temporary workaround. We are raising a ticket with IPS in the meantime to fix the main method of turning messenger back on. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for your patience.
  7. Sorry she's fictional I was thinking of the speed dating concept @Berou pioneered... pity she left it completely dead in the water 500 Where the heck is Team Subtract?? I'm a lone ranger ..
  8. @Dhakra That's some list. Very heartfelt though. Your a stand up guy, I wish you all the best in finding your Though as @triplem says, that first list will go out the window when you do find her. 920
  9. 860 @Dhakra great minds You think on your quirks and I'll go count some sheep
  10. @Dhakra Is that a list or an essay.. I can see your not that fussy... But you've actually put some thought into it, so I applaud you good sir Likes : Pop Rock, Elvis and Gummy Bears Dislikes : Rain, Puddles and Animals 850
  11. 810 @staygold Omo great minds think alike
  12. 800 @Dhakra You can't go wrong with a good capital It's makes a name Regarding your ideal type, what are your specifications? The staff are giving due consideration to @jeijei proposal for soompi matchmaker Disclaimer : Staff being myself and @Berou