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  1. Hi @sushilicious It's not a problem I'm aware of. I haven't used my ipad in a while to log on, so I'll test it out and get back to you. I'm using my laptop at the moment and it seems to be working fine. If it is a problem with the ipad it could be an issue with the mobile platform. But I'll have to see if it does the same. In that case, we'll have to raise a ticket with support.
  2. @mitchybits I'm not sure if you did this but you have to go to your profile on the main soompi site and edit your email there. If your still receiving an error message could you please post a screenshot of what's going on. That would be an enormous help. Thank you. https://www.soompi.com/login/?action=profile
  3. Thanks @Jillia for the reminders. Just to reiterate, any off topic remarks will be removed. If you see an inflammatory post, please report it rather than respond. Let's respect each other people, no need for catty remarks. Any further escalation of tension will result in an official warning. Please keep on topic and do not insult each other. Thank you.
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying. Has the issue resolved itself or would you like to raise a ticket with help@soompi.com?
  5. ^^^^^ you mean like this @stargazer187 ? There's no easy or shortcut to do it. You need to know your way around Photoshop, and then some, to be able to make them. If your feeling adventurous, you can follow the guidelines in this tutorial by kikistiel. Sorry I can't help any further.
  6. Thanks to @liddi's brilliantly written post above, I'm in. Just finished the second episode and it has me hooked. I also have become disenchanted with the kdrama franchise of late but this drama is delivering on all fronts - good script, premise and acting. Yes, even IU. I have to admit I don't get the criticism of her acting that seems to do the rounds every drama she starts, but she's really top notch in this. Worth checking out people. Now when is Episode 3?
  7. How to create a Gif and post to Soompi. You will need a program called Honeycam by Bandisoft Software. Step 1. Install the software program. Click on download and wait for the set up exe. to install. You can pay for the full version or you can use it to create 10 sec gifs free. Step 2. Open Viki in your browser, (or any site where you want to view and record the gif.) Find the drama you want to create the gif from and open Honeycam. Step 3. Press REC in the Honeycam tab. Align your viewer to the dimensions you want to record. Don't worry, you can resize your Gif again in the Edit tab. When your ready to capture your Gif, just hit 'Record' in the top right hand side. When you've finished, just click 'Stop'. Step 4. Once you hit 'Stop' you will automatically be brought back to the Edit tab where you can choose to Save your Gif or Edit it further. If you want to reduce the file size, I would recommend editing it more. You can also reduce or increase the image quality in the option on the right hand side. Step 5. When you enter 'Edit' mode, you will see several options above. You can resize your image, add a watermark, add another picture or transition to your Gif, enhance your picture using the adjustment/filter, or reduce frames. You can also speed up or slow down your Gif. Step 6. When you've saved your image (press save in the new pop up window) you'll have to wait a few minutes, depending on size, for your image to process. Once it does, press 'Share'. This will upload your Gif to an image sharing website. Again, depending on file size this may take a few moments. Step 7. Once your Gif has uploaded, press 'Copy' beside the direct link. It will automatically copy the link to your clipboard for you to post here at Soompi. Step 8. Paste your link here in your post.... and you're finished!
  8. I've gathered a little tutorial together from my experiences with different users on the forums. I hope some may find this helpful as well. How to upload and post a picture from Imgur.com 1. Click on upload image and choose a file. Once it has processed, copy the direct link. Your picture must end in .gif or .jpg or .png. Then just paste your image here in the reply box. You will have to remove the [i m g] tags for the picture to embed. Like so. Click submit to finish. You can also use Postimage.org to upload and host your images. Just follow the steps. You can use any image hosting website. Just remember, for the image to embed here it must be a direct link... ie. one that ends in .jpg .gif .png or any image type. It's the same if you want to copy and paste an image directly from the web.
  9. I'll try to make this as simple as I can. I went through a lot of trial and error when I first started making gifs, so I hope this helps. All you need is Windows Movie Maker (download) Bloggif Lunapic Editor Step 1: Open Windows Movie Maker and select a video to make the gif from. Select the video file and hit enter Once the video file is open in Movie Maker, then go to Edit, Video Volume and put it on Mute Now to find the part you wish to make a gif out of. Once found hit the 'set start point' button, then the 'set end point' That done, its just left to save it. Go to the home button and save under Youtube or For Computer. You'll be asked to enter a name to save under. Step 2: Bloggif: Go to the website Bloggif and select the 'Gif Video' option on the left hand side. This will convert your small video file to gif. Once done choose your file to convert. Then hit 'create my gif' button. Once it has finished converting the file then hit 'Save' Step 3: Go to the Lunapic Editor. Hit the browse button and upload your gif. Then save your Gif to Imgur: To post your gif, just right click on the imgur link, hit cut or copy and ctrl v to put in your post like so. I hope this helps someone. I know I could have done with it when I was starting out. If anyone has any other method please do post it. Once you get used to them, you can cut, crop. add images, text or whatever to your gif. Note to Mod: I think I have this in the right place, if not please do move.
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