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  1. Majority said, AAA2018 was a disaster award, one award with 2 or 3 winners, if you are present you will get an award. Seriously felt sad for those who spent money for them. also the award category, so funny like they just invented it.
  2. Haha I think that area is not good for business, unless if it’s for monkey business Kpop fandoms are very huge, and they are all fighting for the top spot. And they are all young, their moves evolve, and they really worked hard bc they are in group. As long as there’s a lot of money on it,can fill big domes on their concert, kpop groups multiplies easily. And those old ones be a group or solo performer can be easily replace
  3. @samzz Haha award giving body based in votes, of course they earned a lot through voting. Another cheat awards in the making.
  4. @samzz I learned a lot from that interview. The actor lee dong wook and the social worker lee dong wook And I agree he seems considerate and caring towards his co worker, his team was with him for years already.
  5. @bogs_0712 and yes he age like an expensive wine..
  6. magazine shoot almost every month
  7. Happy birthday wookie, you deserve all the blessings you have right now. Stay humble
  8. Happy 19th debut anniversary wookie..wow your 19 years are not wasted, keep it up and keep on aiming high. And don’t forget the people who will always there through out your career, your fans.
  9. Glad to see wookie and junki in one event, now these two still enjoying the peak of their career, both are wise men and experienced the same. I’m sure fans remembered their drama together as well as the missing LEE. @samzz Hotel King must have a sequel, this time Hotel Queen