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  1. @samzz wow, I hope they will recover it soon.. and I wanted to know who was the culprit..
  2. english article https://www.soompi.com/2017/09/20/lee-dong-wook-explains-turned-fantasy-roles-goblin/ In an interview with fashion magazine High Cut, Lee Dong Wook revealed that he has turned down a lot of roles in fantasy dramas since his successful run as a grim reaper in tvN’s “Goblin.” “If I were to play a similar character [to the one I did in ‘Goblin’], taking on the same image, I’d feel like I were digging myself into a hole. I don’t think it would be right to [go about my career that way],” said Lee Dong Wook. Recalling how people thought he played a lot of wealthy characters despite the fact he’s only played two in the entirety of his career (in “My Girl” and “Scent of a Woman”), Lee Dong Wook said, “If an image sticks to you after just two roles, then I feel I should be careful to avoid that. I actually got offered a lot of roles in fantasy works after ‘Goblin,’ but I eventually turned them all down. I want to play a character that’s nothing but real for my next role.”
  3. done!! OMG so according to her the YG stans was the culprit bc they hate us, am I right with my interpretation? She claimed that all her infos were correct right? Saving the evidence haha
  4. @jay manzanares lately some of thread old clients made an special comeback, so we just entertained her, so don't worry hehe.. I hope you keep on supporting our leedonghey..fighting!!
  5. LOL actually I think their script was for Dahae's future project in dramaland, and the reason why she has no project until now bc they keep on revising the script.. they make a comeback in the thread bc comeback for them in the industry is really hard, one year of absence in dramaland is not joke, at least comeback to this thread was real.. Im sure hard for them to accept that DH being jobless was because of them so they are working overtime to save their pride..I know some cancelled performace happened lately so what's next? but seriously where she is right now? her selfie was not in the news but her name was under a comments section of someone else selfie news, forever being in a shadow..awww I hate it... @samzz someone is trying the fishing expeditation in a very confusing way haha
  6. which is which is the gf? wookie is too hot to handle..I heard so many girls linked to him...I.m sure it's hard for him to choose haha..
  7. yes so true, strike two and just said same informant.. they still busy following us here..and in fact following wookie too, in exchange of what freebies?
  8. and dating it's normal thing and as long as the girl has no bad records, not a prostitute, and not too old for him he still on the right mind, and if we voice out our opposition here it's none of your business anymore.. and you want us to stop and claimed you always read this thread..for what? why you still here? the two hacked accounts are not enough to them? if you really read this thread then you know whats happening lately, so I really doubt the timing .. does the informant forced you to do so? Also there's a lot of dating news lately why they only know about the people connected to our OTP..do their intelligence fund (lol) only focused on them? So they know also who are the cheaters among them.. Now you just give us another reason to stay here no matter what. And yes after all these years they are still insecure..
  9. we always prepare to that so don't worry, and you know right night I smell something fishy. Are they bored already? Want some noise? You don't need to elaborate things here like when the news came out let's give the credit to her, she was the source of our first hand news and the evidence was first written in this thread. If they want everything to keep it private until when, let it be, so don't use this thread. Yes we are still here and no one can stop us, so why bother? Why spill the bean about wookie if he wanted that to be private and why in this thread? Leave us alone ok..I know there are people behind this thing but sorry we won't give them what they really want..