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  1. lol at least this one use his head wisely. He apologized although it took him long maybe bc he thought on the first place that's a normal thing for guys. Also he didn't break any protocol
  2. wookie talked about going back to his routine after a vacation hmmmm like doing some workouts and exercises..and someone started doing that after vacation too..hmmmm maybe that's a summer trend in korea.. @bogs_0712 very good at least she's doing something on her own.
  3. @bogs_0712 I agree frequent vacation doesn't mean your happy, sometimes it means you just want to escape and breath..sometimes it is bc you are hiding something and sometimes that's a reward for not complaining @samzz the idol and fans had a common denominator MONEY..and it's the root of all evil. Also since that # surfaced projects and CF were gone, so her Money inflows also decreased. So I hope she's checking her account on a regular basis and make a comparison from the time she was free as a bird.
  4. goodmornig action speaks louder than words happy to see wookie doing a great job in his monthly vlive..the views last night was daebak bc he guested an idol..and it's very usual bc their fandoms are worldwide wookie next time please invite Dahae bc many fans still looking for her, they are just around the corner waiting for her return..
  5. new OTP just won an award..the other one gave an award and the other one won an award.. wonder if someone from the other planet also recieve an award, she deserve it haha
  6. let's hug each other.. coz I can't fight this feeling anymore