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  1. @samzz negative publicity still a publicity, they are so desperate bc some company might take other them. Also I read also about how they get sponsorship, how they sell their talents, no wonder the clans and friends were expert in getting instant sponsors. Same feather flocks together.
  2. Welcome back home btw wookie’s face everywhere
  3. @samzz good venue to promote all the hate and negativity, tailored for most of their artists. Sooner comment #9 will take over
  4. Haha I’m sure he knows the airport fashion reviews but never bothered about it. In fact he was not in a hurry to post NYC pic, but just in his VLTN shirt, no filters, everyone loves it. @bogs_0712 me too, I tried to read comments on his IG, some are funny and cute, not boring to read, and it came from all over the world.
  5. Wookie’s last post had blockbuster comments everyone loves his NYC natural look.
  6. And now he is heading to New York Paris last year New York this year take care and enjoy
  7. His March fan meet there’s a lot of burden to him bc he knows many of his fans were disappointed that time. But now everything is fine. I also love how his Japanese fans prepared for this event. They made wookie danced again hahaha.. But wookie was well prepared too, he even brought his styling team to the fan meet. Truly for him, fans deserves the best of him.
  8. What I love on his fan meet..His fans even surprised him with a dance flashmob.. clueless wookie is sooo cute.
  9. good morning vibe hope to see airport pics today ‭
  10. when a person is associated to a person with bad reputation it's a BIG NO to knets. And when you're very proud and defend your choices you will gain a lot of haters and a trending topic bc of hate comments. Fans who are worried are the first one to advice but some fans got a very COOL treatment like what happened in this article. I don't know if the apology is coming from the heart or just bc of pressure, but i think only few normal people can stand the hate they received.
  11. Saw this.. if wookie is on rest day we seldom see his handsome face lucky japanese fans again