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  1. ordered this item last friday from hertbridge and received it today
  2. and this throwback video of 2014 has a 14k views in just 4 days in 2017???? still popular after 3 years
  3. DH shined the most being paired with tall guy...Oh dahaeshiii we still waiting for your comeback drama in korea. We also want you to have a movie.
  4. haha don't spill the beans my M will guard my editing team 24hrs to make sure everything is in my control. Bc you know all my #nightmares... it's all coming back to me now
  5. @samzz it's a sign..his soul never rest in peace lol, he still has unfinished business with us that's why he still keep coming back..
  6. @samzz no one buy that kind of concept anymore even in real life hahaha, it's a total failure. I hope with the fresh concept they will avoid inserting something so irrelevant every chores and tasks done they compared it to someone you know. And for not so obvious production let them have fair screentime
  7. I didn't watch episode 5 bc of non stop marketing, I'll give a try on the new episode but if I heard that marketing again maybe I also drop the show. anyways our opinion doesn't matter
  8. the smile on your face let me know that you love me
  9. where? but I'm bankrupt bc of the shipping costs hahaha