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  1. They are so thin but both beautiful in white
  2. @samzz you’re info is correct, he is in Paris with his team
  3. Yes saw his update and the location was Paris. So he manage to leave in a broad daylight and no one recognized him. He has to be in low profile after his #some announcement, I’m sure it haunt him all the time. I hope it was lesson learned to him, not bc she was young and had a lot of experiences means he hit a jackpot. But I’m sure not only him, but the girl’s reputation too. Their nations first love always inlove, non stop haha
  4. Yes, she deserve to be the top spot and GW deserve higher ratings. I know some may think that her current situation doesn’t affect ratings, but I know it has. The last trending Proved that the reputation was really that bad until now. At least my donghey really performed well in their drama, wookie being a king and a grim reaper at the same time, and DH being a twin with opposite personality. I hope we don’t have to wait another four years, but who knows if everything will fall on the right place, another reunion project might happen soon opps maybe LDW is in Paris, his hair stylist was there. Don’t know if it’s for the drama , another magazine pictorial or CF.
  5. Wookie going to Paris again? Haha maybe it’s not our LDW. At least we saw DH genuine smile and happiness and it was during her drama shoot. It’s been a while, the last time was 4 years ago. And of course Gangwondo had many happy memories
  6. @samzz when it comes to acting, DH is one of the best,and I think in this area DH excels the most. And all her long time fans mostly after watching MY GIRL, based on comments, mostly mentioned MY GIRL and Hotel King. I hope that this comeback will continue and not pause for another four years, we only have few weeks left before it ended, and I guess it will continue through magazines cover pictorials and cf if the drama is successful plus promotion in other countries. I guess I want to hear a kind of news like these instead of the honeymoon news here and there.
  7. Of course there are so much more than these, just don’t leak it to the public. It’s just like going to a club, massage parlor, drinking all night with a lot of girls around, these are all ok until they get caught, bc they are public figures, they have social responsibility to the public.
  8. Now I know why DH was absent in some group pics or co star pics, bc the clans were hands-on on these. They making sure that their presence were there. I don’t know if thats a package deal, coz in all her tv appearance, guestings and drama they are part of it. Maybe really difficult for the clans to penetrate their industry and get a better roles so they need massive marketing, but I think they will not succeed. The last trending was a proof that until now they are all nothing but a garbage There’s a lot of coincidence with our donghey. even the scence when the captain’s hand was hurt I remembered the same scene in HK haha
  9. Wookie looks so thin, don’t know if it is bc it is drama requirement or bc of stress and pressure, plus the dating news. Whatever it is I want to see him smile and enjoy the filming. I don’t want him to lose his confidence,. advantage of outdoor filming, there’s a camera everywhere
  10. Maybe this is the first outdoor shooting, and fancams keep on coming.
  11. @samzz maybe he took short healing with his bff, magazine pictorial, or drama shooting and bff has a cameo, no way su-shi was there lol. the latest awareness program stopped when all of the sudden it was revealed to the world. I don’t know if they are laughing bc it was revealed too early unlike them too much awareness program but people ignore it. But I wonder they are very good in discovering secrets but how come that 4 years ago they don’t know that parlor offered that kind of service?
  12. @samzz maybe they went there for work or for fun, we know wookie got a very supportive bf in his hard times haha..if I were the gf, I envy them bc people captured them in cafes or anywhere but their date on the cafes, no one captured it. In fact until now I am waiting for even one pic for me to believe that they are on date..or if they just enjoying #some on their home like our other half did worldwide. I wonder where it frequently happened, on the messy apartment or in well organized apartment haha This su-shi bae/ldw dating shocked knets and damaged their career. Well in su-shi’s case even before she was with her ex, her last 2 dramas didn’t perform well, her released album not so well too, so she had to look for some hot guy there to compensate it lol. On the other hand ldw was just looking for #some too, not looking for lifetime commitment and then when they announced it not thinking the consequences, they got burned. Oh well I just saw only her fan rejoicing, but ldw fans only few rejoicing.
  13. @samzz thank you for all those throwback pictures,oh I miss their fresshness, they looked so happy and peaceful there.