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  1. Avid readers...FYI 이동욱 ‘웰메이드’ 팬사인회 일정 연기에 사과 말씀 드립니다. 6월 30일 진행 예정이었던 이동욱 ‘웰메이드’ 팬사인회가 주최 측의 내부 사정으로 인하여 부득이하게 연기되었음을 공지드립니다. 팬 여러분들의 적극적인 참여에 진심으로 감사드리며, 깊은 사과의 말씀드립니다. 추후 사인회 일정이 결정되면 재 공지 드리겠습니다. 이미 SNS 이벤트에 참여해주신 분들과 세정몰에서 구매하시어 당첨된 분들(20명)에 대해서는 추후 진행될 팬사인회에 우선적으로 참여 보장해 드릴 예정이며, 주최 측에서 개별 연락드릴 예정입니다. 다만, 이번 구매 건을 취소하시는 경우에는 당첨이 무효화 되는 점 양해 부탁드립니다. 팬 사인회와 관련된 문의는 *세정몰 문의전화 02-6929-3814~5 *웰메이드 문의전화 080-051-1001 으로 보내주시길 바랍니다. 이벤트에 참여해주신 분들께 양해 부탁드리며, 다시 한 번 사과 말씀드립니다. 감사합니다. Go 'well' fan signing schedule I apologize for an apology. It was scheduled for June 30 Go 'well' fan signing council Due to the internal circumstances of the host. We will announce that it has been postponed. Thank you very much for your fans. The Word of a deep apple is the word. I'll give you an announcement when the future sign-up schedule is decided. 이미 SNS 이벤트에 참여해주신 분들과 In the three-Year-old, the people who have won. We're going to ensure that you will be in the first place of the fan signing. The host will be contacted by the host. But if you cancel this purchase, Please give me a point of winning the raffle. Questions related to the fan signing association * TAX CONTACT INQUIRIES CALL 02-6929-3814 ~ 5 * Welsh contact call 080-051-1001 Please send him back. Please take a look at the people who have participated in the event. I'm sorry to apologize once again. https://www.facebook.com/wellmadekorea/https://www.facebook.com/wellmadekorea/
  2. Admit it or not the leader and the gang still affected by our posts, haha lately I wanted to SMILE a lot bc they still here and even bringing us to the IG world.. I think we are unique lol
  3. Since there’s a lot of food support coming from fans on LIFE drama, I aso hope he will gain some weight. Instant noodles had negative effect on his body and soul
  4. @samzz and @bogs_0712 Yes I agree DR. Ye Jin Woo was too thin and I don't think it's bc of his character in the drama. Wookieshii please take care of your health. And please bring back your smiles that we rarely seen since three months ago.
  5. I wished the same thing during the filming even though I know its impossible bc I always feel there is silent war between them, but since I didn’t see any food truck either from fans and friends aside from those chocolates and birthday cakes, you have no choice but to hope..i don’t know but after a years of drought in acting, I expect the fans or the supporting friends will give her a food truck but maybe they just preferred wines here and there. In my mind maybe if wookie and DH still have good relationship she may get at least one food truck during her drama. And like what @samzz said, the sweet revange is real, look at JRW now, her comeback after a long drought was very successful..karma really works
  6. I'm back..so DH back in Paris too, probably she wants to taste all the wines there.. wookie was there twice also since last year, of all places, why Paris?
  7. @samzz and @bogs_0712 of course they have to test if they popularity increased bc of her drama, but looked like still no one is interested on them even those who attended the wedding. If they are famous I’m sure it’s all over the internet, they became newsworthy only if it’s about the massage scandal thing. And as like what I’ve said in PM she looked fresh and blooming on the latter part of the drama but now that she has plenty of time to rest she looked wasted again. Looks like keeping her busy suited her than HM and wine. Oh hwang hana is a friend of her friend? At least that girl already came in her senses, maybe bc she has a family aside from being in business empire. Being married to a guy with that reputation is a suicide specially to her future children. On the other side, the clans defended her of her carelessness at 4am. Haha I don’t know what wookie is thinking right now, maybe why this richard simmons things happened? Haha that’s the prize of having too young gf wookieshii, they mess a lot like a child. maybe one time by chance our donghey meet at courtroom bc of their partners cases
  8. @samzz they brains were worse than us. Haha trying to be adult and a role model, easily fall for someone bc of her wrong interpretation of their gestures towards her lol two months ago someone will bring to court those people who will talk about ice cream parlor and now someone will be taken into court bc of carelessness and not using her brain. And it all happened between 2 to 4 am
  9. Being an artist and influence as you said, know the facts first.. https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/21/studio-mistakenly-mentioned-government-petition-announces-plans-take-legal-action-suzy-jyp-responds/
  10. part of the docu last night. I guess we are all know which drama and the happy memories he's talking about
  11. @samzz I think majority of actresses and idols in korea were harassed by their CEO’s, or members of their clans, but they remained silent for career sake. If those aspiring idols was a victim of harassment how much more those who passed and became an idol. The company invested too much on them, they mold them, so expect them to get what is due to them. That’s why we hardly understand some idols and actresses, maybe bc of their experiences before. And also the reason why some put up agency, to enjoy the benefits of being a CEO.
  12. seriously 600 fans only? I thought you are really famous