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  1. So LDW watched olympic game again yesterday and this time without tv coverage. He didn’t update and took selfies. I don’t know why in both picture he was looking sad.
  2. Since I’ve read the seven actors involved in harassment, there are also possibilities that some actress that were harassed were even used to it and they like it. Some said it has a psychological effects to the victims
  3. What else is new? Same as last year..I just hope this time the end result is different..lets say it’s a sign of desperation and insecurity when you extremely promoted it and not even 300 people promoted it, in IG just check the hashtag very easy to count. It’s not like you can kidnap the first 50 on the queque and force them to watch your show hahahaha.. Expect more!! The future depends on this( if flop lets count more than 3 years??) ..but seriously why these people were so cheap??
  4. Can’t stop posting photos of this handsome man.
  5. @samzz this drama seems interesting hahaha..when I saw the teaser of the overreacting husband, reminds me of the present situation and what it look like in the future. Maybe the reason why some was so afraid on how the husband will be presented. Meanwhile can’t get enough of this handsome man
  6. I read some news today, at least her agency did something good using the China market again. But I hope they concentrate in Korea and that she captures the heart of koreans bc her series is in korea. Double time for marketing but focus on Good marketing standards. And LDW, I admit wookie keeps getting better with age and he act his age. I'm so proud of him. As early as January he is already preparing for his new drama without a word or any marketing. That's what we called professionalism and dedication.
  7. OLD BUT GOLD.. natural acting is love https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/17/reluctant-housemates-loving-couple-11-k-dramas-unwilling-living-arrangements/ From Reluctant Housemates To Loving Couple: 11 K-Dramas With Unwilling Living Arrangements The story introduces us to Joo Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae), someone who is gifted in the art of…scamming. After coincidentally meeting, Seol Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) hires her to play the long-lost granddaughter of his dying grandfather. She reluctantly agrees, but the grandfather is so thrilled to find her, that he makes a miraculous recovery, and makes her move in with Gong Chan. This is probably one of the first K-dramas I remembered watching (and loving!), and my gateway to all things Korean. There is just sooo much to love about this drama – the humor, the angst, and the serious chemistry between the leads.
  8. And this one too And another one.. thanks for the blessings
  9. Happy chinese new year chinggus
  10. Yoo rin did so much justice than this..I don’t want to comment too but maybe it helps to improve 3yrs preparation is not enough
  11. how can people believe in your acting and in the concept of your drama series if in reality you're doing the opposite? Expectation vs reality. Credibility vs integrity vs reliability