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  1. Agree with you and wookie, everytime he appreared in magazine interview or in tv, I learned something new. His interview was not focused on recycled items and not even selling himself. That’s why people keep interested in him, he speaks from the heart and mind.
  2. Another set of surprises bruno baffi
  3. @samzz his gaze made young girls swoon. He surprise us again with another magazine cover, despite busy filming schedule. Also I like what he said in the interview " I was able to glance at the staff around me and take a good look at what I was doing at the scene, but Lee said, "I feel like I am a man in such a responsible manner, taking care of my people."
  4. Effortless and with 3.7 million IG followers
  5. @samzz lifestyle, stress and age can cause hair loss, wonder what next she will open the public aside from hair loss, alcohol addiction, dry skin bc she was so hot? At least a person who always go with a flow also had a personal problem like hair loss. the caption people laughing at me it's bc of her outfit, bc they saw something weird in her outfit, in real life people laughing when they saw something is wrong with her. But I guess her IG post is not bc of the outfit, they really prepared for it. She already adopted their dirty style. but based on her own story telling, her updates I believe her life was a total mess and that she still can't find happiness and contentment. I hope that in the future her words can't be use against her own, remember fans are very good in digging the pasts.
  6. @samzz mocking the public and the fans are their expertise, and why she created an IG bc of that purpose. DH easily adopted it, she blended already in that kind of environment. DH and wookie both involved in dating publicly, but I think wookie properly handled it, he avoided questions and keep silent about it bc it was a private affair. And when situation got worse and not healthy to both of them he choose the break up and think about their fans. We saw how his dating scandal affects him a lot physically and emotionally. I’m sure he also felt sorry for his ex bc the public backlash was more on her, plus she has her own problem too and since she was still very young maybe he don’t want her career to suffer more. On DH,I think her life and career was misguided and mishandled from the start. She failed in a lot of aspects, movies, hollywood dreams, career paths.The thing is she is living that way until now. She is sorrounded by selfish people but she always go with the flow and that’s the reason why she was always left behind. She’s a grown up now but she always depend on other people. Thankfully there is My Girl that made her famous, and maybe the reason why she still have CF and fans rooting for her. I don’t know if the success of LDW gives a lot of insecurity to them, coz everytime he’s on the peak, everytime he has a project there are lost souls who insisted in public their affair although the public is laughing on them. Why not choose to say No, why not choose a low profile? Don’t sell it too much it only gain hate and angry emoticon in nate and naver and also digging the massage scandal all over again, and made people think that you’re so desperate in everything. You really don’t want that scandal die down huh? If you always like that your new 10k fans will leave and hate you too. If you want to know if you still matter do good things and in a proper way not the other way around. Pity those people who succeed in getting attention bc of their bad reputation. Also be thankful for the fans who still have time for you and have time to scold you when they see something is wrong bc that means they really care for you.
  7. the different headlines were based on how they sell the story. @samzz I agree they can say NO to certain topic if they want. But if you don't want to be left behind or you want to tell them that you're still existing, of course choose the field when everybody noticed you.
  8. haha I thought the purpose of the tv guesting was for new project, or something that people will learn from her, only to hear all recycled news from her and I'm sure people just annoyed by it. And since it was a habit, and LIFE is airing, may I recommend someone needs to see a doctor
  9. happy to see him like this..and with the ring
  10. @bogs_0712 he is on the 7th place
  11. K-drama starring Lee Dong-wook, Jo Seung-woo to stream on Netflix https://www.rappler.com/entertainment/tv/208769-lee-dong-wook-jo-seung-woo-korean-drama-life-netflixhttps://www.rappler.com/entertainment/tv/208769-lee-dong-wook-jo-seung-woo-korean-drama-life-netflix Netflix said the first 4 episodes of Life will be available for streaming in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan) and English-speaking regions (except the US) on August 4, 12 am Pacific Standard Time (PST). Episodes 5 and 6 will then be streamed on the same days as the Korean broadcast, on August 6 and 7, at 9:30 am PST. Other territories, save for US and Japan, will be able to stream new episodes weekly, every Monday, at 9:30 am PST. All episodes will drop in the US on September 12. Life is written by Stranger writer Lee Su-yeon and directed by Dear My Friends director Hong Jong-chan