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  1. Wookie fighting!! At his age getting regular projects is a blessing, some took almost 2 to 5 years on their next project. Maybe bc wookie was very professional and hard working.
  2. @samzz the news doesn't shock me, all kinds of scandal are within circle of friends, and among themselves..but yes there are people who are still support and proud of them. Maybe bc birds with same feather flocks together.
  3. What’s inside Cosmopolitan Feb issue
  4. Another magazine cover love and lust
  5. A Blessed and Prosperous New Year to all
  6. wishing you all a very merry christmas.
  7. @samzz I think experienced fans knows when to trust their idol. It’s like tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are. Trust is earned not given. wookie’s ATM is full again bc of his perseverance. His earnings came from hard work not instant. I wish him more projects before settling down.