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  1. so oral contracentive is not dangareous to health and no side effects.. the joke and the hate it is forever, but the sad thing was he dragged her to bottom, and we saw the selfish act. And I think being free from that guy is so rewarding. For PHB her life now is blessed and better compared to that 12 yrs
  2. at least PHB escaped this circle of friends, .and now happily married.. PHB is lucky
  3. @samzz I want DH to have a new agency next year, but the question, which agency is interested in her? Her agency right now is useless, they only gave work to her friend.. expect how many times DH name will be mention in that VS like what DH did in her VS. Unless SBS edit it.
  4. @samzz korean caption is better rather than english which gave wrong information to the fans hahaha, are they belong to his OLD time followers that they forgot the 2014? haha French Reviera vs Normandy, Hawaii vs Bali? How far is Bali from Hawaii? one way to gain followers
  5. @samzz haha I think no one DMed them, it’s just an excuse to write their own feeling in that IG.. I know they are mad when many of his long time fans (from ten years ago) not only us connect that sweater to the HK scene. It’s hard for them to see many still rooting for donghey though that account keep on pushing wookie to his other OTP. The only advantage of that account is the caption is in english, the reason why they have many followers. Also what’s wrong if the same sweater, if some fans thought he is not moving on. If we connect everything to our OTP, why they are so affected?
  6. maybe she's on training now how the drunk witches rode the broom..but I know she's expert on that part.
  7. hmmmm...maybe there is a possibility that DH oversea charity become a news too, maybe a week before her future tv appearance..
  8. haha what if the girl in MV wore yellow sweater too? I'm sure if wookie wore outfit similar to his other drama except my girl and hotel king they will post it with #.
  9. lol as if they are so close with wookie..imaginary wife? love? haha at least we are not like them..we paired him with DH only but not with ourselves.
  10. one thing even the dog in the MV have similarity to this dog?..LOL
  11. thse are for the addict “admin” looks likes the real music video hahaha rewind and repeat
  12. @samzz that’s why I have high respect to his official fan club, how I wish they can write in english too but don’t hire international fans specially stalkers Although they already met wookie in person, shook his hands many times doen’t mean they know everything about him. Are they afraid bc many still believe in donghey? Third drama pairing still possible right?
  13. as far as I know, someone went to that location but not wookie, as if they want their followers to believe they know everything about him.. well I wanted to remind them, when you talk about wookie my girl and hotel king always IN..that’s the fact. since Vlive was his bday special and the segment has a lot of my girl stuff plus he mentioned DH name thrice unlike one of her pet which he just said SUNNY..plus the scene in his MV similar to Hotel King scene and the sweater had similarities too, she was so affected hahaha..
  14. @samzz it’s ok to correct the mistakes but reading the comments section made me think that account had one admin left..I used to like that account before (i mean the old account) until invader took over.. Why they are so insecure?