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  1. nah.. that's normal.. as your level increases complexity increases in terms of multiple type of enemies, large number of them, and just basically allowing very little reaction time to the player ya but since when do we need permission to login? aren't people meant to login by themselves?
  2. Someone should really inform JW that he needs to worry about him and not HJ.. snipers fire bullets at her.. and she doesn't even have to move an inch.. !!! she is clearly not the one in danger! Also, if game kills people.. how did the people in mall survive that bomb blast what if another logged in player was there.. too careless
  3. Soo jin committed suicide because Yu ra said that HS also died knowing he was being cheated on.. essentially the two men in her life and she became a cheater towards both.. plus that raises question on the child and people contemplating if the child is his or his.. Maybe all Emma has really done is create a shield around the person.. so that the world can't see the person.. e.g. maybe sejoo was always with family but the shield wouldn't let others see him.. who knows maybe was even sleeping in the same house in korea
  4. i am only interested in knowing where was SJ going for his bathroom breaks in the last 1 year.. and food (but less priority.. where was his bathroom) **************** and i hope they don't pull .. SJ knew the only way he can be freed is if someone else takes his place.. that would be evil His call with HS after marco died.. shows how cool he can be when it comes to handling situation.. he maynot be able to fight physically but mentally he is quite sharp.. The way he answered HS.. its chilling murderer way of answering.. "He can't go through with the deal".. normal person would have been crying and saying marco got hurt
  5. What!!.. this series is such a rip off of W so, someone has to take responsibility of all the deaths caused so that JW can go free and no one learns about the game ever!
  6. wait that kiss scene video there are two PSH's? I severyone twice? Is what JW seeing- all is replica of real world? game within a game?
  7. do we know for sure SJ was in barcelona during phone call. or was he like 1 station away from granada.. and it was already 6 am ish when he took the train. and morning 8am happened rather quickly one thing i am definitely going to bet my money on is. everything resetting to normal once the game ends.. no one died.. game is or became an adventure in itself.. its virtual reality for a reason.. VR is making virtual real.. its for us to also get convinced or basically be confused of what is real or virtual.. so everything has to be virtual for the real meaning of VR to make sense
  8. he must have asked yura to float around the story of JW-SJ being lovers once again.. and basically discredit JW and SJ.. they started affair, killed HS etc etc
  9. oknow the game makes sense and i guess from overall perspective, programmer SJ always designed it to be a breakthrough kind of game' The day the quest ends, the mirage of virtual disappears! That's what i was always saying, the only way to end the game is to win it ************** Thsi also explains why presence of other humans doesn't stop the game.. it had to be emma for duel to stop.. so HJ in hospital was the obstacle and only her why dead NPC keep reappearing .. the rule says no fight, yet fight happens.. so that affected the other rule.. rule says defeated and move on, but defeated kept re-appearing as if not defeated
  10. just somehow somebody make this a game within game format.. that would be cool for JW's sensibilities
  11. by the way isn't professr the zombie daddy king in rampant to Hyun bin's heroic prince? My vote - Electricity
  12. lol "KEY" written over chaneyol is like.. Oh yeah!. marco also has a little brother.. "Key".. cue enter Key (shinee) Hail SM entertainment!
  13. yo level up, complexity increases.. that's standard.. every player should instinctively know
  14. does anyone else think how ridiculous it is when an NPC knows what its name is and that he can "hear" when prof called "HS", he actually stopped and looked at him as if he heard himself being called.. also, NPC charges ahead.. does not walk down from last bench to the first row , only to pose for modeling and stop looking at mortal enemy its hard to take the last scene of ep 12 seriously
  15. Interesting.. and very very very plausible. Plus it answers the most crucial question of what roles each character plays if they seem of no importance in the script. My only question: But in all of this, do we say, everyone just got lucky that a miracle happened...and whatever the bug is the game turned into fantasy all by itself? Also, in support of your theory: The one to see Cha's body first was Park and not JW. So, for doctor to make that claim of "He died as if he bled to death" when there are no marks - we thought it was scriptwriter being ridiculous for TRP.. but THIS is what triggered JW's downfall.. because THIS is what made him link the game to Cha's death And it is medically impossible theory!!! Also, the game's logic is defied.. the other factor we have been debating. Every game has rules. Once you are defeated, you are defeated. Cha should not keep reappearing like this. No other NPC does. So, indeed this HAUNTING of JW could be a brilliant plan at psychologically weakning him. Park is the one who wants to make sure JW runs away during the investigation. Infact, pretty sure more than Park, SJ is the culprit. She seems to be the mastermind. Sj clearly is being held captive (most probably in Korea itself) But what irks me the most is, why is this game working without the lens
  16. it seems real death happens only from real granada creations.. then why don't they just create their game on a new server and sell that. No one has to lose billions while saving life by shutting down current version that apparently shuts down granada's game too this is like those horror stories, where you put a cross on a coffin and bury it.. unless years later some stupid tourist removes the cross and the evil spirit is unleased.. so keep server closed, until someone opens it and evilness ensues Plus, if programmer friend can follow the game and see it on screen at all times without being involved in the game, why could prof cha and new ceo ex friend guy do the same and confirm what JW was saying was true or not
  17. lol.. di dJW bring PSH into the game just ot make Emma talk? It seems she will say something useful only to her and noone else.. must be a mesg from bro to sis "Annyo Hee Joo. You did a good job, hwaiting! I will always be there for you"
  18. no human possible.. think about it, how can you make game work without lenses.. its magic/game on its own
  19. even i am of the opinion that humans aren't really doing anything as far as the game is concerned.. how do you explain logging into the game without the lens.. that is not human doing.. game has gone bonkers.. question is did server shutdown contain the game? Or this story ends as soon as they find sejoo and then shut down the server.. and this whole saga remains in all the characters' lives something miraculaous and dangerous. to me , it still seems like JW is narrating this story to police or you know explaining deaths to someone.. after ep 11 i think i might be right
  20. oh!.. that can be an amazing theory... that would be cool but the only thing is.. did he plan on killing his son for real? because how else could he predict his death.. and its the very next day that HS appears
  21. hmm.. ok i missed that.. because i thought Cha came by flight and Sj obviouly was to come by train the same day
  22. :O.. No! they had the meeting and then Cha said , to his goons, he wanted to test the game it is nowhere said that the trio came down to granada to test the game.. infact from what we hear, cha came on his own (would have got login and all ofcourse just as JW)
  23. @Bold he wasn't.. that was JW's interpretation of things Marco never came to granada during these days