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  1. I think every entertainer has to go through scrutiny. If anything idols are lucky ones because they automatically get eyeballs which is good for career in media (good or bad), and moreover Astro is not that big a group. Like it or not, pretty face or handsome face warrants attention because they have what a lot of people want to have. So even if he was not an idol he would have garnered eyeballs. More so in Korea, where people have enough idle time to take photos and spread news about who the most good looking person is in their school, college, street, neighbourhood.. a society that literally thrives on beauty. So, let's just hope he continues being sincere in his work and keeps getting opportunities. Hit or miss can't be controlled.
  2. i would say don't jump the gun.. CEW hasn't met a challenging role.. so wait before the judgement on his acting prowess very few people are truly talented to rock since their debut.. e.g. that girl from life and the other drama she did with junho (2pm), park hyung shik, PBG(again have heard, don't know for sure), SIG.. Ong is getting a drama??? :O lol.. interesting
  3. hmm.. isn't wanna one gonna die, spoof and disappear in about 2 months now and then over the period of time, some will manage to maintain stardom (probably) like ong or daniel if they play their cards right.. and unfortunately some will be forgotten with time when produce season 4 will launch a new boy band
  4. did anyone else notice Seo JK (cheese in trap, thrid charm, robot drama) as one of the HSG's faces on the wall?
  5. i was shipping then but haven't watched the show after ep 8.. lol. to me (and i don't care about the other ship) they seem to have more chemistry, visuals, crazy mentality alignment.. etc But m more impressed with the fact that ghost lady is over 40, seo taiji's ex wife right.. she still looks so so so pretty
  6. hmm if this is what lead actress looks like, and if she is what LJS type is,i would expect him to fall for the second lead from DOTS
  7. May God bless his to be mother in the series and bless her with a long life #LJS_mothers_always_die
  8. so i started watching this show yesterday. I read a lot about amazing twists and turns.. while everything else in the drama is A++,, twists are hardly there, it is predictable And i don't see how anyone else can be Park Ill do except the head priest When in HS as a kid, PID got way too excited to "have found his faith", because someone super powerful who can't be touched attracted him- Priest's brother was too weak for PID to get excited, so definitely it was the head priest that caught his attention. He is the only character in entire drama universe who actually thinks HJ is a good person. Fake much. And he has already given the explanation of how a body long possessed is too evil to be blocked by church Since i watched it all together, from the moment he has reappeared, initial scenes with priest (when he is enquiring about his dead brother and PID and taxidriver), this head priest gives way too many surreptitious looks And i max lol at HJ.. like she is so evil that even though she is powerful, no evil spirit considers entering her.. this is worse than hwayugi Ques remains how wil PID be killed
  9. So, based on ep 3 my guess would be 16 ep of 1 hr each vs 11 episode 45 od dminutes.. give it time, anyways in any kdrama romance kicks in in ep 4.. builds up mutual attraction by ep 6, kiss by 8 or 10 depending on genre of drama, confession/realization of love by 10, absolute committment by ep 12
  10. Wow.. that's almost goblin level.. earlier i forgot this is TVN drama and not KBS or MBC.. so 10% is huge.. but both leads are good..other than the scenes of those two, i don't care much about other things.. but still overall good.. In that scene towards the end, when HS rushes home to find WD and he is making straw footwear, and she tells him about leaving with her brother.. he hugs her.. that profile of DO looks exactly like park hyng shik.. anyone else sees the resemblance?
  11. that's why i said sharp he knows his charm, i just want to keep my fingers crossed that show doesn't later on shows us HSG being his first love or something.. that's would be a dissapointment and yes.. priesty he so ain't