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  1. cool.. and her mother slept with how many people? Clearly there is the 7th prince (our hero's father), then is it that mo clan (actress playing actor's father who is i guess dead and whose wife poisoned Buqi when she thought her son was poisoned before the auction) And the doctor is son of the old man who is a trader and keeps talking to the assassins in black (led by the woman who knows about biloutin) Can you also tell me if you know the story already, does she marry the doctor? (because there is a scene of them in red robes drinking wine) and what's the ending? And basically buqi belongs to two powerful clans?
  2. does this mean the zhu grandpa is real grandpa of buxi and out of all his daughters only buqi's mom inherited the divine powers.. also the beggar man who was the only prince of zhu grandpa is her real maternal uncle?
  3. how cool would be if she was here to take revenge on her presumed dead lover who was queen's bodyguard .. so all along.. but then she hates her own kid too much
  4. Actually to be very honest, and i am saying this from the very beginning, PSH's characterization was nice.. i have literally no issues with her character.. and she had ample screen time and was a strong character (bit of illogical consistencies here and there but that's on writer).. But i think it was the game that i was more invested in. I don't come with a background in computer.. but i actually watched ep 16 only now.. and it took me a long long long time to understand.. how the show probably isn't as stupid.. Virus and Antivirus.. i never really got that concept.. but that is what happened in this story.. so maybe the game wasn't that illogical.. and when writer says she sought help of professional , maybe she did.. and we as audience didn't get the broader picture.. However, what is more important is.. i was never invested in the romance.. and yet.. what made this show is the romance.. i squealed at the last scene of replay of dialogues.. i LOVED the love story
  5. dear god, can't believe i am saying this.. but reading the comments i gave up on watching ep 16.. just watched it.. and strangely i am ok with the episode.. its decent.. nice in the context of it.. lol.. and it sounded just way too stupid when i was reading comments.. i mean it is still stupid but strangely this stupidity gels in well with the overall show being stupid, but nice stupid ************************ you know what i love it. i love the last bit of ending with dialogues replaying and clearly you can go on a world tour.. because they launched the game worldwide.. how is zinu planning to travel across and save people oh god! ever loved stupidity.. !!!
  6. somebody give me actors' take on the ending episode.. as in their take on audience hating the nonsense part of the show (no no i don't mean the whole show )
  7. no interviews or comments from anyone in the cast on the outrage over the ending? I want HB to answer.. what is his justification of his writer and character Writer i know will be Missing in action
  8. ya.. anything by this writer is super questionable.. QIH is better?
  9. if that's the case, aren't masters stupid.. aren't masters supposed to create mystery quest which is super super super easy to deal with so that they can be freed early unless the game decides the "complexity" level in which case it really is the game designing mystery quest.. @bold.. i don't know how is queen inhyun's man adn nine (dropped this in between).. but if w and MoA are anything to go by, this writer does not have skills for sci-fi drama but only the skills to identify scenario for drama setting which is unique
  10. lol.. ok i predicted this in ep 5 or 6.. that this writer will flip W's logic going by what was shown up until then... there the guy came out of manga to real world.. here this guy will go into the game world.. going by your comments.. i think i was brilliant back then
  11. lol.. we predicted all of that by the time of first death only
  12. nah.. that's normal.. as your level increases complexity increases in terms of multiple type of enemies, large number of them, and just basically allowing very little reaction time to the player ya but since when do we need permission to login? aren't people meant to login by themselves?
  13. Someone should really inform JW that he needs to worry about him and not HJ.. snipers fire bullets at her.. and she doesn't even have to move an inch.. !!! she is clearly not the one in danger! Also, if game kills people.. how did the people in mall survive that bomb blast what if another logged in player was there.. too careless
  14. Soo jin committed suicide because Yu ra said that HS also died knowing he was being cheated on.. essentially the two men in her life and she became a cheater towards both.. plus that raises question on the child and people contemplating if the child is his or his.. Maybe all Emma has really done is create a shield around the person.. so that the world can't see the person.. e.g. maybe sejoo was always with family but the shield wouldn't let others see him.. who knows maybe was even sleeping in the same house in korea