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  1. Sorry to butt in.. and i have no context of the actual to-and-fro you were having with another person.. but for this line.. Comeon!!!.. Entertainment industry worldwide.. and beyond.. who doesn't judge features of actors and actresses in shows?? There is a reason why you don't have talented actors but pretty actors in showbiz.. because audience wants that ( one can try to preach idealism.. but humans are base) What were the ratings for last episodes? improve, status quo, dip?
  2. lol.. y is everyone saying DKS softening towards her.. i dont' see any such moment except for apologizing for blaming her when she wasn't at fault.. she wanted to get close.. with no mother thing.. but we see how he looks at her blankly.. then goes onto tell MR about mom when MR didn't even ask
  3. WoW!.. although i had this view but seeing it actually happen irks me more.. SA is a major attention freak. Basically, no girl should have a boyfriend or a man expressing interest in them.. she has to be center of attention .. and a boy's attention is her trophy.. if someone else gets it she becomes enemy.. Kim tae hee's case and SA strikes when she doesn't even care about anyone involved.. and is actually busy pursuing a rich man for now. ******************** DKS dad when comes back into the car after meeting mom and flashback shows her remembring mom and feeling hot.. I mean, after what he has done to her over past 20 odd years, he still has the audacity to have hots for her... I'm amazed.. are you sure SA isn't congressman's daughter?
  4. That's exactly what happens in the webtoon.. worse he gets to hear that she doesn't like handsome men .. lol.. funniest moments actually! ********** Preview: that rain scene.. lol after In Zo Sung's scene in classic, it is like the ultimate romantic must have rain scene in every korean content
  5. i loved ep 1-2.. but 3-4 just dragged.. with loads of stupidity from both lead's end..
  6. excellent.. you realize, nobody knows what is uncle's real job.. what if uncle and guy responsible for accident are same? but that's some out of box thinking you have here.. had completely forgotten about that character.. However, people would have pursued a case against him back then right? Yup, financial trouble stuck .. but why not meet the girl at all in hospital I wonder.. if you were WJ.. would you be comfortable liking or thinking of a girl romantically (sexually) when you know she is 17 in her mind and heart? ******************* oh silly me.. i get it now she is wearing dorothy's clothes.. she went to the foreign land straight from her home, and was brought back .. they should have let her find red shoes in dumpster just before WJ came to get her
  7. and its a drama.. memory losses and birth secrets happen 99% of the time .. the world is limited to the set of characters we see, their entire ancestry.. .. so yea.. lets just wait and watch
  8. enigmatic_zephy

    [Current Drama 2018] Time, 시간 - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST

    i don't understand why media or PDs have to stress on sibling like chemistry in order to qualm any negative sentiments.. its weird to think you would be kissing and getting romantic with a sibling like person.. professionalism doesn't trump sibling relation.. just say they are professionals.. period *********************** btw, which is the new agency that she has joined after leaving SM Ent
  9. off all the drama this series could have, would our main conflict seriously be a woman insecured of her talent and trying to obstruct another's talent's discovery? #just_don't_hurt_chan #that_schoolfriend_is_actually_a_good_girlfriend_to_have_forchan
  10. simplicity.. i will have to go back and watch episodes to come up with clues.. but what if it is simple, Jennifer's hubby died in the accident. She crossed paths with uncle. For some reason she and uncle kept bumping into each other (who owns the library?), aunt thought uncle is having an affair.. things escalated and became worse..uncle and aunt split.. and uncle has been trying to make ends meet and keep depositing hospital fees.. aunt is just following jennifer's whereabouts
  11. I am wondering, reading all the comments above, is following what we are surmising? SJH gave away the amulet to the young boy as a kid feeling bad about his condition, things start going wrong. Eventually, she tracks down the man and recognizes her amulet, asks him to return it... fire breaks out.. she almost dies ( or actually dies) .. man wakes up with partial memory she survived but with blocked memory can ghosts be seen by a lot of people? Why can the PD see ghosts? I don't mind spoilers, anyone already knows who the lady in white is? Is it SJH herself? ************** Boy's mom is still around as ghost.. because why else the dialogue ( i promise to not become ghost) Interesting that both kids have lost both their parents.. ************ By the way, half destiny = you live, i die kind of half or.. let's get married and lucks will have to balance themselves out kind of destiny?
  12. it is soooo funny and nice.. hope there is some meat in the story
  13. lol all those are reverse psychology tactics.. Let's say you are dieting, you know you should not eat choclate.. but i want you to eat choclate.. so if i tell you to eat it... you get a motivation to not eat it (because its a powerplay, your brain gets a high with that win.. the rebel gets satisfied).. but if i know you badly want to eat it and craving for it.. and i tell you to stop looking at it (the rebel raises its head the other way now .. eventually you will reach the decision that you can eat the choclate and work out really hard to sweat it out.. and your brain is satisfied because of poweplay.. afterall its a fabulous solution and you think your brain came up with that .. and the rebel gets satisfied