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  1. Body that fell: PSH saw binnie's body - because he jumped off to save himself from the duel. We saw him considering the option. Also, he is the one in hospital (as far as we know AR injuries don't show up in real life even if you die ). Dad Isn't he binnie's dad? I think dad is going to be like the congressman in W. He doesn't know about the game initially but when he does he will turn it evil Who is genuinely side character The lead guy from prison playbook - the hacker - isn't it too small a role if he is only supposed to relay information to binnie? Also, who is marco? the spectacled guy who kept talking to binnie? ******************************** Cha dead cha is dead in real life.. either heart attack or someone murdered him for real (Marco?) However, he never logged out and now he never will - did they take out the lens from dead body's eyes and even if they did, don't think anyone would have thought of logging off but rather discarded the lens, thereby making him a permanent character. Artificial Intelligence Also, m thinking how cool would it be if they have added Artificial intelligence algorithm to the game, meaning every time a player wins, game adapts his fighting techniques and becomes more powerful a program. So more players play, more techniques program learns - knowing which works in which scenario and thereby will become difficult to defeat the game characters.. this would also explain why cha became a character - program uses characters - for the program cha is still alive and the level 4 is not yet up. We saw that "You win" and level up to level 4 for binnie.. or maybe he needs to be level 5 to really get rid of cha as he was originally level 4 so probably became a level 4 character? And since binnie chose him as enemy, he is specific "quest" for binnie only
  2. dissapointing ep 4 and its going W logic way only you can choose to become a character in the game and don't die ever and keep following your victim
  3. ok preview, binnie rain drenched.. meaning 3 things 1. he looks super hot 2. game on 3. someone else, and a friend player has entered the game - heeju ************** 4. What happens when same face people meet - heeju<> emma 5. Somehow hee ju also has to be the cheat code of this game 6. i hope cha died because he lost his business and not because of the game ************** A = guy on phone = we already know he is a hacker.. could he be involved? we don't have a clear villain for now right.. who is marco? you got a point there *********************** also, the game buffers so there is a central server, they need to find it = the portal.. but i hope she doesn't turn this into W where they can't switch off the server only and need the hacker to weave in magic by hacking the server come to think of it.. series just started looking predictable when i compare it with W.. we didn't exactly have a villain there.. but the tablet wouldn't turn off so all characters were forced to play both worlds
  4. the only way death can make sense is if the players' device, e.g. contact lens induces electro signal to create heart attack when a person is attacked to produce 4D effect of feeling pain, but unfortunately signal is too much and actually kills. I know it is not a possibility, but that's the only logical scientific explanation i can think of
  5. she does not need promotion, plus it shud be more of tvn headache to promote
  6. the one with short hair is not park na rae, she is a much senior comedian. on another variety with mung hun
  7. but what loyalty if you make your husband feel as if he is not needed or don't show any feeling towards it. It wasn't a loveless marriage, it was a loveless marriage for her, but she chose it knowing very well. Plus its a marriage, not roommates. Can you imagine a married life, where you come back home and find your wife/hubby staring blankly into your face? Given what we have been shown, it seems husband still tried, she not so much. Just as everyone claims that hubby should have been attentive to know what CSH wants, clearly she wasn't attentive to know and observe what hubby wanted and why he did what he did. I see more as a desperate act to rile her up, to get some hope that she cares. I can sense his suffocation with complete rejection from CSH from the beginning. CSH's is a weak character, tht's fine everyone has her/his own journey. But her weakness has hampered someone else's world leaving her with no responsibility.. which is unfair.
  8. i am confused why people blame ex husband. I keep seeing, he doesn't know what love is or wasn't attentive to CSH, but question is was CSH attentive to him as a wife? Is she not to blame for failed marriage plus how easily she gave up on the relationship (because she wanted an out). Did she marry out of selflessness? No, she did not. She had her own agenda, even if it is buying her peace of mind from her mother or supporting her daddy's ambitions.
  9. m confused.. wat is this drama about? is it a drama spoofing makjangs hence funny and people watching it or it truly is trying to be a seriousl makjang and what is it about? princess realizing hubby is cheating so cheats with her bodyguard?
  10. lol.. the ppl will only go worse from goblin.. goblin was still nice about their ppl.. did you see bo gummie drinking that whatever that drink was full on tv, print commercial all rolled into one perfect shot of him drinking with side profile and well lit background
  11. This simple and honest man is not very simple I think at times he calculates his words well enough. After the potato rice cake scene where he says "this is our day 1".. that was such obvious teasing from his side, which then also says volume about his "b'ful woman" type of comments. They don't just come out automatically from his mouth.. its like he is consciously pursuing her and utters them for that pull-push effect. Apologize but then repeat it to mean he ain't exactly just being nice to her
  12. @anya To answer your question, if anything PBG is very much like his 1988 character. Clumsy, talks less but is very very mature and observant. The only difference is that he is cheerful when taek wasn't as cheerful. or maybe add clumsy in current character's trait portfolio. And again, he prioritized his education. I think he completed recently - junish..
  13. i just realized, it would be interesting to see when SH decides she must protect JH (cindrella) from all evil.. that's the first time she will become aggressive and will emote.. and emerge as strong personality.. that would be fun.. seeing her going all out to save the boy i hope she doesn't become the damsel in distress