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  1. For those interested in learning the language, if you search for '라면 먹고 갈래?' (Do you want to eat ramyeon?), Solim can give you some lessons p/s: yatttaaaa!!! I did it Ok I am now craving for 'Ramyeon (Food)' *yummy*
  2. Since we are at it, I forgot to add an 'interesting' linguistic info on the word 'COMRADESHIP'
  3. Nooooo, that's just 1D!!!! I need another especially 1N and 1D *greeeeeedddyy* p/s: while we were discussing about the challenge, it's already 1929
  4. When will we get the 1N 2D trip, Jaelm-ssi *opppss* Gabdol-ah??? You are not a 'liar' right? p/s: Lulu was crushed previously so Lulu needs some solid evidences in future Aaaaaa~ she's so meme-worthy!!!! Need to do some series with her haha... My challenge? She will go more
  5. Annyeong Just dropping by... MY REACTION: Aaaa~ I missed Misoon in WGM!!! Later!!!! ps: go 25+ until 1930 haha
  6. Annyeong my Solim Family How is everyone? Hope you have a great weekend (I certainly am). (Disclaimer: This is my own interpretations & thoughts and does not represent the whole Solim fandom) With things happening post-OGS, I would like to share a piece of my thoughts and it will be more of linguistic (where I am more interested in) on the following question: WHAT IS THE CURRENT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOLIM? Let me quote how Jaelm explained their relationship in Grazia Interview (March 2017) I would like to elaborate further on the word 전우애 (comradeship) It is written in Hanja (Chinese characters) as : 戰友愛 戰 - war, fighting, battle 友 - friend 愛 - love, affection, favorite And the Korean translation from Naver is given as: 전우(戰友)로서 서로 돕고 사랑하는 마음 (The feeling of helping and loving each other as comrades in war) I believe Sso also explained the same thing in U-Weekly Interview earlier. This is what Solim themselves explained on their current relationship. And as a Solimer, I am happy with what they have right now (or at least what they want to share with us and public). 'Comradeship' itself is a form of love. As much as shippers of any OTP want their OTPs to be in romantic relationship (恋愛), I am thankful with the comradeship that Solim are currently having. We can clearly see how much they are supporting and care for each other through good times and most importantly during harder times. For me, their 'comradeship' is more than just (close) friendship [Korean: 우정 (友情), 가우 (佳友), 양붕 (良朋) - we can see that there is no 愛 (love) character in each of them] and as Jaelm said in his Grazia Interview that they are 'comrades in war' thus they will protect each other fight for what they believe in together. With that, for me Solim will not end just because they are in romantic relationship with other (and what more over some baseless rumours) for as long as they are there to support each other in their professional and personal life. I am here to support Solim. And the small community we have here are like another family to me and I believe to others too. As much as we have some disagreements, different characters, unnecessary jokes, we learn to forgive and asking for forgiveness and do our best to keep the thread in harmony. We welcome as much people as possible to the 'family' since we want to achieve Thread 3 as quickly as possible. However, I hope that newcomers, long-time lurkers and everyone can respect the harmony that we are working together to maintain in here. Lastly KEEP CALM, EXPECTATIONS LOW, BELIEFS HIGH....AND SHIP SOLIM
  7. Fan update with Jaelm at Yeongam Circuit p/s: my shipper's heart is glad so far And seems like Surim, her hubby and their parents are in Kansai for vacation. She kept on tagging #송잶찬스 (SJR's Chance/Opportunity) on her IG posts related to the trip and Jaelm commented about on her post yesterday to make sure the house is properly secured and have a good trip while accompanying mom & dad. I guess he really fulfilled his wish as he mentioned in Grazia. Hope they have great time in my favorite country p/s: this guy has the money (nothing suprising looking at all his bikes kekeke) sending his family on business class....the best for family p/s: And look like uri Sso is handling the unwanted mess in her own way...disabling comments and unfollowing all. As long as you are happy my love.
  8. Another link for Crime Scene 3 Epi. 1 (Eng Sub). The upcoming episodes will also be subbed by ODK. Read the Twitter thread to learn how to watch ODK outside the US. I don't deserve it. I am going to enjoy Lulu without going overboard and hurting myself, Solim & others
  9. You go Jaelm! Enjoy doing what you love. Really really am thankful to you for sharing with us that you visited the flea market yesterday. I'm letting Lulu runs wild for a while. I am happy to see 'socun89', 'Surim (숢)' and 'cigarettes' in Jaelm's caption. My Lulu feels it is more intimate than the rest of his caption. Well, I am a shipper for reasons Chingu, please share more of these stuffs Things that keep us going despite knowing the hurdles we are facing together with Solim And apologies if I am less active 'coz I only work well with translations. I am less useful when it comes to other things. Tbh, I am so deprived of Solim's articles right now and feel a bit lost of what to share. I will keep on being around the family. Have a great day!
  10. If I were him: Anyway we are with you!~
  11. Annyeong Chingus Re: Baymax 6.0 Thank you very much for all the participation. I will write a post later to conclude it Re: Flea Market Thank you Solim family for all the updates. I slept while smiling (after a very tiring day and it is continuing till late) Thank you Jaelm for supporting most importantly uri Sso and the rest of your friends. I am not going to let anybody to take that happiness from you and me. Will keep supporting you and Sso in my own way (but forgive me I am in mental block 'coz I only thrive when there are things to be translated ) Since I have got nothing new to share, just some more info on CS3 Epi. 1 under spoiler With the great response for CS3 Epi. 1, we hope Jaelm can feature in more episodes Re: page 1920 You are all jjang. Love <3 Till later
  12. 'Crime Scene 3' Epi. 1 achieved highest 1st ep. rating for Crime Scene series at 1.143% (S1 1.004% S2 0.596%) Based on the article, the highest ever rating for the series was at 1.678% for S2 Ep. 11. Congrats Jaelm & the 5 main casts!
  13. Haha mianhae since that might be the last one so I thought of making things a bit interesting, but turned out too heavy Sso Tomorrow A fan uploaded Jaelm's autograph for her saying 'Please be happy' 'Crime Scene 3' trended at #1 on Naver!! More Jaelm
  14. Crime Scene 3 trended on Naver & Twitter in SK
  15. Crime Scene 3- Episode 1 (Jaelm-focus cuts) more: HERE Seems like he's enjoying the game