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  1. Annyeong Seems like the casts and the whole FFMW team will be rewarded Jeju trip after shooting completion but no specific detail as of now [SOURCE] Congrats!~ Very much well deserved Hope all, esp. the main casts can make it Update: Plan to depart to Jeju on July 13 [SOURCE]
  2. Annyeong~ Sharing extract from today's article on FFMW's good reception in China On China's SNS website 'Douban', FFMW is rated at 8.7 (with 7k+ participation). Just for comparison, DOTS scored 7.6 (with 103k+ participation) and Goblin at 8.3 (with 82k+ participation). Keep flourishing FFMW!~ '쌈마이웨이', 中서도 호평…"청춘 공감 스토리" 'Fight for My Way', Favorably Reviewed even in China..."Story Youth can Identify with" [Source: XSports News]
  3. Annyeong Resharing the graphic of the ranking shared by me earlier: Q: Your Most Preferred Recent 'TV Programs'? (2 answers each, not including news) And also some other news/updates: (1) FFMW will be broadcasted in Japan's KNTV from July, 27 to August, 12. Congratulations! Hope they will do well there... 박서준X김지원 '쌈마이' 8월 본격 日상륙..흥행 잇나 Park Seojoon X Kim Jiwon 'Ssam Mai' Will be Landing Full-Fledge in Japan..Taking Over Entertainment [Source: Starnews via Naver] (2) A bilingual article on the new trend in K-drama, focusing more on reality incl. FFMW and AOY (yay! fav!) Hit dramas reflect harsh real world: Struggles faced by today’s young people resonate with viewers KBS2’s ongoing “Fight for My Way” sympathizes with young people struggling to get their lives on track. The drama has the highest ratings for its time slot. More: Korea Joongang Daily
  4. Annyeong Sharing the excerpt from an article related to this video (only Solim part): 믿고 쓰는 '우결' 케미…김소은♥송재림 이종현♥공승연 정혜성♥공명 등 반가운 재회 Trusted ‘WGM’ Chemistry… Kim Soeun♥Song Jaerim LJH♥GSY JHS♥GM etc. Happily Reunited [on pic: 'We Got Married' --slashed-- "We Met Again"] '우리결혼했어요'(우결)의 연은 계속되고 있다. 꿈의 결혼 생활을 맛본 스타들이 계약 결혼 종료 이후 드라마와 CF에서 재회하며 시청자들의 아쉬움을 달래고 있다. The legacy of ‘WGM’ is being carried on. The stars who experienced the dream of marriage life reunited again after their marriage contracts ended through dramas and CFs, calming the sad feeling of their viewers. 김소은과 송재림은 9개월간 MBC '우결'에서 가상 결혼생활을 했다. 이후 2017년 SBS 주말드라마 '우리 갑순이'에서 부부의 연을 맺었다. '우결'에서 다정한 커플의 모습을 많이 보여준 두 사람은 '우리 갑순이'에서 10년 연애를 한 장수 커플의 이야기를 능청스럽게 그렸다. KSE and SJR were virtually married for 9 months in MBC’s WGM. After that, they were married in 2017 SBS weekend drama ‘OGS’. Appearing most of the time as an affectionate couple on WGM, they naturally portrayed the story of 10-year long-term couple in OGS. '우결'에 이어 '우리 갑순이'에서 연기 호흡을 맞춘 두 사람은 남다른 돈독함을 보였다. 송재림은 "서로 캐스팅 됐을 때 좋았다. 원래 낯을 많이 가리는데 한 번 호흡을 맞춰봤기 때문에 연기하면서 이질감이 없었다. 케미는 문제 없다"며 자신했다. 김소은은 "10년차 커플 연기도 어색함이 없다"고 화답해 훈훈함을 자아냈다. Continuing from WGM and well-matched acting immersion in OGS, they showed off special connection (between them). SJR showed off his confidence (by saying), “I was happy when we were casted (in OGS) together. I’m originally a shy person around strangers but (from) the first time we acted together, there was no sense of unfamiliarity. There’s no issue with our chemistry.” KSE comfortably answered (that), “There was no awkwardness for us to portray as 10-year couple. [Source: Newspim; Translated by me] p/s: missed Solim...always the trendsetter
  5. Annyeong It's me again with some data over the net From Good Data (http://mygooddata.tistory.com/), a company analyzing issues.topics on TV programs and online polls: Ranking for Drama June Week 1 (LINK) - FFMW at No. 3 (11.56 pts) June Week 2 (LINK) - FFMW at No. 2 (15.53 pts) Ranking for Actor/Actress June Week 1 (LINK) - PSJ at No. 3, KJW at No. 4 June Week 2 (LINK) - - KJW at No. 2, PSJ at No. 3 [below is the snapshot] Overall, the show and its main casts are getting more and more love from SK viewers
  6. Annyeong Thought of sharing this since I haven't seen anyone posting about it (apologies if I overlooked) Based on Gallup Korea (a research company), FFMW placed at No. 3 as 'South Koreans' Favorite TV Programs' for June 2017 behind 1st placed 'Infinite Challenge' and 'War of Words' (both are variety shows). FFMW is No. 1 for drama, followed by KBS1 daily drama 'Lovers in Bloom' (No. 4), KBS2 weekend drama 'Father is Strange' (No. 5). FFMW scored really high among women in 20s and 30s. I believe it is such an amazing feat for FFMW to be loved by Koreans in such a short period of time And the ratings are considerably good and stable. Keep on flourishing Ssam Ma!~ p/s: just sharing an interesting trivia. DCGallers called DM/AR couple as '최고' (the best), 최 from Choi (AR) and 고 from Go (DM)
  7. Annyeong Wow, great to see so many people and updates Since everyone (except me) has been doing great job here, just sharing some trivial stuffs. 1) '김소은' (Kim So Eun) is trending at No. 5 now on Naver for Real Time Search and '아는 형님 김소은' (Knowing Brothers KSE) at No. 3 on News Section for Entertainment/Sports 2) Many commented on how beautiful Sso looked on the Naver vids. Nothing new Ok, enjoy! (back to being useless kekekeke)
  8. @Hava Karabulut Should you need any assistance to join the thread, don't hesitate to ask/PM us @Niel2804 Welcome back! We are still here (since Sep 2014) so you can always drop by @buaberry99 Woah....it amazes me to see new shippers from OGS. Can you share what attracted you to Solim thru OGS? Most of us were from WGM time kekeke ----------------- @_sofie_ that's fine. Yeah, for them sharing pics/updates = communicating I'm not too interested with buildings, but more about Sso/Solim and traveling kekeke re: next project----- whatever good for their careers, life (and ultimately to the aisle ) --------- Last words for now: PPEUM ROCKS~!
  9. Thanks for sharing the article (might translate it after work,,lemme see) I also thought it was Louvre earlier since it's most known for its iconic ceiling at the courtyard. However, after googling some images, the design of the pillars is not the same (Sso's have some carvings while Louvre's looks simpler) Sso's Louvre's Courtyard Ceiling Plus did they really go from Poland/Hungary to France? It's far! I doubt the reporter did proper research But again I might be totally wrong too hihhii Anyway I'm sure Sso and Boah had good time.....Girls maybe now time to get back to work? kekeke. And also the missing Song namja.
  10. Will be back once I got inspiration *sigh*
  11. Annyeong Yeorobun! Unlurking and dropping by for a while After great episodes this week, I am sharing some translations to show my support and hopefully can cheer up everyone despite the not-so-deserving dip in rating. ENJOY~ ps: the Knetz comments reflect how I feel perfectly after live-streaming ep. 8 and apologies for misinterpretations of some words...still learning keke 흥해라 쌈마이웨이!!!!! 박서준, 한 방에 K.O! 김지원에 "우는 것도 예뻐보이냐" Park Seojoon, Single Hit K.O! To Kim Jiwon "You Look Pretty Even When Crying" [Source: NAVER TV] VIEWS: 424,192 (as of 6.14 13:27 KST) LIKES: 4,419 TOP COMMENTS (Note: Highest ‘+’ as of today is ‘+7083’ for Epi. 6 MB kissing AR) [+5004,-24] 경기 끝나자마자 성큼걸어와서 애라온지 확인하고..보자마자 쭈구려서 우는것도 예쁘다느니..예쁜말만 하네..왜 내가 기쁘냐 [+5004,-24] As soon as (DM) finished his match, he immediately approached to confirm that AR came..and as soon as he saw (her) he kneeled and (said) you are pretty even when crying..what a beautiful (thing) to say...why I am (the one) feeling happy [+4231,-17] 진짜 스킨십 하나없고 키스신없는데 말 하나로 저렇게 설레냐 난 잠 다 잤는데 큰일이네 [+4231,-17] Although there was no real skinship or kiss scene, with just a single sentence, I got flustered this much but I (need) to sleep, I’m in trouble [+3736,-22] 그래서 오늘부터 1일이라구요??애라 뒤에서 모자 푹눌러쓰고있어도 바로 알아보고ㅠㅠㅠㅠ동만이 멋잇어.....우는것도 이뻐보인대ㅜㅜ [+3736,-22] So, from today it’s Day 1 (of them dating)?? Although AR was sitting at the back and pulling down her cap, he found her immediately *cries* DM looked cool…saying ‘you are pretty even when crying’ *cries* [+3302,-14] 다른 것보다 저렇게 모자 푹 눌러쓰고 그때처럼 자기 다칠까봐 못 보면서 귀막고 오돌오돌 떨고 있는 게 애라라는 걸 단박에 알아챈게 왜 이렇게 설레냐.....둘만 모르는 연애중ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ [+3302,-14] (DM) being able to recognize AR who was pulling down her cap deep among the crowd (while) overlooking her own feeling at that time and covering her ears and shaking hard, immediately, why is it heart-fluttering like this….they are in love (but) only both of them do not know *cries* [+2965,-19] 혜란이 지나치고 애라보면서 큰일났다 너 우는게 이뻐보여 이러는데 누가 안설레요❤ㅜㅜㅜ [+2965,-19] Passing by HR and finding AR (saying) ‘I’m in trouble. You look pretty even when crying’ like that, who wouldn’t get heart-flutters❤ *cries* [+2320,-14] 마지막..지렸다 숨이안쉬어진다❤❤❤ [+2320,-14] At the end..I was so nervous (that) I can’t breath❤❤❤ [+1956,-7] 아 미쳐ㅜㅜㅜ 빨리 사귀란 말이다!! [+1956,-7] Ah it’s crazy *cries* (please) ask (her) to date (you) quickly!! [+1684,-9] 거봐 내 이럴줄 알았어 너네둘 >< [+1684,-9] Ah, I knew it.. you two >< [+1622,-4] 진짜 너무 설렌다 흥해라 쌈마이웨이!!!!! [+1622,-4] Really so heart-fluttering… do well ‘Ssam My Way’!!!!! [+1446,-6] 그렇다면 이제 사귀는 일만 남은건가.. [+1446,-6] If that’s the case what’s left is for them to date.. [+1369,-4] 진짜 사랑하면 몸 다칠 수도 있는 경기를 담담하게 볼 수가 없지 않냐 웃는건 고사하고 말야 이 말 돌아다니다가봤는데 진짜 공감간다.... [+1369,-4] If you really love (someone) you could not watch calmly a match where (your loved one) potentially get hurt, let alone smiling [t/n: I believe this refers to HR]... I’ve heard this line (referring to DM’s words) a lot but it’s really heartwarming… [+1088,-8] 애라가저렇게다가리고있는데도 찾아낸거ㅠㅠㅠ 똥마니뿐이야ㅠㅠㅠㅠ [+1088,-8] Although AR (tried) to hide herself completely but (DM) can still find her *cries* Only DM (can) *cries* [+1057,-2] 둘만 모르는 연애 [+1057,-2] They are lovers only they do not know (Translated by me)
  12. Sigh, the slump is real....and is getting harder lately Tbvh, it's hard to maintain the confidence level when we get no update between them. But, for all the 1007 days, I still have faith in them (well at least we got confirmation that they are both still single from their own mouths, at least from Jaelm ) Since we can only move the thread with their individual updates & throwbacks, I plan to reshare the stuff that made & continues to make my heart flutters [gif by @magicmione]
  13. Update from Jaelm, chillin' at outdoor cafe Earth 17 And Sso went for facial treatment after arriving in SK
  14. Hoping for uri four-legged cupids to work their charms till the aisle & 47 years & infinity ~ A Tribute to the Feline Companions in Solim's Lives [credit: petite-blonde-and-snarky @ tumblr]
  15. Sorry I have to do this Lame but who cares, I missed Solim #Throwback 1006 days in time [credit: Keyrim @ Tumblr] NOW: Kim So Yeon QUESTION: When will Kim So Eun?