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  1. OppasSlyFox

    Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    I think they are downplaying HHj’s role in the promo tour because of good ole fashion gender bias and sexism. The marketing is choosing to focus on the action and thriller aspect of the film so they’ve sort of defaulted to promoting to the male glaze. Their attempts at winning over the female demo is kpop idol Choi Min Ho and the eye candy of the male cast. It’s unfortunate and frustrating. HHJ is probably really shy because there’s already a boys club around her and if she’s outspoken, netizens would probably call her a sly fox or something lol. It’s a shame, but I think the film will do her justice. The material is good and it does seem like revealing too much about her character may be going into spoiler territory—which could be another factor. Still, the subject of the film is very relevant to Korea’s political climate, which affects men and women, so it sucks the marketing is so insulting to our intelligence.
  2. Whatever I loved it. I thought the character arcs were thoroughly completed and a lot of the underlying themes like prophecy, morality of war, preconceived notions, class hierarchy, all of the complicated love stories, perhaps even subversive criticism of the patriarchy, etc. were well addressed and explored. I’m surprised at the criticisms of SFHY because his character had the most evolution and the most interesting supporting cast surrounding him. I especially loved the women that he loves, who love him back and how they’ve contributed to his journey. I am literally obsessed with him and MYYS and am quite surprised there aren’t a million fanvids I can indulge in after finishing the series their interactions, dialogues about politics and just being forthright with their feelings and uncomprising alliances are so refreshing, lovely and, yes, tragic to watch. I will say the series could have been 15 episodes shorter if they cut out the flashbacks (which has always been an issue with mainland dramas since their existence sigh) and would have benefitted from it. Here’s to waiting potentially 5 years for the sequel if it even happens tho
  3. OppasSlyFox

    [Drama 2018] Mistress 미스트리스

    What a fun drama! I thought all the female characters were deliciously evil and badass in their own way and everything made sense so no complaints from me. Happy SH made it! Was cheering on JS because i can’t help but sympathize with women suffering from battered wife syndrom/victims of abuse so i am glad she came through in the end. and how could anything JW in response to her husband cheating on her for years, sexually assaulting her, ignoring her, objectifying her to merely a baby maker so he can make money off her child, etc. be morally equal and thus hypocritical? That’s like saying someone who uses force in self defense is morally equal to his/her violent attacker. YR also didnt have leukemia, she had pneumonia. If it werent for the symptoms of the pesticide poisoning showing itself first, they wouldnt have discovered it on time to operate on her. JS inadvertently saved her in a way.
  4. OppasSlyFox

    [Drama 2017] The Package 더 패키지

    Easily in my top five list for best dramas of 2017. So beautiful, intimate, contemplative and intelligent—I’m so enamored by this drama. The package along with woman of dignity and the age of youth series make me want to watch everything Fromm jtbc.