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  1. Hi all brownies, Thank you to all who helped with opening the 2nd thread. This new thread begins another new journey with the bee couple. I can't wait to see how this thread develops. Last week, my internet at home was off so I could not stream much but I had saved one of the show and again same feeling as I first watch it. The love is beaming through each time I have watch this couple. @USAFarmgirl I still love that video and all the feels you have watching it.
  2. Annoyoung felow honeybee shippers Love reading the comments...it's still a very special place ..still briming with honey
  3. @USAFarmgirl thanks for those pics and welcome on board @myumoon
  4. Thank you to all who screencaped, commented, translated . .really enjoyed the drama and can't wait to watch both ep tonight..see u on the next interesting drama...**Aura**
  5. the bro knows the truth... he goes to the MS at somekind of IT conference and he is telling her something about what happpened there a lady with red shoes and her memory is coming back
  6. The last ep i watched was 11 (raw). The excitement of their chemistry from the beginning started to wane off for me when I did not see development with communication. What did they both want out of the relationship? I started to question that and I could not find the answers (between hiding/fighting her mom and other issues). I was hoping that him going to US for the 3yrs that they would find ways to communicate their feelings and what they mean to each other and also provide some space that I think they needed.....I wanted to see them dealing with a long distance relationship even if it was hard to keep up but I wanted to see that growth in both...I hope I'm making sense. Since I have not watch all ep from 11, i will stop there. I did enjoy watching this drama but wanted a bit more. Thank you to all @stroppyse and @jeijei , the team who did translation and all commentators who made watching fun.
  7. i'm still unable to view it even with the instructions you provided on site... Mod edit: Please see your message inbox. Thanks - jeijei
  8. Do we really need a backstory of JA and JH? I don't need the backstory because i feel they gave enough info to see how they treated each other before the relationship changed to them being a couple. Some of their interaction implies this playful relationship. Love happens for almost any reason and at any time. For some it may be physical attraction then loves come but for others it can be through a conversation and the two connects..it's really various forms. I feel that they connected through their conversation (the ease and comfort with each other).
  9. Hi @USAFarmgirl I knew you would come to this drama soon... Drama awakes love cells...buzzing with swoon worthy moments...The feels ..
  10. Sorry everyone ..it was 3am and i saw it as the list of drama following so I thought it meant it was lic but only in certain regions..but the is only fanpage which I didn't notice ..guess too exited too early Hi @jadecloud..long time ..yea this drama has me making post too..nice seeing you here