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  1. I am curious to see this show as I saw the original and also because of the comparison to LMIH which had the same premise as this show. The original is short and to the point. The teasers are intense. Can't wait
  2. Well said. And it really surprised me when the drama's public opinion and discussion went into the direction of adultery. The fact that the 2nd child was concieved to save the life of the older child who was dying of leukemia was not even mentioned during the panel discussion. Adultery is when there is voluntary sexual intercourse between a couple who is not their wife or husband. There was no adultery here. It was done by artificiacial insemination and the only concern was to get the cord blood to save the life of the older brother. When the child was born, Min Ho took his family, Ji Young, HW and the grandma to the country away from the JW and there was no interaction between the JY and JW. The public opinion concerning the adultery issue even discouraged the lawyer from taking JY's case until JW talked to the lawyer who then called JY to inform her he wil take the case. I am very curios to see what comes out in the trial, what the lawyer has or knows to make him agree to take the case.
  3. YESSSSS. They created episodes with more angst that make no sense and does not give depth to the story but shallow excitement for no reason. It makes the emperor and the empress look like the hillbilly yokels come to the capital to put crowns on their heads but don't know what to do with it. I mean they do have scholars whom they could have consulted, eh? The character that grew up by leaps and bounds is Yuan Ruo and I am loving him in these episodes. He accepted what is and let go of wanting to prove his love to ML, learned to care, respect and love his wife while keeping the memories of his young and intense love for ML somewhere tucked in the corner of his heart. He still loves ML yet respects her choices and supports her as a friend and fellow man/woman. Hopefully, GTY will learn from Yuan Ruo. Love is not about jealousy or trying to turn the woman you say you love into someone she isn't. Love is accepting and loving the person for who they are warts and all. Yuan Ruo is a good man.
  4. No, she needs to go to prison. She is a very disturbed person. Maybe that window viewing with JW and NK was a flashback. I can't believe that the family will still accept her. JY also is suing for custody and the reason is that NK is an unfit mother. I really hope that NK gets some time in prison and therapy. Maybe after she served time she will go with the director and they can stay outside in the snow together. JW has been hurt too, he deserves some time for healing and for finding someone who can really love him.
  5. @Golden FlowerHmmmmm, not consistent with the laws of the land then? It is confusing. I mean it would have been good to see Madam Qin homeless. ML too would be out of a home but she has grandma and the Sheng home to run to. However, if ML still stayed at the Chen Garden, even after the edict of property confiscation, is it not giving the the dowager reasons to claim that the emperor is not efficient in enforcing his own edict and the law and therefore a need for change in administration? GTY is a convicted felon and the nonconfiscation of the property by the emperor is by design to nudge the dowager empress to anger and rebel? In this case the empress dowager would be in the right to accuse the emperor of being an inefficient ruler would she not? And the censors and scholars would be on her side. Even if GTY comes back to rescue the emperor and be given his title and properties back, I would think that the emperor would not last long. His inability to rule with consistency would not be forgotten easily. I would not blame GTY and ML if they took their family away from the capital to live peacefully and raise a big family. I just think that the emperor could have designed more calculating but reasonable plan and protect himself and his followers, to discourage the dowager from backseat ruling. How were these plots written in the book if I may ask?
  6. Sorry to cut your post @partyonI think it will be a good finale and JS and HW will be together with their parents Ji Young and Minho and JW and the Kim family will be part of the kids life too. I hope that Na Kyung will spend time in prison with some therapy. She hurt many people including JS the child she professed to love. I hope in time JS will adjust and forget. Na Kyung used JS and hurt the kid badly by using JS as a business leverage. One reason JW stayed with NK is because he thought NK raised and loved JS well. Now, he knows that when push comes to shove, NK will not hesitate to use JS as a bargaining chip even subjecting him to pain and unnecessary hospitalization when he did not need to. What happens if JS is not useful to her anymore? She was so willing to bet on HW's life for her position and money. Hopefully the she ends in prison.
  7. @Golden FlowerAll his property and the Gu manor will be taken back by the emperor as imperial property? Then Madam Qin will have no place to stay then? Will she be driven out of the Gu Manor in that case? Could she not have foreseen that? It would be so nice to see Madam Qin thrown out if that were to happen?
  8. Agree, it does not make any sense.... any man would be so damn worried especially with a newborn baby... I would think if GTY was going to be happy it was because his wife, his baby and the rest of the family are safe and alive. When safety of the family is at stake, when wife and rest of family are facing danger, all petty concerns fly out the window. Same thing when a wife welcomes a husband who just faced danger, example gone to war and survived, she would just be happy to see her husband alive and well and nothing else matters.
  9. episode ratings: 2019-02-09 41 - 13.4 (6th) 12.6 (7th) 2019-02-09 42 - 15.2 (4th) 14.5 (5th) 2019-02-09 43 - 15.2 (4th) 14.9 (4th) 2019-02-09 44 - 16.2 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd)
  10. episode 67 and 68: while the empress and her cohorts eyes are directed on GTY, Prince Huan and the emperor, I think the emperor has a secret weapon in the sage and calm scholar CHANGBAI. Nobody is paying any attention to him. And Changbai's most stealth and most efficient weapon would be his sister Ming Lan. The reason I say this because of the embroidery of Princess Zhao that GTY presented back to ML. Point the attention to GTY whom everyone thinks is the pillar and the offensive strength of the emperor and cover the secret pillar of offense that will wage a surprise attack while they busy with GTY. @lclarakl My favorite was when GTY went to the forest with Shitou after the jealousy fight with ML and while roasting poor bunny, Chang Bai arrives. The conversation they had cracked me up with Changbai reciting poetry verses, sighing or rolling his eyes everytime GTY complained about ML. While GTY was being irritated, I was cracking up everytime Chang Bai responded. I enjoyed that exchange very much. The other one is the exchange between Big Madam Sheng and Countess Wu when Big Madam went to negotiate marriage for Molan and 6th Liang while Countess Wu countered with wanting ML in addition to Molan. They were using methaphors but the countess metaphor descriptions of Molan cracked me up. Madam Sheng was a hoot a comic relief until her sister Kang woman arrived at her doorstep.
  11. I think it was just revealed, even the Gu aunt missed it too and was fooled by Stepmom. The Gu aunt would not have wanted a woman from the brothel to be a concubine of the head of the family of Gu. The only reason the Gu family accepted TY's mom who was a merchant's daughter is because they needed her money and they hated themselves and TY's mom for being associated to a merchant's daughter although TY pointed out that they enmoyed the luxury that the Bai money brought them . Gu aunt said that stepmom asked for her help to make ML accept the concubine whom the stepmom recommended.