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  1. Ahhhhhh, very informational, thank you. It explains Soo Hyun's attitude. I do love listening to the dialect even if I don't understand it but the way the actors speak it and their expressions are enough to discern what they are feeling. I am glad you passed by. Thanks again
  2. Just viewed episode 7 after 100% subbed, I was interested to see the sub of Tae Oh's recollection of what happened between him and Soo Hyun and the baby. The babysitter said to go tell Soo Hyun that she found the baby that her mother threw away. Tae Oh responded that he thinks it was Soo Hyun who threw the baby away. However, that could be his own interpretation or his own words. It still does not clarify anything of what really happened. Unless the writers want to make SH a cold hearted and ruthless witch. That will be disappointing because it takes away the complicated and poignant relationship dynamics of the major characters. It will be same storyline, rich man poor girl and rich girl witch protagonist. I was hoping since there is a foursome that the story will be subtler and more profound. It seems that Soo Hyun got more desperate when she found out that Tae Oh, her ex and the father of her child (the child Tae Oh claims she abandoned) was involved with the company of her fiance. But just my pov
  3. Thank you so much for the info. But why then does Soo Hyun always say when she is angered by Hae Ra that she is from Heundae, Busan as if it was a threat? As if she thinks...people should be wary of or fear her because she is from Busan? Like ... so what if you are from Busan?
  4. @Lmangla yes, it will be very disappointing if they cherish the notion of blood is thicker than water idea. Relationships that are based on caring and love will nourish the same sentiment with the other relationships such as children and so on and relationships that are hung on to, for the sake of money, blood, greed and hate nourish the same. Look at the family of Jae Wook. The chairman will get his share of disappointment when he realizes that the mother of his heir is not the real mother. That she "stole" the baby to be the mother of the heir to the company. therefore give her control of the company as she is doing now. What if the chairman changes his mind again and looks at another grandson to take over the company? How good a mother will Na Kyung be? And that is bothersome to me, that Na Kyung cherishes the child because she thinks he will be the heir to the company. She wants control of the company so the child has to follow her goals. What if Jeon Seo has other goals and does not want to have anything to do with the company? How good a mother will she be then? Her having a child is all about her, and from my POV has the same mentality as the father in law. She will nag the poor child to do what she wants. Right now, Jeon Soo already has the mindset of having to be first and best which is good outlook but what if he gets 2nd or 3rd best, what then? Na Kyung is like her father in law who is stuck to the notion of blood is family and matters more than anyone else. It seems to me that the father of JW is into nourishing and caring for the company for the extension of his blood family. And this is so old fashioned and probably because of how blood ties and "family" are regarded in their world and makes for a good drama. In this 21st century, in many parts of the world, companies survive and flourish because the founders of companies look for competent and adept people to work, manage and take over and continue the work and not necessarily family. It is a contribution of many. But I digress. Anyway, back to the drama, maybe the chairman will cherish Na kyung no matter what he learns because they have the same attitude/mentality but woe to poor Jeon Soo whose mother loves him for what she could use him for. Jae Wook clashes with his father because he wants his other son from his former marriage acknowledged and he also differs on how to run the company. It seems the his father is stuck on the old fashioned way of running the company and Jae Wook has other ideas. Now, Jae Wook hungs on to Na Kyung and his toxic marriage because he needs someone to care for his son Jeon Soo. Not fair for Na Kyung and Jeon Soo either. He should have just been a sperm donor and left it at that. No attachments. Let Min Ho and Ji Young have the baby and their loving family. But then there will be no drama. Maybe that is where this drama is going. Family of blood ties versus family nourished with care, love and gratitude. I would really hate to see Hyun Woo disregard Min Ho who has been his father since babyhood and go running to Jae Wook this stranger whom just appeared in his life and tells him he is the father? Where was he for the last 16+ years of his growing up? And JY, don't tell me she is still into JW the man who got her best friend pregnant while they were married and then proceeded to marry the woman he cheated with and then years later, meet her son behind her back, disregarding and disrespecting the feelings of the parents, Min Ho and Ji Young? Don't tell me that JY is still into him? I really, really hope that JY and JW will not be the end game therefore disregard Min Ho who is the one good person, husband and father in this drama, it will be a disappointment. @Lmangla...yea I don't know if he is really sick or if he is worried that he will relapse becausis parents have made him so afraid with their over protectiveness.... but if he falls sick again then will joon soo have to donate again?.... not necessarily if the cord blood has been preserved in a special lab. Nowadays, medical science recognize the requisite and importance of cord blood in saving lives and some mothers opt to donate and preserve the cord blood. However it is very expensive and not many labs are equipped to do so. Maybe in the future science will have a better and more affordable solution. But back to the drama, JY was unconscious at the time of birth and Min Ho was busy caring for both JY and Hyun Woo and Na Kyung only cared about the baby and pretending to be post natal. So the only one who could have wanted and have the cord blood preserved for future use will be JW and he has the money to afford to pay the lab for the cost and because if the cord blood was preserved there will be no need to ask donation from Jeon Soo. This was very necessary for JW to do inorder to keep the secret of Jeon Soo's birth mother??? We shall see
  5. I agree with everything you posted. I stll don't like Na Kyung, but like you said she is a good mother. The fact though that her MIL and husband know that she faked the pregnancy and the baby is Ji Young's, makes them feel like they have more rights to the kid than her? as in MIL telling NK that Jeon Soo is to sleep in her house rather than in his parent's house. How many times does that happen? Na Kyung still does not know that MIL knows she faked her pregnancy. And why did JY give up her son to give to JW if she can't forget and forgive? Why did she not keep him? Maybe she thinks that JW will demand for the rights to the child? I mean he was concieved through IUI, and for necessity, but still her baby. Or at that time, she also considered Min Ho's feelings so gave up her baby to the sperm donor father? Then she should consider In Min Hos feelings now. Min Ho is a good man and the only one whom Hyun Woo knew as his father from his babyhood. It has been 16 years since the divorce from JW, and she still is unforgiving and wants to hurt him back? If the secret is revealed and Hyun Woo gets close to JW who has been meeting with him clandestinely, does Hyun Woo forget about Min Ho who has been his father for the last 16 years and just run to JW? What does that make Hyun Woo? What does that make JY? How about young Jeon Soo, who will be as confused as ever especially when he is being pulled between mom and grandma and now another woman claiming to be his mother? But I guess, this is life taking care of what has not been forgotten and forgiven. I really want to see what the sister in law does from now. I don't know what JW is hanging on to NK for. It seems like a marriage in hell.
  6. Hello anybody here? Now, this is what you call drama. They did have a time jump and the children are leading the charge of the Secret Discovery Mission. All the children have met, little brother Jeon Soo, big brother Hyun Woo and oldest child cousin Seun Hoon at the swimming pool. I have a feeling that big sister Jae Hee has found out the secrets behind Jeon Soo's birth and the twisted reasonings and actions of her sister in law, Na Kyung for practically stealing Ji Young's baby. All she has to figure out is who donated the stem cells that saved Hyun Woo because most of her family including her son donated and did not match but someone did. Now, there is this child whom NK claims is her child. Jae Hee is smart enough to put 2 and 2 together. I bet she will be looking at those medical records. Seung Hoon, Jae Hee's son, is the bad boy amongst the grandchildren. There is also a story with his daddy. Wonder who his daddy is and why they are separated from him. I hope the drama will also tell there story. I don't understand Ji Young's reasons for giving up her baby and from these recent episodes, she looked like she is very distressed about losing her child. She occupied herself dedicating most of her time to keeping Hyun Woo alive and healthy and to her family, she looks content until she had that talk with her mother. Maybe she wanted to show her gratitude to JW for his part in saving their son, Hyun Woo's life or she wanted her son to know his father. Or she uses her baby to get revenge on Na Kyung and JW. Whatever her reasons are, Ji Young shows now that she was never content with giving her baby up. Na Kyung trusted her to keep her word since she did not insist on Ji Young's signing the pre delivery provisional agreements to her detriment. Na Kyung is at a disadvantage but she is too insecurely dumb to know it. She was advised by her mother in law and husband to quit the TV show because it could get complicated. If she and Ji Young were in the show would not her young son see his bio mother in the show too? Then on the welcome to JY team dinner, NK calls JW to pick her up just to let JY know whose husband he is. On the team's way out of the restaurant, JW arrives to pick up NK who starts sidling up to JW to show him off especially to JY but then Min Ho arrives with his car to pick up JY smiling and waving and JY calls "honey" laughing and smiling running to the car not even acknowledging JW and NK's display. JW ended looking at JY with longing sad eyes and NK with frustrated and angry expression as if eggs were thrown at her face. That made me laugh so much. Grandfather KIm does not want to recognize Hyun Woo as part of his family and showers all attention to Jeon Soo and the "alledged" mother Na Kyung. I wonder what he would do or what would happen to him when he realizes the truth that Na Kyung is not the mother of Jeon Soo that in fact Ji Young is and Na Kyung faked her pregnancy to have a child so she can bilk the company off him? I want to see that too. A box of eggs thrown to his face expression. How about JW arranging secret meetings with Hyun Woo without anyone of the other parents knowing? I think that will be where NK will allege an affair even if no affair happened. The secret meetings without anyone knowing will be bases for NK to take JY to court to fight for custody and allege and affair?? but NK again will be shooting her own feet like her mother in law stated. NK is a combination of too much pride, insecurity and desperation, her emotions cloud her judgements. Now, regarding the secret meetings.... Was Hyun Woo ever told not to trust in strangers? I mean, his teacher makes him meet this strange man and dine with him, and after dinner asks to hug him? He was never told about meeting with strangers? Then the stranger tells him that they both go to Barcelona to see the Gaudi architect's work? I would have wanted Dad to encourage son to visit Barcelona and study the works of Gaudi maybe a handshake for now since he is a stranger to the son. I would have thought a protective mother like JY taught her son safety/safeguard measures better? I guess we are to assume that HW will know better next time? Even if he did not fight for his child and marriage the first time, at least JW is now trying to support HW even if in secret. But that might blow up the secrets wide open. I do feel sorry for Min Ho. I like him a lot. He is a good man, husband and father. He was there for Hyun Woo and JY through all their travails. I really hope MH and JY don't break up because he deserves the love of his family. I wonder why he and JY did not have a child together. I love that they moved to the country where the environment fit Hyun Woo better. Not too much clogged air, more organic food, cleaner and easier way of living. I really, really hope, In woo not be blindsided here. He needs a good ending too. I can't help feeling anxious whenever I see HW with a nosebleed. Please don't let him die. He will be the saviour of his family. I can't wait to see what happens next. The preview, where he collapsed.... no....don't die.
  7. Have to go back to rewatch after completed subs and edited to understand what happened between Tae Oh and Soo Hyun. It is still not very clear what happened between the two and what Tae Oh wants from Soo Hyunu because clearly she wants him out of her life. Yet there is so much emotion flaring when they meet. Also, Soo Hyun keeps telling Hae Ra during their confrontation that she is form Heundae, Busan as if it is a threat. What is with Heundae Busan????.... is it gangster land or tough people's land? Yet, they are both from Busan and they are both gangster like with each other. I love my women to be tough and yes richard simmons ... and I like that their confrontations are a of a battle of wills, however Soo Hyun needs to cool it with the slapping because once she uses violence, she already lost. Hae Ra is right about Soo Hyun, she is scared of losing. She acts tough but she is scared. I also like that the two women are the attention grabbers, the stars of the show from my point of view in this series and the men with them are more like props. Tae Oh is calling the shots for now but it won't be long before Hae Ra takes the reins from him and direct the aim of the shots, on the other hand Soo Hyun is seems desperately trying to direct the direction of her relationship with In Joon but she might end up losing him and the business she wants to join in. The abused daughter in law and wife seems so docile, pitiful and dependent but she will get even quietly and unobtrusively. Whose side will she be on?
  8. Episode 48 before her coronation as empress Ruyi had a talk with the Empress Dowager: The dialogue in this episode between Ruyi and the Empress Dowager explains the drama and the title of the drama Ruyi's Love in The Palace succinctly. It is what this drama is all about. Ruyi said she is unclear of how to walk the path of an empress but she is very clear about her heart that she wants to be by the side of the man she cares deeply about to soothe his loneliness and calm his fears. Empress Dowager's wise reply when Ruyi asked her if she ever wanted to love and be loved by the late emperor: Dowager said, the emperor will never be one woman's husband. The empress is also his subject and servant. The emperor's heart is the hardest to grasp and in this world and the least to trust. This conversation expressed precisely the premise and heart of the drama and the different worldviews of Ruyi and the emperor as perhaps a warning to a bittersweet ending. There is no other way for the drama to end. It also explains why Zhen Zhuan was so successful on her climb to power. She had no illusions of what the position and especially the heart of an emperor was all about.
  9. zenya22

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    @bebebisous33 hi there. Thank you for your quotes. I had been away for quite a while but am back. Sorry for not replying on time. I watched the whole drama and it was great. Different and touched on cultural spiritual beliefs. suspense with a good ending. I hope you are well and hope to see you in other drama postings.
  10. @Lmangla hello there. Been lurking, reading all the informative posts. The characters who gets my attention actually are the 2nd leads. Somehow their history and story appeals to my sense of intrigue. Not that I don't like the story of the first leads, but the 2nd leads' saga is what enhances the lead characters drama, from my perspective. I also wonder if the child is Cha Soo Hyun's. I am guessing here, that the HK guy, Jin Tae Oh and Cha Soo Hyun were lovers but JTO cheated on her and had a child with another woman and her coldness when she heard his child is dying? That explains her fury when she brok up with him and told him he was dead to her. If that were the case, then for me Cha Soo Hyun of all the characters is the saddest one. She is angry at the world for whatever happened to her and through all these years her anger has not dissipated but turned bitter. It seems Jin Tae Oh wants Soo Hyun back but he can't court her the usual way a man courts a woman so he concucts a plan to destroy the business plan/agreements between CSH the man she was engaged to, a business engagement by making the fiance fall in love with a beautiful designer and leave Soo Hyun. Or does JTO just want Soo Hyun to suffer? As for Go Hae Ra, her motivations are purer. She has no idea what JTO wants and what his reasons are but she needs money to save her deathly ill sister and pay off the loan sharks, fulfill her goals as a designer and she is being given this chance. Tae In Joon is the sitting target in all of these but is not yet aware of it.
  11. It may not be an affair, it could be that one of the sons or grandsons which includes the JW's sister's son will find out the truth. Hyeon Woo is expecting a little brother. How will they explain to him that there will be no little brother coming home? That, I think, will haunt Hyeon Woo especially when he will know later that his little brother saved him. If he is told that his brother died he might feel guilt about it. That might motivate him to find out about his little brother later. Or it could be the other way around. The little brother may coincidentally find out the circumstances of his birth, about him being a savior to save his big brother. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves to the most unlikely person at the most inconvenient/convenient time depending on which side the characters are on. And it could be that Min Ho's suspicions are never allayed and as you said NK will use it to discredit JY since she wants to destroy all of JY's relationships to JW and his family and her sons. NK wants the construction company so she alleges and affair?. She wants to be dowager queen.
  12. Interesting premise/story line. Basically Na Kyung raped Jae Wook and then told him she was pregnant to get him to marry her. She can't complain about the disrespect and the coldness of her inlaws towards her since she basically "stole" her position as wife and member of her inlaw's family. Now that the baby is born, Hyun Woo will get his cord blood but Ji Young has collapsed in the delivery room? I am glad that the preview showed her well and up and about. Ji Young did not sign the agreement to claim her child after he is born. It makes me wonder how that will affect the relationship between Ji Young and the child she gave up to Na kyung and her relationship to In Woo. Hopefully, In Woo will stick around, but it will take a heart with a lot of faith and trust to do so. The sister in law knows what a lying drama queen Na Kyung is. I wished she had stuck around to find out Na Kyung's fake pregnancy. She would have told on Na Kyung no matter what. I can't wait for the episode when she comes back and discovers the truth. She would know as soon as she realizes that Hyun Woo was saved and from a cord blood of his little brother that the donor of the cord blood was Na Kyung's son. It would not be hard for her to put clues together, first Ji Young got pregnant, and Hyun Woo got the donated blood to save his life when Ji Young delivered at the same hospital Hyun Woo was confined in. If the sister in law gets really interested and curious to know the truth, hiring a bright private sleuth to discover the truth is not a bad idea. The coincidences are questionable. Also with a good hacker, who knows if he/she can access the medical records of Na Kyung and find out that she was in fact sterile and barren?
  13. This was the 18th century featured in the drama after all. Qianlong in this drama, by the mid episodes, is in his prime, he has conquered a big slice of the pie, is emperor of one of the biggest empires of the world to the south bordering Vietnam, and tributary kingdoms like Korea, to up north of Tibet, Mongolia to borders of Nepal, Turkestan and nations bordering Russia. He has to rule/oversee his kingdom. He led military campaigns and was said to be a brilliant military strategist but was also known to be a ruthless conquistador who decimated the populace of the conquered land. It was also his duty to produce heirs from many concubines/wives. He sees women of the harem, his wives and family (children) except for his mother, as subjects not eguals and why he thought of Empress Fuca as the perfect empress because she was obedient to the emperor's will. He also said in one of the episodes that his children and members of his family can become his enemies. Which is well depicted in the episodes, if one of his wives is a member of a warring clan or deemed as a spy then woe to that woman and her children if any, and if a child such as the 4th prince has ambitions to be crown prince and start soliciting for political support as in Jia-the mother's case, then that child is thrown out of the palace and movements restricted, mother demoted. Consort Shu whom the emperor learned to be a spy of his mother, was given the birth control medicine to prevent pregnancy, by order of the emperor and was told/lied to by the emperor the medecine was to induce pregnancy. His wives and his harem, a political body but a very small part of his conquered empire and expected the empress to run it efficiently even when he was the one who caused the problem as in lying, spying or abetting the wrongs of a favored wife. He can't admit he is wrong because of who he deems of himself as...."The Son Of Heaven". Even when he starts regretting and explaining his hurtful actions, there is always a "but" in the sentence, to excuse himself. He then makes promises to break it over and over. His attitude and his views especially towards his harem are a source of contention between the emperor and his wife the 2nd empress, Ruyi, who thinks that a woman has as much equal say in their relationship as his wife and empress. Ruyi has to put on many hats for the emperor. She sometimes is the comforter when he is sad, tired and bothered by dreams of his mortality, a political advisor/state secretary/mother of the nation/harem manager/problem solver. But when Ruyi does do her duty as his wife and empress and confronts him of his wrong doing, the emperor can't admit it and lashes at her for daring to point out his bad behavior. 2 minutes later, he realizes he is wrong and runs back to Ruyi with promises to be good, not to worry, he will protect her then forgets his promise 2 minutes later. Little by little Ruyi got exhausted, discontented and disappointed. The day came when she realized love is gone and no reason to stay by the emperor's side and left with a decisive and unforgetable statement/she cut her hair. I also think Ruyi had a mindset that was a bit ahead of her time. I remember in the early episodes when she was still newly married to a newly crowned emperor, she went to visit Sir Lang the painter. She asked him about how married people conducted themselves in the west. Sir Lang told her that marrriage in the west consisted of one man and one woman. That when love faded between the two that a woman can ask to leave the marriage and so does a man. Of course in that century even in the west, women did not have the indepencence as men were still the base of power even in a monogamous marriage. However what Sir lang pointed out about monogamous marriage, was taken to heart by Ruyi. Eunuch Li Yu and maid Arou were with Ruyi and they both thought Sir Lang was crazy or was making up stories. Ruyi then went to the emperor and brought out the subject of monogamous marriage and mostly the choice of a woman to leave the marriage if there is no longer caring between the married couple which horrified maid Arou thinking that her mistress will offend the emperor and will be punished. The emperor scolded Ruyi for listening to such nonsense and forbade her to talk to Sir Lang. Ruyi was not cut to be a woman that would cater blindly to the capricious demands of the emperor but a woman dedicated to her duty and love of her family, friends and people even her flighty husband/emperor because at the time she thought it was what she had to do. In the end she realized she did have a choice. She chose to leave of her own accord. She cut her hair, told the emperor flowers bloom and flowers fall.... goodbye. Some of the characters who did have character development especially Hailan did so through the counsel and encouragement of Ruyi. It was Ruyi who protected Hailan in the beginning but when Hailan went knocking at the doors of the cold palace crying and fearful, Ruyi told Hailan that she must get herself together and do what she has to do to protect herself and preserve her life, that strength starts from within, from her own viewpoint not from others. That was the start of Hailan's growth. Li Yu the eunuch was bullied by his supervisors just because he was smart and the emperor noticed it. He was "punished" by his superiors and told to kneel in the snow in the cold where he got frost bitten in his knees and Ruyi found him then. It was Ruyi who took him to her palace and treated his wounds e even when the young Li Yu thought that it was not appropriate for her to do so since he was a lowly eunuch and she noble woman. Ruyi then counseled Li Yu to act lowkey because the emperor already noted how smart Li Yu was and that was what really mattered. Li Yu slowly gained the approval of his supervisors and climbed the ranks to later become the head eunuch in the palace. Ruyi was the one who noticed the crush of Doctor Jiang on Suoxin and helped with the budding romance of the two. She was the one who recommended that Suoxin and Dr Jiang be married when the emperor had another man in mind to bethroth to Suoxin. Ruyi reminded the emperor subtly that Dr Jiang can take care of Suoxin and the wounds in her legs from the unjust punishment meted her by the emperor. It was Ruyi who listened to the broken hearted and drunken Ling Lunche who poured out his sorrows and who became her friend who protected her in the cold palace. She was the one who advised Shu to stop taking the medicine the doctor was giving her and it was her who advised Princess Rong who was trying to starve herself to death protesting being a tribute to the emperor from her homeland. Ruyi was the one who got her to find the will to live the best way she can in the forbidden city. She saved Rongpei from being brutally abused by the eunuchs and took her in as her maid to replace Suoxin. All these people were a testament to the strength of Ruyi's character. This drama is not about rise to power, it is about the budding, blooming, and fading of love. The hopes, the growth, the sharing of love through hardships, prosperity and blessings. It is about the hard learned realization of a love lost and choices made in the aftermath. Ruyi in the end chose freedom. She let go. She was sick and dying but she was free and at peace. I love this drama most of all for the dialogues between the major characters and the songs and music that fit the mood of the drama especially after a rewatch when the edits were done. It is worth the re watch Sorry for the long post. Drama is a poetry in action.
  14. @JennVThank you for your post, I love it and could not have written it better myself. The character of Ruyi for me is the epitome of strength. She had endurance, patience as well as the intelligence and the will to live honestly while devoted to her duties as the empress, mother and friend. Her role was written as that of a woman who became an empress, would have lived in that century with dignity. Is killing, stealing, lying to gain the favor of the emperor considered strength? Is a woman in a high position bullying those in the lower ranks of societal position considered strong? The fact that she defied all convention and stayed strong to her heart's truth is powerful. Concubines as featured in the drama were meticulously selected from noble families and sent to the forbidden city to serve the emperor. At that time in history, the selected must have considered it an honor and obligation, the chance and duty to advance the position of their families and duty to the empire through "service" of the emperor. These young women full of idealism and ambition, soon found out that they are only pawns/political hostages to be moved and used in a game designed and played for the sake of the emperor and his empire. Some of them may not ever, even lay eyes on the emperor and lead dreary lives forgotten in some corner of the forbidden city. And for those who were graced with the attention of the emperor, they got thrown into a maelstrom of deadly competition to gain measly favors from the emperor and become victims of his inconstant moods and heart. To be in power, one must gain the trust of the emperor and no matter what he does one must be one with him. Such is the false power of women only through the favor of the emperor, it is power that is borrowed and begged for. Ruyi in this drama had true power and strength, she followed her heart, mind and will. Qianlong was written in history to have a glorious and brilliant political life in his reign as the emperor but in his later years became spoiled and complacent and placed his trust in corrupt officials which ushered the beginning and decline of the Qing empire.
  15. @Ameera Ali though it is over now, I am glad you enjoyed the drama. I think that KCK is the obsessive/abusive type. He can't let her go but he can't love her the way she needed to be loved. It is all about him and his ego. Obsessive/abusive personalities are mentally/psychologically ill. One of the movies that was discussed and was compared to in this drama was Sleeping With the Enemy. Same thing, he was obsessed with the woman abused her but could not let her go. Anyway, I do hope you give us your thoughts on KCK.