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  1. @2handsintertwined- MDGSW is the drama sy acted called My daughter geum sa wol. She is the villain, should watch cos she got an award for it So maybe wy will enlist after Taec cos jun.k got injured. Was hoping at least 2 can go together, so we don't have to wait too long
  2. @chic-chic- I am just glad sy is feeling happy from her ig post. Think she is taking her time to choose dramas- the recent ones storyline isn't great, all copy from one another- time travel romance type with lots of kissing and nothing else. Even the recent school series is about romance- boring. School 2013 is still the best cos it focus on bullying, pressure from parents etc. Haven't watch Taec's new drama cos I didn't like the actress. Saw him last night on 3 meals a day - he is cute - cook rice after washing once only. Even the other actor has to phone his mum to ask how to cook. Guess the guys are pampered by their mums. Wy's ig live mostly about his love of music- wide range. Anyway I prefer him stay at home than go clubbing
  3. sy finally update her IG- show nice blue sky
  4. @chic-chic- thanks for the video. I also miss him live. This time he doesn't talk, just showing fans what he likes doing at home. His LP collection is growing to be quite a lot. Wy can be a part time DJ @standingtallyy- u take care. Seems like regular going to the bush, hope not too hot!
  5. @chic-chic- cute description of wy. He likes to tease and u don't know what he will do next, more childlike found this- sy when filming Faith- she is so young and pretty- miss her. Wish she do a historical drama cos she looks beautiful in costumes
  6. Found this- 2pm very popular in Japan
  7. @chic-chic- thanks for the good news of WY's Japanese single- wow a ballad - hope it is a love song @annisyadwir - warm welcome. Glad u like YY couple- can post anything u like. Came back from Batam- very surprised so easy to clear custom. Very relaxing break cos went for massage and sightseeing. Shopping is good- clothes, shoes, seafood very cheap. Indonesians very friendly, don't pressure u to buy.
  8. Good morning YY Nation @chic-chic- love Taeyang's interview- not afraid of talking about his gf. They are a rare couple indeed cos Korean celebs relationship don't last long. Hope wy just openly date too. People will talk but later will die down. Still no news from sy. She is so quiet. Wish she change agency like Seo inguk recently- to a agency solely for actors. Hunus seems to focus on idol groups. hey guys - tomorrow and sat not logging in here cos I am taking a short trip with hubby, my sisters and bros-in-law. Planned long ago cos very difficult to get together.
  9. @chic-chic- the fanmade video is very nice. Wy looks so cute and handsome at the same time. Anyway another drama couple from reply series caught dating- since mar. Dispatch really stalking the celebs- keep the photos for so many months. Wonder how many more? found this- for those missing YY couple
  10. @Asiah Abdullah- thanks, didn't notice wy whistle Humming - must be missing someone @standingtallyy- sigh, Hunus still taking so long, even I am getting annoyed. They should at least get her on magazine or variety show while waiting for suitable drama. Don't know how long we have to wait. I am not watching any kdramas cos nothing interesting.
  11. @chic-chic- I am also happy with his reply- means he thought of getting married. Really saw someone type Sy's name, glad he didn't comment else she will get harassed. That's why if either wy or sy go live, let's not ask them about each other. wy reading the comments and smiling