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  1. Saw WY's vlive last night- he said his last 20s birthday - want to try something new in his 30s, maybe more adventurous and push himself more. We will be seeing him again in 2pm's concerts in June
  2. more wy Very sweet of junho to attend his concert- 2pm are the best!!
  3. @chic-chic- thanks for the videos- wy very energetic, a good entertainer fan art - Sy's character CSY
  4. fan art of CSY
  5. preview of tonight's Whisper What happened to all the postings? Say got error?
  6. some rich fan posted WY's photo on billboard- must have spend a lot
  7. @pammie69- not sure where to stream live. Must probably @chic-chic will post for us Yes WY's voice is very good. Sometimes I will watch the old videos of him singing solo more fan art for WY's birthday
  8. another wy fan art- this one is cute cos it shows all his baby photos Saw some bts and photos of Whisper but only those of 2 main leads - lby in prison and LSY visiting her. Hope tomorrow I get to see lots of sy. She has been so quiet for too long.
  9. more birthday wishes for wy- he really is very popular
  10. Happy birthday to our favorite cutie pie wy- wish u success in work and happiness with your loved ones