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  1. reminder to watch 2pm at Olympics today
  2. wy performing an energetic dance like Michael Jackson
  3. @chic-chic, @annisyadwir- thanks, Saw sy strumming (not sure if ukulele like in Wgm) and singing a song, wow want to hear her sing again. Yes she looks cute in school uniform, so much younger. She more conservative, wear long black stockings so won’t get exposed cos the skirts pretty short
  4. @chic-chic- went to check- sy switch off comments on that post only. Maybe too many comments so very distracting. Anyway her ig followers jump again- saw a lot of guys sending her messages wow the preview of knowing bros look interesting- saw some comments saying they will be watching for sy. Any idea what time? I want to watch live sy with magazine staff- hope got new photos
  5. Park Se Young 박세영

    @zinaa- thanks for helping to update. Very excited to see sy on this variety Sy on someone’s ig
  6. Good morning YY friends Very busy visiting relatives yesterday, today and tomorrow also. Too much eating, gain extra 1-2 kg already. My relatives from overseas are coming back, good time to reconnect. Sad to hear one of my hubby’s uncle got lung cancer (doc gave him 6 months). Sigh, All the oldies are leaving one by one and the young ones suddenly grown up so much. Time sure flies, another new year. Told my hubby one day will be our turn but must enjoy and travel so we don’t have any regrets Sy’s fan art Sy also visiting her friend and her baby - she loves babies. They look cute together No sign of wy though
  7. Park Se Young 박세영

    sy with her friend’s baby She really love kids sy fan art
  8. @annisyadwir- i watched a lot of kdramas with my mum-in-law cos my brother-in-law always buy her whole set- all the oldies like Autumn in my heart, winter sonata, all about eve etc but never crazy over any of the actresses. The only one I like is lee yong Ae cos her jewel in the palace is so popular. For sy - I saw her 1st drama Sincerity moves heaven and noticed her immediately cos she is so pretty, then someone recommended me to watch Korean variety like Wgm, very surprised to see sy cos I watched her drama , went to watch all Wgm couples (even the 1st episodes) and YY still my favorite couple, didn’t know 2pm and wy, goggle them, listen to their songs, now fans of all of them sy just update ig- spending time with family and watching Olympics
  9. @fiesty8001- I followed Sy’s career since her 1st drama and she always have good manners. When watching the bts, she always thank the staff and take care of the cast. When it is cold, she hands out hand warmers and gives gifts. Every time her drama ends, her ex co-stars will still contact her for dinner. Jh work with sy in beautiful mind and they start to follow each other’s ig. Even though her part was relatively short, she must have impressed him so she got the lead role in MF. I am happy the producer and Jh likes sy so hopefully they get to work again in future. In acting very important everyone enjoys working together - then the drama will be a success Ya she has her own page in actors/ actress thread. I help to update cos there are still silent readers but stay in YY forum if I want to chat about her work. During wgm she was very popular but after her contract dispute and was absent for a year plus she deleted her ig. She not really active on social media unless for work. She keeps low profile, only appearing if there is drama. We are used to waiting for her. U are most welcome to join us here if u want @elenskivios38- just hope 2pm boys don’t take it too hard, just think of jun.k in military. All of them just do individual projects and after 3- 4 years can unite again Happy Chinese New Year everyone- may the year of the dog brings good fortune and good health
  10. It’s ok, we also suspect they dated and broke up, now not sure whether they get back together or dating someone else? Anyway as long as they find someone nice, we don’t mind. Just waiting for them to announce when they are ready
  11. @mimisl123- so sweet of u to post Sy’s interview for all of us. Thanks again. Yes good opportunity for sy to work with experienced actors and veterans, she is always respectful towards everyone. She mentioned she wants to continue acting even when old like the actress who acted as the grandma in glorious day. Sy is very hardworking, memorizing her scripts- that’s why she is well liked. @elenskivios38- love her photos- very simple and natural. Very happy she thinks of marriage and children cos many career girls doesn’t want to do so but 37 is a bit hard to conceive, hopefully she change to 34- 35? She must have ‘someone’ in mind when she talks about dating. @chic-chic- glad to hear that 2pm still performing In Olympics even without jun.k. Guess he just have to wait till everything blows over. Just treat it as a break to rest. He can still contribute by composing songs for 2pm and juniors, and perform solos in Japan.
  12. more Sy’s photos Read her interview on MF forum- there are 3 parts, they post one (u have to click the links for the other 2) anyway she said she wants lots of kids so the guy she marries will be very happy