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  1. @chic-chic- notice that got7 have jj project so maybe there will be a chance for junho and wy to do a joint project? Both are so cute together @kdaddict1- very impressed that u worked with high fashion and u can sell your clothing overseas, do u have online store? Most people contract to China to manufacture cos cheaper. I am from Singapore, have u been to my country? I have never been to Philippines but I know it is very beautiful too.
  2. @chic-chic- if sy is staying around the neighborhood- it looks nice and safe and quite high class. The view is fantastic. Glad she is working out regularly rather than dieting. Night- time very suitable for romantic walks Really miss YY first meeting
  3. @yun84- party shot is WY's solo album. U know he is a perfectionist, so he multi- task, design stage and costumes plus having to practice dancing and singing. That's why he was so skinny Knowing wy, he is always well groomed, not surprised he smells nice- must have lots of colognes Anyone seen junho's new single - ice-cream? Watched on YouTube- very cute with curly hair. He looks so young! The clothes and candy colours. Complete opposite to WY's party shot.
  4. sy updated her IG
  5. Good morning YY friends Rainy day today Sy is very on the ball- exercising, nice view of the city and pretty flowers
  6. @kdaddict1- u must be very artistic to do designing Good to check out what the celebs wear not only Korean and Japanese but also the Chinese actresses cos a lot of them wear high fashion Don't worry about wy- whenever he has solo projects he will loose weight but after that he puts back. Luckily he doesn't diet, think he dances, he will burn it all off another YY fan art
  7. Good morning YY Nation @kdaddict1- it's a pleasure having u here cos we need more members else this forum is very quiet. Shipping must have patience cos we normally wait around for news. I only been to San Francisco, Las Vegas, surrounding areas like the wine country. 2 years ago did the New York, Washington, Canada stretch. @standingtallyy- sy posted that it's one year anniversary for bm- so fast time flies. Psd 2nd drama after bm was Cinderella, the rating was bad too. Maybe that's why she is taking a long break, she may go back to movies since viewers for dramas are more critical and vocal. Still waiting for Sy's news, saw her ex colleague who played her sis in law in GD appearing in running man, wish sy can go on that variety cos now it is mostly visiting countries like Mongolia and Japan not so much running around. Quite fun actually cos they get to travel, eat and visit places of interest. They went to haunted house and the girl cried like crazy, don't find it so scary cos they have cameraman with them, the ghosts just men in white with painted faces
  8. @mfolly15- wow all the way across the other side of the world. Love US, think we have a few YY shippers from US before but they are not so frequent now. I am from tiny Singapore, the rest mostly from SE Asia, Australia. Cutie We all love 2pm, some bias are Taec, some junho etc but it's ok. Feel free to browse through all the contributions from YY shippers. It's a bit quiet cos Sy just finished her drama and 2pm their concerts so to pass time we chit chat among ourselves or read fanfic. U can post anything 2pm cos we love and support all members Cutie wy
  9. @kho39- sy is into caps and striped shirts just like wy @mfolly15- nice to meet u. U came to the right place, we all love sy, wy and 2pm. Here's where we update everyone on their activities. Where are u from? Found this posted.
  10. sy with beautiful mind cast