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  1. @chic-chic- interesting topic . I will watch, must be hinting they are secretly dating Keeping my figures crossed sy wins an award. Very unfair to those hardworking actors always losing out. JH's drama- he mostly die so I hope for once, they give him a happy ending with NMH- that's what the viewers want. saw this posted. -The restaurant where they film money flower. Hope their business will increase as more MF fans patronize
  2. @chic-chic- aww wy crying is so sad. Probably missing all his 2pm brothers. In a way it is good, make them treasure each other. Hope they can reunite soon @elenskivios38- reading good reviews on Sy's acting in drama forum. Hope she wins an acting award end of the year. Wish MF team could have more promotion. Saw the robot drama on 2 entertainment interviews while MF still didn't have one. So unfair cos MF doing so well. Ok I predict KPJ will not disclose himself to NMH cos he doesn't want her involved but she will start getting suspicious, remembering he is the one who knows about the type of honey. She will start to observe what he does. Hopefully she will help him. I want to see them spending more time together, falling in love. Then when her father becomes president and KPJ takes over, she files for divorce. I don't want the writer to turn NMH into another ruthless JMR, I want her and KPJ to have a happy ending
  3. Sy's earrings for wedding- simple yet nice
  4. ya sy too is silent The product endorsements
  5. fan art sy Saw Sy's ig increased a lot- mostly money flower fans- they leave messages on her ig