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  1. @chic-chic- thanks, wy is so cute I think he dropped weight again, looks skinny- ya he really looks like a loan shark with the many gold chains Wonder why it is taking so long for sy to appear? Hope everything is fine with her new co.
  2. Very weird- one week already since she signed with new co. Maybe they wait till her birthday end of this month? Wy too is nowhere to be seen. Think they both taking a long break!
  3. Go Kyung-Pyo currently in military- have to wait at least 1 and a half year. Sy can work with the actor who is the king in faith again cos they are good friends. Hope the new co will work faster- 4 days since she sign with them and her photo still not put on their website. Realize this year a lot of actors change agencies- times must be bad for kdramas cos a lot not getting good rating
  4. Happy weekend everyone Still waiting for CL & Co to post some photos of sy. Hope they do some photoshoot of her. Was checking out their ig account- seems they started posting in 2016- have few actors- I recognized some of the male actors but not the actresses. Sy is the most famous so far. Hope they will work hard to get her more work There’s an article about wy enlisting in army soon. Looks like will happen by end of this year and we only have to wait 6 months then Taec will be out.
  5. @standingtallyy- according to this news article sy signed today. This co has more well known actors. At least they update their IG, hope they can get sy a drama soon cos everyone misses her
  6. Ha ha - found the ig account of Sy’s new management co. The actor who acted as the king in Faith is from there
  7. Park Se Young 박세영

    sy change management co
  8. Good news guys Sy just signed new contract with another co. I guess that she will leave Hunus cos it took them so long. Any idea what is this CL and Co?
  9. @chic-chic- Chansung is becoming more handsome and charming as he grows older. Also his acting has improved tremendously, he is so underrated! Glad to see wy giving him support. Wow I see the 2pm members so active even those in army but wy isn’t doing any variety or acting. Maybe he should go into pr and promote all the new jyp idols! Good morning YY Nation Glad to see new and old faces here Finally see sy updating her IG-( after 3 months absence) hope it means she is really to go and work @mimisl123- ya she is one of a kind, that’s why she is special
  10. Park Se Young 박세영

    sy Finally update her ig
  11. Wy spotted by Twice fan- very rare to see him- he has the least activities yet he is staying out of sight. Ya wy is so popular- everyone wants his photos Very odd sy is keeping quiet- normally when she is not working, we see photos of her with friends. I am praying that nothing is wrong with Hunus and her contract cos no news of her resigning with them. Do u think she might go solo? Maybe she is quietly dating and focusing on marriage rather than career? Whatever the reasons, I just hope she does another drama soon cos I lost interest in kdramas
  12. wy went to support Chansung- so sweet of him
  13. @standingtallyy- everyone’s still around lurking, waiting for news Wow May is ending soon, hopefully in June, sy will appear khun and wy attended twice concerts
  14. @standingtallyy- had a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day lunch with family. Busy doing household chores so didn’t log in here, also very quiet since sy no show. Wy at least still appear- he is in good mood, saw him singing to fans