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  1. @Prettysup- thanks for the update. Not familiar with both actors but 2nd male lead is handsome. At least they use older actors in their 30s not young idols. So they delay by 1 week, well we just have to wait. Weather getting colder so the cast are wearing jackets.
  2. Just read Money flower change date to 11 nov- delay by 1 week
  3. Good morning YY friends Still no posting from sy. Very surprising cos I thought she will be promoting her new drama since she is lead. Luckily Jang hyuk has been updating everyone. Went to watch Midas cos story almost same as money flower- about greed, fighting over inheritance etc. Good drama, can watch. Hope Sy's outfits will just be as fabulous as female lead in Midas - her every dress, handbag, necklace very classy, I love all her clothes @yun84- old pic of wy re-wearing the hat from hongdae (they bought during their last episode of wgm).
  4. Good morning YY Nation So happy to see the photos- must be for poster of Money Flower- Jang hyuk looks like the guy controlling the 2nd lead actor. Very interesting whether he will be a good or bad guy. Seyoung seems to come in between the 2 guys- will there be a triangle?
  5. Happy that WY's recent album is doing really well. Hope this will motivate him to write more and more songs. He is especially good in love songs WY's t-shirt is very cute.
  6. Chuno is my favorite Jang Hyuk's drama- I also cried in the end when he died. Don't mind seeing both in sageuk too. Sy was excellent as the queen in faith, she can do both historical and modern dramas Ya very happy with both leads. They have good attitudes and very hardworking. Jang hyuk looks so good in suits and short hair. I prefer this style to when he was a detective in voice. The child actress is so cute. Hope this coming week we get to see the poster and teasers.
  7. @chic-chic- thanks for the lyrics - same here, think he wrote for sy The words 'couple on tv', people jealous of her etc refers to their Wgm days very romantic- he wants to protect her
  8. @asiah abdullah- thanks, finally see sy filming- so she is keeping her hair length- glad she didn't cut short . This coming week should have more photos another one of her