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  1. Happy weekend YY friends Very happy so much publicity for sy and cast of Whisper- she appears on so many articles @standingtallyy- Sy's outfit is so understated, looks like ordinary office wear but it accentuates her long legs, fully covered but when the jacket opens, u get a glimpse of her sexy transparent blouse. Very tantalizing, only the most observant like us notice it. Only the confident can pull off this look. She seems popular with the press, they keep asking her to take photos. She always attract the male actors attention- wy better keep an eye on her. So happy now my mon and tue will be occupied with Whisper cos Chief Kim also ending. Glad junho proves he is a natural actor, good for 2pm cos now more people know about them. Next will be Chansung's drama.
  2. Sy's interview- the press seems to like her, ask her lots of questions. Wish someone can translate what she is saying. LSY teasing her
  3. Wy shopping for LP. Gosh his house must have lots
  4. The videos of the press conference
  5. Just realized Sy's black blouse is very sexy, transparent and can see her black bra
  6. Sy is so likable, gets along well with colleagues. Lby and her are so buddy buddy