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  1. Found this video for wy’s coming birthday
  2. Saw wy’s performance with stray kids on YouTube- he is still the best, when he appeared the fans gave the loudest cheers Happy weekend everyone- one more week to end April- hope by then sy will appear
  3. @chic-chic- wow wy really ambitious- whole tour no joke, he better brush up on his English. Well at least he is considering venturing out of Asia, we will see whether he succeeds in this Love wy dancing- very energetic
  4. Good morning YY Nation @chic-chic- wy on vlive - any idea what he said? Is he planning something for his birthday- wow he is turning 30- a big milestone Still no news of sy- very weird taking so long, also no news from her friends- like she disappeared completely. Hope nothing wrong with Hunus. Saw junho’s new drama with Jang hyuk- Jh rope in lee mi sook to act again cos they from same agency, such a pity sy didn’t get to act with junho. Was watching some jdramas- surprisingly entertaining. Watched Mask with hubby- though soo Ae not as pretty as sy, her acting is good. The ending a bit disappointing though. Don’t mind sy doing another revenge drama like Mask- she can act dual roles and the focus is on the female lead.
  5. Well glad he is in the mood to show it off but his house will be overflowing with musical stuff cos he keeps buying- looks like he needs a bigger house! Still no sign of sy- whether she is still with Hunus or not. Why Hunus so quiet too? Sigh, still waiting.... Found this video- wy very popular with stray kids
  6. @chic-chic- wow very surprised wy went live. Hope there will be translation to what he said. He was reading the messages from fans- so cute he spoke English and he sang and play piano to entertain everyone
  7. @chic-chic- wy doesn’t look like a older brother to stray kids but one of them cos he looks forever young. Glad he is well liked in Japan and he is planning something- looking forward to it!
  8. Still no news on sy? Wow she really taking a long break
  9. video of wy performing at his concert
  10. Found this- for Wy’s birthday, fans bought banner ads in mrt- wow, really fantastic
  11. @chic-chic- good one, fans have sharp eyes. I wonder what she will say about wy’s pink luggage and what he has inside? Still no news of Sy’s contract renewal- last time I check, she is still listed on Hunus homepage. Hope latest by this week- the wait is killing us wy enjoying his food- glad he doesn’t have to diet like some idols
  12. @annisyadwir- still not sure whether her parents own part of the amusement park but definitely Sy’s family quite ok. Anyway if anyone going Korea can check it out- seems like a fun place with so many rides- though I am too scared to try roller coaster. Wy so fast back to Korean with his pink suitcase - hopefully the fans will share his performances later