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  1. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002870345 The ideal type of singer/dancer Kim Wan-sun is revealed to be Lee Minho(she's known to be the Korean madonna, was popular in the 80s and debuted before our bb was even born ). This is the millionth time I see her mentioning our bb in a tv program xD the episode will air on the 8th but the picture above reads 'Lee Minho and his character Choi Young is a perfect match'. I wonder if she fell in love with him through Faith
  2. the cup looks absolutely beautiful, heard that it was sold out in minoz shop of China within the first hour of its release because they didn't supply enough quantities (I guess only 300 pieces were in stock), now even the Korean and Japanese minoz shops have sold out. I wonder if it'll be restocked Keep warm chingus ❤︎ and drink hot chocolate like our bb xD cr. logo
  3. he said it so many times that someone made a video of it, lemme bless this thread with his voice xD yes please! it wouldn't be complete without such an episode
  4. sometimes it sucks to be really tall xD (the NG of minute 36 of this episode) Cr. to their owners
  5. I used to watch all the episodes on viki for free and with learning mode but ever since dramafever shut down I'm not able to view it on viki due to region restriction! idk if it's even related to DF shutting down.. I'm just so sad why the hell did the region matter now out of all times? it's an old drama too *sigh* I watched it on Kissasian but it just doesn't feel the same ICE uploaded the subs on youtube >HERE< he's so cute and that habit of sticking out his lips is even more cute I think fans should consider gifting him moisturizing lipbalms I wonder if we'd get a new teaser these days.. the 2nd episode will be out next Saturday!
  6. I've been extremely happy yesterday and all day today because of the teasers! I'd like to thank Minho for showing us his "8 letters" and of course the obsessed PD for working so hard in following him around our dorky Minho and his random poses for a random photoshoot and when he realized he's being filmed for a video not pictures he suddenly acted a bit 'polite'? like a well-behaved school kid lmao but Minho-ssi, is this how you pose for videos? CUTE!! XD from the 2nd teaser gifs cr. 전서리*
  7. just wanted to share the video where he talked about why(in his opinion) many fans loved the drama
  8. is everyone ready for Faith rewatch? City Hunter wasn't only my first Lee Minho drama but also my first kdrama ever, I fell for minho at the first sight :p I started marathoning all of his other dramas after finishing CH, and put Faith at the end of my to-watch list because I don't like watching historical series or movies and the posters of this drama weren't attractive at all and I didn't like his long hair and the fact that it had some CGI work done didn't help but.... I loved it when I finally decided to watch and kinda regretted why I kept on avoiding it. it's one of the loveliest dramas ever made and minho's acting was amazing in it. I've been wanting to rewatch it since last year and I'm happy to do it together with you guys so let's start ~ cr. to owners
  9. I'd truly love it if Minho would challenge making his comeback drama on cable, it's the trend now and I totally agree with you that he'd feel much at ease about ratings. Most of cable dramas are very well made and produced with high quality, if the script is great and the screenwriter is trustworthy Minho would make it an absolute success no matter who the actress would be. has anyone noticed that Minho was 'glowing' lately? his skin complexion looks really great, I read some fans saying because it's tanned? idk and I'm not sure if I'm seeing too much into his half face but I love how he looks under the sun
  10. Happy 32nd Minhoday Date 2018. 06. 20 Half a Year Already♬ Date 2018. 06. 27 I wanted to see it too Date 2018. 07. 04 I remember I was extremely touched too by Minho's surprise appearance in Guangzhou theaters tho I wasn't there physically ;p many fans came from other cities some by plane and others by train, had to wait for long hours only to be notified that the roadshow event is canceled. I'm sure Minho felt frustrated and sad too because he also had to travel to Guangzhou but I'm glad he made it worthwhile for everyone by doing a mini stage greeting in every screen Bounty Hunters was being shown at.. that's honestly 1000times better than the roadshow itself and I was touched again maybe harder this time when the official minoz fanclub organized a special screening only for the Korean minoz(as Bounty Hunters never premiered in Korea), fans were welcomed with a complementary popcorn and cola as a treat from our Lee San xD and Minho surprisingly appeared inside the theater(it wasn't stated beforehand that he will do a stage greeting or even be present at all) isn't he such a sweetie? cr. to owners
  11. I think I watched Minho's recent video for more than hundred times and I'm still not over it. he looks sooo cute with his dimples(I've been missing them very badly) and his hairstyle looks very good on him, almost everyone I know wishes if he could appear in a similar style in his future work why is he so handsome? he looks a lot younger these days, is it true he'd be turning 32 tomorrow? Mr.handsome reporting to work today cr. Minoz_pimxin