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  1. I would have liked if the queen knew about the plan from the start. I think that she wouldnt leave LH alone. And, then some feelings towards HS would be just her choice.
  2. I thought that HS will kill that young man, even before the hunt. Or that he will atleast plant a tree like BW in SFD. HS should bring DR to be close to him.
  3. It looks like this red scarf is a new fashion accessory. I think Sunny would make it work with any dress.
  4. For a moment I thought that its weird that JW slammed that small door in the restaurant, but then I realised he did it for HJ. So the police stop questioning her, and start chasing after him. Nice.
  5. Wow... I didnt know that a dream kitchen looked like that until I saw HJs kitchen. Its all there, coffee, toast, Jin Woo... The only thing missing was a goodmorning kiss.
  6. I like HJs outfit for the dating. That was a beautiful scene when HJ ran up to the car, and JW just kept staring at her. And then he blamed the earrings.
  7. I like all JWs smiles. - ''the princess and the wolf'' smile - even this ''jerk'' smile, when he told HJ that she is being swayed by MJs crazy ideas - the dangerously sexy smile, when he warned HJ not to give her cellphone to no one - that soft smile, when he told HJ that he missed her Ofcourse, these smiles in the car are like icing on a cake.
  8. These two always make me laugh. That was a real ninja move, when HJ grabbed the car keys. JW was like ''what was that''. Then when HJ invited him to sleepover at her place. JW was looking at her really innocently. Smart girl.
  9. I like this OST part 5. Melancholic, just like JW himself sometimes.
  10. JW threw away his cane. Then HJ dropped her umbrella. Hmmm...I wonder whats next... Maybe their wet coats... But, for that they have to go back to JWs apartment. Ofcourse that wont happen. Although, I would like for it to happen. Their hands speak for themselves.
  11. I like how HJ made JW go outside. With a smile. That was a shiny and confident smile. JW could have just stood here and stared at her, with no words.
  12. I like how HJ was running towards JW, and he didnt even wait for her to stop, he already went in for a kiss. Beautiful.
  13. HJ went to the company so YJ would explain the game to her. And he confused her even more. Or, maybe, he confused himself... And, then not even mr. Park was of any help. But, HJ is a smart girl. She doesnt have to be in Granada to help JW.
  14. Omo...did JW throw his cane, when he went to kiss HJ. I think because he wanted to give her a tight hug.
  15. JW got up and continued fighting, with no selfpity. He was crying for Seo. JW, sweety, fighting... Always the strongest when needed.
  16. The scene in Granada in that antique shop, it wasnt funny, but it made me laugh. When HJ asked JW what he is doing, and he responded seriously that he is practicing throwing the ninja stars. I assume that the both ex wives would run away and yell that he is crazy. But, not HJ, she just stood there speechless.
  17. I like JWs persistence and how he always adjusts to the game. JW is the best of the best, but even Rambo couldnt be on his own. HJ is strong enough to be with JW. For starters they both have the same goal, to find SJ. Btw, JW looked so powerful with that hawk on his arm. Perfect.
  18. The scene in HJs room was beautiful, the two of them were simply extraordinary. JW sitting on the bed with his hands on the cane, and looking at HJ quietly. Then, their calm conversation. Even when he was leaving the room, and closed the door behind him, JW looked irresistible. What can I do, I liked it.
  19. I laughed when grandma pushed MJ away, so she could be closer to JW and talk. The grandma and both of the girls fell for JWs charm and his boyish smile. Ok, and 10 billion won has some effect too.
  20. Ofcourse that JW doesnt like seeing HJs tears. While he was looking at HJ from the train, he was simply surprised that someone can be honestly worried about him.
  21. I liked when JW said that he didnt give up on life, and that its the game thats crazy, and not him. Smart and brave. It is clear that he wont give up, not matter how hard it gets. I dont know if its just me, but JW looks even more sexy, even with that cane.
  22. These two, JW and HJ, whenever they are on screen, it looks like sparks are flying everywhere. Ofcourse that JW saw the difference between HJ and the other two women. HJs teras and care for him were honest.
  23. That was a beautiful shot. When JW, though the train window, saw HJ entering the station. I thought in that in one moment, JW will sit on the opposite seat. Maybe then HJ would see him. But he didnt do that.
  24. Eventhough that was a regular scene, I liked it. When HJ was standing on the balcony of that apartment, and watched as JW was leaving with the taxi. And then she was watching as the train was leaving again. She was a bit late, and ofcourse the tears came as sign of disappointment.