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  1. I like HS. Reminds me of the pale and tragic heroes in russian novels. Looks like the fight with his inner demons is going a bit tougher than for DM and EC.
  2. Eventhough DM always threatens how he will kill EC, its clear that in him he recognised a brave and honest officer. It seems that EC saw in DM what others havent. The same courage and respect. If DM will die it would be nice for it to be an honourable death, and that is a good death.
  3. I liked the conversation between DM and EC. Short and closed sentances, but the two of them are smart enough to understand the meaning. EC didnt doubt DM even for a moment. Nice.
  4. Dong Mae simply looks powerful on the screen. It doesn't matter if its a scene where he throws candy to the boy or its a sensual scene with HK on the snow.
  5. This beautiful couple, Suho and Jihyun, made my day.
  6. That was a nice shot. Ae Shin on the side of the window and DMs reflection on the other. But finally Dong Mae had to feel like a human being. A slap is a type of reaction between humans. My heart sank, because he was happy.
  7. Hina Kudo, and her comments about these three always make me laugh. A smart and strong woman. Real femme fatale. I like her and DMs special relationship, and their calm talks.
  8. Eventhough Suho is loud and yells, Jihyun is calmer and more open towards him. And eventhough Min Seok talks quietly and calmly with Jihyun, she is more and more upset.
  9. Poor Suho. When he told his staff that he is leaving, that was a really loud applause. I somehow expect that he will offer to Jihyun to work in his restaurant.
  10. I like both these posters. Looks lovely and bright.
  11. I dont want Dong Mae to die just so Ae Shin could feel something.
  12. It doesnt matter if Dong Mae will die for Ae Shin, or he will shoot her, her stone cold indifference stays the same. Thats simply how it is.
  13. An exciting drama. Suho and Jihyun look firmly connected. I like that he kept his eye on her in that rain, and that he didnt leave her alone in that pedestrian crossing. When the two of them are on the screen, it looks like sparks are flying everywhere.
  14. I totally forgot that Ae Shin doesnt know that ECs parents were slaves. But, looks like Dong Mae doesnt know either. Although, I think that he will be glad when he finds out, and that it will make them feel closer. Dong Mae already said to EC ''I like you''. I hope the answer will be the same. Fingers crossed... Yes, I also like how EC isnt trying to hide his origin, and how calmly he speaks about it. He doesnt care what other people think.