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  1. How easy everything is in mens world. How can a man make another man sleep in his room. First he asks nicely, then slams his fist on the table, and pulls him by his arm. They made me laugh so much. Kiss for both of them. Ok, an extra kiss for Poong.
  2. Omo...Poong and CS...that was a really cool entrance into the hotel just to show who is the boss. Like in the western movie Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Yes, that right, no one can mess with CS.
  3. That was a rarely honest confession of love. Poong loves them equally, and thats that.
  4. These two always make me laugh. When Poong asked for a piece of gum, and SW showed him her used one. Ok, girl pull yourself together, the only acceptable way to give someone your gum is through a kiss. Or when SW pulled the curtain and Poong told her that he could have been naked. SW was like...maybe Ill have better luck next time. I liked how SW was looking at Poongs back, with a smile showing in her eyes.
  5. Looks like the adults are the most irresponsible and making the biggest problems. Min Soo, calm down sweety, dont disappoint yourself and JH.
  6. CS was so cute while trying to cover SW with his eyes covered. But I liked how Poong did it. He simply covered her. It seems to me that CS is idealising SW a bit, while Poong sees her as a woman with both flaws and virtues.
  7. I didnt know that it all started with jajangmyeon. Poong wanted to cook for SW, and thats how he went to a gangster restaurant. I liked how Poong wasnt scared by CS' guys, and the way CS was splitting them up. I like how destiny connected these three, when everyone else abandoned them.
  8. When these two want to lay down together, they go for therapy. I like their looks and smiles over the curtain.
  9. For some reason the last episode reminded me of the novel '' Cyrano de Bergerac''.
  10. I like how the love between Poong and SW developed in a quiet and slow way. The two of them always meet in the evening , infront of the wok or to make dough. Then they can cook, and touch, and get a moment of honesty. I dont know much about asian cuisine, but it looks that in this drama the wok and the ladle arent just regular kitchen utensils. Luckily, Poong took only the most valuable from his old life.
  11. Omo...these two... Whenever they stand infront of the wok, I expect them to kiss.
  12. Looks like Min Soo isnt a total jerk. I think that he already regretted his behavior, and that he is really worried for JH.
  13. Omo...even without subs Such beautiful scenes between these two lovers.
  14. I like how Mika and DH managed to talk things through. He apologized, and she said the truth.