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  1. I finished episode 36. NQ looks simply powerful on screen, and so handsome in that white fur outfit. In the scenes with MSS, his face is soft and smiling. Then, again SS looks very plain. She managed to create light on her finger, but that didnt spark any curiosity in her. I dont like how SS was shown that way. The director and the scriptwriter really tried to ruin the beginning of any kind of romance between NQ and SS.
  2. I would like for as to watch how NQs and SS love blooms. Instead the only thing blossoming is the romance between NQ and MSS. Ok, thats how it is...
  3. That kiss was a really long kiss. Just enough for everyone on the street to see them.
  4. I just finished the 34th episode. It would be perfect if NQ and SS were together in this beautiful snowy scenery.
  5. I love every scene between Sunny and our handsome bodyguard. Even, his silence is sexy.
  6. I liked the calm and simple way in which JH said what he feels. The last two attempts were unsuccessful, but fun. When, in the car, he said they clicked, and that that is their first day.
  7. Yay...such cliche scenes in the elevator and in the bus...but I like it... YY and JC are always smiling when they are together. Nice.
  8. Wow...what an exciting evening spent in Havana. It would be perfect, if they could see eachother in the morning too. But regardless, it was nice how JH waited for SH to appear until the last moment. And also it was nice how she did show up. On the airport JH was thoughtful, and he didnt do anything that might make SH feel uncomfortable. But, ofcourse that he was happy, that she approached him first. The epilogue was cool. What fate decides, it will happen.
  9. No kiss for the security couple. Shame.
  10. The bracelet connects JW and SA in a romantic way, but I like that IS is connected with them too. The restroom scene was cool too. I like how all three of them were running away from MW, and how IS managed to take them to a safe place.
  11. When NQ was buying that rose powder, he would have payed a bigger price too, because those girls were looking at him. Cute.
  12. It is sad how JG and MY lead to JK entering that house in the mountain, and being killed. The only thing they needed , to do was tell her the truth, and talk to her. And not to as always leave her to realise whats going on by herself.
  13. Hahaha...these two, MR and GR... I like how they are strengthening their friendship with kisses.
  14. I love this drama... I like how the love between JW and SA developed in a quiet and slow way. They always make me laugh. The perfect kiss.