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  1. They are filming intense scenes and heartbreaking scenes but they seems having fun filming it. What a pro. And what did YJG say when LSY hugged him? Something like "Hey...." They are super cute.
  2. OMG haven’t watched yesterday ep yet but, HS revealed himself to that evil minister??? (don’t remember his name) tch.. waaaeeeee Now will he have a hold on him? I wonder how the Queen role in this story. Of course I think she won’t be there just for the romance reason. Isn’t she having the power to order the government too? If the king is dead and he has no heir, shouldn’t the power automatically went to the Queen as the leader? I wish she will step up to protect Ha Seon later. I literally was screaming when she said she didn’t care if poeple curse her or throw rocks at her, she just wants to live for Ha Seon. I was like “yeah Kweeennnn!! You go giiiiirrrrlll”. I hope she will show the more power when Ha Seon and “his crew” hit a rock bottom because of that evil minister. Btw, what is the reason behind his evil act? Is that minister wanting the throne or something? I watched since the beginning and he seems like evil for no reason
  3. Haven’t watched ep 5-6 yet but this is here is the reason I lost focus on the story He looks super hot and gentle in this scene it’s not even a romantic scene. OMG! Stop being that HOT!! I can’t focus to the story if you look like that. hahaha. Props to the stylists in this drama, everyone’s hairstyle and clothing in this drama is on point for me.
  4. OMG i thought i was the only one frustated with Dal Rae character. I know she just looking for her brother but somehow her action annoyed me. The rating is a bit down? I hope tonight episode will rise the rating again
  5. Hahaha eunuch Cho is a precious teddy bear. I was like “don’t you guys dare to hurt him!!!!” And for Lee Heon death, Of course the story will be more fun with him but maybe it was too much for Yeo Jin Goo to handle both character with such a little time to shoot. They are doing ongoing shoot, aren’t they? And the CGI to put Lee Heon and Ha Seon together in one scene definitely will consume more time and budget. I just hope the story will still hold it’s pace and quality. And for me, 3 episodes after the king,s death (he’s been killed off in ep 8, right?) the story is still good and it still interesting to watch. I hope the rest of episodes will be as good as the first half. I love this drama so much
  6. That is a new video, isn’t it? So, because both of them together, that means Ha Seon and Queen will be together as well, right?
  7. Watched ep 1 - 4 today and for me, so far so good. Is this a pre-production drama? Because I read news that Ju Ji Hoon already shooting for his other drama. Means this one must be pre produced, right? If this is pre-prod, I expect for decent CGI since this one is fantasy genre and CGI is definitely will be involved. From ep 1-4, the CGI is quite okay in my opinion. The story is a bit here and there in ep 3 but I can see they are trying to fix that in ep 4. The only distraction for me is just how good looking Ju Ji Hoon in this drama I lost focus on everything and ended up staring at him.
  8. Hello everyonee.. The news is coming so sudden. Is Son Oh Gong gonna get his Jin Seon Mi now?
  9. Everyone is so happy making this drama. It makes me happy as well. and aaaww at Yeo Jin Goo covering Lee Se Young’s face from sunlight. He definitely is a gentleman.
  10. omooo this scene was in the movie too. but instead of holding Queen’s hand, Yeo Jin Goo version goes to bromance mode with HoGeol
  11. Jonhaaaa~~~~ why do I need to wait for a week for next episode????? Wow this episode really shows Lee Se Young’s acting ability. She portray the pain so well.
  12. Oh nooo. No more lovey dovey scenes between HS and Queen? Can’t they be happy for more episodes, please? So she will be mouning for Lee Hun’s death? Oh no, I hope she won’t do anything stupid that could harm Ha Seon. As a viewer who still in denial about Lee Hun,s death, I refuse to believe that he has been killed off. maybe with some twists and turns he will be back alive. The story is great now but it will be better with Lee Hun in the mix and besides, 2 Yeo Jin Goo(s) are definitely better than one i still haven’t gotten Clown-Queen-King love triangle yet.
  13. Yeo Jin Goo acting as his character acting as his another character. Yeo Jin Goo’s complicated acting. hahaha I also not quite agree with the twins theory. Maybe Ha Seon is just someone who looks exactly like the king without blood-related things. And I agree with the fear or knet reaction if they decided HS, a commoner, is really become the king in the end. But who knows, maybe the real king survives until the end and the ending of ep 8 is just misleading.